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    THE-" BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1917.
In torn t tonal
" " ! jMi .'
Drawn for
The Bee
Pa'i Sterlings Travel to Jay
hawk Town and Scatter
Woe in Camp of
Wichita, Kin., June 21. (Special'
Telegram.) Omaha cleaned up on
the aeries here when they won to
day') game by a 4 to 2 score.
Both Merz and Baker pitched good
ball, two of the runs against Baker
coming in on errors.
Burg singled to open the second.
Baker threw Bradley's bunt high to
second and the runners took second
and third. Schick hit to short. Uurg
was caught between home and third
and tagged out by Wallace. Bradley
was tagged by Wallace as he was try
ing (or third on the play. Schick
itcored when Davis threw high to first
on Shaw's grounder.
Burg walked to open the fourth.
Bradley popped to Jones. Schick
singled. Shaw hit to third forcing
Burg. Merz singled to rieht scoring
Schick. Shaw was caught trying for
third. J. Ihompson walked in the
utin. tooney sacrmced. I. inomp
son scored when Wallace booted
Krug s grounder to third.
Burg's single, Bradley's sacrifice
and Schick's si..,jle scored one in the
sixth. Thomason's double, Goodwin's
sacrifice and Jones' out at first scored
Wichita's run in the first. Davis
singled and stole ' in the fifth and
scored on Morrison's single. Earl
Smith received aviessage just before
the game started announcing the ar
rival of twins at his home. He cele
brated with three hits out of four
times up. - Score:
Double-Header Split - - '
By Leaders' and Miners
Joplin, Mo., June 21.-i-Joplin made
it two out ot three by taking the
firsjt game of a double-header this aft
ernoon, Lindamore's errors enabled
the visitors to win the second. Score,
first game:
a, n.l'.A Hi. s
Kuoldt.tb I 8
Hunt.r.rf 4
HUM, a. 4 4
n'r,lk S
Braen.e S
Flro'a t
1 II
S 0
S 0
lCoehr'n3b 1
OL'more.e. 8
W-cilllni.o S
OHell.p 4
Totmls..SSlSltlS I ToU1K.ll 1ST I 1
Batttd for Barter In ninth.
Dee IfolnM..,., III1M1I 14
Jeplla I I 11 I I I -1
Two-ban hits: Lamb, Spencer. Lft on
bMMl De liolnee, U; Joplin. S. Baorlflce
hlta: Warm, Hartford. Sacrifice fly:
Breon. Btolen fc...t l,ainb. Swean.y, Hun
tor. Doublo play: I.lnd.mor. to Mtti.
Gtrnos rum: Le. ttnlnof. S; Joplin. S.
Bain on ballot Off Hall, 4TK Heritor, 4.
Struck out: By Hall, t; by Brsr, 4 Hit
by pitched ball: Huntr, Cochran (2). Paeaad
batli: Braen, I. Tlmt: a hours. Umplrt:
Miller. .
Second lami:
Caio.lf 1
lnovnro.lf 4
I 1
Ewoldt,8b SSt
Br.en,ct 1 S 1
Huntor.rf 4 1
"rtm'n.Sb I 11
Coffty.n I r I
Sw' 4 S T
Spahr.o S S
Kalllo.p SSI
S ODalton.rl S
t ol.aiiib,Sb . S
, 1 4
S OHor.n.rf 4
4 e:hr'n,!b s
1 fil.d'm're,a. S
1 lnin.0 1
5 Ott.pfll.p 0
s'nderw.p 1
U QrVr . Ill 11 ToUts.-.:t 111 11 1
Battd for Mapol la Mcond.
! Uolnoa ;....,.., Iltlll a t
'Joplin Illltl 13
Two-bano hit: Horan. Throe-boae hit:
Coffy. l.ft on bnpn: Doi Uolnva. Sf Jop
lin, IS. Sawlflco hit: Lomh. atvlfn biisri:
Com (1). Kwoldt. Doublo ployoi Map1 to
Cochran to Moti; Coffoy to 8wny; Fort
' man to Spahr to Portman tp 8phr. Htlo
and oamcd rum: Off Mopel. S and non In
two tnntngai off Sotideni,, 4 and nono In
flvo Innlnaa: off Kalllo, 4 and I In avn tn
nlnsa Baaoa on balls: Off. Mapal, 1; off
Bandera. 6; orr Kalllo, T. Sttuck out: By
Sandara, ; br Kalllo. 4. Hit by pitched
ball: By Bandars. Braant Time: 1:40. Um
pire: Minor.
Ducklings Take Third - ,
Straight Game From Josies
St. Joseph. Mo., June 21. Lincoln
took the third straight game from St.
