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State Auditor Claims He May
Strike Out Bills Meeting His
Disapproval; Courts May
Decide Issue.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, June 20. (Special.) Has
the state auditor authority to refuse
to draw warrants for claims allowed
liy the State Board of Control from
tate instiutions under the board?
This is a question which will prob
ably have to be settled by the courts,
the state board of control taking ex
ceptions to action of Deputy Auditor
Fred Ayers in cutting out an item for
flowers for Mother's Day for the in
mates of the Geneva ' Industrial
School for girls, amounting to $7.(J5.
The bill was for $54.50 and covered
meats and the like tor the mstiution
with the flowers bill added.
State Auditor Smith holds that
cording to the constiutiou he has the
right ot strike out any item or refuse
to draw warrants for any bills com
ing before him.
Judge Holcomb of the Board of
Control holds that after the board
has examined a bill coming from a
state instiution under control of the
board and orders the same paid, that
the auditor has no authority to cut
out any item or refuse to draw a
warrant for the same. He says that
t lie matter will be taken to the courts
for settlement of the point.
(Continued "From faff One.)
large number of vacancies in the grade
of second lieutenant in the line of the
army. Under a recent ruline of th
War department young men who now
enlist in the army are eligible to take
the examination for commission at
any time after their enlistment. The
War department is offering splendid
inducements to college men and col
lege graduates to enlist. Graduates of
recognized colleges and universities
are exempt from the maior portion of
the subjects laid down for the exami
nation for commission.
"Due to the addition of fifty-one
regiments recently added to the regu
lar army ano to tne tact that a large
number of noncommissioned officers
will be given temporary commissions
lor tne war, a large number of non
commissioned officers will be needed.
Men who enlist now, who are studious
TTnd ambitious, have an excellent op-
tmrumiiy lor rapid advancement.
"An enlisted man, after one year in
llir army has the opportunity of en
uring West Point. Young men of
military age who are ambitious and de--it'e
promotion, should start in their
military work at once. Men who waif
will be handicapped in the matter of
Hold Jobs Open.
"A mail's pay starts at'-$30 per
month and increases as he gains pro
motion. In addition to his pay, his
clothes, quarters, board and medical
attention are furnished. After a man
has been designated for service under
ihe selective draft he cannot then en
list in the regular army.
"I have sent letters to 300 represen
tative business men in Omaha and I
hope that each one will devote at
least a part of the afternoon of Sat
urday, to stimulate recruiting. A great
many young men now feel that if they
give up their position to enlist in the
army that they will be left out in the
cold after the war is over.
"If employers would assure their
men that those who enlist in the
army will be given preference in the
matter of employment after their re
turn from service, it will cause a great
many men who to respond at once to
the call to the colors."
Obituary Notes
MBS. H. I. M'DONWLD, formerly
.Miss .lenuve Miller of this city, died
nt her home twelve m!leB northwest
of Alnsworth Wednesday morning
after a brief illness. She was born In
I'mului in i 8 70 and went to school
here. In 1900 she was married to 1.
I. McDonald and moved to Browu
county on Luke, whore she lived
until the fall of 11)16, when ho moved
to Alnsworth. Mrs. McDonald is sur
vived by, her husband, Bix daughters,
Mrs. Allene Thomas of Seottsblufl',
A! 11a Lennu. Mabel Loise. Laura Belle,
Mary Virginia and Hally Cope; her
mother, .Mrs. Christian Miller of
Omahn; one sister, Mrs. C. C. Cope,
and three brothers. Philip, Henry and
tieorKc. Interment was in the Grand
l'rairie cemetery.
The Weather
Kor fiobraska Unsettle and probably
Tmpraturm at Omaha Yesterday.
fi Hour. Deg.
8 p. ni n
s a. m.., !!!!!"!
f MS (,1 j a. m (it
Cl 'L1 10 a, in 7 ii
CI ilwS 3 P- m 79
-Ti XJ P- "1 78
C p. in ad
?l&s s ? !
Comparative Leroln Kerord.
JUT. MHl. 1915. 18U.
