Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 24, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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Commercial Club and Railroads I Axtel Sorenson Drowned When
Press Claimi of This City;
Many Trunk Lines and
Good Facilities.
Omaha haa not relaxed its efforts to
secure the location of one of the army
cantohmentt. The selection of Dcs
Moines came as a surprise to every
body acquainted vith existing condi
tions. The fight was resumed yester
day. .
The renewed activity fellows the
announcement by the Associated
Press last night, that Secretary of
War Baker had stated there might
be a re-location of the cantonment
that was given to Des Moines.
The secretary of war said that Des
Moines lacked'the requisite railroad
facilities for handling the business the
cantonment would create and require.
Commissioner Manley of the
Omaha Commercial club after being
apprised by a report for The Bee of
the statement made by the secretary
of war, said: '
J. He Umaha committee will get
busy at once and warm up the wires
between Omaha and Washington.
we win renew our efforts and if Dcs
Moines is rejected as a location, I see
no reason why the claims of Omaha
should not receive consideration.
Plenty of Rail Lines.
"Our committee filed an exhaustive
brief. We set forth the fact that the
city is located on numerous lines of
railroad, nearly all of them having
close traffic arrangements with the
roads reaching the Atlantic, Pacific
and gulf - coasts. We are thirteen
hours from Chicago and onty thirty
two hours from New York.
"The brief was prepared with the
greatest of care and is now on file
with the secretary of war.
"Our committee will immediately
get in communication with Senator
Hitchcock, and while we do not feel
that it is necessary, we will urge him
to again present and urge the claims
of Omaiia. I
" "The feet that Des Moines has but
one through railroad line and that
the site of the cantonment is distant
from this road, and can be reached
only by an interurban line, added to
the surprise, whn the announcement
came that the Iowa captial hd won
over Omaha.
Offered Fine Site.
"It was believed that Omaha with
its six trunk lines, most of them hav-1
ing transcontinental connections, to
say pothing of the three lines oper
ating north to the British possessions
and the Three to the Gulf of Mexico,
would be looked upon with' favor if
railroad facilities were taken into con
sideration." Railroads for Omaha.
Local railroad men are of the unan
imous opinion that if Secretary of
'War .Baker concludes to relocate the'
rmy cantonment that was assigned
to Des MoSnes Omaha will get it.
Theyare not only bending all their
energies and using all influences to
land the prize for Omaha, but arc!
ready to lend the Commercial club'
whatever assistance thcytan.
The Omaha men point to the fact;
that Omaha is the only city in the
list that has the adequate railroad fa
cilities for handling the business that
would accrue from the cantonment.
They hav? already presented this fact
to the War department and are ready,
to follow it up with other argument.
Card! are out annAuoclns the wedding of
Miss Anna Nyatrom, 4416 South Twenty,
first street, to Mr. Foeby. CenVal City. The
wedding will' occur al the home of the bride
June 27.
He Falls From Sailboat; Body
Recovered Nearly an
Hour Later. s
The first victim of 191 on Lake
Manawa met his death Friday.
Axtel Sorenson and O. Flack, clerks
at the Burlington freight office, in
Council Bluffs, went to Lake Manawa
to try Flack's new sail boat. They
met a number of companions at the
lake and the party boarded the little
craft. They sailed to the Kursaal and
there the wind left them and the boat
was becalmed.
Sorenson seized an oar and at
tenipjed to swing the craft about so
that the little breeze that was stirring
mightfatch the sails. In some man
ner he plunged over the side of the
boat and sank in twenty feet of water.
Life-savers at the Kursaal heard the
frantic shouts of the young men
aboard the craft, but paid no heed to
tneir cries, tnmking it all a joke.
No one saw Sorenson come un and
after his companions had dived for
a time in an attempt to find him, they
went to the Fish and Game club and
there procure grappling irons with
which to search further for the body.
Joe Dimmkk, a member of the
Fish and Garnfc club, found the body
fifty-five minutes after Sorenson had
fallen from the boat.
Sorenson was 22 years old and lived
at 41 Harrison street, Council Bluffs.
He leaves his mother, Mrs. Sina Sor
enson, a sister and a brother.
