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    THK BEE: bMAHA, FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1917.
Beef Cattle Break Sharply as
the Western and Southern
" Grass Stuff Begins to
Omihi, Jim SI, HIT.
Receipts were. Cattle. Hon. Sheep.
Official Monday 640 7.3BS 2,247
ofriclal Tuendtiy t.Oilt 12,781 4,046
Official Wedntredajr ... 2.14S 1.1,010 4,091
Estimate Thursday.,.. t.SOO 15,1(00 MOO
Kour dsyi thfi week. 20,617 41,006 .6,m
Kour days last wk. 13.383 31,444 16,876
Kour day 2 wks. sgo.3r.,02 30,72s K,&20
Four days I wks. ano.J3.300 10,626 C,73
Four dan 4 wks ago. 21 714 30,842 13,647
Kour days laat yar. .. 14,464 43,31 40,33
R!elpta and disposition of Itve stock at
the Union 8 lock yarda for twenty-four hour
ending at 2 o'clock yealerday afternoon:
Cattle. Hogs. Bheep. H'r'i.
C. M. at fit. P fc b .
Wabash lit,.
Missouri Paelflc., 4ft fl 1
Union Psctflc 21 45 11 J
C. 4k N. W., east 4 .. 1
C. N. W , west... 17 76 6
C, Ht. P., M. fc O.. 1Z 20 ..
C B. A east... i I 1 .,
('.. B. Q., weat.. 30 49 1
C R. I. P., eaat. 7 7 ..
V., R. I. P. weat. 4 1 ..
llllnola Contra) 4 1 .. 1
Chi. OU Western... 1 2 .. ;
, Total ...164 223 22 2
Cattle. Ho kb, Bbeep.
Moirls A Co 143 3,168 696
Hwlft i Co.... 384 1.677 1,662
Cudehy Packing Co 1,017 2.611 312
Armour Co 676 2,722 603
Hchwerti Co 1H6 ....
J. W. Murphy 2,414
Lincoln Packing Co.... 1 ....
Kohr Packing Cq 262 ....
Armour, Kanaaa City... 114
Cudahy. Kanaaa City... 364 ... ....
Denton, Vanaant A Luah 10 ' .... ....
Hill A Bon 2
F. B. Lewie 72
J. B. Root A Co........ 18 .... ....
Werthelmer 4 Degen... 218
Sullivan Broe 6 ....
Mo. A Kan. Calf Co.... I -
Christie 1 ....
Huff mas ..,....,.. t
Roth 2t
Meyers 21
John Harvey .... I
Icneen A Lungren 36 ....
Pat O'Day., 7
Other buyer. , 'too .... 193
Total 4,472 , 14,343 4.140
Cattle There was a fair run of cattle
tor it Thursday, about 1,100 head, and the
four da ye aupply thla week baa fallen only
about 1.000 abort of laat week's heavy run,
Pol lowing Wednesday's somewhat demor
alised trade the market today was tn much
the same condition with bids unevenly lower
all around. Choice beeves were compara
tively scarce, but receipts Included an un
utually large percentage of half fat and
graaay light and medium weight stuff.
Karly bide were all of 10 to 16 cants lower
than yesterday and good weight steers are
, now selling 26 to 86 rente lower than a
week ago, while the decline on the yearling!
has been anywhere from 86 to 76 cents.
There la usually a sharp break In the fat
tattle market every season about the time
the western and southern grass cattle be
gtn to run, and that seems to be what Is
the matter with the trade this week.
The market on cows and heifers wae
also demoralised, with the grassy and half
fat cows selling 10 to 16 cents lower than
yqtrday and anywhere from 60 cents to
1 11.60 lower than a week or ten days ago.
Veal calves are a little lower for the weak
and there has been a further decline In the
market for bulla. tags and rough stock
Trsde In ttockers and feeders has been
very light this week, and while supplies
have been small, the demand has been even
smaller, and the trend of values has been
lower. Prices are anywhere from 60 cents
to 31 lower than they were t week or tin
days ego,
Quotations on Cattle Oood to choice
beeves. 113.86013.00; fair to good beeves,
113.004)13.76; common to fair beeves, 310.60
441.76; good to choice yearlings, $12,609
13.36; fair tn good yearlings, 211.71012.26:
. common to fair yearlings, t9.760U.6O; good
to cholco heifers, f I0.26O11.00; good to
choice cows. t0.60O10.60; fair to good cows,
28. 0002.00; common to fslr cows, 28.009
1.00: prim feeding steers. t1O.OO0U.OO;
(food to choice feeders, 20.00010. 00; fair to
good feeders. t0.OO09.OO; common to fslr
feeders, 17. 000. 00: good to choice stock ere,
lbu01O.6O; stock heifers. 21.26 0 10.60;
oefc cows. 27.00010.00: stock calves, 21.00
M0. 00; veal oalvce, 210.00 0 14.60; bulla,
eiHRH, etc., 27 00010.60.
Representative sales;
' BE! Elf ' 8TKRRS,
.. A v. pr. No. At. Pr.
