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Forty-Nine Items on Ration
(1st of Army and Twenty
Vine on the Cloth
ing List.
.Washington, June 29. Supplies for
a million men a year's needs of
everything from beef to shoestrings,
Sod from cots to candy is a measure
of the task which Quartermaster
General Sharpe's office has in provid
ing for America's new armies.
Nearly 200,000 tons of fresh beef
(397.6J8.240 pounds) is one item, and
besides that there is canned corned
and canned roast beef, totaling nearly
8,000,000' pounds more, without in
cluding the canned corned beef hash,
also among the items.
All told, 343 different items of sup
plies appear in the quartermaster gcrf
eral's list of rations for issue and sale
of clothing and of equipage. The
igures given here are on the basis
of supplying soldiers located in the
United States, so give no help in
computing additional needs of this
country resulting from military par
ticipation in the war.
Regular rationse of Uncle Sam's
soldiers call for a ist of 49 items. In
it are over 29,600.000 pounds of cof
fee, four kinds of tea, and over 25..
000 tons of granulated sugar; over
866,000 gallons of cuaimber pickles;
over 3,800,000 cans of black pepper
and cinamon, cloves, ginger, and nut
meg, totalling 372,000 cans; over 480,.
700,000 pounds of potatoes; over 55,.
200.000 pounds of onions; over 300,
000,000 pounds of flour, besides hard
bread; nearly 1,000,000 gallons of cane
syrup; lemon and vanilla flavoring
extracts; over eUO.UUU pounds ot
lard, and over 7,300,000 pounds of but
ter; canned and dried fish, canned
vegetables, evaporated apples and
' peaches, etc.
Variety of Fare Possible.
The variety of fare possible in reg
ular rations is increased by a list of
items for sale to soldiers at cost. The
sale list totals 165 items, largely food
stuffs, but including also shaving
mugs, pencils, pins, pens, shoe polish,
letter paper (42,320 quires), 48,360
pipes, 22,320 razors, toilet articles
(among which are 148,800 cans of
fali-nm nnurAvr anrt t 7 'ft hMla nf
toilet water), 11,160 spools of thread,
i ne roousiuns m rne sale nsi in
clude canned mushrooms, a variptv nf
canned fruits, vegetables, fish and
meats, pickles, maple syrup, ginger
ale, sauces, suasage, 305,000 pints of
effervescent water, etc.
Twenty-nine Articles of Clothing,
i Regular articles of clothing are 29
in number. These are figured on
initial requirements and upkeep for
the first nine months. Here are a
few of the items: Belts, 2,000,000;
coats, cotton. 2,400,000: coats, woolen.
M,270,000; service hats, 1,825,000; shoe
laces, 7,20Q,000; overcoats, 1,675,000.
- Equipage includes ninety articles.
Among them, are 130,500 axes, 3,450,
000 blankets, 23,000 bugles, 1,900,000
cots, l,44U,iU tents ot seven kinds,
over 1,000,000 gross of buttons, 39,-
000 yards of cotton cloth, etc.
Estimating quantities needed is on
ly a step inthe task of supplying an
army. Things must be bought
quality tested, contracts made, prices
determined, delivery and then come
the problems of transportation-, stor
age, and distribution.
This shows a part of the country's
great war work, on which thousands
of people are daily working "to make
the world safe for democracy."
U. S. AVIATORS Lieutenant de
Seyssel, of the French Atrial
Corps, who. with a (roup of sea
soned Fronch airman, has arrived
In the United State, will be
detailed to instruct American
army aviators in the modern meth
ods of aerial warfare.
Sixty-Eight Children Die From
form of Summer Complaint:
Hundreds Are Report
ed 111.
Insurance Heads Enthusiastic
Over Conference Called
at Washington on
' (By Associated Press.) '
Washington, June .Officials of
life insurance companies invited bv
North Island May Be .
Taken for Aviation School
Washington, D. C, June 29.
North Island, in San Diego harbor,
may be taken over at a cost not to
exceed $50,000 as a site for a gov
ernment aviation school by a bill
passed today iri the house. The bill
goes to the senate.
Secretary McAdoo to cpnfer with him
next Monday on plans to insure om
cerj and men in the naval and mili
tary rorces -nave snown great en
thusiasm in the project in letters and
telegrams replying to the invitation.
Although department officials re
fuse to discuss the proposals to be
laid before the conference, it is known
the' administration is determined that
some form of insurance be given to
an or Americas fighting men. It is
believed the companies may be given
an opportunity to form a combination
for war insurance, with the co-opera
tion or backing ot the government.
Rates for soldiers and sailors under
present conditions of private insurance
are generally regarded by officials as
too heavy.
