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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY. JUNE 22, 1917.
Fresh Divisions of Germans
Makes Violent Assanlt on
French Line Near the
Laffaux Mill.
(AaaactatoS Fraae War Summary.)
.iome hcary fighting is in progress
uii the Aisnc front in northern
France, where the French are en.
tacnchtd in favorable positions tfter
their notable advances in the spring
The Germans apparently have
heavily reinforced their troops in this
sector by men brought from the Rus
sian front and one such division was
sent into the fighting directly after
its arrival, making an attack yester.
day between the Ailette river and the
Laffaux mill
The assault! while along a front
of apparently less than s mile, was
of extremely violent character. The
French stopped the German rush, suf
fering only a slight penetration of
their first line at two points aggre
gating between 600 and 700 yards,
Fans reports.
French Counter Attack.
Even this slight gain was partly
negatived this morning when a
French counter attack resulted in the
recapture of a portion of the lost
ground. The crown prince I troops
lost heavily in the righting and the
French captured fifty prisoners.
Berlin's report on the attack of
vestcrday claims the capture of more
than 1,500 yards of trenches.
The French official statement also
announces progress made by General
Petain's forces northeast of Mont
Carnillet, in Champagne. During this
fighting five aviation machine guns
were taken irom the bermans. '
French Official Report
Paris, June 21. The French this
morning recaptured part oi tne posi
tions trained bv the Germans in jester.
day's attack on the Aisne front east
of Vanxaillon. the 'war' office an
nounces. The battle was waged with
extreme violence, the German! em
ploying fresh troops from the Rus
sian front Heavy losses were surtereo
by the Germans. In the Champagne
last night the French gained ground
northeast of Mont Carnillett
. German Official Report
Berlin, June 21. (Via London.)
German troops yesterday etormed the
French positions northeast of Sois-
sons, on tne Aisne Iront, atong a
width of 1,500 yards, the German army
headquarters announced today.
(fraibmef nat fit Ona.t
legal talent to make protests before
the board. . -1, . . t
The board Is holding nlaht sessions
in addition to sitting in the morning
ana afternoon.
The following list shows' some of
the reductions made by tne board in
last twenty-four hours:
Ooodrloa Bibber eomaaar, trass 110,000 ta
Farnaa tVuaefc raitauraat, from ll.M ta
Harler batal, from S1M0S tt SI.SIS.
aanfore bout, from 110,009 to 111, 006.
Marks Broa.' Saddlarr company, from
Si to
Hiaa Ball Hatok, nUUtaary, tram 14.100
so 11.000.
Arthur Onto. 401 irath rortr-nnt strait,
aanonal, from $M6o to 11,410.
Cut to One-Fourth.
B. A. Ritslno, 401 tooth TMrtr-alntk
etraat, aarnnal. from ta 11.500.
Omaha Papa Staok eompaar, IIO.OOS to
w. u Hurfmaa Ante company, tram III,
eoo to
W. T. annua, 141 aVntk twantr-fonrtk
etraat, panonal, from It. 400 to It. 140.
Haaklna Broa. A Co., soap niaDufaotursrs,
front 140,000 to IDF.O00.
standard Motor Car oompany, from 110,-
S00 to 47,100.
Charlas B. Ranalds, 131 Park evsnua,
panonaU from 1000 ts 1110.
Arnatatn oompenft slotatne, from $10,000
to 411,171.
ahtrwin-wnilams eompanr, palats, from to 111,000.
One-Tenth Loft.
M T. Martin, 1114 Wanatar street, ar-
aonal, from IMOI to 1500.
Onoral Maroaatlla company, from $59,000,
to tio.oeo.
U. r. Raitaurant, 1111 Dodga straat, from
11,600 ts lioo. I -Da
Lival Sapamtor oompany, from 10,000
to 11,000,
Mrs, 3. Bartar, Sill straat, par
aonal, from IS0O ts S100.
