Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1917, SOCIETY, Image 26

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In Making Over Eight-Cylinder
Car Considerable Has Been
Done 1 Toward Simplicity.
The Apperson Brothers have made
over the eight-cylinder gasoline mo
tor. They have given another demon
stration of the Apperson efficiency
with which they have been accus
tomed to stir up the motor world
every now and then for the last twenty-five
This latest mechanical stride of the
Appersons is in the direction of sim
plicity. Eighty parts 'have been re
moved from the Apperson eight-cyl-inder
This motor has already become fa
mous for its power, speed and eco
nomy. Now it is faster, more power
ful, more economical than ever. In
addition, it is more dependable than
the best eight the Appersons' have
ever built previously. And Apperson
dependability is a standard of value
in the motor industry.
The first question a motorist asks
upon being confronted with the state
ment of eighty parts eliminated is:
How do they do it?
The answer is: By one of those
strokes of genius by which every
worth-while thing is accomplished. In
the new motor the Appersons make
one cam shaft do the work of two.
All 16 cam shafts are on the single
This construction reduces the num-
arms and valve lifter levers are elim
inated entirely.
Plan Big Drive
Sy - From Factory
Word was received by the Murphy
O'Brien -Auto company from Dodge
Brothers Motor Car company to the
sffect that there was some uncertain
as to whether it would be possible to
vure freight cars during the next
thirty days.
This meins ndthing in the "young
life" of the Murphy-O'Brien Auto com
pany, however, and they are now
planning upon a big factory drive
away which will take place as soon as
the farmers finish husking their corn.
R. E. Davis has made estimates of
the cost and finds that this method,
nfter paying railroad fare to Detroit,
aotel bills, Pullman, etc., will only in
crease the cost to the prospects about
$5, which amount would easily be off
let by the thrill of driving overland
from Detroit.
1 It is estimated that about 35 dealers
will go back, taking enough prospects
to drive back 100 automobiles.
Conant Hotel Where Orkin Bros.
Have Long Lease on Large Store
PllitH'rt .:3a'C---J
K ' '35' i , & " 11 1
Orkin Brothers, the well known
Omaha women's outfitters, have se
cured a long time lease on a new
store in the Conant Hotel building,
now being constructed at Sixteenth
and Harney streets.
There are to be three stores in
the new hotel building, the largest of
which was secured by the Orkin
Brothers company. The company will
have an area on the ground floor of
51x66 feet, with a large balcony at
the west end. A basement of similar
area will be occupied. The second
floor, larger than the' ground space,
together with the entire second floor
of the adjoining Nash building, will
give Orkin Brothers at, unusual
amount of room or display pur
poses. Entrance to the store "will be on
Sixteenth street. The new building
is rapidly nearing completion, Orkin
Brothers expecting to occupy their
new site early in January. Architect
tural plans tor the interior of the
store have been approved. The
Qrkin Brothers have already at
tended to the purchasing of merchan
dise in the east for stocking up he
new site.
"When our store is completed,"
said J. L. Orkin, "it Will be, without
doubt, the largest exclusive women's
store west of Chicago. We shall
spare no expense in making the store
truly representative of growing
Omaha. .
"The merchandise will be entirety
new. It is our desire to make this
a store where women will find distinct
pleasure in shopping."
federal Rubber Holds '
National Sales Conference
The Federal Rubber company of
Cudahy, Wis., is numbered among the
big manufacturing institutions of this
country which realize the benefits de
rived by bringing together all of their
district managers and representatives
for a general conference on their, sales
and advertising plans for the coming
This year's convention of federal
rubber district managers and repre
sentatives opened October 23, and
continued for four days, during
Which, time there was not an idle mo
ment for any one of the 65 men who
had journeyed to Cudahy ' from all
sections of the United States.
P' (
' V.. 7
Allen Design .
The car itself, Jta record and the
loyalty of its owners, tell the most
convincing story.
But we can indicate here, very
. briefly, a few of the niceties in
design details that contribute
comfort and convenience and
the high standard of Allen units.
Tour cylinder, SK'x5 motor abundant,
smooth power without tiols. or vibra
tion, combined with unusual economy.
'PBtfex" honeycomb type radiator.
The highly regarded Borg ft Beck tingle
dry disc dutch. 1
Rugged trunsmlsslon with nickel steel
gears, S. K. P. bearings. .
Pull floe ting rear axle quiet running,'
spiral cut gears. .
55 ' Vanadium Springs flexible action with
mink nun rebound,
Hotchkisa drive Ideal power application.
Rotary electric control twitch, on steering
column all control devices positive,
, convenient and easily operated. .
Pure streamline bodies high, rounded
hood, full crowned fenders; slanting
windshtold; double-deck cushion springs;
( wide scats and ample leg room,
Stewart-Warner vacuum fuel feed gas
ollne gauge; Stewart speedometer) Auto
Lite electric starter; Connecticut Auto
made ignition; Stromberg carburetor
non-skid tires in sear. '
' for S-paMeng er Touring Car 0.
. 4-paaaeager Roadster
$1395 for 5-paseeager Sedan
Price fo.b. Fettotia, OUa
Choke of finish Touring car, hazel brown
or datk live green; Roadster, hazel
brown; Sedan, deep blue. Black fenders
' and radiator, and cream wheels on all
,. models, , . , ;
The' 1918 Allen is here. V , '
A car wW beauty is a fitting exterior for
its unusual mechanical values.
From its appearance you feel instinctively
that it is a well built car. ,
Its performance amply establishes this fact
Every improvement, every refinement, has
been subjected to tremendqusly. severe
workouts under alj touring conditions.
Through the mountains of Colorado, over
the sands of Texas, up and down the
gruelling hills of Pennsylvania these
trials confirm its great fund of power, rug
ged stamina and exceptional economy.