Liabilities Would Be Heavy.
More than three and a half billions
of dollars in extreme liabilities would
have to be assumed if insurance were
granted to the 2.500,000 men the
United States may have in the service
within two vears with a minimum pol
icy of $1,500? There have been sug
gestions that the maximum policy be
$4,i00 or $5,000. Men in the merchant
marine are now insured by the fed
eral war risk bureau for amounts
from $1,500 to $5,000.
What effect a general insurance
program may have on the pension
system is impossible to determine.
It is pointed out that federal insur
ance would be tantamount to a war
period pension system and that it
would eliminate many of the admitted
evils of the pension.
Persistent Advertising is the Road
to Success. ,
(Br Associated Press.)
St. Louis, June 28. Sixty-eight
children have died from a severe form
of summer complaint in southeastern
Missouri during the last few weeks,
according" to information telephoned
here today.
More than 200 persons, mostly chil
dren, now are ill with the disease and
about a fourth of these are in a seri
ous condition.
Dr. Harrison reported fifty child
deaths in Dunklin county in the last
six weeks and Dr. Tate reported
eighteen in Scott county.
Epidemics Are Similar.
According to the reports from the
physicians the epidemics that have
struck the two counties are similar,
rjut are not. identical. Dr. Harrison
said the deaths in Dunklin county
were due to enterocolitis, an infection
of the intestines. Dr. Tate said the
disease in Scott county was iliocolitis,
a summer complaint similar to entero
colitis. The disease is attributed to abnor
mal weather conditions in southeast
ern Missouri a late cold spring
quickly followed by warm weather,
which caused, excessive vaporization
from the sandy soil. Flies are be
lieved to have been carriers of the
Four deaths from cholera infantum
are reported irom senatn, Dunklin
county, by Dr. HUKhes. Sixteen oer.
sons there are under treatment for
that disease.
Roumanian Mission
Arrives at Capital
Washington, Tune 29. Roumania1
mission to the United States reached
Washington today unannounced and
sought quarters at a hotel. Dr. Vasile
Lucaci is the head of the party and
accompanied by Johan Mota and
Lieutenant Moica. The mission
not strictly of a diplomatic character
and will devote itself largely to ef
forts to stimulate recruiting for the
Roumanian army among their fellow
countrymen in America.
Pennsylvania Lines 'to'
Take Off JWanv Trains
Philadelphia, June 29. In order to
provide increased facilities for the
movement of troons. government nun.
plies and foodstuffs, the Pennsylvania
Railroad company announced tonight
that effective July 1 a total of 102
passenger trains will be eliminated
from its lines. In addition, a number
ot parlor cars, restaurant cars, siren.
ers, club and observation cars will be
Herman Cohen Elected
Head of B'nai Ami Club
Herman Cohen was elected presi
dent ot tne a nai Ami club Wednes
day night Other officers were elect
ed as follows: Dave Greenberg, vice
president; Abe Priesman, recording
secretary; Ed Snayder, financial secre
tary; Mike Marawitz, treasurer, and
cam lousem, sergeant-at-arms.
The following were elected mem-
uers ot the executive committee
William Pearlman, Joe Greenberg,
izraei scnianer, Max Aully and Ju
lius Arkin.
The new officers will be installed at
a smoker to be held Monday night.
Personal Mention
C. F. Bobertion, foirasr Omtha man, who
some year ago launched a successful Ir
rigation project tn the Biff Horn Basin
courury u tn umiina for a lew days. Mr.
naaenon sayi mat at wortiand, wyo.
th Uta Sugar company Is completing i
1,50,0 bet sunrar factory. It will be In
operable In time to handle th crop of
bins iBuon,
I:." ... sALTUKEorr,
Kb . fUlr Kansas crrrvf
I j Effective July 1st? V j II
We announce the inauguration of our
Transcontinental Servicte from Massachu.
setts to California.
Operating from Coast to Coast, and from
the Lakes to the Gulf, we offer the shipper
Universal Service
R 1
New Type German Submarine Has
Device for Cutting Away Wire Nets
(Br Associate Pms.) "
British Waters, June 29. The captain
British Waters, June 28. The captain
of a torpedoed merchantman has
turned over to the naval authorities
here a sketch of a new type of Ger
man submarine equipped with a wire
cutting device designed to release it
from nets. The sketch shows several
strands of stout steel hawsers
stretched from the bow through the
conning tower to the stern. Attached
to these is a series of heavy circular
knives, a foot in diameter and placed
about a yard apart.