-Iliglicst yesterday..., H2 66 74 95
lowest jt'Mterday t5 67 65 62
Aft an tf ni pprature ,.74 l! 7g
I't-onfpitjition T. .13 .05 .00
Tempertiture and precipitation departures
from the normal:
Normal temperature iz
Kxcuaa for tho day ,
Total Ufk-leiicy sinco March 1 !.!s3J
Normal prcctpltH tion H tni-h
Deficiency fc,r the dny 18 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 13.67 Inches
Kxceiis ulnce Mart-h 1, 1917. . . r, 1.23 inches
Deffrleney for cor. poriod 6.20 Inches
JJoflclem-y for cor. period IBIS.,, l.47lochen
Report! From Stations at 7 P. M,
station and State Trmp- irisrh- Rain-
of Weather, 7 i. m
flicyenne, clear 82 tin
Davenport, rain ?t S4
TJonvrr. part cloudy 7:' so
ties Molnep, clt'ar 74
Dodge City, cloudy sm: hij
f'hli'afn, clear l m
North IMattr. clear ;i so
Omaha, loudy ;a m,
I'uehlo. part cloudy k2
Rapid City, clear G:' J
Salt Luke City, clear..., SO so
Nmita Ft. clear ,o
Htifrliian, clou.Jy 1. 1 r,
Niuux ciij, mill v:
Valnnn. part cloudy., 1 ,.;
.f lii'iiva, t.rScc r,f ,!. , .j. i,,,..
State Convention Gets Down to
Business at Annual Ses
sion in Lincoln County
Xorth Platte, Xeb., June 20. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The thirty-sixth an
nual convention of the Nebraska State
Pharmaceutical association opened
nere yesterday morning with an en
rollment of 200 at the Franklin audi
torium, where business sessions will
be held. The opening address by
Mayor Waltenmath was followed by a
talk by the state president, John E.
O'Brien of Omaha.
A "get acquainted meeting was
held Tuesday evening.
The Wednesday session opened
with the president's annual address,
reports of officers and committees.
An . illustrated address was delivered
at the Keith theater by I'rof. Henrv
Kramer 9i Philadelphia and wives of
the delegates were given an aulomo-l
bile ride to points of interest around
the city. A seven-course banquet was
held in the Masonic hall at 8 o'clock.
John Fetter of Maxwell, second
vice president, presided as toastmas
ter, and responses were made by Dr.
R. A. Lyman of Lincoln, J. H. Stone
of North Platte, Jack Schull of
Omaha, William VVeidner of Lincoln,
A. V. Pease of Fairbury, John O'Brien
of Omaha, F. E. Ewing of Creston, D.
J. Fink of Holdrege, Harry Harper of
j.incoln. Prof. C. L. Kreitzcnger of
Tremont. T. Leary of Council
Bluffs, Harry Murphy of Omaha, Orel
Jones of Oconto, William Brookley
of Edgar.
On Thursday officers will be elect
ed, a parade and wild west perform
ance given and the convention will
close with a ball at the Masonic hall,
Wonder Tells Kearney Men
What Is Wrong With Road
Kearnev, Neb,. June 20. (Special.)
James C. Wonders, government
road expert, Omaha, yesterdav filed
with the Commercial club a report of
tne condition of the main traveled
south road, extending to the new
Platte river bridge, a road built under
government supervision. The road is
of clay and sand and it has not been
giving satisfaction. Wonder stated
that this was due to a lack ot mois
ture on the road immedittely after it
was constructed, causing the surfac
ing to blow loose. Eventually the en
tire crown was ruined. The road will
have to be pdowed up immediately
after a rain and given another chancy
to knit. The expert states that it will,
if properly settled, make the best dirt
road in the state.
Reception for McFadden
On Return From East
Fremont, Neb., June 20. (Special
Telegram.) Charles Roman and
Warner, Fremont boys, who were
brought here from Dakota City on
instructions from United States Com
missioner Whitcomb on a charge of
being slackers, haveb een released
from custody. The lads proved to the
satsifastion of the authorities that
they were too young to be eligible to
R. D. McFadden, manager of the
new Hotel fathhnder or rremont,
was given an informal reception by
seventy-live business men on his re
turn from Buffalo, where he was
chosen president of the National
Greeters' of America ten days ago.