Joseph today, 5 to 0. Halla pitched
superb ball all the vvay. score
Orai'rT.rt 10 1
8nillh,3b 4 1 t
Bvl.i,rt all 4 11
Butl.r.Ka 111
( I 1 11
8'hm' 4 14
Krr.rt.e 4 4 1
HalU.B 4 4 4
4 irtiiti.rf
1 I
4 OM' 4
4 OK'khnm.lf 4
4 4Mnora,o . I
I OMM'Cln.Sb
I 0M.tiry.1h I
1 0Or.alby.2b I
4 Otfhay.aa : 1
I OGrah' I
IKtorrl.:b 1
Pow.ll 1
. WrUhl.p I
4 I
4 4
4 t
I 1
I 0
0 4
0 4
4 114
4 4 4 4
4 4 4
Total!.. It III I Tola la.. II 1 1711 I
Batted for Ore ham In .Ifhth.
Uneoln 44141144 41
8L Joaeph , 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44
Strnrk out Br Qraham, 4; njr Wrlrht. 1;
by Malla, I. Baaaa on balla: Off Uraham,
1; off Wrtiht, 4: oft Halla. 1. HUa and
earned runa: Off Oraham. -I and I In
eltht Inning.; off Wruhl. I and none In
one Inning; off Halla, I and 4 In nine In
nlnga. Two-baao hlta: Rchmendt. llcClellan.
Tbree-baae hlta: Griffin, Barlraa. Double
plan Shar to HarUell to Henrjr Left on
beoee! St. Joaaph, I; Lincoln, 'I. Tlroa:
1:34. Umpire: Shannon,
Beselins Will Motor to
Blair for Game Sunday
The Beielina of Omaha will motor
to Blair Sunday (or a diamond com
bat with the team at that point.
Supernoia and Gowrni will be the
battery for the Omaha nine.
Can't Stop 'Em '
ah. n.
Cooney. tb s 0
Thompaon ef. 4 1
Conner, la. S
Smith, ir 4 o
Krur, ae ,4 a
Hurt, Sb. ..
Bradley, lb.
"rhlea, rf. ,.
Knew, . ...
Mtr. p
Totals ..
.... SS 4
AH. K.
4 I
S 1
Thomaioii. rf.
UmMlwIn Sb. .
JonM. lb. . . .
tor. rt
nana, M. ...
Hellnre, Sb. .
Mitrrieon, If 4
White, e t
Maker, . , 3
'Yarran t
I,)ona, p.
Total so I i s S
Hatted for Baker In rlshth,
Omaha S1S11ISSO
Hlrhlta ...... s S 0 I
Taro-lhaao hltal Thomaann, Plmlth. flood
win. HUB and earned rune! Off Baker S
and S la eight Innlnnar off Mora, and S
In nine Innlnga: off l.yona, none and none
In one Inning-. Htolen baae: rtavla. IWt on
bo tea' vtiehlta, 8 Omaha, d. llooble playai
llavla to H'hlta to Walloee, Men to Brad
ley. Ilaaea on halla: Off Men, Si off Baker,
S. Sacrifice hitai floodwln, 4:enney, Brad
ley. H'ild pitch! Baker. Htruck out: By
taker. Si by Men, Si by I.) una S. Hit by
pitched ball: By Men (Coy), Timet 1:50.
Umplreel Jacob and Nlfler.
Indians Take Measure
Of Bears in Tenth Frame
Denver, June 21. A base on balls,
Holly's sacrifice, Gilmore's stolen
base, Watson's single and Connolly's
triple gave Sioux City two runs in
the tenth and Denver was unable to
equal the tally, giving the visitors
the game. Score:
AB.H.O.ALK. ab.h.o.a.e.
atlmorp.lf 1 0 8 0' OKeVher.M, 10160
miiiitjd 1111 ooatteH.cC I t
Rnlnr,M 10 4 1 I I
Wilnon.rf S S t 0 ft.Mcirrk.rf 4 S
Con'lly,.lb I 1 t 1 Whrly,:h I ft
Murw.rf t 0 4 9 OHart'an.lf 4 1
MiitUr,lb I 1 10 1 (WhMtk,o 4 0
L'roby,o 4 111 6Ntbora,p I 1
Uiprt p 4 0 1 0 onftlff.p I 0
1 0
iuiai..ii sv is
Totals.. II 11 JO U t
Batted for Bhanley la tenth.
