Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 24, 1917, SOCIETY, Image 15

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' 1
Dear Bee Readers:
1 feel that I really should thank
you for all those nice appreciative
letters why, some of you are getting
to be just like old friends! I'm so
interested whenever I see a familiar
landwriting on an envelope and rec
ognize it as Mrs. 's of Falls City,
or Miss 's of Oacoma, S. D., or
well, it would really take the rest of
this column if I told about all my
pleasant correspondents. Neverthe
less, my dears, I'm mighty glad If
you've been pleased with the things
I've bought for you and don't hesi
tate to send as often as you like, for
it's my pleasure to shop for you. Tell
your friends of The Bee's Free Shop
ping Service and I may be . able to
help .them, too.- I only ask that you
be explicit in., your directions as to
style, size and color of garments de
sired and please do not send me any
money. Purchases will be sent C. O.
D. unless you have established credit
in the stores. If you wish to know
where things' can be bought I'll be
delighted to send you any desired in
formation if you will kindly send
stamped envelope.
"D OCK-A-BYE baby on the tree
top" your dreams will surely
be sweet ones when you're clad in
one of those coo! Arnold Knit Night
ies which I saw at Benson & Thome's
in The Wee Folk's Shop. Yes, it's
necessary that only the softest,
smoothest and most soothing gar
ments be used for Babykins. These
nighties, which are for infants and
children I and 2 years old, are priced
75c to $1.45. Then there are woolen,
gauze bands, 50c to 80c. or silk and
vool bands at 70c to $1.15, which will
protect his little tummy from naughty
aches and pains. Arnold Knit Goods
are highly endorsed by Mothers all
over the land.
button who's got the
button? No need to hunt longer
go to The Ideal Button and Pleat
ing Co., Brown Block, where -they'll
make any kind of button your heart
could wish, from buttons of the dinner-plate
variety to dainty midget
sized buttons. Flat buttons, bullet
buttons, buttons of two tones, odd
shaped buttons. Why, buttons are
used so extensively for trimming by
the arbiters of Fashion that we see
them on gowns, suits, blouses even
on bags and parasols.
ITHEN one rummages through the
' shops one glimpses so many
fascinating things that it's quite be
wildering at times. Have you seen
that wonderful array of .KIMONOS
at Eldridges? If not, you haven't the
least conception of what the word
"KIMONO" can mean, for there are
styles, fabrics and marvelous needle
work shown that have never before
been een in Omaha and, what's
more, there's another shipment com
ing. 'Tis a treat to visit Eldridge's,
1318 Farnam, just to see the
HURRY up! Yes, you'd better
make a bee-line for Napier's
Booterie the first thing tomorrow
morning, for there's a sale on this
week of the season's smartest and
newest hand-made boots. They have
the kid-covered Louis XV heels and
ire in those shades so popular this
season white, ivory, champagne and
gray. When a sale is announced at
this very fashionable Booterie, we
may be assured 'twill be quite note
worthy of our attention. Boots, for
merly selling at $12.00 and $18.00, will
be on sale at $9.90 and $11.90.
Dress Up Now! There is no reason
When the summer is in season
Why you should not dress up neatly
SmartlyHoo. The shops discreetly
Long have pondered o'er your buyiug
With each other have been vieing
These days much 'tis being quoted
"Do your bit" and ways are noted.
If so far as we're concerned
We spend normally what we've earned
We are helping Uncle Sam
Just the best way that we can,
"LMng normally, spending too"
Here's the advice I'm sending you.
Some women can be nurses
And some can sew and knit,
Some are making garments,
Or some a "comfort kit."
And some of us are canning,
For this is truty writ
That every single woman
Can "do her little bit."
But if you can cook a dinner well,
Oh, Soldier Girll You're IT1
YOUR kitchen is the power plant
of your family in your keeping
is given the health, the happiness and
the life of the family. At Orchard &
VVilhelm's they are offering a Sibley
Fireless Cooking Gas Range which
will not only cook any food more ap
petizingly than can be done on any
other range, but will cut your kitchen
expense sin two. I could scarcely be
lieve my ears when told that this
range, which formerly sold for $50.00,
is being sacrificed at $12.50 during
their Summer Sale. It's a most won
derful bargain!
