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Matter Taken to Attorney Gen
eral and He Gives Decision
on This Important
(From a Staft" Correspondent.)
Lincoln. Aug. 2S. (Special.) Be
cause of the holding of the county
attorney of Lancaster county that the
county highway commissioner of
this county had absolute control of
the good roads situation, the matter
has been appealed to the state legal
department and in the absence of
Attorney General Reed, Deputy
Koe has made a ruling'.
According to Mr. Roe. H. R. 212,
t which amended the highway law,
' reads that "The county highway
commissioner shall have general con
trol, government and supervision of
all the public roads and bridges in
the county under the authority and
direction. of the county board.'
Mr. Roe holds that the county
board which appoints the commis
sioner has jurisdiction, and the com
missioner works under their direction.
first war lists HEAR ARGUMENTS
t n titi rnT-nTTTn ttt
(Continued from Fag On.)
L. A. Sorby
E O. Beach
Bfy Snyder
O. P. GarftelJ
K. W.Krwilrlckson
E. B. Hansen
Lew is Ory
Oeorso I.. Curtis
Ualur M. Limb
T. 1., Hyde
Ailam NU'Olie
Carl BeUer
ChrUtvn Enevolden
Walter P. Si'hukscter HcIrit Sorensen
Soren P. Jensen, Jr. Kilnhnldt Chrlstensen
Joseph S. Sumovleh Mike Sklblnskl
Arthvir W. Ntelsen A. If. Nielsen
Fred L. Smith
l.enler Kager
Krwt Marker
Herman A. WelaMe
Peter W. Sehreek
Harry W. fry
Huff E. Mlton
Max Jnsen
I'eter J. Orayeli
Kmil SehlpmHM
Klmer Ensibrrlht
S. A. Uosmlnrek
Charles J. Hlaha
Bauer & Johnson's Application
for Injunction Against Call
ahan Construction Firm
Heard by Judge Redick.'
Branch May Connect Canadian
Pacific With M. & St. L
Aberdeen, S. D., Aug. .(Spe
cialsAccording to reports reaching
here from Ryder, N. D., railroad en
gineers are busily at work surveying
a route through North Dakota which
is designated to connect the Canadian
Pacific and the Minneapolis & St.
Louis, at the latter's terminus at
Leola, S. D. The proposed north
and soiih line, which is designated
to connect the two railroads, runs
through a rich grain-growing section
of the Dakotas. The surveyors have
row reached Benedict, N. D., which is
their temporary headquarters.
Old Time Enters Roping
Contest at Fort Morgan
Peetz, Colo., Aug. 28. Special.)
Among the "old timers" that will par
ticipate in the Frontier days at Fort
Morgan, beginning September 4 and
ending September 7, 1917, will be Old
Man Al Cochran, the has-been cham
pion roper and rider of ranges.
"Oh, I just entered more as a joke
than anything else," explained Mr.
Cochran. "I wanted to see how
the apprentices of this century
were roping compared with last cen
tury. I could make an average of one
minute to the steer. I believe that is
as good as any of these bellows are
doing now."
Lindsay Firemen Feast
Men Called to" Colors
Lindsey, Aug. 28. (Special. The
Lindsey firemen last night were hosts
at a chicken supper to the Lindsey
men who soon will leave for the Fort
Riletraining camp. Two of the men'
railed. Joseph Wessel and George
JJussclman, are members of the de
partment. Woman Only Slightly Hurt
When Auto Somersaults
Lindsey, Aug. 28. (Special.) Miss
- Ellen Sweney, a telephone operator
here, escaped serious injury when
her motor car skidded and somer-
saulted down a steep bank. She sus
tained only minor scratches and
'bruises.. The windshield, top and
fenders of the car were broken.
Lindsey Will Entertain '
Soldiers on Labor Day
- Lindsey; Aug. 28. (Special.) Men
of Lindsey and vicinity who have been
railed on the draft will be guests lf
honor at a Labor day -celebration to
take place at the city .park here., A
program of speaking, singing and ath
letic events has been arranged for the
afternoon and a dance and motion
pictures will furnish amusement in the
evening. Supper will be served hi the
park by members of the Lindsey Red
Cross chapter.
Batty Gets Appointment
. As Government Chemist
(From a Staff Correspondent)
Lincoln, Aug. 28 (Special.) R. G.
Batty, of Lincoln, has been appointed
assistant chemist in the pure food
chemical department by the cover
nor. Mr. Batty is a graduate of the
state university.
NavaPRecruits Feasted
Byjted Cross of Araoahoe
Arapahoe, Neb., Aug. 28. (Spe
cial.) Members of the local Red
Cross chapter last night were hos
tesses to five Arapahoe men who
leave tonight for the Great Lakes
j r. -fZ RE PHOTO
Lieutenant Loerke of the machine
gun company is a popular member
of the "Fighting Fourth" now at
Deming. He has been in military life
for the last fifteen years at intervals
and his service numbers about ten
years in all. He is a druggist in civil
naval training station. Luncheon
was served and a program given.
