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News of the Week in Social: Circles : Activities in Woman's Realm
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Social World Agog Over Army ; V
News of Training Camps and Ra nk
OMAHA is extending its good
wishes to the second quota of
' men to fill the officers' reserve
training camps. Among those booked
for the second camps are Arthur
Scribner, Paul Cooley, George S
Metcalf, Roland Jones.Dana Van Du
sen, Nye Morehouse, Lyle Hubbard
of the Northwestern road, C. D. Me
Laughlin, Casper Offutt and Arthur
Trimble, all of whom go to Snelling,
Robert Stout, who has just returned
from New York, goes to the Flatts
burg camp and Fred W. Clarke, jr.
to the camp at the Presidio at .San
Francisco.' Beside these men a num
ber of the younger boys who were
at the first camp have been desig
' nated from Washington to take the
second camp training before they get
their commissions, among these being
Morton Wakeley, Henry Hart of
Council Bluffs and Charles Gorgas.
They all have to report at camp by
August Zo.
Dr. H. M. Fitzgibbon left Tuesday
for Fort Riley to enter the medical
officers' reserve corps training camp.
Robert Connell left Wednesday for
St. Louis to take his examination for
the balloon school.
Kurdette Xirkendall, who came
4omc Thursday from Snelling, left
Saturday for Hollywood, Cal., to see
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Kir-
' kendall, before he is ordered to one
of the aviation fields to begin his
training as an aviator.
Robert Stout arrived, home Monday
from New York, where he has been
in business for some months. He goes
to the 6econd training camp at Flatts
birrg and is home for a visit before
the camp opens
Not all the men' who received com
missions in the first .camps have ar
rived home as yet Virgil Rector,
who got a commission as second lieu
tenant of infantry at Snelling, stopped
at Okoboji on his. way home and. will
probably not reach here until" Mdn
day. His brother, Voyle, now Captain
Rector, went to Minnesota on his way
' home from Madison barracks and
will also be home this week.
-Lieutenant Cuthbert Potter and
Lieutenant : Cedric Potler motored
down- from Snelling, - leaving there
Lieutenants Ray Low, Jack Bald
win and Newman ' Benson ' got in
Thursday ''night from Fort Logan H.
Root.! Lieutenant Low has been as
signed to duly at Fort Pike, Ark.,
wiiere he will help train the men of
the drafted- army. s- . '
Mrs. J. J. Hanighen, who has. been,
at-," Fortress Monroe. Va., for six
, eeks, left' there-with her son, Jpbn,
at the close of the training ca;p this
week to make the trip by boat to New
York and is expected home" ' tomor
row.' I. W. Carpenter, jr., and Ber
nard Smyth, who were also at Fort
ress .'Monroe; ar"eTtrootchome ' by
way of the east. ' '
Lieutenant and Mrs.' Harold Priteh-
ctt and littledaughtenreturned Fri
day from Minnetonka. . ,
Mrs. W. F. Milroy and her -daughters,
Miss Isabelle and Mrs. Mel UhJ,.
jr., motored down from Minneapolis.
reachtng here Wednesday'. . .Lieuten
ant Mel Uhl, jr., arrived' from duell
ing Thursday. - - , . ,
Manv officers formerly stationed in
Omaha were included in the list of
J0O 'officers to become major generate
and -. brigadier generals, nominated week by President Wilson: . Soine
of the.m were only lieutenants when
tlicv were on dutv here. "Billy"
Wrielit. for instance,' was -a lieuten
ant when he first served at Fort
Omaha, over twenty 'years ago, and
Julius Penn was a lieutenant in the
Twenty-second infantry at Fort
.r. .1 - I
umatia. ay me new urucr uc ucwnim
a brigadier general and Wright a
major general. Among the other of
ficers to become major generals are
Chase W.' Kennedy, Harry C. Hale,
Peyton ,C. March and Omar. Bundy,
all of whom have been in Omaha or
one' of the posts, - Crook- or Fort
Omaha, in recent years, and were pro
moted scarcely a month ago to be
brigadier generals. Among the col
onels promoted to be brigadier gen
erals tt"'s week were R. C. Van liet,
James E. Erwin, William Allaire,
William PBurnham, Grote Hutche
son,' Daniel Devore, Julius Perm,' R.
E. L. Michie, James T. Dean and Wil
liam JLassiter. All of these, men
served in Omaha at different times.
Their, new commissions are for the
duratfon; of the war only.