T KNOW of no store which keeps
- so up-to-the-minute in the various
styles and types of swimming suits as
does Lucien Stephens' 1901 Farnam
all the very latest models, and priced
75c, $2.50, $3.00 and $4.00. There are
bath robes ant. beach robes really,
the best looking things you ever saw,
which are just as appropriate for
women as men. These robes of ratine
and Japanese crepe have slippers to
OH, dear, one really can't do with
out a "sun shade" these days and
deep daintily cool, can one? And
when there is such a distracting array
to choose from as are shown just in
side the 16th street entrance at
Thompson-Belden's, why! we want
one to go with every summer frock
we own. There are the Sun-Rane
parasols, which obligingly do the
duty of protecting us from old Sol's
radiant summer smile, as well as the
too frequent visits of J. Pluvius.
There are pretty, flowered party
parasols for wee girlies, convenient
little Auto face parasols and hand
some parasols for women in mourn
ing. Parasols in splashy Japanese
effects, pongee. Khaki Kool and all
the gay new colors with the stunning
Oriental shapes. They're all differ
entthe only similarity being in their
beauty and smartness.
ONE of the most alluring styles
this summer for young girls 8 to
18 years is the smocked blouse and I
haven't seen prettier smocks any
where than those at F. W. Thome's,
1812 Farnam. They are of a splen
did quality of English drill made
with a broad yoke with smocking in
color to match the big sailor collar
of copen, pink or yellow Jap crepe
and pockets, of course. , They're
priced $2.25 to $2.95. Thome's also
have a dandy line of white wash
skirts for $1.50 to $7.45 some have
saddle-bag i ockets trimmed and lined
with color.
rROPPING in to Lee Larmon's
Flower Shop the other day (1
never can get past the windows,
they are always filled with such beau
tiful flowers) I was attracted by the
many different varieties of roses.
They were so rich, so exquisite, so
summery. One sniff of the blossoms
made one think thoughts of wanting
to have a summer party or luncheon.
Larmon's flowers add much to the
success of any function and he always
has the choicest blossoms it is pos
sible to secure. Flowers about the
home these warm days lend such a
refreshing, coo! atmosphere. Drop
into Larmon's. Fontenelle Hotel, and
take home a few.
DIMMER FURS! So voguish are
P they that your summer wardrobe
is incomplete without this ultimate
touch. For wear in the evenings, at
the summer clubs, for motoring or
for wear with the popular Sports cos
tume, there is nothing that adds so
much style to a garment. Benson &
Thome's have a wonderful display of
summer ermine, gray and white
coney, fox furs in fact, all the furs
that Dame Fashion decrees are mod
ish for the Summer Season.
A GARDEN is a lovesome thing,
God wot" and now that
everyone must have a bird-bath, all
the birds think so, too. f you
haven't yours yet, go to Orchard &
VVilhelm's Gift Shop and gfet one of
those beautiful gray pottery bowls for
$3.50 and put it on a tree stump and
listen to the birds say, "Thank you."
LAST week I told you about the
delicious luncheons which The
Flatiron Cafe serves for 35c, and now
I want to tell you how excellent the
dinners are, too. I dined there last
night and can truly say I enjoyed
everything from soup to dessert. It's
such a pleasure to have things served
in the dainty manner that they do at
this cafe. Dinners are 50c, excepting
Sundays, when they're 60c.
THIS is real Palm Beach weather,
isn't it? In a call at The Pan
torium I saw a rack of Palm Beach
suits which had been so beautifully
cleaned that I couldn't help from
marveling at the process that had
been used. On inquiry Mr. Liggett,
the manager, told me that they do not
starch them, but use a regular Palm
Beach finish, as used by the manu
facturers of the cloth, and can there
fore make them look as nice and new
and in many cases better on acount of
the care and skill used in pressing.
