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fcAt I 1
up v.r
Drawn for
The Bee
Sioux City, Thanks to Gilmore,
Holly and Morse, Returns to
Camp With Scalp of
Des Moines.
Sioux City, Ia., June 26. Heivy
hitting by Gilmore, Holly nd Morse,
and sensational fielding by Gilmore
and Holly, were the principal factors
in Sioux City's defeat of Dei Moines,
8 to 2. Score:
AB.H.O.A.B!. A0.H.U.A.E.
Csaalf t
ontl'ore.lf s 4
Breen,le,e f
Hunter.ef S
Cotfey.Sb I
H'tford.u S
Spencer.rt S
Spahr.e 1
owner. lb 1
O'Doul.p 4 I
r'timu 1 S 4 I 1
OWataon.rf 4 1
ron' 4 1
0More,cf 4 S
OM' I 1
OCroeby.o 4 t
IQrover.p 4
Totals. .17 11 IT
Total.. .3! II 14
Battod for Drouon (a ainth. .
.Dm Motn..,,l 0 1 1 l
,viiou city 1 1 I I I I I I
Two-bss hit: Holly (I). Radr, Mono
3). Spanesr. O'Doul.' Thrss-baa hlto:
Mueller. Kwoldt. Homo run: Ollmoro.
stolen baao: Kwoldt. Double play: Holly
to Rador. Hlto and oarnod rune: Off
Orovor, 1 and none; off O'Doul, IS and s In
aoven Inning. Baaoo on ballo: Off Grover,
S: off O'Doul. S; off Dreeaen, 1. Struck out!
By Qrovor, ; by O'Doul, T.' Hit by pitched
balla: Morao, Spahr. Tlmoi 1:00, Vmplro:
Jacob. .
Izzies Fail in Pinches; f
Josies Take Long Contest
Wichita, Kan., June 26. Inability
in the pinches lost Wichita a battle
today in which they missed numerous
opportunities to score. McCabe's pair
of errors in the seventh let Wichita
rie the score, while Morrison's error
in the fourth gave St. Joseph .their
earlv lead. Score:
I AB.H.O.AU, - AB.H.O.A.B.
rllts, 110 0 4 I t S 1 S 1 I S l(loodn,3b 4 1110 S 1 4 1 t 1 IS 0
Klrkhm.lf SSI ICoy.rf 1 1 0 S 1 IS lDavlo.Sb S 1 1 I t
Xloore.c I 1 S I 4 0(11 S 0 1 OTaryan.o S I I I 0
Sbay.M 1114 iciemns,p 1 S 0
O' 4 10 O-Kooatnr 1 0 0 0 0
Hovllk.p S I 0 S OBakor.p 0 0 0 1 0
aright, p 0 0 1 0 4 '
Totali..4111111T I
Total!.. 41111111 4
'Batted for Clomono In olovonth. (!
St. Joseph 0 t I I It Mil I I T
Wichita ,.0 I H 1 1 I II I 1
Home run: Yaryan. Three-baa hit: Oood
win. Two-baoe hlta: Wallace, MoCabo,
Clemono, Tnomaeon. Hlta and earned rune:
Off Clemone, II and I In eleven Innlnio:
off Hovllk. Ll and I In ten Innlnia; off
VVrtiht, I and I la two Innlnia; off Baker,
and In on Inning. Lett on baeee:
Wichita. 12: St Joaoph, I. Saorltlco hlto:
Goodwin, Thomaaon. BaaM en ballet Off
Hovllk, It off Clemona, I, Struck out: By
Clemone. S; by Hovllk, S. Doubl play:
Davis to Jonea, Shay to MoCabo to Henry,
Goodwin to Joum. Moor to MoCabo to
Moon, Davlo to Ooodwln to Joam. wild
pitch; Hovllk. Time: 1;15. Umpire: Miller.
Omaha Drill Team Cops
Three First Prizes at Meet
With three first prizes, amounting
to $1,250 in cash the drill team of
Camp No. 120, Modern Woodmen of
America, has returned from Chicago
where the annual encampment was
held. The team took first orize in
camp inspection, discipline and efficK
ency and in the battalion drill. :
Individual prizes in the axe manuel
were won by C. H. Larson, S. V.
Barker and Ed O. Hanlon. The team
is under the command of Caotain H.
C. Marten, who wis given a beauti
ful present by the drill teams after
the competitions. 1 1 ,
The individual honors were won by
the three Omaha men in competition
against about 7,000 men and are con
sidered one of the highest honors that
can be received at the Modern Wood
men encampment.
