Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 18, 1917, Page 11, Image 11

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    THE BEE: OMAHA. MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1017.
:o di;c BLDG.
Dr. U.' H. Tarry curst piles, fistula and
tbr recta diseases without surgical op
erations. Cure guaranteed and do money
paid until cured. Write for boot oo rec
tal disease with testlmonlsla,
ItL'HTUKK sue..' ens fully treated without a
urKH-ul operaliu.i. Call or writ Dr.
Kr"k H Wniy. 406 Bte Bldg
lM-s. Juhntoii,ja2fi W O. W BldR. D. 62.
T.ady attendant, 24th and Farnam. D. 7295.
Tr. C." j "Lawrliic." halrd" Bldg D.
lr. Frances fawsoa, lift a Hose Hide. T. 2366.
jr. nrinlliuryN'o pulii, 'sn wl '. W. Hid it I
Taf t' Den t R rn'3nH RoaT" Blda"p2 1 i7
TH K Salviitlon Army Industrial Horn so
licits your old clothing, furniture, magi
sines. We collect We distribute. lMioue
Jjouk. 4120 and our wagon will call. Call
and inspect our new home, 1110-111-1114
Dodge St.
UATHS tuwi MiaMttutS". Central llntb Insti
tute. i6t)Q Harney St, Doug. 7097. Open
MISS FISHEK, sulphur, steam baths and
massaKe. 879 Bran. Thea. Bldg. D. 1559.
MAE B RUG MAN, scientific masseuse and
bat ha. l'U3 Karbarh Blk. Red 2727.
ALfj H1UHT privatu maternity home, liest
care. 2i)? Bristol. Web. 210S.
LULLLA WEBSTHH. mauage and nwnl
curlng 618 I'axton Bll. Red 2400.
MANlCUltlNU. i-lectrlc and scientific mas
sage. 107 8. 171. St Miss DeBar.
PRIVATE licensed niHterntty home.
38th St. Phone Colfax 204t
SCIENTIFIC mass'fte. bZ9 Bet Bldg Phone
Douglas 8372
Edna Williams, musBagei" bath. 228 Neville.
AlanlcurliiH and mass. 1633 Farram. R. 19.
BATH a. niHwwge. Phone Douglas 8761
K. BftOTT. M litis. Vl2(riUrTiy7V.'nhG.
Horses Live Stock Vehicles
FOR SALE Beautiful small Shetland" iTony
age 3 years. Call Wbnter 11H3.
FURNITURE, pianos and notes as security,
140, 6 mo., II. goods, total cost, 18.60
140, 6 mo., endorsed notes, total cost, 12.60
Smaller, large aiu'ts, proportionate rate,
433 Rose Bldg., ICth and Farnam. Ty. 666
24.00 1240.00 or more
Easy payments. Utmost privacy
340 Paxton Blk. Tel. Doug. 2286.
Douglas 3290. 047-49 Farnam St.
Touring cars ;nd roadsters of Overland,
Studebaker, Maxwell. Ford. Oakland.
Mitchell, Bulck and Hudson makes.
Prompt attention given to all Interested
out-of-town buyers.
220! Farnam St. Douglas 3310.
mc Light Bulck, roadster $700.00
3915 Ford roadster 225,00
1916 Maxwell , 375.00
1916 Overland Roadster 475.00
BUDSON 2i speedster, Kiaxson rn, speed
ometer, Bosch mag. and 6 tires, $120.
Yale Twin. In perfect shape, 160: 86x4,
86x6, 32x3 H tires cheap; Bosch d. 6 mag,,
Kellogg 4-cyllnder air pump. Crosstown
Garage, 316 S. 24th St
KEW 36x4 red-cop clln. case and tube,
$23.00, a 1 moat n :w 36x4 Firestone S. S.
vhsq and tube, $15.00, and good 36x5,
v2x3 t'r(,s and tube, cheap. Crosstown
Garage, 316 S. 24th St,
WE will trade you a new Ford for your old
30th and Harney. Douglas 6251.
FORD cars, electric light doubled by Ever
bright sieadlfier, $2.60, guaranteed. All
Ford service station.
7-PASSENGER Hudson touring car; irt fine
tdiape; also two bicycles; party leaving
':tv. Box 4632. Bee.
First-class work at reasonable price.
P. P. Crow. 2518 Far nam. Doug. 4878.
ItADE your old battery In on a guaran
teed Ever-ready storage battery. Free In
section of any battery. Ever-ready Stor
age Battery Co.. 1206 Farnam St
Used Car Dept.
2210-1 S Farnam St. Douglas 853.
Almost any make at reasonable prices.
SEAL bargains in used tires, expert tire anil
tube repairs. G. & G. Tire and Vulcaniz
ing Co., 2423 Leavenworth St. Tyler
1261W. Work called for and delivered.
CARS; quick action; no delay. Auto Ex
change Co., 1107 Farnam St. Doug. 6035.
2818 Harney St., Dong. 1640.
BARGAINS in used Ford cars Hoimes-Ad-
klnsCo.. 4911-17 S. 24th. Phone 8. 271.
1917cTlALMERS 6-:;ii touring, perfect 4001
S. 24th. Tel. Korlh 4360.
Wc. are in uscii Ford men.
& Exchange-, 110 S. 17th.
