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Kabbi Cohn Says Jews of U. S.
Owe Allegiance to Bat One
Flag, the Stars and
The fall of Jerusalem into the hands
of allied troops will not materially
affect the status or cause any (Treat
demonstration of jollification in the
rants of the Jewish class of people
unless they be Zionists, is the opinion
of Rabbi Frederick Cohn.
"The Jewish element is not to be
classified as any particular race of
people," says Rabbi Cohn. "On the
contrary, they compose a religious
denomination, inhabiting every coun
try of the globe, and stand for a
particular tvpe of belief.
"For 2,000 years the Jews, as a race,
have been nationless, and they have
been persecuted throughout" the ajres,
probably more so in Russia than else
where durin? the last few centuries,
but the restrictions have at last been
"In 'America the Jews are a re
ligious rather than a political body,
and they owe allegiance to but one
flag, and that is' to the Stars and
Stripes of the United States of Amer
ica, and we glory in the fact that we
are Americans," says Rabbi Cohn.
Realize Ideal ,
"I believe the realization of the
Zionist ideal the re-establishment of
a home for the Jews in Palestine is
now at hand," said Rabbi Morris
Taxon, orthodox Jewish leader, in
commenting on the surrender of Jeru
salem to the British forces.
"I have no doubt but what all the
allies, including the United Statei as
well, will follow the lead of the Brit
ish government in its declaration fa
voring the restoration of Palestine to
the Jews. We will urge our claims
at the conference when peace negotia
tions are to be considered, together
with all the other smaller nations, for
the protection of which and the fur
S3 T loam Victor quality, always look for tha famous Stal
!$ trademark. "Hla Muw'i Volca." It is oa all itnuino rtffc
therance of democracy this country
entered the war," said Rabbi Taxon.
Fourteen millions of Jewish popula
tions are stirred by the war situation
affecting Jerusalem, Rabbi Taxon
pointed out, a far larger group than
any of the smaller nations affected by
the war drama.
A Jewish congress was called ear
lier in the year to consider in what
light the Jewish question should be
presented at the international peace
settlement, but the movement was
abandoned on the active entrance of
this country into the war.
Den improvement Club
To Make its Needs Known
The initial meeting of the Den Im
provement club was held Mcnday
evening at Twentieth and Grace
streets. The club is an organization
of citizens living in the vicinity of the
Ak-Sar-Ben Den. It has 40 charter
members. The following officers were
elected: Paul Baird, president; Lloyd
Richie, secretary; N. Brodsky, treas
urer. "This part of the city should have
more attention from the authorities,"
said Mr. Brodsky. "We have been
neglected in the past and it is largely
because we have not made our needs
known. We intend to do that from
now on.
"One thing we shall seek to get is
police protection. At, officer is never
seen in this part of the city. Another
thing we shall work for is a play
ground. There is a large tract of
land south of Burdette street between
Twentieth and Twenty-first streets
that would be fine for this purpose."
John Constanzo, R. J. Sutton and
Fred Martin of the United Improve
ment Clubs addressed the club.
Auto Does Not Stop After
Seriously Injuring Man
Charles Rawlings, barber, 2216 Cap
itol avenue, was struck by an automo
bile and seriously injured as he was
crossing Harney street at Twenty
fifth, The automobile did not stop.
Rawlings managed to crawl on , his
hands and knees into a nearby house.
He suffered a compound fracture
of his right leg and internal injuries.
He was taken to St. Joseph hospital.
o wouldn't be dlad
to get aStrla
for Christmas f
Surely your family will be de
lighted to have the world's greatest
artists singand play for them on
Christmas morning! And you can
easily give them that pleasure.
With a Victrola they can enjoy
the magnificent voices of Caruso,
Alda, Calve4, Culp, de Gogorza,
De Luca, Farrar, GallirCurci,
Gluck, Homer, Journet, Martin
elli, McCormack, Melba, Ruffo,
Schumann-Heink,' Scotti, Sem
brich, Tetrazzini, and other fa
mous singers. The exquisite aft
of Elman, Padcrewski,- Powell,
Zimbalist, and other renowned
instrumentalists. The , greatest
orchestras. The greatest bands. .
The greatest comedians. What a
splendid Christmas that will be 1
Motor dealers everywhere.
your nearest dealer for demonstration.
Victor S
Feast of Dedication is
Being Observed by Jews
Hanukah, the feast of dedication, is
being observed this week in Jewish
homes. The candle lighting, distinc
tive of this holiday, began Sunday
Hanukah commemorates the victory
of the Maccabees and their rededica
tion of the temple on Mout Zion after
it had been despoiled and defiled by
the Syrian tyrant, Antiochus Epi
phanes. The festival has become symbol
ized by the progressive kindling of
lights during the week of celebration.
One candle the first evening, increas
ing each successive night to eight the
last evening. It is the custom also to
give gifts to the poor and to ex
change them with one another as tok
ens of good will.
Temple Israel Sunday school chil
dren celebrated Hanukah with an en
tertainment Sunday. The Young Ju
dea circle of the South Side synagogue
will have a Hanukah program Sun
day, December 16, at 3 o'clock at the
synagogue, Twenty-fifth and J streets.
Hanukah plays are to be given by
several Jewish organizations.
The United Hebrew Brethren will
celebrate their 17th anniversary with
a Hanukah entertainment Sunday at
2:30 o'clock at Swedish auditorium.
Rabbi Morris Taxon and others will
speak. Joseph Levine is chairman of
the arrangements committee.
Presbyterians Will Hold
Evangelistic Conference
The conference on evangelism for
the Omaha Presbytery to be held at
the Lowe Avenue Presbyterian
church, Fortieth and Nicholas streets,
convenes Wednesday morning at 9
o'clock to last but one day. There
will be three sessions, morning, aft
ernoon and evening.
