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    14 A
' National Automobile Show in
Mammoth Coliseum From
January 26 to February
2, Inclusive.
America's greatest trade exhibi
tion, the national automobile show of
, 1918, opens in Chicago, Saturday,
January 26, and extends to February
2. It will be staged in the mammoth
, Coliseum, the First regiment armory
and associate buildings. As usual, this
show will eclipse the one held at
" New York earlier in the month, being
larger m point ot exhibits and in
mterest. .
" This is due to the central loca
'tion of Chicago. ' The national au
tomobile show draws visitors not
.only from the central west, but also
.from the southwest, northwest and
-other sections, who find it more con
tvenient to go to Chicago than to
the far east
This is more buying power In this
section, and prosperity, especially in
.the agricultural regions, makes the
outlook unusually bright for the
Chicago show. Hotels have been
deluged with requests for reserva
tions, and it is 'expected that many
hundreds of thousands of persons
-will visit Chicago during automobile
week. Not only dealers and manu
facturers, but auto fans will be pres
ent, eager to get a line on the 1918
models. I
' More than 400 cars will be on ex
hibition, ranging from the automo
bile for the man of moderate means
uo to the "palaces on wheels." Every
type of model will be on the floor,
showing hte utmost in engine con
struction, comfort and economy.
Many novelties will be there as usual.
: , There are few radical' changes
noted, but. minor refinements will be
seen in the chassis, engine and
equipment. The car bodies will
afford much of interest to attract the
visitor, all the types of body styles
being, included.
: America's supremacy in the auto
mobile industry will Be seen at ev
ery step. The national show takes
on a new meaning this year, because
it will be the first ever staged in
Chicago during war times. - Auto
mobile men have responded loyalty
and generously to the call of the
government, and no industry in the
country has shown itself more pa
triotic. The Liberty motor is mere
ly one example of the part automo
bile men have taken in helping to
win the war;
j Army and navy men are taking
great interest in the Chicago show.
and a day has been set aside in their
honor when the uniform will be their
ticket of admission. Many of the
exhibitors will display service flags,
showing the number of their men
who have answered the call to mili
tary duty.
2 - '
I With Splendid Roads and De-
pendable Oars American Busi-
I I ness Men Suffer But Little
! ; 1 Inconvenience.
S - One of the chief reasons for the
rapid adoption of the automobile was
;the inadequacy of the horse. Now
that there is inadequate rail transpor
tation, because of the war conditions,
tan even wider field operation is of
fered to the passenger motor car,
. The decision of the government to
-cut off drawing room cars from rail
road trains, and even to discontinue
"many passenger trains that are not
considered strictly necessary ordinar
ily would most inconvenience the man
-of affairs. Yet the man with a high-powered,
safe, swift passenger motor
cat certainly need not be inconveni
enced. '
I ' Splendid roads connect New York
with the large number of large kities
jiearby from 25 to 200 milesand the
individual transportation service to be
had by means of the motor car can
be made an actual means of saving
time. The same is true of many other
i With the capable, thoroughly de
pendable motor car the business man
may leave, as early or as late as he
pleases, need not be delayed by the
various things that so often make
railroad trains late, and after he has
reached his destination, he has the
use' of his own car while in town.
- The American does not wastt time
In providing substitutes for conveni
ences or necessities that may be taken
from him. ; And it is entirely likely
that much greater use will be made of
the highways for general passenger
transportation needs in moderate between-city
traffic. .
: ;Tresid?nt "Wilson's message to
congress, setting forth his reasons
for mobilizing the railroads under
government control, infertntially im
poses upon automobile users and
manufacturers the need to co-operate
voluntarily with the spirit of the mes
sage of mobilizing the automobile
through individual initiative," said J.
K. Gunn, president of the United
States Tire company.
"Several weeks ago Colonel Sam
uel P. Colt, president of the United
States Rubber company, in an inter
view, urged automobile owners o!
both passenger and commercial cars
to use tneir cars more and more to
Relieve the transportation ' pressure
on the nation's railroads and mer
chants' delive-y service.' Other, lead
ers in the country's business, not
alone those in the automobile in
dustry, have since urged that this ad
vice be followed. It has met with
unanimous approval.
