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Council Bluffs
Social Activities
Misj Ruth Dyer, Boone; Miss Etta
Linn, acranton, la., and Miss tana
Jeppson, Mead, Neb., were in the city
for the Green-Hutchinson wedding
aniwerc the guests ot the bride.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Reynolds left
last week to visit their son at berke
ley, Cal. On their return trip they
will be accompanied by their daugh
ter. Miss Hazel, who spent 'he spring
with her brothef.
Miss Jean Richards has returned
home from Iowa City, where she has
been attending the state university.
Mrs. Van Fosson entertained the
members of the South First Street
Chapter of t. Paul's Guild, Monday
afternoon. Red Cross work occupied
the afternoon and refreshments were
served. The guild has decided to dis
continue meetings during July and
August, but a picnic at the lake is
planned for the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hackwell of
Langham, Canada, Miss Pauline Sear
er of Des Moines and Mr. H. David
son of Clarinda are the guests of Mrs.
E. L. Sterner on Glen avenue.
Monday evening Mrs. Gould, Mrs.
Crumenacker and Miss Bullin enter
tained in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Green, who were married Wednesday.
The rooms were very prettily dec
orated in patriotic colors. A number
of novel features were introduced,
making the affair a very enjoyable
one and the bride and groom received
many useful gifts. ,
Miss Flummer, whose marriage to
Mr. G. P. Grosvenor takes place to
morrow, was the guest of honor at
a party given Monday evening by
Miss Phoebe Spenser and Miss Vir
ginia Pinckney at the home of Miss
Pinckney. The preparation of a bio
graphical book for the bride and
groom occupied the greater part of
the evening. Refreshments were then
served at one long table. A huge fire
cracker was used as the centerpiece,
which disclosed a number of charm
ing gifts "when the fuse was lighted.
W ednesday evening Miss tone Arm
strong of the public library left to
attend the national convention ot the
American Library association at
Louisville, Ky. Miss Armstrong will
visit at her old home in Indiana be
fore returning home.
Miss Sadie Bartett has been the
guest of honor at a number of enter
tainments this week. Last Saturday
eyening Miss Mamie Robinson of
Shelby, Miss Barrett's old home, gave
a very delightful miscellaneous shower
former. The Delta Alpha class of
Trinity Methodist church gave a
shower for her at the home of Miss
Monroe on Monday evening. Tuesday
afternoon the Trinity Aid society gave
a reception for her at the home of
Mrs. Robert Beasley. A very delight
ful program was rendered and the
bride was presented with a beautiful
cut glass water set.
Tuesday afternoon the Garden club
was entertained at the home of Mrs.
John G. Woodward. No program was
given, but a number of the members
brought flowers from their gardens.
Mrs. Woodward was assisted in enter
taining by Miss Dailey. Mrs. A. P.
Hanchett will be the hostess next
Tuesay evening Mis? Florence Sen
ior gave a miscellaneous shower for
Miss Verna Wiley, who is to be mar
ried next week. A magic wand was
presented to Miss Wiley, which
granted every wish mentioned by the
poem, which had been composed by
tne guests tor her to read.
At 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon
Miss Jimma Hutchinson and Mr. VV
H. Green were masked at the home of
the bride s oarenm on Franklin ave.
nue. Rev. George A. Ray performed
j the ceremony. The rooms were beau
: tifully decorated with peonies; palms
and smilax. In the bay window of
the living room a bower of white wed
ding bells'and smilax was arranged
and under it an altar was formed by
draping tulle between two flower
! vases of pink and white ceonies.
j Donald and Richard Green and Clark
i and How ard Hutchinson stretched the
white tulle which formed . the aisle,
through which the members of the
bridal party passed. Little Harold
Krumenacker carried the ring in a
lily. The bridesmaid was Miss Myra
! Hutchinson, sister of the bride and
the best man was Mr. John Soren-
son. The bride wore white em.
