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Sunday December 2, 1917-
Star Hourat -,
'8:30 to P. M."
Shop Early
"in tha Day"
-Phone D. 137.
Dear Old Santa Claus Bids Everybody, Both Young and Old,
A Hearty Welcome to "The Christmas Store for Everybody
As Usual
For s
The welcome of this sea
son of the year, with its
cheery thoughts, kind
deeds and joyous spirit of
giving, is as hearty and
rousing as any other Christ
mas gone before.
Because it brings us the oppor
tunity this year of heavier
hearts to forget for . a brief
space it brings us the oppor
tunity of seeking out those of
heavier hearts and of bringing
a bit of cheer into their lives,
by a gift well-chosen, a remem
brance of real worth. .
War brings unprecedented con
ditions into our lives it changes
habits, ' conditions and disturbs
the current of business. But
our first yuletide in war-time
brings with it a desire to share
our happiness with othersit's
part of our being of our civi
lization. , TtiA rtiiatnesa h! fin of war in
bringing more dollars than ever
to the purses of untold thous
sands. There is a wonderflow
of money all over the land
there is enough for war needs
and for the home. There was
never less need to save money;
there was never a time when so
manv thousands had money to
spend. ,,.;.'
"Eat plenty, eat wwl, but do
not waste," is the command of
the Food Administration.
So let. us keep natural and
act naturally and make this . a
Clrietmas as usual for every
There Are Enough Handkerchiefs
Here fof Everyone in Omaha
AND then some. We never were so-'fortunate as this
season. We made our preparations months ago,
long before the great advance in prices on cotton and linen
which have been and still are on the rise. You'll do
well to anticipate your own needs now as well as for
gift giving.
Women' HanaKercniers, o ror ovc
Plain white or dainty colored em
broidery in corners, 3 in a box, 59c.
Women' Handkerchiefs, 3 for 39c
Fine sheer. Swiss, plain white or
colored embroidery in corners, 3 in
a box for, 39c.
Initial Handkerchiefs, 6 for 75c
Women's initial handkerchiefs of
sheer lawn embroidered in white
or colors, at 6 for 75c.
Initial Handkerchiefs at 25c
Women's pure Irish linen hand
kerchiefs, with hand embroidered
initial, special at 25c each.
Men's Linen Handkerchiefs, 25c
Fine linen with and -inch
hems; very special at 25c each.
Men's Linen Handkerchiefs, 6 for $1.50
Pure linen with embroidered initial, very special, 6
for $1.50. Burgaaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
PLENTY of Khaki
Colored Yarn
Just as this advertisement
was going to press, we received
a large shipment of khaki col
ored yarns suitable for Red
Cross , work. Very special at
$1.00 a hank.
Burfoaa-Naah Co- Third Floor.
An Exquisite Selection of Men's
Neckwear at VlVii and Up to $4
BY far the most gorgeous display ana
most exquisite assortment of colorings
and patterns we've ever shown.
The past week's deliveries have brought
in complete assortments representing the
choicest silk weaves from European and
American mills, including: .
-Made up intoEriglish square, large open
end styles, reversible 4-in-hands and mili
raVv rravftta for the bovs in camp. All
made over our standard measurements. The colorings and
patterns are blended as only the artist weaver knows how.
The price range: 378c, 50c, 65c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.65
and up to $4.00.
Burgei-Nah Co. Main Floor
BOOKS as Gifts
for Everybody
Books answer the Christmas
gift question. Of times one
can send a book when other
gifts would riot be acceptable.
And, then too, they are so very
easy to send and easy to select
You'll find books of every
description :
Books about the war.
Books of fiction.
Books on service.
Books for boys. ,
Books for girls.
Books for wee tots.
Books of standard works.
Books with gift bindings.
Just any sort of book you
might want is here for your se
lection. Burfait-Naah Co. Thlro Floor
Accepted as Cash
For those who care to do so,
we have made arrangements for
and will accept, Liberty Bonds
inpayment of charge accounts
or for merchandise.