466 fl 00 33 142 18 76
. 9H2 3 36
.1006 10 00
.1111 10 60
U 861 I 60
1 1060 10 60
68 90S 11 00
33 1164 12 40
30 1231 12 30
:'0 H8t 12 3S
30, 1162 12 70
2...... ..1021 t 26 1.
3 ti 7 00 I.
0. ...... .1102 2 25 1.
7 llil 3 90 4.
.1129 4 10
. 190 T 36
.1010 3 60
.1117 10 00
, 403 t 20
. 3K0 1 60
. tn it ti
. 326 It Tt
. 326 IS 26
. 290 T 60 3.
, 3C.0 10 00 1.
, 250 1H0 3.
, 220 12 60 2,
240 13 00 2.
Hogs Teale rday's decline In th bog mar--,ket
was duplicated hers today, packers eon
iinulng very bearish and beating prices
town another 100 16o. Some hogs th
thtpners bought early were barely 10c
lowur, but their purchases wera hardly
large enough to have much affeot on the
. trade.
When packers started out they were talk
ing declines of aa much aa 16020c, but
Itiey gradually raised their handa, and move
ment finally started on a 10016c basis. At
one time In the middle of the trade It looked
as though further riecllnes might be en
forced, but after half an hour or so In
which very little waa done the market
H came back and towards th close waa
fairly active at prices that were fully as
good aa had been paid at any time. In fact,
aoine sellers thought that later rounds
were the beat of the day. By a little after
If o'clock practically everything had been
cleaned up.
Bulk of ths offerings sold at 214.700
li.00, a narrower spread of 114. 76014. 00
catching the long strings. Several loads
of good heavies sold up to 216.20, the top.
Today's reak leaves prlrea generally ir
. 40c lower than last week's clone and the
lowest It has been at nee April 2. Th
break has been very Irregular and tn spots,
particularly among (he least desirable
daises, 60o declines have been enforced
since laat Saturday.
Representative sales:
No. At. 8h. Pr. No. Av
8h. Pr.
240 14 66
62. .170 ...14 60
73.. rot
89. .314 140 14
V 40..39
V 63..2i.
14 76
1J 86
14 If.
7, .138 ... 14 80
28. .311 ... 14 00
70..2M 130 16 00
0. .202 80 It 10
84, .220
70. .108
it.. 296
It 16
68. .317 140 16 20
Sheep Offerings of sheep and lambs were
the heaviest of ths week to date, twenty
one loada, or In the neighborhood of 6.000
head being reported In. The four days' total
amounts' to 16,288 hesd, which Is a1 few
hundred hesd smaller than for either last
week of two weeks ago, and a shortage of
2w,A00 head as compared with a year ago.
Yesterday's prices -tiers proved to be by
far ths highest of any of the western
markets, and with more breadth to offerings
the trade reacted today. As a general things
lambs were a big quarter lower, opening
sales being S6c below yesterday's closing
rounds while soms of the stuff thst sold
later In ths morning was If anything down
a little more than that. This means thst
yesterday's upturn was Just about all wiped
out, though prices were still higher than
at any of the other markets.
Clipped lambs were again almost entirely
larking. A good many springers were on
offer, fair to good native gelling mainly at
a sp ead of 317.00018.26, while a string
of Idabng sold at 318.40. This shipment
ws by ths way the first of any slae to, be
received on this market from that elate.
Almost everything haa crossed the scales
by shorty after 10:3.
The same Irregularity that was noted
fn lambs was In evidence tq th mutton
trade. While some of the earlier business
was done at prices thst looked right close
to steady the general tono of the market
waa easier, and there were sales that look
ed aa much aa Jfco lower. Decent to good
native ewes that came tn with springers
old largely at tt.:60t.7t. while good
Idaho brought th day's top of 910.00.
Idaho yearlings wer cashed at 213.00.
Quotations on sheep and lambs:' Lambs,
shorn handy, tlt.36014.00; lambs, shorn,
heavy, 9lt.OO016.76i spring lambs. 216.80O
18.40; spring lambs, culls, tlt.OO01l.tO;
lambs, feeders, 3 1 4. 00 1 1. 36 : yearl I n gs.
shorn. 113.00013.00; wethers, horn, 310.00
011.60; owes, shorn, tt.00010.00; owes,
culls, shorn, $6.0001.60,
Representative aales; i
No. Ar. Pr. I
J12 native spring lambs 02 212 26 i
16 cull spring iambs ......... 44 11 go
146 native shorn feeding owes,., to
JO native spring lambs 69
T to
11 00
Corn Prices Continue to Soar,
While Wheat Market Suf
fers a Further De
cline. Omaha, June 28, 1017,
The cash grain situation was much the
same aa It has been for the past seversl
days, the demand for wheat being very
dull and the market suffering further de
clines, while the demand for ceh corn
was excellent and prices on this cereal con
tlnued to advance lo new high lev1s.