Auto Salvage
BERTSCHY "Kan-Fix-It," Southeast cor
ner 20th and Harney Sts. Douglas 2552,
WANT modern six auto for clear Browne 11
Hall district lots. Canan McCague Bldg.
FOR SALE Cinders for driveway and
walks. Douglas 137.
Electric Starters and Repairs.
316 S. 19lh St. Douglas 5488.
Tires and Supplies.
Second-hand tires and tubes; expert tlrt
and tube i palrl-.g. Douglas 8872.
1403U Jackson. Agts, wanted. Omaha. Neb
Auto Livery and Garages.
EXPERT auto repairing. "Service car al
ways ready." Omaha Garage, 20X0 Har
ney St. Tyler t,56.
Auto Repairing and Painting.
$100 reward for magneto we can't repair.
Colls repaired. Baysdorfer. SI? N. 18th.
Motorcycles and Bicycles
Bargains In used machines. Victor U.
Roos. "The Motorcycle Man," 27tb and
MUST SELL AT ONCE Bar ley-Davidson
bicycle, almost new. Will sell reasonable.
F. E. Cossairt, room 15, tho Creighton
ENGLISH coach dug, light black spots, 3
months old. Webster 3401.
Former Omaha Man Is
Married in the East
Announcement conies to Omaha of
the marriage of Benson H. Rowley to
IJorothy Hines, at Lansdonne, Pa.,
on June 2. Miss Hines is the daugh
ter of Mrs. John C. Hines of Lans
downe and Benson Rowley is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rowley,
who went from Omaha to Philadel
phia about five years ago. Benson
Rowley is a graduate of Central High
school and attended Clifton Hill
grade school, and won honors as an
athlete while in school. Mr. and Mrs.
Rowley will make their home at 14.3
Delevan avenue, Newark, N. J., in
which city Mr. Rowley is employed.
Richard Kitchen and family have gone
to Glen Isle, Colo. Mr. Kitchen will return
in a few-days, but his wile and child will
spend tho summer there.
Mtta Sophia Fay man, well known In Oma
ha wearing appartl cin lt s, Is now associated
with the Nebraska Clothing company, fs an
Htstant buyer of wumens' whIsu, dresses and
Mrs Mary A. Krr-ha, who has twen with
the Nebraska Clothing mmpany for several
yeara, ha been advanced to the position
of assistant buyer of women's suits and
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Cattle Market Good All Week;
Packers Buy Hogs at Ten
Cents Lower; Lambs
Omaha, June 16, 3917.
RrcMpts were; Cattle. Hops. Sheep.
Official Monday 6,6711 4,96 5,761
Official Tuesday Mt6 7,30a 6.&'-'9
Official Wednesday... 6,642 1,361
Oftlcl.H Thursday 6, flu ,!U4 6.849
Official Friday 1,191 7,11s 693
Estimate Saturday .... 150 6,600
Six days this weefc. .35, 23 37,38 15.630
Same days last wewk. .iiS.WH 69,3ri3 16,660
Same days 2 wks. BKO.:4.S9t 47,343 14.424
Same days 3 irk. ro.21,20(i 67,5,15 21,436
Niuno days 4 wits. st'0.2l,5B 41,275 :'3.9i7
Same days last year.. .16 370 69,366 9,7i6
Receipts and disposition of live stork at
the Union Stock yards for twenty-four hours
ending at 3 p. m. yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs.
C , si. & St. P 4
Wuhafh 1
Missouri Pacific 3 1
Union Pacific 22
C, A N. W., east 1
C, & N. W., west 42
O., St. P.. M. & 0 6
C, B. & Q.. west 10
r R. I. & V., east 4 C
t. R. 1. P.. west 1
Illinois Central
Chicago, Great Western 1
Total receipts I 4
CaUl. Hogs
Morris & Co i,C7
Swift & Co 1,460
CudHhy Pkg. Oo 1.978
Armour & Co 1,683
.Schwartz & Co...., , .... 22.x
J. W. Murphy 1,680
Cudnhy. Kansas City... 3S7 ....
Cudahy, Fort Worth 67 ....
Totals 194 8,6i6
Cattle There were no cattle of any con
aerjueiicn today, but for the week receipts
lire qulto liberal, amounting to 25,243 head.
While this ts n as large as some recent
weeks. It is 10,000 head larger than a year
The demsnd has been good and the mar
ket in a very satisfactory condition from
start to finish. The beat beef steers aro
strong to 2Co higher, while other grades are
at least strong a compared with Isat week.
Cows and heifers, well finished ;nd of
good quality, have held their o.i, but
medium grades havs suffered sharply, being
around 25&0c lower thnn last week. Stock
ers nnd feeders have been In light dmand
as usual at this season of the year, and
tho market has shown little or no change.
Quntatlonon cattle Good to choice beeves.
