Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1917, SOCIETY, Image 27

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Demand for Motor Cars Con
tinues Brisk and Dealers
Fall Down as Season
Ever since the motor buying public
commenced its fall drive oa the re
tail motor car salesrooms, dealers
rave been prophesying that cold
weather surely would see some drop
in the sale of automobiles. And now
that cold weather is here, they have
come to the conclusion . that as
prophets they are better motor car
For the first snow flurries and the
biting chill winds that presage the
winter season have seemed to stimu
late sales, rather than to decrease
them. This has been specially true
with Saxon dealers all over the coun
try. The result is that the Saxon
sales organization is preparing for an
all winter selling season.
No Gauge for Market.
Continually this fall, new ngles
of the retail motor car business have
appeared which stamp the present
year as one unequaled in the annals of
the industry. Not only the splendid
fall business, but the "cold weather"
rush has served to demonstrate that
Vthere is futility in attempting to
gauge the motor car market. .1
Only this week the Saxon dealer
in Denver established a new record
order when he demanded 71 Saxon
cars for delivery during the month
to take care of orders, already ' re
ceived and those which are to, be com
pieted during the next three weeks.
Good Demand in South.
In the southland, where the hard
hand of frost does not nip the motor
ing season so early, the demand for
Saxons still continues to keep its
rapid pace. New Orleans, which has
handled an unusually large number of
cars this year, has several orders
.booked for November and reports
from that city indicate that Decem
ber and January tlso will be big
months in the Louisiana metropolis.
, vSypon. Olerst
Byron Oberst, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Martin, Oberst of 5201 Cass street, has
just been commissioned second lieu
tenant at Camp Cody. He enlisted
with the Nebraska boys last summer
and during three months at Camp
Cody he has risen rapidly, so he now
wears his shoufder straps. Before en
listing Lieutenant Oberst was a prom
ising young lawyer, practicing in
North Platte, but he gave up his prac
tice to enter the army at his country's
call. He graduated with high honors
from the Omaha High school some
years ago.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
to Success.
Goodyear Buys Plantation
Near Medan, Sumatra, to
Be Prepared for Any
One of the many lessons that war
conditions have brought forcibly to
the attention of American manufac
turers, is that without control of raw
material supply back to the source, in
case of a disturbance in market and
transportation conditions, business can
expect to be greatly handicapped.
The rubber industry learned this
lesson early in the war, when Eng
land established an embargo on crude
rubber, and through its control of the
far eastern rubber plantations was
able to make it effective. In this way
it helped to maintain its trade balance
and insured the prevention of reship
ment of rubber from neutral nations
to the central powers.
Rubber manufactureres, however,
were later permitted to obtain crude
rubber on their written agreement to
withhold shipments of rubber or rub
ber products from the central powers
and certain neutrals that might reship
to them. The shipment of crude rub
ber to this country is still contingent
upon the observance of this agree
ment. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber
company, however, sensed the difficul
ties that lay ahead in the crude rub
ber world several years ago, and sent
representatives to investigate rubber
plantations in the far east, with the
idea of protecting its own rubber sup
ply back to the tree, through the es
tablishment of its own plantations.
As a result of these investigations
the company now owns a concession
of 20,000 acres near Medan, Sumatra,
where the problems of growing rub
ber for Goodyear's multitudinous
needs are being worked out. At the
time this tract was purchased about
2,000 acres were already producing
rubber. So that rubber from this
plantation is now coming to the fac
tory at Akron and as the company's
plantation managers are able to work
out their intensive methods of rubber
culture the proportion of crude rub
ber coming from Jthe Goodyear Plan
tation will become larger and larger.
Lininger Implement Co.
To Distribute Appersons
The Lininger Implement company
announces it has taken over the
sale and distribution of the Apperson
motor cars in the territory formerly
covered by the Apperson Motor com
pany of this city. Mr. J. H. Dejong
will remain in charge of the Apperson
sales as manager and retains his for
mer interests in the concern. The
present sales room at 2060 Farnam
street will be continued, at which
place a complete showing of the new
1918 "silver anniversary" models will
be shown.
In addition the local retail sales
of the Grant Six for Omaha and vi
cinity will be handled from the Far
nam street sales room, a complete
showing of the new Grants now being
on exhibition.
The addition of the Apperson line
to the Grant Six makes a very strong
combination for the Lininger Imple
ment company which is planning a
vigorous selling campaign for the
coming season.
Don't Overlook Battery
In Storing Car for Winter
When you store your car this win
ter, you will drain the radiator, raise
the car off its tires and do all the
other things which prevent damage
during the long winter months of
idleness, says Elmer Rosengren of the
Nebraska Storage & Battery company.
Don't overlook your battery. The
rest of your car can stand idle and
not deteriorate, but your battery can
not The electro-chemical action goes
on inside just the same. Batteries
will freeze in cold weather unless
kept fully charged and that's hard to
do on a stored car.
The best and the safest thing to do
is to let an expert take your battery
off the car and store it for you.
Whereby it will be cared for all win
ter and returned to you in the spring
in the best possible condition. The
small charge made for this service
is far outweighed by the security and
convenience. ,
Closed Cars for
Jtarery le
Delivery !
In Cost! '
Four or Six
Cylinder Models ! ,
or Sedans!
' Beautiful dosed cars are
now ready for immediate
(We anticipated the
habit people have had of
waiting until bad weather
inflicted its punishment
upon them before order
ing their closed cars.
We planned and pre
pared in advance for ex
actly this emergency.
You now make a con
siderable saving in cost.