The whf-at market ludrtr waa extremely
weak, whh the No. 3 grade of hard winter
selling rrom steady to 3 cents under ye'
tenlay nominal quotations, while the No. 3
hard sold fully 7 cents under ths auotattona
or in nrev oua iav. There were no
of mlied or durum wheat reported, but thii
waa due to the fart that almoKt all of the
oirermga were or ine hard winter variety.
which was more In demand than either
the mixed or durum. The corn market waa
strong, with uriees nuoted 1U in 3 nt,
higher, and while there waa not much avl.
dence of demand for ex port com. the loc
demand eaaliy was strong enough to take
car of the offerings, which were rather
targe, me total arrival! for the dav twin
vara. n rms corn was again nuoted
premium prices. No. 3 grade selling around
wnna me wo. 2 ye now brought
21.6a '4 to 21.89 and the mixed sold from
1.81 K to 21.69. The oat! market waa ver
active, and sellers reported a good demand
ior mis cereat. wim lisht arr va a
prices quoted about 1 cent higher f Rye
was extremely weak at a decline of about
cents, wniie barley was a so weak, md
was quoted nominally cents to 6 cents
Clearances werei Wheat and rimte
.vu.vvu tn,., worn, ju.vuu ou: oats, nam.
Primary wheat recelnta were, ill find h.
ana aniumenta 378. ooo bu.. tvaimi
an,uuu w, nu snipmenta or. 6U4.OO0 bu.
Primary com recelnta war lia Htm
and shipments 644,000 bu., against receipts
r. iva.vw du, ana shipments oi 440.000 bu.
rrimarr oats recelnta Were Af enn hit
and ahtpments 347,000 bii., sgnlnnt receipts
ui bu. ana snipments or 740,000 bu.
mi r nr.
Wheat. Corn Oats.
Omaha ,
27 103 II
. t
K annas City
IouU ....
.. 21
Winnipeg ....
These sales were reported;
Wheat No. 2 hard winter: 1 car, 12.28
vmr. i,ao. no. a nam w ntv 1
- vara, f, 4n. wo, nam winter:
2-1 ear, 23.20; 2-6 car, 22 00. No. 2 soring;
car, 82.16. Sample spring: U car, 21.00.
nir-B, Mi i car taninnara' iht.t
Corn NO. I White: I eara. 91 Mil. V
2 white: 1 oar. IMI; 2 cars. 21.68. No!
yejiow: i car,,i.i?; j car. II H V
cars, 31.684. No( 1 yeltowi 1 car, 31.63
1 car, 2164. No. mixed: 1 car (shin
per' welghlT, fi.fli; 4 cars, 11.88: 2 cars,
ei.Qnn; e cars.'a. no. a m
cars, tl 8; 2 cars, 2l BSi 1 car, 21.68V
i""' ; iniaeu; i oar, fl.SBJ S cars, 1,8.
no. mueu: g cars, f 1.68. No, 6 mixed
i car, si.ei, earn pie mixed i 3-6 car.
91. "a.
Oats No. I white: 1 car, 31c. Standard
car, use, no, 8 white: t cars. 69
cars, ssajc. No. 4 white: 2 cars, 68 Vie.
Omaha Cash Prlrea: h..
z.a4Vz.s; no. 3 hard, I2.270Z.8O; No.
hard. 22.0002.20. Corn No. 3 white. 81.60
wi.v'm no. a wnite. ii.iiun ii; Nn
white, 31.801.68i: No. 6 white, 21670
i.woi no. e wnne( fi.soi.S7u; No. 3 yel
low, 3l.67HOl.6B: No. 2 veliow. niiua
t.wwi iTu. jrennw, II.1ID .iitt NO. a yel. ISO. fi yellow. It K7
47U:No. 3 mixed. 81 48U tt No.
mixed, t1IH0l 88; No. 4 mixed, 21680
'van. riv. a mixey,; JVO,
mixed, fl.37 01.67Ui. Oats No. 3 white,
8H440u; standard, 8069ct No. 3 white,
"l"Ci no. wnit, 6806BUjc. Barley-
Malting. 3I.l20l.l8: No. 1 feed. 11 AAA
06. Ay No. 2. 23.2292.26: No. 2. 13 2
Open. High. Low.Closs. Yes
1 02 t 02 201 03 206
I 12 1 12 182 1 12 ISO
f Hf V t lGtK t 4J 1694
1 4 1 47 14ft 1 47 147U
1 02 1 02 102 1 02 107
84 24 24i 144 214J
M , 64 tlS 64 4 61
Hi 64 64 I IIS U
Chicago cloalng prices, turn la had Th Bee
oy 4ogan a tsryan, aiocK ana grain brokers,
bio Bwin Dixieenm street, umane:
High. Low.
Close. Tos
I 01 202
1 ti 183
1 68 H
1 47 H
1 Ofl'i
1 09
' 24
39 8S
tt 66
21 26
31 20
91 65
21 72:
31 SO
39 40
21 16
21 40
80 30
32 60
II 39
21 47
'21 66
21 66
31 80
21 67
Notice That FuUro Trading Would Boon
CostM Cauaes Light Activity la Wheat,
Chicago, June 28. Authoritative notice
that even restricted trading In wheat for
future delivery soon would be a thing of
in pei cauaaa Dullness iti tnat oereal to
fade away to a shadow today. At the close
the market was steady, lo to 4o net lowor,
with July quoted at 12 .01 and September
at 21.81. Corn finished unchanged to He
higher and oats up H0o to 202 o. Pro
visions scored gains of a shad to 6c.
