Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 21, 1917, Page 3, Image 3

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Ribbons for Millinery Uses
Grot Grain Ribbon- Good Line of Colors
Particularly good for hat trimming this season narrow and wide
, widths to match-
No. 7, per ydl, 10 No.. 12, per yd., 15 No. 22, per yd, 25
Friday and Saturday
Made of most durable
fabrics that will stand all kinds of wear
and tear. Neat patterns made in the
newest Fall style.- Two pairs of pants
with each. suit, some are fully lined.
C colors in nlain or trimmed for
little fellows, ages 3 to 6 years.
Plain gray and plain red sweaters for
big boys, 7 to 15 years. , These sweaters
are well made, heavy and have the large
school collars. V .
I DC great values at this price.
, Many- are odd pants out of suits and
' are worth double this price. One big
table full in sizes 5 to 16 years.
SETS, ages 2 to 5 Tears.
Complete outfit of Jacket, Leggins and
loque, complete at ? 1.45. Come in
white and cardinal and are a real bar
gain at this low price.
BOYS' BLOUSES, all extra
values, at 29c
ywC This is an exceptional
bargain of real rainproof coats
in tan color, . Sizes 4 to 10
years only.
IOC SILK. Four-in-hand
styles, plain colors only. Save
money by buying the boys' sup
ply from this lot. Basament
Men's Suits, Trousers and Raincoats
aVV y
-wonderful values. Fabrics are Worsteds. Xlassi-
meres, Tweeds and Cheviots. Also one big lot of Blue Serges ?re in
cluded in this price. These consist of a fine selection of patterns
conservative models for Men and pinch and patch pocket models for
Young Men. v
and $2.98, consisting of a great variety of patterns and
fabrics. All of these trousers are worth from 11.00 to
JjO QO $2.00 more a pair than the price asked and they are
Pit70 , suitable for work or dress wear. They come in sizes 36
to 46 waist. ; , . . -
pitiJ best work garments made and a ereat dirt renellin
suit. They are exceedingly well made throughout and are durable.
Sizes 36 to 44. . '
P70 Drab, Tan, Blue and dark shades. These raincoats are
made for service and are good looking, cither for
dress wear or work. All sizes, . y
Men's Furnishings
45d nd- 95200 Dozen Men's Shirt Samples and Seconds
in Madras, Percales and Flannels. A few of these are slightly flam
aged, but they are wonderful bargains for the' money. A clean up
from a" large Eastern Factory enables, us to give our customers ad
vantage of these splendid shirts for a fraction of their true value.'
All the Madras, Percale and Flannel shirts, worth $1.00, at 46c. All
the samples and slightly soiled flannel shirts worth up to $2.00 at 96c
$1.95 and $2.45 Doxen Sample of Wool and Worsted Sweater
Coats UV" and Ruff Neck Style. Almost every shade and weave
shown for this year are represented in this lot. You will find $3.00
$4.00 and $6.00 values In this lot. Sale price $1.95 and $2.46.
Specially Priced for This
v Great Sale
Genuine Serpentine Crepe, Mill
Shorts all desirable styles, sale
price, per . . .1 Q
yard .............. lC
32-inch Beautiful Fancy Gab
ardine Cloth mill lengths, val
ues to 60c a yard. Sale 1 Q'
price, per yard . . , . . . 1 iv C
Fine English Longcloth, sheer,
clingy. For fine Lingerie and
Children's wear. Sale lyf,
price, per yard C
White Amoskeag Outing Flan
nel, none better, extra heavy.
Off the bolt, sale price, 1 E n
per yard .......... vC
Everett Classic and -Utility -
Dress Zephyrs. AH desirable
stripes and checks. Sale IP
price, per yard C '
27-inch American and Lawrence
Fancy Outing Flannel All
neat styles. Sale . 1 ft-J-t -price,
per yard , . ; . 1 v 2 C
Mill Remnants, highly mercer
ized. Fancy Dress Poplins
all shades. Special 1 C n
' sale price, per yard ... IOC
36-inch Dress ; and Wrapper
, Percale-light and dark grounds,
' best grade lengths to 20 yards.