All the vital parts are built in Allen factories.
This Allen is a reflection of the integrity of
the, Allen brothers.
They have but one thought to build so
well and so enduringly that Allen owners
will continue to prefer their car.
There 'are now fcver nineteen 'thousand
: owners who have a firm confidence ir
in Allen worth. ,
Visit our salesroom to inspect this newcar.
.Permit us to demonstrate it on the road.
Distributors Nebraska and Western Iowa.
2020 Farn&mSt Omaha. Phone Doug. 1705.
V , Facts? Address lie Allen, Motor Company.Foslorla, O.
Council Bluffs Concern Takes
Over One of the Largest
Auto Concerns in the
Announcement was made last week
that the Willys-Overland, Inc., Omaha
branch is to be discontinued, effective
January 1, 1918. The building leases,
territory and organization will be ta
ken over by the Van Brunt Automo
bile company of Council Bluffs, which
concern will establish its headquar
ters in the present location of the
Overland branch.
In speaking of the change E. B.
Wilson, branch manager, asserts that
this deal is in reality the outgrowth
of a constant desire on the part of
John "M. Willys, president of the
Willys-Overland, Inc., to accord fair
play to all dealers and in the particu
lar case the circumstances are as
Needs to Expand.
"It is necessary for us to maintain
a very considerable overhead expense
in maintaining the Omaha branch and
in ordet1 to operate this branch eco
nomically, utilizing our facilities ant
organization to the fullest extent, we
feel the need of a larger territory.
"This situation was outlined to the
Van Brunt Automobile company and
in consideration-of the length of time
which it had represented the Over
land company Mr. Willys decided to
put up a 'buy or sell' proposition, thus
giving the old company the fairest
possible deal.
"Although we would have been
content had the deal turned the other
way, the Van Brunt people decided
to buy our interests and the deal will
become effective January 1.
To Retain Entire Force.
The Van Brunt Automobile com
pany will take over the entire branch
organization and the majority of the
present employes will be included.
All service features will be continued
andihe cars will bea the same guar
antee. In other words everything
will continue just as it has except for
a change in the firm name.
It is interesting to recall that
Henry Van Brunt, the father of the
present heads, George and Harry, of
the Van Brunt Automobile company,
was one of the pioneer automobile
men of Nebraska and until a few
years ago controlled the territory
operated by the present Overland
Does Enormous Business.
The Van Brunt Automobile com
pany has by this move gained control
of one of the largest automobile busi
nesses in the state. It is estimated
that the Overland Omaha branch
has done a business amounting to be
tween two and three million dollars
during the past year.
E. B. Wilson, the present manager
of the Omaha branch, has made a
very satisfactory record in Omaha
during his short stay. It is under
stood that he is to manage one of
the Overland branches at anotheri
point and that he will leave Omaha
VV. F. Arnold of the branch division
of the Willys-Overland, Inc., Toledo,
will be in charge of - the Omaha
branch until the first of the year and
will devote a large portion of his
time to concluding the new deal.
New National in Demand
As Closed Car for Winter
Meeting pressure for views of its
new National Touring Sedan with
airplane type motor the National
Motor Car and Vehicle Corporation
has broken a precedent of several
years and is making an advance show
ing of that particular type in the dis
play rooms of many of their distribu
tors, instead of waiting for the New
York show.
"The new cars particularly wanted
now for use as a closed car because
of weather conditions," sakl F. E. Mil
ler of the T. G. Northwall company,
the local National distributor, "and
naturally, people wish to see it now
instead of in January they wish to
be driving- it then. It is a refinement
of everything that the National has
turned out Its beauty and luxury as
a closed car and its range and activity
as an open tourer "have been enhanced
by the never-ending effort, to select
finest material and procure highest
workmanship and there's an attention
to detail and extreme care in manufac
ture that characterizes the highest
priced European cars. This same care
has made it a car of economy an en
during car. When a National user has
had the legitimate life ofrls car, he
has had rock-bottom automobile cost
per year besides unusual luxury and
There is a swing of line
about the. low-set, square
cornered Liberty that dif
ferentiates it from other
Sedans. Men of affairs
as well as women find it
appealing in a new and
different sense. And St is
different in the way it rides
and drive's.
The Sedan is priced at
$1925; the Brougham
92700; the Landaulet $2700
2514 Farnam St, Omaha, Neb. Phone Doug. 5218
Distributors Central Nebraska and Southwestern Iowa.
at We Are Here For
WE'RE here, first, to sell you Goodyear
Tires-and the other important things that
go with Good year Tires, such as Good year
Tubes- and Accessories.
But selling you things is n6t our whole function.
We're here to see that you get complete satis
faction from yourtires after you have bought
them. !
Our business is first, selling; second, service.
Not first and second in point of importance but
in point of time.
We're here to offer you advice, attention, as
sistance if you need it; and we're equipped to
put our offer into instant action.
We're here to help you on this proposition of
long mileage and we're trained to it.
It's part of our system for building a big, per
manent, expanding business.
We're preparedand eager to render you a
type of service which you will find highly ac
ceptable and a source of great economy.
Accept this service.
This sign idetjtlflies the Good
year Service Station Dealer,
Goodyear Tires, Tubes and Ac
cessories are always kept in stock.
1917 Farnam SL Phone Douglas 7895.
4809 South 24th St. Phon. South l404.
4911-15 South 24th St. Phon. South 420.
2314 North. 20th St. Phon. Web.ter 5943.
. 2518 Farnam St. Phon. Douglas 4878,
Packard y Show Room.
218-20 South 19th St. Phon. Douglas 7390.
Fontenelle Garage Auditorium Garage,
and C. W. Walk.r Garage, 36th and Farnnm Sts.