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    THE BEE: OMAHA, MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1917.
BRINGING I A ( byolly- II I l"l I l--"3f" r ' - x' -SsS I ee.whiz- ! I I Too j ( ve-e-send
" A ''-lt U LWl ?H' fcv i left rfllKlU N late:.: over F,vE hats -
FATHER Mms5ieits I iinJUP" ' l"imVs? WE.OTTotT lUjrtv , 7 CNbri.
JiM- 8
Drawn for
Hie Bee
indifferent Playing Marks
Denver Game, While Rourkes
Hit Everything and Field
like Major Leaguers,
Denver, Colo., June 17. Indifferent
playing by Denver anrl heavy batting
nd spectacular fielding by Omaha
enabled the visitors to take a double
header from Denver today, 7 to 2
and 6 to 4. A triple pi ayhy Cooney
unassisted in the six I It iniiinc of the
first game was the outstanding
teatnre. in trtis inning Kelleher
singled to right and Oakes did the
same. Butcher was safe on O'Toolc's
error, filling the bases. McC'ormick
then sent a line drive to Cooney, who
caugnt the ball, tagged Butcher and
touched the second base before
Oakes could return to the bag. Score,
iir.ii game.
Score, tint ism?:
AH. B. It. o. A. K.
. nompeon. ei.,,,,,,. ft ft Q
Coonjr, n Stoat
xmiih, It sitae
Jf". t 4 1 S
Hon, Sb 4 ft 0 t 0
Bradley, Ik 4 119 0
Hohlek. rf...
rtroltam, e...
O-liolf, .,.
a o i i o o
4 i t t o o
1 o s 1
. . 'B. R. n. O. A. F,.
Hartman, rr.-er, ..... 411100
Kelleher, H 4 0 1 0 s 0
Oakee, ft.,..., S 0 1 ,1 0 0
hhanlcr, lh 1 0 0 0 1 0
nBirwr, b..i 0 0 8 t
nnormlnk, rr a I I 1 0 0
Ml"". IB 4 l 0 14 0 0
"ii'ii, ao a n 1 s a 1
Nheatak, ? 0 1 g 0
Uoelilrr, p i 0 0 0 0
Total. ..... II I , 1,
Omaha .......0 1 0 0 1 S 1 0 t 7
lfl An basest Omaha, S llemer, S.
fltolen bnaei McCormlck. Twn-haae hlte
Krii. Hradtar. Three-baa hltal Rnir,
llrollem, iVuffll. Triple plan Sooner (on
alsledl. Baaea an hallat Off OToole,
ff Hoeliler. 1. Home nnai Thompson,
Hmlth, llrottera.. Htrilck null Bj O'Toole,
ti h Boehler, I. ruikl Hoeliler. Narrlrire
hltal Hmlth (t), Schick. Illla and earnnl
ruml Oft OToole, and I In nine Innlnra;
nff Hoehler, IS anil I In nine Innlnin. Tlmel
I 41. Implnel MoUUvmf ul Gaapar.
Score, eeeond garnet
. ... '
c J. Thompson, ef 41 1 0 0 0 1
f'oonejr, lk S 1 I S I 1
Mmlth, If.... S 0 t J 0
Kni(, M 4 1 t 1 0
Bora, lb S 1 1 O 0
Bradler, Hi.. s I I It 0 0
Schick, rf t I t 0
iiriittem, c .a 0 1 S 4 1
1.0-ehen. p ...t 0 0 0 1 0
I'. Thompson, p 8 0 0 1 0 0
. Total. SI 10 II IS "
All. II. H O. A. E.
Hartman, 11.......... t ft 0 t 0
Kelleher, n S ft 0 S 1
Oakea. of 4 ft I I 0 0
Rntcher, tb s ft I t 1 1
i MeMormlck, rf Sl 0 1 0 0
Mllln, lb S 1 0 ft 0
worm, ib 4 0 0 0 4 1
I Bartholomy, a 4 1 1 7 0 0
ftmllhfton, p t 1 t 0 0 1
'NheMak I o I ft o ft
! Mhaalajr 1 0 0 ft ft o
Total! SO 4 SI ?
Hailed for Nmlthaon In ninth.
Ratted for llartioaa In ninth.
Omaha 0 0 II 0 t I 0 1 141
Denver OftOOtSOO 1 4
Stolen baeeel Bradley, M Ilia. Two-han
nltai Knit, nartholoni)-. Tlircc-haae hill
fthealak. Double playa; Kelleher to Butch,
er to Mllla. Kelleher to Mllla. Baara on hallai
Off Luachen. 7t off Smlthaon. S. Struck
oat! Br ftmlthreon, 7 by huachen, t. Home
rant Cooney. Hltf nod earned rutut Off
Lnachen, S and 1 In five tnnlnawt off V.
