Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 07, 1917, Image 3

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Domestics Reasonably Priced
Finest American Fancy Out
ing Flannel, extra heavy,
off the bolt, IE
yard loc
Fancy Kimono Wrapper
Flannels, etc., light- and
dark styles, per 1 An
Mill Remnants, 36-inch
Dress Percale Ginghams,
etc., while lot lasts, HXg
the yard 2C
Mill Remnants, -36-inch
Bleached Muslin and Cam
bric, special sale, Qi
yard Fancy Outing Flannel, good
Quality, soft, warm 1 f)Xc
fleece, sale, yard mzl.
Mill Remnants and Rem
nants from Stock of Wash
Goods, lawns, dimities, voi
les, etc.,. while they
last, yard
Fancy Robe Prints and
Comforter Covering, neat
styles, off the bolt, Ql.
yard, at 2C
Beautiful White "Rose"
Cotton Batting, pure and
sanitary rolls, each, 25c
flt .
Amoskeag White Outing
Flannel, none b e t te r,
heavy fleece, 1 C '
yard loc
The Genuine Everett Clas
sic and Bates Zephyrs, fine
colorings, yard, 1 fi
at loc-
Finest English Long Cloth,
36 inches wide, for
fine lingerie, yard . . c
36-inch Unbleached Muslin,
while lot lasts, Fri- Q 1 -
day, special sale, yd
Corsets and Brassieres
Big Values at Small Prices
WE ARE OFFERING some very unusual values in
Corsets and Brassieres in this Basement Department
All good styles and well made- just the kind you are
seeking at a smaller price than you' expected to pay.
Corsets, medium and high bust, long skirt, well dl or
boned and, with six garters; sizes 19 to 30, at. .
Corsets, odd sizes, in medium bust, long hip; a 7Cr,
very extraordinary price on this lot, each. ....... oc
Brassieres that every woman should wear and we have
, a complete assortment, embroidery and lace trim- lO.
med styles ; on sale for one day only, at 1 c
Draperies and Curtain Materials
GOOD SUGGESTIONS for those who are contem
plating the making of Draperies and Curtains very
( special prices for Friday in the Basement.
3,000 Yards of Scrim, in white, cream and beige, 7 A.,,
in good lengths, very special, a yard .' C
2,500 Yards of Marquisette, plain and fancy borders;
worth 25c a yard on the bolt; here, in desir- 1 oi
able lengths, a yard "2"C
75 Bolts of Curtain Swiss, dotted and ,fancy designs;
excellent quality and very specially priced, at, in
a yard . . ,r. . ,r 1 7C
Men's Good Size Japanette Handkerchiefs, initialed and pf
plain; slightly imperfect stock of 10c quality, at, each "2 C -
Children's School Handkerchiefs, 3 pair for 10c,
or, each
Reliable Rug Offerings
At Very Low Prices
Blackand White Rag Hugs, 27x-
54 inches 79e
Hit and Miss Rag Rugs. . . ,$i.l9
Smith's Axminster Rugs, 27-inch,
at $2.49 and $2.98
Smith's Axminster Rugs, 36-inch,
at ' $4.50
9xl2-feet Axminster Rugs, very
special at .. $21.98
Matting and Carpet Sweepers
No. 1 Jointlesa China Matting, nice patterns, a yard 29c
Carpet Sweepers, good, serviceable style..... $1.39
' Basement . ..
Boys' Two Pair Pants Suits......
Very Special Two' Day Offering
NOW, when school days
are here and wear and
tear upon boys' clothing
is a thing to be seriously
reckoned with, these
, suits, with two pairs of
pants that guarantee
double wear, are very
much to be desired by
prudent mothers.
One bis bargain sauare of New Fall Suita. AarV and liVKt
mixtures; every suit with 2 pair of Pants, sizes jo qp
6 to 17.years, Friday, at p0.i70
Odd Knickerbocker Pants, 75c
A table full of splendid wearing Pants, in sizes 6 to 16
years, all suitable for Fall or Winter wear, and a good
variety of patterns..
Boys' Raincoats, at $1.10
About 100 Raincoats all told, in sizes 4 to 12 only;
good, serviceable school coats, in tan shade.
Boys' Overalls, at 85c
Boys' Overalls with double seat and knees, all sizes 4
to 17 years; just the thing $or play-time saves his suit.
- . r I
Affording opportunities to save on just the merchandise you need. Complete
stocks of new crisp wearables, right at the beginning of "the Fall season, at
prices which are exceptionally low. All garments have been adapted from high
priced styles and service and satisfaction are yours for much less than you would
pay ordinarily. ' -
New Fall and Winter Wearables
For Women, Misses and Children
Despite the increased
cost of materials and
labor, we have been
able, by J foresight
and active buying to
assemble a stock of
Fall wearables to of
fer at prices which
are remarkably low
right now. All new,
up-to the - minute
styles and all at mod-
erate prices.
Suits, Dresses, Coats,
Skirts and all Chil
dren's School Wear
able in these offer-ings.