Rloug City 0 0100IOA9 t 8
Denver t 01100000 11
Sacrifice fly: TUrtirtm, Racrlfloe hit
Holly. j.rt on bases: Denver, 8: Sioux
City, I, Stolen bases: Holly, Mills, Oil
more. Two-bass bits: Oatces, Crosby. Thres
basa hit: Connolly,. Double plays: Shan lev
to Mills. Bhanley to Kelleher to Mills, Bases
on Daiis: urr Nabors, I; olf Dale, 1; off
aaapar, I. Struck out: By Nabora, : by
Dale, t; by Oaspar, t. Hits and earned
runs: Off Nabora, t and 4 In five and two
thlrdr innlnsa; off Dale, a and 1 In four
ana one-third inn mm; off Caspar, 11 and I
In ten Innlnrs. Hit by pitched ball. By
Usapar, Mills; by Nabors, Holly, Tlmt; MO.
Umpires. Gaston and McOlWray.-
Cubs Drop Saier and
Pick Up Paddy Driscoll
Chicago, June 21. Vic Saler, first
basemen with the Chicago Nationals,
whose leg was broken early in the
season, waa unconditionally released
today, according to a special dispatch
from Pittsburgh, where the club is
Padrly Driscoll, captain of the
Northwestern university foot ball
team last year, will be signed by the
Cubs as an inficldcr.
Mrs. Leroy and Miss Walsh
Take Women's Tennis Doubles
Philadelphia, June 21. Mrs. Robert
I.eroy of New York, and Misa Phyllis
Walsh of Philadelphia, defeated Airs.
K. S. (Ireen and Miss Jacqueline
Green, Philadelphia, in the only semi
final doubles match of the women's
national tennis tournament, nlaved to.
day. She score was, 6-2, 6-2.
The other semi-final match will be
played tomorrow as will also the
semi-finalj in, the singles' division.
Battle Scars Fail to Keep
McCarty Out of Service
St. Paul, Minn., June 21. Though
he bears fourteen bullet acars received.
in the earlier battles about Ypress,
Charles McCarty, the Canadian boxer.
former member of the "Princess
Pats," was accepted today as a re
cruit -for the First Minnesota artil
lery. The examining doctor declaring
his physical condition good in spite
of the wounds.
Eari Smith is Now Proud "
Dad of Pair of Twin Boys
If Earl Smith, crack Rourke left
fielder, fails to continue to lead the
western league in hitting, it will not
be for want of inspiration. Earl was
presented with twins, both boys, by
Mrs. Smith at his home, 2909 Bristol
treet. at 5 o'clock Thursrtav
The twins are healthy specimens, ac
cruing 10 ur. r. j. scnieter, and look
like embryo outfielders.
Mrs. Ruegge Asks $25,000
For Death of Her Husband
Madison, Neb., June 16. (Special.)
Martha Ruegge has brought suit in
the district court of Madison county
to recover $25,000 damagea against the
Omaha railroad for alleged injuries
resulting in the death of her husband
while in the employ of the railway
company as a bridge builder, a
Cleveland Finds Cicotte and
Rings Up Single Tally to
Their Opponents' Get
Chicago, June 21. Bagby out-
pitched Cicotte and Cleveland shut
out Chicago 1 'o 0 today. Bagby, al
lowed only three hits and not a Chi-
cagoan reached second after the initial
inninir The sunoort behind the Cleve.
land pitcher was .faultless. .Score:
OrAny. If 4 0 1 0 nr.silholrl.rf S 0 3 ft fl
1X4 IMVe'v'r, 3b 4
3 2 0 OB. Col', 2b S
1 0 njariju'n.lf fl
0 15 flKelrh.rf 3
0 I 1 OOdndllplb a
113 0R1n'rK,n 1
0 1 I 09'h'lk.o 3
0 10 0(.'lroll,p 2
Smith, rf
a o
7 1
4 0
Z 6
ft 0
Murphy, c 1
loian i b 7 o
ToUll 27 3 IT I t
PtevRland 1 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Ohkaso 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two ban hits: VS. Oolllna. St o tun baiai:
PpMkr. Smith. Doubl plays: O'Neit and
rhanntan. Wombinaniu, Chapman and
ODlnto. Ttaan nn hallar noarliv 9- T'lnMai 4
hfttruck out: Bairby. 4; Cicotte. 2. Umpire-!
Connelly and Null In.
Cobb Wln Tor Tlgari.
Detroit, June 21. Ail-tin's wild throw on
a hunt by Veaoh permitted Cobb, who had
obtained ft ecratch fling, to ecore from
flnt In the ninth Inning" with the run that
won for ePtrolt, B to 4. 8f. Ixiute bunched
five hlte off Khmke for three runs In the
eighth, but Detroit went ahead again with
two rune in their half. 8t, Ioula tied It in
i no ninin on m oaie on balls and Austin'
triple. , .