C rlalton, nil Cumlnf straat, parsoaal.
from lioo ts 1340.
Amflrlean Sugar oompany, from
117,11 to 410,410,
Baas Piloting oompany, from $09,000 to
Standard Tarnaee A Sopply oompany,
from 410.000 ta $10,000.
Kins Oola company, prorlalone, from
$40,00t ( $11,41$.
Bee Want-Ads Produce Results.
The Weather
For Nebreaka Partly cloudy; vneatttad.
.Tsmparatnrss al Omaha, Yesterday.
Hour. Dev.
$ a. m 04
S a. m 01
f a. m IS
S a. m si
S a. m. $5
10 a. m so
11 a. m TO
It m. fl
1 P. m II
S p. m T4
S p. m. T5
4 a n H
p. tn 14
p. m TS
CompafOltv local Beeare.
HIT. 10t. 101$. 1114.
Hlshut yaatarday 70 . 0T TO II
Lowvat yeatarday.... It . 14- -03 .71
Moan taniparaturo II 00 . Tl II
Precipitation "... .01 .Of ,00 1
Tamapartnro and praclpltattoB gaperteraa
rrom Iba normal!
Normal tamporatnra ....... Tl
Dcftclancr tor ttao day s
Total dafleloncy alneo March I.. Ill
Normal precipitation .11 Inch
Deficiency lor tha day.. . ,. . .11 Inoh
Total rainfall alnca lurch 1. ...11.40 Inches
Enceaa alnca March 1 l.Mtnobea
Deficiency tor cor. period. 1010.. $.11 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1111.. 1.00 Inches
Beporta from Maltose al TP. M.
Station and State ' .- Temp. Bleb- Baln
ol Weather. T p. ra. aat. fall.
Cheyenne, oloudf J..,,, Tl ' Tl - ,0$
Davenport, part. etoeay Tl SI ...00
Denver, Clouoy 10 II
Dee Moines, eloedy.... TS TO -
Dodse City, L sloody. IS - to
Oklahoma City, clear., tl to
North rietto, clear .... 10 Tl
Omaha, clear T , II
Pueblo, cloudy Tl to
fUpld City. pt. cloudy.. TO 70
Kanaaa City, clear..... S4 . II
Santa re, cloudy ...... T4 ' II
Kowlcar.. perl sloudy., Tl 14
"loot cits, pt, cloudy., l 70
Valentino, clear SI at
T Indicates trace of preclpltattoa.
Unpatriotic Teacher
Permitted to Resign
San Francisco, Cal, June 21.
Followmz her admission that she
hat made disloyal remarks about
the United States government and
the American flag, Misa Dora T.
Israel, teacher in the Ban Fran
cisco public schools for nearly sev
enteen years, waa permitted to
resign last night, it was announced.
When called before the Board of
Education to answer charges of
disloyalty preferred against her,
Misa Israel declared she could not
teach children to honor the flag,
which she said meant nothing to
She presented her resignation
after making thia statement.
American Delegate to Stock'
holm Conference Says the
Party is Thoroughly
Stockholm, June 21. Dr. Max
Goldfarb, one of the American so
cialists having arrived here, declares
in s report submitted to the Dutch
Scandinavian committee that:
'Although the United States is al
ready in the war, I can say that the
position of the American socialist
party as a whole is strictly neutral
and thoroughly "International."
The report calls, for the creation
of a permanent socialist committee
to work for a permanent peace. A
second recommendation dealt with
the composition of the congress
which will be called upon to settle
the issues of the present strut-trie
and demands a "congress Of repre
sentatives of the nations snd not of
the governments.
Dr. fjoldlaro continues!
"The governments have forced
upon the masses this terrible war.