! broidered organdie and her veil was
i caught into -cap form with swansonia.
' She carried a white Bible and a
shower of swansonia. The bride wore
pinK marquisette with pearl and lace
trimmings. Miss 'Margaret More
! house and Mrs. J. W. Beardsly fur
nished music before the ceremony and
Miss Morehouse played the Lohen-
gren wedding march. The pink and
white color 'scheme was carried out
very attractively in the dining room,
where a buffet luncheon was served
after the ceremony. Miss Frances
Hutchinson, Mrs. E. C. Hutchinson.
Mrs. J. J. Short, Mrs.' George Gould
and Miss Gladys and Miss Lucille Mc
Millen assisted in the dining room.
Mr. and Mrs. Green will take a short
wedding trip and will be at home after
July 25 at 212 East Pierce street.
Wednesday afternoon the Ideal club
held its annual picnic at the home of
Mrs. Thomas Metcalfe at Elmridge.
The luncheon was served on the lawn
and the afternoon was Spent in Red
Cross work and in discussing plans
for the new year book.
Wednesday evening Mrs. Howard
Smith entertained in hnnnr nf. Mice
Verna Wiley. The evening was spent
He.yit PHtm
"My poor
foot Is
j again
What a joy and comfort to
be able to vrecx those nice,
new shoes withdnt one wee bit
of pain. A trim, neat foot is si
Joy forever an aching, suffer,
ing foot is u abomination.
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-w.... w auiicf loot
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ul-sh-pen shoes when "Bunion
I Comfort" is guaranteed to give
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gradually reduces the bunion, layer after layer
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pnstars It and if you are not satisfied, we will
Evs you back your money. "Bunion Comfort"
is worked wonders for others they can serve
!you tec they cost more than cheap pads and
remedies bus they're worth many oculars tc
you fw the real ooauort they bring. JU7
Haines Drug Co., N. W. Cor.
15th and Douglas 5ts.
-H. tart
used to look
Ilka this, but
aha now wears
mall ah oos
fain and is
happy with
out pain os
d I a r I guring
in embroidering her initials on wash
cloths, which were presented to her.
A two-course luncheon was served
later in the evening.
The H. G. L. club met Tuesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. A.
Plunkett. The prize for high score
at "500 was won by MrsPlunkett
and the "cut-for-all" by Mrs.vR. H.
Huntington. The club guests were
Mrs. J. C. Michelsrn and daughter,
Genevieve, South Side. This meeting
closed' the club year, but a picnic wil
be given at the lake after the Fourth
Wednesday sixteen members ot the
Women's Golf club took part in an
eighteen-hole medal play for the prize
offered by Dr. Henninger.- Miss
Mildred Morris had the lowest score
and Miss Bess Day won the putting
match. At 10 o clock next Wednes
day the members will compete for the
club prize and for one offered by Miss
Mrs. Themas Sweeney and two
sons of Washington, D. C, are the
guests of. Mrs. George Damon. Mrs,
Sweeney, who is the sister of Frank
Zurmuehten, lias many friends in this
city. She will leave Tuesday for
Maine to spend the summer while her
sons are in a summer camp for boys.
Thursday evening Mr. Jack Wilcox
and Mr. Forrest Bronson gave a
dance at the Boat club. The music
was furnished by Art Evans' Jazz
band. The refreshment tables were
arranged in the form of a letter "L,
and decorated with spring flowers
and Russell roses. The chaperones
were Mrs. J. b. Wilcox, Mrs, Glen
Wilcox and Mrs. E. O. Bronson.
The L. T. club met Wednesday aft
ernoon instead of Thursday at the
home of Mrs. Spare of East Broad
way. The meetipg was a farewell to
Mrs. George Shoemaker, who leaves
soon for a western trip.
Thursday afternoon Miss Gladys
Crum entertained at a handkerchief
shower in honor of Miss Verna Wiley.
Pink and white formed the color
scheme for both the decorations and
the refreshments.