Hofhron and SaverHd were ordered from
the field for disputing a called ball. Score:
ST. IaOTJIS. nush.SR
(Ihotton.lf Bl 0 0 ftCbb,pf
I 4
1 3
1 3
1 J
1 3
1 14
0 1
1 3
4 3
1 1
4 4
0 4
-1 4
4 4
I lVaarhlf.
0 OVItUb
1 ftHpancar.o
0 0,Slanaafl,o
4 OKhink'.p
4 Onnlanri.p
1 0R.Jnn.a
I ITrawfrd
6 .a
I 0
4 Defate
4 0
4 4
4 4
4 4
4 4
Total...l4 13311 3 Tolala.,33 1! 37 14
Ran for "center In al.hth
Batter! for Khmke In elahth.
Kan lor Crawfore In! eighth.
St. I,oulc 4 4 4 4 0 0 4
Detroit 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
rwo-baaa nlta: "nlhoron, Pralt,
Staler, gevereld. Three. baee hit:
I 1-1
3 1 S
Stolen baaaa: Cobb, Slater. Baaaa on balla
uii Bomoron. i; oft Bound, 1. Hlta: Off
Ehmke, 11 In aliat Innlneu; off Solhoron,
4 In o.ven Innlnra. Struck out: By Boland.
1; by Solhoron, 1. Umpire.: Evana and Mor.
Vanlu Beat Rrd Roi.
New York, June 1!. New York won from
Boajon, I to 4. The Yankee, .cored the
winning run In tha eighth on a alngle, an
infield out and a double. Boalon filled the
baaea with one out ID tho ninth, but Gard
ner ended the game by hitting Into a
double Hay. Snore:
nnoper.rr 4 3 4 4 OHendry.rt 3 3 14 4 a a 0 a S 3 I t10 4 OMalael.Sb i 0
Thomaa.o 1 1 4 4 I
Oard' I I 0 I 4 0
aiKer,cr a o o o 1 0 1 Onp'k'p'h.a. 4
Dcou.ea a
Agnew.e I
McNally 4
Shore.p 3
Hob' 3
4 11 ONun'ker.o 3
13 1 a.Ruaaell '00
0 0 0 OWaltera.o I 0
10 3 Otve.p ll
0 14 OShocker.p 1 0
Ot 0
0 3
.0 I
Pannock.p 1
Tntata .19 10 .7 I.
ToUla.;3l 114 14 1
Ran for Agnew In ilxth.
Ran for Nunamaker In firth.
Boaton o 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 04
New York .0 0 14 10 0 1 a
Two-baae hlta: Hooper, Oalner. Parkin
paugh. Three-baae hit: High. stolen
baara: Plop (31, Malael. Double play,:
Shocker to "Wall.ra to Plpp. Baaca on balla:
Oft Ixive. 5; off Shocker. 1; off Shore, 1.
Hllit Olt Love, I In five Innlnga; off
Slufe, 7 In five Innlnga. Struck out: By
I.OVO. 4; byShocker, I; by Shore, 3: by
Pcnnock. 1. Umplrea: McCormlck, Owen
and Dlneen.
Sena tori Drop Raek.
Waehlnglon. June 31. Philadelphia beat
Waahlngton. I to 0 today, bunching hlta
4ft Dumont In two Innlnga. Buah alweye
naa aometning in reaarve warn threatened.
1 14 0 0
14 3 0
3 4 0 0
0 3 0 0
0 13 0
0 3 0 1
14 7 4
3 4 4 0
0 4 0 0
0 0 10
10 0 0
13 4 4
3 3 1 4
14 1 ORlce.rf ..4
013 1 4
3 4 1 fUam'n.lf. I
Meyer.c. .
114 OShenira.a. 3
0 10 OHenry.o .4
111 4Men'ky. 0
mutnont.p I
Leonard 1
Ayrea.p. . 0
Total. 31 I 1! II 0Uharlrty 1 0 0 0 0
Totala II I 37 II I
Batted for Dumont tn eighth.
Batted for Ayrea In ninth.
Ran-Xor Henry In ninth.
Philadelphia ..44400111 01
Waahlngton ..40444444 41
Twe-baee hlta: Henry, Myer, Three-baae
hlta: Foater, Bodle. Stolon baaea: Mcrnnla
Milan. Slrunlo Double playa: shanka and
Morgan. ITaa. on balla: Oft Dumont I, off
Buah I. Hlta: Oft Dumont, T In eight In
nlnga. Struck out: By Dumont 1, by Buah
3, by Ayrea I. Umpire.: O'Loughlln and
Hlldebrand. .