The naval recruits from here are
E. E. Rosser, jr.; Ren Stahe, L.
Clyde Frime, Frank Langley and
Oliver Northrop.
Opposition to the
Draft Broken Up .
In South Dakota
Yankton. S. D., Aug. 28. Indica
tions that the opposition in Hutchin
son county, South Dakota, to the
draft and the participation of the
United Mates in the war with Oer
manyhas been effectually broken up
by a series of arrests by federal of
ficers, involving thirty young German
socialists, were gleaned today from
statements by federal officials.
Yesterday thirty Germans, all of
whom previously had been arrested
on similar charges, were taken by fed
eral' officers near Tripp, S. D., for
having signed a letter to Governor
Norbeck protesting against the opera
tion of the draft in Hutchinson county
and threatening his defeat in the next
election for his administration of the
draft. The signers also opposed any
war taxation. Each was charged with
violation of the espionage act and re
leased in ?5,000 bail. 1
Boy Killed When Run
Over by Hayrack
SiniiY Falls S Tl A.,r ?8 fZn.
cial.) Alfred Rivers, the 9-year-old
. C . jir a i
aon oi ivir. ana Airs. Andrew Kivcrs,
living pn a farm near Newel!, was
instantly killed by being run over by
from a wagon into the passing hay-
iH.K, uui juiascu ins looting ana leu
beneath the front wheels. Both
wheels passed, over his head.
South Dakota Man Loses
Sight in an Explosion
Sioux Falls, S. D.. Aug. 28. (Spe
cial.) Roy Murdick, a young man
residing southwest of Willow Lakes,
was completely blinded by an explo
sion yesterday. He was engaged in
babbiting a box, which evidently was
not wiped clean, causing an explosion
which dashed the molten metal into
his" face and eyes. Pieces of metal
nearly an inch long were taken from
his eyes by a surgeon.
"Bid farewell to health and
good looks when your teeth
leave you."
Heaviest Bridge Beat Silver Fill
Work, per tooth, ing
$4.00 50c
Wonder Plates Best 22-k Gold
worth $15 to $25, Crowns
$5, $8, $10 $1.00
Wt please you or refund your money.
I4tb and Farnara 1324 Farnam St
Phone Douglas 2872.
"Blood will tell." Blotches and
blemishes, like murder, will
out, unless the blood is kept
pure. Its purity is restored and
protected by the faithful use of
lartart Sale of Any Medicine b the World,
fold everywhere. In bozee, 10c, 25c
Jatm-s Fisher
,T. II. Chatlwlck
Kilward Jares
('. R I.eth
K. J. Powers
WalilUlav Oracsy'.t
s. O. R-liner
Jo llurner
C. H. Hansen
M. T. Mivkelsen
J. A. Davis
Archie Calvin
13. T. Bartle
H. C. Jensen
William Anderoen
John Jensen
R. K. Hill
P. M. Morten sen
Ted Larkowskl
Jeas Parker
August Mudlcff
W. O. Chadxvlok.
A. Q. H. Schmidt
P. P. Z-ntek
T. H. Retmers
Allen Siegel
A. C. Troy '
K. F. Frandsen
A. H. Miller
E. A. Folk
Simon Jaoobson
Fred J. Hoyt
Joseph Krumer
Clyde. MoCuUotli
Sorn H unarm
Fred I. Frandsen
K. Hormansen.
KalDh R. i'os
V. K. Jacoos-en
Frank Koperski
B. C. Wult
Louisa Jacobsen
C. C. Moaebsen .
H. K. .Smith j
T. C. Nielsen
A. P. Lubbe
A. F. Naftorskt
G. H. Cochran
A. H. Fairhurn
F. C. Frandsen
J. C. Miller
Leslie O. Mann
Peter Szwanek
John Chrlstensen
Clyde Hood
W. E. Dross
W". F. Laurltsen
C. H. Nielsen
F. A. Turns
P. P. Panowlos
Edward E. Vlncik
Agricultural Claims.
Following is the list of the men claiming
axflmptlon in Valley county and the action
the board took upon them:
Clinton R. Dye, agriculture, denied.
Roy Hill, agriculture, denied atter De
cember 1, 1917.
Fern O. Johnston, agriculture, denied.
Arnold D.Bredthauer, agriculture, denied
Ray Everett Bower, agriculture, denied.
Riley I'lric Brannon, agriculture, denied
Louie I.. Dahlln, agriculture, dented.
Joe Penas, agriculture, denied.
Spencer A. Waterman, agriculture, denied
after Deoember 1, 1017.
John Volf, agriculture, denied.
Wllber A. Rogers, agriculture, denied.
'William J. Adamek, agriculture, allowed.
Judge Redick, sitting in law court,
has begun hearing on application for
temporary injunction brought ,by
Bauer & Johnson, paving contractors,
against the Callahan Construction
company, a rival concern, and the
countv commissioners.
It is part of the paving row in
which Bauer it Johnson seek to have
a contract given to the Callahan com
pany set aside and awarded them.
lhe Callahan company was awarded
a contract to pave a nine ot county
roan under what is known as trie
Tinlev method." The contract nrice
was "fl cents a yard, stone extra.
