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Expert at Canning; Teach Othera.
Did you know that Mrs. W. K.
Vanderbilt, jr.: Mr. Arthur Scott
Burden, Mr. J. Watson Webb, Mra.
Ralph Peters, Mrs. George W. Fier
pont and Mrs. H. B. Fullerton and
other prominent New York women
made a tour on a special train with
the purpose of arousing the farming
population down on Long Island to
the perils of food shortage and the
need for conservation of food iiwily?
That's true. They made speeches uom
the rear platform of the train to
groups of men and women and talked
so much about canning that people
called the mission the "Women's Can
ning Special." Their slogans were:
"Can or Collapse" and "Preserve or
Perish." Mrs. Vanderbilt "minded the
children" while the mothers listened
to the talks.
Our most prominent Omaha women,
for instance, Mrs. Howard Baldrige,
Mrs. Francis A. Brogan, Mrs. Luther
Drake, Mrs. S. D. Barkalow, Mrs.
Lowrie Childs, Mrs. Frank T. Hamil
ton, all expert at canning and pre
serving, and forty-five others whose
names you know well are to begin
their canning and preserving tomor
row. They are going to do even more
practical work than the New York
women did with their canning spe
cial, for they are to take a two days'
course in actual canning and drying,
so that many of them can go out to
teach classes of others. That is the
way that the commissariat of the Na-
tional League for Woman'a Service in
Omaha, under its commandant, Mra.
Edward M. Syfert, il planning to co
operate with the canning schools
which the state agricultural school is
establishing throughout the state.
Some of these wealthy Omaha so
ciety women may become so enamored
of the gentle art of canning that they
will enlist, their friends in the can
ning business,, so that instead of
bridge clubs in the future we may
have "canning clubs," and husbands
may be tempted by jars of luscious
preserves, rather than by the graceful
charm of womanly wiles.
Suffrage Bridgt Successful.
Dreary, damp weather Monday did
not prevent 150 women from driving
out to the Country club to play bridge
for the benefit of war relief and to
have a cup of tea for comfort's sake.
Two hundred dollar are the pro
ceeds. The priiei were as pretty as one
could wish for. The most sought
after articles were the handsome col
lapsible card table, which had been
given by ' Mrs. J. M. Metcalf, presi
dent of the Equal Franchise society,
to whom all the helpers gave credit
for the success of the party, and the
big thermos bottle, which was Mra.
T. T. Stewart's contribution to the
list ol prizes. Mrs. Stewart, herself
shunned the bridge table and went
tramping out on the golf links after
she had had her tea, to play with Mrs.
E. H. Sprague. Mrs. B. Kvenild took
the thermos bottle as the first prize
and Mrs. Joseph Barker took a pretty
upholstered footstool. Other prize
winners were Mesdames E. W. Gun
ther, A. J. Sistek, R. Thompsen, D.
T. Quigley, M. Shirley, G. F. Englcr,
George W. Xoane, Holmes, Palma
lier, Arthur Mullen, Draper Smith,
W. McAdam, Kt. Wasserman, Swain
of Columbus, L. J. Hcaley. F. B. Al
dous, Martin Dimery and Philip Pot
ter. ' :
Kelly-Higglns Wedding ,
The marriage of Mise Agnes Jane
Hjggins and Mr. Edward L. Kelly,
son of Mr, and Mrs. Michael Kelly,
took place at St. Bridget's church on
the South Side, Monday morning at
ft. The vnunar neonle attended bv Miss
Loretta Gentleman and Mr. John Hig
gins. A wedding breakfast at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M.t J. Higgjni followed the
ceremony. r
Mr. Kelly Is a graduate of Spauld
Ing college and otCreighton Medical
school; The marriage was a 'surprise
to the friends of the young people.
They will make their home in Ashland
after June 21.
Wedding Announcements.