Sale price, - " 1 C
per yard ............ I AJl ,,
- 36-inch Bleached Muslin. Fine
1 quality. Lengths to 20 yards. -
Extra value, sale price, Qi
per: yard ...... .s 2 2 C r
Komono and Wrapper Flannel-'
ette mostly dark, fancy andv
serviceable styles. Mill shorts
flale price, ' 1 Oi
per yard ......... . 2v
.Mill Remnants 36-inch, fancy,
printed Silkaline. Lengths to
15 yards. Special 1 O 1
sale price, per yard . . 1 m 2 C
Fancy Comforter Covering
Kobe Prints and Challies all .
neat styles. Sale QJL
price, per yard ,.... wJC ,-
Hosiery y Offerings
Women's - Fine Lisle ; Hosiery,
- black, tan and split soles, all
ribbed tops, worth to og
BOcpair at ......... eOC
Men's Cotton Socks, in black,
white and colors, with double
. soles, pair . i p
at IOC
Women's Black Cotton Seam
less Hosiery, . -m
t pair at ...... ...... I 1 C
" Men's Cotton Black Seamless
1 Socks, pair i
at ..... ........... -JC
Children's Black Hosiery, fine
and heavy ribbed, all ig
sizes, pair at ........IOC
, ' , Basement" '.."A ,
Dress Goods
36-Inch Pure All Wool Gran
ite and Check effects. A fa
bric that will wear well, comes
in Navy Blue, Brown, Gray and
Black. Just the thing for Misses'
Suits and Dresses. Very spe
cial, per HQ
yard 01 C'
42-Inch Checks-Stripes and
36-inch Whipcords, Granite
Weaves and fancy Brocade
Dress Goods, in a full range of
new colors. Special for our
S.ptr 59c J.., 49c
. 64-Inch Plain and Novelty Suit- ,
ings and Coatings and 40-inch
Pure All Wool Poplins. A very
large collection of desirable
-.weaves Jor. Suit- Coats and
Dresses. A full range of all
the new and staple colors.
Special, ? d11 ft
per yard . . . P X 1 J7
Hundreds of pieces of 36 and
40-inch Wool Plaids, in a very
large assortment of all size
Plaids and new combinations of
colorings. Just the material to
make attractive school dresses
for the Misses, and at very spe
cial prices, per yard-
49c, 59c . nd 69c
6 eases more of those fine Mill
Ends and Travelers' Samples of'
All Wool Dress Goods in al-.
most every wanted weave and
color. Useful for Children's
and Misses',, Frocks, Ladies'
Skirts and many other purposes.
These are sold by the piece
only, Special, ; s O C"
each piece .a&OC
Basement ' '-
Soaps and Washing
r Powders -
9 bars Diamond C Soap.'. .25c
10 bars, Pearl White Soap. .35c
10 - bars -White Borax r
s Naphtha Soap ......... .35
10 bars Fels Naphtha Soap, 56c
6 bars Ivory Soap ......29c
5 bars Wool Soap .....,29c t
Lux- 3 packages for ....35c
Borax Soap Chips, large
package for 22c
"Golden- Rod" Naphtha
wasptng Powder, per pack
age ..................
"Sunbrite" Scouring Pnvr.
der, 3 packages for ...... 10c
uia uuicn Cleanser, a
packages for ........... .21c
Steri Foam, cleans toilet
bowl, per package, includ
ing a long handle bowl
brush 22c
Sani Flush :' ... 1
Toilikleen ....I ...... N... 19c
Britts' Powdered Ammonia,
- Basement
' BiaMeis Stores '
s I V I
Handkerchief Offerings
Children's School Handkerchiefs, at....... 'i.. .ls"
Women's and Children's Handkerchiefs, at 3He each, or 3 for. 10
Men's good size soft bleached Handkerchiefs, at 10c each, or 12
for $1.00
September Sales That Mean
Exceptional Savings for Everyone
With stocks that are complete and styles that are sure to please, in
practical wear, this Big Basement offers savings right at the beginning of
the Fall season that every woman should take advantage of. '
It is another evidence of the magical influence of the big buying power ,
of this immense establishment This is the Biggest and Best Basement
west of Chicago, and offerings like these enable it to maintain supremacy.
Friday and All Day Saturday Until 9 P. M.
Ready-to- Wear for Fail
Women's, Misses' and Children's Wearables
at Very Modest Prices to Start the Fall Season.
Dresses, at $3.95
Silk Poplin, All-Wool Serge, Novelty
Cloths, etc. Dresses for women and miss-
1 9 -W W tm mm .
es ana juniors. Many cnnerent styles.
These are all excellent values.
Coats, at $3.00
A lot of women's and misses' and
junior vCoats, made of corduroy, in var
ious colors. All-Wool Poplin, Serges,
Fancy Cloths, etc.
Coats, at $4.95
At this price we have grouped hun
dreds of splendid" coats for immediate
wear. All White and Fancy Plaid, All
Wool Chinchyia Coats, Fancy Mixture
and Novelty Cloth Coats, Ail-Wool Serge
and Poplin Coats, long Satin Coats.
