Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 29, 1917, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 11, Image 11

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Friday, September 28, 1917.-
Store Opn
"At 8:30 A. M."
Stora Opa
"Saturoar 'tiU 9 P. M."
-Phone D. 137. :
A Page
of Vits
torn Burgess
It's Doubtful, Indeed,
If You've Seen Such
A Beautiful Collection of
Smartly Trimmed Hats, at
AS we have gathered together
for this offering Saturday, a
shape and style to suit every
fancy, no two alike, individual,
exclusive creations.
Crushed effects, in velvet, with soft
crowns and brims, some turning up on
one side.
Draped hats in turbans and narrow
brim styles, some with high velvet
Little tailored turbans with chenille dotted veils attached.
The very new cushion brim sailors, etc. ,
Lyons velvet, panne velvet and hatters plush are the materials.
Some of the hats show effective combinations of velvet and plush, or
velvet and panne velvet.
The colors are:
Purple, Taupe, Gray, Navy, W.ood Brown
and Green and Plenty b Black
BurgMt-Nuh Co. Second Floor
Is Your Sweet Tooth
Bothering You?
THESE fresh caramels will help
to relieve it Made of whole
some ingredients, the kind that
tastes like more. 29c a lb.
BurfCM-NMh Co. Main Floor
Gift Bopks
Special, at 25c
A SPECIAL for Saturday, in
cluding a number of Shakes
peare's plays "and other classics;
splendid for Christmas gifts, at 25c
Burgei-Nah Co. Fourth Floor
Odd Stationery
At 21c and 35c
ODD lots and broken lines of
stationery, including initial
and high grade linen paper, in
two groups Saturday, at 21c and
Burgeat-Naab. Co. Main Floor
Annual Sale of Women's Handkerchiefs
Presenting Bigger and Better Values at 15c
ONCE each year, about this time, we hold a big sale of women's handkerchiefs, plan
ning weeks and months ahead. This year, in the face of advanced prices and scar
city of linen, the results of our efforts are most gratifying, bigger selections on these
counters, better values. An opportune time to maxe seiecwuns xur v,uiuii.a-Bivii.B, , ...wuto.
hemstitched handker-1
Plain white linen
Rolled hem linen handkerchiefs with hand
embroidered corners.
Colored embroidered handkerchiefs, as
sorted styles, with embroidered corners.
BurgeM-Naih Co.
Vina linen handkerchiefs, hemstitched and
with hand embroidered corners.
Fine linen handkerchiefs with white and
colored initials, solid colored handkerchiefs.
Madeira handkerchiefs with spalloned
edges in silver and white embroidery.
Main Floor
Fresh Cut Roses
Saturday at' 3c
BEAUTIFUL collection of fresh
cut roses in assorted colors,
special for Saturday, at, 3c each.
Potted Ferns, 39c
Potted ferns, good size, healthy
plants; special Saturday, at, 39c.
Burfeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
Ribbons, 21c
PRETTY, new plain taffeta or
moire ribbons with fancy
edges, white with colored borders,
special, at 21c yard.
Burfeit-Naah Co. Main Floor
You'll Want Several
Pair of These
French Gloves, at
THE sample and discontinued
lines of certain manufactur
ers and importers, including .
Perrin French kid, also cape and
Mocha gloves, at the special price
qf $1.50 the pair.
It is doubtful, indeed, if you will
soon again have the opportunity to
purchase fine French kid gloves at
such an extremely low price. We
would advise an early selection
BurfCM-Nash Co. Main Floor
Pure Thread Silk Hose, at
YES, they are slightly imper
fect, but you'd never know it
if we did not tell you, so slight
are the imperfections. Full fash
ioned, regular made foot, double
garter tops, black, white and col
ors, i
Silk Hose, 75c
Women's pure thread silk boot
hose, regular made foot, black and
colors, Burnasco quality, 75c pair.
Women's Hose, 35c
Black or white "Burson" hose,
seamless, fashioned leg in out
sizes, 35c pair.
Bura-Nash Co. Main Floor
This Is Your
Sample ""Regaliste" Corsets at But
a Fraction of Regular Prices, at
THE manufacturer1" sold" us a part of
his sample line of this high grade
corset at a big price sacrifice and we
offer you the same great saving oppor
tunity. The eorsets are made of the finest
broches, suedes, silk brocades and
French batistes, models for the average
and slender figures with low or medium
busts. Here Saturday.,
We consider It the biggest offering
of its kind we've presented in a long, long
time. Will you benefit by it?