Merriam Goes to Washington
To Confer With Grain Experts
Julius H. Barnes, who with several
other grain experts, has been chosen
by Mr. Hoover, national food com
missioner, to look after the buying of
gram in tins country tor the allied
governments, has invited Nathan Mer
riam, of the Merriam & Millard com
pany, to meet in a conference in
Washington at 11 o clock next Tues
This conference is preliminary -to a
larger conferenc to be held after mem
bers have discussed various details
of possible operation under pending
Mr. Merriam wired Mr. Barnes that
he would be-in Washington at the
appointed time to attend the confer
ence, and that he would , at his own
expense, do whatever else it lay within
his power to do for the governmental
this time.
Denies Report That Road
. Will Build West to Coast
In Minneapolis President Clark of
the Omaha road, a part of the North
western system, has commenced de
nying a report that President Gard
ner of the darent line of the system,
has frequently 4een called upon to
deny. This report is that the North
western contemplates extending its
line from Lander west to the Pacific
President Clark states that the road
of which he is the chief executive
officer, hopes eventually to complete
the enlargement of the, Minneapolis
terminals. Plans for these terrninals
were approved some years ago.
' Suits Pressed,
The Tone is the Dominant
Feature of the BURGESS-NASH
A Player of the Highest Artistic Class
For ten days only we are
offering these high grade,
dependable players at a
ridiculously low price and
on easy, liberal terms.
This is a Player of a "better
class" and has been called the
"Perfect Dependable Player,"
because no matter how much
work you subject it to, it is
always ready to play and play
perfectly with very little effort.
Some of its practical features
are: It is full 88-note, double
repeating action, self-controlling
melody lever, transposing de
vice, automatic tracking device,
metal tubing, and is especially
easy to pedal.
So that you may take advan
tage of this sale we are making
ridiculously low and easy terms.
The price of this player is with
in your reach and it means a
)(g saving to you if you pur
chase 'now. Your old upright
piano will be taken in trade at
its full value.
These players are not of the
cheap variety, but the greatest
value that has ever before been
offered. With th$ very strong
probability that prices will ad
vance materially within the next
30 days, we urge you to pur
chase now and save at feast
$150. '
We are putting these player
pianos out under our own name
because in this way we are able
to offer to the public exceeding
ly high values at a price that
we could not otherwise do and
because we-know that these
Players will give the best and
Host perfect service and will up
hold our reputation of giving
greater values than any other
Don't make a mistake and purchase a player before you have
examined the great values we are offering in this Burgess-Nash
Player. I
Burgess-Nash Company.
bverybodys store-
THE OMAHA SUNDAY BEE; JUNE 24, 1917." ' ' 7
Store Opens
8:30 A. M.
Sunday, June 24, 1917-
Burgess-Nash Company.
Store Closes
5 P. M.
everybody STORE"
-Phone Douglas 137
This Store
Tells Its Story
Every Day
By lu Servlcs the way iu darks
and M)Mpopl. spMk and act.
THE cleverness, cour
tesy and manifesta
tions of being interested
in what the customer
wants to know or do is
the best illumination that
can be given to all com
ers of what the store ac
tually is.
Unless pur people are
in good health and well
balanced by knowledge,
patience and prompti
tude to receive our
friends when they call,
the largeness and fresh
ness of the stocks and
proper price on every
thing count for little.
In stocks, ' assortments
and character of mer
chandise, not to go back
ward would be some
thing, for we provide
most liberally, but this
will not satisfy us, we
must go forward For
ward every day.
Fashion's Last Mould
Rengo Belt
Reduckig Corsets
STOUT and medium figures
fitting the summer models
of Rengo Belt-Reducing cor
sets will absolutely mould the
silhouette of fashion's last
Rengo Belt corsets are posi
tively not breakable or stretch
able. Their lines are fixed by
the designers and no amount of
stress or strain from heavy fig
ures can change them one whit.
The same mould the same
smooth fitting over abdomen
and hips the same waist-line
exactly the same model of
proportion as in the average
figure is the result obtained
when medium, heavy and full
figures wear Rengo Belt-Reducing
The exclusive Rengo Belt
feature of tailoring the ab
dominal portion of all Rengo
Belt corsets is the basic prin
ciple of the great supporting
strength which has made these
garments famous for more than
nine years. Added to this is
superlative strength in ma
terials and double watch-spring
steels, for greater freedom,
"steelastic" webbing Is provid
ed in several models. Price
range $2.50 to 43.60.
