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Neb r ask a
Rev. C. Pietzko Leaves Pulpit
of Riverdale Church After
Remark by One of the
Dodge County Laboring Man
Severely Injured When He
Is Caught in Gas
iwecu the three men's societies ot
Doaue college were held here last eve
ning. The Independent Debating club
won two of the three debates and
thus won tile triangle. Frank (i.
Stephens, a former student residing
in Xanipa, Idaho, offered a cup to the
society winning the debates three
years. As this is the third time that
the Independent Debating club has
won, it received the cup.
Neb. Dec. 1". -(Special
l'ietko, pa-tor of Un
church at Kherdalc,
; pi.Mtiwn at the quarterly
the church elders, when
latter accuscil 111111 ot tu -
Kev. C.
cigncd hi
meeting of
MIC of tile
iug "disloval."
The charge was made, so l'ictzko
alleges, when it was learned that he
was not a citizen of this country. He
applied for his first naturalisation
fiapers us somi after coming to this
cniititry as was possible. Since then
the war broke out and the Tinted
States entered the conflict before the
"astor could get his final papers.
Predecessor Interned.
Kev. Mr. I'ietzko came to Kivcr
dale but a short tune ago. replacing
kev. Mr. Kraulcidi-, who has since
been interned as an enemy alien. The
latter was not a citizen of this country
and had in his possession firearms
when arrested. He has since been
transferred to a detention camp. Be
fore Pietko came to Riverdale to fill
the pastorate he proclaimed his loyal
ty to this country before the head of
the council of defense.
Within a week after his arrival
tiiere was found hanging in front of
die church an effigy, labeled, "This
is what wc do to disloyal pastors. You
have three das in which to leave."
The authorities took tip the matter at
this time but were unable to arrest
the parties who hung out the ciligy
or to find reasonable cause for the
action. I'ietzko sa s he will remain
,u Kivcraaic.
Fremont. Neb., Dec. I1'. (Special j
Telegram. 1 Abraham Ogden, a farm-1
hand employed by Charles Green in
! 1 o!n ceo precinct, is at a local lios
i pitaTtn a serious condition as the rc-
suit of injuries sustained when he was
1 eaucht in a gasoline engine. Ogden
.was assisting Mrs. Green with the'
family washing and when she started i
; the gasoline engine operating the
j washing machine, h's clothing caught
I in the belt. He was saved from in
i stant death by Mrs. Green, who stop
I ped the engine.
Pioneer Woman Dead.
Mrs. Baltes Dunkel, aged 71, a pio
neer woman resident of Fremont,
died at an Omaha hospital following
an illness of a few weeks. Mrs.
Denkel came to this cou.itry from
Germany with her husband and chil
dren in I808 and located at Fremont.
Her husband, who died 20 years ago.
was the first agent for the Sioux City
& Pacific Railway company at the
station in Fremont. Two sons and
one daughter, Mrs. George Heun of
Howells. are the close surviving
Taker, to Kansas.
Claud McClain, arrested at Albion
Sunday and brought to Fremont by
Sheriff Condit, was taken to Lansing,
Kan., where he is wanted on a charge
of parole violating. McClain is said
to have been implicated in the murder
of a horse trader at Leavenworth,
Kan., last summer.
Red Cross Campaign.
Reports from canvassing comittees
for Red Cross membership show un
usually good progress. Some of the
solicitors are turning in 100 per cent
efficient lists.
Five Per Cent of Men at Dodge ,
to Get Permission to Make j
Christmas Trip to
Their Homes.
Kearney, Neb.. Dec. 1
In an auto accident near Axtell at
an early hour this morning, M. 11.
Y.inburen, Leonard Anderson, Timer
Allen, Jim Morris and Roy Kays
were thrown from their car as the
party was returning from Kansas.
Crossing a railroad track at a high
rate of speed the machine made a I
comr.ilcte somersault, throwing all 1
live out. Kays recovered conscious
ness some time after the accident and
managed to call help. Yanhureu suf
fered brain concussion and serious
scalp wounds in addition to numerous
other bruises. Anderson was badly
injured about the head and internally
injured. Neither is expected to live.
Allen's nose was broken and his
eye injured, in addition to suffering
body bruises. His condition is se
rious. The other two men escaped with
cuts and bruises about the body.
