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    THE OMAHA SUNDAY BKti: MAY 27. 1917.
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War Department Issues Ab
stract of Instructions to
Men Who Are Liable
to Draft. .
Washington, May 26. In its cam
paign to stimulate interest in regii
tralion, June 5, for the war rmy, the
War department today issued a
memorandum emphasizing the seven
cardinal points to be remembered,
particularly by men between the ages
of 21 and JO, inclusive, who Will be
required to register, The memoran
dum follows:
1. There is only one day for regis
trationJune 5, 1917.
2. Every male resident of the
United States, who has reached his
twenty first and has not reached his
thirty-first birthday, must register on
the day set, June 5, 1917. The Only
exceptions are persons in the military
or naval service of the United States,
which includes all officers and en
listed men of the regular army, the
regular army reserve, the officers' re
serve corps, the enlisted reserve
corps, the National Guard and Na
tional Guard reserve, recognized by
the militia bureau of the War depart
ment; the ftavy, the marine corps, the
coast guard and the naval militia, the
naval reserve foce; the marine corps
reserve and the national volunteers,
recognized by the Navy department.
Registration is Not Draft.
3. Registration is distinct from
draft. No matter what just claim
you have for exemption you must
register. '
4. Registration is a public duty. For
those not responsive to the sense of
this duty, the penalty of imprison
ment, not fine, is provided in the
draft act.
5. Those who through sickness shall
be unable to register should cause a
representative to apply lo the regis
trar of his home district for a regis
tration card. The clerk will give in
structions as to how this .card should
be filled out. The card should then be
mailed by the sick person or delivered
by his agent, to the registrar of his
voting precinct The sick person will
enclose a self-addressed stamped en
velope : for the ' return to him of his
registration certificate.
. Absent From Home.
6. Any person' who expects to be
absent from his voting precinct on
registration day should apply as soon
as practicable for a registration card
to the county clerk of the county
where he may be stopping, or if he
lives in a city of over 30,000, to the
city clerk. The clerk will record the
answers on the card and turn It over
to the absentee. The abstntee Should
mall this card to the registrar of his
home district so that it will teach that
official by registration day. A self
addressed, atamped envelop ahould
be enclosed with the card to insure
the return to the absentee of a regis
tration certificate.
7. Registration booths will be open
from 7 a. m. to 9 p. m. on registration
day, June S, 1917.
An Inrnlatlbte Call.
Hutda, tha Bwodlah maid, had ra nr
mlsirecs faithfully for a year, when ana
tlay aha- announces her Intention -ol..lea.
'""'Why, Hulda, what U tha matter la
tlifl work too hard? Or don't you Hke the
wtilfee?" ' ' "
"be work he be aJ! tight, an', de YageS he
be, toe, but de beau he mooat have me."
Minneapolis Tribune.
War Bride" Goes to Fort Snelling Camp
With Gallant Young Omaha Guardsman
Where to Go Decoration Day
Oliver B. Holmes of Omaha, ser
geant of Company A, Fourth Ne
braska National Guard, was one of
the guardsmen appointed to the Fort
Snelling training camp for officers.
He will take his "war bride" with
Sergeant Holmes goes to Fort
Snelling as a drill sergeant, but he
also will take the course of training
given- the reservists, and when the
period is over will be commissioned.
Holmes first heard the call to the
colors last June when the Mexican
border trouble arose. He was among
the first Omahana to enlist in the Ne
braska guard when the call for mora
men was issued. He served on the
border in Captain Harris' regiment.
He Was mustered out of service
upon the return of the guardsmen,
but when the second, call for Volun
teer was made -this spring Holmes
immediately re-enlisted. He was ap
pointed a corporal and shortly after
wards promoted' to asefgeancy.
Sergeant Holmes was married Abril
8 to Miss Janet RasmuSsen. The
original date for the wedding was
June IS, but the call to arms resulted
in advancement of the date.
'J M
Washington Officials at Loss
to Know How Germans
round Ont About
-Washington, May 26. Official in
vestigation was under wajr today to
uncover whether the leak on the
sailing of American destroyers to the
war zone was on this side of the At
lantic or whether German spies got
it in Enghnd.
Admiral Sims has positively re
ported that the German admiralty
knew of the departure of the ships and
their port cf arrival four days ahead
of time and had opportunity to mine
their path.
Some navy officials are inclined to
suspect the German spy system in
England, despite the statement of
Secretary Daniels, that the incident
emphasized the fact that the German
spy system still is at work in this
country. It the info mation was sent
from the United States it was made
doubly difficult because it had to pass
the official censorship.
It was stated officially today that
only a few officers in the office of
Admiral Benson, chief of operations,
knew the destination of 'the destroy
ers. The commanders themselves
were Ignorant of the port until they
opened sealed orders probably twelve
hours at sea.
A Den pirate Cbm,
'T)hT," W the fond mother, "I must
puilflh you for disobeying my orders."
"Pleas, ma," said the little boy, "may I
go t my room first?" ,- . .
tronsented the parent, and she rtd
ilously followed her ftrst-bojti Upstairs. There
Robert was kneeling by his bed, and his
mother heard him say:
"Dear Lord, if ' You evttr wanted to help
a little fellow . la .rotable, now' ,Tour
change." $
The Whipping was. IMeflnltely postponed
New York Times.