Al the residence of the bride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Katskee,
Mr. Irving D. Winslow and Miss Faye
G. Mullen were married by Rev. C.
N. Dawson, Friday evening.
Mr. Saville D. Stiles and Miss Grace
E. Donahcy were married at Dieta
Methodist Episcopal parsonage Sat
urday afternoon. The parents of both
were present. Rev. C. N. Dawson of
ficiated. ,
Another wedding at Dieti parson
age Saturday was that of Paul F, Wil
liams and Miss Selma Johnson. Rev.
C. N. Dawson also married Mr, Wil
liams' parents twenty-four years a$o.
Mr. Joseph T. Becker and Miss
Eloise Mitchell were married at Dietz
parsonage Monday morning by Rev.
C. N. Dawson.
Mr. Henry L. Martin of Dannebrog,
Neb., and Miss Ruth Lucille Walsh
of Millard, Neb., were also married
Monday by the aame minister. Mr.
and Mrs. L. D. Walsh, parents of the
bride, witnessed the ceremony.
Notes of Interest
Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Clanahan are at
the Greenbrier where they attended
the annual meeting of the American
Pediatric society held at White Sul
phur Springs, W. Va., st week. Dr.
Clanahan was elected recorder and
Mrs. F. S. Owen and daughter. Miss
Elizabeth, have bone to their sum-,
mer home. "Honeymoon Trail," Cali
fornia. I rev were accompanied bv
Mrs. Owen's sister, Mrs. Osborne of
Missouri Valley, who goes also to
attend a reunion of Her sisters. Dr.
Owen and Miss Gertrude will join
t tnem tne tirst ot July.
Mrs. Tnhn L. Klmnfrtv antprtatn.ri
'at luncheon today for Mrs. Ella Ma-
Mr. C E. Walrath returned Tues.
day morning from a four weeks' busi'
Douclu 4oa.
"The Mllk-Whit. Way"
One of the interesting luncheons of
the day was given by Mrs. H. J. Mc
Carthy at the Blackstone for her
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Harry Hebner
of Chicago, wife of the famous swim
mer who figured in the last Olympian
contests abroad. Mrs. Hebner is re
ceiving much social attention during
her visit. Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy
had planned a dinner party at the
Field clubthU evening in her honor,
but the rainy weather caused the
change to a luncheon at the Black
stone. Pink peonies formed a beauti
ful centerpiece for the table and little
violet baskets marked! the places of
each guest, five of whom were from
the Windy City.
nesi trip to Spokane, Seattle and
Dr. H. C. Sumney is in New York
attending the national convention of
the American Medical association.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foote of Los
Angeles, who were the week end
guests of Mrs. Samuel K. Foote, left
Monday evening for the east.
The Minneapolis Journal of Sunday
features a handsome photograph of
Miss Menie Davis, posed especially
for The Bee last winter, when the
vogue for the ostrich fan was at its
height. Both Miss Mcyr and Miss
Elizabeth Davis will be attendants at
the marriage of Miss Katharine Dwin
nell and Oscar Weston there, later in
the month. The Minneapolis papers
also comment on the large Omaha
colony which will summer at Lake
Minnetonka and Christmas lake to be
near the Omaha boys at Fort Snell
ing. f
Miss Theodora Warheld, who is
playing in "Very Good Eddie," is a
cousin of Mr. T. 0. Warheld of this
Miss Mona Cowell plans to leave
firobably Sunday evening for Hart
ord, Conn., to attend the marriage
of a former schoolmate. Miss Cowell
will be maid of honor at the wedding
and may spend the summer in the
east. If she decides to do so, her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cowell,
may join her- later. The departure
of Miss Cowell leaves a break in the
cast of Mrs. Learned's nature masque,
"The Spirit of Walden Wood," to
be given June 17 at Hanscom park.
Miss Cowell was to take the role of
At Happy Hollow Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trimble will
entertain at dinner at Happy Hollow
club in honor of their guests, Mr. and
Mrs. R. P. Schwab of Pasadena. Cal
Mrs. Schwab has been in Omaha for
two months, but her husband just ar
rived to spend the rest of the week
here before they return to California.