I12.75ilil3.ri6; fair to good beeves, $12.00
12.75; common to fair beeves. $10.2512.00;
good to choice yearlings $12.5013.26; fair
to good yearlings. $11. 7645912.50; common to
fair yearlings, $10.00U,75; good to choice
heifers, $10.25H.50; good to choice jvs,
$8.7510.75; fair to good cows, $8.76 &:
common to fair cows, $6.00ti8.7r; prime
feeding steers, $10.O0lgill,00; good to choice
feeders, $9.50(10.00; fair to good feeders
$h 6049.50; common to fair feeders. $7.00frf
8.60; good to cholre stoekers, $9.6010.50;
stock helferB $8.25ifel0.60; stock cows, $7.00
10.00; stock calves, $S.6011.0u; veal
calves. $10.0014.60; bulls, stags, etc., $7.00
Hogs Some eighteen loads failed to sell
yesterday and these added to the fresh
supply made total offerings of pretty good
wlze for the closing day of the week. Sell
ers found themselves up against the same
deal they have been fighting for three or
four days, namely an extremely bearish
feeling on the part of packers, and they
were forced to make concessions again.
: For the kind they wanted shippers paid
prices that were pretty nearly steady with
thb best time yesterday. They bought
their hogs largely from $16 40 downward
and paid an extreme top of $16.45. The
packer trade was, however, mostly 10c
lower every .lump in the road. Some sales
were no more than a nickel, but on the
other .hand there were others that looked
ns much as 15c lower and the average cost
of the packer droves was right close to a
dime below, yesterday. There market was
never active and it took most of the morn
ing to move everything, though in the end
nearly everything sold, clearance being the.
best in several days.
Representative salex:
No.. Av. Rh.
- No. Av. Ph. Pr.
90. .177 240 14 83
80. . ISO 160 14
40-14 90
31. .211
81. .203
71. .194
14 93
70.. 21-3
68. .48
37. .29
13. .256
400 15 00
40 15 03
. . 15 13
80 15
i 15
.258 280 15 2
80 15 30
... 15 40
43. .m
70. .217
80 15 36
40 IS 45
34. .143
14 25
Sheep Lambs showed a sharp reaction
from the big decline this week, and while
a generally firmer trade was expected, the
advance was a surprise to all hands. Light
receipts all around the circuit and a con
siderably better demand were the principal
causes of the upturn.
With a light run Monday, packers paid
prices that were at least 26c higher than
the close of last week, and on each suc
ceeding day there was a similar upturn,
medium kinds showing even more advance
than that at times, Friday not enough was
here to make a market, but the feeling was
that, had a normal run showed up, the mar
ket would have been anyway 26c higher.
The result is that closing quotations on
best lambs of all kinds are $1.25 higher
than a week ago, while medium stuff shows
more advance than that In many casrs. The
best spring lambs are selling at $17.00$
17.50, with others on down, according to
quality. Thursday clipped lambs, none of
which were really toppy, reached $15.25,
and a top of $16.60 was safely quotable
Friday, all these prices being the highest
In two weeks or more.
Quotations on sheep and lambs: T.ambs,
shorn, $14. 50 16.50; spring lambs, $16.00
17.50; spring Iambs, culls, $12.00 14.00 ;
lambs, feeders, $12.0015.00; yearlings,
shorn, $11.5O13.O0; wethers, shorn, $10.00
(ft 11.00: owes, shorn, $B.0010.25; ewes,
culls, shorn, ?6.008.00.
St. Louis Lire Stock Market.
St. Louis, Mo., June 16. Cattle Receipts
500; market steady; native beef steers,
$7.50 13.00; yearling steers and heifers,
$8.60& 13.25; cows. $6.0011.00; stoekers and
feeders, $6.00(g-10.00; prime southern beef
steers, $8. 0011.50; beef cows and heifers,
$4.25y9.00; prime yearling steers and
heifers, 17.50 10.00 ; native calves, $6.00
Hogs Receipts, 8,000; market steady;
lights. $15.4015.70; pigs, $10.00)14.25;
mixed and lute here, $15.4015.90; good
heavy, $15.8515.5; bulk, $13.40 15. 85.
Sheer) Receipts. 100; market steady;
clipped lambs, $13.00015.50; clipped ewes,
$9.00W10.00; spring lambs, $12.00 17.75;
canners, 4.00(&)I-.75.
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
Kansas City, Mo., June 16. Cattle Re
ceipts, 1.500; market steady; prime fed
steers, $lS.506f 13.50; dressed beef steers.
$10, 00(512. an; western steers, $9.001:1.30;
cows. $6,500)11.00; heifers. $8.60(13.00;
stoekers and feeders, $7.50 11. 0C; bulls,
$7.0(l9.6O; calves, $7.00013.26.
Hogs Receipts, 600; market higher: bulk,
$1&.1616.B0; heavy, $16.75015-85; packers
and butchers, $16.S0Q15.S0; light, $14,769
15.46; pigs, $13.60014.50.
Sheep Receipts 300; market steady;
lambs, $16. 0017. 50: yearlings, $10.00
12.u0; wethers, $9.0011.00; ewes, $8.76
Chicago Live Stock Market,
Chicago, June 16. Cattle Receipts, 1,000
head; market weak; native beef cattle, $9.00
&13.70; stoekers and feeders, $7.3010.60;
cows and heifers, $6.0011.80; calves, $10.50
Hogs Receipts, 9.000 head; market un
settled at yesterday's average; bulk, $15.20
15.90; light, $14 6015.75; mixed, $15.U0
16.00; heavy, $16.000 16.05; rough, $15.00
j 15.20; pigs, $10.0014.59.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 2,000 had;
market firm; wethers, $S.80fle 1 1 .36 ; Iambs,
$10.5016.00; springs, $13.50t&18.00.