Women's House Dresses, 69c
A big lot of women's House Dresses arid
fancy summer Wash Dresses, that are suit
able for house dresses. All grouped CQn
into one big lot, at i OS7C
Sweater Coats for the Girls
A very special lot of little girls' Sweater
Coats, 2 to 6 years, in white and
Blouses In Variety
Blouses, at 39c
Women's white and cotton blouses,
thousands to choose from, every kind of
wanted style, fancy neW white and color
ed styles, materials, etc. N
, Blouses, at $1.69
' Over 1,000 Tub Silk; heavy Jap Silk,
Crepe de Chine, Fancy Lace and Net
Blouses, etc. Dozens of styles, all are
new, right up-to-date styles.
Petticoats at 69c
A big lot of women's Sateen and Fancy
Cotton Petticoats. Many are samples:
Special lot of many different, kinds of
girls', misses', and women's J1 AC.
Sweater Coats, at, each . . . . : . V.
Girl3' Tennis Flannel Night Gowns, 97r
sizes 2 to 6 years, at, each T ' c
Women's and Misses' heavy, fancy pattern ,
Bath Robes,all sizes,
Women's, Misses' and Junior Suits, $3
These are not this season's styles, but all are good, practical styles and mater-
ials for wear on many occasions. Good for immediate early wear and ordinary
service. Many different styles, many different materials.
Do You Want a GoodSkirt for S
Two Big Special Lots at $2 and $3
Over 1,200 Women's and Misses' Skirts of every description have'been divfd-
ed up intoithese two wonderful bargain lots.
All-Wool Poplin, Serge, Fancy Cloths, Taffeta Silk, Plaids, Fancy Stripe,
'. etc. -Many samples, others in all colors and sizes. All good, up-to-date styles.
Girls' Dresses at 49c and 97c
At 49 c Girls' 'New Fall Washable
Dresses, from 2 to 6 and 6 to
14 years. Many different styles. At the
price of materials per yard today, you
will find these are splendid dresses.
At 97cTEvery dress is a new Fa
y ' style, ages 2 to 6 to 14 years.
They consist of Fancy Plaids,. Heavy
Dark Wash Materials, Amoskeag Gingham.
Knit Underwear
Women's Cfitton lightly Fleeced
Union Suits, in high neck, long
sleeves, ankle length, C Q
sizes 34 to 44, each at. OS'C
Cotton Sleeveless Union Suits,
in fancy lace trimmed, some
yokes and silk taped, on
all sizes, each at. ..... f
Women's Gauze Sleeveless
Vests, extra sizes, worth
12 c, each at ...
, Children's Lightly Fleeced Un
ion Suits, peeler color, Cri
size 2 to 12, each t..-,D"C
Misses' Sleeveless Tight Knee
Union Suits, sizes 4 to or
18, each at ,...,OC
Infant's Sample Shirts, In wool,
part wool and silk and wool
mixed, sizes 2 to 6, on -many
worth 75c,,"each, 3JC
5,000 yards of Scrim, Marqui
settes, plain 1 and fancy edges,
special at this sale, Ol
yard OC
3 cases of Voiles and Marqui
settes, plain and hemstitched,
slight mill imperfections, worth
on the bolt up to 25c the yard,
2 to 10-yard lengths, 1 1 -special,
per yard .... C
3,000 - yards of Curtain . Swiss,
fancy bordered Voiles and Mar-"
quisettes, inan endless variety
of pretty patterns, sells on the
bolt up to 29c the yard, de
sirable lengths, special at this
sale, per 1CM
vard . , X U U
Wash Dress Goods
Mixed lots of heavy Wash
Dress Goods for Fall. .Rem
nants and full 'bolts, splendid
qualities for School Frocks,
House Dresses,, Waists, Drap
eries, etc. ,
- Very Special
27-inch Poplin and Ottoman.
36-inch Plain Satin Stripe
Beach Cloth. ,
, 45-inch Black Linen..
36 and 45-inch Brown Linen.
36-inch White Poplin. ,
36-inch Silk ; and Cotton
Very special, yery on of
tbeie item. 1 A
Sal prica, yard ...... L C
2 cases of Cretonnes, in a range
of pretty designs and colorings,
good length's for draperies and
shopping bags, special, 17.
the yard ............. 1 C
Hare it a Big Bargain :
20-inch Brown Art Linen,
worth 50c; for this sale
only, special,-at a nrv
yard .............ZSfC
Economy Offerings
White D
and broken checks, for infants'
wear; aprons, undermuslins,
etc., 27 inches wide, a yard, 10c
Trimmed Hats
for Fall
Special, at $2.45
Hundreds of new trimmed
Hats, made of silk velvets, in
all new colors and shapes,
trimmed very plauf and neat
ly, also many banded sailors,
special at
Special, at 49c
Big lot of children's Hats,
in many different styles, made
of corduroy and flannel plaids,
in plenty of colors, special at
I o- f
Men's, Women's and
Children's Shoes
Wnmm'i .Shnat ?Kl QH . Y'
Women's high grade footwear, mat kid
or pat colt cloth, and mat kid top, hand
sewed sole and McKay. This line of shoes
are without doubt as good as any $4.00
shoes on the market. Sizes from VA to 4
onJy. One big table full of these. ',
Boy' Shoes; $2.75
- These come in heavy Box Calf or
Dull Velvet Calf.. Button, and
blucher cut. nglish welt- sole,
, , Btncwy soua. Bizes isy2 to by
Men'i Work'SH oes, $1.50 ; 4 ;
Made out of heavy Mule Skin, heavy double sole, no
seams. All sizes from 6 to 11. Same in boys' sizes from
2to6, ' , .'. ': :.)..:, V-'-K;
Men's Work Shoes,
.These come in black and
tan, blucher cut, two soles,
heavy uppers. All sizes
from 6 to 11.
