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America Must Not Repeat England's Great Mistake!
Isaac F. Marcosson, noted magazine writer, returns from five
months in Europe to read us a lecture on what he terms ourapathy.
Are The American People Apathetic?
"America," he says, " is making the same mistake that Eng
land made. The Englishman solaced himself with the idea that
England is an island-fooled himself with the idea that the war
would soon be over.
"The result was that the flower of England's young manhood
was eliminatedvbefore the country realized that the German sub
marine had put a ring of terror around Great Britain.
"Americans are bitten- with the delusion that the Atlantic is
a God-given bulwark against the invader. They have forgotten
the exploit of the U-53.
"If Germany is not beaten on the battlefields of Europe, then
the conflict must be fought out here in America. Americans
must realize that our army is going to France to fight for Am
erica. The scene of the fighting is in Europe. The issue at stake
is here in America.
"America must find herself
deeds, not emotion."
-and her patriotism must
Yom Most
lhit With
Moimey or Musket
You who cannot go to the trenches must stay at
home and fight "
You who cannot help with muskets must help
with money.
However much you pay, it is cheaper to pay it
for your country now than to pay all you have to Ger
many later.
The Red Cross Needs Your
Money Now
You've bought the Liberty bonds. That helped
Uncle Sam prepar.e to fight.
The Red Cross needs your help now to get
ready for the relief of the men who fight.
And you'll help, we know you'll help help
cheerfully, gratefully realizing thai it is a high
privilege to have the opportunity.
Every' dollar you give to the Red Cross helps
save a wounded soldier. Every wounded soldier
saved is as good as three new men sent to'the front.
And every wounded soldier rescued from death
means an American home rescued from the blight of
Give your dollars give them liberally.
We Must Back the Fighting Man
Only one out of every 100 people can do actual
fighting in the trenches. The other ninety-nine must
stand back of that one man to the last limit of their
You are one of the ninety-nine, who must stand
behind some one soldier with your dollars. If you
can't fight with a musket, you can at least fight with
your money.
The government is busy with tremendous prob
lems of raising and training the army and navy
building ships providing arms and ammunition.
Putting an army in the field is a tremendous task.
Getting that aimy ready to go abroad is a vastly
greater undertaking.
It May Be Your Son Who
Needs Help
When that army gets into the trenches hundreds
and thousands will be killed and wounded. Among
these heroes may be your son, your brother, your
sweetheart even your husband.
Back of the government back of every enlisted
man and his family the Red Cross stands. It must
get ready now to do the grim work which is inevit
able. It must provide base hospitals, field hospitals,
ambulances, surgeons, surgical dressings and the im
mense amount of supplies necessary to care for the
It must provide for care of the sick and wound
ed at the war base. It must provide for the soldiers'
and sailors' families.
It must provide employment for returned en
abled men, and under government direction, it goes
where you and I cannot go in the hour of clanger.
Red Cross subscribers are not expected to go to
the war front, nor do they assume any financial obli
gation other than the payment of their subscription.
But the aggregate of these subscriptions, paid
by millions of grateful men,, women and children all
over the land, will make possible the beneficent work
of relief upon which the soldier, sailor and his fam
ily depend.
This Is Not Charity, but Patriotism
This is not charity. To take our place in the
ranks of the Red Cross is merely to do' our rightful
part in helping to win this war. i
We know that the fathers, brothers and sons
who go to the front should have every comfort and
care. We know, too, that every man or woman, boy
or girl who stays at home will want to send their
"bit" whether it be $1.00, $10.00, $100.00, $1,000.00
or $10,000 One man in Omaha has given $25,000
to the Red Cross.
The Red Cross is ready to help the government.
You must help the Red Cross with your money.
Let it sink deep into your heart that, as Marcos
son says: "If Germany is not beaten on the battle
fields of Europe, then the conflict must be fought out
here in America."
Every dollar given to the Red Cross means an
other blow against German domination of the
world. Do your share today.
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