Several members of the drill team of
No. 120 have ocered their arrvirr
in a body for enlistment in different
branches ot the army.
Receives Painful Injuries
When Knocked from Bike
Herald Matk. 15 yean old, 1609 Cal
ifornia, suffered painful injuries about
the back and head, when struck by
a automobile near Seventeenth and
Davrnnnrt fltroMa. Matk- urao riilins
on his bycicle and failed to, see the
ayiMuainuiK, auiu uiivcn oy rranK
Mvlrr. 1412 North Thirtv.tWth erroot
an employe for the Vetter-Moore
Wall raper company. With Mr. My
ler in the car at the time of the acei
: dent was J. T. Walker. Both were
arrested and charged with reckless
Homestead Team Proves
Too Much for Ralston Nine
The fast Homestead base ball team
defeated the Ralston club Sunday at
Ralston. The score was 15 to 7. The
Homestead team used all three of
their pitchers, Polsley, Huffstutter
and Reeves. Each struck out five
. men. The feature of the game was
the slugging of Paisley and Huff'
stutter. The Homesteads are looking
for trouble with other Class C out-of-
town teams. For games write M.
Huffstutter, Fifty-fourth and
streets, Omaha.
Loonala Team win at Kearney.
Kearney. Neb.. June 11. -f SDoelal.V
Loomta defMted the Kearney Hlgh'.anden
ken Sunday afternoon tn a gam that waa
well played In aplto or the heavy kitting.
Loemla I I I I 1 I I I 111 14
Kearney I 1 I I I I I I I I I
- Batterlca: Loom!. Charlaton and Skills;
Kearney, Johnaoa, Newman ana Foutck.
Standing of Teams
Dm MoIhm.ITII.H7
Lincoln ....X 17. ill
Phil. 35 31 .131
New York...!! 21 .111
Chlcaio ....37 21 .111
St. Louie ,.3121.117
Joplln 1111.141
Sloui Cltjr..34: .140 Cincinnati ..32 39.471
mm" .... 11 33 .451 Brooklyn ...1411.431
8t. Joseph.. 34 17 .H3)10ston 33 31.421
wicmia ,...zg 41 .113 I'lttsburin ..loss .us
Chicago ,...4 31 .111
Indlanapolla 42 IS .137
Boston 37 11 .117
St. Paul 24 21.117
Now Tork..lS14.l!
Loulevllle ..34 31 .137
.11 11 .lOIIColumbue ..15 11.130
. .31 11 .(00KltnMI Cltyl.l 31 .413
Waahlniton 33 IS .UOi Milwaukee
T27 3, .41b
St. Louis ..21 17 .111 Minneapolis 3137.413
Phlla II 17 .13Toledo 37 It .401
Vootorday' Beoolt. '
Omaha-Llnooln, rain,
Don Molnoa, S; Stout City. I,
St. Jooeph, I: Wichita, I: (twolrt In
Joplln, I; Donvor, I.
Dotrolt, 1-1; Chlcaio. 3-1.
St. Louis, 1-2: Clovoland. I-S.
Philadelphia. S; Now lork, T.
Waihlnston, S: Boaton, I.
Booton, 1-7; Brooklyn, l-l.
Now Tork, 4-S; Phlldolphla, l-l.
Clnclnnnatl, I: Pittsburg, I.
Chlcaio. l-l: St. Loula. l-l. (Tint gsme
flftoan Innings; aooond gamo, called and
of oovonth.)
Columbus, 1: Minneapolis, T.
Toodo, 1; Mllwaukoo, I.
Indianapolis, I: Kaniao City, I.
Games Today. .
Woatorn League Omaha at Lincoln,
Dos MolnM at Sioux City, St. Joaoph at
Wichita, Joplln at Denverr
Amorlcan League Dotrolt at Chlcaio,
St, Louis at Clovoland, Waahlniton at Boa-
ton. Philadelphia at New Tork.
National .League Boaton at Brooklyn,
Now Tork at Philadelphia, Cincinnati at
Plttaburff, Chloago at St. Loula.