Lieutenant Thomas J. Hayes, jr.,
has received his captaincy and is with
the ordnance department at San An
tonio, where his We and children are
What Society
Has In Prospect
The-Friday Night Dancing club an
nounces its plans for the coming sea
son. This club,, organized last season
as a north side club, has outgrown
its original limits and a more central
location became necessary. The danc
ing parties for the, coming season
will be heldyt Metropolitan hall, the
opening party on Friday evening, Oc
tober 12, followed by parties on Oc
tober 19, October 26 and Novem
ber 2. , ..
The Scrmo club will hold a 1
o'clock luncheon, followed by a mat
inee party, Tuesday-.
Women of Holy Angels' parish will
give a card party Tuesday afternoon
in their club rooms. Twenty-eighth
street and Fowler, avenue.
Le Mars club will give a dancing
party in honor of the boys who are
going to France at Keep's academy
Thursday evening.
Miss Catherine Hastings is plan
ning a luncheon at the Blackstone
Monday in honor of several visitors.
Mr. and Mrsv Luther L. Kountze
will entertain eight guests in their
box the opening night of the Ruth
Chatterton engagement in the Bran
deis. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Foye will
have a line party of eight; Lieuten
ant and Mrs. Hal Brady, six; Robert
McClelland, seven, and Miss Claire
McGovern, eleven. Smaller parties
will be entertained by Will Schnorr,
Charles Garvey. A. M. Pinto, Frank
Judson, J. G. Martin. Ross Towle,
F. H. Davis, Miss Helen Hibbard,
W. A. Redick, W. H. Wheeler, F, A.
firogan and u C Qmnn.
with him. Mrs. Hayes was Miss Mafy
Ringwalt of this city.
Major Charles M. Bundcll, who
married Miss, Enid Valentine, of this
city, has been promoted to be lieu
tenant colonel. .
Albert Sibbenisen and Victor Cald
well, as well as Burdette Kirkendall,
were, at Snelling, but have gone into
the aviation , corps and will receive
no commissions until they have had
a course of training in aviation. After
their leave, prpbably ten or twelve
days, they, expect to be ordered to
some of the,, aviation, fields. .
William B.. Peterson was at Snell
ing also; but was transferred to
Princeton, NiJ., for aviation training
three weeks ago.
For those who do not understand
the distinction between officers ap
pointed to the infantry in. the na
tional afny and those appointed in
the infantry" section of the officers'
reserve corps, the following explana
tion issued by the War department
may be enlightening: -
"Officers graduated from the train
ing camps are appointed to the offi
cers reserve corps because they will
thus become available for call into
service after the present war. They
will be detailed from the reserve
corps to ' command units in the: na
tional army . or . regular, army, but- at
the conclusion of hostilities will be
retained in the reserve corps and
returned to the inactive list. Those
officers appointed directly from the
training camps to the national army
will be mustered out after the war
and will not be automatically avail
able in the event of any subsequent
"The War department has, there
fore, adopted the policy of appoint
ing lo the .officers reserve corps all
men whose age permits and who are
otherwise satisfactory, j,ne maximum
age limits for appointment to the of
ficers' reserve corps are: For major,
45: for captain; 40; for first lieutenant,
36; for second lieutenant, 32. There
is no age limit . ior appointment ot
officers to the national army;"
Amonghe Visitors.
Miss Miriam Reed of Portland,
Ore., the guest of Mr. and Mrs. R.
C. Peters, has returned to her home.
Mr. Donald Mct-erron, who has
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
Stewart Sin Council Blurts, has re
turned to Hoopeston, Tll. Mrs. Mc-
Ferron wju remain with her parents
for another week or two. . '
Mrs J. C. Leisenring, of Chariton,
la., who spent three weeks with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. ' I, J. Copen-
harve, returned to her home rnday.
Mrs. W. H. Michael of Waterloo,
la., is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. JS.
Hall. ,Mr; Michael will-join her here
for the week-end,.! '-",' ...
Mrs. John T.; Meacltam. and three
childrnf of St. Louis are visiting Mrs,
Meacham's parents, Dr. and Mts. j.
M. Keys. .
, Mrs. Joseph . PKkh6k$" and small
daughter, Lorine Alice, - arrKe'd Sat
urday. tos be 'the attests-' .of- Miss Min-
ervaQuinby,, .daughter ' of Mr.' and
Mrs. Laurie -Quinbv. Mrs. Prochas-
ka, who w'-j Miss Alice Rice of Oma
ha, spent- several years in rortiand,
ure.. Dut is now living ,m : ceoar
Rapids. Ia.