BurgMS-Naah Co. Sacond Floor
A Gorgeous Display of the New
Blouses, Set for Saturday; At
$3.95, $5.95, $6.50, $7.50, to $18.50
LIKE the many hues of the foliage of the forest that
has felt the sting of Jack Frost, you'll find our dis
play of the new autumn shades in the new georgette and
chiffon suit blouses for Fall wear.
Among the most prominent are beet root, taupe, brown, navy,
flesh and bisque ; also black and white.
Hand embroidery, braid and beads are used for the trimmings.
New Tailored Blouses, $3.95 to $8.50
Tailored blouses of crepe de chine in a wide range of styles, in
flesh, white, maize and navy, at $3.95 and $8.50. .
Burgeaa-Nuh Co. Second Floor
This WiU -Interest
Saturday Will Be ChikVen's
Day in Our Shoe Section
On the Second Floor
AND special attention will be given by those
experienced in fitting the little folks' feet
just as they should be fitted and, furthermore,
you'll not find a better selection good wear
ing and fitting shoes for school or dress wear,
than shown here at Burgess-Nasfr.
Patent colt and dull calf button shoes,
sizes 8 to 11, pair, $3.00.
Sizes 11-2 to Z, pair, 13.50.
Big girls, 2-2 to 7, pair, $4,00. -
The most complete line of styles of
children's shoes we have ever s.own.
Patent kid with, dull kid tops, tan kid button, from $1.75 to $5.00,
according to size.
Patent kid with ivory gray and white tops, fine black kid skin with
dull kid top.
WE are the exclusive selling agents for, Omaha for these
wonderful shoes. "Educator" shoes are designed to
conform to nature's plan for the foot.
"Educator" shoes let the child's feet grow as they
Bur-s3-asli Co. Second Floor
A Wonderful
Of. ering for Saturday
gold plated engraved
circle pins, assorted
styles, 2 on a card. En
graved bar pins, pretty stone set, brooch
es, stone set; la vallieres with heavy gold
plated chains, solid gold top bar pins,
friendship pins, very fine engraved and
engine turned pattern men's and boys'
cuff links, also men's and boy' cuff link
and scarf pin combination sets, pretty pearl bead
necklaces, small size beads; very unusual values, 29c.
Novelty Jewelry, at 10c
Gold plated stone set and plain cuff pins, two
on a card, also circle pins, brooches, scarf pins,
lingerie clasps, and men's and boys' cuff links, each
In a box, sale price, each, 10c.
Novelty Jewelry, at 15c
Fine gold front circle pins, 2 on a card, plain and
engraved patterns, each pair in box, at 15c.
Birthday Rings, $1.50
10-Kt Tiffany birthday stone
set rings, a beautiful ring, this
sale, $1.50.
e Reconstructed Ruby Rings, $5.00
12-Kt. stone, high Tiffany 10-Kt. mounting, unusual offering for $5.00.
Burr-r-r-r This Weather
Makes One Think oj Warmer Wraps f ' '
New Modes in Women's Coats
Receive Their First Showing Saturday
At $19.50, $25.00, $29.50 and Up U
THEY'RE here 1 You'll want first selection ! You'll want to be first to wear the new things.
You'll get the most gratification and the longest service by makingyour selection now;
the styles are so varied, there's too much to
telX, and too much that's indescribable, without
your eyes to interpret it. For Saturday we
feature :
An Attractive Collection of
Women's Coats
at $25
A GATHERING of smart garments, brim full
of style and warmth, handsomely tailored
on long lines, featuring the new large collar,
also set-in sleeves with close-fitting cuffs, the
linings are in plain and fancy.
Among the new fabrics are silvertone, Bo
livia, velour and pom-pom, in such favored col
ors as tobacco brown, beet root, green, 'taupe
and navy.
We're at your service.
Burfti-Nth Co. Second Floor
A Most Pleasing Display of New Dress Models in
Silks and Satins, at $25.00, $29.50 and $35.00
A REALLY charming line, embracing all the newest Btyle-ideas in silks and satins combined with geor
gette crepe, designed in the latest side draped tunics and straight line effects. ,.
THE SERGE DRESSES for street and afternoon wear ara beautifully trimmed, some models ar com
bined with satin, ideal for immediate wear, and to be had in navy blue or black.
Burcaw-Nath Co.-Stcond Floor
. Sale of
JDruggist Sundries
Toilet Article
Continues for Saturday.
