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Nearly Every Man and Woman
in Local Service Sub
( scribes ; Total Thirty
Every man and woman in the post
office employ in Greater Omaha, ex
cepting about half a dozen, has sub
scribed to the Liberty loan. The
total is $30,000, the largest amount
subscribed by postal employes in any
city of less than half a million popula
tion. "Daddy" Tebbins, the veteran letter
carrier, who has been in the service
in Omaha for forty-four years, sub
scribed. An arrangement has been
made whereby the employes can pay
tor tlieir bonds at the rate ot 1U per
cent on every pay day, thus paying
for the bonds in ten monthly payments.
"There were about half a dozen
men," said "Pat" McGovern, "who
kept up their record in this instance.
I l ucac men WUUIU ucvci give u I111KC1
help when any of the men were
aim. in idci, iiiey never ici go oi a
nickel for any good cause that we
know of. But the record of the Oma
ha postoftice with its branch stations
is magnificent. Minneapolis, for in
stance, a city with 300,000 people,
reports only $20,000 subscription to
.Liberty bonds from the postoffice em
ployes." Northwestern Crop Report
Carries Optimistic Tone
The Northwestern Railroad com
pany's report of crop conditions along
the Nebraska lines for the week end
ing Friday shows heavy precipitation
over the entire state and in some lo
calities so much rainfall that farm
work has been delayed.
While nin hindered working in the
fields, apparently it did not interfere
with the growth of crops. The report
indicates that smai: grain of all kinds
is in the best possible condition. In
some of the southern counties, the
heads are beginning to show in the
fields of wheat and oats.
The weather during most of the
Sweek was unseasonably cool, but this
I weems to have been of great value to
I nne wheat.
J I Corn planting has been finished and
(Ahe fields where the ground was not
If too wet to work, there has been one
cultivation The stand is as good
' as ever known and in most localities
the plant is as far advanced as usual
at this season of the year. '
It is sairi that there has never been
so large an acreage as this year.
Potatoes are coming along rapidly
and the acreage is the greatest in the
history of the state.
Henry Ford's Cook Sues
For a Divorce in Omaha
Henry Ford's cook sued for divorce
in Doughs county district court.
She is Mrs. Alice M. Smith, form
erly of 2409 Blondo street, and she
. asks her freedom from William B.
Smith on grounds of alleged nonsup
port. When the Ford party was at the
Fremont tractor meet last year, Mrs.
Smith tickled the palate of the flivver
king with her dumplings and biscuits.
He asked her if she would take
charge of the kitchen of his home
near Detroit and she accepted.
Mrs. Smith still regards Omaha as
her residence.
Wife Beats Hubby to
Court House to File Suit
Two minutes after attorney for
Amelia Dunn filed suit for divorce in
district court against Verd D. Dunn,
the husband's lawyer appeared at the
court house to enter suit. Dunn's
attorney, though he- has the petition
drawn, did not file it. Mrs. Dunn al
leges cruelty. They were married at
I Wilkesbarre, Pa., June 5, 1905.
Boys and Girls to Drill
At Big Field Day Meet
Drills by three military companies
of High School of Commerce will be
a feature of a field day program to
be held on the school campus, Nine
teenth and Leavenworth streets, next
Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. Young
women of the school will appear in
gymnasium suits in a series of drills
and folk dances.
School Board to Have
Special Meeting Monday
The Board of Education next Mon
day evening will hold a special meet
ing to pass on the lists of teachers,
principals and supervisors for the
school year beginning September 3.
Drug Clerk Accused
Of Having Liquor Illegally
J. W. Hazen, a clerk in the Drexel
Pharmacy at 624 North Sixteenth
street, was arrested Friday night
charged with illegally having intoxi
cating liquor in his possession. Seven
bottles of wine and a pint bottle of
whisky were round By othcers Bidden
away in a box of paper.
Paul B. Fitch, the proprietor, was
convicted a short time ago on the
same charee. The case was appealed
to the district court where the decis
ion of the lower court was sustained.
The case is now awaiting trial in the
supreme court.
Joseph Kraus, 1102 North Sixteenth
street, was arrested Friday night,
charged with illegally having intoxi
cating liquor in his possession. Kraus
is a former saloon keeper and is now
running a soft drink parlor. Four
half pint bottles of whisky were
Bert Hickman, colored, claiming 806
Pacific street as his home, was picked
up on the streets with a bottle of gin
partially full in his pocket. He was
charged with being drunk and ille
gally having intoxicating liquor in his
Vernie Merritt, a private in Com
pany B, Signal Corps, located at Fort
Crook, was arrested last night charged
with illegally having intoxicating li
quor in his possession. Four half pints
of whisky were found in his pockets.