The captain made a drawing while
in a small boat, after his ship had
been torpedoed. He had been shelled
and torpedoed in two other ahips, but
on neither of those occasions had he
noticed anything new in the type of
the German diving boats. While he
was not close enough to the last sub
marine to examine minutely the addi
tion to its upper works, he was able
to see plainly enough to make a good
The theory of the captain is that a
boat so equipped would have hope of
being able to cut its way through any
steel nets in which it might become
Barber Quarrel Said to
Have Caused Loop Explosion
Chinas Ttin 90 P -f ... 1 f nAn
union barbershops to cli.;e at night,
was said by Chief of Police Schutler
tn 1 -...a. k- . 1. - I 1. Af -
dynamite explosion" that shook the
uismci lomgni. u tore me
fronts out of several stores adjoining
a harhershnn nn Mnrtl. Dk-H
street.-but did not injure any of the
occupants or tne buildings
Gates of Big Federal Dam
Close, Forming 5-Mile Lake
Minneapolis, June 29. The gates in
the new $2,000,000 federal dam near
Fort Snelling were closed late today,
forming a five mile "lake" which
will make Minneapolis the head of
sjlississippi river navigation.
Electricians are connecting up -the
power by which the Bates nf the InrW
are to be operated and it will'be pos-
Citlzen8 Pledge $100,000
Help Cantonment Camp
Rockford, 111., June 29. One hun
dred thousand dollars was pledged
today by citizens of Rockford to
help toward the success of the army
camp which is under construction
sible for Mississippi boats to make
lockage by the first of the week, ac
cording to Captain George W. Free
man, in charge of the work at the
Army Recruiting Drive
Is Still Ineffective
Washington June 29. Regular
army recruiting fell off heavily again
yesterday despite the great drive be
ing made to fill regiments to war
strength. Unless a better showing is
made during the next three days it
seems certain that the reserve for the
regular army will have to be taken
from men drafted for the national
It was again said today that men
who join the regulars for the dura
tion of the war can be certain of early
action at the American front soon to
be established in France.
More Than Two Miles
of Blouses In Sale
What is believed to be the great
est assemblage of blouse ever mada
by any Omaha store is involved in,
the Annual Before-the-Fourth Blouse
Sale at Julius Orkin's.
Considerable more than 9,500
blouses form the substance ot this
sale. Were these blouses laid side
by side they would extend for more
than two miles. This great exhibit
contains sizes from 34 to 52 bust i
Georgettes, Crepe de Chines, Taf
fetas, Wash Silks, Voiles, Organdies,
Batistes, Dimities, Madras and
Flaxon cloths. Dressy blouses, tail,
ored blouses and sport blouses
every color and combination of col.
ors one might desire. The entire
front of windows contain exhibits of
these remarkable blouses. This im.
mense lot of blouses has been divid
ed into six great groups and priced
at 79c, $1.19, J1.45, $1.95, $3.95
and fS.OO. These prices represent
about one-half of the true value of
the blouses.
The Julius Orkin store, at 1508
1510 Douglas street, has long been
famoua for blouses, and this sale
promises to make that fame far mora
reaching. Advertisement.
Persistent Advertising is the Road
to Success.
: s
' Store Talk
The rise of this Greater Store
to its position as the largest
clothing house in the west is
one of the important triumphs
of western retailing. A success
based on giving value for the
The foresight that is shaping
Its destiny rose to the emerg
ency of anticipating war f rices,
made contracts to fore-
s t a 1 1 the advance,
thereby protecting its
customers, with the re
sult that here are to
day Suprama Clotklnj Whr b.
ssllsfM with Isss?
M. L. HOLZMAN, Trees."
' (111
True V &Jf
Blue Vi jkjr Jja Uk
Serge st '
for the
Glorious .f tjy
"Fourth" . L
$35 fMWK
Men't and Young
tjywjHj Men't Cloth inf -5c- '
NygJl ond Floor, -
Superb Summer Suits
A Wonderful Value Demonstration.
LIKE swinging wide the doors of a national exposi
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jpP Cool Featherweight Clothesf or Hot Days '
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Big selection here at lowest-in-the-city prices.
Man's Tan or Cray
Auto iOustars
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Man's Unionalli,
Real Protectors
at $2.50
Man's KhaU Suits,
Pinch-back Stylus
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Men's Palm Beach
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cars with necessary dust
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Man's Khaki Pants,
Special Values '
81.25 to $2.25
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Men's Straw Hats
Style and Value
OUR greater hat section of
fers you the right straw
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South American Panamas
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Traveling Goods Values
No time like Now to buy your vacation luggage. Values not
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Bates Street, Yorke and other leaders. An
other big lot of special patterns iS crepe
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. 1 1 ' ' is i