Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 10, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Image 11

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Signs-Believe in Them-There's a Reason--The Danger is There-
The Signs Tell You So--Believe the Sign
An old and true saying is "That the worst enemy a man has
is himself. Much has been preached and written on the
prevention of accidents, and the right way to donduct our
selves, to ward off discord and ill health; yet men keep right
on working upon, themselves evils,
which, if they were inflicted by any
but themselves, would cause them to
rise in violent rebellion. It is a well
known fact that thousands every year kill themselves
or one an other needlessly. It is authoritatively stated that
45,000 people lose their lives accidentally in this country
every 12 months. Think of it!
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Are You Going to Be One of the Killed or
Wounded in the Battle of Accidents This Year?
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"Safety First" f
Articles as f
They Appear j
I in The Bee I
When a regular war is over, the world begins to realize for the first time the awful results the widows
the orphans the maimed the crippled the blind and says, "What an awful thing war is." But it
isn't a bit different in the ACCIDENT WAR, excepting you don't get any medals for patriotism and
bravery And what would a medal be worth anyhow to a father who has lost his eyesight or an arm
or a leg or both arms and legs and realizes that he is no longer of any value as a support and protection to
his family? Think of the terrifying toll in human lives taken in the battle of accidents every year. Think
of the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS lost in wages due to accidents. 90 per cent of the deaths and serious
accidents CAN and SHOULD BE PREVENTED. That would mean fewer widows, fewer orphans
and many happier homes Here is certainly a subject that should stir the nation to a new understanding
of and co-operation with the SAFETY FIRST movement. When summed up and stated in grand totals, ,
the loss in lives and money is startling Much of this waste in lives and money is preventable. YOU,
EVERYBODY, CAN HELP. With these facts before us and realizing the large number of accidents which occur daily in a great community, such as ours, we announce
the inauguration of this campaign advocating common sense in the prevention of accidents and urging the close observance of simple safety rules, which will be laid
down from time to time. The subscribers want the real purpose of this campaign understood by every reader and without thought of any selfish gain, but that our whole
people may realize and fully understand what this movement of SAFETY FIRST means. New problems are confronting us daily and one of the greatest of these is
FARMS and in the HOMES.
This Campaign is Supported in the Interest of
the Public by the following Omaha Institutions:
American Smelting and Refining Co.
Alfalfa Butter Co.
Associated Manufacturing Co.
Be Publishing Co.
Beebo eV Runyan Furniture Co.
Brown Truck Co. s
Bruce Drug Co.
Carpenter Paper Co.
Chicago Lumber Co.
Cavers Elevator Co.
Consolidated Lumber and Coal Co.
Central Coal and Coke Co.
Capitol Garage, The
Drake-Williams 4 Mount Co.
Day Rubber Co., John
Drummond Motor Co.
Disbrow, M. A. Jc Co.
Eggerss-O'FIyng Co.
Ferry Screen Co.
Fairbanks-Morse Co.
Gate City Hat Co.
Grain Dealers' Nat'l. Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
Guarantee Fund Life Association.
Gordon Van Co.
Home Casualty Co.
Howard Stove Works.
H. J. Hughes Co.
Hanighen Co.
Iten Biscuit Co.
Imperial Sash and Door Co.
Independent Lumber Co.
Kirschbraun & Sons, Inc.
Kimball Laundry.
Lion Bonding Co.
Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co.
Lininger Implement Co.
Murphy, Andrew it Son.
Missouri Valley Oil Co.
Midland Class & Paint Co.
McKeen Motor Car Co.
Monarch Mfg. Co.
Marsh & Marsh.
McCord-Brady Grocery Co.
Nash Sales Co.
National Fur and Tanning Co.
Nebraska Manufacturers' Casualty Ass'n.
Nebraska Telephone Co.
National Refining Co.
Nebraska Moline Plow Co.
Nebraska A Iowa Steel Tank Co.
Omaha & Council Bluffs St. Ry. Co.
Otis Elevator Co.
Omaha Electric Light and Power Co.
Omaha Folding Machine Co.
Omaha Warehouse Co.
Omaha Fixture and Supply Co.
Omaha Printing Co.
Omaha Hide and Fur Co.
Omaha Cold Storage Co.
Omaha Cut Glass Co.
Omaha Taxieab Co.
Omaha Transfer Co.
Omaha Health and Accident Ass'n.
Oliver Chilled Plow Works.
Pioneer Lead et Paint Co.
Peters Mill Co.
Parlin A Orendorff Plow Co.
Paxton & Gallagher Co.
Paxton Sl Vierling Iron Works.
Paxton-Mitchell Co., The.
Ralston Bank.
Sample-Hart Motor Co.
Standard Oil Co. of Nebraska.
Sunderland Machinery and Supply Co.
Sunderland Bros. Co.
Smith & Co., M. E.
Sweet-Land Candy Factory.
U. S. Supply Co.
Wolf Mfg. Co., L.