Let the masses force upon the gov
ernments such sn international ar
rangement as would make a repeti
tion of this carnage impossible,"
Says He Speaks (or Leaders,
Dr. Goldfarb told the committee
that he spoke in the names of Morris
Millquit. Victor iJerirer and ot tne
whole American socialist party, which
he said "is heart and soul with you
and wilt gladly abide by your deci
sions, tending to save the world from
the Horrors ot war.
His report declared further that
there is no war feeling among the
mass of workers of America. r
Three delegates from the Italian
minority socialist body, Labriola
Raimondo, Lerda and Cappa, the re
publican deputy, have arrived.
Not Official Delegate.
Although Dr. Goldfarb, who is con
nected with the Forward of New
York, described himself on his ar
rival at Stockholm as representa
tive of the American socialist party,
socialist leaders in this country state
he has not been authorized to act on
behalf of the party. Abraham- Ca-
nan. editor ot the forward, said yes
terday Dr. Goldfarb was not ,an
American, but a Russian citizen.
(Centtaoed Prom rase One.)
and Elihu Root, "of deceiving Rus
sia" in saying tht United States is
a democracy and pleading with the
Russian mission to demand the en
franchisement of women in the United
Men Tear Banner From Frame.
The banner was In front of the
White House gates only for a few
minutes and the crowd that collected
was not large. A man passing in an
automobile about the time the sen
tinels brought it from their head
quarters stopped his car, walked over,
tore part of it off and resumed his
journey, refusing to give hit name.
A few minutet later after the crowd
had grown a little and after a few
thoutt of "traitors," a man who gave
his name as George B. Montgomery
of Richmond, Vs., walked over and
tore the remainer of the banner from
its frame.
After the last shred of canvas and
been removed the police dispersed the
crowd, miss Lucy Burns ot Mew
York and Mist Catherine Morey of
Boston held the banner. No attempt
was made to touch them, either by
tne ponce or tne crowd.
inscription on Banner,
The banner was inscribed:
"President Wilson and Envoy Root
are deceiving Russia. They say 'We
are a democracy. Help us win a
world war so that democracy may
"We, the women of America, tell
you that America is not a democracy.
Twenty million women are denied the
right to vote. President Wilson is
the chief opponent of their national
enfranchisement Help us make this
nation really free. Tell our govern
ment that it must liberate its people
before it can claim free Russia as an
ally. . ;i
Three Red Cross Gifts
Over Half Million Dollars
New York, June 21. Three indus
trial corporation contributions to the
Red . Cross fund today aggregated
nearly three-quarters of a million dol
lars. The American Locomotive com
pany declared a dividend of $250,000
and the National Lead company one
of about $200,000, while tie Cities
Service company created a special Red
Crosa fund of $250,000.
, "PeopliTV ;
change from
coffee to j
trn I
k better their A
Omaha Pours Gold
Into Folds of Old
Glory for Red Cross
tOsBUansd From rocs Oae.,
ate Alumnae; Mrs. A. L, Fernald,
president of the Omaha Woman'a
club: Mrs. E. B. Manchester, supreme
guardian of the Woodmen Circle;
Mrs. J. E. Simpson, worthy matron
of the Eastern Star, and Scoutmaster
Every woman's oritanization in the
city ia urged to be present to assist
in the work.
Posters for Windows.
"Don't be ashamed to look your
own home in the face and yon will
if it hasn't a Red Cross poster in
the window by Saturday night," is
the slogan adopted by the Omaha Ad
club, which is assisting tne Ked
Cross war fund to roll up Omaha's
auota to $210,000.
"From everv indication there will
be few homes in the city whiclt- will
not have this badee ot oatnotism tn
their window by the end of the
week," said a member of the com
One patriotic mother telephoned the
headquarters that she had given two
sons to the fhg, one to the army and
one to the navy, and she was ready
to hand two days' pay instead of one
t. the couls when they came one
for each of her lads.
The Scout headauarters arrarsred
to take tel phne calls from anyone
who desires a Scout to call, or who
has been overlooked.
South Side Subscriptions.