Caddock Turns Down Big
Purse for Match on July 4
Earl Caddock of Anita, la., world's
champion heavyweight wrestler, has
decided not to engage in any cham
pionship matches tor a time. Mr,
taddock turned down a SS.IXKJ guaran
tee for his end for a match in Sioux
City July 4. He also turned down a
match in Omaha July 4, which would
probably draw the heaviest of any
match ever held in this section of the
country. Mr. Caddock feela that the
public has naa cans lor donations to
the Red Cross and many deserving
charities, and to engage in a match at
this time would be overtaxing ' the
public nurse, which he does not con
sider good sportsmanship. -
"If he does not go to war Mr. Cad
dock wilt start his fall campaign and
meet all legitimate contenders, but
will give no notice to so-called wrest
lers who are making an effort to se
cure a match with him in order to se
cure the short end of the purse. This
class of wrestlers will be ignored en
tirely," said Gene Melady, manager
for Caddock.
Caddock has wrestled five matches
since he decisively defeated Joe
Stecher in Omaha April 9, thereby
winning the championship of the
world. This is probably more con
tests than the average champion
would have in a year's time, which
shows the public that Caddock is the
real wrestling sensation of the world.
Bar Association to Stage .
Annual Ball Game Wednesday
The annual ball- game of the
Omaha Bar association will be held
at lmwood park Wednesday after
noon at 2 o clock, lhe opposing
teams are to be called the "Army''
and the "Navy." Alter giving the
following lineup critical inspection it
is only natural to presume the game
will be some contest:
.... Haacall
Do Lamatn
.. W. Lynojl
... T. Lynch
..... O'Hara
.... Monaky
. .. Flnlayaoa
Cnsaman ....
.... Pint.
.... .Short...,,,
Bromo ,.
Morehouse.. .
O. 8ugrmn.
Center. ....
Ratnaey .Center.,
ritagerald Right , Votava
Mrs. F. J. Despecher Wins
In Omaha Woman's Golf Play
Mrs. F. J. Despecher was the win
ner in the first flight of the Omaha
Woman's Golf association play Mon
day. Mrs. C J. Merriam was winner
in the second night and Mrs. C J.
leibaitn winner in the third night.
The matches were handicap medal
lhe next meeting of the woman s
association will be at Klanawa July
30, when a flag contest will be staged.
f lay will start at y:JU tor those who
desire to play in the morning.
Serlbner Defeat Soydor,
Scrlbnen Neb.. June (SnooteM At
Serlbner Sunday, afternoon, the Serlbner bM
ball team defeated the Snyder team, S to I.
Pitcher Walworth of Serlbner allowed but
two single hlta Guotln for the vleltora Wei
ua lor an sat hlta. Scon:
.. RHE
Snyder ,7. I I I 0 I 0 I I I I I 1
Serlbner , Illlllll 12 I I
BatterlM: Snyder, Ouelln and Seebeck;
wriDner, naiwortn ana unemel
H. D. Walker Made Denutv
Grand Master of A. O.U.W.
H. D. Walker nf Omaha fcaa K..n
appointed deputy grand master of the
. XT v,raer 01 united workmen
of Nebraska. He has opened offices
at 758 Omaha National bank building.
Mr. Walker's jurisdiction extends
over the following lodges: Union
facihc No. 17. Omaha No. 18. South
Omaha No. 66, Gate City No. 98,
wortn umana wo. 159, Patent No. 173
America No. 292, Saratoga No. 384.
New York Climbs Back Into
First Place, But Again Makes
Way for Philadelphia in
the Second Game.
Philadelphia, June 26. New York
took first place in the National league
race from Philadelphia by winning
the first game today, 4 to 3, but the
home team regained the lead by win
ning the second game, which went
ten innings, 6 to 5. Alxeander suf
fered his third straight aefedt in the
opening contest. Score, first game:
jxarv tuna.
Burna.lf. 114 4 OPaakort.ct I 1 1 1 I 4 0-11 OBanc't.M 4144-0 .1 1 S 0 08tock.3b. S 0 0 I 0
Zlm' S
ISO OCrav'h.rf I I S 0 0
Fletc r,M 4
Oil OWh'd.lflb 1 1 4
o o
Roo't'n.rf 4
0Lude'a,lb 2 113 1
ISchulte.lf 0 0 0 0 0 I
Rarlden.o 4
I 1
0 OCooper.lf 0 0 0 0 0
o e
2 ONIe'off.ib 4 3 1
sallee.p. 2
10 1 OKIIIefer.o 4 11
- -Alex'r.p.
0 4 0
Totals 14 10 27 13 leDugey..
10 0 0
10 10 0
I Total 11 I 27 IS
Ratted for Luderu In sixth.
"Batted for Schult In eighth.
