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Attorney General Serves Notice
Upon Agitators and Traitors
Captain Has Busy Time Keep
ing Some of the Omaha
High School Boys in
jilmore, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) Running the guard, cap
turing bull snakes, wrestling and base
ball occupied most of the time of the
Omaha Central High school cadets
encamped here.
Company I, in charge of Captain
Frank Hamilton- had a busy night
keeping the cadets in camp. Many
attempts were made to run the guard
and this morning the guard tent was
full of cadets.
The camp was awakened shortly
after midnight by a number of town
boys, who tried to make their way
into the camp. The guard had diffi
culty in keeping the invaders out.
Major Owen of the First battalion
made a flying tackle at the ringleader.
He was captured and placed in the
guard house.
Richard Smith, sergeant. Company
F, received a gash in the forehead in
a scuffle with another cadet. He was
attended to by Dr. Weigand of the
University of Nebraska, who accom
panied the cadets.
The cadets were awakened at 5:30
this morning. Setting up exercises
were given before mess. Company,
battalion and regiment drill followed.
Company H, in command of James
Williamson, will do guard duty to
night. An extra company is to be
held in reserve for emergencies.
Company streets and tents were in
spected this morning.
Many Acres of Corn
, Washed Out by Rain
Fremont, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) Hundreds of acres of
corn will have to be replanted in this
vicinity as the result of damage done
by the rainstorm of Sunday night and
Monday morning. The total rainfall
at Fremont was 2.40 inches. In the
hilly districts the corn was washed
out and on the lowlands it was cover
ed up.
The Northwestern track near
Howells was washed out for a dis
tance of several hundred feet. The
Burlington line was washed out be
tween Lyons and Rosalie.
Draft Keeps' Nebraska
Defense Council Busy
(From a Staff Correspondent.!
Lincoln, June 5. (Special.) While
many places of business were closed
today, the State Council of Defense
was a busy place. Commissioner
George Hoagland and a stenographer
were busy and Secretary Henry Rich
mond was doing things in his usual
energetic manner when newspaper
men called.
The secretary was kept busy all
day and last night until nearly mid
night answering long distance tele
phone calls regarding registration.
Plan Thorough Canvass
Of Dodge for War Bonds
Fremont, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) At a, meeting of Dodge
county' bankers at the Commercial
club rooms Monday afternoon it was
decided to form a permanent organ
ization among the banks of the county
for prosecuting the sale of Liberty
loan bonds. A meeting for that pur
pose will be held at Hooper, Tuesday
evening, June 12. It is planned to
make a smytematic canvass of the
rural districts for the sale of the
bonds among farmers.
Lincoln, June 5. An able-bodied
man who, in these days of war, fails
to perform work of some kind is
guilty of an act of treason in that he
gives aid and comfort to the enemy.
in the opinion oi Attorney Oeneral
Willis E. Reed.
It makes no difference if the man
has refused to work for a number of
ears," sai. .... attorney general, re
ferring to industrial agitators and
men who are constitutionally opposed
to physical exertion of any kind. "It
is treason to tail in Helping niaKe me
nation ready; it is treason to destroy
food, for that would give aid and com
fort to the enemy; for the same rea
son it is treason to cause strikes.
There may be disagreement about
this, but it will be the poli-y upon
which this department w.,1 proceed."
Attorney General Keed said he nail
heard vague rumors of. plans to de-
(Continued From Pace One.)
Nearly Full Amount of
Y. M. C. A. Fund Raised
Fremont, Neb., June 5. (Special
Teleeram.) The total amount raised
by the East Central Nebraska Young
Men's Christian Association War
Work council to' date is $3,400. This
district was assigned the task oi se
curing $4,000
Money for Jewish Relief
Raised at Fremont Wedding
Fremont, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) At the wedding of Max
Trochtenberg and Miss Jennie Kavich
Sunday evening $347 was raised for
Jewish relief work in isurone. rrot.
Rees of the Omaha Central High
school was the principal speaker.
Former Fremont Man to France.
