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Briej City News
Oaro Bool Print Is Now Bwoon PrtM.
Metal diet, preesw'k. Jubilee Mtf. Co.
Elco. Fens. '..80 Burgess-Qranden.
Platinum Wadding Rings Edholm.
Trj the noonday ss-cwit luncheon
at the Emprus Garden, amidst pieaa
ant unrounding, mualo and entertain
ment. Advertisement.
Put In New Track New steel track
for about five blocks on north Twenty-fourth
etreet from Patrick avenue
to Lake atreet Is being laid by the
local etreet railway company.
Klddlei Like Merry-Go-Round
Kldiilea at Florence are enjoying a
new merry-go-round, which has been
Installed by Commissioner Hummel of
the park department. This Is further
evidence that this suburb Is a part of
Greater Omaha. Benson will have a
similar play device for children.
Seek Old Soldier's Papers Mayor
Dahlman would like to know the name
of the Omaha attorney who may have
In his desk or flies doouments in con
nection with Geora-e Thoet's pension
or military service. Mrs. Thoet of
Pinto, Mont., wrote the mayor that
her husband was in Omaha during
October of 1911 for an operation and
while here he left with an attorney
the papers she now needs. Her nus
band is dead. He was a civil war vet'
Bakhmetieff Renews Pledge
That Russia Will Remain in
War Until Germany Is
Washington. June 27. In another
stirring address today at the capitol,
Ambassador Bakhmetieff, head of
Russia' diplomatic mission, gave
solemn pledge that the Russian peo
ple and army "convinced that a sep
arate peace wouia mean mc niumyn
of German autocracy," are prepared
to fight on beside America until the
world has been maae sate tor aemo-
The ambassador spoke before the
senate and was given a reception al
most as enthusiastic as that accorded
him Suttirdav in the house. On no
previous occasion since the war be
gan, has senatorial reserve been cast
so completely aside. At the conclu
sion of the address, a resolution was
arfnnteil hv unanimous consent tx-
nrnnine the senate's gratification
over the stand of the newest demo
Former Chamberlain to Pope
Is Convicted of Espionage
Paris, June 27. The judgment of
the Italian court, which tried Mon
signor von Gerlach, the Austrian pre
late, who was formerly private cham
k.lain tn the none on a charge of
espionage, found him guilty and al
though he had left Italy long ago,
sentenced him to imprisonment for
life, now has been published. It
shows that the court found that none
- th. .mi nf which Monsienor von
(Serlach was accused, were committed
within the Vatican or other places oc
cupied by the holy see, which was
ahsnlvurt from knowledge ot
any of the occurrences under exami
Investigation of Monsignor
n..-!!,' artivitir was bCKUIl
n h Italian battleship:
Benneto Brin and Leonardo Da Vinci
were blown up ana one oi mc yiui
.... . Italian named Ambrogetti,
was' reported to have confessed that
he was tne nnancim gci
Gerlach. A Berlin dispatcn last jan-
.. his arrival in Lugano,
Switzerland, after having been forced
to leave Rome.
Russian Woman Does
Her Share for Country
Lincoln, June 27. (Special) A well
known society woman of Lincoln who
was earnest in her efforts to raise funds
for the Red Cross, took a trip among
the Russian inhabitants in an effort
to gather funds. While there she
solicited an aged woman who in
broken English tried to make her un
derstand that she could not give. She
went her way, but believing there was
1 prospect, she returned and again
sougt to secure even a small amount
from the woman. But to no avail.
Again she returned and becoming
deeply in earnest, she told the old
lady that she should at least do some
thing for the land of her adoption,
. as it was a duty every woman owed
to her country.
"I think I haf done my duty, re
.AA th woman. "I am a vidder,
my husband vas det. I take in wash
ings to support myself. My only
v.. t,- in tn American armv now.
T think I do all I can. What haf
The solicitor had nothing more to
British and German Airmen
In Battle Over Flanders
T nHnn Tune 27. Three British
naval airplanes fought a battle with
ten German machines over Flanders
Mnndav. An official account of
the fight says one and probably three
of the Germans were driven down.
