Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 30, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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A specially prepared page of seasonable merchandise compiled especially for the benefit of our out-of-town
patrons who find it inconvenient to come to the store.
Women's Union Suits, for
l OMEN S white cotton union suits, low neck and short sleeves
' ' anKle length, fleece lined, sizes 34, 36, 38, at 59c.
Women Hose, 21c
Black silk lisle hose, double garter top, full seamless, pair, 21c.
Union Suits," 50c
Girls' union suits, white cotton, high neck, long sleeves, lightly
fleeced, drop seats, mill run, ages 2 to 14 years, each, 50c.
Sending Money
Remittances may be
made by Postoffice money
order, Express money or
der or Bank Draft. If cur
rency is sent the letter
should be registered, lc
and 2c stamps are accept
ed for small amounts.
Liberal Guarantee
If you are not perfectly
satisfied in every way with
your purchase, return it
and we will refund your
money no offer could be
fairer or broader.
Insured Mail
You take no risk in buying
by mail from us because we in
sure all packages sent by Par
cel Post. Furthermore, if the
purchase should not prove en
tirely satisfactory when you re
ceive it, return it and we will
refund your money.
Women's Chamoisette Gloves,
For 75c
A N extra good fitting glove and -an exceptional value for this week,
the shades are the most desirable, including gray, beaver and
buck. Ihe kind of gloves you will want for immediate wear.
Iu-colors, 75c the pair. , In white, 59e the pair,
Kayser's Chamoisette Gloves, $1.00
Chamoisette gloves, Kayser make, in plain white or with black backs,
very special this week, at $1.00 the pair.
A Great Mail Service Sale of Coats, Suite and Dresses
Coat at $12.50
No. H-7475, made of
heavy gray mixed coating
with large collar, trim
med with plush, that can
be buttoned to neck,
large plush buttons, belt
and pockets; very special,
at $12.50.
Dress at $10.95
No. 7030, good quality
satin shirred above waist
line, collar with reverse
crossed in front, black,
navy and brown. Very
special this week, $10.95.
Coat at $18.75
No. H-7352, gray mixed
melton cloth, with fur
collar, trimmed with tails,
belt has 3 large buckles,
cuff on sleeves, lined to
waist. This week special,
at $18.75.
' Dress at $9.95
No. F-7702 French
serge 'all wool dress,
made with basque waist,
collar and cuffs of satin,
front of waist trimmed
with silk stitching, also
on skirt bordc dark red
and green, at $9.95.
Coat at $18.75
' No. H-7386, made of
good quality velveteen,
black only, short waisted
style, with belt, large
shawl collar and cuffs,
trimmed with grey vel
vet, lined throughout;
special, at $18.75.
Dress at $5.95
No. F-7701, all wool
French serge, square
neck or sailor collar style,
collar and front of dress
trimmed with braid and
silk buttons, navy, brown
and dark red, at $5.95.
Suit at $15.95
No. H-7308, all wool
serge with velvet collar,
trimmed with silk tailors
braid, belt and pockets
trimmed with! hard also,
skirt hrs gathered back
with belt; navy only, at
Suit at $14.95
No. H.7325, all wool
serge, with wide belt,
large cape collar that can
be worn closed, back of
belt trimmed with but
tons, skirt has gathered
back; navy, black and
brown, at $14.95.
Suit at 15.95
No. H-7377, made of
storm cheviot collar, trim
med with velvet, trimmed
with buttons, belt across
sides of coat, skirt gath
ered in back with belt-
navy a
at $15
and brown; special
95. - -
Sale of Hair Goods
No. B-l An extra fine quality
of switches, 20, 22 and 24-incbea
long; this week, at $1.98.
Switches at $5.00 -
No. B.2 Switches in three sep
arate stems, very special this week
at $5.00.
. Switches at $7.50
No. B-3 A splendid value in a i
3-stem svvitch. This week priced
at $7.50.