If you don't want to feel all "starched
up" in your "Tropical" garments have
them cleaned at The Pantorium. The
auto will call.
rpHERE'S a sweet young girl living
next door to me who has just
been graduated from Central High
and has been the recipient of hosts
of lovely photographs from her school
mends. I do want to have my class
pictures and my diploma framed,
Polly," she said. "Where shall I take
them to have them properly done?"
I advised her to take them to The
A. Hospe - Art Shop and last night
she called me over to see them, and
I must say I've never seen more ar
tistic framing. My little friend was
"simply delighted" that I'd told her
about Hospe's.
tpVERY time I visit Arnold H.
Edmonstpn's Jewelry Shop on
the 2d floor of the Rose Building, I
see something that pleases me so
much that I can't refrain from telling
you about rt. This week 'twas ex
quisite diamond ear screws with high
Tiffany platinum settings just the
daintiest things imaginable for Mi
lady's pretty ears. Priced $35 to $100.
ONE of the best ways, oh, Soldier
Girl, to show your patriotism is
to be CANNING all the fruits and
vegetables now obtainable. And my
advice is to use "SELF-SEALING"
Mason Jars, which will keep your
fruit belter than any other Mason
or glass top jar. They're priced 65c
per doz. for pts., 70c for qts. and 90c
for half-gallons, in Orchard & VVil
helm's basement. And, by the way,
I noticed that there is a splendid 6
qt. aluminum kettle specially priced
at 98c, which was $1.50.
r NE of the coolest stores in Omaha
is F. W. Thome's Uptown Shop
ior women at uii r-arnain street.
Even in the heat of midday it's cool,
it's airy, it's comfortable. There is a
perfect system of ventilation, wide
aisles and high ceilings, electric fans
even in the fitting rooms, and ice
cooled water. No wonder so many
women these days are shopping at
DRAHOS-LUTTIG'S, that voguish
little Hat Shop at 1704 Douglas
St., will offer at a clearing sale this
week all their pretty mid-summer
hats for $2.50 and $5.00.
WHEN I happened into Lamond's,
2d Floor Rose Bldg., Wednes
day afternoon, a pretty girl named
"Elizabeth" was trying on a crisply,
cool, green summer frock, and she
did look so charming in it that I was
almost rude the way I stared. Those
new arrivals in summer frocks at
Lamond's, thyough, are well-nigh irre
sistible and every girl could add
greatly to the summer landscape by
the possession of one. There are
voiles, batistes and summer grena
dines in plain colors, big checks,
stripes and polka dots some have
that newest of new touches, the suede
or patent leather belt, which gives the
summer frock quite a distintively
"different" air.
PARTY Bags! Permit me to be
come a bit enthusiastic over the
handsome Japanese silk crepe bags I
saw at that delightful shop of the
Nippon Importing Co., 218 S. 18th St.
Embroidered in chrysanthemums,
cherry blossoms, lilies, birds and fan
tastic designs of dragons which we
connect in our thoughts with the
Orient. And the colors! all those
"delicious" tints of blue, lavender,
pink, rose and Nile green a shade
to match every party frock you own,
and these BAGS are so modestly
priced at $3.25. There are some hand
embroidered Chinese slippers which
have just arrived that you ought to
see $1.00 a pair.
YOU'LL be glad it's summer,
you'll be glad that you're alive!
when you go bathing at the lake or
seashore if only you're nattily attired
in one of those bathing suits they're
displaying at Benson & Thome's, for
they're so pretty and practical withal.
Made of wool jersey materia!, they're
becomingly trimmed with a contrast
ing color. And you'll look stunning
wearing one of those new white rub
ber hand-painted caps or one adorned
with saucy wings, coquettish rosettes
or butterflies. There are also bags
in which youf can carry your wet
bathing suit-f'cause they're water
proof. HEAPS of answers came, guessing
what the new style garment is
that Miss Cole is making in her Lin
gerie Shop, 511 Bee Bldg. A few
were correct; but the Bungalow
apron which was offered as a prize,
goes to Miss Adelaide Shilling, North
Platte, whose answer came first.