Dodge County Goes After
Quota of Red Cross Cash
Fremont. Neb.. Tune 20. (Special
Telegram.) A campaign for Red
Lross lunds in Dodge county was
launched at a meeting Monday eve
ning, following a dinner at the Com
mercial club rooms, at which talks
were made by S. S. Sidner, T. L.
.Mathews, raul Co. son, Congressman
Dan V. Stephens and Frank Knapp,
the latter chairman of the executive
committee in charge of the "drive''
A committee of 100 Frejnont business
men is soliciting from 400 Fremonters
who are expected to contribute $10.-
000. Dodge county has been allotted
$27,000. The remainder will be raised
in other towns.
arge Class Confirmed by
Bishop Duffy at Anselmo
Anselmo, Neb., June 20. (Special.)
One hundred and twelve persons
received the sacrament of confirma
tion at the hands of the Rt. Rev.
Hishop Duffy of Grand Island here
Sunday. The bishop was assisted by
Rev. Father McLaughlin, Sargeant;
Rev. Father Cornelius, Broken Bow;
Rev. Father Traynor, Hyannis, and
the pastor in charge of Anselmo, Rev.
Father Minogue. The people of this
faith came for twenty miles to attend
the ceremonv. .
IHE old-fashioned way was
mS to cut up ar. estate. The
newer, better way is to
hold it together for he mutual
advantage of its beneficiaries.
Let us tell you how to arrange
it so that your affairs may go on
in the orderly way you have
planned; instead of being wound
up and dismembered to the dam
age of your estate.
Both Games of Double -Header
Are Decided by Boston and
New York in Ninth
New York, June 20. New York
and Boston divided a double-header
here today, the locals taking the first,
3 to 2, and the world's champions win
ning the second. 3 to 1. Both contests
were decided in the ninth inning.
Score, first game:
First (ram
4 110 Ollrad'i.rf
S 1 0 0
l t 0 0
S 1
(irirps.m . ! to 1 0
OMlller.rf. 4 1 3 1 0
CBaker.Sh .4 0 ! t 0 4 t 3 a 0
! 0 8 1 OAIea'dr.r. S 0 4 1 1
1 0 0 0 O'Ninimk'r 110 0 0
4 1 0 0 OMng'svP 3 0 2 S 0
-Baum n 1 0 0 0 0
Totals 31 ! :s It 3
Totala S4 8 K 1
hen wfnnfnir run scored.
One out
Hatted for Alexander In ninth.
Batted Mogrtdgc In eighth.
Bolton 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 ;
New fork 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 13
Two-baae hit: Gardner. Home run: Hen
rys. (21. Uase on balls: Off Mogrldjre :.
Hits: Off Mogridge. 7 In eight Innings.
Struek out: By Mogrldge 3. by Leonard 2.
Umpires: Dineen, McCormlck and Owens.
Second game:
4 0 10 0
Hnoper.rf 4 14 1 Ollenryx.rf
Barry.Bb. 3
Hen'li'n t
Janv'iOb 0
t"iatnr,lb C 1
OanTr,3b 2
Wlkr,cf 3
Shorten.lf 4
Scott.sV. 4
Thomaa.c 3
Ruth.p... 3
0 OMalac-l.b 4 117 0
0 OPlpp.tb . .4 0 14 2 1
0 OMllIer.of 4 13 0 1
1 0Hartir,.1b. 4 0 2 3 0
1 OPerk'h.cM 3 1 2 t 0
0 OWalterit.c it 1 3 2 1
0 OCullop.p ,1 1 0 3 0
1,n.'kr t 0 0 0 0
1 ORussclt.p 0 0 10 0
2 o
Totals 32 I 27 19 1
Totals 28 6 2 7 0
Miller out, lilt fcy bin own battd ball.
Batfpd for Harry In eighth.
Batted for Cullnp In seventh.