Thnmpeon, S and 4 In three tniuwrat oft
ftmlthaon, 1ft and ft In nine Innlnra. I.eft on
haaeat tlmahn. 4: Denver, 7. Hit by pitched
balli By liOarhen, Hartman. I'mplreei Mr
Cillvrajr nod Oaapar.
Lincoln Dyers Are Defeated
By the Brandeis Store Team
Presenting an almost entirely new
line-up, the Cleaners and Dyers team
from Lincoln met defeat at the hands
of the Brandeis yesterday. Olson was
in great form, striking out thirteen of
the Cleaners and passing but three.
Phipps, for the visitors, passed three,
but failed to fool a single batter, while
eight hits, two of them doubles, by
Novitsky and McGrath, were gar
nered off his delivery. Frank Synek
had fielded well. Novitsky, on first,
had four putouts; while Dygert in cen
ter took five chances. The score;
3'Vhan.iMj S S 4 t 1 S 0 tl
Haaly.rf t 1 1 0 OHoben.lf S (I 0 0
Murray.tb 4 0 t flynek.Sb 4 3 3 1 0 3 111 otAwler.rf 3 1 0 ft 1 4 1 It 1 ON v' 3 14 0 0
3ayer,c 4 3 8 lf'lalr.aa ! I) 1 1 0 3 110 0M'Ur'th,:b 3 13 3 0
Vhlte,2b S ft I S 0l.vrk.o 4 0 13 3 0
ht!'s,p t 1 3 QOIeon.p 4 1 0 0 0
Total!.. it t:tlt I Tetala.. 31 III
.Incoln C. 4b D 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 31
Irandcla I 0 1 3 0 0 3 7
Two-haee ttlli: NovllMy, McOrath.
Rolen baaea: Liyffert. Moore O. struck
tutt By Olaon, 13. Batea on balla: Off
llon. 3; off Fhlppe. S. PaaeM ball: l,yrk
double pliyi: Oauchan to Moore, Clair to
dcGrath to Kovtteky. umpire! uondlnf.
Nance County School Dedicated.
Fullerton, Neb., June 17. (Special.)
' -More than two hundred oeoole at-
:ended the all-day picnic and dedica
ion of the new modern rural Liberty
Knoll school in District No. 16, south
f rullerton yesterday. S. C Stephen'
on, a former student and teacher in
he district, was the out-of-the-county
ipeaker, Messrs. George Vaughn, S.
R. Fisher and John Peterson are the
members ot the board.
rtehlmen Knlahta Iae.
Trimble Brotbeca took the fast tiahlman
Kntybta te a trimming by the acore of 7 to
I at blrowood park buiiday afternoon.
' Hubatka. for the commlaelon men. atruck
out fourteen and allowed but three btta.
Kn-lsler, at left field for Trimble Brothera.
alao atarred. Gardner did the heavlns lor
Ute Koitbui and struck out saves man.
Amateur Standings
P. W. h. Pet
Motive Power A Machinery 6 4 1 .sort
Kiiatneera 7 6 3 .714
yiipt. of Trnimporlatlon. . . . 7 h 3 .714
Nphraaka Dlvlalon 4 5 3 ,42b
rnon-tigcr Oopt 4 3 3 .son
tilitnul 1 if lit... 7 3 4 .420
Traffic lopt 4 14 .167
Auditors 4 0 6 .000
Yeeterdej's Rcaulta.
Notirnnka IJlvlslon Hi Motor Power and
Machinery to., lis.
I'aaacnlrcr Arcounta. 7: Superlntenoent of
1 raiisportHtlon. a.
Auilltora aKalnst Traffic tiipartine, same
Envlnccrs, 16: SIkiinI Uepartmcnt, 4.
Wiches and Leaders
Split Double Bill
Wichita, Kan., June 17. Coy's
batting featured the 5 to" 4 victory
over Dps Moines this P. M. lie
nrove one over the right field fence
in the tenth minnc sendine
Thomasnn for the deciding run. In
the second same L)es Moines
pounded Lyons Iron, the mound mi
the third .inninsr. scorinsr four runs
Two hits, an error, a and hit
hatter scored tour more in the fifth.
hach team used three Ditchers. Score.
first game.
Br or 1 1, ftrnt (nma:
AB. H.O.A.K. An.H. OA. R
CanH.lf 6 110 IKi'dwtn.Jb 6 2 3 2 1
Kwoldt.Jb 6 2 0 2 IT'tim'n.cC 4 1 3 O 0
Spfnp' 4 110 5 1 9 0 n
Huri(vr,rr 6 14 0 OCoy.rf 6 3 0 0 ft
H'tfr'd.-m 4 0 3 3 IMor's' 3 0 10 0
I'rtffiy.Sb 6 0 2 1 OWftlm p am S 1 1 S 0
Hw' 4 13 1 llinvli,3b 3 0 13 0
npnnr.o S 1 B 1 IWhltt-.d 3 0 10 3 0
wrKtr.p axil OHaker.p 41100
r i ilia i iivuu .