Wl.nix City Live Mock Market.
Sioux City. Ia June 16, Cattle Receipts,
300 head; market steady; beef steers. $10.00
fcl3.60: fat cows and heifers, $8.60 11.26 :
canners, $6. 008.00; stoekers and feeders,
I7.00& 10.26; calves, I.00p3.0": nulls,
stags, etc., $8. 00 Q 10.60; feeding ocwa and
heifers, 6.758.75.
Hogs Receipts, 6.G00 head; market
5c lower; light, $14.75016.00; mixed. $15.00
if 1 u . 1 o : heavy. $15.1615.30; pigs, $12.60
13.50; bulk of sales, $14.9015. 20.
Sheep No receipts; market steady.
fit. Joseph Live Stock Market.
St. Joseph, June 16. Cattle Receipts,
100; market steady: steers, $9. 0013.6fl;
cows adn belters, $6.00012.75; calves, $8.00
Hogs Receipts, 3,000 hend; market
steady; top, $15,75; bulk Of sales, $15.00(3
Shep and Iambs Receipts, 250; 1 tents
higher; Iambs, Jia. 00 & 17.60; ewes, $6.O0
Dry (ioods Market,
New York, June 16. Dry Goods The dry
goods market remained strong and ntilet to
day. Tentative prices on woolens and wor
steds for spring of 1918 were above anything
yet seen. Burlaps held firm.
Corn Prices Are Higher, With
a Few Wheat Sales Made
at Higher Fig
ures. Omahn, June 16, 1917.
The demand for corn was excellent again
today, and while the market was strong at
somewhat higher prices, the trade was a
trifle slow, as buyers and sellers did not
get together very readily.
The wheat market was also quoirn nigner.
but the demand for this cereal was mt over
live and only a Iw sales wcro reported
up to noon.
oats were very strong in comparison wim
wheat and corn, the market being quoted
from 2i to 3'ic higher and sellers re
ported a good demand Tor all gruoes or
this cereal, but tin trade was not very
heavy because of tight arrivals, there being
only eighteen ears reported.
The rang of tno wheat margei was rroin
unchanged to 2c higher, the advance being
noted In the No. 2 hurd, which sold at
$2.90 to $2 92.
All grades of oats sold very readily on
the adance. the So. 3 white selling up to
tiSc and 7c, while the No. 3 white brought
69ac to 6&e, aim the lours ruiea uroumi
tfc o 68V.
The rye market was quoted steady, with
light receipt, and barley sold from steady
to 2c higher, wltn a lair inquiry xor an
Clearances were: Wheat and flour, equal
to 571.000 bushels; oats, 338,000 bushels.
Primary wheat receipts were 510,000
bushels and shipments 377.000 bushels,
against receipts of 677.000 bushels and ship
ments of 627.000 bushels last year.
Primary corn receipts were 944.000 bush
els Hnd shipments 520,000 bushels, ngshift
receipts of 413.000 buyhels and shipments of
748,000 bushels last year.
Primary oats receipts were 679.00 Obtish
els and shipments 82B,000 bushels, against
receipts of 621,000 bushels and shipments of
866,000 bushels last year.
Wheat. Corn. Oal.
Chicago 34 K'l lis
Minneapolis 157
Ituluth 17 ..
Omaha 32 181 n
St. IrfHilB 64 44 37
Winnipeg 5ti7
These sales were reported today:
Wheat No. 2 hard winter, 2 cars. $2.92:
2 8-5 cars, $2.90. No 2 hard winter. 2
cars, $2.87. Sample hard winter: 3-6 car,
$2.60; 1 car, $2.52 4j; i car, $2.60; 2-6 car,
(2.40. No. 4 spring, 3-5 car, $2.25. No. 3
mixed. 2-5 car, $2.70.
Harley No. 4: 1 car, $1.30; 3-5 car. $1.25.
Corn No. 2 white: 4 2-5 cars, $1.67. No.
3 white: 2 cars. $1.67; 1 car, $1.66 , No. 2
yellow: 6 cars. $1.67. No. 3 yellow: 2 cars,
$1.67; 1 cr. $1.66 No. 2 mixed: 1 car,
$1.67; 2-6 car, $1.67. No. 3 mixed: 4 cars,
$1.67; 1 car, $1.66. No. 4 mtxd: 2 cars,
$1.66 tf. No. t mixed: 1 car, $1,664, Sam
pie mixed: l car. $1.64.
Oats No. 2 white: 2 cars, 70c; car,
69 c. No. 3 white: 1 car, 6944c; 4 cars,
69c. No. 4 white: 1 car, 69c; 1 car,
69UI'; 1 car, 68c.
inaha Cssh Prices Wheat: No. 2 hard,
$2.89(2.92; No. 3 hard, $2.862.H7; No. 4
hard. $2.752.85. Corn: No. 2 while, $.(!6fc
fi?l.7; No. .1 white, $1.66 4 fa 1 67 ; No. I
white, $l.fi6$rl.664; No. 5 white $l,b&'u
1.6; No. 6 while, $1.660 1.65m No. 2 yel
low. $1.66'48il.67; No. $I.661.67; No. 4
yellow, $1.661.66; No. & yellow, $1,654
1.66; No. 6 yellow, $1.651.64 4; No. 2
mixed, $1.66 4 4ji 1.67 ; No. 3 mixed, $1.66ff
1.67; No. 4 mixed, $1.661.664; No. 6
mixed, $1,664 L664: No. fi mixed. $1,644
fcil.66. Oats: No. 2 white 6970(; stand
ard, 6944i69$ic; oX, 3, white, 69 Vi fi :;
No. 4 white, 68 4jJtiSJ4c Hartey: malting,
$1.20($1.36; No. 1 feed. $1.171.21. Ays:
No. . $2.28)2.30; No. 3, $3.2702. 29.