The conference will take up the
work of evangelistic revivals relative
to the services to be rendered by the
various members of the churches, and
the times and places of opening and
holding revivals. A number of out-of-town
ministers will take part.
VlctroU XVII, $265
VktroU XVII. electric, $325
Mahogany er oak
wMWWWjy'Vffww.iL mwwx M h uj i iia
City Help Must Apply Now Be
fore the Budget is Made
Out for Next
Now is the time for city employes
to make known their desires for salary
Mayor Dahlman told the city com
missioners that members of his de
partment have been requesting in
creases. Estimates to be filed by the a-ari-1
ous city departments with the depart
mertt of accounts and finance and ac
counts not later than December 2m
win include all prospective salary in
creases for 1918, this information to
be considered by the city council when
it sits as budget board during the
week of January 1.
Estimates Always High.
The city's general purpose fund for
1918 amounts to $1,547,344, which will
b apportioned according to the wis
dom of the budget board. The expe
rience has been that the total of es
timates always exceeds the general
purpose fund.
The council adopted a resolution
directing each department to submit
its estimate on or betore Decern
ber 20.
Increases for the firemen and po
licemen already have been agreed on
the maximum to be $100 per month
tor the rank and file of these depart
ments. ,
The budget board will not be bound
this time to the former maximum
amounts for police, fire, park and a
tew other departments, but may ap
portion any amount to any depart
ment under the new city charter
The! mayor has intimated that he
for one, will ask foi raises for mem
bers of his department and it is un
derstood that the commissioners will
make a frontal attack on the general
purpose fund.
I I it -lr- tv i i
One Fashion Center for
Christmas Sheppneg is a Pleasmir
Whoever the Person
Whatever Her Preference
Will please at Christmas
A generous supply of linen
handkerchiefs is a gift any
sensible person enjoys.
Here is the most complete
selection we have every of
fered at Christmas time :
Pure linen initials, 15c to
Hand embroidered, all lin
en, in every choice design,
15c to 50c.
Plain hemstitched linen at
all prices.
Beautiful Real lace, French
and Madeira embroideries
at attractive prices.
Lovely Scarfs
Attractive new Spanish
lace scarfs, silk net and
spangled net scarfs,
crepe de chine in colors.
Rich velvet scarfs. For
holiday gifts these are
much in demand.
House Dresses
In our basement there is a whole
department devoted to house
wear. In house dresses new ar
rivals have been received that
are particularly distinctive with
out detracting in the least from
their serviceable qualities.
Priced $3.50, $4.50, $5.
An Electric Radia to r
An Ideal
Gift for the
Electric Radiators are not intended to supplant
the regular heating apparatus or permanently to heat a
room, but as emergency heaters to drive away chill and
make rooms cozy, they are invaluable. Attach to any
light socket.' v
Telephone Tyler Three One Hundred.
Nebraska Power Co,
"Your Electric Service Company"
When Writing to Our Advertisers
Mention Seeing it in The Bee
Gifts for Soldiers
Army camp pillows, money
belts, tobacco pouches, ci
garette cases, cards in
cases, regulation black
four-in-hands, khaki hand
kerchiefs, silk or cotton
army socks, wool hose, wool
underwear, outing flannel
sleeping garments.
The Men's Shop
Christmas Neckwear
Fancy jabot col
lars with lace
and black silk
Satin, pique
and linen col
lars that are
very service
able on num
erous occasions. Wool crepe col
lars are in vogue now.
Fancy and satin vests, hand-embroidered
net vestees and jabot
Hand-embroidered net collars
and collars of filet and other
An appropriate gift of neckwear
will not be expensive.
Sweater, novel attractive styles,
fit for ever so many uses. Color
ings are bright and gay for win
try, snowy days.
. $2.95 to $50.
Lounging- Robes, bound to be
warm and comfortable, attractive
! $5, $7.50, $10
Negligees and Kimonos, of dainty
silk and other delightful fabrics.
Trimmings or lace and ribbon.
$10.50 to $25.
Second Floor
Morning Hours
Best for Shopping
WHEN the North Wind hits that poorly heated
1 v room, when the bedroom is filled with an
Arctic Chill each morning, when half the enjoy
ment of the bath is spoiled because the bathroom
is poorly heated then it's time to purchase
m This ptore
Gift Linens
With Christmas rapidly ap
proaching it is well to shop
now and be able to select
appropriate gifts at your
leisure. For the homekeep
er there is nothing that will
give more pleasure than
linens for the home.
Our stocks are in great va
riety with ample selections
of many linens, both plain
and decorative. ,
Prices are no- .
ticeably modest -i,
Trefousse French kid, mochas,
washable leathers, suede lined
and double silks $1.50 to $3.25
a pair.
A Glove Certificate
Permits the recipient to choose
style, color and size. It's the most
satisfactory to both parties.
Issued for any amount.
Hosiery for Children
Part of the gifts may well include
good hosiery. They bring pleas
ure in long wear and good ap
pearance. Pony hose are especial
ly well suited as gifts. Your
choice of cotton, lisle, silk lisle
and fibre in all weights, qualities
and prices.
Silk hose, both plain and ribbed.
Infants' cashmere, silk and wool
and pure silk hose.
See the completeness
pf our Christmas stock.
Men Here is
Variety in Hose
Wool hose in natural, Oxford,
white and black, different
weights and qualities, 40c to $1.
Heavy cotton hose, 15c to 40c.
Lisle hose from 35c to 75c.
Silk hose in all plain shades,
besides many fancies, 50c to $3.
Interwoven, Onyx, McCallum and
Wayne knit makes.
Warmth for
Any Room
at Any Time