Tloston 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 C2 S
New York ... .00000010 01
Two-bae hits: Hlfrr,, Walters. Three-baao
htt: Seott. . Doubln play: FeckintwuKh, Mal
re nnd Plpp. Bane on balls: Off C'uMop 2.
Hits and earned runs: off Cutop, 4 and 1 In
seven Innings. Struck out: By Cullnp 1, by
Runsell 1. by Ruth 6. Umpire: Owens, Pl
neif sml'MrCormlck. Time of game; One
hour Und. flrty-two minutes.
Error Costly to Tigers.
Detroit, June 20. Spencer's error on a
throw tq the plate In the eighth permitted
Miller, running for Siwertd. who had doubled,
to score with the run that gave' St. Louis
a, 3,to 3 victory over Detroit. Score:
Shotton.If 3 0
2 0
Austin. 3b 4 0 0 6 2 12
Ja'bson.rf 4 12
1 1 Young.2b
0 OVearh.lf
0 OHMman.rf
0 OVltt Sb
8 OSpehcer.o
6 OMltehell.p
0 0Boland,,i
Bovereld c 2 1 0
Hale.c 0 0 0
M' 3 1 4
Pratt,2b $ 0 4
Plank, p 8 1 0
Miller 0 0 0
Totals. .81 7 27 16 I
Ban for Severia tn sixth.
:. Loot, 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 0 J
Detroit t 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 :
Two-baae hlta: Bush, Spencer SevereM.
Reputation Established,
A Future Guarantee
We dare not jeopardize our
priceless asset, Good Reputation,
for a transitory Profit. We dare
not misrepresent our goods or our
Consider this well!
Reputation is the safeguard of
inexperience. "Avoid those that
make false claims." Whether or
not a man has expert knowledge
of Diamonds, Watches and Jew
elry, he is safe if he puts his
trust in merchants of good reputa
tion. Why take a chance with small or un
known dealers when your credit is good
with Loftia Bros, ft Co., The Old Re.
liable. Original Diamond and Wntrh
Credit House. 409 South Sixteenth Street.
Establiahed 1868.
This business, "the largest of Its kind
in the world," ia a monument to the
proverb, "Honesty is the Best Policy."
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackage
proves it 25cat all druggists.
The "Come-back" man was really never
down -and -out. Ufa weakened condition be
rause of overwork, lack of exercise, im
proper eat in and living demands atimula
tion to aatisfy the cry for a health-giving
appetite and the refreshing Bleep essential
to strength. COI.D MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules, the National Remedy of Holland,
will do the work. They are wonderful 1 Three
of these capsule each day will put a man
on his feet before he knows It, whether his
trouble comes from uric acid poisoning, the
kidneys, gravel or stone In the bladder,
stomach derangement or other ailments that
befall the over-zealous American. Don't wait
until you are entirely down-and-out, but
take them today. Your druggist will gladly
refund your money If they do not help you.
Accept no substitutes. Look for the name
GOLD MEDAL on every box, three sizes.
They are the pure, original, imported
Haarlem Oil Capsules. Advertisement.
1 1622 FARNttw sraecrl
11 Ml man. liases on bn.Hi
off Plank. 1. Hits: Off
ivon Innings. Struck out
by Bo land. 1. empires
Morlarly and Evans.
tolllnV Triple X n.
Chicago. June 20. Eridle Col loins' triple
and Wambanfanaa' error gave Chieauo a 3-to-3
Vlclory over Cleveland toduy. Thv
gam wau a pitching iiul between William
and Covaleskie. Score:
4 0 4 0 OUlbold.rf 3 12 0 1
10 13 lU'eaver.Sb 4 1
3 0
0 1
2 0
1 4
0 3
2 2
0 S
0 1
0K.roi's.:b g 2
01acki.ou.lf 4 0 4 0
O.lnmlll.lh 3 0
lKlsberg.aa S 0
(W.'liulU.u 3 0
OWill'ma.p U 0
Evans, 8 b
3 1 0
O'Neill. o
0 0 0
0 0 0 Totals. .28 4 27 6 1
0 0X0
0 0 0
Touts..: 4 24 3 8
Ran for O'Neill In eight. i.