Jntereat of wheat traders centered al
most wholly in Questions as to ths methods
to ne adopted for government oontrol of food
supplies. Jttght at the outset prices dropped
quit sharply on account of prospects of
immediate embargoes to reduce exports to
European neutrals. l-ater announcement
that th ad m Inlet ration at Washington
would completely dominate th distribution
of wheat, both for domestic and export pur
poses, and that option dealings in wheat
would be ahollehed, brought the market
nearly to a standatlll. Business In the future
delivery ceased altogether for an Interval,
but no further decline was noted in valuea.
Although no action has been taken lo
remove the maximum price limit on corn
and no such action Is contemplated, the
corn market made a temporary upturn,
owing partly to mlitaken Inferences that
complete removal of all checks on high
prices of corn might be looked for. Slgna
of active demand from exporters tended aiao
to give strength to the market, but rains
In Kanaaa, where drouth had been com
plained of, counted tn favor of the bears.
Oats, like corn, developed a tendency to
jump, owing more or leu to wrong conclu
sions that the maximum price limit on corn
might be cancelled. Besides, crop reports
were leas favorable than recently hae been
the rase and there was continued llbetal
buying on seaboard account.
Support from packers mora than over
came declined In the provlelon market. The
transient weakneai waa associated with the
mall nets of shipments as compared with
a yesr sgo.
Cash Prices Wheal: Nos. I and t red
and Nos. 2 and 3 hard nominal. Corn: No.
2 yellow, 21. 7401. 74; No. I yellow, 9J1.T4
01.74U,; No. 4 yellow. 91.72. Oats: No.
3 white, 09070c; standard. S470c, By
nominal. Barley, 81. 10 1.40. Seeds; Timo
thy, tt.OO07.T5; clover, tl2.OO017.OO. Pro
viiiom: Pork, 939.36; lard, 921. 20021.27;
rlba. 921. 27021.07.
Butter Unsettled; creamery, 33 037a.
Kggs Receipts, 17.712 caaei; unchanged.
, Potatoes Receipts, 46 cars; unchanged.
Poultry Alive higher; fowls, l01tc
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Sinus City, Juno 28. Cattle Receipts, 9,
000 head; market eak; beef steers. 49.000
18.60; fat cows and helfera, 27-600 11.36;
canners, 26.bO07.6O; etocken and feeders,
97.000 26; calves, 99.00012.60: bulls, stags,
etc., 97.00010.00; feeding cows and heifers,
96.80 01.60.
Hogi Receipts, lo.OflO head; market 100
16c lowr; light, 8l4.6O0ifi.OQ; mixed. tl6.00
018.10; heavy. 916.10016.36; plga, 912.760
13.36; bulk of galea. tl4.7O018.OO,
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 709 head
market, weak.
St. Joseph Live stock Market.
Ht. Joseph. Juno 28. battle Recalnta. 1.
000 head; market alow and lower; ateers
39.00013.36; bows and helfera, 36.00013. 26
calvea, t 00014.09. .
Hogs Receipts, 10,000 head : market
slow; prospects, 10e lower; top, 916.60; bulk
or m m. iie.BoeBia.oe.
Sheen and Lambs Receipts, 1,300 bead;
prospects. 26e lower: lambs., 912.60016.76:
ewes, 94.0009.76. "
Art. Open. HI
July I 01 I
Sept. 1 tt 1
July 1 68i i
Sept, 1 46H 1
Deo. 1 08 1
May 1 01 1
July 23
Sept ta i
Deo. tttt
July 39 30 31
Sept. SI 40 2t
July 21 17 31
Sept. 21 43 21
July 31 20 31
Sept. 81 66 31
f ,
Loosening of Money Fails to
Have Sxpected Effect and
Irregularity Marks Wall
Street Session.
N"w Tmk, .Tune 26. Although monetary
conditions continued to relax and th first
payment on the Liberty loan was made
without dlaturbance today's stock market
experienced a very Irregular session of Im
paired priced, attributed mainly to technical
Influenr-es. For the first time In more than
a fortnight call loans opened under ( per
cent snd time money was In Increasing sup
The weakened poet t Ion of numerous spe
cialties, notably mo ton and utilities, and re
newed concern urged the attitude of the
government toward war prices and taxes.
Impelled further liquidation and consider
able short selling. Extreme declines In ac
tive stocks ran from 2 to almoat 10 points,
depreealnn extending to minor specialties of
no iperlfio clHsalf tea Hon.
Tnitid mates Steel, Bethlehem Steel and
kindred laaues were carried down 1 tn 3
polnta. Final quotations were at or near
the lowest of the day.
