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    The Omaha Sunday Bee
News of
PRETT'Y YOUNG MOTHERS and sweet, bright babies
form an attractive sight these pleasant afternoons out
in Happy Hollow court. Any number of young people
have established their homes in this neighborhood and it is a
delight for the mothers of these small families to meet during
the baby parade. Almost any fine day you may see several
of them wheeling their baby carts along the smooth walks,
enjoying themselves far more than if, they had turned the
care over to a careless nurse. The Bee photographer snapped
this little group one afternoon while they were enjoying the
Everyone is wholesome and happy enough to suit any
eugenist. Master Harold Sobotker, jr., was almost too tiny
to be seen in his huge enveloping cab, so that the camera man
had to set him on the sloping lawn to catch his chubby baby
face. Little Miss Lois Caroline McFayden took the whole
business in serious fashion and watched everything that was
done with a very wise expression. Miss Adelaide Armstrong
and Miss Mary Laura Vance must have been looking for the
birdie which always flies from a camera for little folks, and
perhaps little Adelaide saw it, for there is just a wee smile
on her face.
War Relief Lawn
Brae to Offer
-X T EVV YORK may have its gar
den festivals in the square.
Chicago may nave its allied
bazar, Minneapolis may have
its big society base ball games and
San Francisco Tnay have its all na
tions ball, but for something really
novel in the way of a war relief bene
fit it will pay you to attend the lawn
fete at Binnie Brae, the John L. Ken
nedy home in Fairacres, Saturday
from 3 to 8.
Where do you wish to begin? If
you are a little society girt or boy,
ypu II find it no end of lun to ride the
ponies or buy balloons. If you're
somewhat older the fish pond may ap
peal to you or you'll surely like the
Punch and Judy show. For people
of all ages the ice cream marquee
will be a drawing card and, let me tell
you, Mrs. H. C. Sumney, who is in
charge, has solicited some of the most
delicious home-made candy and cakes
that you care to tasle. Mrs. E. C.
Twam ley's lemonade boodi promises
to be a thirst-quencher of no mean
Sporting gentlemen and fashionable
women may want a real live, blooded
cocker spaniel which is already in
the hands of an Omaha fancier. This
dog Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy have given
for auction at the fete. For lovelorn
lassies and timid bachelors the fortune
teller's booth has been designed. The
gypsies guarantee to tell accurately
your past, present and future.
Everyone likes flowers and now
that summer flowers are here in pro
fusion few people, young or old. will
be able to resist the temptation to
slop at a garden booth presided over
by pretty women and girls in flower
trimmed garden hats, perhaps dressed
in smart smocks and bearing baskets
of roses in their arms. Not long since
the fashionable magazines were filled
with such charming pictures of the
Newport flower sale when the elite
donned garden garb to make hist
tuch things as these come true.
Some of the features of the booths
of America and its allies will be abso
lutely irresistible. For instance, Mrs.
Warren S. Blackwcll has secured the
assistance of thai popular young
Italian journalist, .Mr. Claudin Deli
tala. to prepare and serve spaghetti in
typicat Italian style. Pretty Mrs.
Fred Hamilton and handsome Mrs.
William Sears Poppleton will assist
Mrs. Blackwcll in Italian costume.
You can't begin to think of the sur
the Week
js3ei '
(h n n n n n rr
T. c-a X OF i
Fete at Binnie
Varied Attractions
prises and pretty sights that await
you in the Japanese, American, French
planning to appear in their prettiest
and British booths and elsewhere on
the grounds. 'Twould never do to
tell because you need to go to see for
yourself. The rarest" treat of all for
the truly esthetic will be found in the
garage picture gallery. Past all doubt
it has been learned that the Raemak
er's cartoons now on. exhibit in Kan
sas City will be sent to Omaha for the
fete. The ten original cartoons and
1J5 Raenwker's prints of different sub
jects will be on display. A few signed
artists' proofs will be on sale, to
gether with less valuable reproduction
of these famous cartoons.