Mr. and .Mrs. C. H. Saw'yer of Jop
lin, Mo., who were here visiting with
Mrs. Sawyer's mother, Mrs. E. Kleiner.-and
sisters. ,Mrs. Bert B. Booth
and Mrs. H. H. LSufenburg, left
Monday evening for Chicago. ' From
there they will go to Boston , and
Providence, -R. I., on a visit. ; ;
Miss Marie Ericson of Chicago is
the guest. of Miss Jessie Steers. Many
affairs are planned in "honor of the
Chicago visitor.
Social Gossip, f
Mr. and Mrs.. Glen Wharton leave
today for New York and Wianno,
Mass. ' . ' '
Mr.' and Mrs. Harry Goodel with
Miss' Dorothy Kiplinger and Judson
Gardner, returned to Burlington, la.,
this week to visit Mrs. Goodel's par
ents and to attend the fair held' there.
Sanr Bams and Ralph - Peters went
to Prior , Lake Friday evening to
spend: the' week-end with their fam
ilies. l
'Mrs. T.'iF. Kennedy and children
returned Wednesday from Atlantic
City. '','-''
Mrs. Frank B. Johnson and .her
daughters, Mrs. Harry Montgomery,
and" Miss-Jeanette Johnson, and-Miss
Adelaide Spratien; have returned from
the east, where they toured the: Berk
shires, and spent two weeks at Ogun
quit, Me.' Mrs. Johns jn and Miss.Jea
nette, are now motoring to Denver
and Esters Park. , s
'Mr.and Mrs. C. T. -Taylor leave
today for Lead, S. D., for six weeks.
Miss Helen, Hibbard has returned
from a month or six weeks in the
east. v ' - '
Miss Elsie Storz , is visiting .Mrs.
Charles Kountze at Minnetonka for
two weeks.
C. T. Kountze returned Monday
from Minnetonka, but went up again
Friday for the week-end. "
. C. M. Wilhelm left .Wednesday to
join' his wife and daughter in .Estes
park, and will returnr.with them in
about ten days.
Clarence and Douglas Peters went
to Estes park this week to join their
mother, Mrt. M. C. Peters, and Miss
Glodys Peters.
Mrs. Frank Judson and Miss, Dor
othy Judson returned Monday -from
Minneapolis, where they visited Mrs.
Judson's father and sister for sev
eral weeks.' Mr-' Judson "went up
Saturday to accompany them home.
Ward Burgess left Friday for Wian
no to join his family.
. Mrs. A. M. Jaquith and her daugh
ter, Mrs. Elias Vail, arrived Tuesday
from Minneapolis, where they, spent
the week-end to see Captain Arthur
Jaquith at the training camp.: Mrs.
Jaquith has been east since June
with her daughter, and the latter ac
companied her home to see. Captain
Jaquith during his leave. They are in
Mrs. Jaquith's house, 111 South Thirty-eighth
street. .
Mrs. Wilson Low' returned Friday
from Eaton's ranch.. ' -T
Miss Marion Weller and Miss Mar
garet Gambol who have been visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Richie and Miss
Bess Richie of Idaho Falls and with
V (Continued on Fact Two, Column One.)
S even Charming and
J if i1,- V vlirk i 'ls . k n"x
OIEVEN sisters are we' Ruth, Florence, Anne. Katherine Margaret
l and Mary Louise and Alice (Mrs. Leo J. Wickham) English, daugh--V
ters of the late James P. English. In the accompanying photograph
of seven English daughters The Bee shows one of the most unique group
photographs .taken in this city. '
"The English girls" are well known and popular in the younger se
Ruth and Anne are both graduates of last year's class at Central. High school.
Florence attends St. Berchman's academy, specializing in-music, while her
sister, Katherine, finished at this school in 1915. Margaret' and Mary Louise
are at home with their mother, Mrs. James P. English, while Alice who is
a Sacred Heart alumnae, was married last year, to Leo-J. Wickham.
Groups of seven sisters, and even more are quite general in Omaha,
where several Rooseveltian families may be found.. Among them are the
daughters of Dr. W. J. McCrann; John R. Rush and J. H. McShanc .
Newly Commissioned Officers in Uncle
r, Army
AR-TIME brides, especially
the brides of the newly com
missioned officers home,, on
furlough, are paramount in
interest at the present moment. En
gagements that caught even Dame
Gossip unawares are .revealed: bv
wedding announcements of the last
few days. Some of the orettv little
brides will accompany their soldier
husbands to Des Moines, as most of
the men are ordered to Camp Dodge J
others will remain at Kbme with their
parents when the bugte calls the men
to duty.