Mrs. A. O. towards will enter
tain eight guests at luncheon at Hap
py Hollow chid Wednesday and Mrs.
L. R. Wilson will have a party of
Thursday Mrs. M. Shirley will have
eight luncheon guests, and; Thursday
evening' the first married folks' din
ner-dance of the season will be given.
Economy in Weddings is
Gospel Elopers Preach
That, economy should be practiced
in weddings as well as other things
during the time that Uncle Sam is in
trouble, is the belief of Miss Florence
Mordahl and William A. Ackerberar
of Sioux City, who eloped to Omaha
io RvuiQ an expensive cnurcn wed'
Thejr were married in their room at
the Hotel Fontenelle by Rev. Mr.
Chinlund of the Swedish Immanuel
Lutheran church last night. Imme
diately after the ceremony they went
back to Sioux City, dispensing with
the honeymoon along with other
Mr. Ackerberg Is connected with
the National Woodwork company at
aioux v-iiy.
Buying Liberty Bonds
For Christmas Presents
Chicago, June 5. A number of
large corporations here are buying
Liberty loan bonds to give employes
at the annual Christmas distrihutinn
in lieu of the customary wage bo-
nusus or pront sliarting gilts.
One of the corporation heads who
will adopt the plan said today that it
not only provided the men with a
suitable bonus, but took care of the
Christmas giving at an earlv date and
would allow the coporations to profit
by the interest on the bonds for prac
tically a half year before the bonds
became the property of the men at
S f $
, ' h 4
' . i
'' Sterilized Bottles
. Many an apidamle of danrtrout diaaaia has
dmd tractd dlrtctlr to tha milk.
Physicians i taa country orir art arttnt nor
flnnnt milk ordinances and strict aniorcemant
of thasa law. Not only tht milk itaslf nut ba
pun. thay insist, but th. hottlaa muat ba elaan and
a. danaaroua diaaaat bacttria.
appad by machlaary.
Take no cbanct with diaaata. Betla usa of
ALAMITO Safa Milk NOW. 'Phona ua-Dou.laa
(OS to nwin ur "bafora brtaktait" dclivtry at
Tnu ' horn. .tomorrow morning, or aik your trocar
Tha Alamito Dairy Company.
More Light on the Eat
NAVY blue satin is the chief
requisite for making this
large, round cloche, with
its sugar-loaf crown. There, too,
must be added some highly bur
nished blue straw of the bamboo
variety, and a great (leal of real
skill. Only a clever milliner can
make this hat.
Housewives Can Add Whole
some Food to Tneir Winter
Larders at Compara
tively Low Prices.
As a measure of economy in the
present period of high prices of food
stuffs, and as a contribution to the
conservation of the food supply,
which is one of the country's urgent
needs, the bureau of fisheries urges
housewives, particularly those living
near streams and lakes or the sea
shore, to preserve fish for home con
sumption. I he hsh can be bought when they
are cheap, during times of plenty, and
held for use during the winter, when,,
ordinarily, prices are high. In many
cases waste fishes, which because of
prejudice of ignorance are not placed
on the market, may be bought for lit
tle, and sometimes may be obtained
from the fishermen for the asking.
Practically all fishes are edible, and
purchasers should not be deterred
trom buying them on account of their
unattractive appearance. Some of the
ugliest are among the best.
Two Easy Methods.
Two easy methods of preserving,
namely, canning and salting, are avail
able to housewives. To be sure of
success the methods here described
should be carefully followed.
When using coarse-scaled, thick
skinned fishes, cut off the fins or make
an incision on each side of the fin and
pull it out. Make an incision through
the skin along the back, another along
the belly, and connect these two by
a third encircling the body just be
hind the head, impale the head on a
hook or sharpened nail driven
through a plank; take hold of the skin
at the angle of the two incisions at
the back of the head and remove it
by pulling toward the tail. Thin
skinned fishes, like herring and ale
wives, should be scaled, not skinned.
