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    THE BEE: OMAHA, i'RIUAY. ricium V. 11)17.
I Brie) City Wots-
Platinum Wedding Rln Edholrp.
Dlhtiof FUturea Borceu-Grandeo' Co.
Ht Root Print It New Beacon Press.
Metal Diet, Presiwork-rJubllet iltt Co.
35c Luncheon at Empress Garden
Auction Sale Holstetn cows and
heifers, Newmeyer barn, Council
biuhs. ia.. Thursday. September 6
1:30 d. m.
bids for Motor TruckBids have
been invited for a new motor dump
truck for the use of the sewer depart
ment of the city council.
PhUlp's Store Incorporates Philip
Greenberfc and Celia Greenberg are
the incorporators of the Philips de
. partment store. Articles of incorpora
tion showing a capital of 975,000 have
Been filed with the county olerk.
Storage Company Incorporates
The A-A Transfer and Storage com
pany has filed articles of incomoration
with the county clerk. The capital is
,vu. tsamuei uiorr, Tony Mnarfll
and David W. Swarr are the incor
porators. s'
Manslaughter Complaint " Against
Johnson County Attorney, Magney
filed a complaint charging manslaugh
ter against William Johnson, negro,
who shot Ely Archer, also a negro, to
death in a quarrel last Monday night.
Johnson will be tried in criminal
court at an early date. !
New Serum Company The "Liberty
Laboratories," which will manufacture
anti-hog cholera serum, have filed arti
cles of incorporation with the county
clerk. The caplUl is 20,000 and the
incorporators are John H. Copenhaver
and Dora H. Copenhaver. The plant
win oe located at Kaiston.
, Cancel Pool Hall License Ferk
' Habik. who conducted a nnol hall
at 25)3 N street and was convicted of
permitting gambling in his establish
ment, appealed to the city council.
The council heard testimony and sus
tained the finding of the police couft
oy ordering tne cancellation of the
Judge Day Grants 51ve Divorces
judge oay, sitting m divorce court,
granted the following decrees: Mary
.Marsnau irom James Marshall; Beu
lah H.' Green from Lester H, Green;
Nellie Wates from Clarence Wates;
-Bessie Taylor from Hubert Taylor:
Mary B. MacEae from Gustavus F.
Resigns Because of Flat Fee W. C.
Curry, police officer, has tendered his
resignation, his reason for wanting to
go back into private life is on account
or having fiat feet and that he can
not stand- It to walk a beat and per
' form such other duties as are required
of an officer.- The council has accepted
ine resignation. . .,.
, Two .Allege Xonsnpport Louise
Wyna is suing James F. Wynn for
divorce in district court on grounds
of alleged nonsupport. They were
married in Birmingham, Ala., August
19, 1911. Nonsupport is also alleged
by Addle B. Muhshaw, suing Bert
! Aiunsnaw. They were .married in
lt ... A A '
yiuaiiM, viiy it, asud.
, ' Going to Missouri Valley Fair The
machine gun company of the Fifth
regimenfnow at the army has bean
v' invited to attend the fair at Missouri
Valley Tuesday. This is military day
at the fair and a number of companies
will be present and will drill for the
public. The fair association will pay
all . the expenses oP the machine gun
company and railroad fare there and
ialr I
"""" - S
Japanese Missionary to Speak An
Interesting address on Japan will be
given at the First Christian church,
Twenty-sixth and Harney streets, next
Sunday evening by Rev. F. E. Hagin.
Mr. Hagin is a missionary under the
foreign board of the Christian church
and has been in Japan for seventeen
years. He has just returned on a fur
lough. He is the author of several
notable books on Japan and the Japa-
' nese,,and Just at this time when the
I Japanese commission is visiting Amer
I ica his talk will be especially Interest
ing. He will speak at 7:30 in the
evening. '"'
Chif Dunn Served With " Writ
of Replevin for Wet Goods
1 Confiscated in Kahout'sV H
Home. v
Constable M. J. Roach served a
writ of, replevin on Chief of Police
Dunn and Captain Andrew Pattullo
yesterday, charging them wtthwrong
, .ful detainment' of a large quantity of
1 intoxicating Itauor confiscated in the
, home of James. Kahout on August 17,
Chief, of Police Dunn refused io give'
, ; up the liquor on account of the fact
that Kahout held the liquor illegally
in his possession and also was sell
ing it illegally.