Good Styles
Corsets that lace jn front. Pink
and, white coutil, made to wear
and fit well; two styles, low and
medium top, long over hip with
elastic band in back, This is a
good, comfortable Corset for any
. woman who does her own house-7
work ; sizes 20 to 30, 1 n a
Corsets for stout figures ; medium
top with medium length skirt;
heavy broad front steel,, 71;
very special ........... . oc
V Corsets at 49c Remarkable
values, because we bought them
before the.recent rise in price and
are giving you the benefit. Guar
anteed rustproof and at this price
you should buy several pairs,
Children's Muslin Panty-Waists,
ai . .......,,.., m't 25c
i 64x80 inches. Fine quality,
extra. heavy.; Tan with. beau
tiful pink and blue borders.
Absolutely fast colors. Special
sale price. 1 a 1 t r
t per pair ........ 1 a0
' combinations. Fast dyes, size,
66x80 inches. Warm, perman
ent nap. Well finished. Sale
price, per: do no
pair ........ ... V&uO
Filled with pure white, sanitary
cotton. Extra large size spe
cially stitched. Sale d 1 nn
price, each ... J 1 aJO
tiua BLANKETS -Fine quali
ty, double, white with pink and
blue borders. Size 30x40
: inches. , Sale price, Af
per, pair. .......... rJC
ETS Very fine grade. Best
obtainable in all tho wanted
fancy plaids, tan and white,
-blue and white, pink and white,
gray ana wmte. Warm and
durable. Special
sale price, per pair
' Batamewt
Floor Coverings
' No. 1 Jointless China Matting,
regular 60c quality, oq
per yard ..... . . ... aaC
9x12 All Wool Scotch Art Rugs
Plain colors, brown, blue,
green and pink; regular
.r.'.s: $7.98
9x12 Congoleum Rugs regu
lar price f 12.60, $79$
6x9 Congoleum Rugs regular
'price $6.50,
Inlaid Linoleum Remnants
op to 185 Tarda ni
per yard OC
iui aim
Notion Specials
O. N. T.'Crochet Cotton, all-
numbers, ball at , . . . . . ... ,8a
American Maid Crochet '
Cotton, ball ' at 6c -
Good Shell Hair Pins, 6 )
in box, each at ........ . .3,e
Large pieces of Elastic, ;
worth to 20c .yard, each at. ,Sc
Notion Boxes, each at .... 10c
9-yard bolts of Bias Tape,
each at 9c
Large bolts of Wash Edg-
ing, each at .9. '
English Twilled Tape, 19c
values, each at. . ; , . ,',9a ;
, Finishing Braids, all extra
fine quality, bolt, at 9e
Kust-Droof DreiM .rianna
card at ;. ...... i;..-.":.'. 4o
Rust-proof Hooks and
Eyes, card at ...e
Shoe Laces for low and
high shoes, pair at .4c
Hose Supporters for ladies
and children, pair, at. . , . , ,10c
Fast colored Darning Cot- ;
ton, each at t Jfe
12-yard bolts of imported.
Rick-Rack, bolt at .lSc
Rust-proof Safety Pins, all -
sizes, card at . . . 4e
Skeleton Waists, with gar
ters, 2 . to 14 years, each
at ...... ............. 25c
Dressing Combs, each, at 9c
50-yard spool of JSewing
Silk, spool at ,4e
Dust Caps, all good light
colors, each at .......... 10c
Stocking Feet, ' black and .
white, all sizes, pair at.... 10c
Extra t heavy Button.
Thread, spool at . . . . ... .T .5c
Fast colored, Wash Middy '
Laces, each at ......... . Sc
Scissors and Shears, pair at24c
One big lot of Kid Curl
ers, 1 dozen to bunch, doz- "
en .................... 10c
Extra heavy Wire Hair
Pins, package; at . . . . 2c
Large pieces ' of inside .
Skirt Belting, each, at. . .-..".So
Red Cross Knitting Cot- ; v,
ton, white only, ball at ... . Sc
..;,-,,. Baaament '- ' ,