Pickrell Farmers' Firm
. ' Offers Service to Nation
(From a Staff Correapondentl
Lincoln, June 21. (Speciaf.) 'Gov
ernor Neville received a letter from
the. Partner's ' Elevator company of
Pickrell this morning in which tue
services of the company were offered
in anv capacity in the war and offer
ing feed and grain if needed.
' Avoca Votes Light Bonda.
' Avoca, JN'eb., June 21. (Special.)
At a special election held here yester
day warrants were voted on to the
amount of $5,000 for the establishing
of an electric light system for Avoca.
Standing of Teams
W.L.Pct.1 v -fL.Pct.
re Moines. 3 22 .HSIIN'pw Tork..S3 17 .ftfiO
Omaha ...,S 24 Phlla 31 20 ,60)1
Lincoln ...33 2ft ..Kfil('hlcago 33 37 .650
Joplin 31 25 ,RG4 Ht. Louis. ..2 2ft .61
Hloux City. .30 2" .B17ininclnnati ..29 3.1 .469
Denver ....26 31 ,44BBoston .....10 27 .42"
Rt. .ToSeph.. 21 35 .3751 Brooklyn ..20 28 .417
Wichita ...IS 39 .Slftj Pittsburgh .18 34 .340
W.L.Prt.1 W.L.Pft.
Thlrsgo ...3 20 ,(I43 Tndlanap's.. 39 24 .617
Boston ..'..32 22 .r.flni Columbus ..34 28 .1148
New York.. 31 22 .5851 Rt. Paul 31 2fi .444
Cleveland .21 29431l Loulnvllle -.34 29 ,64ft
Detroit ....Jfi 27 .4M'k'snjs Clty.SS 3ft .4fiS
St. Louis..
.23 31 .42ftTolcdo 27 34 .443
.19 30 .3KA1 Milwaukee .24 35 .407
20 33 .377Mlnncap's.. 24 35 .407
Yeelerday's Reunite. S
4: Wichita. 2.
Dps Moines, 4-5: Joplin, 4-2.
jjinnoin, fi; fit, .ToBeph, 0.
Bloui City, 6; Denver, 8. s
Cleveland, 1; Chkeiro, ft.
St. Louis, 4; Detroit. 8.
Philadelphia, 3: Wanhlngton, ft.
Boston, 4; New York, 6.
few York, 4; Boston, ft
"trooklyn. 4; rhlladelphis, 2.
Cincinnati, 7; Rt. Louts, t.
Chicago. 12: Pittsburgh, 4.
Toledo, 9; Minneapolis, 7.
Louisville, 3; Mllwauk", 1.
Columbus, t ; Kansas City, 0.
Indianapolis, 12; Bt, Paul, 2.
Ciftmes Todsy. v
Western League No games scheduled.
American League Cleveland at Chicago,
St. Louis at Detroit, Philadelphia Ht Wash
ington, Boston at New York.
National League New York at Boston,
Brooklyn at Philadelphia, Chicago at Pitts
burgh, Cincinnati at Bt. Louis.
Rushville Dedicates
Fine New Flagstaff
Rushville, Neb., June 16. (Special.)
A handsome new nag staff was dedi-
catedcated on Main street here Flag
day evening. Addresses were made
by Reverends Mr. Vahle and McCar
ger. A salute of twenty-one guns was
fired and the, band played "The Star
Spangled Banner as the nag was low
ered at sunset. A large crowd took
in the program, which included i
concert by the band. At the conclu
sion of the salute every church bell
was rung.
The staff is seventy-one feet above
ground and is ot steel, with a tour
foot cement base ten feet in the
A Sheridan county unit of the state
council of defense was organized in
the afternoon with these officers:
President, R. L. Wilhite; vice presi
dent, J. W. Jackson; secretary, A, C.
Plantz; treasurer, Dr. Z. Daniel.
Holdreae Man at Head
Of Druggists of State
North Platte. Neb.. June 21. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The Nebraska State
Pharmaceutical association closed
here this evening with a card party
and dance. During the business meet
ing the following officers were elect
ed: President, Nels Mikelson, Hold-
rege; vice presidents, W. R. iwii
gert, Callaway; J. H. Stone, North
Platte: A. N.tooks. Hastings: Wil
liam Milder. Omaha: Charles Ruther
ford, Aurora; treasurer,. D. D. Adams,
Nehawka; secretary, J. .O. McBride,
University Place. Board of pharmacy,
E. C. Felton, York;. Joseph Cording,
Litchfield; J. W. Fetter, Maxwell.