Union Stock Tarda ...$ $.000
rbmnloyes 010
Rtoclf Tarda National Bank., ........ 3,100
Kmiiloves 1,210
Llvo Stork National Bank l.ioo
Kmptoyes ,, 02G
Packera' National Bank ,. 1,000
Trariee' Live Stock Exchange........ 2,000
Tradera' Live Stock Exchange mem-
bare 1.100
rVirimteelon man 1,100
Miscellaneous ,,..,. 136
Total .'. $20,110
The auota of the South Side was
Johnston Will Manage
Evans Hotel at Columbus
R. W. Johnston, past president of
the Northwestern Hotel Men's asso
ciation, and one of the most widely
known hotel men in the middle west,
will manage the Evans hotel at Co
lumbus, Neb., which has just passed
to the control of the Nebraska Hotel
company of Lincoln.
Mr, Johnston until recently ope
rated one of the Lincoln hotels. His
experience embraces operation of
leading hotels at Fort Dodge, la.,
and Waterloo, la., and other hotels in
the middle west. In bis new capacity
he will not only manage the Evans,
but will serve as a director ot the Ne
braska Hotel company.
The Evans it to be one of a chain
of hotels to be owned and operated
by the Nebraska Hotel company,
which are building now at several
places. The Evans is a handsome
structure, only three years old. with
modern hotel equipment , .
Lowery Boun dOver; Charge
Receiving Stolen Property
Ray Lowery, brother of Mrs. Elsie
Phelps, star witness for the prosecu
tion in the. Maloney investigation,
was found guilty of receiving stolen
property snd bound over to the dis
trict court in oolice court vesterdav
afternoon. The appearance bond for
tne district court, fixed at SaUU was
signed by Fete Loch.
A special aession of police court
was held by Judge Madden. Interest
was added to the case bv the fact
that at the recent police investigation
tne statement was side athat nonce
officers refused Lowery bonds in an
endeavor to prevent him testifying
against Steve Maloney.
A brother of Paul Sutton. Omaha
detective who startled Omahs by his
charges directed against Maloney,
was an interested visitor and fre
quently made suggestions to the at
torney for the defense.
Nebraskans to Fort Riley
For Medical Training
(From Buff Correspondent.)
Lincoln. June 21. (Special.)
The following list of men are de
tailed to rort Kilcy, Kan., to the medi
cal deoartment train intr camo for
three months' intensive training:
Flrat Lieutenant Cart C. Heed. Earl B.
Braklne, Roy P, Bryion, DtMbert 1 Hib
berd. Rotlyn R. Raitich, Fred Suchland.
BtirKeante. Merlin D. Upton, William R.
Rddr, Ltimir j, Drainey, ore k. i. mh
thenr. Prlvateei Brloe R. Wtleon. Rar W.
Hatch. Georae T. Kauffman. Claude 8. Lan-
baro. Fatal J. Fallen, Clarence v. uotcnau,
Prank 11. Copley.
Summer Tourist Fares
AJ1 trains vis
Latest types of modern electric
lighted steel trains. Famous
dining car service. Drawing
room, compartment and loung
ing observation sleeping cars.
$1170 Chicago to
Olz? New York
Enjoy the Great Circle Tour-wtia
abctoa of routaa, tnoludlps rail and walar.
40 Chicago to
"ST iNew i one
CwnalwudlntlT low far rovnd tripe St
Aoatao and Jartay Coaat Kaaorta. ,
AH trains leave Qrand Central Station,
Ftfth Ave. and Harritoa 8t, 63d 8U
Station, twenty-five ohiutes later.
Tickets maybe purchased at the City
Ticlcat Oflica, 236 South Clark St, at
Grand Central Station and at all prin
cipal botalt) also at 63d St, Station and
South Chicago.
G. C KLJtTCTC Tralleg tanangar AtanO
SUWotnnwa of Uia World BKK.OaM0M.Mak.
FbSMDoualaatw .