All the British airmen returned
The announcement follows
"Tn tha course of a Datrol on Mon
day three naval airplanes encountered
and engaged ten enemy machines in
the vicinity of Roulers. They fought
for sixteen minutes and brought down
in flames. It is believed
two others were driven down out of
control, but clouds interrupted the
view. Our machines returned safely.
Two Scandinavian Ships
Sunk by German U-Boats
T onHnn Tune 27. The sinking of
the Norwegian steamship Volette, by
a German submarine, is reported in
a Central News dispatch from Copen
hagen. Fifteen of those on board,
including five women, were rescued.
The others lost their lives.
The Swedish steamship Gothia has
, been sunk Four men and two women
are missing.
Juarez, City of Chance,
Is Closed by Carranza
Juarea, June 27. Orders have
been received here from Carranaa
to stop all gambling in this town,
according to the Juarex officials.
This order became effective yester
day. -
Persistent Advertising is the Road
$o Success. ,
Patriotio Meetings to Be Held
to Boost Recruiting in the
South Side Company of
Sixth Nebraska.
R. Hankinson, 2010 J street, was the
rst recruit to sign up with the South
Side company of the Omaha battalion
of the Sixth Nebraska regiment. Rob
ert E. Card, Twenty-eighth and Harri
son streets, and Charles S. Bear, 1815
Vinton street, volunteered for army
shortly afterwards. June 30 is the
last dav that men who registered for
selective army conscription may en
list. Demonstrations to ooost enlist
ments will be held in all South Side
wards and at the packing houses dur
ing the week, closing with a big open
air meeting rnoay nigiu.
Christening Party Discharged,
Eddie Adams case was heard in
police court this morning. He was
chareed with the illegal possession
of liquor, several bottles oi beer be
ing tound at his residence two weeKs
ago. Evidence introduced was to tne
effect that the persons found at the
Adams home were relatives at a fam
ily christening party in honor of the
arrival of an heir, and the liquor
purchased before May 1. The case
was in court June 18, but on account
of the death of the babe on that day
wai postponed. He was discharged.
Junk Dealers Organize.
E. Vaks. a junk dealer, who was
charged with purchasing junk from
minors, was discharged when J. W
Tamison. attorney for the junk deal
ers, explained to the judge that all
South bide junk dealers nan organ
ized and deposited a forfeit of $25
to be paid into the association treas
ury by any member who buys junk
from a minor. Besides tne torteit,
Tudge Fitzgerald informed the men
that should they appear in court tor
the offense he would impose a fine
of S25.
Captain Bnggs stated that he had
the bovs who had been giving the
trouble rounded up and eight of them
were in the Detention home tor tak
ing brass fixtures from empty saloon
buildings. Officers of the Junk Ped
dlers and Dealers' association are: E.
Vaks, president; T. Bernstein, vice
president; G. Chasen, secretary; S.
Rosinsky, treasurer; s. ft.aron ana
N. Baumer, trustees.
Musis CUT Goulp.
Sun.rlor Lodsr No. 193. Dfr. of Honor,.
will meet at th tomplo toll evening.
Mies Mery MoLetn will depart the Uet
ot the week for a vlelt t Pine Bluffe, Wyo.
Oek Council No. ISIS, Knlshti end Ledlee
of Security, win give a dance Friday evening
at McCrann's hall.
The heavy rain last night oauled a weeh-
out on O etreet between Twenty-rirat ana
Twenty-eecond streets.
Pennant Lodge No. 1ft, Ancient Order
of United Workmen, will meet at the tem
ple. Twenty-tilth ana M Itreen. Tnureoay
Ray Sullivan la home from a marine train
ing atatlon on the Atlantic coaet to
his parente, Mr. and Mre. John Bulllvan
of the South 8lde. Hla mother hae been 111.
I. S. Howe and family will leave today
to Join Dr. and Mrs.
Serious Food Rioting
In Town of Stettin
Gothenburg, Sweden, June 27.
According to further details given
the newspaper Tijd by resident in
Gothenburg, who witnessed them,
the recent hunger riots in Stettin
were of a most serious nature. Sev
eral persons were killed.