New Tork ....J lOtlltlO-
Phlladelphla ...0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0
Two-base hits: Robertnon (2). Homo run
Cravath. Stolen base: Holke. Double playa:
Bailee. Fletcher and Holke: Alexander,
Bancroft and Luderua; Bancroft, Nlehoff
and Luderua; Bancroft and Luderus. Base
on halla: Off Terreau, i, off Alexander 1,
Hlta: Oft Teareau, 1 In five Innings, (nono
out In sixth.) Struck out: By Alexander 1.
umplree: Klem and Branefleld.
G.Bns.lf S I I 0 OPaakort.ct 4 0 S 0 0
Hersog,2b 4
Kauff.ct 4
Zlm' 4
1 1
1 1 Banc t.M 10 14
1 1
0 Sill
I !Oa'th,rf S 1 0 0 0
Flot'er.M 4 I
I 4 I S 0
Rob n,rr.
4 I I
0 0Lud' S 1 0 0
I 0
7 0 0 0 S 0 0
0 7 INIe 4 1 a
0 0 0 0E.Burna,o I 0 S 0 0
0 0 1 OKllHfer.Q 10 0 1
Schuppe.p 1 1 0 S OMayer.p. i i 0 S 0
Lobert.. 1 0 0 0 OOesch'r.p 1 0 0 0 0
Cooper. 1 0 0 0 0
. Total II llll 10 I Schult 1 0 0 0 0
Byrne ,.11000
-Vjtrtrt Total IT 7 10 11 0
"On out when winning run scored,
Batted tor Perrltt In third.
"Batted for E. Burna In leventh.
Batted for Mayer In aeventh.
Batted for Luderu In eighth.
New Tork 1111111111 01
Philadelphia 1 000000010 11
Two-baaa hit: Schupe. Stock (3). Threo-
baee hlta: Kauff. Whltted 411. Home run
Fletcher. Stolen bases: Paakert, Nlehoff.
Double olava: Mayer. Stock and Luderua
Nlehoff, Bancroft and Luderus. Base on
balla: Oft Mlddleton 1 .off Schuppo 2, off
Mayer S. Hits: Off Perrltt, S In two In.
nlnsa: off Mlddleton, S In five and two-
third Inning: off Mayer, 6 In aeventh ln
nlnga. Struck out: By Perrltt 1. by Middle.
ton 4, by Schuppo 2, by Mayor a. .umpire
Klm and BranafUld.
rBooklya Take Two.
Rrooklvn. June 18. After winning four
games from Boston In two days, rBooklyn
lost both ends of a double-header today, I
to I and 7 to I. Score, tint game:
Kellr.ef 4 111 OOlaon.M 4 S S I 0 4 0 0 0 111,00 110 e o i
1 1
Wllhot.rt 4 110 OStengl.rf 4
Maaee.lf S 0 S 0
4 110 0
Ftaptk,lf 1110 a o o o o 10 o s o a a
smlth.Sb 4 10 1 OAleyen.o
12 4
Tragesr.o 10 2 1 ODell.p
Clowdy.o 0 0 10 OSmlth.p
4 0 0 1 0
1 0 0 0 0 4 111 OIHyor
BarneiM. 4 -I 0 1 0
Tyler ivi a o o ?otis..i s it o x
Totl..l71IST 11
1 Batted fnr TngrOMer In ninth.
Batted tor Smith in ninth.
Boaton 1 10 I I 0 0 0
Brooklyn ,....1 0 1 0 0 2 1 0
Two-base hlta: Stengel (2). Barnes. Mar-
anvllle. Tyler. Three-baao hits: Wheat, Ol
eon,- Homo run: Kelley, Stolen bases: Hick
man. Rowlings. Been on ball: un ue ,
off S. Smith, 1: off Barnes, 1, Hits: Off
Dell. 11 In eight and one-third innings.
Struok out: By Dell, 2; by Barnes, 3. Um
pires: Rlgler and urtn.
score, second gamo: ,
Kellr.ef 110 4 1 I S 1
Mseaey.lh 4 0 11 S 1 S S 1
Wllholt.rf I S 1 I 4 III! 10 11 OStengol.rt I 0 0 I 0 I I I 0 4 18 10
Smith. !b 1110 OCutahw.ib 4 111
Traiaer.o 4 110 4 10 11 4 114 OMtller.o 4 110
Neht.p Sill OCadore.s 2 0 0 0
(.oomba,p oooio
Totals.. 14 U !T 10 l'Myers 1 0 0 0 0
Totals.. II TIT It I
oBatted for Cadon In seventh.
