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Husbands Will Stay at Hom2
and Give Women Opportun
ity to Work for Red
Men's aid will be called in to help
with the big January drive for surgi
cal dressings for the Red Cross. The
men will be asked to stay home and
take care of the babies so their wives
can come to the public workshop in
the Keeline building, which will be
open nights for women who are oc
cupied during the day, or they will
be asked to come to the workshop
themselves or to the First Presbyte
rian church to roll bandages.
Mrs. F. W. Carmichaei and Mrs.
Frank Ellick will open the workshop
for the first niftht work next Tues
day between the hours of 7 and 9
t clock. This is in response to a re
quest from business girls and moth
ers who can give no time during the
The workshop will be kept open
ny other night in the. week that 20
women will apply.
"No previous experience in making
surgical dressings is necessary. We
will have instructors present to
teach you. Aprons, caps and sewing
materials are all provided. We need
only the volunteers to help us fill our
qnot of 95,000 dressings before the
end of January," said Mrs. Carmi
chaei. Young Men Have Class.
Young men of the First Presbyte
.tan church have a class in gauze
work which meets each Friday night
between 7:30 and 9:30 o'clock. They
do beautiful work, according to
women of the church auxiliary, which
is in charge of Mrs. E. C Twamley.
Among them are Clarence Adams.
Herbert Riley, Charles Clemens, Wil
liam Miller, Walter Harvey, Earl
Camp, William Farnbrook and E. C.
Twamley. '
If enough men will volunteer Mrs
Carmichaei will open the public
workshop for men, too. Advance
warning is ' issued, however, that
smoking is against the rules.
Five thousand 4x4 wipes are in
cluded in the emergency order for
January. The wipes, though small,
are a somewhat tedious dressing to
make 'and some of the auxiliaries
have expressed unwillingness to un
dertake the work, preferring to exer
cise their own choice. '
Local Red Cross officials call atten
tion to the urgency of the need and
request auxiliaries to start work on
the necessary wipes at once.
'J , (Continued From Fare One.)
officer followed th attempt yester
day of N. A. Myles to secure nis re
lease from detention by a writ of
habeas corpus, application for which
was made before Judge B. F. Bledsoe
in the United States district court,
The application disclosed that
Myles, a motion picture actor, had
been in custody several days at Fort
McArthur and that his home had
been searched by army men under the
orders of the intelligence department.
Judge Bledsoe, in fixing the hear
ing on Myles application for today,
took occas'on to comment adversely
on the action of the army officers,
which he announced from the bench
was "the most high handed violation
of the rights of an American citizen,"
that had ever, been brought to his at
tention. ' '
" Held Without Warrant
the army intelligence officer, ques
tioned by Judge Bledsoe as to hu
authority, announced he' was acting
under orders from the commanding
general of the western department of
the United States army and that he
was holding Myles without a warrant
'or investigation by his department.
, The intelligence officer declined to
comment on the court'i remarks or to
discuss the facts in the case. Later,
however, after communicating with
division headquarters at San Fran
cisco, he authorized the statement
that Myles was held in connection
with ajilot for the sate by high fed
sral officers here of machine guns,
'ammunition and other munitions of
war, now held in the federal building.
. t.
Amsterdam, Jan. 9.The leaders of
the delegations representing Russia
and the central powers held a pre
liminary discussion yesterday, dis
posing of questions of procedure, a
dispatch from Brest-Litovsk reports.
The meeting was attended by Leon
Trotzky, Bolsheviki foreign minister;
Dr. von Kuehlmann, German foreign
minister; Count Czernin, Austro-Hun-garian
foreign minister, and Talaat
Bey, Turkish grand vizier. A plenary
Session of the delegates was arranged
for this morning. Later representa
tives of the central powers held a con
ference with the Ukrainians.
Pair Confessed Murderers
Receive Life Sentences
Tucson, Ariz., Jan. 9. Louis Sun
deen, formerly of Los Andes. Cal.,
and Barney Schiller, at one time a
resident of St. Paul, Minn., who con
fessed they had killed Charles Loebs.
proprietor of a resort near here, were
sentenced to life imprisonment late
yesterday in superior court.
In pronouncing sentence, Judge
Pattee expressed regret that Arizona
laws do not permit the -death penalty.
t Bank Elects Officers.
Geneva, Neb, Jan. 9. (Special.)
The Citizens State bank held its an
nual meeting-today, electing the fol
lowing officers for the ensuing year:
president, Peter Younger s; vice presi
dents. M. Bolton and W. H. Stewart;
cashier. L. , F. Johnson; assistant
cashier, Roscoe Mohrman; directors.