Baltimore & Ohio
"Our Panff
All Students Who Win Commis
sions Will Be Assigned to
Active Duty at
Minneapolis, Minn., June 20. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Advices from the
War department indicate there will
be immediate duty for every atudent
at Snelling who receives a commis-
Originally it was understood stu
dents receiving commissions, but who
were not assigned to duty with the
draft army, would be held in reserve,
but the sending of so many officers
of the regular army to France has
created many vacancies.
Students who receive commissions
here will 1, assigned to duty not only
with the draft army, but with the spe
cial bianchet such at quartermaster!'
corps, and so on. The efficiency board
today recommended the dismissal
from the camp of thirty additional stu
dents and the board will consider the
eases of fifteen tomorrow. Ten stu
dents will leave Sunday to take a
course of training in aviation at the
school to be conducted by Ohio State
university, Columbus, O.
Artillery Training Begun.
At the training camp at Fort Snell
ing the artillerymen started work
ing with the guns loaned by the First
Minnesota artillery, while the infan
try companies divided their time, in
part, between the rifle range and fur
ther drill and conference in infantry
problems. The cavalry troop con
tinued work in outpost duty,
Enlistine boomed a trifle and re
cruiting officers gave credit to the
military aspect of the Red Cross
Details surrounding applications for
the tecond training camp for officers
at Fort Riley, Kan., in August are an
nounced. Men of more mature age
are wanted for this camp.
The promotion of Lieutenant
Colonel Arthur Johnson of the Thirt
sixth infantry to a colonelcy was an
nounced at the fort He is expected
to be assigned to the Fortieth or the
Forty-first infantry.
Following the group of dismissals,
when twenty men were excused from
camp, another group, smaller in num
ber, was given the freedom of the
landscape. Efficiency boards are pass
ing upon the merits and demerits of
the men and additional dismissals are
forecast in the next day or two. This
will, it is believed, end the dismis
sals, save for rule breakages.
The camp took on a more warlike
appearance when the artillerymen
started the morning's work with the
eight guns loaned them for training
fiurposes by the rirst Minnesota artil
ery. The guns were stationed on the
parade in front of the hospi' .l and the
future gunners were given first in
struction in handling them.
Cleaning was the first part of the
scnool ot heavy gunnery to wnicn tne
cadets were Introduced. Although the
guns have been put in condition only
recently by an expert from Rock Is
land arsenal, the inatructort gave the
students a thorough course on gun
cleaning. It was clean, poke and
swine until the guns were dustless.
Mules, for motive power were not
trotted out of the post corral as most
of the time was scheduled in the pre
liminaries and kindergarten forms of
artillery usage, but tomorrow the
mules are to be forthcoming. Already
the pleasurable prospect ot watching
the artillerymen wrestle with the
mules has spread through the cav
airy and infantry units and the ar
tillerymen in the making are dubbed
mule whackers along barracks row.
Steamer Trunks are
Very Practical for
Short Vacation Trips
We have them in all
$5.50, $6, $7,
$10 u $20
1803 Farnam St
Arc Oar CbwiV
Al Sere H
tl " H
ffl W i
NEED 300,000 MORE
Secretary of War Urges Re
cruits to Come Forward for
Cavalry, Engineers, Artil
lery and Signal Corps.
(From s Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, June 21, (Special.) The
secretary of war has asked the State
Council of Defense to give as much
publicity as possible to the following:
"The cavalry, engineers, coast ar
tillery, signal corps and quartermaster
corps of the regular army have al
ready been brought to war strength.
"Forty-five thousand recruits are
need at once to complete the new
regiments of infantry and field artil
"Twenty-five thousand additional
recruits are desired at the earlist prac
ticable date to fill vacancies in order
that the war strength of 300,000 men
may be maintained.
"Facilities are in readiness for
placing these 70,000 men under proper
Any delay in obtaining this num
ber will necessarily cause the loss of
invaluable time.