Local range of options:
Art. Open. ( High. Low.) Close. Tea
July I 2 21 2 fl $21 I $1 224
Sep 1 92 1 91 192 1 92 192
July 1 67 1 68 157 1 64 U
Sep. I 47 1 48 147 1 474!l46
Dec. 1 08 1 104 10-8 1 IO4H074
Oats, 1
July 2i 6$ 27i 62 & 2i
Sep. El 4 614 514 514 514
Den. 52 62 bih 52fr 52
Chicago closing prices, furnished Tho Bee
by Legan & Hryan. stock and grain brokers,
315 South Sixteenth street. Omahn:
A Pt TJOpoji". f-lligh.J Lojv.y Closa.rYeH"
W'ht. " ' " 1
July S Jt 3 23 221 2 21 4,223
Sop. 1 90 1 96 194 1 9641194
Corn. j
July 1 554 1 37 155 1 6614 1554
Sep. 1 47 1 50 1474 1 48 147
Dec. 1 10 1 121. 109 1 09i 110
July 644 6H C4H 05 644
Sep. 684 64fc 63 634 53
Dec. 66 66(&4 55 65 654
Pork. I
July 8 3& 3S 45 S 15 38 40 .18 30
Sep. ES i j 38 70 38 40 38 65 28 65
Lard. I
July 21 324l 21 674 21 30 21 66 121 42
Sep. 21 65 21 85 21 60 21 85 2l 62
Ribs. j
July 20 21 074 20 85 21 05 20 92
Sep. 21 1741 SI 30 21 lfll 21 274121 17
CHICAGO ;kyi markkt.
Increased Offerings In Texas Wheat Has
Bearish Effect t Decline
Marked At Close.
Chicago. June 16. Increased offerings of
new wheat from Texas had a bearish In
fluence on prices today. During almost the
entire session the market ruled lower ami
the finish was unsettled at 4 to 14
net decline, with July at $2,214 nd Sep
tember. $1,954. Com closed unchanged to
lc higher, oats a shade off to up,
and provisions at an advance of 10c to 22c.
Jjowii turns In the wheat market be
gan at the outset. One of the reasons was
a current estimate that as much as 60,000,
000 bushels still remained In the United
States for export before July 1, not count
ing bread and seed requirements. Bearish
sentiment whs Increased later by word that
new wheat was being moved in Texas at a
cost less than for old wheat,' and by evi
dence that tho new crop offerings from the
southwest were expanding noticeably In
Corn rose sharply as a result of active
commission bouse demand. It was current
gOBBlp that about half of the domestic
visible supply was under contract for ex
port. Expected warmer weather during next
week led to much realizing, however, by
holders in the last half hour. Frost re
ports and seaboard demand gavo firmness
to oats. Crop advices remained favorable,
but sellers worn scarce.
Liberal warehouses stocks depressed the
provision market for a time, but later a de
cided rally took place, the result of profit
taking by shorts.
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat: Nob. 2 and
3 red and N'os. 2 and 3 hard, nominal. Corn:
."So. 2 yellow, $1.7241.72 ; No. 3 yellow,
$1,624; No. 4 yellow, nominal. Oats: No.
3 white, 70(271c; standard, 70(9) 71 4c, Rye;
, t'JAb. jJatjey, nominal. Kpcos: Timo
thy, $5.60)6 8.00; clover, $12. 00 17.00. Pro
visions: i'ork, $36.40; lard, 121. bbiQ 21.66;
ribs, $20.80.
Butter Higher; creamery, 3248364c
Eggs Receipts, 24,436 cases; unchanged.
Potatoes Unchanged; receipts, new, 30
cars; old, 2 cars.
Poultry Alive, lower: fowls, 204c.
New York General Market.
New York, June 16. Cornmeal Finn;
coarse, $3.38.
Corn Spot, firm; No. 2 yellow, $1.84i,
C. t. f., New York.
Wheat Spot, nominal.
Oats Spot, firm; standard. 76476c.
Tallow Easier; city specials, loose. 174c.
Lard Dull; middle west, $21.65 asked.
Other quotations urn hanged.
Hutter Firm; receipts, 12,819 tubs:
creamery, htgher than extras, 38(ff"hV-;
creamery, extras (92 score), 37 4 &'37 c;
firsts, 364&374c; seconds, .15 36c.
tjKKB fa lean y; receipts, .12,343 rases; rresn
gathered extras, 32 (fr34c; fresh gathered
storage packed firsts, 31632c; fresh gath
ered finds, 29 4 & 30 4c.
Cheese Steady; receipts, 2,330 boxes ;
state, fresh specials, 23&234c; state, av
erage run, 22422ic.
