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Serious Division Arises Over
Ukraine Petition and Tour
Members Tender Their
Tetrograd, July 17. Three mem
bers of the cabinet have resigned and
a special session of the council of
ministers has been convoked in an
effort to avert a crisis. Their names
ae: . ' , .
A. I. Shinaroff, minister of finance;
Prof. Manuiloff, minister of education,
and Prince Shakoysky, head of the
department of public aid.
The resignation of these ministers
followed a disagreement over ques
tions involving the Ukraine, an exten
sive region in Russia embracing part
of the territories of the old kingdom
of Poland. ,
The split in the ministry occurred
last night at a ministerial conference
called to consider a report submitted
by M. Tereschtenko, minister of for
eign affairs, and M. Tseretelli, min
ister of posts and telegraphs, as a
result of their negotiations concern
ing the Ukrainans.
Division Over Ukraine.
The resigning ministers criticised
the text of a declaration made to the
Ukranians, first, because it abolishes
all power of the temporary govern
ment in the Ukraine; second, because
it did not specify of what territories
the Ukraine consists or make clear
how it shall be governed.
The opposition members of the
cabinet assert that only the legislative
body has a right to determine the
future form of the government of the
Ukraine, whereas, according to the
declaration of M. Tereschtenko and
Tseretelli, the Ukrainians appear to
be proceeding informally to draw up
their own government .
The ministers insist their resigna
tion is not to be taken as an objec
tion to the principle of autonomy for
the Ukraine. . ...
v Fourth Minister Resigns.
London, July 17. A Reuter dis
patch from Petrogad says M. Steph
anoftY, acting minister of commerce,
also has resigned.
' (Continued From !' On.)
t 'A 4
Amsterdam, July 17. Count von
Roedern. German finance minister,
reolaces Dr. Karl Hemerich, secre-
tary of the interior, according to the
Berliner lagebiatt.
Majority Bloc to
Present Ultimatum
To Dr. Michaelis
(Continued Prom F One.)
To this end attention was directed
today to various sections of the regis
trations, over -which questions have
arisen and it was succeetcd the local
boards and the press co-operate during
the week or so remaining before lots
are drawn to Insure that the regis
tered men know just how to perform
.i . . ! . it; a ...1. -1 !
ineir pari in ine great ian vi exami
nation and exemption.
Post Lists Prominently.
So that easier access may be had
to the lists of registration numbers in
the hands of, local boards Provost
Marshal General Crowder telegraphed
the governors of all the states, asking
that instead of posting the lists at
the board offices, they be placed "in
some ssfe. central office such as po
lice headquarters." In the larger
cities especially, the provost mar
Khal general said much inconvenience
has been caused by having the lists
available only at out-of-the-way board
offices. t . .'
-t Reasons For Exemption.
' Officials here are anxious that local
boards make it clear everywhere
that no question of exemption of any
registered man for any other cause
than physical disability or dependent
relatives can be taken up before the
local boards. The whole matter of
industrial exemptions is left to the
superior boards, one of which has
been created in each federal judicial
. No individual case where exemption
is desired because (he registrant is en
gaged in an industry classified as vital
'to the conduct of the war will be taken
up until that individual has been called
p for exemption by his local board,
found to be without dependents and
nhvsieallv fit for military duty and
certified to the superior board. After
that, application to superior board for
exemption on oincr grounQ wm pe
admissible. The registrant or his em
ployer may file necessary affidavits
with the suoerior board seeking ex
cmption, and the case will be heard
. promptly.
Men Away From Home.
Another point on which there has
been much doubt is the status of
registrants absent from their regis
tration districts. Scores of requests
have come from men in this situation
asking if they will have to return to
their home towns for examination.
Thev have been informed that if thev
are selected for examination, each will
be notified bv mail by his local board
and then can apply to the local board
tor permission to undergo examina
tion in the town where he is located.
