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Murphys to Battle Both Town
sends and Stags in Series
for Class B Cham-
At Melady's meadow this afternoon
the second chapter of the Class B
championship series will be on tap.
Six games will be played to determine
the winner, two of which have al
ready been reeled off. One was cap
tured by the Tpwnsends and the other
by the Murphy Did Its. Both games
were excellent dishes. Apparently
everybody was well pleased with the
base ball dished p by the champions
of the various leagues. Of course the
oui-come did not prove palatable to
some. Approximately 2.0QO fans at
tended the games last Sunday and
as the seating capacity of the park
was taxed to the limit about 500 more
seats will be available today. To date
the Murphy Did Its, champions of the
City league, have tasted first place in
the Class B championship, and, as
their peppery leader says it tastes
better than anything his squad has
sampled this season, he and the gang
are determined to hold roost one. It
will be remembered that the Murphy
Did Its won the Class B honors last
season, and, as the majority of the
fans are not in favor of one team
winning the honors for two cotfsecu
tive seasons, consequently the Stags
and Townsends are the-favorites with
the local base ball populace.
The initial debate today will be
railed on the boards at one and a half
strikes between the Murphy Did Its
and the Stags. Last Sunday's game
placed the Stags n the basement, but,
according to their irrepressible man
ager, Victor Lund, they will rise out
of the cellar this afternoon at the ex
pense of the Murphys. All the mem
bers of th Stag team are just bugs
to hand the blacksmiths a lemon, and,
if they succeed in tickling the pill like
they used to, possibly this difficult
task can be accomplished. In the
twirling department there is not much
difference between the three teams
and in fielding they re approximately
evenly hooked op, but with the pole
the Murphvs arc demon sluggers,
while the other two teams are only
mediocre. Thei.' clubbing ability m
what makes the Murphy Did Its the
best bet in the race.. In all probability
Rasmus will hoist the cherry for the
Slags, while Fontaine Vernon will be
ou the firing line for the Murphy Did
Play Townsends Next.
As soon as the. initial argument Is
history, the Murphy Did Its will hook
up with the Townsends. Fans that
saw these two teams clash last Sun
day know that a nifty duelyill be on
the bill of fare. Either Probst or
Smith will hoist the pill for the Town
sends and Peter McCoy . will be the
choice of Manager Moran. Lineups:
Murphy Did
. . , . Brae
, ., Bench
, .. Conly
..... Pariah
. Eaatcrn
. . Stmpaon
, . . Jacob!
rut, Whl
. ,. fUnmui
. ... Farley
.. rateraon
J. Jlnran.
. . Flrat . . .
A. Moran....
A Vnrnon...
Don hut.....
V Oil..
V. Varnon . . .
r. McCoy....,
, . fltcond. ,
. . J.eft....
, , .OnttT. .
. .mm-t...
... '".-i.
. . 1
Townnd. ...urphy Did Iti.
B. HadKen,... KIr: .... J. Moran
HUney ...Seiond.i..,. A. lloraa
Klnlayeon ..Third Mancueo
KUif Short' A. Vernon
Htaray ............. l-eft. O'Brien
Lunger ......... ( ontur. ..... , Donahue
Madn' Rlnht .......... . Kelly
Itorghoff ;.l.'tch.... Yost
Knillh.. Pitch McCoy
j'rotwt ritch F. Vernon
Lulce .Utility.
Pete Kilduff's Fielding
Feature of Cub Contesti
Hoston, Aug. 18. Boston and Chi
cago split even in today's double
header, the visitors winning the first
uame, 4 to 2, with a three-run ninth
iniiing rally, while in the second con
tent, Boston scored a 2 to 6 shut-out
through Tyler's splendid pitching.
The fveldiriK of Kildiiff was sensa
tional in both games, Score, first
" lr a I, :i It
WUmn e
Dciu Im p
3 S 0
3 t A
i : i
e 14 o
l l o
? i i
1 s s
1 1 1
0 t 0
0 ft 0
O.Mr'n ,
1 2
1 .
a 2
0 11
1. 2
1 0
0 1
0 ft
0 Kahg.rt
"Kiu'iik lb
0Nh(. ,
Tolala 10 t 27 U 4
Total t 4 10 27 11
Hatted for Carter lnnlnih.