KKperlsl points of weakness Included
StudebHker, common and preferred, Chand
ler and Oonersl Motors, at gross reversals
of 3 to 6 points; Industrial Alcohol, which
made a drop of t to 160; Ohio Uas, ;
Brooklyn Union Oas, 11. to 106 on a single
ale; Wilson company, 4; International
Paper. 6: Malting, preferred. 6; Distillers
Securities, 2; Texas company, 8. and Mex
ican Petroleum. 2.
Ralls, coppers, shippings. Central Leather
and tobaucos held relatively better than
moat other shares, but averaged 1 to 2
points on moderate offerings. Total aales.
Favorable May statements submitted by
Union Pacific and Baltimore A Ohio, the
prosperous Industrial conditions Indicated
In the annual report of the American Car
and Foundry company and the May foreign
trade exhibit seemed to exert no Influence.
liondn were Irregular. Total aales. par
value, t2.420.O0O. All sales or Liberty 3a
were at par or better. United States reg-
latereu a roae per cent on call.
Number of sales and ranae of nrlcea of
leading stocks;
Sales. High. Low. Close.
800 23 03 02
49 4t 48
8.400 78 78 77
2,809 72 TO 70
3,300 107 106 106
9,100 121 118 113
, 122
400 80 80 30
1.900 88 81 81
1,000 101 100 100
Am. Beet Sugar..,,
American Can.,,,
Am. Car A Fdry...
Am, Locomotive...
Am. Smelt. A Rfg.
Am. Sugar Rfg
Am. TeL A Tel....
Am. z. Lead A fl.
Anaconda Conner..
A. O. A W. L S. S.
2,600 113 110 110
1,600 74 74 73
400 41 40 40
Baltimore A Ohio
Butt A Sun. Coo..
Cal, Petroleum....
Canadian Paclfle., 1,400 169 168 168
Central Leather.,. 11,100 26 98 96
Chesapeake A Ohio 1,900 41 30 40
A St. P..
300 111 110 109
C. A N. W
O, R. I, A P. etfs.
Chin Copper. ....
Colo, Fuel A r...
20 .
Corn. Products Rfg, ,
i;rucihie Hteel
Cuba Cane Sugar., 2,400
Dlatlllers' Securities 2,ft0
rl l.toO
Oeneral Electric.,.
General .Motors..,.
7,300 117 112
Or. North., ofd..
600 107 107 107
1,300 32 21 31
Or. North Ore, ctfi.
Illinois central
Inaplr. Copper 2,600
Inter. M. M. ofd.. 8.H00
..... 103
42 42
Inter. Nickel 7,600
Inter. Paper 9,100
C. Sou them
Kennecott Copper..
2,200 46 44
Louis. A Nash...x
Maxwell Motors, . . 3,800
Mex. Petroleum,.,. T.200
Miami Copper
Missouri Pacific...
8,300 22 20
Montana Power...
Nevada Copper,.,, 700 28
N. T. Central 1.700 02
N. T., N. H. A H... 200 27
Norfolk A Wentern 2,600 224
Northern Pacific. 900 103
131 IS
102 102
Pacific Mall....... 400 29
21 88
Pittsburgh Coal..,.
96 .
nay con. Con...,.
Rep, Iron A Steel.,
Shattuok Arls. Cop,
Southern Pacific,
Southern Railway,
Studebaker Corp...
Texas Co
1.300 210
108 208
136U 136
Union Pac-tfio
1,600 1S7
U. S. Ind. Alcohol 26,900 159 150 161
U. S. Steel 210,100 131 129 129
U. S. Steel. Did.... 2.600 117 1 1 7 i 117
Utah Copper 1,109 110 110 109
Wabssh pfd. 'B",, 36
Weatern Union .... 200 93 93 93
Westlnghouse Elec. 3.609 63 61 61
Total sales for the day 790,000 shares.
New York Money Market.
New Tork. Juna i 8. Mercantile naner.
906 per cent) sterling, exchange, 60
day bills, 4.73; commercial 90-day bills on
banks, 4.71: commercial 0-day bills,
i.71; demand, 4.76; cables, 4.76 7-1 1.
Oliver oar, ?c.
Mexican dollars, 61 c.
bonds Government, firm: railroad. Ir
Tlmo loans Easier: 20 days. 20 dava and
six months, 606.
Csll mohsy Finn; high, 2; low, 4; ruling
rate. 9: last loan. 6: closina bid. 4: offered
at t.