This lawn' fete is to be a tempting
little bit of all the war relief parties
given in other cities. Lawn parties
in clear warm weather are always at
tractive, but such a lawn festa as this
must surely draw the crowds. Binnie
Brae is sufficiently out in the country
to make the event a real excursion, so
that a jitney-service has been chart
ered for the use of those who live in
town. Society will be there in good
round numbers, for the sponsors
themselves .would represent society,
were 'not hundreds of their friends
garden party frocks and sports
clothes to patronize the amiable
venders and to make the gathering
a joyous success.
One beautiful thing about this war
relief party is that while you will have
the most frolicsome time you wish,
you will do it with a sense of duty
done, of -contributing toi a highly
worthy cause.
Return oj the Golfers
Mr. W. J. Foye and Mr. John
Redick returned from the St. Joseph
golf tournament Thursday. Mr. Foye
was defeated in his match -with Mr.
R. W. Hodge of Kansas City Wed
nesday, and Mr. Redick was put out
by Mr. Alden Swift of Chicago.
Mr. John S. Brady has spent last
week in Chicago at a wholesale gro
cers' convention and has also found
lime to play golf on sonic of the Chi
cago links.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sharp, who at
tended the golf tourney in St. Jo
seph last week, motored with Mr. and
Mrs. George Laier and Miss Helen
Murphy to Excelsior Springs from
St. joseph.
in Social
Social Calendar
Omaha women golfers
Happy Hollow club.
Benefit bridge for Nurses' club at
Happy Hollow, given by Mrs.
C. C. Ryan and Mrs. Ed Luik-
Dinner-dances at Happy Hollow
and Carter Lake clubs.
for Miss Stella Thum-
mcl, Miss Anne GitTord, hostess.
Dinner for Miss Martha Dale and
Mr. Alexander Loomis, given by
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gordon.
Cottagers' Luncheon at Carter
Lake club.
Dinner-dances at Country and
Field clubs.
Ostenberg-Smith wedding.
Byram-Bridges wedding.
Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority
Mile women golfers play.
Comus club, Mrs. Arthur Hoover,
Afternoon bridge for Miss Stella
Thuinmcl, Mrs. George B.
Thummel,. hostess.
Bridal dinner at Blarkstone, given
by Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Dale for
the Loomis-Dale wedding party.
Carter Lake Bowling club meets.
Dinner-dance at Seymour Lake
Country club.
Dinner for Miss Martha Dale and
Mr. Alexander Loomis, given by
Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Loomis.
Loomis-Dale wedding.
War relief lawn frte at Binnie
Brae, home of Mr. and Mrs.
John L. Kennedy.
Dinner-dances at Country, Field,
Happy Hollow and Carter Lake
On the Calendar
Mrs. John Battin and Mrs. Charles
Van Alstine will direct the play at
the nurses' benefit card parly to be
given at Happy Hollow club Mon
day. All who attend will be given
a ticket for the drawing of a hand
some framed print of "The Goose
Kappa Kappa Gamma will have a
picnic Wednesday;
Circles :
play it I Aiai.Jk 1JrffTr,,,&". -
Country Clubs Plan Fellowship
Gatherings During Summer Season
JUST to have a club house with
perfectly patent reasons for be
ing is not enough for the Oma
ha country clubs. That is, their
function is not merely to furnish a
place to take meals and play golf and
dance. To some extent each of the
clubs is arranging various plans for
promoting fellowship among its mem
bers. The get-together spirit which
animates people is being cultivated
and directed in various ways.
Happy Hollow club has instituted
an entertainment committee consist
ing of Mr. Frank C. Builla. chairman.
Miss Henrietta Rees and Mrs. F. J.
jumper. Last week this brainy com
mittee met and conceived a host of
brilliant ideas for the entertainment
of the patrons of Happy Hollow club.
Their first step has been to call a
meeting of all women members at the
club house Tuesday at 2 p. m. There
they will submit their propositions, to
be adopted or discarded by those at
tending the meeting.