?The natural function of the auto
JCObile. both passenger and com
xpercial, is the transportation of man
anil merchandise for short hauls. If
tti is is realized, a tremendous amount
railroad mileage may be diverted
from short hauls to long hauls, and
jst that much pressure on the rail
' reads' transportation facilities re
lieved" - 4
New Cadillac Dealers Pay $15,000 Bonus
For Unexpired Lease on This Building
. g. ., - V .; .- , .,.... ; . v ?:....'-:-: ;y v. ..,y-j :W ;. : XV : --.y .'-.-.y. Mm: ..:::
;.-" - r , - , , :
-r.'A 'i'-v ' !;: ':. K U ij, tSM t vh iyfiWfiM, ,-' W'-Ax'UfiS,
imtkm ltd
' , ' A A," 1
m This will be the future home of the
new Cadillac organization, and the
lease covering the property was ob
tained by paying a bonus of $15,000.
It is one of the best equipped
Says Demand Increases Out of
Proportion to Capaaity for
Output and Continues
"From every quarter of the entire
four floors of the exhibits in the
Grand Central Palace at the New
York automobile show came the re
port that a passenger car shortage
in the near future is inevitable," is a
statement from John Tainsh, general
sales manager of the Mitchell Mo
tors company, Inc., Kacine, Wis.
"In talking over the matter with
several large manufacturers at the
show, the one main theme that was
uppermost in their, conversation was
their co-operation with the govern
ment in producing trucks, tractors.
ambulances, guns and aeroplane part).
Automobile factories are perhaps bet
ter equipped with modern labor sav
ing and time saving machinery than
any other industry. Most motor car
manufacturers have agreed to arrange
their passenger car production sched
ule so as not to hinder government
work. This Jact, taken into consid
eration with the shortage of help,
which becomes more acute as time
goes on, indicates that passenger car
production must and will be curtailed.
"For any one who does not believe
in the law of supply and demand,
this will be a most concrete examole
of its truth; 'considering the amount
of government work that the better
equipped factories have taken on,
the labor shortage, the entrance of
the motor car as a means to more
work, which increased the demand
over production, therefore the price
J Wilt If UIJC 11 19
true that prices have, advanced some
during the past year, it is very evi
dent they will go higher in the next
six months. Anyone who is contem
plating the purchase of a i motor car
should buy now, while the present
comparatively low prices prevail."
More than 80 per cent of the pas
senger automobiles in America are
indispensable to business, according
to data gathered in a nation-wide
investigation just completed by the
Haynes Automobile company. Ko-
komo, Ind. A large part of the re
mainder, it was disclosed, are essen
tial to the personal efficiency of their
The average business could not be
carried on under war-time condi
tions at ,war-time speed and with
war-time economy of operation with
out the passenger automobile. - Even
the reports from those -who do not
use their own cars regularly for busi
ness recognize the necessity for the
so-called "pleasure car.
A letter asking for complete infor
mation regarding the individual's use
of his passenger car was mailed to
1,000 owners living in all states. The
names were taken at random from
a list of Haynes owners, including
city and rural districts. All kinds of
business - and all professions were
represented. The letter was impar
tial, simply explaining the situation
and asking that a postcard be filled
out and returned.
Many of those who replied to the
Haynes questionnaire called atten
tion to the fact that present condi
tions demand 'the utmost conserva
tion of man power.
Ut the less than vl) per cent who
do not hold their automobiles nec
essary to the conduct of business
many say that without their cars
their efficiency would be greatly re
duced. B. L T., Chicago Writer,
Finds New Fraternity
Eivdently Bert L, Taylor has
bumped into a few Franklin owners
while observing Chicago. At least he
has discovered that they like to com
pliment each other and swap yarns.
The following item appeared in his
famous "A Line O'Type or Two:"
"HAVE you noticed the peculiar
behavior of owners of Franklin cars?
When two or .nore of them get to
gether they call a meeting to discuss
the miraculous qualities of their
thrice-blest machine. They salute one
another on the road, they have grips
and passwords; and, we dare say, they
hold lodge meetings, and confer de
grees. A rum lot." ' ,
ty,? 'fl
buildings in Omaha for automobile
headquarters and plans are being
made for extensive improvements.
Both A, H. Jones, president, and J.