(Friiu .1 Staff Corrf sj'oi'ti'T.t 1
Des Moines. Dec. I1). (Special Tel
egram.) -With arrival of an order at
Camp Dodge today from General
lluah T. McCain, in reference to issu-
I iug passes to enlisted men for the
(.Special.") 1 holiday period, enlisted men arc again
hoping they will be able to reach
home for either Christmas or New-
ear. 1 lie oruer is a mommau m in artlnenti mcdieal ollicers training
3 recent m int! anil snecities tli.U ; 1.-,
per cent of the enlisted men at the
cantonment will he allowed to go
home on steam roads.
Y. T- Coffin of Des Moines has j Escaping Auto Thieves
been appointed by Governor Harding
ot t lie census cards
on selection and this committee in
turn named a list of collaborators
who will work together and submit
its code as coming from the state.
The members of the state committee
of selection, appointed by Superinten
dent Devoe, are President Walter A
Jestip of the state university, Tuva
City, and John Hanimill of Brift
Superintendent Deyoe, by virtue ot
bis office, is a member of this com
Draft Boards Busy.
Men of draft age who have not yet
been called for service may enlist in
various branches of the army through
their local diaft boards. Orders to
this effect have been receied by Ad
jutant General Logan. The branches
open to them ami the locations ot the
training camps follow: Aviation, sig
nal corps, Kelly held, San Antonio,
Tex.: land division, signal corps,
Fort Leavenworth, Kan.; medical de-
camp, fort iiiey, iau.; pi.u iei
master's corps. Camp Joseph John
son, Jacksonville, Fla ; infantry ,
t amp Green. Chailottc, N. C.
Doane Vacation Begins.
Crete, Neb.. Dec. I1'. (Special. t
Thc annual Christmas vacation of
Doanc begins Friday evening and
lasts until January 1. There will be.
but one week of vacation because it
is the plan to dismiss college in May,
so this vacation will lie shortened, as
will also spring vacation.
Cup to Independents.
Crete. Neb., Dec. 10. (Special. 1
The annual intcr-sorietv debates bc-
Carry Cash Register Off.
York, Neb., Dec. 10.-( Special Tel
egram.) Burglars broke into 11. V.
Kleinschmidt's grocery store Tues
day night and carried off the cash
register which contained $40.
to nave charge ot t lie census
which are to lie turned into the office
of the chief executive following the
registration which is to be made. The
registration will probably take place
soon after the first of the year. The
governor will issue a proclamation
naming three days for registration.
Officers Recommended.
Adjutant General Logan has recom
mended for commissions m the new
National Guard troops of the state
the following: Company A, Council
Bluffs, S. A. Green, captain: Company
U, Des Moines, Taylor T. Saxton,
captain; Company C, Mason City,
Senator A. L. Rule, captain; Battery
A, Burlington, A. F. Fclkner.
Morals Code Contest.
Plans for Iowa's participation in
the interstate character education
methods research promoted by the
National Institution for Moral In
struction were announced by State
Superintendent A. -M. Deyoe today.
This organization, with headquarters
at W ashington, I). ( ., is ottering
$20,000 in prizrs for the best morality
code suggested for teaching morals
in the public schools. State Superin
tendent Deyoe appointed a committee
Collide With Doctor's Car
An automobile belonging to Clar
ence R. Dodds, 5007 Underwood av
enue, collided with another car be
longing to Dr. C. W. Pollard. 20(2
Pacilic street, shortly after the for
mer's car was stolen from Seven
teenth between Dodge and Douglas
where Dodds had parked it while at
tending a theater performance.
The wife and daughter of Dr. I ol- ,
lard were in the car with him at the
time of the collision, but luckily es
caped injury. Both cars were slightly 1
Thrrr men who were ill the stolen
car were seen to jump from the auto- j
mobile and run.
Soldiers' Home Nrtes
A Guide
Cranrt Island, Net) , Dec 19 (Sjwlnl )
SKWtant II. U. t'owiiry, i omimny P, in j
lnf.mtrv ot Camp Kunalnn, haa obtained
IS-day 'furlough. whlrh hn will Hpctut ltli
hla paronta at Merna. Neb.
Rev. Mr. Hosmnn of tli First MrllimllM ;
ohurch of (Iranct island dMtvrrrd a apriunn j
to a larua congroimiion "r"" l
tho homo chafl Sunday afternoon.
Mr Joseph Imwnoy of Ansclmo. Nrh.. i
on a short visit nt Tlurkalt with Iit alslor
in-law, miss nninm nin...
to the Happy Selection of Any Man
This Christ mas, more than ever before, men will appreciate the
useful things.
