Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 26, 1917, Page 3, Image 3

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Roys' Wear for Right Now,
Low Priced and Durable
The life of the garments that
boys wear is one of the big con- r
sidcrations with every mother
when she buys them -and the
fact that the surety of long life JJ
goes hand in hand with good 5
style and fabrics here at very
little outlay of money makes
this Boys' Clothing Department
in the Basement a very popular
Boys' Mackinaws, $4.50
Brown and Black Plaid effects, full belted, patch pockets; a
real sightly coat, worth a lot more than w,e ask; sizes 6 to 18
years, and plenty of them. v
Boys' Overcoats, $3.95 '
Another remarkable value; a special lot of good, warm Over
coats, choice of gray or brown, diagonal weave fabric coats, in
sizes 4 to 10 years, good, full coats, made with convertible cpl
lars, fully lined and warm.
Boys' Sweaters, $1.25 y
Here's a good, heavy knit gray sweater, wfth shawl collar and
two pockets; sizes to fit boys from 6 to 14 years; get them while
you can. - I
FJannel Blouses, 75c
Blue, Gray and Khaki colored Flannel Blouses, good and warm
and great for this Fall and early Winter wear.
DMife Stores
MPIWWBMWWPMliffB''l I l m W II I Will m
H- rr.rr sr- - j -j
High Top Shoes for Boys
and Youths
I Ana otner exceptionally inierest-
t V inn ifm. VtnAmnp .nil C m f A .
jej in this Basement Footwear Depart-
O I ment.
Boyi' and Youths' High Top Shoe, made
out of heavy Tan- Calf uppers, two full
soles, 9-inch lace boot and made up to
wear and look well.
Sizes 9 to 13 S2.48
Sizes 1 to 2 8298
Sizes 2 to 5 83.48
Other Exceptional Offerings
500 Pairs of Boys' Mule Skin Shoes, sizes from 10 to 6, to QO
close out this lot Friday, a pair JOC
500 Pairs of Women' Shoes, in Patent Colt, Matt Kid anQQ
White Canvas, sizes 2 to 5 only, to close out, a' pair.... OC
1,000 Pairs of Women's Overgaiters, 9 and 10-button 1A
styles, in red and brown, all sizes, to close out, a pair. ... f C
200 Pairs of Women's and Misses' Rubber Boots, good run of
sizes, Misses' from 9 to 2, and Women's from 2& to 8; QQ
to close out, special, a pair , OJC
1,500 Pairs of Children's Shoes, in tan, black, and white; Canvas
stitch-down sole; small sizes only, from 5 to 11; to close Q
out Friday and Saturday,' a pair ..r JO C
Basement (
Underwear You Want at
Very Lowest Prices
Time to think about extra sets of Underwear, and
we are offering complete stocks at very lowest prices
Women's Heavy Fleeced Union Suits, in high neck style with
long sleeves:
Sizes 4, 5 and 6, each, at 7 81.39
Sizes 40, 42 and 44, each, at .81.50
Women's Fine Cotton Union Suits, slightly fleeced, in high neck
style with long sleeves:
Sizes 4, 5 and 6, each, at 75
Women's Vests and Pants, heavy white elastic material Vests and
ankle Pants; extra sizes, each, at . . . .95
Children's Union Suits, light fleeced Peeler Union Suits, sizes 2 to
16, each, at ... 39
Misses' Union Suits, white, fleeced UnionSuits, high neck; long
sleeves, and Dutch neck, elbow sleeves:
Sizes 2 to 10, each, at 75
Sizes 12 to 16, each, at 85
' Basement
Draperies Down in Prices
Curtains in Variety
You can buy, at very small cost, enough Draperies
to fit up. your home and brighten up every room.
Scrims, big table full of them, in plain and fancy colored f
borders, lengths up to 10 yards, special, a yard OC
Scrims and Voiles, 75 pieces, also fancy Swiss, a large variety to'
choose from, worth very much more than we ask for them, ig
special, a yard , IOC
Ruffled Scrim Curtains, one big table full of them, all CO
25i yards long and very desirable; a pair . . OJC
1,000 Yards of Fine Voile, in white and cream; an excellent qual
ity, in lengths up to 15 yards, worth much more than we 1Q
ask, which is, a yard C
Basement .
Children's Mittens, 25c
Good, warm Mittens, to keep little hands from get-
i i .
ting frost bitten.
V Basement
Hosiery in Variety at
Prices that are Lowest
Warmer Hose for colder weather- and here is a
mde variety to choose from, all at the very lowest
prices, quality for quality.
Women's Wool Hose, Black and Oxford, in hemmed and AtLg
ribbed tops, special, a pair, at rOC
Women's Hosiery, Fast Black Cotton, ribbed top hosiery, 1Q
upair 1C
Men's Socks, part Wool Socks, in gray mixed, 1 Q
a-pair ,...t 1JC
Children's Hosiery, "Black Cat'Vbrand, seconds of the OP,
35c quality, special, at a-pair OC
Sales for Friday and Saturday
This Big Basement supplies the needed merchandise of prac
tical value to the woman who desires to make a moderate invest'
ment and at the same time get full value for the money expended.