Cut off the head, remove the intes
tines and other organs and take out
the backbone by making a cut with a
sharp knife on each side, inside of the
body cavity. Wash thoroughly, tak
ing particular care to remove the
blood along the back.
How to Prepare.
Cut the fish into strips to fit the
length of the jars to be used and rub
with dry salt, using a level table
spoonful to each pint jar of fish. Fill
the jars with the pieces packed as
tightly as possible, put on the rubber
rings and place the caps on the jars
loosely, so that the steam can escape.
Put no water in the jars.
Cook in a pressure cooker for one
and one-half hours after steam pres
sure registers fifteen pounds or the
temperature 250 degrees. Tighten
the caps of the jars and permit cool
ing. Use the cooker as directed by
the makers. There are several kinds
on the market and the Bureau of
Fisheries, Washington, D. C, will
furnish addresses of manufacturers on
Nurses Do Not Receive
Orders to Start for Front
No orders for Omaha Red Cross
nurses to leave for New York had
been received up till noon.
"The nurses are ready to leave on
two hours' notice," said Miss Helen
Inches, secretary of the Nurses' Reg
istry. "They expect to receive word
today, but the instructions may not
come for a month."
June S was the day designated in
the first orders for the local corps to
be ready to start for service in
Fascinating Styles
In Women's Oxfords
Those who have seen our newest arriyals have if
marveled at their beauty. The most fashionable S
and graceful of the new effects are shown in an Wi
attractive variety of oxfords, pumps and slippers.
a ijf oiiuca iiitve inai air
worn en
Pricet will
I you xTiis pretty patent leather Pump, pair, for only 34.50
- - - -
utf -fW.trl
Worne Oconome6
Edited bu IrmaUf. Gro&b JDomAtcs
cfcleace eiwrtment Genital JGykiSchool
In discussing meat substitutes in a
previous article, egg recipes were
omitted. Eggs are, however, an ex
cellent substitute for meat. Not a sub
stitute, though, in the sense of cheap
ness, for eggs at the present writing
tre between 3 and 4 cents apiece.
Their value as a substitute lies in the
fact that they provide excellent body
building food, just as meat does; yet
without some of the objectionable
qualities of meat. For instance, meat
is not recommended for little children
because of its stimulating properties.
Eggs do not stimulate. In one other
way eggs are a partial substitute for
meat. One egg does not give the
food value that a serving of meat
does; yet it does satisfy the desire for
body building food. And, no doubt,
people would be better off eating less
body building food. v
Boiled Eggs.
Some time ago a controversy raged
as to the digestibility of eggs cooked
at the boiling point. At that time peo
ple were taught that an egg cooked
below the boiling point was far more
digestible. Probably it is more quickly
digested, but not more completely;
hence "three-minute" eggs have come
back to us. A hard cooked egg pre
pared by standing in hot water thirty
minutes is considered better than one
cooked for a shorter time.
Poached or Dropped Eggs.
Grease a skillet; fill with boiling
water, to which one teaspoonful of
vinegar and one teaspoonful of salt
per pint have been added.' Drop in.
eggs which have previously been
broken into a saucedish. Let the water
simmer, but not boil. As the egg
cooks, dip the hot water over the top.
Cook until the film of egg over the
yolk becomes opaque. Remove with
a skimmer to a piece of hot buttered
toast . '
Baked or Shirred Eggs.
Butter a ramekin. Cover bottom
and sides with cracker crumbs. Break
an egg into a cup, then carefully
slip into the ramekin. Cover with
seasoned butter crumbs and bake in
a moderate oven until the white is
firm and the crumbs brown.
8 hard cookad egsa, H t. aalt.
1 T. butter. S t. peppar.
t T, flour. b allra toaat.
t o. milk. Paraley.
Make a thin white sauce of the flour,
butter, milk and seasonings. Separate
'yolks from whites of cooked eggs.