Business a Usual
All , who , patriotically heed
the government's request to
"shop early," will be richly re
warded in wider choice, leisure
ly selections, more expert serv
ice. OUR Soldiers' and
Sailors' Shop
is for the convenience of those
who wish to send gifts to the
boys at the various encamp
ments. We have set apart a special
section on the Main Floor,
where gifts and clothing for
soldiers, sailors and marines
may be purchased.
modation Desk
We have installed for the
benefit of our patrons an ac
commodation desk, where we
will wrap ,or pack your Christ
mas' merchandise for mailing or
shipping without charge, this
desk is located across the aisle
from the Post Office.
THEN There Are
another item that is always ac
ceptable as a gift, -, a recent
shipment of genuine French
gloves make gift selections ad
visable now.
F You Are
In Dmirit
4 A a 4iof fit mva vfaif
to the women's neckwear sec
tion will reveal many pleasing
suggestions. Fancy neckwear
was never in greater demand
and we were never better pre
pared. '
GIVE Something
There is possibly nothing
more practical than a sweater
for either man or woman. Our
showing is very large and ex
tensively varied.
In Your List
Every woman expects hosiery
as a gift at Christmas time.
We have assembled generous
stocks widely varied in selec
tion and price. ......
HQ'S Going to
Get Furs
for Christmas? Why, many su
premely delighted women, of
course for nothing could make
them happier on Christmas morn
ing and nothing could be more
useful all winter long and for
many winters to come.
Good furs are like diamonds
they are lifetime treasures; but
they are better, because they pro
vide comfort and protection, in
addition to being the moBt
charming adornment that a wo
man can wear.
YouH enjoy our showing of
fine furs and we'll enjoy showing
them to you.
Buri aaa-Naah Co. Second Floor
IT Snot the Things
1 1 Buy That I Regret"
said a worldly wise woman, "but
the things I don't buy, for I
never see them again." . ... ,
Cards for the sick one and
Anybody might have this
feeling about the
Gift Section
which is so full of, rare im
ported things. It is a delight
ful place to browse, about in
or hunt for a particular in
dividual gift or a bit of fur
nishings. A peculiar lamp,
candelabra, a bit of pottery,
rare art china or the like.
Burg aaa-Naah Co. Third Floor
Make His Gift a Practical
One A House Coat
A GIFT of this sort is always acceptable and certain to
be appreciated. Every man likes to slip into a
comfortable house coat after dm-?
ner and enjoy his paper and
Our holiday stock of men's
house coats is very extensive,
embracing a wide range of styles,
colorings and materials, such as
silks, woolens and velvets. Some
of them are solid colors, while
others are solid colors with fancy
trimmed collars and cuffs to
There is really nothing you
could give a man that would be
more practical or appreciated.
Price range, $3.50 to $30.00.
Burg aaa-Naah Co. Fourth Floor .
M rn.
Monday Morning, December 3d We Will Inaugurate a Sale of
At Fully 33V&J& Under the Present Market Price
THE offering presents, beyond question, the
choicest collection shown in Omaha and the
best part about it is that you can buy them at fully
one-third under present market value.
More important, possibly, even than the low
prices, is the fact that these are all rugs of indi
vidual character and beauty, chosen with the
greatest care, radiant with the dawn of a new,
civilization, yet mellowed with the luxuriousness
of past centuries free from the taint of the mod
ern Commercial Oriental Rug.
Here is one that will brighten a room with
dark furniture; here is. another that will soften
and absorb the light of a very bright room, and so
on throughout the line, rugs that are realistic
treasures that the connoisseur will revel with.
The offering, coming now as it does, affords a
most opportune time to make selection as gifts to
loved ones or for the home.
Khiva Rugs
A gorgeous collection, room size rugs, in rich
colorings and individual patterns.
Size 8-3x5-9 feet, now $70.00.