Fremont, Neb., June 5. (Special
Jelegram.) William Johnson. lor
merly engaged in the theater busi
ness in Fremont, will be a member
of the first body of. troops Uncle
Sam will send to Europe. Johnson
has enlisted as a chauffeur in the first
reserve engineers of New York. John
son's company has been called to re
port at fort lotten. N. x- and or
ders for sailing are expected within
a short time. I he company is com
posed of mechanics and engineers.
Three Madison Marriages.
Madison, Neb., June S. (Special.)
Marriage licenses were issued today
to James W. Robertson, son of D. K.
Robertson, and Miss Mildred F. Wil
son, one of Madison's popular school
teachers. Also to Nicholas John Did
ier and Nellie Matilda Spear, both of
White River. S. D., and to Henrv
Kanzler of Norfolk and Florence Vel-
da McWhortef of Battle Creek.
Wayne Bootlegger in Jail
Wayne, Neb., June 5. (Special.)
John Wright was arrested charged
with unlawful possession of liquor
?nd with intoxication. .He was tried
in the county court and found guilty
and fined $100 on one count and $25
on another, together with costs. He
was placed in jail until all is paid.
New Pastor at Avoca.
.Avoca, Neb., June 5. Special.)
Rev. ohn Uezoni ot Kansas has ac
cepted the pastorate of the Christian
church here.
Obituary Notes
JAMES O'LOCGHLIN. one of the
earliest Reuters ot Pawnee county, died
at the home of his daughter, Mrs. E.
N. Carter, at Pawnee City, Monday.
Funeral services will be held Wednes'
day and Interment made In DuBois
cemetery. Mr. O'Loughlln came to
Pawnee county in 1864 and had lived
there continuously since that time. He
was the first white man to set foot
upon the present townsite of Pawnee
City and hie was the first marriage
ceremony performed In Pawnee
stroy crops in Nebraska ami to fo
ment labor trouble in industrial estab
lishments. "We have no evidence of anything
like this," he said. "But we are act
ing upon the supposition it is better
to guard the bam than to lock the
door after the horse has been stolen.
We are letting agitators and traitors
know just where we stand."
The attorney general supplemented
his statement with the assertion that
men who will not be called to war un
der the draft provision of selective
conscription should stand ready and
willing to make whatever sacrifice
should be demanded "to the last drop
of their blood and to the last dollar
they own."
"For this war is for the nation and
all the people of the nation," he said.
"It is for humanity, and no sacrifice
is too great to make that it may be
won." v
out rounds of applause along trrc fine.
One banner inscribed, the UreeKs
are for the United States first, last
and all the time." heading a small
army of about 500 of that nationality,
also brought out much hand-clapping,
while a short distance back ot tnem
another banner, "Japanese boys. We
are for Uncle Sam, who are you far,"
headed a little group ot those men. A
delegation of about 100 Germans afso
drew a loud hand.
The musicians union band, headed
the line with an auto carrying Gov
ernor Neville and Mayor Miller, fol
lowed. A detachment of cavalry and
company of National Guardsmen
and a battery formed other interest
ing parts of the parade, the rest be
ing made up of old soldiers, veterans
of the Spanish-American war, school
children, nurses, patriotic societies
and others.
Rain Prevents Parade.
Lexington. Neb.. June 5. (Special
Telegram.) Rain prevented the
parade that had been planned tor tms
afternoon. The Majestic theater was
packed to capacity, and a program
was given. Music was furnished by
the Lexington band and the male
quartet. Speakers were Judge H. M.
Grimes, Judge J. J. Halligan of North
Platte, and Judge xl. M. Sullivan ot
Broken Bow.
Civil war veterans were on the
platform, also the young men that be
long to Company L, and ot the Ne
braska National Guards. Two thou
sand young men registered in Daw
son county today.
Quick Work in Kearney.
Kearney, Neb., June 5. TSpecial.)
A feature of the registration in
Kearney was the apparent eagerness
of the men within the age limit to
When the polling places opened at
7 o'clock, a score or more young men
were to be found at each place. OverN
500 were enrolled by 6 o clock this
evening in the four wards and it is
believed 600 will be reached, There
were no registrations of aliens here
and but few foreign born Americans.