'Burtaes-Nssti Co.-5cond Floor
, The
Ask Mr. Foster
Is a thoroughly systematized
organisation of trained special
ists for supplying, without
charge, advise and information
concerning travel by all known
methods. Make use of it.
Bura;sis-Nash Co. Balcony
Pretty New Wash Voiles
Specially Priced Monday at 25c
VOILES have the call in washable materials this sea
son, and for Monday we offer you a large selection
in floral, figured and striped designs at a very low price.
White and colored grounds in a great variety of new sum
mer shades, 40 inches wide, at 25c a yard.
"Dress Ginghams, at 50c a Yard
Another extremely popular wash fabric real im
ported Scotch zephyr ginghams, 32 inches wide, in an
exquisite selection of plaid, striped and checked patterns.
Wash Goods, at 49c a Yard
A large range of this season's fine wash fabrics, for
dresses, suits and skirts, including voiles, in light and dark
grounds,' with neat figures, stripes and flowers; sport
styles in gabardine and beach cloths; silk mulls with
dainty colored flowers, also woven colored stripes in
English voiles; 36 to 40 inches wide, exceptionally big
values, at 49c a yard.
Imported English Corduroy, 79c
Twenty pretty sport shades, also white, for summer
skirts and suits. Not the common cord, but a new, fancy
welt, 27 inches wide, special, at 79c a yard.
Burfess-Naah Go. .Main Floor
We Will Allow You $15 for Your
Old Sewing Machine
WITH the purchase of any cabinet or
Princess "Standard" Rotary sew
ing machine in our stock we will, dur
ing the next few days, allow you $15.00
for your old machine, to apply as part
payment on such machine as you select.
This very liberal offer enables you to
secure a brand ne'fr sewing machine and
at the same time dispose of your old ma
chine at a profit to you.
Sewing Machine Specials, Monday.
New automatic drop-head sewing ma
chines, all the latest improvements, in
cluding a famous needle threader with
each machine, Monday, only $16.50 and
Terms as Low as $1.00 Weekly.
Burgaes-Naah Co. Fourth Floor
Porch, Sun Room and Lawn
Furniture, Specially Reduced
TjlOUR splendid spe-
cials that will
point the way to un
usual saving advan
tages in summer fur
niture of all kinds.
This Porch
- Rocker at
Exactly as illustrated, well
constructed of maple, high back,
double woven cane seat, choice
of green or natural finish, Mon
day reduced to $2.85.
1 1
This Fi
Rocker Monday
Substantially constructed, sim
ilar to illustration, full size and
finished in a rich baronialbrown,
specially reduced Monday to
Solid Oak Porch Swing, $1.75
Constructed of solid oak with slat seat and back,
fumed finish, four feet long, complete with chains for
hanging, and specially reduced for Monday-to $1.75.
Canvas Couch Swjngs at $10.00
Made of select heavy brown, canvas with full steel
spring base, fitted with adjustable head rest, complete
with chains, specially reduced Monday o $10.00.
Buraaas-Nash Co. Third Floor
Announcing a Special Underprice
Movement for Monday in
Women's and Misses'
Summer Apparel
An Offering That Should and Will Interest Every Woman or Miss
With a Summer Garment Need of Any Sort For Any Occasion.
CAREFUL planning ancl recent trip to the market is the cause for sucia un
. 'Usual underpricing as is in effect here Monday. It's to your interest to in
vestigate this offering.
Pretty New Porch Dresses, at $5,00
Crjsp and new, many models, made of colored voiles in satin stripes 'and white
voiles fn colored stripes, misses and women s sizes, very unusual values. i
Naty TaffWa Silk Dresses, at $11.95
Made with combination georgette, navy was never in greater demand than now.
We show several attractive models at this most unusual and conservative price.
Lace and Net Party Dresses, $19.50
For gd-away or stay-at-h"ome functions. Handsome net and lace combinations,
party dresses. They are 'simply exquisite and the values are most extreme. See them.