The outbreak had its origin in
rumors that foodstuffs had been ex
ported. The mob plundered shops
and broke windows.
Berkeley Teachers Capture
Man Leaving College Build
ing With War Depart
ment Secrets.
Rain and Other Disasters Fall
to Put Damper on the An
nual Outing of Brandeis
Stores Employes.
from where) they will
park and other Colorado
T. Pritohard at
North Platte. Neb.,
motor to Eater
point .
South Omaha 1odg No. , Ancient Or
der of United Workmen, held a meeting
Uet night and the announcement of th
affiliation undar th Iowa Jurltdlctlon wai
Herbert Bchradar, ion of Mr. and Mm.
J. H. Bchrtder, 420& South Twentieth
street, who has baan falling in health, de
parted for Bartrand, Neb., for a visit be
fore leaving for Colorado, whara ha will
spend the summer.
Hubert L. stalnbarr, J-yar-5ld ion of
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stelnbart, Bouth.
Thit-tiAih etreet. flled Tuesday afternoon.
Funeral services will ba held at the home
thla afternoon by Rev. M. Adams of the
nArmin Lutheran church. Intarmant tn
Laurel Hill cemetery.
Jii first Fitce-erald was on the bneoh In po
tins, court this morning after a short vaca
tion with hla family vlating relatives at
Orafton. Neb. The Judge says crops out
m th a-tiita ara looking fins, the first cut
ting of alfalfa balng harvested. As ha left
thera yeatarday ha aald It waa raining,
which was needed In the weatarn part.
Andrew Payaan, giving nig aodreaa i
Clinton, la., was last night arrestea in
th vir. nitv of tna umon raoinc aepoi,
Thirty-second and O streets, for trespass
ing Ha gava hla age as St and aald he
reentered at Ciinion. la., om nan nw cro-
dentlals to prova hla .aasertlon, therefore is
held pending inveaiigauon oy ma m
Prank Bkrupa, aged M years, died at
hla home, 4S16 Bouth Twenty-alxth atreet,
thla morning after a long Illness. Funeral
.rvines will ba held from the residence
Friday morning to Bt. Mary'a church. In
terment in Bt. wary a oemeiery. io u
ceased la survived by a wife and three
ohildran, two daughters, Julia and Victo
ria; one aon, Frank, Mr. Bkrupa came to
tne city wnen out 10 u
one of the pioneers.
PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS Tf.nrv K.ltfald of th Csntrsl
Pollcs Station, Uft last nllht (or Bolton,
whsra hi waa called by th death of his
alster-in-law. H was accompanlaa by hla
Berkeley, Cal., June 26. Prompt
action of two university professors
prevented the theft early today of im
portant government secrets by an un
known man who had succeeded in
effecting an entrance into the chem
istry building of th: University of
The first act of the authorities will
be to throw a cordon of soldiers about
the buildings in which government re
search is being made under most care
ful precautions.
Shortly after daybreak two of the
professors went to the lafioratory and
as they approached the building they
saw a man slipping from a window of
the office of Prof. Joel H. Hildebrsnd.
Under his arm wss a roll of paper.
They grappled with the man and he
struggled desperately and finally
threw off his would-be captors and
In the struggle he dropped his loot,
which was found to be a roll of blue
prints containing plans for chemical
apparatus used in carrying out cer
tain vitally important experiments for
the War department.
King George Gives Titles
For Those Ordered Dropped
London, June 27. According to the
Times, King Georg has revived for
Prince Louis of Battenberg the dor
mant royal title of marquis of Mil
fordhaven, which was used by King
Georire II before he ascended the
throne. Prince George of Battenberg,
eldest son of Prince Louis, will be earl
of Medina, and the second son of
Prince Louis will be Lord Louis
Mounthatten. Prince Alexander of
Teck will be known as the eart of
Athlone. The changes are the result
of King George s decision to drop all
titles of German origin.