United States Deputy Marshal Lin
coln said that no trouble was reported
from any precinct in the county and
none anticipated.
Jefferson Men Register.
Fairburv. Neb.. Tune-5. (Special
Telegram.) Notwithstanding Jeffer-
sons population is largely oerman
and Fairbury one of the largest towns
in southern Nebraska, Sheriff Rawles
reported no trouble. Every register
ing point reported a good turn out.
One floater hailing from Harrison
county, South Dakota, was tackled
hv nolice. he claimed he had regis
tered with the county clerk of Re
public county, Kansas, giving his
name as Albert Beukleman. The
county clerk at Beleville was called
over the wire and confirmed nis story.
Rush at North Platte.
North Platte, Neb., June 5. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Opening the regis
tration booths here this morning was
announced by whistles, whicn were
blown at every hour during tne day.
Applicants were at the booths before
the appointed hour and a constant
stream of young men waited their
utrn. There were two registrars at
each of the four booths and after the
men had registered a committee of
essary to have extra ones printed.
There was no disorder of any kind
and no cases of slackers reported. It is
estimated from the present figures
that the registration will be fully 1,000
by closing time.
All Quiet In Hastings.
Hastings, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram. J Men were waiting at
every station when the registreds be
gan their work this morning. Reports
from over the city and Adams county
indicated heavy registration and an
utter lack of anti-draft demonstra-tions-of
any kind.
On the basis of the estimated regis
tration for ' the country, Hastings
alone will enroll between 1,100 and
1,200. A long patriotic parade was
held this afternoon and tonight a war
mass meeting took place in the opera
house. M. L. Corey of the Utnehe
Federal Farm Loan bank spoke on
"America's Part in the World War."
A half holiday was declared for the
city, the day being also observed as
Liberty bond day.
Quiet In York.
York, Neb.. June 5. (Special Tele
gram. wgistration day was very
quiet in this city and county. The
Commercial club, with the York band
and seventy-five members arid their
wives in automobiles, toured the
county, visiting every registration
district. At 7:30 o'clock p. m., regis
tration in this city was as follows:
First ward, 104; Second ward, 109;
Ihird wfd, 100, and lutrh ward, 70.
Start Early at Alliance.
Alliance, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) Although under a nail
of gloom this morning, caused by the
funeral of its prominerrt citizen,
Charles H. 'fully, Alliance started
registration of its sons early.
There seemed to be a desire on the
part of those required to register to
be among the first to answer the ques
tions and secure registration cards.
The Burlington granted to its em
ployes all the time they wished in
which to register, foreigners being
accompanied to the booths by their
At noon every business house
four women pinned bands of khaki on
their sleeves. These badges were
worn throughout the day and at the
military bail held at Lloyds opera
house this evening by Company E.
All business houses and public offices
closed and a dinner was served in the
Independent Order of Odd Fellow's
hall by the Daughters of the Ameri
can revolution for the registered men.
The total registration at 6 o'clock
was 700.
Flag Raising at Harvard.
Harvard, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) A sixty-five-foot mu
nicipal flag pole was dedicated and a
flag was raised here this afternoon.
Two hundred and fifty school chil
dren sang songs. The Grand Army
of the Republic dedicated the pole.
The flag was raised by a son of a
veteran, unfurled by a grandson of a
veteran. Music was by the Com
munity club band. Rev. J. J. Lang
ston made a patriotic address. Regis
tration proceeded in a lively manner
during the day.
Kush in scottsblutt.
Scottsbluff, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) Large crowds of young
men were waiting at two polling
places in this citv when registration
opened at 7 o'clock this morning. The
rush kept up practically the entire
day. It was found necessary to in
crease the number of registrars at
one polling place to eight men to care
for the excess rush. The supply of
certmcstes ran oui during tne alter- The m M i( ,h ,
nnnn anH tti rcristrarc fntinrt ,f mec. I .. . . . J
- " :" ""inception they had received on the en
closed and Alliance citizens gathered
at the square, and, accompanied by
the band, sang patriotic songs, Mayor
Rousey and other prominent citizens
addressing the crowd.