Such action cannot be taken, how
ever, until the registrant actually has
been summoned by his local board.
The government has distributed to
boards complete sets of blanks to
cover appeals, transfers and any other
matters in connection with the pro
cess. Resistrants may examine these at
the quarters of local boards, but every
effort has been made to prevent the
filing of eSdvi rf other documents
list .is-, set apply to case actually
under consideration. Otherwise the
boards would be swamped with efforts
. to get a decision in advance.
Industrial Exemption.
Probablv the ooint in the whole
process which has led to the greatest
misunderstanding and confusion is
:e & iiein Hy which industrial exemp
tion is to be granted.
Many persons have regarded It as
certain that men in munitions-making
or other strictly war industries would
be exempted as class. That is not
. the fact What is to covern the oro-
cess is the importance of the indivi
dual in such an industry. If another
man could take his place without
prejudice to the working of the plant
lie win not oe granted military exemp
The bulk of exemption will be for
physical unfitness and on account of
dependents and consideration of these
causes will keep the local boards fully
occupied, leaving to the more deliber
ative superior board the entire hand
ling or the much. more vexing ques-
of high diplomatic Qualifications, but
chiefly on account of his antecedents.
Apparently it is felt that a former
naval officer, particularly one who
played such a prominent . role at
Manila in the events of 1898, will
offer the necessary guarantee that
the German foreign policy in regard
to oeaca negotiations will be after
wards conducted along desired ener
getic lines. The emperor is said to
favor Von iitnue. .
Bernhard for Bfnstorff,
TU a ll..M.Arff iirMrlt cnminar
up since the return of the ex-ambassa
dor, is endeavoring to organize
boom for him. George Bernhard, the
political writer, enthusiastically
recommends Bernstorff to Chancellor
Michaelis n6t only as a capable and
experienced dipomat, but as a person
of the necessary caliber and qualifica
tions whom the chancellor will need
as coadjutor and adviser in the com
Inur neaee negotiations.
The Tageblatt, the Mittags Zeitung
and the socialist organ, Vorwaerts,
all of Berlin, unite in declaring that
the candidacy of Admiral von Hlntte
for foreign minister is a move of the
super-annexationists. The Tageblatt
and Vorwaerts warn Dr. Michaelis
that, he cannot, accept Von Hinti
without compromising tne aammis
tration with a pan-German taint.
Bernstorff Goea to Copenhagen.
Paris. July 17. A Zurich dispatch
to the Petit Parisien savs Count Von
Bernstorff has been appointed Ger-
' . . r i. a!..
man minister at opcnnaK" in
place of Count Vrockdorlf-Kantzau,
Baker Denies Tampering 1
' With Young Pitcher
Ch cisro. Ju y 17. Official denial o
alleged tampering charges was made
by J. Franklin Baker, third baseman
with the New York Americans, in a
letter, to President Johnson of the
American league today.
Baker said that instead of attempt
Ing to induce Allen Sothoron of the
St.. Lou i- club to jump his contract
he had strongly urged the young
pitcher to remain with St. Louis. ,
Dakota City Volunteer Diet.
Dakota' City. Neb.; July l7.fSte-
elalD Howard J. Rockwell, son of
County Assessor J. P. Rockwell and
the first one to volunteer tor army
service from this city, died suddenly
at Fort Mac Arthur, San Pedro, Cal.,
bunday morning, according to a tele
gram received by the family. A
brother of the deceased man living at
San Diego is bringing the body here
lor interment.
