Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 29, 1917, Page 3, Image 3

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SA TURD A YOmAnnudSak oi Fur Coats
M 33y3 Below Regular Prices .
71 ok
v '
This is THE Fur Sale of the entire year inasmuch as it includes our entire stock of Fur Coats mag
nificent garments, at" 33 BELOW THEIR REGULAR PRICES.
Hudson Seal, Marmot, Nutria, Brook Mink and Beaver
Also Beautifully Border Trimmed Garments, fancy collars, cuffs and pockets, full flared skirts,
contrasting combinations and beautiful brocade linings. All the' newest features of the season's best
styles. We mention just a few items as examples of the value giving.
The Entire Stock of Fur Coats to Go at
$475 Hudson Seal Coat, with Taupe Fox shawl collar $316.77
. $450 Hudson Seal Coat, with Kolinsky collar and cuff trimming $300.00
$450 Hudson Seal Coat, ith Kolinsky collar and collar trimming, belted model $300.00
$375 Hudson Seal Goat, with Gray Squirrel collar $250.00
$350 Hudson Seal Coat, with Skunk collar $233.39
$325 Hudson Seal Coat, full flared belted model. ,$216.67
$325 Hudson Seal Coat, with Skunk trimming $216.67
$298 Hudson Seal Coal, with Kolinsky trimming $198.67
$298 Fancy Natural Rat Coat, with Hudson Seal collar, cuffs and pockets. . $198.67
$235 Natural Rat Coat, Raccoon trimmed, belted model $156.67
$225 Nutria Beaver Coat, Seal trimming, flare model $150.00
' $175 Natural Rat Coat, Blended Beaver collar and cuff a.'. . $116.67
$159 Natural Rat Coat, fancy border and belt trimming $106.00 .
$149 Natural Rat Coat, yery handsome garment. : $ 99.34
$119 'Marmot Coat, beautiful flared'model. $ 79.34
$ 98 Natural Rat Skating Coat, very luxurious 4 65.34
Sale Starts
at 8:30 A. M.
Second Floor
Boys' Mackinaws, $4.25
Good, warm, stylish coats at a big
saving. Big, roomy coats with large
shawl collars. Plenty of every size
from 8 to 18 years.
Great Values in Boys' Suits
Short lots of suits, worth up to
$12.50, at $6.95 Hundreds of these
splendid suits to select from. A large
variety of patterns, sizes 6 to 17 years.
Boys' $6.50 and $7.50 Suits, $4.95
A varied assortment of mixtures and
corduroys. This is a great offer. Our
advice is to get busy.
Boys' $1.00 and $1.25 Blouses and Shirts, 75c
Slightly mussed from being on display during Holiday
season. ' Light stripes, Madras and Percales. The best
values offered to .you this season.
$1.00 Flannelette Sleeping Garments, at 65c
v Plain, White and Blue and Pink stripe effects, with
feet. In sizes 1 to 10 years.
Second Floor, Men' Building
Picture Frames
At 50c $1.00,
$1.50 and $2.50
TING OF YOUR PICTURE. No need to go into
detail about this offering the prices are the lowest
you can find even for very ordinary frames without
Picture and Photo Frames, all fitted, in sizes up Eflr
to 10x12 inches, at. . uut
Fine hand-carved Photo Frames and portrait M QQ
frames, sizes up to 16x20 inches, at u
Oval Frames, beautifully ornamented, in copper tones,
silver and antique gold finishes; sizes 9x12 to M- CA
16x20 inches, at.. v- Pl.OU
Elegant Standard Frames, all sizes, metal fin- j9 5Q
ishes and antique blue, at :..
Very Special
High Grade Standards
Very finest standards and hanging
Third Below Regular Prices.
This includes fitting and best
French Glass.
Third Floor
Choice of All Smote In Stock
For Women, Misses and Small Women
At- Just "Half Price
This' announcement has already brought throngs to this Apparel Store for two
days, but our stock is so broad and comprehensive that we offer again for Satur
day superb models in each of the groups mentioned below, at HALF PRICE.