Registration in the three wards in
Alliance will reach 500. This does
not include members of Compang G.
about 100, who are not required to
Speeches, at Superior,
Superior, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) The employes of the
Northwestern roundhouse had exer
cises during which they raised a new
flag this' forenoon. Lieutenant Gov
ernor Howard, Rev. Mr. Hamilton
and W. F. Muck made short speeches
to a good sized crowd. Lieutenant
Governor Howard addressed a meet
ing of citizens this afterntoon at the
city park, speaking on the issues now
confronting the nation.
Norman Says Old Men
Should Run Elevators
Lincoln, June 5. (Special.) Fre
quent inquiries coming to Labor Com
missioner George Norman from Oma
ha about working girls in the eleva
tors of that city taking the places ot
men who have enlisted or who may be
called to service, led the commissioner
to declare he believes there are plenty
of men over the war age limit who
could be placed in charge of these
elevators, men who are perhaps not
physically able to do hard manual
"I do not believe that an elevator is
the right place for a girl," said he to
The Bee this morning. "I would pre
fer that the old men be given these
jobs in most instances, at least. There
may be places where it might be all
right for a woman to work the ele
vators, but I hardly feel that gen
erally speaking it is the right place
for them."
Fairbury Greets Marines
En Route for the East
Fairbury, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) A rousing reception was
given JUU marines en route from fu
get Sound, Wash., to the Atlantic
coast, at noon today, when the special
train pulled into the Rock Island sta
tion here.
The Fairoury band greeted the ar
rival of the soldier train as it pulled
into the station. A thousand civil
ians greeted the marines as they un
loaded. The Red Cross members were
on deck and the boys in blue were
treated to sandwiches and milk. Mag
azines and papers were generously
Here is a patriotic Busy Bee
whose grandfather, Ben Rcinschreiber,
bought her a Liberty Bond yesterday.
tire route from Washington. After
a fifteen-minute stop the train pulled
out for the east.
Wealthy Farmer Subscribes
For $10,000 Liberty Bonds
Fremont, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) Patrons of Fremont
banks have subscribed $125,000 to the
Liberty loan bond issue since the cer
tificates were placed on sale. Fremont
bands subscribed $250,000 when the
government first issued the call and
probable will take more. A wealthy
farmer from Cedar Bluffs vicinity,
whose name has been withheld, sub
scribed $10,000 to the fund.
Randolph,- Neb., June 5. (Special.)
Eugene B. Stewart and Miss Eliza
beth Mickey were married at the
home of the bride s mother at Univer
sity Flace' by Rev. K A. High, a
former pastor here. The bride is
daughter of ex-Governor Mickey.
They will make their home here,
where Mr. Stewart is . employed as
bookkeeper in the Security bank.
Farmer Trampled by Bull.
Anselmo, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) limothy Roberts, a
prorpinent farrner, near New Helena,
was attacked by a vicious bull today,
while fixing a fance. The animal
threw him down and trampled on
him, breaking one leg and one shoul
der and otherwise injuring him.
Soldiers' Home Notes
Grind Tsand, Neb.. June S. Sperlel.)-
Mr. Blair. In room 17 of tha dormitory. In
reported to be very sick end relative at I
distance have been notified.
Mrs. Gard baa returned from Red Cloud,
where she has been on a vlalt.
Mra. Bpurllne left for Omaha today on an
extended furlough.
Mr. Chults of room lfl of the dormitory
la reported to be quite aiek and his relatives
at a distance havev been nottned.
Mra. Thomas .lefferaon, who has apart,
menti In. the dormitory, la Indisposed.
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Funnel-Shaped Cloud
Causes Fright in Pierre
Pierre, S. D.. June 5. (Special Tel
egram.) With a dash oi ram and hail
east of this city this evening, a unci
shaped cloud was formed and watched
by many, both of this city jud east
of here.