Lieutenant Robert N. Proudfit of
Friend, Neb., ws the first of the
Fort Snelling officers to wed. Only
Thursday morning the men arrived,
but Thursday afternoon Lieutenant
Proudfit's' bride, Miss Margharita
Carpenter,' was ready for the cere
mony, which -the Rev. Edwin Hart
Jenks performed at the home of the
bride's mother, Mrs.' Frank W. Car
penter. . ' 1 .. ,
One is not surprised at ihe almost
military precision and dispatch w hich
characterized this wedding, for the
bride,, a graduate of the University
of Omaha last June, comes of a mili
tary family, vfter father is now in
Manila, for he is department governor
of the Philippines. Her : brother,
Frank W. Carpenter, jr.; also" won a
lieutenant's comnfission at Fort Snell
ing, and arrived 'home in time to be
present at the wedding. The cere
mony was performed beneath a large
American nag, flags also being used
throughout the rooms. Both the
groom and his best man wore their
new khaki uniforms. " i
The young couple wiU spend Lieu
tenant Proudfit's twelve days of
leave between Omaha and Friend,
Neb., with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Proudfit. " ' ' ,
Lieutenant Proudfit, who Is a Uni
versity of Nebraska man and aTDelta
-4 ' -
Take Brides While Home on
Chi, has been called to service-at
Camp Dodge, in Iowa, as has also
Lieutenant Carpenter. Mrs. Carpenter
expects to spend part of the fall with
her children at Camp Dodge.
Lieutenant Oldham Paisley of the
officers' reserve camp at Fort Sher
idan, 111,, was the second bridegroom
of the newly-commissioned men. His
marriage to Miss Annetta Nourse
took place Saturday evening at the
home of the bride's brother and sister,
Robert F. Nourse and Miss Myra
Nourse. Lieutenant Paisley has been
assigned to the training camp of the
draft army at Rockford, III., at which
post'tlie young couple will probably
make their home for the present.
Lieutenant Paisley is -an Omaha
boy, a graduate of the Omaha High
school, though for the last few years
he and his parents, Mr. .and Mrs. W.
O Paisley, have been -Hying at Mar
ion, 111., where the young army offi
cer, was city editor of the Daily Re
publican. , i
' Still another interesting wedding of
early Saturday morning, was the cer
emony which united Lieutenant Don
ald J. Burke, who received his com
mission at. Plattsmquth last year, and
Miss Ivy May Lee, daughter of Mr.
and .'Mrs.,. George H. Lee. Rev.
Father Hugh Gately performed the
ceremony at St. Cecelia's cathedral at
6 o'clock. Lieutenant Burke's brother
and Sister Paul and Maragret Burke,
were the only attendants.,
'.The bride wore an oyster white silk
suit with large, black picture hat and
a corsage of Ophelia roses. After the
ceremony there was a breakfast at the
bride's home for members of the fam
ilies. Lieutenant Burke, who is the son of
Mrs. Finley Burke, is an honor grad
uate of Creighton university in the
law. department.- After receiving his
commission ,at Plattsmouth he - was
assigned to duty at Fort ' Snelling.
Whether . his bride will accompany
him to Camp Dodge is not definite.
Friday -morning at a breakfast to
which Miss Anna McConnell of
Council Bluffs invited some twenty
of her young girl friends, announce
ment was made of her approaching
marriage on Thursday to Lieutenant
Harry Jennings, son of Dr. and Mrs.
H. C. .Jennings, who received his
commission at Fort Snelling. The
wedding will take place at the First
Methodist church, at 8:30 o'clock and
will be followed by a reception at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. McConnell,1 making this,
perhaps, the most pretentious of the
war-time weddings.
Announcement of Miss McCon
nell's wedding date was made in the
most ' chaining manner. The break
fast was a pink one with bowls ; of
pink flowers decorating the one large
table and two smallet. Ones at which
the guests were seated. At each
place was a heart-shaped pink card
.tied with pink tulle, bearing the pho-
F. 1 . t . 1. . . . 1 .
lograpns or me iwo young people
and below it their wedding date.
Guests at the luncheon were the
Misses Mary Mitchell, Mary Stillman,
Elsie, Gertrude and Beatrice Tinley,
Grace McGee, Helen McJ.nerny, Mar
ion Saunders, Gertrud Wheeler,
Madge and Fern Clark, Clara Hart
and her guest, Miss Dorothy Headley
of. New Bedford, Mass.; Lorine
Campbell. Angela Shukert, Mrs. Ber
nard Beno and Mrs. Earl Baird.