Bulled for Wolter In ninth.
Betted for Elliott in ninth.
Chicago t 0
Hton 3
Two-bae hlte: Ucal. Reh, Kelly. Dou
ble )1b-: Kllduff and JJerkle; Maranvllla
and KoRti'by. li'- n balle: Oft Carter,
; off Barnee. 1. Hit: Off Carter. 7 In
eight lnnlna-e: off Harne. In elRht Innings;
off Nehf. 1 In iwo-lhlrd Inning. Struck out:
Hy Carter. 1: by Uouglae J; by Barnc. 4.
L'mplres: Harrison and O'Day.
8cori, eecond game:
Klack.rf 1 0 ft CMar'lle.ea 1 1 S J ft
Slann.lf 4 OPowell.if 4 1 1 ft
Kelder.Sb 4 2 12 ftKehg.rf 4 1
Merkle.lh 2 I ft OKelly.lf I 1 ft ft ft
Wll' 3 0 10 OKon' S 1 to 0 ft
al.3b 4 0 11 3 112ft
KIld'Z.M 0 1 5 OKIta'pk.Sb ft 0 ft 1 ft
Wilson .0 2 (1 1 1 Raw'SUb 3 ft ft 3 ft
Hen rlx.p 3 ft ft ft ftTrager.o 3 111ft
Tvler.p 3 1 3 ft
Tolala . 27 t 24 It 1
Tolala 23 I 7 27 14 ft
Chicago .......ft ft ft 0
Boelon ft ft ft ft ft 0 ft 3 2
Two-baee hit: Kelly. Stolen basee: Flack.
I'tfnelL Doubla play: Kllduff to Zeider to
Jl-rklt. Bases on balls: Off Hendrlx. 1; oft
Tyler. . 'Struck out: By Hendrlx, 4: by
Tyler, . Umplrea: O'Day and Harrison.
And Still Does the Jinx
Pursue Genial Joe Wavrin
The jinx, it seems, will never cease
its oursuit of Joe Wavrin. well known
Omaha amateur base ball enthusiast
and oresident of the Booster league.
i First, Wavrin suffered broken leg
and' was confined to the hospital for
several weeks. Then, no sooner was
he released from the hospital than he
was seized with an attack of tonsillitis
and is again confined to the sick bed
Haley Bhomt Form.
Pat Healy. the old Red Soi-Plrate back'
atop, is caicblDg a fin game (or the Ath
lei lea. . ,.
FIGHTING FOR CLASS B AMATEUR TITLE Murphy Did Its, championalast year, who play Townsends and Stags today
at Melady's park in second chapter of championship series. Reading left to right: Roland Peterson, mascot; Joe Moran, first
and manager; Frank Jacobs, president City league; J. Donahue, center; Art Moran, second; F. Yost, catch; B. Maher,
utility; Pete McCoy,pitch; D. O'Brien, left; R. Kelley, right; F. Vernon, pitch; F. Mancuso, third, Al Vernon, short.
Omaha's Acting First Sacker
Drops Few Points, but
Rivals Slip Still
, The two leaders in the Western
K'ague have suffered a batting slump,
but Shaw of Omaha continued to lead
with .325 and Jones of Wichita was
next with .319, among the regulars
who have played in half their clubs
games, according to averages released
today and which included games of
last Tuesday. -
Gilmore of St. Joseph played in only
one game during the week jnd did
not make any- runs, but his mark of
ninety-one continued him as leader
amog the run getters.
Butcher of Denver increased his
lead in total bases to 216, but did not
add to his mark of ten for home run
honors, which remains high.
Ewoldt of Dcs Moines is the best
sacrifice hitter and is leading with
fifty-two, while Cochrane of Jqplin
continued to show the way to the
base stealers with thirty-four thefts.
Denver is leading St. Joseph, which
club jumped from sixth place "by "one
point for club batting with .202.
Leading batters who have played
in half their clubs' games:
Shaw, Omaha, .325; Jones, Wichita,
.319; Connolly, St. Joseph, .313;'
Butcher, Denver, ,306; Krug, Omaha,
.301; Crosby, St. Joseph, .300; F.
Henry, Hutchinson, .300; Gilmore. St.
Joseph, ,297;v Horan, Joplin, .294;
Mills, Denver. .293..