Merritt says he bought the liquor
from a negro on the street.
Y. W. H. A. Class to Stage
"Passing Show 3f 1917"
"The Passing Show of 1917," better
known as "Scenes at a Union Depot"
will be gi7cn by the expression class
of the Young Women's Hebrew asso
ciation Monday evening at 8 o'clock,
at the Young Women's Christian as
sociation. The play is directed by Mrs.
Effie Steen Kittelson, and consists of
humorous sketches.
The Girls' club sponsoring the en
tertainment is but six months old. It
conducts classes in expression, his
tory and drama and a choral society,
for the maintainance fund of which
the entertainment is arranged.
The following young people take
part: Mis'.es Malvina Newman, the
president; Mollie Singer, Rose Fried,
Sarah Tuchman, Hanna Greenblatt,
Frieda Trustin, Etta Kornman, Sadie
Snader, Bessie Levinson, Stella Her
man, Lena Meyerson, Ella Herman,
Anna Gross, Tillie Greenblatt, Sylvia
Segal, Ether Zalkovitch, Anna Mel
cher, Jessie Krueger, Jeanette Spigal,
Mollie Oland and Anna Segalman.
Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Carl Stein.
Messrs. L. Hertzberg, Abner Kai
mann, Paul Sievers, Aaron Davidson,
Mike Grossman, Dave Greenberg,
Sam Glickson, Oscar Katleman, Sam
Friedel and S. H. Okun.
Sarpy County Men Sue for
Land Washed Into River
Damage suits aggregating more
than $150,000 have been filed in dis
trict court against the Burlington
railroad by seven landowners in Sarpy
They allege revetment work put in
on the Iowa side of the Missouri
river near Folsom changed the chan
nel of the stream so that it washed
away hundreds of acres of their land
on the Nebraska side. The amounts
sued for are based on land values of
$200 an acre.
The plaintiffs and the amounts they
sue for follows:
Hattie Hamilton, $16,000; J. D.
O'Leary, $24,000; Lee Watson, $17,
000; J. j. Melick, $14,978; T. J. Gled
hill, $31,475; B. M. Sargent, $17,500.
America's First, Aft
One instinctively associates with such early factors)
in our histpry as Bunker Hill and
Faneuil Hall, the name
'which" for"94"yar has borne' testimony to the supremaeyof
American planoforteconstruction. The Chickering of today,'
whether in grand or upright design, if the mct advanced, thei
finest inspiration of American piano ideals. H The wonderful
Chickering Quarter Grand, illustrated above, is a real Chick
ering in all.that name implies, $7S makepny;.
Burgess-Nash Company
Sunday, June 10, 1917
Phone Douglas 137
More New Goods Coming in More Going Out and Your
Confidence Makes Business Good With Us Burgess-Nash
Doing Big
Helpful Things
Makes a
Store Worth
While-To You
No one stops to care very
much for a store.
They may "point with
pride" perhaps; all
things fairly equal, they
like to take visitors to see
it, but down in their
hearts the people natur
ally judge and classify
stores by the way stores
are useful to them as in
dividuals. Service is the measuring
stick many sided reli
able in the average of its
Burgess-Nash is unques
tionably the store of
progress the store of
growth. And these things
are of interest to you because
they give added power to
serve. So, if using "Service"
as a measuring stick, you find
in favor of this store, the
reason for it need not perplex.
You have given us more and
more power to serve and we
have just lived up to our
motto to be of the "Greatest
Service to the Greatest Number."
Are you going to
do your bit?
Liberty Loan
offer every patriotic citizen a
chance to help the gov
ernment. Secured by all the resources
of the United States.
For subscription blanks and
full particulars apply at our
Credit department, Third Floor.
Pretty New
I Wash Voiles
OVER a hundred pieces for
selection floral, striped
and figured patterns in both
light and dark grounds. The
ideal wash fabric for summer
dresses, 40 inches wide, 25c
Imported Ginghams, 50c
The new plaids and stripes
with the latest color combina
tions, 32 inches wide, very spe
cial at 50c yard.