Delegates to the national associa
tion ;n 1918 at Imrianapolis are: Oral
Jones, Oconto; Dr. R. A. Lyman, Lin
coln; H. C. Newton, Omaha.
The stale convention will he held
in Lincoln next year.
Board Hears Charges
Against Captain Jess
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln,! Neb., Tune 21. (Special
Telegram.) Trie National Guard Ef
ficiency Board held a session today
taking testimony in the charges
against Captain Henry A. Jess of the
Fremont signal corps.
The charges are said, to cover a
question of loyalty, mismanagement
of government propety and several
minor charges. It is rumored that
the charges are the result of a fac
tional disturbance in the company.
Captain Jess has always borne the
reputation of being one of the most
efficient officers in the guard.
Husbands Can Bring Wives
x Along to Canning School
More than one hundred men were
present at the drying" school which
opened last evening at the city council
under the instruction of Prof. Pugs
ley, dean of the University of Ne
braska extension department.
Miss Maude Wilson, who is con
ducting thirty-three canning schools
throughout the state, was, present
to tell of the accomplishments of the
extension, canning schools and to an
swer questions on the canning of
Forty-Two Austrians Taken
" From Leadville Under Guard
Leadville, Colo., June 21. Forty
two Austrian prisoners at the county
jail, held, on charges of evading the
selective'draft law, were removed to
a special train today by a special
guard of National Guard troops
brought from Denver by United
Statea Marshal Burris, after threats
had been -made by their countrymen
here to free them. -
The men were taken to Salida
where they were arraigned and held
for the federal grand jury at Pueblo.
Hugglns and Betzel Ordered
From St. Louis Field and
Mob ' Starts After ,
St. Louis, June 21. St. Louis could
do nothing with Toney today and Cin
cinnati won 7 to 1. St. Louis score
was the result of a home run in the
second by Cruise. After this only
three players got beyond first,
Manager Huggfins. was put off the
field by Umpire Byron for protesting
a decision on Dans ana strikes m the
seventh and a momen later Bctzcl
was ordered to leave the field. A
crowd of about'300 waited outside the
park for Byron after the game, and it
was necessary for the police to use
force to disperse them. No one was
AB.BH.POA.E. AB.BH.PO.A.B. 4 3 13 OBe'h' 4 0 3 0 0
Kopf,aa 4 3 3 1 OBalrd.Sb 3 0 0 3 0
Rouach.ef 3 2 3 0 0Miller,2b mil 110 1 OHor'hy.aa 4 116 0
Orlf th.rf 4 3 14 OCrulae.lf 4 110 0
Nfale.lf 8 1 4 0 0T.onf.rf 4 10 0 0
Thorpe.lf 1 0 ft 0 OPa' 4 0 14 0 1
rueto.2b 4 0 8 3 lRnyder.c 4 2 3 2 0
WlngO.O 3 0 4 1 OWnt'rtn.n 9 O A 1 A
Tonay.p 4 0 0 3 OPaekard.p 1 1 ,0 0 0
Mur'B'n,T 0 0 l0 0 0
J.Smtth.o 10 0-00
Totala 32 10 27 11 1 Totala 34 7 27 II 1
Batted for Murehlson In ninth.
ftt. Trftnla I 1 0 0 0 0 I 01
Cincinnati I 0 0 I 0 ! 07
Two baae hlta: Oroh. name nana: KaaU
Crutae. Stolen baaea: Hornaby. 2. Baaea on
balla: Off Taney, 2: Packard. 1: Murchlaon.
Hlta off Tone, t In I: Wataon. S In S i.i
Struck out: By TVley, I; Packard, .1: Murchl
aon, 2. Paaaed ball Wlntro. Umprlea:
Byron and Qulgley.
IHarquard Beats Alexander. .
Philadelphia. June 21. Brooklyn bunched
hlta off Alexander In the aecond and third
Innlnga and woh, 4 to 2. Ilarquard wab
effective In tha aecond and third Innlnga.
and then a fine runntnar atoo by CutaHnw
and a running catch by Hickman held the
rally down. Score:
1 4
D' 1110
H'km' 2 16
0Stock.3b I
ftCvath.rf 4
lWhitted.lf 4 I
0N'hoff.2b 4
OM'afgn.aa 4
OKIIUfer.o 4
OA'a'd'r.p 3
Byrne 1
Cooper 0
0 0
1 II)
1 I
1 8
Htengel.rf 4 11 4 3 3
C'ahanr.ab 4 10
M'wrey.3b 4 10
Mlller.c 4 0 3
M q rd.p 4 10
0 0 0 0
Totals. .33 10 27 10 l ToU1a..S4 6 3711 1
Batted for Ludems In ninth.