Poultry Alive1, quiet; chickens, Slfftnic;
fowls, 26c; turkeys, 18&i20c. Dressed, steady;
prices unchangod.
Minneapolis (iralq Market.
Minneapolis, June 16. Flour Unchanged.
Rye $2.462.48.
Harley 11.0061. 45.
Bran $27.60$28.60.
Wheat July, $2.38: September, It.Mfc ;
cash, No, 1 hard, $2,986)3.0:1; No. 1 north
ern, $2.93 2.98; No. 2 northern, $2.83
'corn No. yellow. $1.94',i1.66U.
Flaxseed $3.1703.22.
Kansas City General Market.
Kansas City, Juno 16. Wheat No. 2 hard.
$29f2.97; No. a red, $2.842 90; July,
13.25'i; September. $1.99.
Corn No. 2 mixed, 11.69; No. 2 whit.
tl.694yl.69 4 : No. 2 yellow, $1.691.634:
July, $1.6X4; September, $1.45.
Oats No. 2 white, 704c; No. 2 mixed.
M.tal M.rk.t.
New York, Jun 16. N'o mate,
rial changa baa been reported In the uop-
per market during tliu lust wtek. The
scarcity of oftvrings lur delivery itu hide
of August has become more marked, tint
demand hns been comparatively quiet. To
day's quotations f'r spot umt nearly elec
trolytic w. io nominal, at -f3.0iH( S4 hp,
while prices ranging from about $ down
to $?9.30 wcro mimed for Hit id nurtil-r
and Uter dnllverlca. lion was strong, wtlli
prices unchanged.
Fruits Orange., navel. 2S8s, H24s, $3 :.n
piT box; 100, 2Hi. 2-0, $S.:.: 126, 150. 17:.
JO0, $!.t'0; Valencia, higher. Lemotte.
fancy, 300a. SilOs, $5.75; cbouo 300, :!;,
$:..25. Grspefrult, Hds. $4.50; 4is. $4.75: Lis.
$3.25; 64s, 80. 96s. $5.76. l'inenpple. $:: 25.
Cherries, California. $2 8ft Apricots, $2 50.
Peaches, $175. Plums. $2.0 pur crate. Ha
iiriiuh, 5c p-T lb. W aiernielons. 3c per lb.
Vegetables Potatoes, old, $3.60 per l"i.:
new. 64c per II.; cabbnge, 4c pT ll'.J sis
pnragus, 60c pfr dux.; lettuce, I 25 crate;
lettuce, doK., Hoc ; cucumbers, $1.75 bskt. ;
tomatoes. 4-bskt $1.50 bskt:: onions, Hr
mudn, $1.75 crate; wux, 2.25 crate; red,
;ie in.
holesnle prleo of beef cuts: No. 1 ribs,
21c; No 2, 20c; No. 3, 17c: No. 1 chuck. Km".
No. 2, 6c; No. 3. 16c; No. 1. loins, 27c; No. 2,
.'14c; No. o. 204c: No. 1 round, 19c; No. 2,
19c; No. a. 174c; No. 1 pliiUs, 144c: No, i.
H4o No. 3, 14c.
Celery Large Florida, elegant stock, per
dos,, $1.00: crates, containing S or 4 dux.,
per crate. $3.60.
Kggs, p-r rrni 17 70.
Hutter. fresh, per lt., :10c.
Poultry Live, broilers, 1 ' to 2 lb. en. h,
per lb., 2llc; hens. isc; old cocks and stags,
i:ic; turkeys, fat. 22c: turkeys, old toms. 20c;
Buy From These Omaha Firms
Sweet Pure Clean
Will Cut Your
Butter Bill in Half
Sold By All Dealer,
Bemis Omaha Bag Co.
Omaha, Neb.
Moving, Packing, Storing, Shipping
Phone Douglas 394.
Fireproof Storehouse
Entire Block, loth to 11th, Davmport St.
Vaults, Cesspools and Grease
Traps Cleaned
At Ordinance Kates or by contract
Tel. Douglas 1387
The City Garbage Co.
Manure and Ashes Removed
Office, 12th and Paul St,.,
Makes the Best
On Earth
Manufacturers of Distilled
Water Ice
350 Tons Daily Capacity
Telephone Douglas 50
Telephone Douglaa 6967
Western Heating and
Plumbing Co.,
Joe Johnston. Proprietor
1810 St. Mary'a Ave.,
Of Fuel Cost
Let Us Solve Your Heating
Economy Vapor Heating
Douglas 5060.
du.'l.-, lull feathered, fal, lie; r-c.., full
tealll-le.l, frtl, 10c; piK-ollS. doi.. s.'.c.
Delicacies Frogs: Jumbo, do $3.50;
In rite, do 4 , S: .6" : medium, do . $ 1.73.
Shrimp' IVelid. git!., $.' Oil; headless. $123;
ci, ib merit, lump, gal., $3 25; shad ro.t, pulr.
Mc; turiiA meat. ICc: lobsters, green, 32c:
boiled, .e
in -e. --K.moy Sutr.s, 43; No. t, Dome-die.