Transformations at $2.50
No. B-4 Transformations to be
used instead of inside pompadours,
specially priced at $2.50.
Any sample of , hair will be
matched perfectly. We - carry a
complete line of Hallye's Creams
and toilet lotions.
White Linen Scarfing
No. 1000 Fine Irish linen
scaring, round thread, for all
kinds of scarfs and runners.
18-inch at 50c yard.
20-inch at 55c yard.
22-inch at 60c yard.-
24-inch at 65c yard.
27-inch at 75c yard.
Art Linens
No. 2000 Heavy material color
for embroidery or to be trimmed.
18-inch at 50c yard.
20-inch at 55c yard.
22-inch at 60c yard.
24-inch at 65c yard.
27-inch at 75c yard.
36-inch at $1 yard.
Wool Dress Goods at 98c
No. 1091 -A big selection of wool dress goods or suits,
dresses and skirts, in plain shades of blue, brown, green,
mixture, stripes and plaids, 40 to 50 inches wide, this week
special at 98c a yard. -
Wool Velour Coatings, $3.25
No. 1021 Coatings of wool velour and Scotch mixtures
in blue, tan, brown, green, tango, etc., 54 inches wide. Sale
price this week, $3.25 the yard.
A Sale of Pretty Laces
No. 16-1 Silk dress nets, also dotted nets, 40 inches
wide, in range of pretty evening shades, at $1.00 a yard.
No. 16-2 Normandy val lace flouncings, 9 to 12
inches wide, also val lace points and beading combined for
camisoles, this week, 25c a yard.
No. 16-3 Filet laces and insertions to match, 3 inches
wide, this week, 10c a yard.
No. 16-4 Val laces and insertions to match, round or
diamond meshes, this week, 5c a yard.
A Six-Day Sale of Blankets
At Prices That Should and Will Anneal to Housewives
No. 125 Cotton Blankets, size 62x76 inches, ,in gray, or
tans, with fancy colored borders. This week at $1.75 pair.
No. 126 Cotton Blankets, size .66x80 inches, in gray or
tan, with two-tone border. This week at $2.25 pair.
No. 127 Cotton Blankets, size 70x80 inches, in gray or
tan, with fancy border. This week at $2.75 pair.
No. 128 Wool finished Cotton Blankets, size 66x80 inches,
heavy weight, a good warm blanket, in gray, tan or white, with
fancy colored borders. This week at $3.25 pair.
No. 129 Heavy Cotton Blankets, with wool finish, i
1 52X84 inches, fancy borders, gray, tan or white, This
week at $4.00 a pair.
No. 130 Plaid Cotton Blankets, fancy plaids, in
blue or gray, size, 64x76 inches. This week at $2.75
a pair, j
No. 132 Cotton Plaid Blankets, size 70x80 inches,
gray, blue or red. This week at $4.50 a pair.
No. 133 Large size, 76x84 inches, heavy wool
Bl"kets, gray with fancy colored borders; weight 6
pounds. This week at $8.00 a pair.
No. 136 White Wool Blankets, Jacquard border,
bound with colored silk ribbon, in blue, pink or yel
low, sizes 72x84; weight 5 pounds. This week at
$12.50 a pair. '
No. 135" Fine Wool Blankets with fancy colored
borders, extra heavy and warm, size 72x84 inches; 6
pounds weight, at $10.00 the pair. ,
No. 139 Army Blankets, for porch, camning,
auto or steamer use; dark gray, with 4-inch navy blue
border, size 66x84 inches; weight 4 pounds; each,
$6.50 a pair. .
No. 140 Broken Plaid Wool Blankets, in blue,
gray or tan, whipped edge, size 66x80 inches; weight
4 Vt pounds. This week, $5.00 a pair. -
No. 141 Fancy Broken'Plaid Blankets with over
plaid, assorted colors, whipped edge, 70x80 inches;
weight 5 pounds to pair. This week at $6.50 a pair.