In Apparel offered for sale in this Basement you will find
every good, practical style, that will wear well and look exceed"
ingly stylish copies and adaptations in many instances of high
priced wear all at very moderate prices.
In Fabrics and all other needs that are recfuired in well regu
lated households at this time of the year, we offer exceptional
2000 Stylish, Comfortable Likeable Coals
For Women, Misses and Children
This is news, indeed, wflen the
weather begins to "cool' and one is re
minded that warm wraps for every
member of the family are not only de
sirable, but positively necessary and
riglit at this me the nick of the, need
time, we offer these 2,000 Coats at
prices which are so exceptionally low
that you willif you are prudent
hasten to supply the wants of, every
member of your family.
Friday and Saturday for This Sale
Two Days A Very Important Event
Coats for Women, Misses and Juniors
All white and stripe Chinchilla Coata.
Plain black cloth Coats, fancy cloth Coats,
Corduroy Coats in various colors, etc.
Made to sell at much higher prices.
Many are fully Hned the greatest
part of this lot are not this season's, but
excellent style for all that, suitable for or
(ijlnary wear. Hundreds in the lot to
choose from You will find these an ex
cellent investment.
At these two prices you can choose
from hundreds of good, warm Winter
Coats, for Women, Misses add Juniors;
new, right up-to-the-minute Coats, as well
as staple styles. Plain cloths, fancy
cloths, new, big cape collars, new pock
ets and belt effects ; new lengths, etc.
At $10.95
A big special lot of Women's and
Misses' Coats, right up-to-the-minuto
styles; made to sell for very much more
money; some have the new big collars,
others are fur trimmed ; big, new pockets
and belt effects ; many different styles to
select from.
. At $13.85
We have grouped the greater part of
our good Coats for Women and Misses,
marked at much higher prices for this sale
under this heading. Together with a lot
of others just received, all in one big
group, special for Friday and Saturday at
this price. , ,
New lengths and many right up-to-the-minute
styles. Many Coats not to be du
plicated elsewhere for many dollars more.
The new Fall colors the newest Fall
styles ; big Fur Collars, etc., the new Fall
materials, etc., all in these Coats at this
remarkably modest price. -
Over 1200 Girls' Coats at Bargain Prices
With a continuedJncrease in the price of cloth, labor, trimmings, etc.,
we are fortunate enough to be able to offer these Coats at very remarkable
Come Friday and Saturday with the best ideas you ever had about Coats
at tnese prices and then see how much better these are.
At $1.96 and $2.95
Hundreds of Coats for Girls, 2 to 6 years of age,
and 6 to 14 years of age. Made to sell for much
more money. Many different styles, blue and gray
Chinchillas, Corduroys, plain and fancy cloths, etc.
All good, practical styles in warm Winter Coats.
At $3.95 and $4.95
Hundreds of Girls' Coats, sizes. 2 to 6 and 6 to 14
years. Also Coats for big girls 13, 15 and 17 years
of age. All good, up-to-date styles and materials.
Many are samples; plain and fancy cloths, made to
sell for very much more money. Buy them now and
save. .
Dress Goods Remnants
It will pay you to read this carefully, as you will find some exceptionally good J
fabrics at unusually low prices for this sale.
At 25c a Piece
Several more cases of fine All
Wool Fabrics, travelers' samples
and mill ends, in all the new and
wanted shades and weaves; many
match up. Useful for women's,
misses' and and children's dress
es, children's frocks, etc. Special,
a piece 25c
At 69c a Piece
Millends of Fine Wool Dress
.Goods and Coatings, in large va
riety of shades and weaves,
lengths from lVt to 2 yards;
many pieces match up, 36 to 54
inches wide, and worth very
much more than we ask for them.
At 95c to $3.95 Each
Remnants of Wool Dress Goods,
Suitings and Coatings; lengths
2 to 5 yards; in almost every
wanted shade and weave, 36 to
54 inches wide; these remnants
are accumulations from recent
sales. '
Comfortable wear for
. . ii
these Fall days, at most
unusual low prices.
75 Dozen Men's Flannel
Shirts, $1.25
Broken lines and odd sizes in
some instances, but every size
J in the lot. Well made ami fin
ished, or a heavy Twill Flannel.
In oxford gray, brown and
khaki. All with collars attached.
35 Dozen Men's Sweater Coats '
Wool and wool mixed Sweater Coats, samples. v Made Vnecfc
and collars attached, in plajn and heavy weaves. These are very
extraordinary values. $1.25, S1.9S, $2.45 and $3.98.
Men's Shirts and Drawers, 75c Each
Extra heavy fleeced and cotton ribbed Shirts and Drawers,
medium and heavy weights, in very fine quality plush back fleeced
and combed cotton derby ribbed. In ecru and "Yncgcr" and sil
ver colors.