H. Hansen, vice president of the
"Hooverize" Your Car, Keep it in
Pink of Condition; Use Economy
" 'Hooverize your car extend war
time economy to include the automo
bile and conserve it by keeping it in
the pink of condition," is the timely
injunction of Joe M. Dine, branch
manager of the Goodyear Tire and
Rubber company.
"This does not mean," says Mr.
Dine, "that your car must be restrict
ed in its use, but to conserve its power
and usefulness, thereby rendering
better service to its owner. Thou
sands of motorists this winter are en
deavoring to secure the fullest service
from their cars who have never be
fore taken their motoring expense se
riously, but in the evolution of the
automobile from a pleasure vehicle to
one of utilitarian usage these motor
ists have felt the tveed of practicing
tho same economies in their automo
bile maintenance that they have been
compelled to adopt in supplying their
other wants.
"Our observation so far has been
that when motorists avail themselves
of our service station inspection serv
ice they are amply repaid in the extra
mileage their tires deliver.
"Fully 60 pr cent of all the tires
used go out of service prematurely
because of insufficient inflation; 30
Adair-Lee Rubber. Co. is
New Farnam Street Firm
The Adair-Lee Rubber company
has recently opened a tire station on
Farnam street for the purpose of dis
tributing General tires manufactured
at Akron; O.
C. B. Adair, who is the senior mem
ber of the firm, has a wide tire ex
perience to his credit and before com
ing to Omaha was manager of the
Chicago branch of the General Tire
and .Rubber company. A. B. Lee
comes to Omaha from Minneapolis,
where he has been connected with
the Empire Tire and Rubber company
as district manager. G. G. Lee has
gained his tire experience at Kansas
City as salesman for the General Tire
and Rubber company.
The new firm has the distributors'
contract for Nebraska and parts of
Iowa and South Dakota. It plans
to install a complete vulcanizing plant
at the Omaha station.
Once This Beauty
Had Pimples
Stuart's - Calcium Wafers Proved
.That Beauty Comes From the
Blood and From No-
where Else.
Prove This With Free Trial Package.
Plaster your skin all over and you'll
stop breathing in an hour. There is
only one way to remove pimples,
blackheads, eruptions and eczema
with its rash and itch, ar. hat is by
the blood. In Stuart's Calcium W af evs
the wonderful calcium sulphide at
meals serves to supply the blood with
one of the most remarkable actions
known to sciencei Thia is its activity
in keeping firm thr tiny fibres that
compose even such minute muscles
as those which contiol the slightest !
cnange 01 expression, sucn as tne
eyelids, lips and so on. It is this sub
stance which pervades the entire skin,
keeps it healthy and drives away im
purities. Get a 60 cent box of Stuart's
Calciurh Wafers at any drug store!
and learn tne great secret of facial
beauty) ; r
A free trial package will be'mailed
if you will send the coupon.
Free Trial Coupon
F. A. Stuart Co., SOS Stuart
Bid., Marshall, Mich. Sen me at
once, by return mail, a free trial
package of Stuart's Calcium Waf
ers. Name. .................. ...j ,
'" ' ..... ,'TCi -A
Jones-Hansen-Cadillac company, havs
unlimited confidence in the future of
Omaha and the Cadillac business.
This evidently is the.reason that such
a premium for a good location was
agreed upon.
no out of commission
ecause of nearlected tread cuts: the
remaining 10 per cent go to an early
grave because of wheels out of align
ment, brakes working unevenly and
various other minor causes." : , . ,
20, 1918.
Studebaker Vice President
Says Motor Car is Greatly
Besponsible for Develop
ment of Business Today.
"People who apply the name of
'pleasure' to the automobiles of today
certainly have not taken the time to
give the matter serious thought," says
Studebaker Wilson, local Studebaker
distributor. "As a matter of fact, the
automobile is a part of our modern
way of living and doing things. It is
as essential to our mode of life and
conduct of business as the express
train, the fast freight or the nation
wide telephone system. . N
"It would be as impossible to" con
ceive of the conduct of personal and
business affairs without the automo
bile today as it would to conceive of
handling modern business without fast
express trains, fast freights, telegraph
and long distance telephones. The
motor car has not only become an
essential part of modern life, but it
has been greatly responsible for the
development of the way we live and
do business today. It has made the
wonderful business achievements
which we accomplish in the 12 months
of the year possible.