Size 8x6-6 feet, now $95.00.
Size 8x6-3 feet, now $90.00.
Size 8-5x7 feet, now $100.00.
Size 7-2x6-5 feet, now $110.00.
Size 10-8x9-2 feet, now $24100.
Size 11-9x9-2 feet, now $250.00.
Kermanshah Rugs
Rich colorings that will add charm and
lustre to any room;
Size 5-7x2-4 feet, $45.00.
Size 6-7x4-4 feet, $105.00. t ,
Size 6-4x3-10 feet, $135.00.
Size 11-6x8-9 feet, $425.00.
Size 15-9x10-7 feet, $725.00.
Mousoul Rugs
Size 5-10x3-6 feet, $32.50.
Size 5-6x3 feet, $35.00.
Size 6-4x4 feet, $55.00.
Size 7-6x3 feet, $55.00.
Beloochistan Rugs
Size 3-5x2-2 feet, $15.00.
Size 2-3x2-9 feet, $22.75.
Size 3-7x2-4 feet, $25.00.
Size 3-10x2-10 feet, $33.50.
. Size 5x3 feet, for $35.00.
Mahal Rugs
Exquisite colorings and master pieces in
design. Room sizes.
Sizes 12x8-9 feet, $185.00.
Size 10-6x6-11 feet, $195.00.'
Size 12-4x8-3 feet, $200.00.
Size 16-6x11-6 feet, $385.00. , '
Size 15-2x11-5 feet, $440.00.
Anatolian Rugs
Size 13-2x6-11 feet, $235,001
Size 10-4x8 feet, $245.00.
Size 11-3x8-3 feet. $265.00.
, Size 13x10 feet, $475.00.
Sarouk Rugs
Size 4-10x3-4 feet, $75:00;
Size 5-1x3-6 feet, $78.50.
'Size 5x3-3 feet, $100.00.
Size 6-11x4-4 feet, $142.00.
Size 6-8x4-8 feet, $165.00.
Burf aaa-Naih Co. Third Floor
Each one useful and prac
tical, including lemon forks,
bottle openers,' cigar cutters,
moving picture records, paper
soap leaves, pipe cleaner, broom
hangers and many other ideas,
at 25c, 35c and 50c
Narcissus bulbs, attractively,
put up, with tfowl of grafr or
green pottery, 50e to $1.75.
Narcissus bulb with small
blue bowl, a gift that will grow
and bloom, 35c.
Bur-M-Nah Co. Mala Floor
Big. Selection
Patriotic Christmas cards, es
pecially appropriate to send to
this boys in camp.
Religious cards with bits of
pretty sentiment.'
Sympathy cards for the one'
you can not wish a Merry
Cards for the sick one and
hundreds of cards for the hap
py, gay friends just a howdy.
Burrau-Nuh Co. Mala Floor .
in Housewares
Is there a woman' who loves'
her home ' who hasn't looked
longingly on a dozen or more
of the utensils, appliances and
conveniences that are shown in
our Housewares Section?
Here's a suggestion: Has
she an- ; , '
Electric percolator?
Electric chafing1 dish?
Electric toaster?
Electric vacuum cleaner? ',
Electric laundry iron?
Aluminum turkey roaster?
Burt aaa-Naah Co. Down Stalra Store
Coming Tomdrrow Monday
a Chicago Foot Expert
This store has arranged to give comfort to the feet of its
customers. It is able to announce that we will have a
Dr. Scholl Foot Specialist
in this atoro to give free advic
From Monday, Dec. 3d to Saturday, Dec 8th.
This'expert knows all about feet,
having' been trained personally by
Dr. Wm. M. Scholl, the famous foot
authority. He will demonstrate
There is a
Dr. Scholl
Appliance or Remedy for Every
Foot Trouble
and will prove to you, on your own
feet, that corns, bunions, callouses,
weak arches, flat foot, hurting feet, etc., are unnecessary.