"JrrH ri 0 t 0 Totals. .36 3 30 10 1
.uuaueiM. U 0 f 1 0
Tot nil. .HO 1023 I 6
D Mo!ntS 0000010J10-
Wirhltu 1 0 1 100000 16
Hatlfd for Horicr In ninth.
One out when wlnnlnw run Hcorpd.
lloni rtm: Him hr. hltn : Co v.
KWoidt. Hltn Riitt fnrnotI ruin: Off Bfikrr,
10 and 1 In len InrtiniH; off livrar. 3 and u
in right IniUtiKu; off Mufrnr, 1 Knd 1
two innlnRn; off (irant, non and noi In no
inning. Two-baa hlta: HpntT. Hergf-r.
l.Mt on laa: lf Molnea, A: Wlrhltn, 10.
Htolnn baara: Coffey, Coy, Onndwln. Haa-
on balla: (iff Henrer, 4; off Mkr, S: off
mui. HP r. n ; off (irnt. 1. Barrlflr hid: Coy,
Davla, Harlford, Onodwln. Wallace, Struck
out: By Bnkr, H; by Braer, 7: by Muaaar.
Faaaad bait: Suahr (2). Hit by uttohed
nan: uy Bergcr, white. Umpire: Harrla.
rima: 2 '.3b,
tk-ore, Bfcond same:
AB.H.O A H. AB.H.O.A.B. 4 110 OCIood'n.ab 3 114 0 4 10 1 orho'aon.of 1 0 3 0 1
Hptncr.rf 4 3 3 0 t)lonea,tb 114 10
liunter.rr 4 1 0 0 0C.ty.rf 8 13 0 0
Harlf' 3 13 0 OMor'nnn.lf 3 12 0 0
Kort'an.Ib 1 0 0 0 OWall'ca.aa 3 0 3 10
C'f'y.Sb-iia 3 0 2 3 OTVivKSb 3 0 I 3 P 113 1 OWhltv.e 0 0 6 0 1
Spahr.o 10 11 0I,yona,p 1 0 0 0 0
Orant.p 10 11 ONorman.p 0 0 0 0 0
Drtaaan.p 10 0 1 OBakar.p 10 10 0
Muaaer.p 0 0 0 1 0
Total!.. II 4 21 1 2
Tntala. .in 10 21 0
Dm Molnaa 0 0 4 0 4 0 08
Wichita, 2 0 1 0 0 0 03
Three-base hit". Jonoa. Swpcnev. Hunter.
Hlta and arncd runa: Off Dreaarr, none
and nono tn one and one-third Inntnira; off
I.yona, 7 and 4 In two Hint one-third In
nlnvs; off Normnn, none and none tn nnna;
off Grant. 4 and 2 In two and two-thlrda
inninga; oft Baker. 8 and 3 In four and two
thlrda tnnlnit; off Muaaer. nune and none In
two and two-thlrda InnlnRa. Two-bane hlta:
Hartford, Kwoltt. Btoltn baae: Nnenuer.
Harrlflci hltu: Thomaann. Rpahr. Baara oi
balla: Off Pre. 4: off Orant. 1: off BmU
ker, 1. loiiblr playa: Muaaer to Coffey tjo
8wfny. tioodwhi to "Wallace. Goodwin to
Wallace to Jonra. Struck out: Hy Baker,
by Orant, 1: by Iktuaaer. 1: bv Dnwr. 2.
Hit by pitrlior: Coffoy (by Baker). White
uy Muaaer), White (iiy Orant), Coffy (by
Norman). Ooodwln (by Mutator). l'aaaftl
ball: Rpahr. rtnplro: Harris. !,ft on
har;ea: Wichita. 7; Dra Mohifa. 6. Time of
samn One hour and forty-five mlnutea.
Case Where Low Price for
Sheep Was Money Makei
(From a Staff Correapondent.)
T.inrnln lime 1 7 r$ncial ltfive
years ago Judge Rerse of Brokrn
Bow had a herd of sheep and tliev
were good tjlieep, too. However, the
wool from those sheep brought the
disappointing price of only 16 cents
per pound and the judge was discour
Judge Rrese was in town this week
to attend the seiui-renteiinial celebra
tion. To Secretary of State Pool he
said: "You know I tried to sell those
sheep, but I could i.t get what I
thought they were worth and 1 iust
was compelled to keep them. I am
glad now that 1 did tor I have just
marketed 7,000 pounds of wool and it
brought me 56 cents a pound."
Commencement Exercises
At Creighton High School
Coulmenrement T,rn, tnp It,.
graduating class of the Creighton
nign scnooi win be neld Monday.
At 8:30 o'clock Monday morning
solemn high ma will h Kc.,rl
at St. John's church. At 10 o'clock
ine exercises will be held in the au
ditorium of Creighton university.