(Continued From Pag Ont.)
prayer was led by Rev. C F. Sandahl earnest protest against said charges,
and the closing service by Rev. I. "Furthermore, we fear that. such m-
I discriminate ana inuitisi iwkukuh
Sing "America." on the part of the Nebraska national
mately 77,000,000 Lutherans. Unbe
lievable ignorance prevails aoout tne
Lutherans. I have been asked whether
the kaiser isn't the head of the Luth-:
eran church in America. I see you
smile, and well you may. at such a
display of misinformation. The kaiser
I U . U L.. J t it.. T H(h...n
church in Germany. Lutherans have
distinguished themselves in the wars
of this country. Rev. and General
Peter Muhlenburg was one ot wasii
ington's great generals. When the
oresent war was declared the heads
of the great Lutheran bodies in this
country adopted and signed resolu
tions of loyalty to this government
These officials are elected by the
churches. The Lutheran church is as
democratic as the government under
which we live.
Committee Appointed.
After reading of the resolutions by
Rev. E. G. Chinlund, the following
committee was appointed to consider
them: Rev. Luther M. Kuhns, editor
Luther League Review, chairman;
Rev. C F. Sandahl, president Nebras
ka conference of the Augustana
ivnodt Rev. C. B. Harmon, president
Evangelical Luther Synod of Ne
braska; Rev. Anton M. Anderson.
United Danish synod; Rev. Alfred
Sorenseny Danish Lutheran synod;
Rev. M. W. Halversen, Norwegian
Lutheran Svnod of America; Rev. E.
T. Otto, Missouri synod; Rev. H. T.
Schmidt, German Nebraska synod;
Rev. I. Gersten, vice president United
Danish Lutheran Synod of America.
The committee soent forty-five min
utes m considering tuc icsuiuwuu miu
broueht it in with only minor changes.
It was adopted unanimously, a copy
was ordered hied witn tne morass
State Council of Defense. I he reso
lution is as follows:
Whereat, Th Nebraska Hlata Council of
Defense In a statement given in public
have assailed tba loyalty ot In Lutheran
Therefore, a offtclala and representatives
of the various branches ot the Lutheran
ohurche.) In Nebraska w reply to thea ea
peralona by giving tha publio tha following
The doctrinal bssla et tha Lutheran
efcnrch aa expressed in Itt great aymbol
known aa tha Augsburg Confession, to which
tht ministry of tha church la obligated, in
ejproas terma command loyalty, to tha
government, and
Tba email catechism In which tha laity la
Instructed In orenaraUon for confirmation
or memberahlp In tba church In Ita Table ot
Duttea enlotna obedience unto tne inciter
powers, aaytngt "Submit yourselves to every
ordinance of man for tha Lord's lake,
whether It bo to the king, at tuprtme, or
onto govarnora, at unto them that art tent
by him," (t Peter 1:11.)
The Lutheran church standi not only In
Nebraska, but betoro the world, committed
by lit fundamental teaching without equlv.
ocatlon or mental reservation to unquea.
tloned loyalty to th government and In thla
respect require no defense from us.
It I lingular that th Nebraska State
Council of Defense, because ot raaes ot In.
discreet conduct or ipaeoh upon the part
of Individuals, hat particularised our church
for tha mark or odium wnen unooumeaiy
among all eretdt there have been thoae
likewise guilty, and yet tneee creed nave
been paseed unnoticed. To thla evident In.
Justice on the pert of the Nebraska State
Council of Defense we take exception asd
enter our moat solemn protest, ',
Further, that the publio reas
sured of th loyalty to the government of
the Lutheran churrh in NebraeKa, In har
mony with th declaration of alt our gen.
oral bodies already mad nubile, w. repre-
eentatlvei of the Lutheran bodle In the
stat of Nebraska, declare our honor and
the loyalty of both our ministry end laity
a a whole In unswerving devotion to ouf
common country, th protection of whose
flag we enjoy and with whoa destiny we
have cast our live and our all, and in de
tenu of whose welfare and to tecurt whoa
triumph our people are responding.
The opening service of song and
I . .. ...if t:j ...u..