Examination and advice is free. Everybody welcome. Be
sure to come in and let him show you the way to absolute
foot comfort
.... Burraa-Naah Co Sacond Floor .
Dr. SchaU'a
' A wnoderfttl promoUr of tcxrt
comfort where condition, are och
at to and this aunport. Perfect
adjustment poaiible. Worn In rout,
eiulu (hoea. , .
THE Land of
where little folks are kings and
queens 01 the reaim ana ban
to Claus is dictator, the
Toy Store
Monday will be reception day
in the great big splendid world
of make-believe on the Fourth
There'll be trains, whizzing
around sharp corners; men of
war and submarines in battle
array dolls that talk, dolls that
walk, and walking animals, too.
All waiting to entertain their
very welcome guests, the little
folks of Omaha.
Armies of soldiers, afoot or
horseback, ready to charge at
rest, none retr mating.
But we shan't tell another
wnrdtrna 4 liiRf l tipptY to
children," far and hear, we bid
you a welcome as big as the
store. '
Dear Old
Santa Claus
is here and he has a Christmas
greeting for everybody, big and
ntue. JBnng in ine cnuaren 10
see him. And when you see
how happy it makes them, may
be It will do you good, too.
Burfaaa'-Naah Co. Fourth Floor
A Remarkable Sale of Lamps
Everyone Offered at aJ Special Reduction
A MOST unusual offering, indeed, and what an opportunity to add color and life and charm to your home! To make
'every room in the house more cheery, friendly and more liveable. Among the lamps, bases' and shades offered, are
designs especially for living rooms, dining rooms, libraries and dens ; your individuality can be satisfied here Monday in
this remarkable sale, and, at the same time, benefit by special reductions. One entire aisle on the third floor will glow
with the display.
Mahogany Base Floor Lamp, $18.50
Beautifully trimmed and finished 24
inch silk shades, in assorted shapes with
fringe and gold braid; specially priced in
this lamp sale, $18.50.
Mahogany Base Floor Lamp, $27.50
Japanese decorated or roman gold fin
ished, equipped with a two-pull chain,
sockets, choice of silk shade in empire
canopy or colonial silk and chenille fringe,
gold braid and panel trimmings; reduced
price, $27.50.
Silk Candle Shades, at 59c
, Silk candle shades, odd lot, two to ten
shades of a kind; colors, rose, gold, green,
brown, mulberry, blue; reduced price, 59c
Mahogany Finished Floor Lamp,
Heavy base, double light, choice of tu
dor shade in rose, blue and gold; very spe
cial, $21.50.
Table Lamps, Reduced to $12.50
Mahogany and oak, with decorated
glass shades, landscape and floral designs,
hand painted; reduced price, $12.50.
' Metal Base Table Lamps,
$7.50 to $10.00
Artistically shaped metal shade with
20-inch overcast metal glass shade and
verde-brass and statuary bronze finish,
with two-pull chain sockets, silk cord and
plug; $7.50 and $10.00.
Boudoir Lamps, at $1.50 to $5.50
Boudoir lamps, solid mahogany, old ivory fin
ish, plain or with raised, painted flowers, black
and white or roman gold, priced, $1.50 to $3.50.
Mahogany Boudoir Lamps, $1.98, .
Pour styles of turning, choice of blue, rose or
mulberry,' silk shades, special, $1.98.
Mahogany Table Lamps, $6.98
Piano finish, two lights, with' full chain sockets,
cord and plug, for $6.98.
Candles for AH Occasions
A very large selection, moderately priced.
Mahogany Candle Sticks, $1.00
Large selection of candlesticks; mahogany, Jap
anese decorated, old ivory, $1.00 up.
Table Lamps, at $3.50 and $9.50
Japanese lacquered, single light, silk shade in
various designs and colors; $3.50 and $9.50.
Me Cirii
m em
1111 Wll
$ Store for QveryBodtf