Twenty-two will graduate in the
nigh school classical course and eight
in the scientific course. All will re
ceive diplomas. Edward S. Dowling
will speak, representing the graduat
ing viaas.
ivu , Wh"?
When you do not relish your food
it is well to inquire the reason why.
Your stomach mav be debilitated,
your liver torpid, your bowels con
stipated,.or you may be eating too
much. Many people eat more than
they should, particularly those of mid
dle age or older, and those of seden
tary habits. H your lack of appetite
or relish for your food arises from
either of these causes, correct your
habita and take a few doses of Cham
berlain's Tablets. They will do you
good, give you a better appetite and
mak you feel better.
Cincinnati Makes Three Out of
Five From Philadelphia by
Taking Twelve -Inning
Cincinnati, O., June 17. By bunch
ing their hits in two innings, Cincin
nati defeated Philadelphia in a twelve
inning game here today, 5 to 4, which
made it three out of five for the local
team during the series. Score:
AB. H.O.A.K.
f'ankfrt.rf 6 1
iroh. 3b
b 2 1 4 tl
6 0 1 10. 1
M'UTn.aa &
Htork,3b &
Crav'tti.rf 6
Whltl'd.lf 6
l.ud' 5
Nlf.hofr.2b 4
Kllllffr.c 6
Alex'dcv.p S
3 1Kopf.aa
0 2Roupli,:f
2 14 0 1
2 1
6 2
1 3
0 OWInKo.c
3 1
12 1 orhorpf.rf
8 8 fflrtnth.rf
1 fiNfaKlf
1 0 lHhfan,2b
9 4
KoKan.p 6 2 0 1 0
46 1433 14 3
Totala. .48 13 36 22 2
Nona out when winning: run scored.
PhlUd-lphla ....0 010001O200 01
Cincinnati 0 0400000000 15
Two-haae hlia: Urol), Ludorua. Three
baae hit: Whltlod. Double playa: Kopf to
Hhan to ChaiA (3. Biinna nn balli: Off
Alcxnnapr, 2, HI ruck out : tty Alexander,
3. Umplreer Blaler and Orth.
Rube Driven From Hot,
Itt. LouIn. June IT. Ht. Louis drove Alar.
((nurd from tha box In lhn second InnlriK
loilny after piling up nlno htta for a total
f alz runa ana woo from Brooklyn. 7 to I.
BRtlOKTiTM, 8T. I.nriH.
Olaon, a 4 2 3 3 01. Smith, rf 4 2 4 1 1
Uaub rt.Ib 4 I 10
Hlck 2 0 1
ORnlrd.Hb 3
Sr.M'Ifr.Sb X
OM'riinby.aa 4 3
ILong.rf 4
Ol'aul' 4
(Hnydr.o 4
0An.B.p 4
Hlcnucl.rf I 1 1
Wheat, If 4 (I fl
i"aliaw.-b 4
Morcy,3b 1
.l.ll.S'th.ab J
Myera.e 4
Marqu'd.p 0
L'cll.p S
1 0
3 12
3 3
0 10 Totals. .83 12 27 It
Tolal.,,31 114 11 I
nronklin 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 n 1
Ht. Irfiula 4 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 7 hlia: I,r.nR. .T. Miller, Doubl
naya: J. Hmlth tn Snyder, Olaon to Cut-
ahaw, Itornaliy to Mlllpr to Pauletle, Hnrna.
by to Paulatta to llalril. Oaubert to olantv
Uaaca nn balla: Off Marquuril, I: off liell
I; off Ainca, t. lllta: Off Marquard, 9 In
ona and on-lhlrd Innlnjrii. Struck out: By
Marquard, 1: by Urll, ; hy Ainoa, 1. Uni
plraa: Klcm and llraiisflcld.
AtUck In Hlitb Nucceaaful.
ChlCHKo, June 17. Ttoalon concentrated
ninat of Ita alta-k In the alxth lnnlna today
and defeated Chlcaso. 6 to 3, In the final
Rama ot Iha aerlea. The sarae waa marked
by cloae declalona, which resulted In tha
retirement from the field of Doyle, Mitch
ell, Archer. Hmlth and llugliea. Score:
Or 0
Rvera.Sb 4
1 OKIack.rr 1
0 l.Mami.lf 5
0 t 0
1 3 0
IVIhl.rf t 5
t'tc 4
0 01)oylc.2b t 3 1 t
0 OW'tm'n.Sb 0 0 0 2
1 0Morkl,lb 6 1 10 0
0 OW'm' 4 14 0
0 OWIInon.o t 1 8 1
1 l'Jtuth'r 10 0 0
4 OF.IIIott.o 10 0 0
Smith, 3b t
Alaaaey 0
Rl nn.Jh 0
(lowdy.e 4
H'nvlle.aa I
Allen.p I
Barnea.p 1
1 0
0 0
0 Deal. 3b 4
Ollemlr'i.p 2
0 0 0 0 0
Totala.. If 10 27 11 S'Wnlfe
0 0 0 1 0
110 0 0
Totala. .36 11 27 11 2
Tutted for Smith In elKlilh.