'Batted for CovelesKlo In eighth,
Cleveland 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 1 2
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 3
Two -ha on hits: Wambagansa (2). Three
base bits: Li-lbolil, E, Col liny. Double
play: Hubert to i; nnd II to Wllliama. Buaea
on balls: Off Williams, 4; off Coveleaklc, 3.
lilts: Off Coelcskie, 3 In seven Innings.
Struek out: By Williams. 4; by Covoleakle,
Umpires: Nallin and Connolly.
Senators Out of Cellar,
Washington. June 20 By defcatliiR Phil-
udulplua, ii to 3, today Washington oltuibed
out of In ft vlace niul forred the Alhlollt
to the bottom. Tho IochU hit opportunely.
1 0
8 S
0 8
1 2
3 1
1 14
1 3
8 1
1 1
0 OoHter.ab
0 tlllHti,ef
3 0 1
4 1 0
Bodle.lf 4
Bates. 3b 6
M' 4
3 OHIoe.rf
1 OMorgan.Sb 4
Sehang c 4
Oooch.rf 4
0 Olam'aon.lf 3 0 6 0
0 3 3 2 1 '
Z Ollenry.o 3 17 2'
6 OShnw.p 0 0 0 0 I
rover, l.'b S
Sehauer.p 4
Oalltu.p 3 2 0 0i
Totals, .31 10 24 16 2
Totals. .28 7 27 S I
Philadelphia 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 !
Washington 0 10 0 12 10 I
Two-base hit: Milan. Doublo plsy
Judgu (unassisted). Bases on balls: Off
Phaw, 8: off Gallia, I; off Pcbauer. 2. Hlls;
Off Gallta, 0 In seven and one-third Inning
Struck out; By Shaw, 1; by Rchauer, 3; by
UHllla, 6. Umpires: undo brand
O Loughlln.
Pershing Confers With Joffre.
Paris, June 20. Major General
PershinK, the American commander,
had a lonsr conference today with
Marshal Joffre in regard to Amen-
ran attairs. general 1 erslnng will
visit an army engineering depot to
morrow and later a large airdrome,
Additional Sport on Page Eight
Ladies' Coats
at V3 Off
Summer Dresses
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"People', Store"
Alkali In Soap
Bad For the Hair
Soap should be used very carefully,
if you want to keep your hair look
ing its best. Most soaps and prepared
shampoos contain too much alkali.
This dries the scalp, makes the hair
brittle and ruins it.
The best thing for steady use is
just ordinary mulsified cocoanut oil
(which is pure and greaseless), and
is better than the most expensive
seap or anything else you can use. -j
One or two teaspoontuls will
cleanse the hair and scalp thoroughly.
Simply moisten the hair with water
and rub it in. It makes an abundance
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out easily, removing every particle
of dust, dirt, dandruff and excessive
oil. The hair dries quickly and even
ly, and it leaves the scalp soft, and
the hair fine and silky, bright, lus
trous, fluffy and easy to manage.
You can get mulsified cocoanut oil
at any pharmacy, it's very cheap, and
a few ounces will supply every mem
ber of the family for months. Adv.
Throe-base hit
Off Mitchell,
Mitchell. 7 In
By Mitchell. I
Amended Charter Providing for
Advance of Twenty Cents
Per Thousand Dollars
Is Adopted.
Chicago. June 1'). An amended
charter providing for on increased in
surance tax raic of JO cents per $ 1 ,000
was adopted today at the triennial
convention of the Modern Woodmen
of America. The war rk was given
as the reason for the increased rate.
The new charter will rcuuirc the ap
proval of the secretary of stale and
the state insurance commissioner and
a messenger left tonight for Spring
field in an effort to get the approval
to present to the convention.
There is also a movement on foot
to raise a W,(H)0,(KHI fund to care for
the families of members who expect
to go to the front. It lias been en
dorsed by state caucuses, but the by
laws require unanimous consent for
a special assessment for such a fund.