For Father, Brother, Son or Friend nt homo, in training or at
front, the gifts on display hero are in a groat variety for fine relec
tions. Lion Collars Knitted and Silk Mufflers
fi for $1.00 $100 $1.50 $2.00 to $5.00
The best and biggest assortment
of Neckwear in town "Special"
50 $1.00 SI. 50
Supervisors Want Books
Turned Over to County
Beatrice, Neb.. Tec. V. -(Special.)
-Because the !'M7 tax books arc j
cven weeks late and have not been
turned into the office of the county
treasurer, the county board of su
pervisors have been asked by County
Treasurer Andersen to take such
measures as the law will permit in
order to compel County Clerk Burn
ham to get the books in proper shape
and turn them over. The matter has
been placed in the hand.', of County
Attorney Messmore.
Fred Hager, employed at a dairy
north of the city, was knocked down
and trampled by a bull. He sus
tained several broken ribs and a dis
located shoulder.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Gray have re
ceived a letter from their son, Gran
ville, who is with the American ex
peditionary forces in France, saying
lie is well.
Adam Haupt of Hendley, Neb., and
Mrs. Amanda T. Hammett of this
city were married yesterday at the
Christian parsonage, Kev. C. F.
Stevens officiating.
R. A. Nickell yesterday became
champion on the golf links in this
city for the coming year by defeating
C. G. Baker.
The Commercial club luncheon yes
terday was remarkable in a way, as
all of the speakers were men who
were born in Germany. Peter Janscn
Patriotic Mass Meeting
Held at Stockvillc
Stockville, Neb., Dec. 19.-(Spc-cial.)
A patriotic war meeting was
held here last night in the interest of
war savings and the council of de
fense. L. II. Cheney was chairman.
Music was furnished by the public
school. A local council of defense was
organized, with the following olli
cers: Rev. G. B. Mayfield, chair
man; George J. Dold, secretary; W
L. McKinlcv, treasurer. Four dele
gates were elected to attend the
county convention of the council of
defense, J. A. Lvnch, V. L. McKin
lcv. G. B. Mayfield and L." IT. Cheney.
Fred J. Schroeder, county attorney
of Frontier county, has been called
to the officers' training camp at Fort
Riley. Mr. Schroeder is a graduate of
the Cnivcrsity of Nebraska and he
was born and reared in Lustis.
One Minnie
Store Talk
This is "quick
week" for everybody.
Quick action now for men
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clothing values that we or
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Quick action
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what you want
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Plain and Initial
15. 25. 35C.
k,. . . r 5t. 25. 35.
Night Gowns '
$1.00 to $3.00 . 00. SU.-o
WM. L. H0LZMAN, Treas.
Madras Shirts
at. si. so. $2
Soft and Stiff Cuffs
S3 to $8.50
Pajamas (
$1 to $G
$1.25 o $2.50
Prominent Live Stock
Man Dies in Platte County
Creston, Neb., Dec. 19. (Special
Telegram.) I-;. T. Graham, veteran
of the civil w ar and one of the pioneer
settlers of Platte county, died this
morning of heart disease at his ranch
home. Mr. Graham was one of the
nost frequent market toppers in his
"'feeding operations.
He leaves a widow, three sons and
four daughters: James M. Graham of
Lander, Wyo.; Marshall Graham of
Rivertou, Wyo.; Timer T. Graham
at home, Mrs. T. H. Farnsley, Mrs.
II. W Lucdtke and Mrs. S. T. Twing
of Creston, Neb., and Mrs. Clarence
Galbraith of Beemer, Neb. He was
vice president of the Citizens State
Mi-s Hadlcr, daughter of
Leo Hadlcr, and Tngvart Christcnson,
Moorhcad, la., were united in mar
riage yesterday by Kev. Charles W.
Saxidge. .
Mi:- Tniina Ingram, daughter of
Frank Ingram, and Axel T. Johnson,
Louisville, Neb., were united in mar
riage yesterday by Kev. Charles W.
I wa badly ruptured while lifting a trunk
sovoral years ao. Doctors said my only hope
of cure was an operation. Trusses did me no
Kood. Finally I jfot hold of something that
iiuickly and cr.mpletely cured me. Years have
passed and the rupture has never returned,
although I am doing hard work aa a carpen
ter. There was no operation, no lost time, no
trouble. I have nothing to sell, but will give
full information about how you may find a
complete cure without operation, if you
write to me, Kujrene M. F'ullen, Carpenter,
?-H-D Marcellus Avenue, Manasquan, N. J.
Writer cut out this notice and show it to
any others who are ruptured you may save
a life or at least (-top the misery of rupture
and the worry and danger of an operation.
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