Imported English Voile, at
75c to $1.25
Solid colors with stripe and
check effects of silk, wide range
of selection, at 75c, 98c and
$1.25 yard.
Burs.MNa.h Co. Main Floor
Continuing for
This Uncommon Sale of New
Italian Milan Trimmed Hats at
BEAUTIFUL, fascinating
conceptions of the mil
liner's art large dress
shapes, faced with georg
ette crepe or Skinner's sat
in and trimmed with wing3,
fancies, etc.; small, close
fitting turban effects, that
are so chic and becoming to
small women. ,
Medium sailors for ma
trons. Individual and distinc
tive creations every one
an exceptional value, at
Burgati-Nash Co. Second Floor
Free Lessons in Knitting and
Crocheting by Expert Instructor
OUR art department is showing special exhibit of com
fort garments, officially endorsed by the Red Cross,
as well as the government authorities.
The exhibit embraces wristlets, jackets, mufflers, hel
mets, etc., for both army and navy.
We have engaged a special teacher, who will instruct
you to make these garments.
The instructions are absolutely free. Here's your
chance to "do your bit."
Complete assortment of yarns, In the official shades
of khaki, gray and blue. Needles, knitting cotton and
other materials. Burg....N.ii Co. Third now
Bien-Jolie Grecian-Treco, The
Pioneer of Natural Figure Corsets
BIEN Jolie Grecian-Treco stands for youth, grace, free
dom, comfort and style. It blazed the trail for soft
Bien Jolie Grecian-Treco unconditionally
indorsed by Paul Poiret and universally rec
ognized as the perfect corset fabric yields
with every movement controls without
crushing corrects figure errors made by
iwrong corseting.
We ve assembled a line of Bien Joile
corsets designed for sports wear golf, mo
toring, tennis, boating, riding, walking, as
well as for all forms of exercise where a flex
ible corset is necessary, such as housework
and work in business offices and dress occa
sions. Prices range $2.50 to $15.00.
Treco Confiners and Brassieres, 50c to $1.50
Beautiful line for selection, open front or back, white
and pink, 50c to $1.50.
0 Burfett-Nuh Co. Second Floor
The Famous "Standard" Rotary Sewing
Machine Offered Monday $37.50
THE "Standard" Rotary is recognized
as the best sewing machine on the
market today. Easy running, with set
straight position or central needle. With
the combination lock and chain stitch
you in reality have one machine that
will do the work of two for the price of
one, and offered to you at terms as low as
$2.00 Down. $1.00 a Week
Other specials for Monday
"Standard" vibrator tewing ma china, at $34.75.
ClTland lewinf machine, special t $29.00.
Singar tawing machine (used)t drop head, at $12. SO.
Paragon tewing machine, special, at $27.50.
Clark V rotary sewing machine, special, at $25.00.
BurfMS-Nuh Co. Fourth Floor
Make Your Porch a Summer-Time
Out-of-Door Living Room
IF you have not started your summer on the porch you are missing the happiest days
of a lifetime; the beautiful June nights, t he long, delightful days, the sunlight, fresh
breezes and the resulting good health are too valuable for you to put off another day
the furnishing of your porch for comfortable use.
A small table, several rockers or arm chairs, reading lamp, swing couch, grass or
fiber rugs and the proper screening and your porch will be a paradise for at least four
months out of the year. These specials, Monday:
This Rocker
Natural maple armed
rocker, with double rattan
eat, extra well built,
Monday, at $2.85.
Thi Rocker
An extra special value
for Monday only; well
made, natural maple rock
er with double rattan seat,
special, $1.00.
Swing Couch
Canvas couch with spring
supports, adjustable head,
and chains for hanging, spe
cial, at $10.00.
Steel frame supports, spe
cial, at $3.9!.
Brown Fibre Rocker
Large roomy fibre rocVw,
brown finish, targe roll irmi
and back. Vtry luhntanttftlly
convtruetrd ind apeoialtx pric
ed for Monday only, at $3.75.
Genuine Reed
Rocker, at
Baronial brown finish with
upholstered back and seat,
genuine reed. An exceptional
value, at $7.75.
Burf...N.ih Co. Third Floor
Tabourette ;
Oak tabourette, mis
sion finish, as illustrat
ed; 12-inch diameter top,
special, at 49c
This Oak Porch
Swing, for
Similar to illustration,
made of solid oak, complete
with chains and hooks, spe
cial, at $1.75.