Ritualistic work was exemplified at
sea tonight, by a delegation of
Woodmen from Omaha, who char-
Store Closes
at 5 P. M. D
No Other Children's Shoes
Are As Sturdy or
Lingerie .Blouses for Warm Weather Wear
Dimity, Voile, Batiste, Jap Silk
FOUR of the best materials for
smart, cool, comfortable Summer
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fy to the ingenuity of the makers
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Lace Trimmed models, with
cluster tucking.
Semi-Tailored models with
Jabots, Frills, Fichus, etc.
A very remarkable assortment
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Duplex Fireless Cooker
The Housewife's Best Friend in Summer
You can put your Sunday dinner into a Fireless Cooker in the morning, go out for
three or four hours, and when you come back you will find the various foods ready to
serve, cooked to a nicety. This means emancipation for every woman, and this is only
one of the benefits from the many that we could recite.
Cookers .
We recommend the Duplex as the best Fireless Cookers
tercd the steamer Theodore Roosevelt
tor the purpose.. During the trip, the
Koosevelt scraped ou the rocks at a
shallow place in Lake Michigan, but
no damage was done and no one was
hurt. The steamer returned to port
under its own power.
Notes From Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice, eli., June 20. (Special.)
The Ked Cross drive began here
yesterday when $1 1.0J8.50 was raised
by Beatrice residents, S. D., R. J.
and YV. H. Kilpatrick, D. S. Dalbey
and the Beatrice National bank sub
scribed ?5,000 each. The $500 con
tributors were W. 1'. Norcross, First
National bank, I'nion State bank,
Dempster Mill Manufacturing com
pany. George While of Malvern. Ia.. ar
rived in the city yesterday with a
string oi race horses, being the tirst
to reach here with entries for the cir-1
cuit races to be held June .'(, 27
and -8.
Willie Fox, the little son of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Fox of this city, was
struck by an auto at the comer ot
Thirteenth and Court streets yester
day and rendered unconscious for a
few hours. It is thought he will soon
recover from his injuries.
brandeis. Stores
Women's Smart Summer Dresses
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As Soft and Pliable
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hold word throughout
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shoes made;
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clusive footform lasts,
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room for the whole foot,
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er with mat kid tops, in
lace and button styles. "
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Sizes 5 to 11 for children.
Sizes 1 1 ; i to 2 for misses.
Priced according to size
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Cookers. .
Announcement was received here
yesterday of the marriage of Miss
Bernice King, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. King, formerly of Bea
trice, to Sergeant John Joste, which
occurred at the bride's home in Kan
sas City.
New Corn Remover in Big
Demand, Say Druggists
Sine, th virtues of Ica-Mlnt as a corn re
mover Uaratii, known tn this country, drug
gists have been having an extraordinary
demand for this product and It la predicts!
that thia autnmer women will wear smaller
and prettier shoes than ever.
Th. fact that this new discoverr. which ia
made from a Japanese product, will actually
remove cornsroots and all and without
the slightest pain or aorenea,. is, of course,
mainljr responsible for its large and tnereaa
ing aale.
You apply juHt a little on a tender, aching
corn and instantly the aoreuess ia relieved,
and aoon the corn ia so shriveled that It
may he lifted out with the fingera root
Ice-Mint is a clean, creamy, enow-whit
non-poisonous substance and will never in
flame or Irritate the moat tender akin.
Cutting or paring corns often produces
blood poisoning, and people ara warned to
stop it.
Just ask in any drug store for a imall
jar of Ire-Mint, which will cost little, yet la
sufficient to rid one's feet of every corn or
callous. You'll like it immenecly. Adv.
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are to be sold Thurs
day by the pair, at
the ordinary price of
just one. Genuine
Mahogany Candle
sticks, highly pol-d 1
ished, a pair.. .
Mahogany and Gold
Table Lamps, 2 lights
with full chain
Xk" $4.75
Piano Lamps, in Ma
hogany, 2 full chain
sockets, nice heavy
base, $15.00 and
$2 0.00 ordinarily,
r: $9.75
All Royal Society
and Artemo Packages
Third Floor
that We Know of.