U. S. 2s, reg ,. 99 Tnt. M. M. fls... 20
2s coupon ,, 98 K. C. S. ref. fis 86 U
U. 8. 2s, reg..,. 98 L. A N, un. 4s .. 91
3a coupon .. 98 M. K. AT.lst 4s 68H
U. S. 4s, reg ...106 Mo. Pac. gen. 4s 69
"4. coupon -..10644 Mont. Power 6s. 96
'Panama 3s .... 60 N. T. C. deb. ts.106
Am, For. See 6s 06 Nor. Pac. 4s... 87
Am. T A T ctt 6s 98 Nor. Pac. 3s ... 42
Anglo-Fr. ts ... 11 'Ore. 8. L. raf ts 97
Arm. A Co. 4a 89Pao. T. A T. 6s. 96
A tch. gen. 4s... 81 Pen. Con. 4s..l0Q
B. A O., 4a .... 8ftPen. gen. 4s. 96
Con. Leath. 6s... 09 Reading gen. 4s 90
ten. Paclflo 1st 83St.L.AS.F. adj. 6s 66
. A O. cv. 6s.. 88 So. Pac. ov. 6a.. 99
B. A Q. jt. 4s 96 "So. Pao. ref. 4s 8G
M.aat.r g.4i 4ao. ay. &s 97
it, i. m r. 71 " rex, rac. 1st so
A So. ref. 4s T8Un. Paclflo 4s. 92
u. r it. u.rer. m otiftun. rac. cv. es.. ss
D. of Can. 6a '31 90 U. 8. Rubber 6s. 86
Krte gen. 4s .... 82 U S, Steel as. .104
uen Mocmc is ,ius waoasn jsc ,,,.inu
Qt. No. lit 4. 94Wet. Union 4 91
. v. rei. s ... as -tsia.
New York General Market.
New York. June 28. Flour Weaker:
spring patents, 213.40012.66; winter patents.
11.90012.16: winter straights, 311.660
11. 80; Kansas straights, t iz.i&0i3.4O.
Wheat Spot, easy; No. I hard. 82.31
f. o. b., to arrive.
Corn Spot, firm: No. 3 yellow, 11.86, e. t.
f New Tork.
Oats Apot. stronger: standard. 160
76 e.
reed Eaiy; weatern bran, loo-lo. aacRi,
32.50; standard mlddlngs, 93f.60: city bran,
Hops Quiet; state, medium to choice.
910, 3O025o; 1916, 408c; Pacific coast,
914. 9011o: 1916. 708c.
Hideo Quiet; Bogota, 42 c: Central
America, 42 c.
Provisions rvjrK, firmer; mess, 91.909
43.60. Lard, easier: middle west, 920.700
Butter Unsettled; receipts, 14,404 tubs;
creamery higher than extras, 3803lt!;
reamery extras (93 score), tvci firsts, 36
037c; seconds, 160360.
ggs Firm; receipts, 21,988 eases; iresrt
gathered extras. 26 037c; fresh ga t hered,
storage packed firsts, 240S6c; fresh gath
ered firsts, 33034c; seconds, 91032c,
Cheese Firm: receipts, 6,247 boxes; stste
fresh specials, 93023o; stats, average
run. 2 80.
Poultry Live weak: chickens, goossc;
fowls. 23c: turkeys, 14c. Dressed firm;
chickens, 2O037o; fowls, 190I6o; tur
keys, 18 0360.
City Live Stock Market.
Kansas City. Juna 22. Cattle Receipt!,
000; market steady. Prims - fed steers.
tlS.lO01l.IS; dressed beef steers, 11.209
z.Zft; western steers, ir.eovis.ze; cewi,
60O10.60.V heifers, in.-OWl J.eo; slot-Here
and feeders. 7.60t 10.60; bulla, 27.0OQ2.O0i
calves, 27.00912.60.
Hose Receipts, T.200; xnarnet tower:
bulk, 110,60 16. f0; heavy, $12.40014.60;
packers and butchers. tlfctOff Uffbt
4.40A11.00: Blsiu 111. 00411.76.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 2,000; market
lower; lambs, tU.ooftlT.76; yearling, tll.ou
n.f.o, wethers. i9.Q0cri9.Q0, awes, sa.ev
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
fit. Louis, June 28. Cattle Receipts.
3U0; market lower; native beet steers, 27.60
13.20; yearllnaa, 22.60911St; cows, 26.M
10.60: stockers and feeders, 2$. 0002.20;
prime southern beet steers, 2B.O0B12.26;
beef cows and helfera, 14.1202.00; prime
yearllnfs, steers and helfera, f 7.600.0.00;
native calves, 26.OO01B.26.
Hoes Receipts, 4.200: market steady;
light, 21100016.20; pits, 210.00016.30;
mixed and butchers, 2l6.9O016.O6; Rood
heavy. 210.90011. 70; bulk. 16.1Q01M0.
Sheen and Lambs Recelnts. 2.100: market
steady; cupped 213. 00016.00; cup-
nd lannekianA. ...rin imh am as nn. la aoaiKAA- hnnif. trod
toffee Market.
New Tork, June 28. Coffee futures were
quiet today and showed rather a steadier
tone after recent liquidation. The opening
was unchanged to 2 points lower, but there
were very few sellers around the ring and
prices rallied later with September selling
up from 7.60c to 7.64c and December from
7.72c to 7.76c on covering The market
eloaed net unchanged to 2 points higher.
Sales. 12.770 bass. June and July. 7.46c
August, T.66c; September, 7.64c; October.
7.66c: November. 7.71c: December. 7.7
January, 7.80c; February, 7.86c; March
7.80c; April, 7.94c-; May. 7. tie.