Kauff Creeps Up,
Roarer Hornsbv. the slugging St.
Louis infielder. has continued to slii ,
while Roush, Cincinnati, has strength
ened his hold on first place among the
National league batters. His average
is .349, according to figures released
today and which include Wednesday's
games. Beny Kautf ot New York
has crept from fourth to second place,
twenty-eight points behind the leader,,
Although. Hornsby dropped to
fourth place ; in batting, . he contin
ued to -share with Kousn tue icaa
for total bases, each having ' 182.
Roush, Cincinati, .349; Kauff, New
York, .321; Cruise, St. Louis, .318;
Hornsby, St. Louis, .314; Groh, Cin
cinnati, .311; Griffith, Cincinnati, .308;
Fischer, Pittsburgh, .307; Zimmer
man, New York, .306: Wilhoit, New
York, .306; Neale, Cincinnati, .304;
Clarke, Cincinnati, .304.
Ty Cobb's mark of .385, with which
he was leading the American league
batters last week, has remained un
changed. Likewise Tris Speaker's
average also remained unchanged a
.351. Sisler of St. Louis is gaining
on the leaders and now is holding
third place with .348. Cobb increased
his lead in total bases to 261.
Cobb, Detroit, .38a: Speaker, Cleve
land.. .351; Sisler, St. Louis, .348;
Vcach, Detroit, .310; Chapman, Cleve
land, .308; Harris. Cleveland, .303;
Felsch, Chicago, .299; Mclinnis, Phila
delphia, .299; Rice, Washington, .296;
Bodie, Philadelphia, .294.
Johnson Holds Tigers to
Four Scattered Swats
Detroit. Aug. 18. Johnson held De
troit to four hits today and (Wash
ington won easily, 5 to 3. Detroit
was shut out until the ninth when
Vitt's 'double, Veach's triple and Mor
gan's error scored two runs. Wash
ington bunched hits with base on
balls aud errors. Joe Judge, Wash
ington's first baseman, broke his left
ankle sliding into the plate in the
fifth inning. Score:
i Vltt.Sb
A'namth.o 4
J'ns'n.p 4
OMIK'hMl.p 0
C'wf'd 1 0 H t
Total:.3 J ST 14 1
Totals.. 31 4 37 13
Batted (or Cunningham In eighth.
Washington M1H1M 08
Detroit 8 0 2t
Two-base hits: Johnson, VUL Three-bas
hit: Veach. Hlolon base: Alnsmlth. Doubi
play: Vearh and Yelle. Basea on halls: Oft
Cunningham. 3: off MlU'hell, 1; off John
son. 3. Hits: Off Cunningham. 7 in eight
Innings. Struck out: By Cunnlnaham, 1: by
Mitchell, 1: by Johnson, I. Umpires: Hilde
brand and Connolly.
Pt has been said that the old pas
time Vould be benefitted if the White
Sox instead of the Red Sox would
grab the A. L. flag. The White Sox
agree in this contention to a man.
Thtr. Will B.
Base Ball Tournament
in David City, Nth.,
On September 11, 12 and 13,
and would like to schedule games
with any fina real base ball clubs.
A big fat purse will be given the
winners and also the losers. Any
clubs wishing .to enter in this
tournament, write or wire Al
Bahr, David City, Neb. .
fl .Y. ki cl ii-n -m w kh -Jit
Standing oj Teams
W.L.Pct.1 W.L.I'ot.
Omaha . . . . 15 11 .677!Nw York. , .70 37 .654
Lincoln .... 15 11 .677 Philadelphia 5411.658
Wichita 14 12.G38'8t. Louis 59 64.622
Hutchlnaon 14 1 2 .63!(!lnclnnatl ..6167.617
St. Joseph.. 13 13 .GOO Chlcago 68 55 .613
.loplln 12 14 .42!Brooklyn ...63 67 .482
Denver . . . .10 1 .385,iloston 48 58 .442
Lies Moines.. 11 ID .42311'ltlsburgh ...36 76.315
W.L.lVt, W.L.Pet
Chlengo 71 !:! .82::. Indianapolis 74 4 .617
HoHlnn Hi 42 .822l,oulllle ...71 62.577
Cleveland . . HO 67 .61 3jSt. Paul 64 52.652
Detroit 68 66 .609Columbus ...64 65.538
New Tork. .64 69 .4lKansas City,. .65 0 .478
Washington. .53 68 .477 Minneapolis 65 67 .461
Philadelphia 43 .389Mllwaukea
HI. Louis... .43 72. 374Toledo ....