Ran for Byrne ip ninth.
Brooklyn 0 1 S fl 1 9 0 0 04
Philadelphia 0 9 3 OJ) 0 0 02
Two-bane hlta: Wheat. Nlehrff. Doubln
piay: Olson to Dauber t. Bas?B on bslta:
Marquard. 1: Alexander. 1. Struck mit-
By Marquard. 8; by Alexander, f Umpires:
Rlffler and Orth.
Braves Shut Out. 1
Boston. June 21. Boston mH hut thrum
hits off Tasrean today and waa shut out by
New York. 4 to 0. Only two Boston! olay-
rra resrhed second. The home tim hit
hard, but this was offset by sttosat. final
(.ioiuihii. oi-rirw; ,
Burns, If 401
2 I 1
Hereof. 2 b 4 2 0
Kauff.rf 4 13
OWilholt.rf 3
OMagee.lf 4
ftKntrhy.tb S
0Smtth.3b 3
AGowdy.o 3
OM'nv' 3
ORsran.p 3
0 3
1 1
0 4
7'm' 4 0 0
Fl'trh' 3 3 3
R'bt's'n.rf 4 3 1 3 0 11
Rarld'n.o I t I
Tesreau,p 3 0 0
0 0
.33 10 37 13 0'Tyler
10 0
Totals.. 30 3 27 37 0
Batted for lUgan in eighth. .
New York 10000301 04
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits : Hcrins. krlrln V,.f
Three-base hit: Heso. Stolen basew-Burns,
w ii noil. Basejr on bat s: Off Tor.n 1-
off Ravan, 2: off Allen. 1. Hlta: Off Rairan.
0 In eljrht Inn In as. Strur-k not: Rv n
I: by Rap An, 3; by Alien, I. Umpires: Klem
and Bransfltld.
riratea I,oos As Csoal.
Pittsburgh June 31. Chlcsao won from
Pittsburgh 13 to 4. Miller and Orlmes
were Ineffective, Miller belnr hit for fiva
runs In the" first two Innings. Orlmes held
Tne opposing side until the seventh, when
four runs were tallied on two singles fhd
three triples. Score:
3 0
3 ft 0
Mann. If 4
Doyle.ftb 3
3 10 OPltler.Sb
3 16 OBfgbee.rf
0 0 1 0Wagnr,3b
11(0 0 Brief, lb
0 ft 0 OHnch'n.lf
3 1 ,1
1 0 3 OWsgner.o
SOS 1 Miller p
0 0 0 0 Qrlmes, p
0 0 3 0
Drlscol,2b 1 3 4
Deal.Sh S
Wort' 5
Elliott o 4
Hendrlx.p 0
Beaton, p 3
Totals S 10 37 14 1 Totals 33117 14 ft
Chicago S I 0 0 1 0 4 1 013
Pittsburgh ..3 00 0 1 0 00 0 .4
Two. haai hlta PltUr n.rtrr,m Thfu.k.aa
hits: Doyle, Merkle, Deal Elliott. Stolen
Any member of the A. O. U. W. Lodges who has
not yet reinsured in A. O. U. W. of Iowa and de
sires information, can secure same each day at
the n
A. O. U. W. Temple,
Hours 2 to 8 P. M., 6 to 8 P. M.
A. O. U. W. Temple, South Side, 25th and M. '
Hour 1 t 8 P. M., 6 to 10 P. M. South 66.
Captain of Mercer Team Turns
Several Fast Laps on Speed
way Preparatory to July
4 Races.
Joe Thomas, captain of the Mercer
racing team.took his first fling at
the Omaha '.speedway Thursday
afternoon in his big yellow Mercer
machine. After Thomas turned sev
eral laps Walter Haines, his team
mate, took his hand at the wheel
10 rry out tne local oval.
Thomas turned Some fast laps, in
ciuciing several around ninety-cigh
ana ninety-nine miles an hour an
one a little bit better than 100 mile
an hour. Haines didn't try any apeed
contenting himself with feeling out
the high-pitched turns and the sharp
angles. y
The track is still a bit rough, as
the work of repairing the holes made
when the planks were torn loose by
the speeding cats last year is not
Thomas and his machanician, Henri
iNortfi, were pleased vftth the track,
Its a sporty track, Thomas de
clared. Youve got to drive it all th
time. It's different from any other
track in tne country and adds a touch
of excitement to the driving.