We'll announce the name of the gar
ment July 8, and in the meantime
don't forget Miss Cole's clever "Saucy
Jane" hous. frocks and Bungalow
aprens they're surely fine for
I'm wishing you adieu, my friends,
I've nothing else to say, my friends,
Until next week, when I will seek
To find you something new, my
Women Are
Doing in the World
Y. VV. C. A. vesper seivice, Y. W.
C. A. Slimmer camp, 5 o'clock.
Monday ,
Convalescent Aid society, city hall.
10 a. m.
Fidelis club, Dundee Catholic cir
cle, Mrs. Charles Henry, host
ess, 2 p. m.
VV. VV. club, Mrs. D. F. Diffcu
hacher, hostess, at the home of
Mrs. A. Traynor, 2:30 p. m.
Bemis Park Red Cross auxiliary,
Mrs. F. J. Birss, hostess.
Chapter B. P. of the P. E. O. sis
terhood. Mrs. P. J. ilaas, host
ess, 1 o'clock luncheon.
Clio picnic supper, Mrs. VV. D.
Percival. hostess, 5 o'clock.
Business Woman's council, court
house, 11 until 2 p. in.
Benson chapter of the P. E. O.
sisterhood, Mrs. Frances Near
ness hostess, 1 o'clock luncheon.
Belles Lettres club picnic at Car
ter lake, Mrs. Terra Tierney
Frances Willard chapter of the VV.
C. T. U. picnic, Mrs. C. J. Rob
erts hostess, 11 o'clock.
Women Voter's Conservation
league, Mrs. Herbert McCoy
hostess, 2:30 p. in.
Omaha chapter of the W. C. T.
V., Mrs. Walter Lipe hostess,
2:30 p. m.
Friendship club, Hanscom Park
pavilion, 8 p. m.
Chapter E of the P. E. O. sister
hood. Scottish Rite Woman's club, Scot
tish Rite cathedral, 1 o'clock.
Chapter E of the P. E. O. sister
hood picnic supper, Miller park,
5 p. m.
of American Widows. Mrs.
B. C. Turpin hostess. 8 p. m.
Chapter B. K. of the P. E. O. sis
terhood, Mrs. Joseph Wecth
hostess, 2:30 p. m.
First of a series of lectures by
Dr. Lillie Carpenter of Buffalo,
Theosophical hall, 8 p. in.
George Crook Woman's Relief
Corps No. 88. Mrs. Irene Robin
son hostess, 2 p. ni.
Fontenelle chapter, Order of the
Eastern Star, Mrs. C E. Wal
rath hostess.
Benson Red Cross auxiliary, Ben
son city hall, all day session.
B. N. of the P. E. O. sis
terhood, Mrs. George Lenhoff
hostess, 10 a. ni.
Buaiwtss women oi tue united
Statu are to be mobilized for
national defense. The first step
to mis eno win ne taKcn at
the business woman's national con
vention, July 12 to 14, at the Congress
hotel in Chicago under the auspices
of the Woman's Association of Com
merce, an organization which was
brought about by Miss Florence King,
a lawyer ot prominence and president
of the national body.
More than 250 delegates from ap
proximately twenty-five states have
pledged their presence for the avowed
purpose of effecting a permanent or
ganization ot the business women of
the nation.
What the European woman has
done, is doing and must continue to do
during the period ot the war has
made the national convention imper
ative, since American women are fac
ing a similar situation.
Instead of waiting until such a time
of stress actually strikes the country,
the women behind the movement pro
pose to anticipate it to prepare in (ad
vance to meet and cope with any sit
uation that may arise.
One big feature ot the convention
will be the open air pageant which
will be held on the evening of July
m at White box ball park. More than
1,000 women will take part in the
presentation of scenes portraying the
big part that has been taken by
women in American history.
president Horence King ot the or
ganization says of the convention:
I his is not merelv a preparation
for war. We have for five years
planned such a movement and now
war compels prompt action. We know
that after the war is over there will
be gigantic problems, in the solution
of which women must aid.