Hatted for Wllaon In elahih.
Batted for Beaton In eighth,
nattcd for Wortman In ninth.
Boaton 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 1 05
Chicago 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 13
Three-baae hit: Merkle, Two-baae hlta:
Hagee, Deal, Kllipatrlck, Oowdy. Sacrifice
i: Wllann. F.ver. Sacrifice fly: Tclder.
Double play: Deal to Doyls to Merkle. I.eft
on baaea: t'hlcago, 13: Boaton, 8. Bases nn
error.: Chicago, 3. Baaea on balls: Off
llendrlg, 3; off Allen, 4: off Beaton. 1: off
Barnea, 1. lilts and earned runs: orr lien-
drlx. t and tT In alx Innlnga: off Sealin,
none and none In two Innlnga; off Eltlrldge,
land none In one Inning; off Allen, t and t
In aecon Innlnga: oft Barnea, t and none In
two Innlnga, strucH out: By Allen, 4: by
Seaton. 1; off Barnes, 3. "Wild pitch:
Hendrlx. Umplrea; O Day and Harrison.
Time: 3:28.
Warden Confiscates Seine;
Arrests Man Who Uses It
Saturday nielit Staff Game Warden
Kostcr and Deputy Holmes, confis
cated 300-foot seine and . arrested
Peter Schmitz at Calhoun for using it
in Stillwater lake. The man pleaded
guilty before Mayor Adams and was
fined $25 and costs.
Koster and Holmes had informa
tion that the lake was being seined
and after spending Saturday after
noon in that vicinity, located the seine
at "Dutch" Kahlers place and when
Deputy Holmes went to take it from
the barn Kahler started for the house,
saying that nobody could take the
seme and that he would get his shot
gun. Holmes pulled his gun, saying
he would fill him full of lead it he
took another step. The man wilted
nd said he was only keeping the
seine for his friend Schmitz. who
confessed and paid his fine. "Dutch"
Kahler, formerly operated the bar at
the Drexel hotel in Omaha. War
rants are out for several other parties
at Calhoun for illegal fishing.
Ihe game wardens went from (al-
houn to Meadows and spent Sunday
there, where they confiscated a tram
mel net and four trans. There were
about 100 -auto loads of fishers and
500 rteoole there emovin&r a dav's
outing fishing and picnicing. It was
upon compiainr ox ine citizens mat
the officers visited the place and
caught eleven transient sportsmen
without licenses. There was a big
catch of croppies and bass at this
popular resort for Sunday fishing.
Auto How Trim Mtupny-Enlghta,
Tha Auto Roar baae ball team had little
difficulty In defeating the Murpby-Knlgbta
by tha acora or 11 to 1. Kaggea support
and Inability to clout tha ball at opportune
llmta resulted In the Murphy-Knight defeat.
The Auto Row team would like to line up
a game for Sunday with any team tn or
out of the city, between the agea of It and
15 cars. Call walnut
Parke llefemt Tomanha'e.
Better all round playing gave the Park
Avanuea a I to t victory over the Toroanha'a.
SportCalendar Today
Raclnir Opnlnr of iprlne; meftlns of
Metropolitan Jockey club, Jamaica, N. V.
Oolf Amatur tournamtnot of Tranntnia
Ualppl Golf aaaoclAtlon opens at Ht. Joseph,
Boil DC Benny Tonard Ta. Johnnla Nrl
aon, ten rounds, at New Yorkf Jark Ruaao
va. Red Italan, fifteen mtinda, at ew Or
leans, Pal Moore va. Kid Wolfe, elfhl
rounda, at Memphis.
Leaders in Both Major Organi
zations Waver Back and
Forth in First Division
Now York, June 17. See saw races
continued last week ill the major
leagues, especially the National, and
except for the New York team none
of the first division contenders showed
any marked improvement. That also
is true of those in the second division.
In the National, New York appar
ently recovered from the setback
dealt by Cincinnati, and after losing
to Chicago Sunday came through the
ween witn live straight victories.
Philadelphia held first place until
Thursday when New York went ahead
only to come to a tie with Philadel
phia for the lead on Friday. On Sat
urday New York again took the lead.
Chicago fell back during the week,
but there was little change among
the other clubs.
Chicago retained the lead in the
Ainerican and improved ils standing
slightly, but mostly because Boston
was unable to get going again. In the
scries with St. Louis, Boston took
only one out of the three games and
lost the first two of the series against
Chicago Friday and Saturday. The
champions are not hitting and Bar
ry's strong pitching staff has lost its
cunning for the time being.