A pretty feature of the wedding is
the fact that the bride's grandfather,
the Rev. Dr. Stephen L. Phelps of
Bellevue. Neb., will perform the cere
mony. Two of the bridesmaids are
Council Bluffs girls, Miss Mary Still-man-and
Miss Mary Mitchell. The
other two, who arrive Monday, are
School friends of the bride at Beech
wood, near Philadelphia; Miss Anne
Harcount of Chillicothe, O., and Miss
1 ' A ''",,t;x f - ' i'i'h'- ' - - U '
English Sisters
Brief Furlough
Virginia Stubbs of Des Moines, Lieu
tenant Jennings is having difficulty
in securing the presence of the men in
his wedding party, al most of them
are 1 commissioned men, training in
different officery. camps all over the
country. Lieutenant Jennings ' at
tended Culver Military academy and
later Ames college. v
Young friends of the bridal couple
plan to fill he intervening days until
the wedding with many entertain
ments for them. There will b i a din
ner party Monday evening and Wed
nesday afternoon Miss Mary Mitchell
will give a matinee party and tea for
the bride. Others who have asked
for a date to entertain are Miss Fer
Clark, Miss Grace McGee and Mr.
Robert Turner.
This couple will go to Des Moines
after their brief honeymoon.
Thursday will, also witness the
marriage of Miss Rachel Hager, to
Lieutenant John Robel, a Fort Snelr
ing officer. The wedding will take
place that evening ( at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Spender E. Hager, after which Lieu
tenant Robel and his bride will go to
Des Moines, where he has been or
dered to report to Camp Dodge, the
draft cantonment of this divisbn.
Miss Lucile .Hager, sister of the
bride, will be maid of honor, and the
groom's sister, Miss Grace Robel, will
be bridesmaid. Charles Robel,' broth
er of the groom, will be best man.
Only relatives and a few close
friends will be present.
Society is inclined1 to believe that
there will be still one more interest
ing weddlng before the officers re
port for duty at Camp Dodge. The
marriage or Miss Gertrude Owen,
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F. S- Owen,
and Major Amos Thomas, wl;o re
ceived the highest office at Fort
Snelling, is the one anticipated. '
- - ' i
Social Calendar
Monday - : ' '-'
Society night -at Blackstone roof
gardens. i , .
Automobile picnic for Mrsi. J M.
Hamilton- and .Miss, Irene Ham
ilton of Oklahoma City, 'guests
' of Miss Gertrude Young. '
Luncheon at Blackstone fori Mrs.
Sadie Thiele of Indianapolis, fol
' lowed by bridge , at , Field club,
given by Mrs. J.' F. Anson and
" Mrs. H. G." Anson. , ' - ' -'Matinee
and "dinner-dance at ' Hap-
py.Hollow club. ;
i, Women's 'luncheon and 'dinner
dance at Carter Lake club.
Woman's luncheon and bridge
tournament at Field club.
Luncheon for , Miss Lula Dixon
of Washington, D. C, at Country'
club, Mrs. E. S. Westbrook,
hostess. .
Card party of Holy Angels' parish
in club rooms.
Parties at Benson horse race.
One o'clock luncheon and rhatinto
party of Sermo club.
Mid-week dinner-dance at Coun
try and Field -clubs..
Bihler-Dickman wedding.
Cottagers' luncheon at Carter Lake
Bowling club meets at Happy Hoi
' low.
Matinee party and tea for Miss
Anna McConnell Miss Mary
Mitchell, hostess.
Buffet luncheon for "visiting mer
chants at Field club.
Box party at Brandeis - theater
gixen by Mr. and Mrsi Luther L.
Kountze; line parties by Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Foye, Lieutenant Hal
Brady. Mr. Robert " McCelland
and Miss Claire McGovern.
Women's luncheons at Happy Hol
low and Seymour Lake Country
Le Mars club dance, Keep's
Robel-Hager wedding. s
Jennings-McConnell ; wedding.
Original Cooking club, Mrs.
Moshier Colpetzer, hostess. ;
Friday ' .-
Seymour Lake Country club dinner-dance.
Matinee dance at Field club
Cottagers' Bowling club at Carter
Field. Happy . Hollow,
Carter Lake and Prettiest Mile
club, week-end dinner-dances.
; ' ' ' '