Spot, dull; Rio In, 909c; Santos 4s.
10. Offers of Santos wers reported In the
cost and freight market at 9c, London
credit. Sales of Rio 7s. were reported st
8.06c, American credits. The official cables
howed no change in the Brazilian spot
markets with Santos futures unchanged to
26 rels lower.
Chicago Llvo Stork Market.
Chicago. Juu 28. Cattle Receipts, 6,000,
market 'slow; native beef cattle, 26.600
13. "6; Hookers and feeders, 26-7600.80;
cows and heifers, 96.76011.80; calves, 21100
Hogi Receipts, 16,000; market unsettled:
10c lower to 6c higher than yeeterday'a
average. Bulk, 914.60016.46; light, 214. 00
016.20; mixed, 914.304H6.7S; heavy, 114.30
016. 8&; rough, 2H3O014.6O; pigs, 910.760
Sheep and Lambs Receipts. 12,000; mar
ket weak; wethers, 98.60011.30; ewes, 18.00
010.26; lambs, 910.76016.26; springs, 913-00
Minneapolis Grain Market.
Minneapolis, June 38. Flour 60c lower;
fancy patents quoted at 912.76: first clears
at 910,76; second clears at 17.60,
Barley 88c091. 30.
Bran- 228.00029.00.
Wheat July, 92-24; September, $1.74.
Cash: No. 1 hard, 92.4402.49; No. 1 north
ern, 92.2402.43; No. 2 northern, 92.240
Corn No. 2 yellow, 21-47 01.68.
Oats No. 2 white. 47066a.
Flaxseed 92 702.92.
Evaporated Apples and Dried Fruits.
New York, June 26. Evaporated Apples
Dull; fancy, 12013u; choice. r 110
11 c; prime, 11c.
Dried Fruits Prunes, steady, on moderate
government orders; California, ll013c;
Oregon, ll012c. Apricots, staady, on
moderate government orders; fancy, 220
23c. Peaches, steady, on moderate govern
ment orders; standard, 10c; choice, 11c;
fancy, 14c, Raisins, steady, on moderate
government orders; loose Muscatels, 70
9c; choice to fancy seeded, 8 ft 9; seed
leu, 10 011c; London laweri, 91.80.
Metal Market.
New Tork, June 28. Metals: Lead, eaey:
pot, 11 c. Spelter; Dull; spot, Eaat Ht.
Louis delivery, 9c. Copper: Firm; elec
trolytic spot and nearby, 932.00033.000 nom
inal; August and later, 229.00ih)31.00. Iron:
Firm; No. 1 northern, 22.00063.00; No. 2,
261.00O&3.00. Tin: Easy; spot, 261.76062.00.
At London Spot copper 130; futures',
1121, 10s; electrolytic, 142; spot tin, 249;
futures, 247. Lead' Spot, 30, 10s; futures,
29, lOg. Spelter; Spot, 164, futures 50.
Sugar Market,
New Tork. June 38. Sugar Raw firm:
centrifugal, 6.33c; molassea, 6.46c. Refined
firm: fine granulated, 97-6007. 76c. Futures
opened firm on covering and, buying by
outside Interests as well aa considerable In
quiry from trade sources. At noon prices
were 9 to 10 points higher.
Futures closed firm and 1214 points
higher. Sales, 29.260 tons. July, 6.37c;
September, 6.64c; December, 6.43c; Janu
ary, 1.13c.
Kansas City General Market.
Kansas City. June 28. Wheat No. 2
hard, 32.8802. 68; No. 2 red, 92.1602.26;
July, 92-04; September. 91-94.
Corn No. 2 mixed. 91.4801.69; No. 2
white, 91.7001.71; No. 2 yellow, 91-690
1.70; July, 91.64; September, 9"40
Oats No. Z white, 72072c; No. mixed,
97 c. -
St. T-euls Grain Market.
St. T.ouls, June 98. Wheat No. t red,
92.40; No. 2 hard, nominal; July, 91-99; Sep
tember, 91.83.
Corn No. t, 1.7301.73: No. 8 while,
91.76; September, 91.48; December, 91.08.
Oats No. 3. -7173c; No. 2 white,
London Htock Market.
London, Juno 28. American s.curltiei
barely moved from parity on the stook
exchange today.
Silver Bar, 39d per ounce.
Money 444 per cent.
Discount Rateii Short bills. i per cent;
three month.' bills, i per cent.
K.w ork Dry Market.
New York. June 28. Cotton goods wele
firm, a further rise in branded bleached
cottons being reported. Yarns wer. firm and
burlap, quiet and firm. Mens wear lines
for spring ar, being opened.
:i:HNj:ii;i:!.H-;:J!i ''ill! '.NrD'iiii',;!!!: Mili.iili.uiii.JMi:::!:!:::!:;;-;.!!'
Sold in brown bottles or on draught at fountains, clubs
and restaurants
Manufactured pRgJ) KRUG PRODUCTS CO.
Phone Tyler 2889
City and Postoffice Authorities
Flan Changes to Avoid
Dn plication With
Omaha Proper.