I", Ulei k .1.: ; t ins. I'loslco, ;'M.j ;
Tt splets. Veuiitf Ainctleitn. :s; lHue
l..iln loul,. Mmlicrger, :in; New York
wlille, i'U; French Hotnu'lort, i'5,
KUti - Fresh trout, No, 1. 17c lb.; freh
will l.d Kit, 1 3e It), ; fresh el low plkf. 13c
II'.; ftc-h pickerel lc !i ; fresh henltm. 9c
ll ; fresh bullhenlls. ITc lb; fresh hultbut.
It' 4c lb: freh ibtflsh. 2"c lb; blai k c.t-
bio . 1 1 4 lb. : frch salmon, red
elimooK. U'.- lb; pink or royal
w Idle chlnooU. Pic lb. : while
perch, luo II. ; fret-h buffalo, drcsed. 12c
Ib ; treli link cod. for cloak-, U4,- lb.;
fresh Spftnixh mackerel. Ihtm1. 16c lb ; frewh
burbot, ;.hlli!i"d. lie lb ; frer-h c( I, fresh
lller, I ., . ; fresh bi.icl, bus-, O. ,S,. Hi.; tre:.h black bass, niedlniu, 22c lb.;
frcsll croppies, 12j lKc IK; fresh led snap
per, gulf, 14c lb ; fresh carp, dressed, 10c
lb,; fresh mullets, round. 5c lb.; fre-h floun
der... I2e 11. ; kippered saltiien, H'-lb. bus
KeiK. p. r lb., market; Mpp'-tvd cod or grft -flh,
H'-IK lM.-l.e-, neuKet
(of fee Market.
New oik, June 1, Coffee Fuiui-s Were
dulfl aualn lodav, but prices were flitner on
buying width renn'd to vmim from houses
With cot ion I t'.t.te eo mice Mono. Some n I
Itiloited this lo the continued light UrnzlllHii
mo. im-nt nnd lelnilve ste.i.llneas of primary
mark els. I'rlces opened iinchanKetl li 1
polni hlslb'f nnd cloned at a pel advance of
Manufacturing Concerns Working
Preparedness Plans as War Move
The rumor is persistent a num
lier of the larger manufacturing con
cerns, particularly those the products
of which may hi- used for army pur
poses, may lc taken over by the gov
eminent. The more far-seeing com
panies are preparing to appraise their
plants in order to he able to set a
reasonable price at which the lands
may he cither leased or entirely taken
over. One large concern on asking
(he appraisement committee of the
Omaha Real Kstate hoard to perform
this duty, the appraisement running
to the neighborhood of $100,000.
staled that they were very much
pleased with the appraisement; that
they considered it eminently fair,
and ihat they had been carrying the
property on ilicir books at about half
the value set upon it by the commit
tee. It is a singular fact that very
few large concerns of this type have
soiikdit expert valuations.
The Omaha Heal Kstate board
through its appraisement committee
gets back of any appraisement that it
makes. The committee is made up
of men who are competent, and who
have had long experience in Ihis
work, and where there is any decided
(liltereuee of opinion in the. commit
tee the appraisement is taken up to
the full hoard. A number of estates
and corporations are availing them
selves of this opportunily.
Local Factory Sends
Ice Machines to Iceland
Nearly every civilized country in
the world today is getting shipments
of the ice machines made by the Ba
ker Ice Machine company of Omaha.
318 Rose Building
16th and Farnam Sts.
Douglas 2186.
Why Not Install a
1509 Howard St.
Made in Omaha by
Hydraulic Press Brick
W. O. W. BLDG.
A proven success.
Combines real
L-Vs Brush nnr! Vjieuum
nAjJJ" your rugs clean on
tho flour. No dusting AFTER
sweeping. No beating or sending
rugs to cleaners. Sanitary ALL
the time.
R. C. Doiier, Mgr., Factory Agent
677 Brandeis Building.
Doug. 9261. W.I. 1266
(o 9 jmliits. Hales, 12,000 bags June,
r tV; July, r.90o ; August, ",?4r; September,
7 SNe; Oetoher, 8.01c; November, 8 4c; De
cember. 8 otic; January, 8.11c; February,
8 (6c; Msrch. S.Tie; April, 8,27c; Mn.V, S.iCo.
Spot, cin.1, Hi.i 7s. loo; Sanies 4k 1l)'C. No
freh offers were reported from Santos. Hlo
offers were an Id to he 11 shade lower, with
U to llo. cost and freight market nt .fiite,
American eleilll. The official cables re
portid an Hdvauce of 26 to 60 rein In SatltoS
futures and :t 3-32d In Hlo exchange.
ChlcHgo Live Ntock Market.
Chicago, June H Cattle Receipts, 1,000
head: market wenk; native beef cattle, $9.00
i 15.70; stoekers ami feeders, $7.3rtftf 10. fill;
cows and heifers, $6.00ttf 11, SO; calves, $10.60
it 15.30.
Hogs Re,-, pts, 9.000 head; market weak,
6c under 'tf rdtiy'e average; bulk of sales,
$l,'.2iut 13 9a. light, $ 1 4. 65 t 16.75; mtxe.i,
Invoiwi i ; heavy, $14.95M6.05; rough,
$14 9ftfti'15,20; pigs. $10.3(114.60.
Sheet, and lambs Receipts. 2. 000 head ;
market th in; wethers, $ f 1 1 :13 ; ewes,
$7.70 it 10 nn; lambs, $10.4otf 16,00; springs,
SI. ltuU 4traln Market.