Lord Northcliffe. in a recent
speech, declared that but for the loyal
assistance of English women the in
dustries of England! would now be
paralyzed. Now is the psychological
time tor American women to get to
gether so that they may best bear
their share of the burdens of the
world's problems, progress and work.
I he history ot woman s entry into
t!ie business world is a history of
struggle, of pathos and even trag
edy. Necessity knows no law. Ne
cessity has only too often compelled
a woman to enter tne business area
all unfitted and unprepared.
Whenever there is a world crisis
grave responsibilities are thrown upon
women, invariably they bear their
share of the burden with courage that
would do credit to the bravest male
U. S. Women Must Serve.
'What the European women have
done, American women must do, to
whatever degree becomes necessary.
The better prepared and organized,
the better they will do their part, now
and in days to come, in war and in
Officers of the organization are as
follows: Florence King, president,
1653 Monadnock building, Chicago;
Dora Earle, vice president; Page W.
Eatory recording secretary; Dr. Annie
R. Ranes, corresponding secretary;
Elizabeth Mason, treasurer; Mrs.
James Hamilton Keelcr, business
manager, all of Chicago. Middle west
state directors are: Iowa, Victoria
B. Epperson, Shops building. Des
Moines; Missouri, Mrs. F. M. P.
Whiteside, 419 Main street, .loplin;
Nebraska, lone C. Duffy, 220 Omaha
National bank building, Omaha.
Enthusiasm rang high at the Ne
braska grand chapter convention uf
the P. E. O. sisterhood at Fremont
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of
last week, according to Omaha dele
gates. One hundred and fifty mem
bers from all over the state were
present, among whom were Mrs.
Helen Drake of Beatrice, present su
preme president; Mrs. Edith Prouty,
a past supreme president, and Mrs.
fx ;-fHi -
Carrie Peterson of Aurora, Neb., a
past state president.
Reports were made to the effect
that all sixty-seven chapters in li.
state were doing Red Cross work
and were co-operating with the Amer
ican Woman's Patriotic leagu .
It was decided to abandon all use
less expense at chapter meetings mak
ing them simple during the p.ri..d
of the war. A resolution was passed
to help in the conservation of food
in their homes and to co-operate with
other organizations in the elimination
o' waste as far as possible.
Plans were made for the national
P. E. O. convention which will be
held in Omaha October 17, 18 and 19
at the Scottish Rite cathedral.
Luncheons and dinners will be
served by the Scottish Rite Woman's
club in the banquet room of the cathe
dral. Headquarters will be at the
Hotel Fontenelle.
Mrs. John R. Hughes of the South
Side is chairman and Mrs. George
Lehnoff, secretary of the central com
mittee in charge of the convention.
A new South Side Dorcas war re
lief society has been organized and
will have its first meeting on Friday
with Mrs. Jo' n Wells. Anyone inter-
Take Hair Out
Not Off the Skin
It fi uMlets to remove hair from tho
surf an of th skin. This re flu It la &U
that ca,n be accomplished with paatw,
rubOn preparations and Imttattona of
De Miracle. To rob hair of Its vitality,
you must attack It under the akin ma
well as on the ekln.
De Miracle, the
original liquid de
pilatory, does thta
by absorption. It
alone contains cer
taln Ingredients
which give It the
power to devital
ize hair. Well
groomed women
always use Pe
Miracle for remov
ing hair from limbs
and under armn.
Buy De Miracle by
name and you will
get the only de
pilatory that has
ever been endornod
by reputable phy
"A sure remedy
for this most hu
mllUtlnc and
dlafreaslns; af
11 let ton." Grnaln
maaraclnes of the
hlarbeat chara
ter endorse only
De Miracle. Be
ware of so-called
endorsements' of
boatis maacaalnes
which are need
to exploit the
sale of Question
able deoi lot otic.
sicians, surgeons,
dermatologists, medical Journals and
prominent magailnes. In 50c, $1.00 and
$2. Oft bottles at your dealer's or direct,
postpaid. In plain wrapper, De Miracle
Chemical Co., Dept. A-1, Park Ave. and
129th St., New Yock.