Guaranteed -or. Not a
You need not suffer bunion torture an hoar longer.
or painful your ounions may Da or bow often or
pronounced incurable here at least is convincing prMwat tnsra
is poeiuve reuet tor you rigm now waay.
i "Bunion Comfort"
Is Guaranteed to Give Instant Relief
and positively cure the most stubborn bunions.
apply one. The pain and Inflammation disappear like magic. You can really enjoy walking
once more. Ladles can wear their natural, small site shoes without discomfort don t cot) nolee
in your shoes and use old fashioned cotton or felt wads, washer and steal contraptions. Bun
Ion Comfort" is tha oommoa sense logical remedy for bun ions. It absorbs and draws out the In
flammation, softens and dissolves the accumulated layers of cartilage which really make tha
bunion, thus reducing thaanlargementand restoring the deformed foot toiuhealthy normal sise.
Get a Box of "Bunion Comfort" Today XiZSlTZti: !T.
awl jBirraloaa boaloo rsoedj jon're stm tried - return the other Ua piasters and get your money back.
oi eie-
' -a
SO i a .r . a
PCRPLE hemp embroidered in
deep "Vs" of purple wool is
the main point at issue here.
The second point is that at the top
of the crown, which so cozily
snuggles under two fluffy, pom
poms. To the left, a hat in which
the hemp forms the wide bandeau.
The semi-beret top is of dark red
satin, embroidered in blue "sou
tache" straw. L
Readers are cordially invited to
tak Miss Gross any questions
bout household economy upon
which she may possibly give help
ful advice; they are also invited to
give suggestions from their expe
rience that may be helpful to
others meeting the same problems.
Chop the whites and add to the sauce.
Pour sauce over the toast arranged
on a platter. Force the yolks through
a strainer onto the top of the sauce.
Garnish with parsley.
Egg Tomato Toast Substitute pnt
sup strained tomato in the above
recipe for the cup of milk. Add two
tablespoons chopped green pepper to
the sauce. '
S hard-cookfld egga Bait and paprika ,
o. cooked macaroni 1 1. onion Juice
5 T. crated cheese e. buttered crumba
1 o. thin white aauca
Cut eggs in eighths lengthwise, add
macaroni, white sauce and seasonings.
Arrange in a greased baking dish,
cover with buttered crumbs and bake
fifteen minutes in a moderate oven.
6 hard-cooked ems Paprika
Z T. butter, softened Salt
H 1. mustard
Cut eggs in two lengthwise. Re
move yolks and mash with season
ings. Fill the white;, with the mix
ture and serve on a bed of lettuce.
One tablespoon salad dressing may
be used in place of one tablespoon
Variations Addition to yolk mix
ture of finely minced chickens, ham,
tongue, pickles, olives, pimentoes,
green pepper, sardines, salmon, etc.
S T. butter 4 hard-cooked ergs
S T. flour 1 1. aalt
lHc. milk Ht. paprika ,
Make cream sauce of butter, Hour,
milk and seasoning. Add chopped
eggs, pour on well greased platter and
set aside two hours to cool. Form
into croquettes; roll in crumbs, egg
and crumbs; then fry in deep fat.
Garnish with parsley.
S small onlona Salt and pepper
1 email groan pepper S eggs
I T. bacon crease S slices toast
1 c. canned tomatoes Minced parsley
Fry minced onions and pepper in
bacon grease, add tomatoes and sea
soning. Fry eggs, slip onto toast,
surround with hot sauce, and sprinkle
with minced parsley. A good chafing
dish recipe.
Cent's Char
No matter how larga
by wnom treated ana
You'll have peace and comtort aa soon as you
Corner 15th and Douglas Sts.
I l
i 1
Mr. and Mrs. Thrift
Awarded Gold Medal San Francisco, 1915
Grand Prize, San Diego, 1916
Housewives, Attention!
The Massachusetts Woman Suf
frage association has issued the fol
lowing timely advice:
Garbage Pails Put In.
Egg Shells After being used to
clear coffee.
Potato Skins After having been
cooked on the potato.
Banana Skins If there are no tan
shoes to be cleaned.