: ' It is said that Kahout had sold li
' quor to Viola Smith, who shot and
IP killed Louis McCarthy on the night
of August 16. Kahout was arraigned
. in police court for the illegal sale of
intoxicating liquor and his attorney,
- James F. Moriarity, appealed the
case. , . ' ,
The quantity of liquor held by the
, police consists of the 'following: Six
' " ty quarts of yarious brands of whisky,
twenty-one 'quarts of , wine, seven
. ' quarts of gin, seventeen pints of rum
and 512 quarts of Metz, beer.
Woman Struck By Motor Car;
iJ Skull Fractured; Likely to Die
Miss Anna Larsen,- 1321 South
.Thirty-first' steet, was struck by an
automobile i at Twenty-eighth and
Farnam streets driven by Miss Katie
Parker, 2224 Howard, and suffered a
- fracture of the skull from which she
probably will die. She was taken to
St. Joseph's hospital, where she was
attended by Doctors Brown and Dun
, .can. -.: :
She was crossing the street at the
intersection of Twenty-eighth and
Farnam when she was struck by the
automobile in which were Miss Katie
Parker and her mother, Mrs. H. D.
Parker. Miss Parker, who was driv
,'iar east on Farnam street, says she
vi:d not see the woman until she had
come close to her. She swerved the
" automobile to the left, and in the con
, fusion, struck Miss Larsen, knocking
' ' her to the pavement.
Miss Parker's car also struck an
automobile driven by John Motinkh,
1521 "North 'Broad street. Fremont,
who was on his way home.
It is said that Miss Parker was drtv
' ing on the wrong side of the street
when' the accident occurred.
She left the scene of the accident.
A warrant for her arrest will be sworn
out this morning.
- Drive for Funds for the
Council of Defense Postponed
- The drive fgr funds for the Doug
las County CounciLof Defense has
been postponed. The drive was to
have started at once, but at a meet
ing of the Council last night it was
decided, that too many other drives
tad been on lately."
Advised to Register and Be
Ready to Do Their Bit in
Helping Daring Times
of War.
"Don't stuff your husbands, but
husband your stuff," "Order ahead
and save your bread," and "Women,
tell your age, September 12, when
you register"
The foregoing was the advice given
by Mrs. Ira Couch Wood, executive
secretary of the woman's committee
of the National Council of Defense,
to about 190 Omaha women Wed
nesday afternoon.
"The nation having the last pound
of fonrf will he tln virtnr in this jar.
It is up to' the housewife who has
put the T can' in American to learn
how to save systematically and make
her susbtttutes palatable, so the Euro
pean allies will not starve until our
soldiers get there," said Mrs. Wood.
Art appeal wa$ made by Mrs. Wood
that every patriotic woman in Oma
ha register.
"It is the first time that the' gov
ernment has ever asked the women
of the country to put their talent and
training at the disposal of the nation.
It is simolv a nriviW- nff-riM to
patriotic women and is in no sense
a aratt. .Because you cannot do some
biz Service. Ho not et tliar linmner
you from registering for some small
tdBK inre are oppoi tunnies ior
women to serve in every capacity,"
said . Mrs. Wood. 1 .
"If. however, vm arf tint (m in
do any voluntary service, sign any
way. Theffovernment wants a rnm.
plete census of what every woman
.(. o uuui(j. riiy gin over
16 years of age is eligible to register."
"Don't be afraid of any dire conse
quence or hidden menace," urged
Mrs. Wood. ''If von liiorn nnur aH
circumstances chance, vmi will iint
be pledged in any way to fulfill your
"I hope every woman will stand
up and tell her aflre. There ia tin law
to compcMier to do so, but there are
many positions which are now open
in the civil service department for
women between Certain bcpc anrl
matters will be simplified if they will
b,e specific.
"Record of Woman Power.
"With a . unifortn registration in
every state in the union. Uncle Sam
will have a complete record of the
woman power of the nation and it can
pe easily summarized at any time."
The registration cards will be sent
first to the county chairman and then
returned, to ths cities in which the
signers live. , '
Mrs. Wood naiH a hiorh trihut. tn
war work in, Nebraska. "You have
aone marvelous things and you have
the best systei.i of drying that I have
seen any place in the country," she
"We should fl1 crratofnl tho't
, Q.....WU, iiini n
American women hvi natinmit
ganizations. If we did nbe have itxA
we wouia not yet be ready to work
through the National. Council of De
fense. France and ar nnl.
now beginning-to talk of such an or
ganization. It is an inspiring story
our women are writing in history."