..61 71 .413
..41 69 .373
Yesterday's Results:
Hutchinson, 7; Omaha, J.
Wichita. 0; Lincoln, 6.
iloplln, 8; St. Joseph, 2.
Denver, 0; Des Moines, 4.
, Chicago, 4-0 j Boston, 2-2,
Cincinnati, 6-2 u Brooklyn, 1-9.
8t. Louis. 1-6; New York. 4-4.
Pittsburgh, 2; Philadelphia, 3. (Fourteen
Philadelphia. 4; Chicago, 6.
New York, 1; St. Louis. 7.
Washington, 5: Detroit, 2.
Boston, 1-1; Clevaiand, 2-1.
Toledo. 0; Kansas City. 2.
Indianapolis. 3; Minneapolis, 1,
Louisville, 4; St. Paul, 2. -i
Columbus, 6-6; Milwaukee, 2-2.
iamea Today.
Western League Hutchinson
Wichita at Lincoln. Joulin
at St.
Denver at Des Moines.
National League Open date.
American League Philadelphia at Chi
cago, New York at St. Louts,' Washington at
Detroit, Boston at Cleveland.
(Continued From Page One.)
Top, three free-for-all steppers rank
ing high in horsedom; '
Columbia Fire, recently bought by
Earl Bcedcy, ! debonair, Nebraska
driver and owner, who will handle
the reins on .'.lis great pacer in
The free-for-all stake will be worth
$1,000 to the winners. J
Stars in Fast Race.
The Ak-Sar-Ben stake has twenty
four entries; including Star Kay, win
ner at Burlington; Bob Hale, Free
Mason, Farrest Bingen, Governor
V, lleliohas, Ignatius McGregor,
Idlewild, King Will, Lord Archdale,
Lord Aubrey, Lady South, Maharba,
Miss Gailcy, Magneto Belle, Nagloc,
Peter Linwood, Pegasus, Phoebe, Sa
ble Kedlac, Stabc, the Graceful Spier,
Vive Golden Bar, Wagner and
Harjy T..
The Bingen Silk stake has nineteen
entries, including Alta Donovan, who
trotted a remarkable mile for a 2-year-old
in 2:19 over the Benson track in
June; Dr. Nick, who recently worked
in 2:-'0; All, Win Patch, Auld worthy,
Carra Frisco, Hawkeye f Spier, Jay
Bingen. Lord Wilber, Merry Axwor
thy, Toots Burke, Triangle Watts
and two unnanud fillies by Mainsheet
and Archdale.
The Hotel Castle stake attracted
Save $10.00
Buy Your
Prices soon to advance
on all bicycles.
We have a few more bicycles
left from the , Nebraska Cycle
Company's bicycle department
that we purchased ; recently
which we are now selling at
S 10.00 less than present prices.
! "Hurry or you will be
too late "
Victor H.Roos
Harley-Davidson Motor
cycles and Bicycles.
2701-03 Leavenworth Street.
1 -Ar-SteM
. mtmr
five 2-year-old pacers, including Delia
Warren, Farlwin, Flower Forbes,
Lady M. Searchlight and Louise Di
rect. Three-Year-Old Classic.
The feature of the second day will
be the Byrne-Hammer $700 stake for
3-year-old trotters. There will also
be the Hal McKinney $1,000 stake
for 2:15 pacers and the 2:25 pace for
a purse of $500.
The Byrne-Hammer stake has
nineteen entries, including Noble Au
brey, who won in 2:12)4 at Peoria;
Alicola, who has won most of het
starts this year; Black Diamond, who
has been winning against aged horses
in Illinois; Berbells, Bird Maxey,
Captain Dale, Dusty Girl, Fred C.
Todd, Lady Axworthy, Lloyd George,
Miss Friday 13, Mary Clitnero, Mar
iondale, Mary's Todd, Miss Colorado,
Princess Robey, Peggie the Great,
Silver Boy and The Unison.