Newest Style Fall and Winter Suits
For women and misses; many 'different
styles. The new long coats, down to the
knee, made of All Wool Poplin,- Serge,
Wipcord, New Burella Cloth, etc. Every
Suit a copy of a high priced model.
Sizes 14 to 20 for misses; 36 to 44 for
women and 41 to 53 for stout women.
Prices $10.95, $12.95,
: $13.85 and $14.85
Hundreds of Women's and Misses'
New Fall and Winter Dresses Made of
Silk and Satin in dozens of new styles
and with all the new features of the sea
son: You will be surprised at the variety
and extremely low prices; sizes for
Prices $5.95, $7.95,
$9.95, $12.95, $13.85
.r and-$14.85
Do You Want a New Light Weight Fall Coat?
We Have Just What You Seek Here-Low Priced, Too.
We have grouped together for this new Fall season, a remarkable
array of excellent Coats-Stylish, warm and comfortable.
; : '
Fancy White Chinchilla Coats
Fancy Plaid Chinchilla Coats
Fancy Mixture arid Novelty Cloth Coats
All-Wool Serge and Poplin Coats
. ' ' Big Plaid and Fancy Check Coats
Hundreds to select from dozens of styles all divided into very special lots.
One Group In many 'different styles, at, each. ..... $3.00
Another Group In a variety of styles, at, each . $4.95, $5.95
Hundreds of Fine All White Coats, each, $4.95, $6.95, $9.95
i - 4 ,1 l .
School and Play Wear for Children
' A splendid opportunity to outfit the younger generation in ex
cellent styles and good wearing materials, at very little cost.
-Girls' Dresses
At EQ- Girls' New Fall Washable Dresses,
U7C from 2 tq 15 and 6 to 14 years.
Many different styles. At the price of materials .
per yard today, you will find these are splendid
dresses. '
l OC Two very special
P1.U as3orttments a t
these two prices. Every dress is a new Fall style,
ages 2 to 6 and 6 to 14 years. They consist of
v fancy Plaids, Heavy Dark Wash Materials, Amos-
keag Gingham. Dozens of pretty styles of Tub
Frocks for the girls, of the' wanted materials and
styles for Fall.x Hundreds to choose from.
A? $2.95, $3.95 $4.95
Girls' All-Wool and Corduroy Dresses. We
have a very extensive line at the prices above
mentioned. The new popkets and high belt ef
fects, etc. Wonderful dresses at the prices asked.
Sizes 2 to 6 and 6 to 14 years.
Girls' Fall Weight Coats
At d 1 Q C That -were made to sell at $2.50
Pl.7t) to $5.00. Over 400 to choose
from. Many are samples. from the purchase just
received. Ages 2 to 6 and 6 to 14 years. All
new and durable styles, made of Corduroy in
various colors, fancy mixtures, novelty materials,
fancy checks, navy blue serges, etc.
Sweater Coats for the Girls
At di QC Sweater Coats for girls 6 to 14
- P 1 .7J years, $2.50 and $3.00 values,
several styles; colors are, red, white, brown and
gray. . .
I At
Q'7f A very special lot of little girls'
V I . Sweater Coats. 2 to 6 vears. in
white and different colors. Values $1.00 to $1.60.
At AQf k0' of- Infants' Sweaters, many dif
V ferent styles, in white and colors;
very cheap at the asked price.
Girls' New Fall and Winter Coats
At $0 Qt to , d C Q C Hundreds of .
P.7tJ fHJ.UO giris new
Fall and Winter Coats,' ages 2 to 6 and 6 to 14
years of age. Many different styles, plain and
fancy jcloths, every coat is a new, right up-to-the-'
minute style, and materials of copies of high
priced coats, at the small prices of $2.95, $3.95,
$4.95 and $5.95. '
Girls' Eiderdown Cloth Coats
At Ok7 g Heavy Cloth Coats for girls from 2
f C to 6 years of age, fancy patterns,
patent leather belt and fancy cap to match.
Splendid for Fall wear. A very special value.
Girls' Bloomers
At OC Girls' Black Sateen Bloomers, 2 to
wv 8 years, made of a very heavy qual
ity, 39c values, special, at 25c.
dirls' Drawers, Aprons and Raincoats
At Q Girls Muslin Drawers, plain and fan
'v . cy trimmed, sizes 2 to 12 years, for 9c
At AQn Girls' light and dark Percale Bun
tOC galow Aprons, sizes 6 to 14 years,
75c values, two very pretty styles, 48e.
At f1 OQ Girls' Slip-On Style Raincoats,
P 1 ZJ in tan color only, sizes 6'to 14
years, $2.00 values, at, $1.29.
We advise an early selection of your Girl's Winter Coat, as we can-
not duplicate these garments later
we ask for them now. Materials
on at anywhere near the prices that
are scarce and advancing rapidly!
Shoes for Everyone
v Men's, Misses' and Children
THE PRICE OF LEATHER has taken such a sky,
ward movement lately that any news of Shoes at
modest prices is greeted by heads of families witth
eager interest. These announcements will mean
much to fathers and parents of children who are of
a school age right now.