Mrs. Wood left laj?t. nirt,t u.
Washington. ,,'
New Little Princess Is
Born to German Crown Prince
Amsterdam. Sent, n Tb T.,rin
crown princess today gave fcirth -to a
daughter. arcnrHinar in Rr1,i, A.,:
This is the sixth child born td Crown
Prince Frederick William and the
crown-princess. '. .
I .
' .
John Orchard Is Selected
as an Assistant to Do Spe
cial Work for Govern-
John Orchard, son of V. J. Orch
ard, 4437 South Nineteenth street, has
been chosen assistant to help with
special government ,work at Wash
ington, ht will work with Pro,". J.
Russell Smith, formerly head ofr the
department of economics of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania, investigating
the effect of the war upon shipping.
Young Orchard was graduated from
the South flmaha High school and
later attended Swarthinorc college,
Germautowh,. Pa., where he won high
honors. He has accepted the offer
to aid Prof. Smith in hisinvestiga-
tions. v . '
G. R. Orchard. 4425 Soutli Nine
teenth street, assistant superintendent
at Armour & Co., is a brother of
John Orchard. ..
Maria CHy Gosnlp. '
For Rent Two 6-room all modern cot
tages. Till. South 803.
All-moderrt cottaK vith-'heat for rent
1125 8. ttlh Ava. Taj. S. 1TX, , .
Telephone South J0 and order a of
Oma or Lavtoitade. th healthful, rtjfrndilng
Horn Bevoragea, delivered t your rasldence.
Omah Beverage Cb.
War. Work for Boys Cuts
Down High" School Attendance
Doing their bit to aid in war work
is affecting the attendance at the Cen
tral High school, many or the boys
being out at work. ?
The attendance- is 1,771, fifty-one
having- been' enrolled Wednesday.
Last year it was 1,864 at a corres-
fonding date. The Eleventh sind
welfth grades of the Florence High
school are expected to register to
morrow at Central High.
At the High School of Commerce
800 are enrolled as against 750 last
Today will be the- first drill day
for the cadet regiment. There are 675
boys in the battalion, seventy-five
more than last year. , .
1 f
Rabbis and Christians
To Work in War Camps
Washington, Sept. fj; A bill to au
thorize the appointment of twenty
chaplams-at-large for; the army from
Jewish as well as Christianvmmisters
was favorably reported ,'today by a
house committee. ., .
Press Bureau for Each
Department of Germany
Amsterdam,. Sept.! 6.-:-Hereafter ev
ery government department in Ger
many is to have its own press bureau.
Red Cross Makes Additional
rtfjpiupnauon iqr Syrians
Washinffnti Snt TU B.J
LrOSS war COtmril tnliv annmmJ
that it had madda second appropria
tion. of $300,00a for relief work in
the near east, through the American
committee tor Armenian and Syrian
Red Cross Activities
The flrftt momhapsViln vannnt
Richardson, county chapter, which has
its headquarters
at Falls City and
branches 'at Sa
lem, Rulo and
Verdon, has been
received by state
Director Frank
J u d son. Accom
panying the same
was a draft 1 for
$7,639.60, wilch
is one of Hhe
best records in
the state, accord
ing to Mr. Judson.
. . . . ,0 auucu
to the appearance of the women in
mo nca UT08S noepiiai supply depart
ment In the Baird building by the new
l-eilS Which hVA tllftt arrival In.
structors in. the surgical dressings de
partment now wear whita veils with
tha Rflrl Onaa nn hm on4 Via
tains, lieutenants and corps of work
ers wear navy oitie veils ana navy
bill arm Vianrta Tho voita i ihi,
Red Cross and the arm bands the
norn or pienty ana tne-insignia.
The twenty-six women who took the
6&.th of A.llpflrta.rirA nrA tl-ta unlu' mab
allowed to wear the veils, but more
wm xaite n next weeK.
Millinery Saleswomen
Wanted By
Burgess - Nash Co.
This offers a splendid
opportunity . for women,
especially married wom
en, to earn a few extra dol
lars bydomg' pleasant
work in congenial sur
roundings, on Saturdays.