Peter Youngers, A. J. Brown, M.
Bolton, Lewi Johnson and V. H.
U. S. Allows $100)C0
To House Ship Workers
Washington, Jan. 9. Immediate
expenditure of $1,200,000 to pro
vide housing accommodations for
ship yards workers, at Newport
News was decided on today by the
shipping board after a senate sub
cdmniittee had presented the urg
ency of the situation.
Housing facilities will be pro
vided at other plants engaged on
government work as soon as pos
sible after congress passes a bill
now pending providing money for
the purpose. '
The sub-committee appointed by
the senate commerce committee
investigating ship building, took up
with the board today the subject
of housing workers at Newport
News after Homer L. Ferguson,
president of the Newport News
Ship Building company, a witness
at the inquiry yesterday, had de
clared his yard could take on no
more men until housing was obtained.
Austria Says Lloyd George's
Address Shows Different View
Than Has Heretofore Ob
tained Among Allies.
Amsterdam, Jan. 9. A Vienna dis
patch to the Cologne Gazette repre
sents Monday's editions of the news
papers of the Austrian capital as com
menting on Mr. Lloyd George's
speech in a rather different vein from
the official agency.
While remarking that the papers in
question are pacifist, the Gazette's
correspondent sayj the whole tone of
Mr. Lloyd George's speech seems to
be viewed as more conciliatory than
his previous utterances.
Step Forward.
The Vienna newspapers regard the
absence of ''rude personal attacks" as
a step forward and think they per
ceive a certain approach to the stand
point of the central powers., par
ticularly in the use of equivocal terms
in dealing with the most important
, At the same tinie they are doubtful
whether the speech is fitted to serve
as the foundation for immediate
negotiations, saying that although it
is less rude, the essence of the old
war aims is in nowise altered.
Suspend Recruiting for
United States Guard Units
Washington, Jan. 9. Suspension of
recruiting for the United States
Guard, the special federal force au
thorized bv he War department for
police and watchman duty, was atf-
nouncea toaay oy secretary uaker in
orders to all recruiting agents. Men
already enrolled will be used, but no
more will be accepted for the present.
Washington. Jan. 9. Further or
ganization of the United States guard
has been suspended, Secretary Baker
announced today, and the special pro
tective duty for which the guard was
authorized will be done bv army
troops, supplemented by the 1,800 fed
eral guardsmen, to which number en
rollment now is limited.
Originally it was planned to make
the guard a special federal police
force of about 25,000 officers and men,
for service largely in the communities
in which they were enlisted, in en
forcing enemy alien proclamations
and other such work. "Changed con
ditions", is the only reason given in
the order for the new plan.
English Comment
, On Wilson Speech
I London, Jan. 9. President Wil
son's speech, like all his utterances
since America entered the war,
takes the leading place in both the
news ancKeditor'al columns of the
London press. One newspaper de
scribes It as "the magrta charts of
future peace.'
The Westminster Gazette "wel
comes the president's careful, sym
pathetic language."
The Evening News says the
speech "was of world-wide im
portance." IWPENCILS
THE standard by
ir1iith all vtAmAil
are judged. 17 black
degrees and 2 copy-
uijf aupvrrccu n
rl Aaericu Ud Pdl U, N. T. U
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Druggists
refund money if it fails 25c
The Useful Ugl
f Should your Gus Lamps need
attention DAT OR NIGHT
, Call Donglu COS, or,
Maintenance Department,
J Ponglas 4188.
S Omaha Gas Co.
1509 Howard Street '
I COUS Ml U Mlffl. Ask for
m T- ABrtnccbto nil than.
Yon. can secure a maid, stenoara
pher or bookkeeper by using a Bet
Want Ad.
Thoughtfulnsss of 3-Year-0ld
Sister in Keeping Child
Warm Results in Tragedy
in Newman Home.
Thoughtfulness of little 3-year-old
Grace Newman and her heroic at
tempt to keep her 3-week-old baby
brother warm during the absence of
the mother, ended in a tragedy at the
home ot fc.. K. Newman, 701 South
Thirty-fifth street.
The sister had buried the. brother
beneath an avalanche of bed clothing
and upon the return of the mother
the apparently lifeless body of the
baby was extricated. By the aid of a
pulmotor the baby was revived, but
within a short time suffered a relapse
ana aiea.