The funnel was high in the air as
seen from here and so far nothing can
be learned of any damage, though
heavy hail is reported east of here.
Bee Want-Ads" Produce Results.
Men Who Register Are
Still Free to Enlist
(From a Staff Correapondent.)
Lincoln. Itine 5. (Special.) Men
who register today under the federal
registration may enlist in either the
National Iniard or the regular army
at any time up to the dale the federal
draft will require them to enlist, ac
cording lo Adjutant Genera! Hall.
The date of the draft has not been
Work on organization' of the Sixth
infantry regiment will begin at once
and this will give the men who
register today a chance to get ill
without having lo wait until the gov
ernment make the official draft.
The licld hospital with seventy
three men is now equipped to war
strength and ready for business, as is
also the medical corps with fourteen
doctors, the sanitary corps with sixty-
six men, and the signal carps with
seventy-live men.
The Bloom of
Berries in your chtjeks
you can get it by cutting
out the heavy, expensive
foods of Winter that clog
the liver and burden the,
kidneys. Here is a dish that;
will clear the skin and give
you the bounding buoyancy'
of youth-Shredded Wheat
and Strawberries. All the
body building material in
the whole wheat grain,'
combined with berries or
other fruits.
Fairbury Gives Welcome
To Marines on Way East
Fairbury, Neb., June 5. (Special
Telegraifl.) A rousing reception was
(riven 300 marines en route from
Puget Sound, Wash., to the Atlantic'
coast at noon today when a special
train pulled into the Rock Island sta
tion here. The train was en route to
Omaha. The Fairbury band greeted
the arrival of the soldier train. A
thousand civilians clamored about the
marines as they unloaded. Red Cross
members were on deck and the hoys
in blue were treated to sandwiches
and milk. Magazine! and papers
were generously distributed. The
marines said it was the first and only
reception they had received on the
entire trip from Washington.
Three Webster City Units
Now at Full Strength
Webster City., Ia., June 5. (Special
Telegram.) At noon today, Company
C, Ihe supply company, and the Sec
ond regiment band, Webster City's
three military organizations, were en
listed up to full war strength and en
listments are now being taken here
for Company 1 of Ames. John Kn
ple, sr., of Boone. leader of the well
known Epple tjrehestra, has enlisted
in the band and will go as its leader.
Registration is going forward quietly
and thoroughly today all over Hamil
ton county.
.Made at Niagara Falls, N. Y.,
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Ladies' very small bracelet watch, size 10 Mi
ligne, 7 jeweled lever movement in a 20-year
gold filled bracelet and case, regular dQ QQ
$12.50 value, special POal70
15- jewel watch, same as above, $ J Q 98
16- jcwel, lO'i ligne, solid gold case d O Pfl
and bracelet, special PlOeOU
Solid gold Lavalliers, very beautiful designs with
heavy solid gold chains, special, - 0 QQ
at VAsead
16-size flew York standard movement, 7-jewel,
guaranteed time pieces and solid nickel flJO C A
case, special, at POeOVJ
12-size, 7-jewel standard watches in open face
gold filled cases, guaranteed for 20 years. A
line time piece which we guarantee
and recommend, at
Men's Watches
14 -Carat perfect diamond cut stones, in solid gold
Tiffany mounting, regular $37.00 . dJOC A A
values, special, at . . aPa&OaUU
-Carat diamond, pure white perfect stones, in
solid gold Tiffany mountings, regu- &CO A A
lar price $75.00, special, at .... Oas.UU
1-10 Carat pure white Diamonds, in solid gold
fancy mountings, regular $16.00 . . AO
value, special at .' P aaO
Men's Gold Handle Pocket Knives, l-20th rolled
gold plate stock, hand engraved and with fine
Sheffield Bteel blades, exceptional i fc 1 A A
value, at J 1 vU
Men's Solid Gold . Waldemar .chains, all styles,
worth $7.00 to ttJ JO nd QQ
$10.00, special, at. $s3.0a7 P't.UO
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