Thursday evening Miss Maude
Graham Bell presented four of her
pupils in the eighth program of the
prize memory contest she is conduct
ing. Three more programs will be
given. Those taking part in this one
were Joice Larson, Ruth Timm, Lillie
Englund and Phyllis ieeler.
1 PtrnT
Society Notes
Social Items
C. L. McCloud, Chicago, was the
.guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Latta, Indian
apolis, Ind., arrived the first of the
week to spend the summer as guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Adams.' Mrs.
Latta was formerly Miss -6reen,
daughter of MrsnAdams.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H Barnard, Sioux
City. Ia., were guests of L. T. Amis,
Mr. and Mrs. B. G: McCloud and
son, Bentley, have arrived to spend
several weeks with Mrs. McCloud's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Olmsted.
Mrs. ' Stapleton and Mrs. James
lone C.Duffey
Miss lone C. Duffey will attend the
first national convention of business
women in Chicago at the congress
hotel, Juy 12-14.
Bennett, Craig, Neb., were guests of
Mrs. j. j-i. Adams, iuesaay.
Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Avery returned
Tuesday from a short trip to Kansas
E. C. Webster, , Denver, was the
guests of his pareivts, Rev. and Mrs.
T. C. Webster, Tuesday.
Frank Pascale, who has been ill the
last ten days, is convalescing.
Mrs. Ruth Langdon, Glenwood, la.,
was the guest of Mrs. Woodyard the
sjrst of the week.
Clayton Elberts returned the first
of the week from Sioux City, where
he had been visiting relatives.
J. A. Fuller returned Sunday from
Pender, Neb., where he had been visit
ing his nephew.
Mesdames Dial and Goettsche will
entertain the Ladies' Aid society of
the Presbyterian church Wednesday
atternoon. .
Mrs. Elmer Taylor returned the
first of the week from a visit with
relatives at Wymore, Neb.
Mrs. B. C. Fowler entertained the
G. O. P. circle of the Presbyterian
church at her home, Hillcrest, Wed
nesday afternoon.
Frank Robbins left the "first of the
week for Rock River, Wyo., where
he will work during the summer.
George Gillen is now at Bremmer
ton, Wash., preparatory to joining the
navy. While there he met Glen Mor
gan, who is working in the shipyards.
Martin Imm has moved to Ken-
more, O., to live.
A Matter of Feeling.
Some one asked a scientific gentleman at
tached to one of Uncle Barn's bureaus ar
Washington whether, in his opinion, any of
the so-called inanimate things can feel pain.
"There 1a nothing aurer in the world,"
said he. "Have you never observed how a
piano walls and groans when the averace
performer strikes It?" Philadelphia Ledger.
Miss Lila Hoke's Sunday school
class of boys had a picnic-hike to
hlinwood park last Saturday.
Mrs. Roger Holman's Sunday
school class had a motor picnic Mon
day out West Dodge street.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Benson and
their daughter, Mrs. Sumner Breeze
have gone to Florida for an extended
Miss Margaret Corey of St. Paul
Neb., was the guest last week of her
aunt, Mrs. D. L. Johnston, and Mr,
' Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Follmer and
family have moved into the house
they bought of Mr. L. D. Upham, at
4828 California street. I hey are add
ing outside sleeping porches and other
improvements to the place.
The Dundee Catholic circle will
meet Monday with Mrs. Charles
The Women's Missionary society
will meet Friday with Mrs. Rams-
Mr. R. C. Peters returned Thurs
day frtm Chicago.
Miss Katherine Warner of Dakota
C)iy is the guest of Mrs. Thomas
Crosby, and her sister, Margaret War
ner, is the guest of Miss Velista Pres-
son. Miss Fresson entertained lues-
day afternoon at her home for her
house guests.
Miss Myrne Gilchrist has returned
from Hamilton college, Lexing
ton, Ky.