Little Grace 'stood by big-eyed and
wondering, not knowing that her
whole-hearted and motherlv inten
tion had terminated so fatally for her
Daoy orotner. '
Paris, Jan. 9. The" Rome corre
spondent of the Matin says, that by
order of Field Marshal von Hinden
burg, according to reliable informa
tion which has reached him, 130 vil
lages behind the western front,
mostly in the region of St. Quentin,
have been leveled to the ground so
as to afford better opportunity for
defense of the German lines to the
Notwithstanding denials, the corre-
snonrlenr add nnlv nn.thirrl nf tti
300,000 Belgians deported to Ger
many have been permitted to return
to their homes. v.
Deny That Russia Offered
To Sell Norway Any Wheat
London, Jan. 9. Denial is made by
the Norwegian food m'nister that the
Bolsheviki government of Russia has
offered Norway grain or flour from
any foreign country, says an Ex
change Telegraph dispatch from
Lopenhagen today.
It hai been reported that the Bol
sheviki were offering to Norway the
wheat sored on the Murnan coast
and shipped from America for use
in retrograd. ,
Russia, the Norwegian minister is
quoted as saying, offered Norwav
Russian wheat but withdiew the offer.
Wilson Address Endorsed
By British Labor Men
London, Jan. 9.- Representatives of
British labor issued a manifesto to
day giving whole hearted support to
the program presented in President
Wilson's speech yesterday.
The manifesto says that "in essen
tial respects it is so similar to that
which the British labor put forward
that we need not discuss any points
of difference in detail."
Russ Embassy Sends Note
Of Appreciation to Wilson
Washington, Jan. 9. The 'Russian
embassy today issued a statement of
appreciation of President' Wilson's
reference to the Russian people in his
address to congress.
I kv.u . hod
I 1 k;u;V
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Strained Relations Between
Brazil and Argentine as Re
suit of Many Differences
Over War.
(Correspondence of The Associated Pre )
Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, Dec,. 11.
The long-standing ill-feeling be
tween Brazil and Argentina, inher
ited in part from the ancient rivalry
between their respective Portuguese
and Spanish founders and intensified
by subsequent boundary disputes, has
been fanned into fresh flame by the
opposing attitudes the two republics
have taken in respect to the war.
Brazil from the first has openly fa
vored the entente allies and became
a belligerent against Germany as soon
as the United States entered the war.
in keeping with its traditional friend
ship for the United States. Argen
tina, on the other hand, has persist
ently insisted that it would remain
neutral, although there have been
charges that the government there
has distinct pro-German tendencies.
U. S. Arbitrated Dispute.
In each of the two countries opin
ion is held that the attitude of the
other indicates ulterior designs in
South America.
The United States arbitrated the
boundary dispute over what was for
merly part of the Argentine territory
of Missiones, awarding it. to Brazil
on the ground that the Brazilians had
populated it and claimed it by right
of colonization, while the early Span
ish and Portuguese left no documents
showing any division 'of lands there.
This award is said always to have
been a sore spot with the Argen
tines. Of late both countries have been
at fever heat on account of many ru
mors of mobilizations and warlike
preparations on both sides of the dis
puted line.
Vjhe bulk of the Brazilian army was
moved into Rio Grande Do Sul dur
ing the recent railway str'kes and
the troops have been kept there, en
camped along the railroad.
Case Against Former Chief
Of Police is Nearing End
Chicaeo. Tan. 9. Final arguments
were h "Jim today in' the trial of
Charles C. Healey, former chief of po
lice, William R. Skidmore, a saloon
keeper, and Stephen J. Barry, de
tective sergeant, who are charged
with conducting a vice syndicate
which collected large sums from il
legal resorts.
The defendants were arrested a year
ago and the trial has been in progress
13 weeks. It is expected the case will
go to the jury Saturday.
New England Hard Hit by
Fuel Administration Order
Boston, Jan. 9. Drastic measures
for conservation of fuel and light are
provided in an order issued today by
James J. Storrow, fuel administrator
for hew England, applicable through
out Massachusetts. They include the
opening of business houses at 9 a. m.
and the closing at 5 p. m. and the
closing of jtheaters, bars and all places
ot amusement at io p. m.
Mississippi River Boats
Withdrawn From Operation
St. Luuis, Mo., Jan. 9. Announce
ment was made today by Joseph
Streckfus, head of the Streckfus
Steamboat line, that the company
would not operate boats in the St.
Louis-St. Paul traffic this year.
The Streckfus line is the only line
operating, passenger boats between
St. Louis and St, Paul. 1
About the only thing that
hu never been "corner
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Honesty. "
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