In the Hal McKinney $1,000 stake
for 2:15 pacers are twenty-seven en
tries, including Baxter Lou, 2:06,
and Hal J., 2:09J4. winners at Peoria;
Colonel Armstrong, who has been
winning on the Grand circuit; Flora
Strathmore, Miss Imbro and Zealous
Lee, who have ben winning in Iowa;.
Cambridge Belle, Charline, Clipper,
Jr., Dude Highwood, Electric Togo,
E. J. L. Lbenezer, Empress Togo.
Freddie Welch, who has been winning
in. Ohio; Gentry Belle, Golden Seal,
Hemet, King Heir, Lady Fuller,
Ladyway, Power Patch, Red Wing,
Shady Boy Weldon B., Peggie C. and
Ross Directum.
The 2:25 pace has ten entries, in
cluding Betty Hopper, Charline. De
Sherrill, Eva Abbe, George W., Grey
Hal, Miss Clark, Muriel, Shady Boy
and Zealous Lee.
Third Day's Program.
The third day will see, the $1,000
Grain Exchange stake for 2:14 trot
ters, the Burgess-Nash $500 stake for
3-year-old pacers and a $500 purse for
The Grain Exchange stake has
Tuesday, August 21. The $1,090 free-for-all pace
with 11 entries; the Ak-Sar-Ben $1,000 stake with 13 en
tries ; the Bingen Silk $500 stake, for 2-year-old trotters,
with ,13 entries; the Castle Hotel $400 stake for 2-year-old
pacers with 5 entries. It is unusual to see a free-for-all
pace and three early-closing events on an opening
day's program.
, Wednesday, August 22 The Hal McKinney $1,000 '
stake for 2:15 pacers; the Byrne-Hammer $700 stake for
3-year-old trotters, and a purse of $500 for 2:25 pacers.
Records will fall in the 3-year-old trot with Noble Aubrey,
Alicola and Black Diamond at the bat. The Hal Mc
Kinney event will bring together Baxter Lou and Hal J.,
recent winners at Peoria, 111.
eighteen starters, including Spriggan,
2:08'4, winner of the $20,000 Panama
Pacific stake; Sweet Aubrey, 2:09,
winner at Burlington; Gail McKin
ney, 2:1 H4, winner at Peoria; On
ward Allerton, who has been racing
on the Grand circuit; Anzonetta,
Aegon Girl, Dorothy Sweeney, Em
pire Bowl, George- S., Heir Reaper,
Joe Vincent, Lexel, May Harriman,
Tcna Gx The Graceful Spier, The
Orphan, Velma Todd and Winnie
The Burgess-Nash stake attracted
ten 3-year-old pacers, including Colo
nel Roosevelt, Etta Maxey, Light
foot, Lord Abbe, Maryline, Princess
Strathmore, Starberg,' Gladys Marie,
Vernon Pointer and Western Gale.
In the 2:27 trot are eleven entries,
as follows: High Knob Anna, win
ner at Peoria; Black, Kilkenny, Bo
bola, Catherine Archdale, Dusty Girl,
JacI; Combs, Lord Aubrey, Maharba,
Miss Gailey, Peter Linwood and
A great windup program has been
m m
" As close as you wish it all de- ?
Z pends on the razor. We will f
sell you the finest razor your
face requires. Safety or regu- ;
I lar.
16th and Howard. Douglas 848.
i 1 y
Great Western Circuit races in connection with the Douglas County Fair.
The champion trotters and pacers of the east arid west will meet here to test
their skill.
The Great Western Circuit, of which Omaha is a member, consists
also of Peoria, 111. ; Burlington, la. ; Des Moines, la. ; Hamline, Minn. ;
Milwaukee, Wis., and Sedalia, Mo.; including the state fairs of Iowa,
Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri. ' . 1 I
Directors of the Omaha Driving club: Edw. Peterson, Otis M.
Smith, E. P. Peck, Thos. C. Byrne", M. C. Peters and Everett Buckingham.
Come and see the Agricultural, Poultry, Floral and other exhibits which
go from here to the Nebraska State Fair. The Douglas County exhibit at the
State Fair usually wins first premium. The women will be interested in the
cooking and fancy work exhibits. , As for the- children well, you remember
the great times you used to Have at the county fairs. Amusements furnished
by the Western Carnival Company. Music by Green's Band. ' 1 (
(Benson cars difect to gate, or transfer from any other line)
arranged in the 2:12 pace, 2:17 trot
and 2:18 pace.