Dyers, Cleaner. Hatter., Furrier., Tailors.
2211 to 2217 Farnam Street
Wa Call Far end Deliver.
On Special Sale, Starting Monday
Come Early-Only a lim
ited number in stock.
Sale starts promptly
at 9:00 a. m.
Mahogany Chests 26 pieces, jewel pat
tern, 6 Knives, 6 Forks, 6 Table
spoons, 6 Teaspoons, 1 Butter Knife
and Sugar Shell. Regular price
$12.00, this week
6 Knives, 6 Porks, Jewel pat
tern. Regular price $6.00,
tills week
6 Tablespoons, Jewel pat
tern. Regular price,
$3.50, this $0 nn
ly At
ed to
' fi W week
ested is prhileged to attend that
meeting, at which plans will be
formed for furnishing war relief
babies here and abroad with neces
sary clothing.
The Young Womens' Christian as
sociation will hold its vesper service
at the summer camp today it S
o'clock. Mrs. Willard Slabaugh will
sing and the Campfire girls who are
in encampment there will appear in
a processional.
Dr. Lillie t Vpeiiter of Buffalo, who
is on her wa to take part in Or. Julia
S.t it's summer school at Colorado
Springs, will stop in Omaha from Fri
day until next Monday to deliver i
short series of lectures before the
Metaphysical Library club. The li
brary in Theosophical hall, 701 Bee
building, is open on Tuesday vand
Thursday at 2:30.
The Woman Voters' Conservation
league will hold its regular meeting
Wednesday at 2:30 at the home of
Mrs. Herbert McCoy. The league is
planning the f.rst of its annual Fourth
of July picnics at Hanscom park, to
which all the public will be invited. A
patriotic program will be the special
feature ol the picnic.
Omaha chapter of the Women'i
Christian Temperance union will hold
its regular educational meeting on
Wednesday at 2:30 o'clock with Mn.
(Continued on Fage Nino, Column Two.)
Health Talks
Nervous debility or'exhaustfon,
alio popularly known as nervous
prostration or nervous weakness
or neurasthenia, is becoming
alarmingly prevalent.
The wear, tear and strain of
modern lif is concentrated upon
the nervous system. The care and
consequent fret, worry and labor
of this age are greater than ever
before known.
The human body In every func
tion ia controlled by the nerves
a vast network of nerves reach
every portion of the human body
and govern the operation! of every
organ and every function of the
Exposure to wet and cold, falls,
Jars, shocks or anything that in
jures the spine or causea a mis
placement of one or more of the
vertebrae, producing nerve pres
aure, ia the direct cause of 95
of the human ailments.
Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments'
free impinged nerves, allowing
nature to assert herself, which con
sists in eliminating bodily poisons
and building up resistance and put
ting the body in the best condi
tion possible.
Chiropractic has proven potent
and efficient in all manner of dis
eases, including those of the head,
stomach, liver, kidneys and bow.
els, as well as headaches, back
aches, rheumatism, lumbago, ton
silitis, bronchitis and the very
large class known as women's dis
eases. Dr. Burhorn is a graduate ' of
the Palmer School of Chiropractic,
and has one of the finest equipped
offices in the west, located on the
fourth floor of the Rose Building,
corner 16th and Farnam streets.
Sanitarium accommodations for
out-of-town patients. Phone Doug
las 6347 for appointment.
These i
Beautiful Ice
Tea Spoons,
Per Set ot Six,
6 Dessert Spoons. Jewel
pattern. Regular price $3.60,
this week 01 I f"
6 Tea Spoons, Jewel pattern.
Regular price $2.00, A fill
this week u I nULI
6 Salad Forks, Jewel pattern.
w,,w ml
Kegular price $4.00, this(
6 Sogers Knives and 6 Forks Plain.
Our name stamped on each Q Q I C
piece. This week ytJi I W
16th and Douglas Streets