It is the earnest desire of the War
department that 70,000 single men be
tween the ages of 18 and 40 years,
who have no dependents and who
are not engaged in professions, busi
nesses, or trades vitally necessary to
the prosecution of the war, be en
listed in the regular army before June
30, 1917."
, VApasfiion (FpnferbrWmpn
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Fancy Turkish Wash Cloths
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Linen Section.
Summer Furnishings
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l am nvuaa rw m mua it,
Amuaameat. .
Today Saturday I
In the Famous Story by
"Her Fractured Voice.'
Paramount Comedy
Bray Pictograph.
Saturday, 10 A. M. I
"He Couldn't Get Up in i
the Morning."
Comedies. I
BRAND El Stat 8G3Hot
Mme. Fannie Reinhart
tmi bar campaar of Yiddish Playara
PRICES: 35c, BOc. Tc and SI. 00
Emartataatarit thai "Entartarna"
Albert Ludicek Kills Three
Members of Family and
Takes Own Life Near
Toledo, Ia.
Toledo, Ia., June 21. The entire
Ludicek family, consisting of Mrs.
Joseph Ludicek, her two tons, James
and Albert, and daughter, Helen, were
found dead shortly before noon today,
at the Ludicek farm, eight miles
northeast of Toledo, by Joe Buresh,
a son-in-law of Mrs. Ludicek.
A rifle shot had been fired through
the head of each. The weapon, a
.22 calibre target rifle, was found be
side the body of Albert, the eldest
of the dead sons, 21 years of age,
who the coronor believes responsible
for the tragedy, while temporarily
The coroner, after learning the cir
cumstances, decided that no inquest
will be necessary.
Albert Ludicek's body was found
lying on the kitchen floor, while his
brother and sister were found in their
beds upstairs and the mother in her
bedroom adjoining the kitchen.
Defense Council Takes
Work of Patriotic League
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, June 21. (Special.) That
the patriotic league of Nebraska has
accomplished much along the lines
for which it was organized, but that
the work could from now on be bet
ter done through the State Council
of Defense, is the opinion of Judge
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cool during the hot weather.
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White Sateen
Petticoats, $1.19
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in the basement.
'The Clodhopper.'
Today and Saturday
'. IN
. A Greater Lesson
D. W. GRIFFITH, Praducar
Brandaia Theater SATURDAY
Br Pil Armitrong
Product kr D. W. Griffith
BRANDEIS onoen.?yay SAT.,
Conthraae tl te It P. M. All Saate 10c
W. D. McHugh, president of the
league, in a letter to Chairman Joyce
of the State Council of Defense, who
asks that the council take on the
answer to Judge McHugh, Chair
man Joyce said in part: "The State
Council of Defense has assumed and
will carry on this educational cam
paign, and we are heartened by the
assurance that in the meetings we
shall call we shall have the hearty
support of the membership of the pa
triotic league, which has a large mem
bersip throughout the state."
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice. Neb.. June 21. (Special.)
Mrs. J. G. Wiebe, for the last forty
years a resident ot Beatrice, died last
evening at 6 o'clock after an illness
of six months of liver trouble, aged
71 years. Che is survived by four
children, her husband having passed
away six years ago. He established
and operated the first lumber yard in
J. W. Myers and Miss Ethel Fish
bach, two well known voung people
of this city, were married last evening
at 8 o'clock at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fish
bach, Rev. C. F. Stevens officiating.
After the ceremony a wedding lunch
eon was served. The groom is em
ployed in the oflices of the Beatrice
Cold Storage company, of which his
father-in-law is president.
James Krihava, a Bohemian farmer,
died yesterday afternoon at the home
of his daughter, Mrs. John Sudick.
Car Stolen at Fullerton.
Fullerton, Neb., June 21. (Special.)
A new 1917 model Ford, belonging
to D. D. Miller, was stolen from his
barn Tuesday night.
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