Rev. Harrv Foster and three chil
dren spent part of the week with
relatives in Pawnee City. (
Miss Rockafellow left the first of
the week for an extended eastern
The men's Bible elass of hhe Dun
dee Presbytenian church had a din
ner at the church Friday night.
The Dundee Woman s Bowling club
met Wednesday for luncheon and the
game at Happy Hollow club.i
Social Gossip
two very necessary articles for you to
take witl you on your vacation.
Cameras ....$2.00 to $28.00
Bath in f Capa 25c to $1.2S
Crinklft Waahleaa Towel., pkf....lOc
Thermo Bottles and dotens of other
i useful articles.
16th and Howard. Douflas 849.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ar
thur Anderson Wednesday.
Mr. lohn C. Kuehl of this place
was married to Miss Marie Riemers of
Omaha last week.
Rev. and Mrs. J. Calvert entertained
at dinner on Tuesday for Mr. and
Mrs. N. C Campbell and Miss Uene
vieve Fellers of Humboldt, Neb.
Graduation exercises of St. Ber
nard's school were helaV last Sunday
evening on a stage erected on the
lawn. About 300 neonle attended.
Miss Joy Griffith of Benson and Mr.
Leo WeJch of Flattsmouth and Miss
Mary Wood of Benson and Mr., John
Hurst of Omaha were two young cou
ples were married last week.
The Benson P. E. O. Sisterhood
sent Mesdames N. H. Tyson, C. A.
Tracy and W. A. Wilcox as delegates
to the convention at Fremont last
June the
JWt Mrmth nf
em waa
and Roses
Roses, sweet peas and
daisies are lovely, frag
rant and plentiful now.
Fine for the wedding
bouquet or sick room.
John H. Bath
"The Careful Floritt"
1804 Farnam St., Omaha.
Phon Douglas 3000,
niniiiiiiiiiitiiiif tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiif Jj
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miles of bridle path and motor ways.
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week. A meeting will be held next
Monday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Tyson, when the reports will be
Mrs. C. C. Sawtelle, Mrs. Gorton
Roth and Mrs. C. A. Moulthrop went
to Tekamah last Wednesday for the
Corneliiis-Swanson wedding.
Miss Gladys "Turner of Norfolk
spent the week end last week at the
home of Miss Gertrude Calvert.
The Emmanuel Lutheran Ladies'
Aid society and Sunday school will
have a joint picnic at Fairmount park
on next Tuesday, leaving here at 10
o'clock to spend the day.
Mrs. H. N. Kelland and daughter,
Evelyn, left last week for Sioux Citv,
where they will make their future
Misses Edith Bradshaw and Dor
othy Byars of Thermopolis, Vyo are
the guests r Miss Lola Byars.
Mrs. Joseph McGuire entertained at
dinner in honor of Mrs. J. Langon of
Pasadena, Cal.
Mrs. N. H. Tyson entertained at
hmcheon last week in honor ofMrs. J.
S. Jackson of Oak Park, III. '
Mr. HlMst-v Ynhnarin inlafialkaJ iL .
Jolly Times club at her home Tuesday
aitri uuun.
Mrs. O. M. Brotemarkle left last
Tuesdav fnr ("ttmKor1nH4 XlA ...i
she was called by the death of her
Mrs. F. McFherson entertained last
Week for hr aitr Vfv. fl A J
ams of Western, Neb.
Mr. W. H Woolston of Cheyenne.
VO.. IK Vitt,ncr a U. 1. t.:.
daughter. Mrs. A. W. Albert.
Miss Alice Hooper entertained on
1 uesday at a birthday picnic at River.
r a "ozen 01 friends.
,,,vSv,a, evening gvninasium
class spent last Wednesdav afternoon
i picnic at the girls' summer
Mrs. O. r n;k.. j ....
week at a picnic dinner in Hanscom
park in honor of her daughter, Mrs.
I. I. Hoskins of Tennessee.
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