More Gold Comes to the
Morgan Bank From Canada
New York. Tune 27. Gold amount'
ing to $9,700,000 has been received
from Canada by the J. P. Morgan
account, making the imports in the
oresent movement $97,231,000 and
total imports ot tne metal trom an
sources since the first of the year
Contract Awarded
For Windproof Shirts
Washington, June 27. Contracts
for 200,000 windproof shirts at $2.52
each have been awarded by the Navy
Old Jupe Tluve, the picnic jinx, was
foiled. Thi electric light company was
foiled. The automobile driver, who
got stuck in the mud with a car full of
"eats," was foilr. The fat girls who
refused to admit they were fat and
take par. in a race specially planned
for' them were foiled. In fact the
doten or more obstacles thst came up
which under ordinary circumstances
would put the kibosh on any picnic,
failed in the least to put a damper on
the annual picnic given by the Bran
deis Stores for its employes Tuesday
evening at Lake Manawa.
Headed by a band playing popular
airs, the employes, more than 700
strone. marched in a bodv to Four
teenth ana uougias streets, wnere
they boarded twelve special cars for
the pleasure resort.
Unstade ko, l doddcq up once tne
employes reached Manawa. It was
learned that one of the automobiles
carrying the ice cream, pickles and
sandwiches was stuck in the mud,
"somewhere in the oozey ground" be
tween Council Bluffs and Manawa.
The machine was located and finally
chugged into the grounds, after the
committee in charge of the "eats" had
dispatched several cars to its assistance.
Obstacle No. 2 made its appear
ance in the "fat girls' " race.
I am t fat and i am t going to
run, one young woman declared,
upon being urged to enter the contest.
She voiced the feelings of the other
young women of corpulent build and
the affair was scratched from the list.
Other Athletic Events.
In the other athletic events that fol
lowed, Helen Lincrest won first prize
in the women s tree-tor-all race. Hel
en Penry took first honors in the girls'
tree-tor-all race, Isidore Oossick and
A. Harris copped the three-legged
sprint for men, Jack Lewis took the
sweepstakes in the 100-yard flit for
men and boys, and Arma Krupeco
was awarded honors in the 200-foot
run for women.
After the supper furnished by the
Brandeis stores, consisting of sand
wiches, oranges, bananas, ice cream,
coffee, salad, pickles and other picnic
provender, h. 1 been aerved, employes
were given free dtnee tickets and tick
ets for all the amusements at the re
sort. Jupiter Pluvius who literally flood
ed the place, soon after supper was
served, was given the merry na Da By
the dancers. They returned to Omaha
shortly after 10 o'clock, convinced
that the affair was the most success
ful, despite the many obstacles, ever
given by the firm.
Accepts Prison Bars in
Place of Lightning Rods
Carl Brechtold, who has been stop
ping at the State hotel, became
mentally unbalanced during the se
vere electrical storm Monday night.
Believing he was about to be struck
by lightning, he invented personal
lightning rods for himself the first
thine luesdav morning.
He tried desperately to prevent of
ficers from removing his protection,
but was finally mollified when told
that the bars on the police station
windows would prevent the lightning
striking him.
Cossack Congress Pledges
New Government Support
Petrograd, June 27. The Cos
sacks congress has passed a reso
lution expressing full confidence in
the provisional government and as
suring the government that the Cos
sacks throughout Russia will
strongly support its efforts to sup
press ansrchy and attempts at a
counter revolution.
III.., imMiii. lmi wmf Mn ll
Must Buy Rifle Machines
To Equip Overseas Army
Washington, June 27. Special rifle
making machinery costing $9,500,000
must he obtained at once by the gov
ernment if the new army ll to be
properly equipped for speedy service
abroad, Secretary Baker today advised
the house, A bill to make the appro
priation probably will be introduced
Further Loans Send Fund
To Allies Over Billion Mark
Washington, June 27. American
loans to the allies passed the billion
dollar mark todav, when the treasury
placed $15,000,001) to the credit of
Great Britain and $10,000,000 to
France's account.
Omaha Red Cross Company
Will Consist of 124 Members
Instead of 91; First Drill
Next Monday Night.
Omaha Red Cross ambulance com
pany needs more men.
The personnel of the company will
consist of 124 men, instead of ninety
one men, as first planned. Names of
successful applicants will be an
nounced Thursday. Headquarters are
at 1200 First National bank building.