Municipal and postoffice officials
have co-operated in the preparation of
a tentative plan to correct the streets
of Florence and Benson to conform
with the general street scheme of
Greater Omaha and also to eliminate
duplication of street names.
Thirteen streets of Florence, having
names corresponding to other streets
in Omaha, will be recommended to be
changed as follows:
Davenport to McKinley. Pacific
and Jackson streets to Hunt street
and Howell avenue, in honor of A. B.
Hunt and R. B. Howell of the water
plant, as these streets lead to Minne
Lusa pumping station. Jefferson to
Tucker, tor F. S. Tucker, mayor of
Morence many years, and who recent
ly lost his place on account ot annexa
tion. Madison, Harrison and Monroe
to Mormon. Brigham and Young,
memory of the early Mormons who
made their headquarters in Florence.
Adams street will be changed to Key-
nolds, in nonor of Captain Reynolds,
whose name is closely identitied with
the early history of the water plant.
Faniam is to be changed to King and
Washington to Craig avenue, the lat
ter for J. Y. Craig, superintendent of
rorest Lawn cemetery. . Briggs will
be changed to Jfotter. lavlor to Web
er and Spring to Plant, in memory of
old settlers.
To Conform With Omaha.
It is further proposed to have a
north and south streets in Florence
conform with the numbered streets
of Omaha, which will necessitate
changing Main street to Thirtieth
The names of Omaha's east and
west streets will be extended through
to the west limits of Benson, with the
exception that part of Main street in
Military avenue will bear the latter
name and the remainder will be
known aa Maple street. Benson's
numbered streets will conform to
those of Omaha proper. The street
half a mile west of Fifty-second
Tarpentln. and Bosln.
Savannah, June - 28. Turpentine Firm,
3S ',c; sales, l4 bbls.; receipts, 328 bbls.s
shipments, 1 bbls.: stock, Sp,92. bbls.
Rosin Firm; aales, 1,647 bbls.; receipts,
1,072 bbls.; shipments, 84 bbls.; stock. 6M42
bbls. Quote: B. 88.35; D, 3M095.45; 13.
15.60; F. 85.68; O, 86.6005.85; H, 16.70; I,
85.76: K. 85.8506.10: M. 86.10; N, 36.78;
Vi'Q. 86.80; WW, 3.80lt7.00.
Corn and Wheat Region Bulletin.
T.tncoln.' Nub.. June 28. The last week
waa favorable for the growth of vegeta
tion and the progress of farm work . The
temperature averaged one dogre. above
normal. . Bhowers occurred In nearly all
parts of the stata, but the rainfall was
tight, less than a qusrter Inch In most
of th, southern and western counties. It
was heavier, ranging from half inch to
one end one-half Inches In (he central and
northeaNtern counties. was an abun.
tlanoe of sunshine and corn made a rapid
growth, but 1. still backward. The stand
is unusually good, cultivation has pro.
ceeded well and th. orop is mostly clear
of weeds. Oata Is In excellent condition
exoept tn the southwestern counties, where
dry weather ha caused them to head short.
Wheat ha. grown well, but would be bene
fited by rain ia the southern counties, as
v td also gardens anil potatoes. The
first cutting of alfalfa Is about finished
In the oentral and southern counties and
progressed well In the northern. The crop
was secured with little damage from rain.
Pastures are good and grass In meadows
haa grown well. O. A. LOVELAND.
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snap give it the zest that
your appetite and
Mercantile Company
Have a Case
Some Omaha Grocers Make
Reduction in Potato Rates,
Following Cut in Chicago
Wholesale Quotations.
Potatoes dropped 60 cents a bushel
in some of the leading grocery stores
in Omaha yesterday shortly after
noon, after the report came out they
had dropped that much in the whole
sale market in Chicago.
Some grocery stores in Omaha held
the prices up and refused to make
any cut.
Charles Trimble of Trimble Broth
ers' Commission company at noon
said there Had been no drop in the
prices in Omaha. Some buyers, how
ever, found their grocers willing to
make the cut in the afternoon and
give them the advantage of the drop
in the wholesale market.
From Wichita, Kan., came the re
port yesterday that while potatoes
were still selling for $4 a bushel in
that city, they were selling for $1-50
a bushel in Oklahoma City, a short
distance from tllWe. The freight be
tween the two cities is only 18 cents
a bushel.
Potatoes, the Wichita Eagle says,
are offered in Oklahoma and Texas,
with no buyers, while they sell in
Wichita at $1 a peck.
street in Benson will be Sixtieth
street and the farthest street on the
west city limits will be Seventy-second
The city engineering department
has these proposed street' change
plans. City Commissioner Jardine
will be pleased to consider sugges
tions from citizens who may have
ideas other than those outlined.
These changes will be embodied in
an ordinance and presented to the
city council at an early date.
Anythinf Etched on
Copper or Zinc
Artists. Engravers,
Electrotypers and
Boo EngraThif Dept.,
103 Bee Big.
Prsliminsry Season Now On.
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