If their plans go well the women
of the club will soon have formed a
kensington group to sew for the Red
Cross or War Relief organizations
with summer headquarters at the club
house. Special arrangements will be
made for their accommodation so that
any who have dreaded the warm days
in the sewing rooms downtown will
be able to work in comparative com
fort in the cool of the country club
one afternoon a week. Other tenta
tive plans include a woman's card
club to meet one afternoon a week, a
dancing class for women on another
afternoon and special musicals and
exhibitions of esthetic dancing on
club dinner nights. They also plan
to give Mr. High Cost of Living a
deadly blow at a High Cost of Living
dinner during July. An inexpensive
dinner will be served and prizes will
be offered for the most appropriate
costumes worn.
Mrs. A. V. Shotwell has in charge
the get-together icheme which the
21, 1917.
Field club tried last year. The first
of the Tuesday women's brigade par
tics was given last week with rather
successful results. This will be con
tinued throughout the summer if the
members desire. The first of the chil
dren's matinee dances will be given
Carter Lake club has more family
spirit than the other clubs can he ex
pected to inspire, because so many of
its, members lve on the grounds. lis
special cottagers' meals arc weekly
gatherings for the t arter Lake fam
ily. On alternate Wednesdays cot
tagers' luncheons and dinners are
given, the luncheon being the event
of the week. The children's matinee
is given on Tuesday beginning this
week, Friday is the. day for the cot
tagers' bowling club and' Tuesday and
Saturday are dinner-dance nights.
Notes of June Weddings.
Miss Helen O'Brien will return
Monday from Kansas City, where she
went last week to attend the marriage
of Miss Nora Hardrsty to Mr. Ar
nold llonigger of this city. Miss
llardesly was the thirteenth mem
ber of this year's graduating class at
the College of Bethany in Topcka, of
which Miss O'Brien was also a mem
ber. For this reason she called to
gether the other twelve girls to serve
as bridesmaids at her wedding Sat
urday night.
The wedding was a large church
affair in Grace cathedral, Topeka, and
Bishop Wise, formerly of Omaha,
who succeeded the late Bishop Mills
paugh in charge of the diocese, per
formed the cercmuny. The young
people have taken Ihe old Cohmel
Riihmotid properly and will conic lo
make their home in Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Fairchild a
nouiice the marriage of their daugh
ter, Alma Sarah, to Mr. Lysle Henry
Crapcnhost of Arlington, Neb. The
ceremony was performed Friday in
Lincoln by Rev. C, W. McCaskill of
in Women's Realm
1 u u u
Ihe University Place Methodist
church. Mrs. Crapcnhost has been
a teacher in Park school during the
last year. After a short wedding trip
they will be at home lo their friends
after July 1 in Arlington.
Mr. and -Mrs. Matthew E. Muxin
announce the marriage of their
daughter, Anita Kalhcrine, Mr.
enre A. Phillips of Omaha. The
bride is a graduate of the Omaha
High school and for the last year was
a teacher in the Miller Park school.
The ceremony was performed in Lin
coln on Wednesday. After a motor
trip through Nebraska and Iowa Mr.
and Mrs. Phillips will make their
home in Omaha.
News of Departing Guests.
Mrs. F. S. ( owgil! ictinned to t hi
cago Thursday afler nearly Ihree
weeks' slay at the Blarkstone. Mr.
Cowgill, who came over for the week
end, left Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoxie Clarke left
Monday for Villa Belvedere after
prolonging their sta; in Omaha sev
eral days to accept invitations from
friends who continued to make
plans day after day for their entcr
tainnicnl. Miss FrnKcs N'islt leaves today
for her summer home at Heath,
Mass.. and will be accompanied by
tier niece, Miss Fredericka Nash, and
Miss Virginia and Bennie Cotton,
who will be at Spring Lake, N. J.,
with their grandmother, Mrs. Her
man Kountze, for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Crandell and
daughter, Alice, came from Chapman,
Neb., Monday to attend the wedding
of their niece, Miss, Katharine Daven
port, on Wednesday. They are
guests until Monday of Mrs. Crau
dell's sister, Mrs. J. W. Fisher. Mr.
lames Fisher, son of -Mr. and Mrs. J.