Boston I 0 0 1 I I I I 1 T
Brooklyn 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 I I I
Thne-bas hit: Johnston. Homo runs
WllholU Olaon. Stolen baaMt Maranvtlla,
Wheat. Double play: Neltr to Maranvtlla to
Konetchy. BasM-on balls: Oft Nehf.,2; off
canon. 1. Hlta: on L'adoro. 'B in seven In.
nlngs. Struck out: By Neht, T; by Cadon, I;
by coomb, l. umpire: urtn and sigler.
Ninth Inning ltallT'ltaltlrea.
Pittsburgh. Fa.. Juno II. Pittsburg's
ninth Inning rally today fell on run short
tying tho scon and Cincinnati him out
the locals l to a. scorn:
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.B. I S I 1 4 111
Kopf.M 4
III 11141
1110 Kwig.rf ,11111
Rouon,cf I 4 1 11 O OWag'r.lo 4 1 11 1
Orlttilh.rf 4 111 I'Schmldt 0 0 0 0 3
Thorpe.!! 4
Shean. lb I
Clarke.o I
Sch'der.n 4
0 10 OHI'm' 4 I I 1 1
1 4
T OWard.u I 0 1 I 0
1 OPIshcor.e 4 I S 1
10 1 OM'Ca' 4 1 1 S
Cooper. Ill
Total 36 1117 111 "Carey 110 0
Crimea I 0 0 I 0
Totala IT 14 II II 4
Ran tor Wagnor la ninth.
, "Ratted tor Cooper In ninth.
Ran tor Oarey In ninth.
Cincinnati ....I 0 0 I I 0 I 1
Pittsburgh ....0 0 llll
Two baao hlta: Groh. ftoueh. Chase,
Clarke. Bohnelder. Thno base hlta: Hlnch
man Double plays: Kopf, Sheen and
Chaea (I): Shean. Kopf and Chase. Ward,
Fitter and Wagner. Baa on balle: Schneider,
a- tvwtner. 1. struck out by Bcnneiaer, s
by Cooper, 4. Umplno: Byron and Qulgley.
Persittent Advertising is thtf Roid
to Success . , .
Ty Cobb Hits Safely in Both
Games, Making Becord of
Twenty-Two Straight; Chi
cago Finds James Easily.
Chicago, June 26. Ty Cobb hit
safely in both games of a double
header here today with Detroit, and
as a result holds a record of safe hit
ting in twenty-two consecutive
games. Detroit took the first contest
by bunching their hits and taking ad
vantage ot Uiicago s loose playing.
James Was wild and Chicago won the
second game, 4 to 3. Score first game:
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.E. S 1 1 4 0J.Clno.rf S 1 S 0
Young, 2b 4 I S 1 4 0 11 114 1 0E.Clns.2b llll
Veach. f 4 2 4 1 OJacksn.lf 4 14 1
Hellmn.rt 14 10 4 1 4 110 4 0 4 110 ORIabrg.M I 1
Rpencr.o 4 2 3 1 OSchalk.o 2 0
Mltchll.p 10 0 1 OFaber.p 0 0
Bens.p o o
Totals..!! II IT I 0"Lynn 1 0
Wlfgng.p 1 0
Jenkins 1 0 0 0 0
Totals.. 13 I 37 10
Batted for Bens In fourth.
- eBatted for Wolfgang In ninth.
Detroit 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 6 I S
Chicago ......0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 02
Two-base hit: Cobb. Home run: Hellman.
Stolen baees: J. CoIIIdb, Young. BaBee on
balla: Off Mitchell, 1; off Faber, 1. Hits:
Off Faber. 7 In threo Innings: orr Bens,
In ono Inning. Struck out: By Mitchell. 4.
Umpires: Connolly, Nallln and Morlarty,
Nan Annex Pair.
Cleveland, O., Juno 21. Cleveland took
two gamea from St. Lout Moday. a
and I to 3. Sothoron had Cleveland ahut
out In tho first gamo until the eighth In.
nlng when a combination of hits and errors
gafe the locals five runs. Poor work by
oubstttute outfielders allowed Cleveland
win the second contest Score, first game
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.E. 4 3 10 OOraney.lf 3 3 1 3 13 3 OChap'n.M llll llll llll
Pratt. Ib .4 0 4 1 ISmlth.rf. llll
Severeld.c 4 14 1 OWam' 10 14
Jacob'n.rf 4 110 I 1 11 I
M'ne.cflb 4 0 0 0 0Evans.3b 10 0 4
Miller. cf 0 0 0 0 O'Neill. c llll
Mooro,3b S011 -SHow' 0 0 0 0
Soth'on.p 110 3 OBaghy.p. 10 0 1
Klepfer.p 0 0 10
Totals 13 T2I S SMorton.p 0 0 0 0
Allison .0 0 0 0
"Roth ...1 0 0 0
Billings. 10 0 0
Totals 31 T 37 IS
Batted for Bagby tn seventh.