St. T.ouiH, Juno Ifi. What -No. 2 red,
$; No 2 hard, nominal; September. $1.98.
July. $:.!.
Corn No, 2. 11.71 fl 1.7.; Jul. $1.0; No,
3 white. $1700 1.71 4 ; September, $l.4.
flats No. 1, 70c; Julv. 63v; No. 2 white,
nominal; September. 53 4c.
4) m aha Hay Market,
ncclpta are lighter; mnrket firmer on
better grade of prairie hay; lower
les lire selling slowly. Choice uplultd
A few weeks ago a shipment went cut
to Barcelona, Spain. Not long ago a
shipment went lo Iceland. A large
part of the money thus obtained from
the farthest ends of the earth is paid
out in wages to labor here in Omaha.
The company is now employing
ninety men.
Lacing Cord Factory Is
In Prospect for Omaha
A lacing cord factory is in pros
pect for Omaha. O. A. Albrecht,
well known in Omaha, who has for
the past two years been manufactur
ing lacing cord and lacing cord ma
chinery at Grand Kapids, Mich.,
wants to move the factory to Omaha.
The industrial committee of the
Commercial club is seeking a suit
able location for this factory here.
The company not only manufacrurcj
lacing cord, but also machinery for
making the cord. At the start the
company will employ about twenty
five people, and later perhaps many
New Loose Leaf Factory
Hardly Can Supply Demand
The Nelson Loose Leaf factory
which moved to Omaha from Chi
cago, is now operating at Tventy
lifth and Leavenworth streets. Or
ders are coming in fast and the fac
tory can hardly keep the supply
equal to the demand.
In 1000, only eight years ago, the
Loose-Wiles Biscuit company built
us nrst wnidii yittin.
Save It
1 Don't Burn It
We Buy It
Omaha Paper Stock Co.,
Office and Warehouse
18th and Marcy Sts. .
Phone Doug. 159. Omaha, Neb.
D. 4500 D. 4500
Merchants Taxi
JACK HURLEY, Proprietor
'Hardwood Flooring
Omaha Hardwood
Yards, 13th and California.
Douglas 1587
Omaha Central Iron
Doug. 490. 10th and Dodf Sts.
prairie, 123. OOifj 24.00 ; No. 1, $22.OO22.0
No. 2, Jill. OU'-f 20,00; No. H, $9.0012.00; No.
1 midland, $21,001 2U.0O: No. 2, $14.00 tn
llo: No. I lowland, $1 2.omj 14. on : No. a.
$8.1111 (j 10 '"I : No. ;!. $i;.ii04j il.50. Choice !
i falfa, $22.Hil4( 23. (Ml; No. 1, $21,00422.00:
standard. $19 00i( 20.O": No, 2. $16, ooft 17.00;
N. 3. Iil.'ioy i;i 00. om straw, $3. 008. 50;
! wheat straw, $7.oi)fj7.50
Turpentine and Konln.
Savannah. Juno 16. Tiirpenline Firm,
29c; sale, 285 bids.; receipts. bbls,; ship
menls, lti l.bls.; stock, 17,706 bids.
Rusln Firm; recelpta. 993 bhls.; ship
ments, iao bbls. ; stock, i;;i.fl7n bids. Quote:
A. H. 15.40; C. D, $B H0; K. $3,704 5.7i: F.
C, II, $5.H0(ff5.Sfi; 1. $5 80 tff 5.90; K. $6.00rf
6 10; M. $6.l"1i6.20; N. $6.404f 6.60; WtJ,
$6.55i6.70; WW. $6.63 fj( 6.S0.
Cotton Market.
New York. June 1. Cotton Futures
opened steady; Jul), 24 35c; October, 24.20c;
December, 24.44c; January, 24.53c; March,
Cotton Futures closed firm; July, 24 97;
October, 24.68c; December. 24.80c; January,
24 .7:1c; March, 25.00c. Spot steady, middl
ing. 25.30c,
Hunk ClmrtngH,
Omahn, June lfi Hank clearings for Oma
ha today were, $5.6 19,150.64, and for the
corresponding dity Inst year, $;i.29S,610.46.
Tho totsl clearings for the week ending to
day were, $:i5,975,lfi2 :I7, and for the corres
ponding week Inst year. $22,080,191,116.
Ncc Want Ads Produce Results.
Ride a Harley-Davidson
The Motorcycle Man
2703 Leavenworth St.,
Omaha. Phone Harney 2406.
National Printing
Company v
Printers : f
Publishers r
Printers of Everything
In All Languages.
12th and Harney Sts, Omaha.
Beat 22k Cold Crowns $4.00
Bridge Work, per tooth. .. .$4.00
Beit Plates, $5.00, $8.00, $10.00
McKENNEY Dentists
1324 Farnam. Phone Doug. 2872.
rices MAO!
rreoM OLD.1
J516 DAVE Npspjj
Wherever commerce goes march
ing on you will find the Electric
Motor turning the wheels of in
dustry, constantly, quietly and ef
ficiently. Electric Power is Dependable
and Economical. .
Omaha Electric Light &
Power Co.
Drake, Williams, Mount
23d and Hickory and U. P. R. R.
Phone Douglas 1043
Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Manufactured in Oma
ha by JENSEN & JEN
SEN, 43d and Charles
Sts. Walnut 1058.