The company will drill Monday,
Wednesday and Friday nights, from
8 till 10 o'clock, at the Auditorium,
enabling men to retain their present
positions. The first meeting of mem
bers of the company will be held
Monday night.
Supplies and equipment are to be
bought in Omaha, since this is to be
strictly an Omaha company.
The number of ambulance in the
company will depend upon the
amount of donations received.
Lighten the house
keeping bj serving a
ready-cooked, ready-to-eat
food that contains the max
imum of nutriment at low
est cost, and with the least
tax on the digestion. Shred
ded Wheat Biscuit is the
real autocrat of the break
fast table the one cereal
food that holds its own
against all comers, with
increasing sales every year.
It is a boon to the busy
housewife, a welcome relief
to the jaded stomach that
has wrestled with meat
and other heavy Winter
foods. Try it for breakfast
with milk or cream; for
luncheon or dinner with ber
ries or other fruits. Made
at Niagara Falls. N. Y.
Bea Want Ads Produce Results.
753 Residents of Nebraska
registered at Hotel Astor
during the past year.
1000 Rooms. 700 with Bath
A cuisine which has made
the Astor New York's leading
Banqueting place.
Single Rooms, without bath,
12.50 and 13.00
Double -' 3.S0 and 4.00
Single Rooms, with bath, S.50 to 6.00
Double 4.50 to 7.00
Parlor, Bedroom and bath,
. 110.00 to I14.W
Timet Square
At Broadway, 44th to 45th Streeta the center of New York's social
and business activities. In close proximity to all rsilway terminals.
For Building
x Up QuicKly
probably the very
best food you can
select is
It contains the
mineral salts and
energy values all
the nutriment of
whole wheat and
barley digests
easily and quickly,
and the flavor is
"There's a Beaton"
"Careys Divorced"
The Cartyi htvt divorced aheap and
inferior cleaning of all kinda. They have
no branch ea or agenti. give no dUoounts.
Think It over. You get the benefit. Tele
phone Webiter S92. We clean belt! and
uependeri for eleven centa.
"A A
Phone Douglas 9S13
160S Leavenworth St.
i V
f sa-J rd
Clark near Jackson Boulevard
The Hotel Success
of Chicago
'The hotel's excellent service,
its convenience for the quick'
transaction of business, its
proximity to theatres, shops
and public buildings make it
the ideal headquarters for a
crowded day..
450 Rooms
$1.50 up
With Bath
$2.00 up
I e I E i Sf yD'aC EC I J skf iSjft
la M
Burgess-Wash Com pam y.
everybody store"
.Wednesday, June 27, 1917. STORE NEWS FOR THURSDAY Phone Polities 137.
Gov. Neville says: "Be with your friends in the 6th Nebraska
Volunteers-the Omaha Battalion. , Don't wait to be drafted;
enlist now." Headquarters 1612 Farnam Street.
An Inviting Collection of
New Summer Blouses
At $1.95 and $2.50
WE illustrate but four of the many attractive values displayed Thursday
for your choosing.
The styles in this showing of blouses are so attractive that it will be both
simple and pleasant to select a supply for vacation and all summer time needs.
The materials from which they are made are fine voiles and organdies,
prettily trimmed with Val, and Venise laces, embroidery and organdie pan
els, and touches of embroidery. Large sailor collars, round collars, jabots,
frills and ruffles other in semi-tailored effects, etc.
Two big groups at $1.95 and $2.50.
Burfii.-N.ih Co. M.ln Fleer
Thursday Down-Stain Store
Seldom, If Ever, Have We Shown
Such a Variety of
Separate Wash Skirts
in all the late and popular style developments.
$1.50, $2.50, $2.95, $3.50, $4.95
MODELS of gabardines, cotton bedfords, wide or narrow wale pique, and
especially featuring the silk Pongee.
Skirts that are splendidly tailored, have fancy pockets, fancy belts, plenty
of fullness in the back and finished with pearl buttons. This display is the re
sult of several shipments received during the past few days and includes a
complete range of waist band sizes to 40.
Bur.-Nuh Co. Down Sulr. Stor. '
, V