Batitr & Johnson refused to take a
contract for a mile. Their bid for
five miles wa3 36 cents a yard, stone
The countv board's idea was to
have each company put in a test mile
of paving and then award the bal
ance ot the contract to the concern
whose method proved to be the best.
Attorney breen, for Bauer sr John
son, told the court the commissioners
had no right to let a contract for one
mile after advertising for bids' tor
Hive miles. He said the "Finley
method had no special merit. He
said he may later charge "fraud" on
account of the high price of the Cal
lahan people s bid.
lhe board must follow the legal
procedure- advertise for bids and
then let a contract according to speci
fications, he declared.
High School Students
Enrolling for Fall Term
Four hundred juniors are enrolling
for the new term at the Central High
school. The pupils are allowed to
choose their studies, teachers and pe
riods. The boys are assigned to com-
anies in the cadet regiment. The
lemosthenian Debating society will
conduct an information desk Thurs
day and Friday for the enlightenment
of the freshmen in the intricacies of
high school administration. Juniors
registered Monday, sophomores will
register Wednesday and freshmen
Thursday and Friday. The registra
tion is held in room 325 at 8:30.
Omaha Officers Attend
Prohibition Conference
County Attorney Magney, Sheriff
Clark, Chief Deputy Sheriff Foster,
Police Chief Dunn, Mayor Dahlman,
City Commissioner Parks and City
Prosecutor McUuire went to Lincoln
for a conference with 'Governor Ne
ville in regard to enforcement of pro
hibition in Douglas county.
It is understood someone told the
governor prohibition was not being
properly enforced. Governor Neville
asked the officials to come to Lincoln
and talk the situation over with him.
Sues Catholic Church for
Ten Thousand Damages
Thomas Bogue, laborer, has
brought suit for $10,500 in district
! court against Archbishop Harty, title
holder of Catholic property in Ne
braska. Boguc alleges he was perma
nently injured when Re caught his
hand in a power driven washing ma
chine in the Catholic church at Tar
nov, Neb.
Asks $100,000 for Military '
Roads to Protect Panama
Washington, Aug. 28. Appropria
tion of vlOO.000 for buildin military
roads from the Panama canal back
into the jungles as a possible aid to
repelling invaders was requested of
the house today by the War depart
ment .
increases strengta of
delicate, nervous, run
down peopl 100 p
cent in ten 1 days hi
many instance. SlOf
forfeit tf it fail Pi
full explanation in largs
article noon to appeal
in this paper. Ask vetn
doctor or druggist bonf
Sherman A MeConnell Drag Store alwsy'
carr it in stock
Threshers in Great Demand
Near Watertown, S. D.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln. Aug. 28. (Special.) Men
are wanted to assist in threshing
grain around Watertown, S. D., ac
cording to a letter received from the
government employment agent at
that place by the government agent
here in charge of the labor situation.
One hundred and thirty men are
wanted at once, according to the let
ter and the agent here so far has not
been able to send more than half a
Forest D. Morgan and Miss Myrtle
L. Over, both of Wymore, were mar
ried at Beatrice yesterday by Rev.
Clyde C Cissell of the Methodist
Forest Fielder and Miss Mabel
Ward, both of Ellis, were married at
i Beatrice yesterday, Rev. C. C. Cissel.
King of England Sends
Congratulations to Italy
London. Aug. 28. King George has
telegraphed congratulations to King
Victor Emmanuel on the achieve
ments of the Italian army, expressing
the opinion that they will exercise a
tar reaching enect on the war.' ine
king said he was happy that British
guns and monitors contributed to the
success of the Italians.
Thousands Pay Last Honor
To Houston' Riot Victim
Chicago, Aug. 28. It is estimated
that 20.000 persons today attended the
funeral or stood with bared heads out
side the church of Captain Joseph
Mattes, who was killed in the Hous
ton riots.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Nebraska Troops at Deming;
Saloons Close Before Arrival
Deming, N. M., Aug. 28. (Special
Telegram.) On the three trains
from Fort Crook and Omaha, health
of the command was reported good.
it was the first regiment to reach
The i closing of the saloons is in
obedience to orders from the Depart
ment of Justice, which had notified
local authorities that intoxicants
must not be s61d within a half mile
of a military camp. There will be
no surburban district allowed, where
booze can be had, Mayor ftorhhaus
No reflection was meant upon the
fine Fourth Nebraska infantry in
command of Colonel W. A. Baehr, by
the sudejen government order to close
all saloons in Deming, Mayor Morris
Nordhaus said with a smile today.
The saloons shut up shop last night
and the Fourth arrived and detrained
this morning and marched;tO the sec
tion reserved in Camp Cody for the
Nebraska brigade by GeVieral George
H. Harries. A pleasant trip was re
ported by the men.
Florence Man Reported
Wounded on Canadian Lis
Ottawa. Aug. 28. The casualty Ust
of the Canadian Overseas force, issued
today contains the following Ameri
Wounded: C. H. Greene. Florence.
Neb.; J. L. Best, Topeka, Kan.: R.
Xasey, Konwlton, Wis. '
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