"A well-known authority recently
estimated that about 80 per cent of
the automobiles in use in this coun-
i try today are used by farmers. I
think it is really an overestimate, lo
my knowledge 1,377,648 of 4,291,684
Studebaker cars registered July 1,
1917, were in the 12 east-north cen
tral and west-north central farming
states. About 75 per cent of the pop
ulation in these states is in the coun
try and towns of less than 2,500 pop
ulation." New King Prices Have
Just Been Announced
The prices for the eight-cylinder
King product have just been an
nounced by the general sales man
ager, Wallace C Hood, as follows:
Seven-passenger touring car or three
passenger roadster, $2,150; four-passenger
foursome, $2,350, and seven
passenger convertible sedan $2,950.
Wire wheels are extra on all cars ex
cept the foursomes.
The. Lesson of the
THERE is a valuable lesson for every one of
our customers, we Goodyear Service Station
Dealers believe, in the speedway racing of the
past season.
Not only did Goodyear Cord Tires win every
officially recognized race held during the year,
but every important place in every such race
as well. '
In addition to this, numerous world's records of long standing
were shattered by cars equipped with these tires.
Ttotfar outranking even these honors in importance is the fact
that every victory by Goody ear Cords was won by a non-stop run.
This performance, under the severest conditions that can be
imposed upon a tire, has never been duplicated in the history
of racing.
It affords evidence of the superior speed, stamina and strength
of Goodyear Cord Tires that is ample and incontestable.
To the thinking motorist it makes impressively clear the lesson
we have been teaching for years : that no other tires are so able
so enduring, so economical as Goodyear Cord Tires.
You may be sure that the qualities in these tires which have
made them supreme on the speedway are qualities which will
deliver you extreme satisfaction on your car.
This sign identifies the Good
vemr Service Station Dealer.
491115 South 24th St. Phone South 420
2814 North 20th St. Phone Webster 5943
1921 Farnam St.-r-Phone Doug. 5230
4809 South 24th St Phone South 1404
Should Encourage Any
Relief Offered Traffic
"The New York Automobile
show," asserts George Van Brunt of
the Van Brunt Auto company, "has
demonstrated quite clearly that folks
from all states recognize the automo
bile as a necessary part of our indus
trial and social activities.
'There is such a close relationship
between the industrial and social life
in democratic America that one can
hardly draw sharp lines here and
there branding one's use of a' passen
ger car unnecessary and the other
necessary. .'
"It behooves all of us to bend every
effort toward personal efficiency and
An Auto Tire
Tube Free
As a souvenir for the opening of our store we
will give to every customer who buys a General
tire before February 1st, free of charge, an in
ner tube the same size as the tire purchased.
The General'Tire is made of the highest grades
of fabric and rubber. It is guaranteed for 5,000
miles' service-never gives less sure to give
more. Owners everywhere are piling up 8,000,
10,000 and more miles on the General.
See the General Jumbo, a special oversized tire
for Fords, Chevrolets and Maxwells. Fits on a
30x3 rim, but is as big as a 31x4.
Also the General Cord Tire, one of the sturdiest
and biggest Cord tires on the market
Adair-Lee Rubber Co.
2064 Farnam St., Omaha
VL tiiGmmtl r 3 tmUw Ob
m xss i hi r.m
Goodyear Tires, Tubes and Ac
casscrleM org always kept in stock.
Packard Show Room
Fontenelle Garage Auditorium Garage,
and C. W. Walker Garage, 36th and Farnam Stt.
510-518 Pearl St., Council Bluffs Phone 2691
2522 Farnam St Phone Doug.' 3854
speed," and any relief afforded our
transportation facilities, passtnger or
freight, should be encouraged."
Y. M. C. A. Organizes Work
With Italian Forces
Paris, Friday, Jan. 18. The head
quarters of the American army and
navy Young Men's Christian associa
tion announces that its .work with
the Italian army is being established
under the name of "Opera di Fratel
lanza Universale."
John S. Nollen, president of. Laka
Forest college, Illinois, has been ap
pointed director of the Italian work
He has left for Rome with his exec
utive staff.
Tel. Doug. 8756.