Apply SupC Balcony.
Knlttinir School Onona PHlnv Tli
Red Cross knitting scliool will open
Friday morning In room 211 of the'
are desired byMr. A. W. Jefferls, who
is in charge of the Red Cross knit
ting department. People wishing to
iane yarn nomo 10 Knit ior the Red
Cross will be asked to give satisfactory
reference, apo.ordtnar to Mr .TetTeris
The knitting station will remain in
jne ea ur.oss neaaquarters in the
court hosue.
To Attend FairMrs. 6. C. Redlck
and Mr. and Mrs. Gould Dletz and
Miss Henrietta MacArthur went to
the State fair at Lincoln today,
which is Omaha day, In behalf of the
Omaha chapter.
The Red Cross booth at the fair la
attracting , a great deal of Interest,
according to Mrs. Z. T. Lindsey, who
visited It yesterday. Memberships are
not taken, as the officials wish people
to join in their own chapters, but
women work in the booth and demon
strate how to make hospital garments.
"The work in the state will receive
great Impetus from the educaonal
work accomplished this week," said
Mrs. Lindsey.
; . '
Makes Twelve Speeches Judge Cur
tis L. Day of Pender, Neb., chair
man of the Thurston county chapter,
mad twelve speeches throughout the
county the last two weeks and as
sisted in the organization of chapters
at all points in the county, besides or
ganizing arr active chapter at Fender.
One Dollar Week buy
a $40 Diamond, any
ityle, 14 karat lolfd gold
mounting. Special lot
bow on tale.
278 Diamond
Ring, lik solid
told, Loftls Per.
fection Mount-
a Week;
t .
739 Round Belcher
Cluster Ring, 14k aolid
gold, ieven fine Dia
mond! eet in platinum,
look like a tlSO
lingl J75
tone , "
JN& txWeek.
The most useful frif
for soldier, sailor
and nure serving
With The Colors.
280 Military Wriet Watch, leather
trap, unbreakable glatg: high grade full
Jewel movement; ill Solid f 4 m
Nickel Case. Specially priced. .rK I T
$1J0 a Month K 4 V
Open Daily Till P. M. Saturday TU7
Ji30. Call or Write lor illustrated Catalog
No. 903. Phone Douglas 1444 and aalea
man will call.
n jfc fan THE national
Af-HO-lfOll mm -Try m m
Urn Im bawl UrVt--Bt) n
Mva aflMMtM. TsMMMI Of tl I
ns)sH IW w nm am wwy -in mWm
1. AorM
'. 109.
Don't Use Any Other
Than Cuticura Soap
To Clear Your Skin
.-. ' . ...
Store Closes
at 6 P. M.
URGESS-ta fe
Store Opens
8:30 A. M.
Thursday, September 6, 1917. STORE NEWS FOR FRIDAY. Phone D. 137.
Make It Your Duty to Do Your Shopping
Extra Values That Will Interest Everyone
Are Offered by Every Department.
Big Clearaway of
Women's Pumps and Oxfords
Choice of Several Hundred Pairs, at ONE DOLLAR
ALL the short lines and odd pairs of women's pumps and oxfords
from our Second Floor department have been transferred to thd
Down Stairs Store, put in one big lot and priced at $1.00 a pair.
The lot also includes the balance of our last purchase of pumps and low shoes, sizes 3, 3Vfc, 4 and 4,s.
Your choice Friday, $1.00 a pair. V
Twelve Big Bargain Tables of Men's, Women's, Boys' and Girls' Shoes
Infant s and child s ankle ties, in sizes i to 5, the choice or lot at 99c.
Little boys' school shoes with aolid leather soles and heels, spe
cial for P'riday, $2.45.
Big boys' school shoes with solid leather soles and 4ieels, priced
at $2.69.
Child's school shoes, either button or lace, in size 8 to 11. For
Friday, $2.45.
Misses' school shoes, sites 11 to 2, choice of button or lace, spe-;
cially priced at $2.69.
Burgeas-Nath Co. Down Stairs Store
Stamped Pieces, 25c
Pillow tops and library table
scarfs, of burlap and linen, also
needle weave; stamped to em
broidery in new designs, each,
25c. ,
- Soldier's Kit, 59c
Soldiers' companion, fitted
with, white and khaki colored
thread, buttons, safety pins, etc.