Embroidered Georgette Dresses, at $24.50
Made over silk drapes, in white, tans and flesh colors, fresh and new and the
range of selection is most attractive.
Tailored One-Piece Frocks, at $19.50
-The most striking models we have yet shown. White cotton gabardine of jthe fin
est quality, made with belt and handsome buckle, combination stitch trimmings.
Two-Piece Tennis Dresses, at $10.00
White gabardine and striped pique, made with combination red and blue collars
and cuffs, three-quarter sleeves, the style and quality combined in these ne.v dresses
are quite unusual.
) Motor and Traveling Coats, at $6.50 f
&ray Irish crash linen, made raglan sleeves with closed or open collarjbelued loose
beck and belted cuffs, a splendid style and serviceable coat, all sizes to (46. ,
Black ilk Taffeta Dress Coats, $19.75 W J"
Smart new silk coats made with shirred back, ample and full skirls ,with -shirred
pockets, large over collar of white silk ppplin. , i
Motor and Traveling Coats, at $25.00 !
Made of novelty silk pongee, coats that can also be used for dress occaslluistha
models as well as the 'values are most unusual.
Irish Linen Tailored Suits, at $19.50
Smartly tailored basket weave, irish linen tailored suits, just received in topen
and white. They are smart in style and are low priced.
Tailored Silk Taffeta Suits, at $29.75
Navy, blacks, taupe, grays, combinations, silk collars and cuffs, coats lined. The
best we have been able to offer at such low prices.
Strictly Tailored Wool Serge Suits," $24.50
, Any woman or miss contemplating going away and in want of a most desirable
model should see these at $24.50 naVys and grays, just as stunning as possible, and, so
full of value and styles, at $24.50.
White Separate Tub Skirts, $3.50 to $6.50
Gabardine, pique and French twill; styles, make, materials unmatchabtet tailored
as skirts should be. Comparisons solicited, at $3.50, $4.50, $5.75 and $6.50.
Pretty New Silk Skirts, at $6.75
Striped silk taffeta sports model, two,sty!e, specially smart large pockets and belts.
Burfess-Nash Co. Second Floor ,
MONDAY-Down Stairs Store
Scotch Zephyr ,
Ginghams, at 19c
32 inches wide, in striped and
plaid patterns, all the new
wanted colors, Monday special
at ISc yard.
Rice Voiles, Monday,
At 11 Vac
Big variety -of patterns, in
lengths of 5 to 15 yards, splen
did selection, Monday at ll'ic
Wash V.lles
Monday, at lO'gc
40 inches wide, in floral de
signs, bIso small figures and
fancy stripes, splendid range of
colors, special Monday al 10c
Dress Ginghams
Monday, at 12c
Your choice Monday of all
our staple dress ginghams, in
cluding Toile de Nordc, Yorke,
etc., at 12?4c yard.
Burfoss-Nash Co. Down Stairs Storo
Women's Sport Wash Skirts Specially Priced
for Monday at
QfeVERAL splendid models, of gabardine a. d
K) linens in tan, white
and stripes, gathered
back with .belt, trim
med with large fancy
pockets and buttons,
very -special, Monday,
at $i.on.
muia 1 oyior nouse
, Dresses Monday at
Known as "Seconds,"
but other than an oil stain
or an irregularly worked button hole they are as
good as any first quality, made of light and dark
ginghams and percales, neat collar and pockets, de
sirable for afternoon or house wear, at $1.00.
Biirgess-Naah Co. Down Stairs Store
M ' fir
Sale of Philadelphia Brand Lawn Mowers
Every one guaranteed and offered at a special price
' "Overlook" Lawn Mowers, $4.95
Holler bearing, 8-inch wheels, 4 blades, 14-inch
size, at $4.95. The same mower, 16-in. size, at $5.50.
Independence Lawn Mower, $5.95
Roller bearing, 9-inch high. wheels, 4 blades:
1-1 -in. size, $5.95. 16-in. size, $6.75. 18-in. size, $7.25
Canvas grass catchers, adjustable, special, 35c.
Burfcsa-Naah Co. Down Staira Sure