Men's Work Shoes, $2.93
Made up in Tan, Black and
Cream Leathers; Blucher style,
cut heavy with double sole
and in sizes from 6 to 11.
Children's School Shoes,
In Dull Leather and Russia
Calf; lace and button styles,
heavy stitch-down sole ; sizes 5 to
8, 8tt to 11 and 11 to 2.
Misses Shoes, ! $2.49 .
Vici Kid and Dull Leathers,
Button Shoes, patent or stock
tip, half double sole, mat kid
tops, sizes 11 to 2. ,
Children's Shoes, $1.98
Dull Leather and ,Vici Kid,
button style only; patent or dull
top; McKay sewed soles, sizes
5 to 8 and 8 to 11,
, Baiero.nt
Knit Underwear
Time now to change from the lightweight
V Summer wear to the proper kind for fall.""
Woman' Fin Cotton Union Sbitt, lace trimmed, with band OQ
and fancy lace yokes, all sizes, each OIC
Woman' 'Cotton Ribbed Vt, with fancy lace yokes, sizes 1 C
4, fiand 6, 7 for $1.00, or, each ...................... IOC
Children' Cotton S1..T.U. Union Suit, cuff knee, sizes OP.
2 to 18 years, each ...... muv
Infant' SampU Shirt, in part wool and cotton, sizes ' OP
2 to 6, each, at ................. .... . ,. SO C
Children' Knit Union Suit, in sizes 2 to 13 years, Special PQ.
for Friday, a suit OJC
j.- ' Bat.m.nt ' '''.
Hosiery Offerings for
Men, Women and Children
Womon'a. Fibrr Silk Boot Ho.
iary, black and white, seconds
of the 35c quality, special for
...:;........ 25c
Women' Fine Litle Hoiierr,
black and white,' with double
soles, special lor i rl
day, a pair
Children' Black Cotton Hosiery,
fine and heavy ribbed, all sizes,
special for, Friday,. . 1 Q
a pair ........... 1IC
Men' Black Fiber Silk Sock,
seconds of the 25c quality, spe
cial for Friday, at, 17
a pair .............. A I C
Men' Cotton Sock, in' black
and colors, with white feet, spe
cial for Friday, C
a pair ........... IOC
Women' Cotton Feet, tan ribbed
top Ho, all sizes, special , for
Friday, 1
a pair ............ 1m2v
Laces, 5c a Yard
. ''.-- - . . . '" .
A fine assortment of Val, Torchon and Cotton Filet '
..Laces and Insertions; raahjr to match, at a yard.. . ,.5c
Basement '';"'
Men's Furnishings
Work Shirts, '50c
125 Dosen Chambrays, Madras and Twill Work Shirt, cut full in all
dimensions, in plain blue, light and dark shades, dark and PA.
light grey and fancy striped madras and twill. Sale price. ... OUC
Negligee and Golf Shirts, 69c
75 Dozen Men' N.f lie and Golf Shirts, in neat patterns in stripes
and plain colors, laundered and soft cuffs, neck band or JQ
collar attached; some slightly soiled, sale price.:......,. 07C
One Lot of Men' Fine Quality Chambray, Khaki Cloth and Black
Sateen Work Shirt; plain or military collars. All sizes, 14 7C "
.to 17." Regular $L00. values, sale price.....;..... f OC
? ? Men? Underwear'
85 Dosen Men' Lisle and Cotton Ribbed Union Suit, broken lots of
all our regular 75c and $1.00 sellers. . ("A '
Sale price, per suit.'..'.,. . ... . .... .... ... . .. . . ,'. OUC
45 Dosen Men' Cotton Ribbed Woo! Mixed Shirt and Drawer,
light and medium weight, sizes are somewhat broken. jrv
Regular $1.00 values, sale price.....,'.,;.,.,.,,,..,.,.. OajC
Hardware Offering
Very ' Timely Just Now S
Friday Bargains in Omaha's Most Complete Hardware
;: Housefurnishing Department
Food Choppers, the "Columbia," it cuts
does not crush, all kinds of vegetables, leav
ing all the pieces. Three cutters and double,
pulverizer with each chopper.
mau size, capacity
2 lbs. per minute,
reduced to ....98c
Medium size, capa
city 2 H lbs per min
ute, reduced, $1.29
Large size, capacity
3 lbs. per minute,
reduced to . .$1.59
Largest size, capa
city 4 lbs. per min
ute, reduced, $.19
. ' Aluminum Coffee and Tea Pot, three ,
and four-quart capacity, good grade at less
than half price . .98c
Waffle Irons, more evenly baked, nice
crisp waffles in "Stover" Irons.'
8-lb. size, low frame Irons, special, at. .89c
8-lb. size, high frame Irons, special, at. 98c
14-quart Enamel Dish Pans, one lot,
while they last .......;............ 39c
Aluminum Tea Kettles, six-quart capa
city, very best grade aluminum, heavy and
beautiful shape, while they last. . . .$2.19
10-25 or 40-Watt
Tungsten Light Globe,
at ...21c
Continuation of Bath Towel Sale On RSain Floor and Basement