Special, at, 59c.
Embroidery Silk, 2VjtC
Colored embroidery silk in all
shades, specially priced for Fri
day, at, a skein, 2 lie.
Crochet Books, 10c "
Large selection of crochet
b'boks, showing yokes, edging,
bed spreads, caps, etc., all new
designs, each, 10c.
Wash Goods, 5c
Voiles, batistes, lawns, dimi
ties, etc., in pretty stripes and
floral patterns, Friday, a yard,
Dress Gingham, 13 Vic
Plaids, ' striped and fancy
checked dress ginghams, 27
inches wide, splendid value, at,
a yard, 13Je. , t
Percale Remnants, 6c
Thousands of yards of fac
tory ends of percales, shirting
prints, etc., in light and dark
colors, your choice a yard, 6 Jic
Colored Voiles, 12 He
40-inch voiles in dainty
stripes and flowered designs,
splendid range of colors, Fri
day, a yard, 12c
Filet Laces, 10c
Edges of filet lace with
bands to match, four inches
wide, special for Friday, at, a
yard, 10. ,
Silk Braids, 2 c
A large asortment of silk
braids in varied colors, for
Friday in the' Down Stairs
Store, a yard, 2 Uc.
Fancy Braids, 10c
Wool, silk and cotton braids,'
12 and 24 yards pn a bolt, spe
cial at, a bolt, 10c.
Embroideries, Yard, 10c
Edges, headings and bands of
embroidery, specially priced
for Friday, at, a yard, 10c.
Val. Laces, Yard, 5c
One big table of val and linen
laces, edges and insertions to
match,, Friday, at, a yard, 5c.
Children's Hose, 15c
School hose, either fine or
wide rib, black cotton, seamless,
"seconds.", Mostly large sizes,
very special at, a pair, 15c
Girls' Black Hose, 23c
Fine ribbed girls hose of
black mercerized, seamless,
"seconds," splendid values, at,
a pair, 23c.
Union Suits, at 39c
Women's union suita, low
neck and sleevless, made of
fine white cotton, knee length,
regular and extra sizes, each,
Coronation Cord, 12 c
Blue, pink, brown, lavender,
red and white coronation braid,
specially priced for Friday, a
bolt, 12Uc.
Burfess-Naah Co. Down Stairs Ston
A Special Friday Sale of
"Miita Taylor" House ' Dresses
At $1.13
Afaau -fni iVta nro M iral lltll ca.
a a. va a, v Ja? 4. v . asMw.vvas at v v w. .
keeper, made of dainty materials,
A lljn. . ,.1t o. ..,!,. M, I
Many pretty models in pink, blue,
also stripe and checks, to select
from. Every woman should own sev
eral of these "Mina Taylor" house
dresses. "Seconds" that have been
specially priced for Friday, at $1.13.
Clearaway of Women's
Dressed, at $1.95
A big cleanup of women's dresses
of every description. In this sale are
dresses of gingham, silks, also even
ing dresses of chiffon and taffeta.
You must see these wonderful values
to appreciate them. Many different
styles to select from. On Friday the
entire lot will be placed on sale at
the ridiculously low price of $1.95.
Burfess-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store
A Sale of New arid Stylish
Untrimmed Velvet Shapes
98c, $1.50 and $1.98
A LARGE and varied as
sortment of smart' new
shapes, including the
Large Sailors Chin-Chin
and all the other new, up-to-date
styles. ' - ;
The colors include black,
gold, purple grayV navy and
own. .,
We have placed these hats
three ctouds and Driced
them at 98c, $1.50 and $1.98
Burgets-Nash Co. Down Stairs Store
Cleaning Specials
DIAMOND G soap, 8 for
White borax naphtha soap,
10 for 35c.
S Fels' naphtha soap, 6c.
, Britt's powdered ammonia,
2 for 15c. -
Star naphtha soap, 6c.
Old dutch cleanser, Sc.
20-mule team borax, 5-lb. '
package, 45c.
Saniflush, 18c.
Gold dust, 6c.
Softone, 3 for 25c.
; Barftn-Ntik Ce. Dewa Stairs Sters,
Special Sale of
Men Furnishings
Friday in the Down Stairs Store
MEN'S two-piece, medium weight, underwear of raaco
yarn, ecru color, splendidly trimmed. "Springtex"
is the brand which insures quality and satisfaction, the
price is extremely cheap and warrants you giving it con
sideration. Price 75c the garment.