A laree American flag decorated the Vetcn,se. -uncu wi" 3!'??
chairman's table. "My Country 'Tis mrmer tne u i,
of Thee" was sung at the close of the fense.
meeting. ' , "Furthermore, we protest against
A resolution was passed unani- the use of the name of the church,
mously making the resolution com- where, at best, only individuals may
mittee a permanent committee, suo- be concerned.
ject to call by the chairman at any
time, "though I do not anticipate any
necessity for calling it together in
the future," said Chairman Kuhns.
This resolution was moved by Rev. E.
T. Otto, pastor of St Paul's German
Lutheran church, Omaha.
Rev. G. H. Mickelman, president of
the German Nebraska synod, wrote
from Grand Island, that he could not
be present "I am completely in sym
pathy with the purpose ot tne meet
ing, he wrote. . "My motto is the
words of Carl Schurtz, 'My country,
right or wrong; if right, to be kept
right; if wrong, to be set right. .
All the Lutheran pastors of Omaha,
except two or three who are out of
the city, were present. The follow,
ing pastors were present from the
various synods: . -
General Synod Rev. W. T. Kahse,
Rev. A. T. Lorimer, Rev. O. D.
Baltzly, Rev. George Washington
Snyder, Rev. C J. Ringer. Rev. C.
B. Harmon, Rev. C. N. Swihart, Rev.
Luther M. Kuhns. Rev. S. H. Yerian.
General Council Rev. C F. San
dahl, Rev. F. A. Linder, Rev. John A.
Johns, Rev. P. M. Lindberg, Rev. E.
G. Chinlund. Rev. J. T. Olander, Rev,
John V, Carlson, Rev. A, T. Lorimer,
Rev. C. G. Blpomquist.
Missouri Synod Rev. Titus Lang,
Rex. E. T. Otto, Rev. H. W. Saeger.
German Nebraska Synod Rev. H.
F. Schmidt. ,
United Danish Synod Rev. H.
Berthelsen, Rev. I. Gersten, Rev. A.
Sorensen, Rev. A. M. Andersen, Prof.
P. S. Vig.
Norwegian-Danish Synod Rev, M.
W. Halversen.
Officials Send Protest,
Blair. Neb., July J7,(Spc!l.)
Member of the executive committee
of the Nebraska district of the United
Danish Evangelical Lutheran church
in America have united in sending a
protest against the accusations made
by the Nebraska Council of Defense
as to the loyalty of the Lutherans of
the state. The protest is signed by
L. fensen. oresident and nastor of the
the church "at Ruskin, Neb.; M. T.
Jensen, secretary and pastor at Fre
mont, Neb.; L. A. Larsen, president
Trinity seminary; C. -X. Harrison,
principal, Dana college; N, P. Lang,
professor practical theology. The pro
test follows;
"Whereas, There has appeared in
the papers of the state an attack on
the Lutheran church b ythe Nebraska
National Defense Council.
"Whereas, The Lutheran church of
Nebraska as a whole has thus been
charged with disloyalty, treasonable
activity in hindering, defense measure
and otherwise showing sympathy with
"Whereas, We , the undersigned
representatives of he Nebraska dis
trict of the United Danish Evangelical
Lutheran Church in America, are con
vinced that the above charges are en
tirely unwarranted and unjust
"Therefore, we hereby enter our
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to Success.
Britons Capture Six
German Steamships
London, July 17. The ' admiralty
announces the capture of six Ger
man steamers by British destroyers
in the-North -Sea-.
The steamers are .the Pellworm,
Brietzeig, Marie Horn and Heinz
Blumberg. ' Two other German
steamers were with the jour vessels,
later captured, when , the group was
signaled by the British war craft All
six made for the Dutch coast and
two of them reached the shore. These
two were badly damaged by gunfire.
A Reuter dispatch from Ymuiden
says four German ships have been
sunk by British destroyers in the
North Sea, four captured, three
stranded and three forced to return
to Rotterdam.
The captured steamers are all
small, the largest being the Breitzeig
of 1,495 tons gross, owned in Ham
burg. The Pellworm, 1,370 tons
gross, also was owned in Hamburg.
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