Men's Union Suits, $1.25
Heavy fleece lined and derby Union Suits. In ecru and ran
dom; cut full and extra well made, all closed crotch; you will find
these very extraordinary values.
60 Dozen Wool Mufflers, 49c Each
Samples from a well known manufacturer mado to go around
the neck with a snap button; some with convertible collar attach
ed. All assorted colors.
85 Dozen Men's Work Shirts, 50c Each
Cut extra large, with seams all reinforced, long sleeves and
extra size bodies; in fancy madras, blue, gray and taa chambrays.
Basoment ,
Towel Ends, 1 0c and 1 2Vic
These are the Mill End Pieces of a heavy, fine grade
Turkish Toweling, suitable for Tub, Dish or Wash
Cloths; special, each, on Friday .10c and 12Vgc
Table Cloths, 89c
These are made of a nice quality mercerized Damask, 2 yards
long; all pretty patterns.
$2.50 Bed Spreads, $1.98
For Friday, we offer about 100 Bed Spreads, plain hemmed or
scalloped ends; large size, heavy quality crochet make.
25c Taney Linens, 19c
Lace trimmed Scarfs, with imitation filet; mostly manufac
turers' samples.
39c Padding, at 25c
This is the fleeced kind, to protect your tablo from scorches,
stains or burns, also suitable for ironing pads.
The Domestics at Low Prices
Fabrics that find place in every woman's daily needs
a full and complete stock, at prices which are ex
ceedingly moderate.
, ! , r;' ,'',r- '' :'
Highly Mercerized Black Sateen, fine hand loom Weave, f q"
permanent finish, off the bolt, a yard..'. ....... .j. 1JC
27.iich Fancy Outing Flannel, all neat stripes and lOl
fancy figures, Friday, special, a -tard. IsmIJsC
Featherproof Ticking, neatest colorings and fancy art OP-
designs; Friday, special, a yard swOC
36-inch Dress Percale, mill shorty, light and dark 1 A 1
grounds, Friday, special, .a yard lUC
Best Grade Genuine Indigo Dye Apron Gingham, all the Ql
wanted checks, Friday, special, a yard.' luC
Mill Remnants Genuine Serpentine Crepe j fancy plaids 1Q
and neat kimono figures, Friday, special, a yard...... IOC
Mill Remnants "Duckling" Fleece Flannelette, . fine 1
kimono styles, Friday, special, a yard D"2 C ,(
Mill Remnants 36.inch Fancy SilkoIine neat printings, "1 Ol .
Friday, special, a yard 14 a C.
36-inch Bookfold "Passaic" Challies, neat Persian print- IP
ings; off the bolt, Friday, special, a yard .. IOC
Fine "Strongcloth," in neat fancy figures, all the neat 1 C
wanted styles, Friday, special, a yard IOC
A Special Sale of
Sewing Machines
Unusual values in new and used Sewing Machines
-good makes. We shall place these on sale in the
Basement on Friday a chance to get a good machine
for little money. .
At $18.50 Golden oak, drop head, four-drawer, new Sewing
Machine. ' . , -
At $22.50 Golden oak, drop head, six-drawer, new Sewing
Machine. i - v
At $27.00 Golden oak, drop head, four-drawer, new Sewing
At $29.00 Golden oak, drop head, four-drawer, new Sewing
Machine. , . .
At $30.00 Golden oak, drop head, six-drawer, new Sewing
Machine. -
One Wheeler & Wilson, Noi 9; (used); golden oak,' fiv
drawer, $18.00. ,
One drop head, golden oak, Beven-drawer machine (used),
for $15.00.
One drop head, golden oak, five-drawer (used), Sewing Ha. 4
chine, for $12.50.
"The FREE" will also be demonstrated here the world's lat
est and greatest Sewing Machine.
$12 allowed on your old machine. $1.00 down buys it, $1.00
a week pays for it.
Wall Paper Specials :j
Everyone desiring to redecorate should read every item
in this advertisement. New suggestions for the living
rooms, dining ' rooms, reception halls, including new
designs from our new Fall stock in all the newest ef
fects. Our display makes selections 1 and 0(1
easy. At, the roll AS7V V.
30-inch Oatmeal Duplex Fapers The non-fadable kind, in a large
assortment of beautiful colors, with cut borders and OOJL '
base decoration for each, special, roll, at 2 C.
We are showing a number of bed room patterns that are decidedly
popular and pleasing, with effective cut-out borders, 1 O 1
roll ;.. l&TSC.
A number of patterns Suitable for kitchen, living rooms, r7jLmJt
parlors and bed rooms, with borders to match, per roll. .' . 2 C
A group of light and dark papers for attics, store rooms and spare
rooms, with borders and ceilings for each; special,' A 1
at , Tr2C
Your choice of any pattern in our large stock of var- OOJL
nish tiles, specially priced, at m2v
Borders Cut Out Free of Charge.
Basement '",r