J lie intersectional results for the
week were: National, east 15, west 9
American, east 8, west 9.
Hundred Players Take Part
In Happy Hollow Golf Play
Over 100 players at the Happy
Hollow club took part in a special
qualifying round for the trophy pre
sented by Howard Goodrich yester
day. The players chose eleven holes
before starting, and were allowed
one-third of their handicap, medal
play, The low eight scores returned
to qualify for the match play.
Following were low:
Gross, lldcp. Net.
A. B. Houghton 45 & 40
J. W. Campbell 44 1 43
B. 11. Melle 4 4 44
t. R. Wllaon , S3 6 41
C. C. Sadler Bn 4 4a
.1. J. Fltsgerald 49 2 47
V. C. Hotland 113 6 47
(tuy Liggett 53 6 47
.1. W. l'arlsh 61 4 47
Fred Schnler 63 6 47
A. II. Wella 63 6 47
Owing to the last five players tying
for the last three places, the players
were drawn, several byes being made
in the first round as follows:
A. B. Houghlon bye: J. W. Parish plava
F. Schnler, Yale Holland playa Guy Liggett,
B. H. Melle, bye: J. W. Campbell, bv,, r.
C. Sadler, bye: J. Fltlgerald playa A. It.
Wells; L. R. Wilson, bye.
In the first round of match play
for the Jack Beaton trophy:
C. B. Moser beat George Wright (13). two
and one.
E. R. Perfoct won from B. Crawford, by
C. C. Sadler (S) beat 0. M. Graham (13),
two and one.
W. G. Fuller (17) beat A. H. Bewsher (6).
two and one.
L. It. Wilson (16) beat H. D. Frankfurt
(8), two up.
S. Doherty (14) beat J. A. Epeneter (6),
one up.
K. D. Wead (10) beat W. G. Sliver, two
nd one.
L. W. Holllday (13) won from P. W. Por
ter, by default.
In the final round for the W. R.
Adair trophy, R. M. Switzler (14),
won trom ti. H. Carder (11), by four
and three.
In the semi-final round of monthly
contest for May, Lee A. Smith won
from J. H. Conrad, by two holes.
Smith will play the winner of J. A.
tpeneter-s. W. Carder match, tor
possession of prize.
E. A. Higgins Turns in Low
Score at Omaha Field Club
E. A. Higgins turned in the low net
score at the Field club yesterday in
tne qualifying round ot a handicap
medal play match, eight to qualify for
the CP, Boyer trophy. Higgins' net
score was 73. His 83 also was low
gross. Scores were as follows;
O. S. Goodrich.... 113 Si SO
M. J. CoaAley Bti 15 81
C J. Baird 8 13 77
A. V. Shotwell 101 18 3
W. O. Nicholson 104 IS 88
Farmer 102 18 84
C. Kohn 14 78
J. A Abbott 91 10 -3
B. Allen 93 23 76
M. H. LaDoncler. ...... 88 9 79
C. A. Thomas .'.Iftff 15 tl
C. Battelle k 18 78
O. H. Menold ft 14 84
E. W. Mulligan 103 30 83
W. P. Thomas 103 20 82
A. Sohalsk 10.S 14 tl
A. Alln 107 II 87
H. Oreenatreet.... 88 10 78
J. P. Redfleld 98 IS 80
H. E. Mllllken 103 11 93
A, O. Nichols 87 13 7R
P. H. Shahtll 113 14 v 89
E, A. HtKRlns 8.1 in 73
C. E. Footer 110 It 91
T. F. Murphy.. 91 11 80
C. B. stunt inn i; m
11. B. Morrill $Z U
Higgins play H. I'. Kohn.
Orrenatreet play 0. R. Allen.
C J. Batrd play Morrill.
C Battslls Hay A, O. Klcholt
Yanks Draw Short End of Ses
sion Given for Benefit of
Dependents of Reserve
New York, June 7. St. Louis de
feated New York here today, 2 to I,
in the first Sunday major league cham
pionship game ever played in Manhat
tan borough. The entire gate receipts
will go to the treasury of the engi
neers' reserve corps for the support
of dependents of its members. Score:
Shnttort,lf & 1 3 0 OH'drU.rf 4 13 0 0
Austin. 3b 3 0 I 3 3 0 g 0 0 4 0 8 0 n-Nmakrr t 1 0 0 0
J'hnnn.rr 4 t 1 0 fl-Kusse-ll 0 0 0 0 0
SevoreM.C! 3 0 7 0 OHIjrh.of 0 0 0 0 0
M'mann.rf 4 S 2 0 IMnUel.Zb 4 0 13 0
Pratt. 2b 4 0 2 2 4 0 11 0 0
Joh'Hon.fla 1 0 2 0 OMIller.lf 3 0 2 0 0
SotiYron.p 3 113 0Rf.ker.3b 4 110 1
p'k'p' 4 113
Totals. .31 b 27 7 lWaltern.o 3 15 10
Caldwell, p 3 0 0 4 0
Totals. .33 6 27 10 3
Batted for Maifee In eighth.