Batted for Evans In eighth.
Batted tor Klepfor In eighth.
St. Loul 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 02
Cleveland ...0 0000001
Two-base hit: Severeld. Three-base hit
Speaker. Homo run: Sloan. Double playa
Slslor and Moore. Speaker and O'Neill
Smith, Chapman, WambsganN and Harris.
Baao on balls: Off Sothoron fi, off Bagby l,
off Klepfer 1. Hlta: Off Bagby, T In aeven
Innings. Struck out: By Sothoron I, by Bag
by l. umpires: Owen and isvans.
AB.H.O.A.E.Graney.lf 4 2 3 0
Sloan.lf .4110 OChap'n.M 1041
Auatln.M 3 111 OSpeaker.of 114 1 4 I T 0 0Smlth,lf .4110
Pratt. ib .2111 0Wam's.2h 4111
Sev'd.o ..4111 0Herria,lb I
Jacob'n.rf 114 0 1 10 11 0Evans.2b 2
Rumlor.rf 1 0 0 0 0Bllllngs,o 2
Oroora.p .110 1 OO'Nelll.o I
"xlala ...i ooo oi,amo n.p a
Morton. p 0
Totals II 11 24 11 O'Alllaon .0
' Oov'klo,p 0
Roth ...1
eBatted for Groom In ntnth. t
Ran for Harrla In aeventh.
eBatted for Lambeth In aeventh.
St. Loul 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 2
Clovoland ,,..0 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 I
Two-base hits: Smith Gulsto. Thno-bsse
hits: Pratt, Jacobson, Oraney !). Stolen
bases: Sloan, Siller (3), Smith.. Double
plays: Austin, Pratt and Staler; CovelMkie,
O'Neill and Harris. Base on balls: Off
Groom 2. oft Lambeth I. off Morton 1. Hlta
Off Lambeth, I In seven Innings; off Mor
ton. 4 In one Inning. Struck out: By Groom
4. byt Lambeth 1. umpire: Evan and
Owen. .
lean tor Tan una.
Boston, Juno 20. Washington defeated
Boeton, I to S, through a timely hit by
Walter Johneon In tho ninth, which scored
what pnved to be tho winning run. Scon:
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.E. I 1 S 0 lHoopor.rt 4 1110 I 1 S I Onnrry.Jb 110 2 0 4 1IO OHobl'ol.lD l lit o l
Rlce.rt 4 1 S 0 OG' 4 0 S 1 0
Morgan. lb 4 S S 0 4 12 0 0
L' llll OWalker.ct 42100
M'noaky.lf 4 110 OScott.M 4 114 0
Alno'lth.0 4 0 1 4 OThomas.0 4 110 0
Shaw.p 10 0 1 OMaya.p 110 3 0
Joh'son.p llll 0Shorten 1 0 0 0 0
-penally o o e v
Totala. .17 II 37 11 1
TotaH.IS 1120 llj
Shank out by hatted halt
Batted tor Mays In ninth
Ran tor Thorns In ninth.
Washington ...I- 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Boaton e o i o o o e ie i z
Two-has hit: Milan, Hooper, Walker,
Judge. Stolen bae: Milan, Barry, Rice,
Menoaky. Base on nana: utt cinaw, x.
Hlta: Off Shaw, I In seven and one-third
Innings. Struck out: By Shaw, 1: by Maya.
1: by Johnson, 1. Umpires: Dlnoen and
Tank Make II 880 Straight.
New York, Jun II. New York defeated
Philadelphia, T to I, for tho seventh straight
time. Strunk's all around play faatund.
Ho hit a home run and two ilngloa, acorod
thro runs and acoeptod vn chance In
center field. Scon:
Wltt.M till lH'drlT.rt 41100 SIT
Bodle.lf 4 11 ill
Mcl' I 4 10
Gooch.rt 4 11
Meyor.o 0 0 1
Schang,o 111 4 11
Bueh.p 110
Falk'h'g.p I
wj'h'ton 111
Noyecp 111
OHlgrur 4 a o o
I 4
r i
OM'leeMb 13 2 4 -4
Mlller.ct ' 1 4
Nun ker.o
Totala. 41 It'll II 1 Total. .11 I ST IK I
Two out when winning run icond.