No. 146-r-Wool Blankets, in gray or tan. with
fancy colored border, size 60x80 inches; weight 4
pounds to pair. This week at $4.00 a pair.
Special Values for This Week
in Women's Neckwear
W !
No. 17 Satin collars like illustration
on, right for dresses or suits, this week,
50c. '
No. 18 Pretty organdie collars like illustration on
right center, lace trimmed, this"week at 50c.
No. 19. Orsrandie collars like illustration on left cen
ter, long shawl effect, for dresses or suits, this week, 50c. 1
No. 20 Filet lace collars like illustration on figure at
left, cream color for satin or serge dresses, this week, 50c
How to Order Garments
When ordering uiu, coats, dresses or cloth skirts, writ
down the order number, size, color, description and prices.
J . Jj.'i; a.! j 11 ; . '
in auumon, mention doo zoiiowing measurements:
Riiaf Monaiira PaM tll taP measure entirely
UUSl measure around the bust over the fullest
part In front and well up on the shoulder blade in back.
RWai, MaIir Meur entirely around small
" alSl mCa5Ure est part of the waist over your
C Front of Skirt Me"?re . from of
l rwni Of OK11T w,jtbaiid down to foot of skirt.
SPECIAL NOTICE All garments in this sale being of
s'-ndard measurements, it will not be possible to fill
orders on measurements out of regular proportions.
To Order Shoes
It is necessary to state both size and
width or else give us measure
ments of the foot, taking
the inch measurements at
ankle, heel, instep and ball
of foot as in diagram, or an outline of the
stockinged foot on paper, secured by drawing
around it with a pencil.
r i
A Big Special Purchase of
New Fall Stylet Bought at Less Than the Cost of Making
One of the'largest women's shoe purchases made by this store for some time. All
shoes have been put into our Down Stairs Store Shoe section and priced at $4.65. A price
extremely low, considering present market values.
B23-1 Black calf skin vamp, kid top lace, Good-
year welt soles, leather Louis heels.
B23-2 Black kid lace and hand turn, leather Louis
heels r .r ....
B23-3 Brown kid vamp, tan buck tops, medium
weight soles, Louis heels v
B23-4 Gray kick vamp, white calf lop, lace
B23-S All gray kid, lace, with leather Louis Cuban
B23-6 Growing girls' ' shoes, brown kid vamp,
brown cloth top to match, low heels, lace
B23-7 Silver gray kid vamp, gray cloth top, leather
Louis heels
Burf ess-Nash Co. Down Stair Store
All new and
less than the
cost of making,
special for
36-inch Silk Poplin, 98c
No. 1040 Full line of colors, such as navy, wine, brown,
old rose, gray, dark green, wisteria, Belgian blue and cream.
Sale price this week, 98c yard.
Costume Velvet, at $1.95
No. 1060 36-inch costume velvet for suits, dresses and
waists, in navy, brown, Copenhagen, wisteria and black,
at $1.95 yard.
Crepe de Chine, 36-Inch, 49c
No. 1061 36-inch crepe de chine with a fine cotton
warp for wash waists and underwear, all plain shades, in
cluding white, pink and flesh; this week, 49c yard.
Black Satin Messaline, $1.39
No. 1099 Black satin messaline rich satin finish, for
dresses, 36 inches wide; this week, $1.39 yard.
Black Peau de Soie, $1.49
No. 1097 Black all silk peau de soie, in heavy weight,
for suits, dresses and coats, full 1-yard wide, at $1.49 yard.
Black Crepe de Chine, $1.69
No. 1098 Crepe de chine, pure silk for gowns and
waists, beautiful rich black, 40 inches wide; this week, at
$1.69 yard.
9 -Piece Casserole Sets Like
Illustration This Week for 69c
No. 24-1 Casserole set of brown earthenware, white
lintd, set consists of 1 covered casserole, 1 pudding dish;
1 bake dish and 6 custard cups, the complete set of 9 pieces
for this week, 69c . . , . .