Bones After having been boiled in
soup kettle.
Coffee Grounds If there is no gar
den wheat they can be used for fer
tilizer, or it they are not desired as
filling for pin cushions.
Tea Leaves After every meal.
Orange Skins Unless used as
source of jelly-making material fo be
added to rhubarb or strawberry juice.
Asparagus Ends After being
cooKea ana drained tor soup.
Garbage Pail Keep Out.
Bread Slices may be used for
toast, moistened with hot salt water.
Crusts and pieces may be died and
crushed for use on scalloped dishes.
Mixtures of different kinds of bread
and muffins may be crushed and used
liffe ready-to-eat cereal. Pieces may
he softened in water or milk and used
in brown bread, griddle cakes and
muffins and for stuffing.
Fat of All Kinds-May be melted
and strained, some used in place of
lard and butter. Any far too hard, too
strong, in flavor or too old may be
used in soap.
Table Waste Each member of the
family should be trained to take on
his plate only as much as he will eat.
Cooked Eggs Scrambled, omelets,
etc., may be used in garnishing salad,
in hash, soups, etc. 1
Macaroni and cheese, tomato sauce,
etc., etc., as stuffing for peppers, to
matoes, etc.
Cooked Cereal May be reheated,
may be fried and served with syrup,
may be used in muffins, bread, griddle
cakes and puddings.
Meat May be served cold, reheat
ed in gravy, chopped , and served on
toast, chopped and mixed with pota
toes, ..or bread, for hash.
Soup Meat-About one-twentieth of
nourishment in meat is drawn out in
making soup. The flavor is also
drawn out, but if more flavor can be
added to the meat it can be used in a
meat pie, stew, hash, mince meat, etc.
Table Waste Only as much should
be prepared as will be eaten.
Vegetables, and Water in Which
They Have Been Cooked Vegetables
may be used for salad and for soup.
Water may be thickened, milk and
seasonings added, and used for soup.
Vegetable water may also be used to
make gravy for roast meat and used
instead of plain water in cooking meat
for stew.
Stale Cake May be steamed and
served with a sauce, as pudding.
Is ona of tha essentiala ta future happiness. RUN NO RISKS. Start right and USE
"TIP BAKING POWDER" first and afl tha time. Cakes baked with this baking powder
took first prise at 1B16 state fair. Satisfaction and quality guaranteed
1-tb. can, 1 6c 5 -lb. can, 64c.
Soma of tha things people need to start
Jelly Armour's pure, glass., a 11c
Apricots 26c, 23c, 16c
Peaches . . . . . 27c, 24c, 12c
Saup Snider's, per can 12c
Campbells or Armour's 13c
Catsup Armour's Small, 13c; Large. .22c
OLIVE OIL Pompaian Brand
Vi gal., $1.58; 1 qt., 66c, 1 pt., 45c;
Vi pint 23c
FISH Sardines, American Oil 6c
Salmon, tall cans. .17c, 19c, 25c
Macaroni, Spaghetti, Noodlea, pkg....8c
Pol (shea Ahinola or 2-irv-l, 6c; 3 for 22c
Peter'a Pasta, a good one 4c
Shinola Home Sets, dauber and polisher
for lie
SUGAR Sack, 100 Iba $0.10
Good tlma to buy for canning fruit.
Spices Big packages 5e
Peppar, good and strong, lb 34c
Matches Headlight, 6c box 3 for. . .13c
COFFEE Independent brand, smooth,
rich flavor and aroma,, steel cut
35c grade. Our price.... 30c
Thrifty Habit, Santos Blend, lb 22c
Economy Brand A leading health flour.
48-lb. sack, at $3.48
24-lb. sack, at $1.76
OUR BUSINESS IS MODERN Are you progressiva or do you believe in tha
old way of high pricea, of free delivery and credit?