Men's Shirts, 75c
Khaki and blue shirts, collar attached, two
pockets .with flaps, button down; very military
looking," extra value for Friday, 75e.
Men's Hosiery, 15c
Black and all good colors. Two cases will
be placed on sale Friday; year around weight,
very extreme values, at 15c.
Sample Belts, 25c
Men's sample belts, tan, gray and black, also
some fancy colors. No two alike; used on the
road for samples and sold at a fraction of the '
price they were intended to retail ior; price, Z5c.
Men's Neck weir, 33VsC
All solid colors, new fall silks, large shapes,
slip band. ' Sale price, Friday, 33 c.
, Men's Shirts, 50c
Soiled and mussed neckband shirts, good pat
terns and extra quality, if you can see through
tne dirt, priced Friday, at 50c
Burg ess-Nasii Co Down Stairs Store
Wool Blankets, $4.98
Fine plaid blankets, in blue,,
gray and tan, , good weight,
double bed size, small amount
of cotton carded in the chain,
which prevents shrinking bsdly,
this price Friday only, a pair,
Whit Blankets, $1.59
White cotton blankets with
blue border, good weight and
nap. Fine to use as sheets dur
ing winter, Friday only, at,
$1.59 a pair.
Plaid Blankets, $3.98
Large plaid blankets, wool
nap, in blue, gray and tan, or
pink, size 70x80-inch. Special
for Friday only, pair, $3.98.
Standard Flannel, 15c
Outing flannel will be mu:h
in demand soon for gowns and
pajamas, etc., a big selection
of light garments with stripes
and checks, some dark pat
terns, underpriced at 15c.
Scalloped Bed Spreads,
Crocheted bed spreads, scal
loped with cut corners, good
weight, large size, price Friday '
only, $1.89. (
Roller Towels, 29c
Good weight, absorbent,
crash, blue border, 2 H yards
long, i Friday, only, 29c.
Lunch Cloths, 85c
Japanese blue print lunch
cloths, hemstitched, assorted de
signs, 48x48-inch, at, 85c. ,
72x72-inch, at, $1.50. ,
, Table Cloths, $2.19
Hemstitched table cloths,
64x72-inch, of mercerized da
mask, with colored border in
blue, pink and gold, each,
Wool Remnants, 59c , (
Dress goods remnants in
lengths from 2 to 5 yards in a
piece, suitable for children's
dresses, waists, skirts and
coats. Plaids, checks, stripes,
mixtures and plain colors. 36
to 54 inches wide, on sale Fri
day, at, 9Sc and 59e a yard. .
Wool Goods, 39c
A big lot of wool dress goods
for children's school dresses, in
plain colors, mixtures, stripes
and shepherd checks, 36 to 40
inches wide, on sale Friday, a
yard, 39c 1
Storm Serge, 98c
, Very special, 62-inch storm
serge, in a good shade of dark
navy blue, just the thing, for
one-piece dresses, ' on special
sale Friday, a yard, 98c.
Silk Poplin, 59c V
A full range of all the new
dark shades. Gray, -plum
freen, Copenhagen, navy, wine
lack and white, on sale Friday,
a yard, 89e. 1
Silk Gloves, 25c Pair
Women's pure silk gloves,
with double finger tips, mostly
blacks, a few dozen white, Fri
day, at, 25c
Burttu-Niih Ce. Dw Stairs Store
m ii hit
Notions for Friday
DE LONG hooks and eyes,
card, 7c.
Sewing silk, all colors,
spool, 3c
Fancy buttons, dozen, 5c
Darning- cotton, 3 spools .
Tor Vc. . .
Linen tape, 6 bolts for lOe. K
Hand scrubs, each, 10c,
Hair, nets -with elastic, 3 ,
. for 5c , ' ;
. Hair brushes, each, 10c J
Sewing cotton, spool, 2 J4c '
Tape measure, each, lc
. Bone hair pins, box, 5c
Skirt belting, yard, 8c
Men's shirt bands, 2 for
5c. -
Pearl buttons; each, ljc
' Ironing wax, piece, 2c
. Dress shields, pair, 5c
"Silk finish crochet cotton, i
spool, 4c.
BsretM-Naih Co. Dews stain Stare