Signet Rings, $1.50
10-Kt. solid gold signet rings,
good weight, styles for boys, girls
and women, engraving free, this
sale, $1.50.
-v At Less Than Wholesale Prices
OR this sale only, these beautiful hand-cut, imported cornelian
A cameos, set in beautiful engraved solid gold mountings, made
with pins with safety catch and rings so they can be worn as pen
dants; each one comes in pretty velvet gift box:
Small ire, $5.00. Medium large', $10.00.
Medium, $7.50. Largest size, $12.50.
Burgess-Nash Co. Main Floor
"Standard" Rota?y ges
When 5c First Payment Will Send a Machine to Your Home
WE still have a few cabinets, princess and duchess
models, but if you want one of the regular 4
drawer auto lift, new era sale machines at "
we would advise you to cl
early Saturday.
If you prefer a "Singer,"
"Wheeler & Wilson'? 01
"Free" sewing machine at r
very special price, we have
them for you.
. Free sewing lessons.
Burgesa-Nuh Co. Fourth Floor
Are You a Member of
Of Our Circulating
Long evenings are here
and you can read all of the
new books for 2c a day.
Burged-Naah Co. Fourth Floor
Sterling Cake
Knives at $1.69
STERLING silver handle cake
knife with steel blade and
beautiful pattern, at $1.69.
Teaette Spoons, 48c
English teaette spoons with
flower pattern on handle, in A-l
plate, special, 48c each.
Bud Vases, 69c
Silver plated 8-inch bud rases,
very special, at 69c
Sugar and Creamer, 50c
Sterling silver Dyosit sugar and
creamer, in fancy pattern, special,
50c a set.,
Burgen-Naih Co, Main Floor
Men's Vi-Hose
At 29c
A SPECIAL purchase of men's
half hose enables us to of-i
fer these exceptionally special val
ues. Included are silk lisle and
mercerized fabrics, broken lines
closed out by the maker at a great
There are all sizes in the lot
and the way we offer them Satur
day, you can buy them at less than
the regular jobbing price.
It's an opportune time to buy
your season's supply at 29c the
Pair. -
Burfeii-Nath Co. Main Floor
Come Straight to Burgess-Nash
Saturday for Your
' i
WE'RE certain there's no place
in town where you can
make better selections, where the
range of styles are larger or the
values better.
Every garment is made accord
ing to our own rigid specifica
tions, strictly hand-tailored
throughout, in keeping with the
Standard of Quality
Which means the very best
value possible at the price,
Men's Suits
$15.00 to $40.00
The materials are the best of
wool fabrics in both domestic and
imported weaves, homespuns,
worsteds, flannels and cheviots,
made up in plain models, semi
fitted pinch back, or with belt;
double or single breasted, two or'
three-button soft roll larjel.
MEN'S nvrDpAAiv
PLENDID showing, including trench coats, belt all around, with cuff'
slash or patch pockets, self-convertible collar; pinch back or nlain
SIM WOto $40.00. 8el r VClVet C0ll8r' 8i,e r breS
Boys' Suits, $5.95 to $15.00
New fall suits for the boy, the all-wool kind, made with 2 pairs nanta.
full lined, pmck back, single or double breasted. A splendid assortmlKf
Smr$5.9n5 SffcfS 8triped fancu
Boys Overcoats. $4.95 to $15.00
- Overcoats with pink back, belt all around, velvet or self collar. sin-W
or double-breasted. Prices range from $4.95 to $15.00. ! g
' BurtMS-Nash Co. Fourth Floor ' ;
m w w m
Another Remarkable Sale of Men's
INew r all hirts at the special a
Price of $1.15
THERE'S good fortune here for every man who "gets in'' on this
sale. The shirts were purchased several months ago for August
delivery, but owing to congested" shipping conditionsrwere received
but a few days ago and go on sale Saturday at this very special price.
There are scores of patterns in woven madras, crepe effects
acquard, weave repps, poplins, percales, etc., in stripes and figures.
uiuveiy last coiors. Maae witn son turn Dack or laundered cuffs.
ct jtuaiiu, coat styie. iJie price, $1.15.
Night Robes, 85c
With collar or collarless, broken
incs of styles at a less price than
they'd cost at the factorly, at 85c
Outing Robes, $1.00
Men's outing flannel robes, with
or without collar, extra quality of
domet, at $1.00.
Burroti-Nash C Mala Floor
Union Suits, $2.00
Broken lines of wool union suits,
exceptional quality, and extreme
values, at $2.00. '