Give Ua a Trial Phono Order. , Forty Stores, Omaha and Lincoln
For Wednesday
Dry Picked Roasting Chickens, lb., l9Vtc
Extra Fancy Pig Hams, lb 19Vc
Choice Steer Sirloin Steak, lb 28c
Extra Fancy Veal Round Steak, lb... 30c
Home Made Breakfast Sausaae. lb... 15c
Best Granulated Sugar, II lbs., tor $1.00
All Brands Creamery Butter, lb 41c
8 bars Diamond U aoap ZSc
Walter Baker's Cocoa, in bulk, lb.... 23c
Regular 85c Coffee, while it lasts.,.. 28c
Regular 1 8c Coffee, lb.. '..20c
Navel Oranges, regularly 25c, dot.. 20c
Large Juicy lemons, dozen zuc
Extra fancy Missouri Berries, qt box,
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middle west.
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look llko ona larga
slngla aton.
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ahowjr ring lor tha
loatt nony.
Marvels of Beauty
it $50, 97ft,$100 and
Credit Ttrme, $18
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par Weak.
Tha Loftli Seven Diamond Cluster Ring
has seven fine Diamonds, mounted so as
to look like one single stone. Tha secret
of the rare beauty of this ring lies In the
perfectly matched stones, all ot tha Dia
monds being uniform in size and bril
liancy, thua producing tha appearance of
a large, handsome Solitaire.
Stones mounted in platinum, band of
ring is 14 Karat Solid Gold,
Men's Favorite
767 Men's
Ring, 6 prong
Tooth mount
ing, 14k solid
ECONOMY lies In pur
chasing a GOOD watch
at a low price.
Hare' tha Watch
21 Jewel
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Hampden Watches that
will pass railroad inspec
tion, only
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movement. Adjusted to
temperature, isoeHron
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double strata gold filled
case, guaranteed 25 yra.
Open Daily Till 9 p. in., Saturday Til) 9:30
Call or write for illustrated Catalog No.
603, Phona Douglaa 1444 and salesman
ill call.
Tha National
Credit Jeweler
.PDDAttrft IK 409 S. 16th St,
apaiaaBi vmM vm iom
48-lb. sack, at S3.74
24-lb. aack, at Si 99
5- lb. aack, at SOc
GOLD MEDAL 48-lb. aack $3.78
24-lb. aack, at. a. $1.92
6- lb. sack. at. .. S2c
Why Walt For The Advance.
CHEESE Full Cream Wisconsin, per
lb., at 32c
Best Brick, per lb SOc
BUTTER Best Creamery carton
per lb., at. .. 43e
No. 1 Best Creamery, carton, per
lb., at . .41c
Best Beef Pot Roast, lb . . 20c and 22c
Best Sirloin and Round Steak, per
lb., at 31c, and 33c
Best Neck Bones, lb .8c
Best Fresh Eggs, doien..,. 37c
Sugar Cured Bacon, lb 34c
Sugar Cured Bacon, strips, lb 32c
Crisco 41c, 82c, $1.64
B utter ine A pure, wholesome diet.
Best Tip, colored, lb 28c
Tip, white, lb 27c
Cash Habit, lb' 26c
Magnolia, a 2-lb. roll for 41c
While you compare prices also
notice quality of our meats Quality
first with us.
Home Made Werners or Frankfurters,
per lb., at niC
Choice Steer Boiling Beef, lb. ...... .15c
Fancy Brick Cheese, lb 26c
namo oncea nneappje, special, 2 cans
for 4., .25c
Golden Wax Beans, 2 cans for.. 2Bc
Good Peas, 8 cans for 28c
Kidney or Chili Beans, per lb 16c
(arge Summer Squash, S for ....lie
Green Onions, 3 bunches for 5c
Extra Fancy New Cabbage, lb 5C
Yellow Dried Onions, lb Sc
Extra Fancy Leaf Lettuce, 8 large
bunches for gc
Rhubarb, t large bunches for. .....5c
Large Cucumbers, each. 10c; 8 for... 25c
Ice Cream Suadaea and Sodas always 5c
svitiili c vicniu, vrr pint IRe