Batted for Falkenberg In eighth.
Ran for uunamaker In ninth.
Batted for Shawkey In ninth.
Philadelphia ..I 10 I 11
New Tork I I 1 - 17
Two-bane hits: Maleel,' Pecklnpaugh.
Three-base hit: Bodlo. Homo run: 8trunk.
Doublo play: Nunamaaar ta Baker to
Englishman Is Given Decision
Over Jack Britton in Their
Twenty-Bound Match
at Dayton.
Dayton, O., June 26. Ted Lewis,
wrested the welterweight champion
ship from Jack Britton last night,
winning on a decision by referee Lou
Bauman of " Cincinnati, at the end
of twenty rounds. Britton scored a
knockdown in the last round, but it
did not offset the lead Lewis had won
in the earlier part of the title match.
Lewis was credited witn winning
seven rounds. Britton had a shade in
five and the others were even.
Referee Bauman s decision was not
the popular verdict,' many believing
the champion's strong finish and the
short tight and left jabs to the jaw
that sent Lewis to his knees in the
twentieth round, balanced the Eng
lishman's early scoring.
The new champion fought a care
ful long-range battle, evading Brit
ton's boring-in tactics and efforts at
the body in Which Bntton Had been
able in previous matches to offset the
challenger's cleverness. Lewis did
most of his fizhtini? with his left,
playing to the head. Rights and lefts
to the jaw slowed Britton in the
eleventh and Lewis followed his ad
vantage in the twelfth. The thirteenth
round was the fiercest, it was apparent
both had set it as a fitting goal, as
tonight's fight was the thirteenth they
have fought. Two hard lefts to the
jaw in the fourteenth and a long right
to the head after Britton had forced
the fighting in the nineteenth were
the Englishman's most effective blows.
A steady volley of short left to the
face and jaw throughout the match
earned him the title.
Marion Dale Wins Trot,
Only Race Finished at Beatrice
Beatrice, Neb.. June 26. (Special
Telegram.) Today was Dewitt day
at the opening of the circuit races, a
large crowd headed by the Dewitt
band being in attendance. Kain inter
fered with the races Causing a post
ponement until tomorrow of one heat
in the 2:26 pace and the 2:27 trot.
The thre-year-old trot, the only race
finished was won bv Marion Dale.
Tomorrow is Beatrice day at the
races and a big crowd is looked for.
The Droceeds go to the Red Cross
and company C. O. P. Updegraff of
Topeka, is starter.
Results of today's events:.
Marlon Dale, blk h, by Archdale,
Roy Owen, West Point, Neb 3 1
Fred C. Todd, b h. by Sorrento Todd,
F. H. North, 8helton, Neb. 1 I
Noble Aubrey, ch g, by Carl Aubrey,
A. L. Thomas, Benson, Neb. 8 S
Tim: 2:2114; 2:20U; 2:10.
' Pacing, 1:20 class:
Lady Fuller, b m., by George Fuller,
W. A. Stark. Ord, Neb 1
Bonnie Hal, b g., by Bonnie Simmons,
E. Beckwlth, Aurora, Neb 3
Charllne, b g., by Shade On, W. G.
Sears, Omaha, Neb S
Dee Sherrlll, b m., by Onstanley, L.
Wawlter, Omaha, Neb. 6
Star Ingleabee, b h., by Star Ingleabee,
J. E. Curtis, Mollne, Kan 4
Royal Todd, b h.. by Blue Oraes Prince,
B. L, Manuel, Des Molnee. Ia 3
Samuel, b g., by Samuel Harris, S. Har
ris, Plymouth, III 7
Time: 1:1414: 1:174.
Trotting: l:3T clan:
Viva Golden Bar. b m., by Golden Bar,
H. M. Pettygrove, oxrord. Neb l
Lord Aubrey, b g.. by Captain Aubrey,
Joe McGulre. Benson, Nob. 4
Rex Earl, b g., by Sidney Earl, N. F.
Booth, Harlan, Ia S
Leelle Todd, h m. by .Strongwood, H. C.
Hensen, Des Moines, Ia I
Idlewlld, b g., by Gregory Tho Great,
C. A. Pratt, Kearney. Neb S
Summit, b g., by Look Sir Earl, Earl
Beesley, Syracuse, Neb. I
Time: 3:15; 1:33 Vs.