Ran for Nunamaker In eighth.
St. LouH 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
New York 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Two-base hit; Marsana. Threft.hauB hit:
Jarobiion. T.ef on bae: N-1 Tork, 7; St.
Louis, . BaseB on balla: Off Caldwell, 3;
off Sothoron. 3. Struck out: By Caldwell,
8: hy Sothorong, fl. Umpires: O'Laughllo,
lllldebrand and Nallln.
8ven In Fonrth Winn.
Cle-veland. Juna 17. Philadelphia defeated
Cleveland, to B, scoring seven runs In the
fourth Inning when Oooeh hit a horns run
to center field with th bases filled, score:
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.E. 4 0 0 0 OOranev.If 4 12 0 0 5 2 6 0 OCh'p' 4 3 3 1 0
Bodte.lf 5 3 1
Bates, 3 b 5 3 1
McI'nKlb 3 1 12
Rr-hang. 4 2 2
0 0Spaker,cf 6
3 ORoth.rf 4
2 4
OHarrls.Sb 3
1 OHfVard.Ih 3 0 3 2 0
Goorh.rf 4 2
Orover,2b 3 1
F'k'berg.p 4 2
2 0 0Turner,3b 4
2 0 Oir, Nell 1,0 4 2 3X0
0 3 OMorton.p 10 0 10
Coumbe.n 10 13 0
Totala. .87 14 27 11 0La'beth,p 0 0 0 0 0
Klepfer.p 0 0 0 1 0
Allison 1 0 0 0 0
Smith 1 0 0 0 0
Totals. .35 11 27 14 2
-natiea ror coumhe tn seventh.
Batted for Lambeth In eighth.
Philadelphia ..0 007 200 09
Cleveland 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 1 0 6
Two-base hits: Falkenberg. Se.hang,
Strunk. O'Neill. Three-base hit. Falken
berg. Home run: Gooch. Double plava:
Speaker to O'Neill, Chapman to Harrla. Hlta:
Off Morton, 7 In three and one-third Innings;
off Coumbe. 6 In threo and two-thirds In
nings; off Klepfer, 1 In one Inning. Um
plrea: Evans and Morlarty.
Molla Bjurstedt Wins
Match From Swiss Champ
Wilmington, Del., June 16. Miss
Molla Bjurstedt, national women's
tennis champion, defeated Mrs. Knud
Dahl, Swiss champion, in the final
round of the women's patriotic tennis
tournament atthe Wilmington Coun
try club today, 6-3, 6-0.
In the final doubles Miss Phyllis
Walsh of the Philadelphia Country
club and Mrs. J. Saunders Taylor of
the Wilmington Country club defeat
ed Miss Bjurstedt and Miss Florence
Balin of the West Side Tennis club,
New York City, 6-4, 6-0.
Hiss Walsh defeated Miss Jacque
line Green, Merion Cricket club, in
the consolation singles, 9-7, 6-4.
Karl's Kolts Have Good Lead
In Loch's Summer Pin League
With only two more weeks before
'.e close of the season, Karl's Kolu
have a comfortable lead in the Sum
mer league race now being fought ouf
on Loch's new alleys on Harney
street. Beselin's Old Boys are in sec
ond position and still have a chance
to beat out the Kolts. The standing
of the teams are as follows:
Played. Won. Lost, Ivt.
Karl's Kolts 15 13 2 .sfid
B.selln'fl Old Boys 15 11 4 ,7M
Rent's Rockies IS 7 8 .IfiS
lSlertrle Light Co K 7 8 .46S
Democrats 15 7 8 .4B6
Plratea is a f .410
Omaha Trunks.... 15 6 10 .333
K. K. K 15 4 11 ,26
Mosier Takes Match at
Patriotic Tennis Meet
Philadelphia. Pa., June 16. Everett
B. Mosier of Overbrook today defeat
ed Stanley Rogers of Merion in the
final match of the Pennsylvania state
patriotic tennis tournament of the
Merion Cricket club, 8-6. 6-3, 6-0.
Alexander Tharer, Philadelphia.
and Kowland fc-vans ot Merion won
the final doubles match, defeating Jo
seph Thayer, Philadelphia, and F. Eu
gene Dixon, Huntingdon Valley, 6-8,
6-4, 6-4, 8-6.
Paxton & Gallagher
Team Returns With Win
The Paxton & Gallaghei office team
walloped the Byrne & Hammer team
in a well-played game Saturday after
noon at Riverview pafk. The score
was 9 to 4. Brannian for Paxton &
Gallagher pitched nice ball, striking
out eight men, while Carter struck
out four. The feature of the game was
the tight playing of the Paxton &
Gallagher infield.