The Suits which you have admired at full prices you can obtain now at
HALF PRICE. And, remember, that these Suits are from our regular
stock, not bought especially for this occasion, but Suits that are worth
every penny of the regular prices we quote HALF PRICE NOW FOR
$150 Suits, $75.00 $65 Suits, $32.50
$115 Suits, $57.50 $49 Suits, $24.50
$98 Suits, $49.00 $35 Suits, $17.50
$85 Suits, $42.50 $25 Suits, $12.50
, iii " i iii
$75 Suits, $37.50 $19 Suits, $ 9.50
Warm Underwear For Winter
In This Year End Clearance
For Women, Children and Boys
Some slightly soiled and mussed, at extremely low prices.
This comes right at a time when winter is beginningin earnest.
Women's Knit Union Suits, in fleecy lined; many
styles; medium and heavy weight; long and short
sleeves, almost all sizes. Worth $1.00, 7Q
a suit C
Women's Heavy Fleeced Vests and Pants, broken
lots, mostly all sizes, orth 79c, IQ
each OJC
Women's Union Suits, medium and heavy weight,
with light fleecing, long and short d1 ff
sleeves, broken lots, a suit ij)""
Women's Plain and Fleecy Lined Union Suits-
Thomas Ualby make, m regular and
extra sizes, a suit
Boys' Extra Heavy Warm Fleecy Lined Suits,
sizes 24 to 34, worth $1.50, a QQ
Boys' Good Weight Fleeced Union Suits, 7Q
all sizes, a suit I C
Misses' and Children's Fleecy Lined Union 7Q
Suits, mostly all sizes, a suit t UC
Children's Union Suits, in small 'sizes, Cr)
a suit OUC
Misses' and Children's Vests and Pants, broken
lots, mostly all sizes, 50c quality, OP
Third Floor
Clearance of Blouses
groups, t h o se Blouses
which have become slight
ly soiled from the Christ- f
mas buying, and placed
new prices on them, so low
that they will go in a jiffy
on Saturday.
Slightly Soiled Georgette Crepe Blouses, values tO QE
up to $6.50; special, at VO.VO
Slightly Soiled Lingerie Blouses, special, QQ
Marquisette and Net Blouses, special
at . ,
Tub Silk Blouses, excellent styles, special,
at '.
Second Floor
Year-End Clearance
Ladies' Hand Bags and Purses
All fancy Silks, Velvets and Novelty Bags,
together with all the slightly soiled Bags in our
entire stock, regardless of their cost, will be sold
on Saturday,
At the One Price, $1.98
25c French Ivory Pin Cushion, at 10c
Main Floor, Front
Year End Clearance
Writing Paper
and Calendars
And a special offering
of New Year Cards.
All Christinas Boxes,
slightly soiled in our Holi
day rush, at half price.
Calendars at half price.
New Year's Cards, large
assortment up from . .
Main Floor
Here are exceptional op-
p o rtunities
from the
S t a tionery
for after
C h r istmas
i another
war savings!
Drugs and Toilet
Senreco Tooth Paste,
25c size 18c
Aspirin Tablets, a
dozen 10c
Peroxide of Hydro
gen, one pound bot
tle . . 21c
Nature's Remedy
Tablets, $1.00 size. .59c
Hay's Hair Health,
60c size 33c
White Pine Cough
Syrup, 25c size 14c
Azures or Le Trefle Face
Powder, special, a box $1.00
Madame Is'bell's Exquic
ite Face Powder, 60c
size, for 29c
Hospital Cotton, one-
pound roll 39c
Rubber Sheeting, a yard
wide, special 39c
2-Quart Hot Water Bot- -tie,
regular $1.50, spe
cial ; 98c
"Keep . Clean," Hair
Brush, special for Satur
day 69e
Main Floor, Rear