"It reminds m. of the old dav,
said North, "when Joe and I used to
drive the mile tracks. It must be
spectacular to see a race on this
Joe Dawson, an Omaha driver, miy
pilot the third Mercer in the Omaha
race July 4. Thomas and Haines
are the only drivers now with the
Mercer team, which consists of three
cars. Manager Martin may give his
third mount to Dawson.
Dawson drives for Dr. E. E. Tarry.
He has been driving automobiles for
many- years. Several years- ago he
drove on dirt tracks in the south
and this spring had a Mercer of his
own wnicn ne puotea arouna tne
speedway until a week ago, when his
crank case blew up and his engine was
destroyed by the nre .which followed.
He drives the local oval like a top
and has been recommended to the
Mercer manager as a good man to
tool the third of the yellow cars
Seventeen Held for
Distributing Pamphlets
. Philadelphia, June 21. Seventeen
young men and women arrested Jiere
last night for distributing literature
which the police declared to be con
trary to the 'government's welfare
were held without bail today on
charges of suspicion of treason and
inciting to riot. Thirteen of those
arrested were men, most, of whom
the police said were without selective
draft registration cards.
South Dakota Men Admit "
Failure to Register
Sioux Falls, S. D., June 21. Wil
liam Burns of Marion Junction, S. D.,
and Kim l'etroff of Huron, a. L
pleaded guiltv to failing to register
under the military law and were sen
tenced today tjy Federal Judge James
1. fclliott to nine and three months,
respectively, in jail and to pay fines of
$1W each, five other alleged slack
era await trial here under bond.
Attempts to End Life.
Beatrice, Neb., -June 21. (Special
telegram.) I. n. McKeever,
wealthy retired farmer and civil war
veteran, attempted suicide at his home
at Wyninre by cutting his throat
twice with a razor. He was found in
the barn by. his daughter. His condi
tion is critical. Ill health is given as
the cause. He is 76 years old.
base: Williams. Bases on balls: Off ITen
drlx. 1; off Miller. 4, Hits: Oft Hendrlx.
4 In two-thirds Inning: Off Miller, 2 In one
snd one-thind Innings. Struck tout: By
Grimes, 2. Umpires: O'Day and Harrison.
Suits Pressed. 55c
FREE Aak our drivers for a ruler
r FyEE
110 No. 14th St.
Douglas 46S7
Helen Chimes Wins Classic
Pace at Closing Day's Har
nesfr Races; Big Crowd
Attends Meeting.
Nebraska Ciy, Neb.. June 12. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The last day of the
harness horse races was bamfer day.
A Uqje crowd attended and automo
biles lined the main sVeets of the
city, fwenty-five fast horses started
in the different evchts. Most of the
horses starting here were taken to
Beatrice tonight, where the next meet
ing on the state circuit will be held.
Pacliia-, 3:lt class, purse S4nn:
Helen Chimes, b g. by tli Magnet,
Schinstork Bro., West Point, N?b...t I
Major Hardy, b r. by O Bo, Karl Beez
ley, Syracuse. Neb 2 S
Cecil Bny, b g, by Cecil Lee, E. C. War-
en, Shelton, Neb 4
Time: 2:llVi and 2:10U.
Trotllna-. 2:16 rlnaw. nurna I4n:
Otto P. b a, by Otto Wilkes. B. J. Du-
pree, Denver, Colo 1
Mlsa Denver, 'b in, by McMont, V. A.
Lord, Prnver, Colo J
Dorotliy Sweeney, b ni. by Lewis Wilkes,
Ray ReevPB. Went Point, Neb. S 3
Time: 2:1, and 2:17 H.
Paclna. 2:22 elasa. Durse J400:
Samuel, ch g, by .Samuel Harris, Sam
uel Harrla, Plymouth, III 1 1
Roykl Todd, b a. by Blue Grans Trlnce,
B. Ji. Manuel, Des Moines, Ta 3 I
Dee, b m, by On Stanley, L. Pot
ter, Omaha i 4 3
Time: 1:17',. and 2:174.
Crane to Minneapolis. "X,
Minneapolis. Minn,. June 21. Sam Cran.
shortfilop with the Waahtnirton Americans,
has oeen signed by the local American as
sociation flub, tl was announced tonight.
Made A All-Wool Crashes
and All-Wool Kool KWthi, In
new novelty weaves.
Stunning new patterns In
all tbe latest models
Wonderful values In Sum
mer Coats and Trousers; In
sties 32 to 46; elegantly tai
lored and guaranteed perfect
fitting. I Talace
Clothing Co.
Comer 14th and Douglas Sts.