V. Fisher, obtained leave from ihe
Great Lakes training sUliun lu allend
his cnu-in's wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. 1'hilip Mctz left
Thursday for Buffalo after only a
week's stay here. Mr. Mel; was anx
ious to get to Butfalo, where he ex
pects to go in business unless he en
ters the army service,
With Summer Travelers
,uis3 uciia uewey ten last wceK
Mr. Conrad Young went up last
Sunday to Leech Lake, Minn., to join
Mr. Paul Hoagland and his son, Jack
Hoagland, and Mr. N. B. Updike for
a few days' fishing. Mr. A. LMoh
ler, who has been at Jefferson . lake
with George A. Hoagland, was also
at Leech lake.
Mrs. W. F. Milroy is in St. Paul
with her daughter,-Mrs. Mel Uht, jr.,
who is there while Mr. Uhl is at the
Snclling camp.
Miss Eugenie Wliitmore, who has
always known many of the interest
ing folk of the stage, was recently
at a supper-dance in San Francisco
with Charlie Chaplin, Richard Ben
nett, Augustus and Jack Lawrence.
She and Miss Alice Baxter of the
Henry Miller company were guests
at this party of Russel Ray of Santa
Mr. J. T. Stewart, 2d, has gone to
Minnesota on a fishing trip of a few
Mr. and Mrs. Lowrie Childs left
Wednesday for Harrisburg, Ta., to
atlend the marriage Saturday of their
son, Everard, to Miss Helen Hani
nvnd of that city. After the wed
ding Mrs. Childs will be with her
mother at Mount Mareno at Hudson-on-the-Hudsori
for the summer.
The Misses Margaret and Mary
Wattles have gone to South Dakota
to spend a few days on Mr. Wattle's
Mrs. J. de Forest Tvichards and
small daughter are at Warm Springs,
Va near Hot Springs, where they
have a cottage for the summer.
Mrs. T. J. Rogers went to New
York last week to visit her father
and sister, Captain Spoor and Mrs.
Mrs. E. C.,McShane, Mrs. M. C.
Peters and Miss Gladys Peters, Mrs.
John A. Kuhn and Miss Marion Kuhn
and Mrs. R. F. Kloke are going to
F.stes park July 10, all of them to
be at Elkhorn Lodge except Mrs.
McShanc, who will be at the Stanlev
Mrs. E. A. Pegau and her sister-in-law,
Mrs. Ernest Srhurman of Fre
mont, have taken the Streight cot
tage al Okoboji on Omaha Beach and
are there for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar H. Scott and
family are at Norwalk, Conn., for
the summer, having taken a house
near there for the summer.
Mrs. Ben Gallagher and her son,
Paul, left Thursday in their car to
motor to Christmas lake, where they
will be at the Glen Morris Inn. Mrs,
Gallagher will remain all summer to
be near her son, Ben, at the Snelling
training ramp.
Mr. T. C Brunnpr has returned
Irom Clear lake, where his wife is
spending the summer at their cottage.
Dr. and Mrs. J. J. McMullen and
son, James, leave Saturday for Spo
kane to visit Dr. McMullen's parents.
Mrs. Clement Chase left Tuesday
for Poughkeepsie, where she will visit
her son, Clement E. Chase, and his
family. Miss Helena Chase is already
a guest there.
Sirs. F. B. Bryant, accompanied by
her daughter, Marjorie, left Wednes
day for California, where she will visit
wilh her sons during the summer.
Mrs. Wilson Low leaves today for
Falun's ranch, yoming, for a month
or six weeks. Mr. Low will join her
there early in July.
Miss Naomi Towle returned Satur
day morning from the east, but goes
Thursday with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John W. Towle, and Miss Mar
(Uratinaed on Pas Tiro, Column Ono.)
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