Denver Bears Sign Dale
To Replace "Lou" Green
Denver, June 16. The signing: of
Gene Dale, formerly with Cincinnati,
in the National league, last year with
Indianapolis, in the American asso
ciation, and the release of "Lou"
Green, also formerly of Indianapolis,
was announced tonight by Hughie
Jones, owner of the Denver Western
league club.
Popular Railroad Man, Long
Head of Stock Yards Trans
portation Department, Dies
at Homu in Omaha.
Robert F. McNeil, long a popular
railroad man jn Omaha, died at his
home, 2606 South Thirty-second ave
nue, Saturday.
Born in St. Clair, Mich., November
26, 1857, he came to Omaha in 1875.
starting in the employ of the Union
Pacific railroad.
His rise was rapid. He soon became
lower yardmaster, then upper yard
master, then general yardmaster and
finally superintendent of terminals.
In 1904 Mr. McNeil was transferred
to Denver, leaving there to go to San
Francisco, returning to Omaha in
1908 to take charge of the railroad
department of the Union Stock Yards
Gives Up Active Work.
Last October his health failed and
he gave up active work, but was re
tained by the company in an advisory
Upon assuming charge of the yards
rail department his keen insight of ils
needs enabled Mr. McNeil soon to
put it into the highest state of effi
ciency and made a host of friends for
him among the South Omaha live
stock commission men with whom he
was as popular as when with the
Union Pacific.
Jovial and kind to everv one at all
times the passing of "Bob" McNeil,
as he was familiarly known, will be
mourned by many.
Five Sons Survive.
His family consists of his widow
and five sons, Irvyn H. George L.,
Donald W. and Herbert A., of Oma
ha, and Charles F. of Sparks. New, all
of whom were at his bedside when
he died. A brother, Charles, lives in
Texas. Definite arrangements for the
funeral have not been made, but it
will probably be held Tuesday after
noon at the home, with interment in
Prospect Hill cemetery.
Hanscom Park War Relief
Circle Donates to Cause
Hanscom Park War Relief circle,
which works for the National Surgi
cal Dressings committee, whose head
quarters are in the Baird building, has
just turned over to the organization
$100 and has in its treasury as a begin
ning for another such contribution, $23
The members of the circle gave a
.benefit performance at the Apollo
theater Friday night, which netted
them $80.90. Manager E. J. Monaghan
turned over to the women all re
ceipts over the $30 for actual ex
penses. The Hawaiian Glee club do
nated its services for the occasion.
For five weeks the circle has been
meeting "with Mrs. A. I. Root, but
since it has grown so large that it
includes forty members, as well as a
long visitors' list, the D. V. Sholes
company has given them the use of
the ball room at the Normandy. Meet
ings are held every Friday from 2
to 5 o'clock and anyone in the Hans
com park neighborhood is permitted
to attend. Officers are: Mrs. J.
Frank Hamilton, president; Mrs. Guy
Pratt, vice president; Mrs. G. F.
Wooley, treasurer, and Mrs. J. R.
Cain, jr., secretary.
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You 1cp your car for your comfort aroid th troubla and expanse
of a friction-crippled motor by using
Hold Its body t any cylinder heat or engine speed. Ends carbonl.
a don,Tvar heating, and (cored cylinders. Every drop pure.
Loot fef tha Pelarln atgn It ataods for rallabla daalar who will rlva roe
what won ask for. Jaa Kad Crown Oaaollna, the power-full motor fuel.
(Nebraska) . OMAHA
Niles Arrested on Charge of
Aiding in Delinquency of Girl
W. H .Niles, Kearney,- was arrested
Sunday afternoon charged with aiding
and abetting in the delinquency of
Nettie See, a 15-year-old girl who has
been making her home in Council
Bluffs. W. J. Brean, Council Bluffs,
who was with them at the time is be
ing held for investigation.
Niles, a married man with his fam
ily living in Kearney, is alleged to
have told his wife that he was com
ing lo Omaha to work.
He wrote Miss See to meet him at
the Union station, which she did.
Some of her belongings were ill his
suit case when arrested.
Miss See visited a sister in Kear
ney a short time ago and later worked
as a housemaid in .the Niles home.
She was turned over to officers frpm
the detention home.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.'
Say "Good-bye"
When You End
the Conversation
It Is just as Important to
end as to begin a telephone
conversation properly.
Tou would not intention
ally make anyone think you
had Impolitely "hung up"
while they were talking.
Neither would you want
the person to whom you had
been talking to waste Ills
time trying to find out 1 you
had finished, thinking he
might have been cut off.
Tou say "Good-bye" to a
man when you leave his of
fice. If you sny "Good-bye"
when you finish a talk over
the telephone it will end the
conversation pleasantly and
properly. ,
'a.' niw
- - 0