Dr. Arthur Answers Divorce
Charges Brought by Husband
Dr. Mattie L. Arthur, well-known
Omaha woman physician, answering
the divorce suit brought by her hus
band, John G. Arthur, attorney, in
district court, denies his charges of
cruelty and makes counter allega
tions of various kinds.
She alleges when they were married
he represented himself as haying al
ways been a single man, whereas, she
says, a wife in Kansas obtained a di
vorce from him on grounds of alleged
abandonment. Dr. Arthur says he has
a grown daughter living, which she
knew nothing about until a few years
ago. , ,
"He was never a lawyer of any
rate," says Dr. Arthur.
She declares she has a good prac
tice as a doctor and has earned most
of the money for the household ex
penses. -
He has a "morose, hateful and
churlish disposition and refuses to
speak for weeks at a time," is one
of the allegations. '
Chamberlain's Tablets for Indigestion
and Biliousness.
In a recent letter to the manufac
turers, Mrs. P. Frazier, East St. Louis,
Mo., states: "I have never used any
thing equal to Chamberlain's Tablets
for indigestion and biliousness. I have
also heard a great many of my friends
praise them highly." Advertisement.
Pecklnpaugh. Malsol to Ptpp. Hire: qft
Bush, 1 In ono Inning: off Cullop, 11 In
seven Inning (none out In eighth): vjff
Shawkey. 4 In two Innings. Struck out: By
Cullop, I: by Shawkey. 1; by Falkenberg. 1;
by Nor.,', .jUawlraa; ; OUoghha and
Htl- " . .
Escaped Russian Prisoners
Stop at Omaha oh Way Home
A special train from Chicago came
in over the Burlington, carrying 100
Russians who had been exiled to Si
beria during recent years, had escaped
and finally reached the United States.
They were on their way back to Rus
sia to take a hand in the affairs of
the new government that has been
set up by men with whom they were
formerly associated.
Here the Russians were transferred
to the Union Pacific, continuing the
journey to aan francisco, sailing
from there next week.
Of the men in the Russian party
as political prisoners. Some had been
Lake Ckelan
W. M.
ROM1NE, DIM, PliMitqer Afltnt,
815 8ventli St., Dm MoIrm, la.
Please send me Glacier Nation at Park
and Lake Chelan literature, full infor
ntatioD, special iarei. tc
Perfectly lubricated, the
m -jct .vr -jkTr jjt av
SI, T. ,W v- 7 V tae B
1 Moron
eats up the miles without friction loss, carbonization
or overheating. Every drop pure lubrication. Makes
your car worth more.
'Look for the Polarine sign it means a reliable dealer
who will give you what you ask for. Use Red Crown
Gasoline, the power-full motor fuel.
in the United States ten to fifteen
years, though the most of them had
come more recently. Since coming
here all had made a study of the civic
affairs of the United States and they
return home to apply modern meth
ods in the affairs of their own coun
try. Shallenberger Resumes
Outside Speaking Tour
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Washington. June 26. (Special
Telegram.) Representative Shallen
berger, who returned to Washington
Saturday from a short speaking tour,
has resumed his itinerary made early
in the spring along the same lints.
i f i . .
rias Something More
GLACIER National Park
has the Alpine grandeur
of Switzerland on a fat
ligger scale. See its towering
mountains, glaciers, skylanrl
lakes, cascades and streams.
Ride horseback to the heights,
motor or travel trails afoot.
Modern hotels, Alpine cha
lets, Tepee camps. Vacationi
$1 to $5 per day.
Stop off at Glacier National
Park en route to Spokane,
the beautiful Lake Chelan
Region campers' paradise
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland,
Astoria, Vancouver, Victoria
and Alaska. Enjoy the fa.
mous hvsight-of-land Alaskan
voyage. Write for folder,
Onl? $3722
from Omaha
round trip fare to Glader National
Park daily June 1 to Sept. 30.
$55.50 round trip to the cities of
Pn&et Sound and the Pacific on
following dates only: June 25, 27
and 30, and July 1 to 6 inclusive.
Any otlur day, June 15 to September
30, special round trip fare from
Omaha to same points is $60.50.
Proportionately low fares from all
other eastern points. Write for eura
mer vacation literature and detailed
information re&ardin& fares.
Diet Pass. Agent
315 Seventh St.,
Des Moines, Ia.
motor spinning smoothly on
li t,