Because we bought ma
terials when prices ruled
much lower.
These closed cars are as
substantial as they are
Being convertible, they
are easily transformed into
open cars when desired
with side windows and up
rights disappearing.
Inside, they are final in
good taste, convenience
and roominess.
Convenient seating ar-
rangements room for five
passengers in the Sedans.'
Everything is as yon
would personally wish it
dome lights, curtains
handsbme trimmings,
thickly carpeted floors;
and deep cushions.
Order yours- at once and
profit by the saving in cost
price combined with the
advantage of immediate
Allen Motor Officials
Start Thirty-Day Tour
W. O. Allen, general manager of
the Allen Motor company and Les
Place, sales mhnager, are making a
30 day trip visiting some of the most
important distributing points. The
itinerary calls for stops at Denver,
Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City,
Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Birm
ingham, Memphis, St. Louis, Mil
waukee, Minneapolis and Chicago.
They are expected in Omaha next
Saturday and Sunday the 17th and
18th. ( .
The purpose of this trip is to ar
range deliveries of the new series 41
Allen 1918 touring car and roadster,
which, on account of its low price,
mechanical excellence and the degree
of satisfaction it gives the owner and
dealer, is unusually ppopular.
King Makes Fine Record
On a Government Test
Dallas, Tex., Nov. 10. Chief En
gineer T. P. Chase of the King Motor
Car company recently made a King
Eight running test out of Dallas that
was entirely satisfactory to himself,
and he hopes also to government offi
cials at Marfa, Tex., which point was
the destination of the journey.
Mr. Chase took a stock King off
the sales floor of the Cameron Auto
mobile company. The car was driven
directly to Marfa, a distance of 500
miles, where it was entered in a gov.
ernment 5,000-mile test trip. The car
made the full 5,000 miles without tha
slightest mishap, in spite of the fact
that road conditions were very bad at
After the gruelling contest was over
the King was driven back to Dallas in
34 hours, or 26J4 hours elapsed time,
seven and a half hours being taken
out for rest, meals, etc., by the occu
pants. Examination of the King
Eight after its return to Dallas
showed only a few minor adjustments
x Model Eighty-Five Four .
Sedan $1485 Coupe $1285
. a. b, TaldoTt Frea.
Model Eighty-Ffvt tight Six
Sedan $1620 Coupe $1420
Prices nbjact to thong teUhout notice
WILLYS-OVERLAND, Inc., Omaha Branch
,2047-49 Farnam St.,
Phone Douglas 3292.
20th and Harney Sets
Phone Douglas 3290.
with airplane type motor
For all its elegance and comfort, there is no other
thing in the National Touring Sedan that can com
pare with its twelve-cylinder motor. Quick, com
petent and quiet, it has the airplane engine's
staunchness as well as its form. It makes this car
as capable for cross-country driving as for city
usage. Under all conditions it is surprisingly eco
nomical of fuel
A creOmhwy showing of the National Touring Sedan, the ear that will be the nucleus of the National
exhibit at the coming New York automobile ihow, U now being held in our salesroom. You art
cordially invited to inspect it here under conditions far mora favorable than will be possible later.
LUTE MORSE, Lhicoia, Nab.
DEAN BROS., York, Nb.
HELD AUTO CO, Columbus, Ntb.
8. R. NELSON, Atlaatic, la,
OSCAR CARLSON CO, Daaaebref, N.b.
FRANK BLAKENEY, Falls City. Neb.
v . .
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ft .fV
Announcing the New Distributors
f The
bb A W
onroe 4
IN introducing ourselves as the new distributors of Monroe Automobiles, we.feeh
like the fellow who has just bought a house across the street from his old
one. We know the neighborhood and we know our neghbors.
In taking on the territory controlled by the old firm of L. E. Doty, Inc., we have
merely added northern Nebraska and western Iowa to the South Platte . territory,
which territory we have operated in for a number of years, selling Velie and Monroe
cars. '
We know the lines and we know the people, and, we have great confidence inboth.
Regarding 'the TvlONROE Line
40 Per Cent More Efficient than Any Car of Jts Gas
Think what this wonderful increased
efficiency means to you. It means more
power on hills and hard roads. It means
a four-cylinder motor that combines with
its simplicity and economy the flexibility
and power of a multiple cylinder motor.
It means a quicker response.
By the use of a fully counter-balanced
crank shaft until now deemed
impractical in a car of the four-cylinder
motor type a perfected pressure lubri
cating system, and a highly improved
method of carburetion this advanced
supremacy has been achieved.
But we have done even more' than
increase by 40 per cent the efficiency of
this car. Wear has almost been reduced
to zero. Fuel and engine economy have
been increased to an almost unbelievable
degree. A riding comfort has been se-
5-Passenger Touring, $1095.
Sedan (on small chassis), $965.
cured that is matchless in cars of like:
And this is but one of the many fea
tures of this all-feature car. You get
the ability to accelerate from 5 to 50
miles an hour with the utmost ease and
speed. , You get a Monroe M. & S. dif
ferential that assures you equal traction
and makes skidding, spinning and stick
ing practically Impossible. You get a
pressure oiling system which furnishes
a continuous flow of oil directly to the
motor. In this system the oil supply Is
automatically increased or decreased in
proportion to the power required. By
the continuous volume of oil circulated
at high speed through the crank shaft
the temperature of the crank shaft bear
ings is kept low and the viscosity of the
oil is maintained.
dub Roadster, $635.
2-Passenger Roadster, $565.
Crumbliss -Van Dor en Co.
2027-29 Farnam St
Omaha. 1
Phone Douglas 8554.