The 2:12 pace has sixteen entries,
including Hal Conners, 2:07, win
ner at Shenandoah; Bill Hurst, Billy
Murray, Boro B, winner at Peoria;
Budweiser, Cecil Boy, Dan W., Flash
H., Lady Fuller, Lee Dale, Mollie
Bringer, Princes Margaret, .Rose Di
rect, Sandy Patch, Shadeline and The
Black Bass.
The 2:17 trot attracted fifteen en
tries, including Chalk Ann,, Dan
Mathews, Dexter Sym, who worked
in 2:07 at Peoria: Empire Bond,
Fred R., Gay Patch, George S., Gov
ernor V, Great Ivan, Habara, Jack
Combs, Lexel, Lila Lac, Otto F. and
btar Kay, winner at Burlington.
The 2:18 pace brings together
seven starters: Boro B.. winner at
Peoria; Busy Time, De Sherrill, Eva
Abbe, French McKerron.'Grey Hal
and Zealous Lee.
Tuesday has been designated as
"military day" by the driving club of
ficials. Soldiers in uniform will be
admitted free. Officers and promi
nent Omaha society people will oc
cupy boxes. Green's band will play
a military program of music. The
racing park has been profusely deco
llated with the -national colors.
Nothing has been soared to make
the Benson plan attractive for visi
tors. Patrons -will find every con
venience for their comfort, including
ample parking spaces for automobiles
and luxurious rest rooms for ladies.'
The sportsmen and business men who
constitute the membership of the
driving club personally guarantee a
metropolitan race meeting in every
i 1 4 Wf ill i j i . ., . I
rm w -v . i t i s s a saw ism r i i s J m.n
I Uncle Sam's Choice
tk Out of 6,000 motorcycles and sidecars ordered for the
U. S. Army, by the U. S. Army Quartermaster's corps, in
y the last month, 4,500 WERE INDIANS.
I The machines ordered and used by the U. S. Army are
S exactly the same as the ones we sell. EVERY INDIAN IS
i Indian Motorcycles and Uicycles are the JtsEST Jsux
BUILT.. , - . .
Call for demonstration or write forcatalogue. A big y
line of used machines at bargain prices. 4
Omaha Bicycle Company
16th and Chicago Streets.
. Thursday, August 23 The Grain Exchange $1,000
stake for 2:14 trotters with 18 entries; the Burgess-Nash
$500 stake for 3-year-old pacerg, and a $500 purse for
2:27 trotters.. The Grain Exchange stake brings togeth
er Spriggan, 2:0834 (winner of the $20,000 Panama
Pacific), Sweet Aubrey, 2:0914 (winner at Burlington),
and Gail McKinney, 2:1 14 (winner at Peoria).
Friday, August 24 A big closing day's program, in
cluding the 2:12 pace, with 16 entries ; the 2 :17 trot, with
15 entries, and the 2:18 pace, with. 7 entries. The 2:12
pace attracted Hal Conners, 2:074 (winner at Shenan
doah), Boro B. (winner at Peoria), Bill Hurst, Billy Mur
ray, Princess Margaret, etc. In the 2:17 trot is Dexter
Sym, who worked in 2.074 at Peoria.
Edward Peterson is president oi
the Omaha Driving club and Otis M.
Smith secretary. The directors are
Mr. Peterson, Mr. Smith, E. P. Peck,
Thomas C. Bryne, M. C. Peters and
Everett Buckingham.
The following officials have been
named: . .. '
Dr. Frank E. Stoue of Burlington,
Wis., starter; C. M. Buck of Omaha,
presiding judge; E. L. Whitehead and
Dr. Grant Williams, associate judges;
Dr. C. C. Hall, head timer; Frank
Childs and Harry Whitmer, associate
timers; Charles Ronin of Fremont,
Neb., clerk of the course; Roy Col
well of Mansfield, O., official programmer.
,' FOR
Anything Etcbd en
Copper or Zinc
Artiste, EngrTr,
Electro type ra and
B Engraving Dept,
103 Bee Big.
jm i- -TTA '.ir "in frfc 'i I" '1 gfcl"
f m n t am A