Yards and Yards of Fancy Striped and Plaid
Silks Specially Reduced. Monday, at $1.49
SILKS in greatest demand right now .for separate skirts, dresses and suits, taffetas and
satins in fancy stripes and plaids, also plain shades, in a wide range of selection, 86
inches wide, and very special at $1.49 yard.
Tuss&h Silks
Monday, at
Smart new Tussah silks,
tan grounds with pretty
high colored sport figures,
especially desirable for
summer skirts, 36 inches
wide, special at 98c yard.
Crepe de Chene
Monday, at
All pure silk crepe
de chene, in a splend
id heavy quality, rich
raven black, 40 inches
wide, , specially priced
for Monday, at $1.59
the yard.
Black Chiffon
Taffeta, at
Rich lustrous black
chiffon taffeta, with soft
finish, excellent quality
for suits and skirts, spe
cially priced for Mon
day, at $1.25 the yard.
Black Silk
Failles, at
A beautiful corded
silk that will make up
splendidly in tailored
suits and coats, full
40 inches wide, a very
special value, at $1.95
BurfM-N.h Co. Main Floor
Wash Goods
One lot of wash goods, short
lengths including ginghams, per
cales, voiles, etc., 5c yard.
Sport Skirtings, 10c
Pink, blue and lavender
stripes, lengths lhi to 5 yards,
special at 10c yard.
Rice Voile, 11 Vic
Fancy stripes, dots and fig
ures, wide range of colors, 27
inch, special Monday, at 11 He
Zephyr Ginghams, 19c
32-inch Scotch Zephyr ging
hams, large beautiful plaids
and stripes, 19c yard.
Wash Dresses, 50c
Children's wash dresses, good
ginghams and chambrays, 2 to
6 years, at 50c
Middy Blouses, $1.00
Fancy collar, cuffs and full
belt, some assorted colored
smocking, all sizes, 6 to 44, for
Silk Fobs, 19c
Gold plated silk ribbon fobs,
green gold finish, some stone
set, have safety catch, 19c
Hand Purses, 24c
With back strap handle, in
side frame purses, long grain
seal pressing, at 24c.
Picture Frames, 29c
Non-tarnishing picture
frames, velvet back, 4x6, oval
opening, very special, 29e.
Auto Goggles, 10c
Shell' frame, amber colored
lenses, good for movies, sun or
auto, 10c pair.
Cut Table Glassware at Less
Than Regular Factory Cost
THIN lead-blown table glassware with pretty grape
and spray cuttings ; plain or fancy shapes ; some
are optic; in the lot are goblets, sauce champagnes
and sherbets; in this sale, at 6 for $1.00.
Thin lead-blown glasses with pretty combina
tion spray and grape cutting; plain or optic; assort
ed sizes; at 6 for 50c.
Burff...-N.h Co. Down Sulr. Stor.
House and Garden Needs
Refrigerators, three-door side
icing type, made of ash, solid bronze
hardware, automatic trap in ice
chamber, white enameled food
chamber, with three retinned wire
shelfs; good size, 75-lb. ice capac
ity, $19.80.
Illinois top icing type refrigera
tor with fruit door ice chamber,
white enameled food chamber, solid
bronze hardware, ice capacity 90
lbs.; special, $16.50.
Wire screen cloth,
painted black, all widths,
square loot, 2c.
Philadelphia make lawn I
mower, 8-inch wheel, 16-1
inch blades, special, $3.50.
Roller bearing lawn
mower, Philadelphia
make, 4 blades, 16-inch
size. SDecial. S5.50.
Canvas grass catchers, adjustable to fit several size
mowers, 39c.
Garden Hose
Elm brand, -inch size, E-ply, guaranteed for the season,
50-foot length, $4.45.
Molded garden hose, Ji-inch size, best for all-around use,
guaranteed, foot, 12c.
Hardwood hose reels, hold 100 feet hose, 78c.
Cedar oil mop, triangle shape, complete with handle, large
siie, special, 39c.
Hardwood step stool, heavily varnished, special, 85c.
Cedar oil polish, pint can, 15c.
Parlor broom, best quality corn, varnished handle, spe
cial, 50c.
Johnson's liquid wax for autos, etc., large bottle, 59e.
Big wonder chemically treated mop for dusting, spe-
Cl'al, 39c. Burir...-N.ih Co. Down Stor.
Burgess-Nash Company.