I, ' , I ' a j
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Court Holds Sunday Closing
Interferes With Work of
Necessity and Dismisses
460 Under Arrest.
Police Judge Gapell of Council
Bluffs has ruled picture shows, drug
stores, ice men and confectioneries
are a necessity Jo the people of the
present age and to close them on
Sunday would be a "slap at civiliza
tion." The court dismissed all cases
against 400 persons arrested last Sun
day fijr alleged violations of the seventy-year-old
. Sunday Iowa "blue
Judge Capell's ruling means that
merchants of Council Bluffs will not
be interfered with if they want to
keep their places open today and suc
ceeding Sundays.
In regard to movies Judge Capell
said :
"The picture shows are highly edu
cational, instructive and conductive of
good morals. They engender high
degree of patriotism, provide for the
enlightment, ehtertaiftment and uplift
of men and to close them on Sunday
would deprive the laboring man and
family -of the right to enjoy these
privileges. .
"It is therefore held that under our
present system and standard of civi-
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lization moving picture shows are a
As to the icejnan, the court ruled
that a great deal of food would spoil
and damage result if they were kept
from their work Sunday.
Indue Canell discharaed all of the
defendants, holding that the work for
which they were arrested was m eacn
case "one of necessity."
In his ruling the court stated that
"the laws enacted in 1855 no longer
fit present conditions of modern civi
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ing Work You Should Not Do,
For You Cannot Do It
So Economically At
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l-v . a :rt-o-T mf mm i i j m
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The prevailing Idea ot conservation
and sensible economy la all right, but
there are many Jobs that can be dona
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your home.
Take, for instance, in cleaning
work: vou cannot begin to do it as
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press, dye, re-model or re-styla your
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have Dreshera take your old fe't or
straw hats and clean, block and re
trim them.
And when It comes, to rug, carpet,
curtain, comfort, .blanket or pillow
. 1.. 1 i , u .
Cleaning, you are snupiy nuv m m
race. It will cost you more to "call in
a man" to do this work than to have
nre.hera' exnerta and - Dreshera'
equipment do it for you. If as far as
the calibre of work done, here is proof
that you cannot do it so well as Dresn
ers your old style "beating" doesn't
begin to clean a rug. Just have your
dirtiest rue hand beaten j work at it
ten hours if you like; keep pounding
and pounding; then when you con
sider it clean let Dresners clean it
over. When Dreshera ret through you
will see a pile of dirt, grease, soil,
etc., that came out of the rug, to say
nothing of germs that one cannot see.
Start practicing economy the true
way send your work to Dreshera'
immense plant at 2211-2217 Farnam
atreet. Phone Tvler 34S for a man.
or leave work at the plant, at Dresner
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Rureess-Nash or Brandeis Stores.
Dreshera pay express or parcel post
charges one way On any sized bundle
to any point in America. aov.
Signed and sealed bids will be re
ceived by W. W. Wyckoff, Secretary
of the Board of Education of the
School District of York, Nebraska,
up till Thursday noon, June 7th, 1917,
for the erection and construction of
8 new school buildings at 'York. Ne
braska, according to the plans and
specifications prepared by Berling
hof A Davis,, architects, and on file
with the Secretary of the Board.
Separate bids will be received for
heating, plumbing and electric work,
Flans and specifications may be
seen at the office of Berlinghof &
Davis, architects, 414 Security Mutual
Life Building, Lincoln, Nebraska, and
at office of Secretary. Contractors de
airing plans and specifications for
, their individual use may obtain one
set from the architect! on making a
deposit of twenty-five dollars (2E)
which will be returned in case i
regular bid is filed, and plans and
specifications returned in good condi
tion on or before the date of receiv
ing bid.
Each bid to be considered must be
accompanied, as evidence of good
faith, by a certified check of five per
cent of the amount of the bid, made
payable to W. W. Wyckoff, Secre.
The Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
By order of the Beard of Educa
H. S. King, Pres.
W. W. Wyckoff, Secretary.
Berlinghof & Davis, Arch.
o l o
1 1 ii u
Tu Liu IA1
Special Numbers By the Band Today and
YOU NEED RECREATION After the winter in the city you
owe it to yourself to seek recreation. Manawa Park, more
beautiful than ever; fitted with up-to-the-minute attrac
tions and service that would be a credit to any city of the
country, is the ideal outing place for Omaha, Council
Bluffs and vicinity.
GREEN'S BIG BAND will play every evening, with matinees
every Sunday and holiday. Special patriotic numbers are
announced for today and Decoration Day the first holi
day of the season.
TrlE NEW CAFETERIA plan is used in th lake
side dining pavilion this year. An expert ia
in eharge of the big. new soda fountains.
You can get a delightful luncheon or re
freshments at a very reasonable cost.
NEW MANAGEMENT is In charge of th lake
this season. "We will try te see HOW MUCH
we can give for the money, not HOW LIT
TLE," says Manager C. I. Palm.
COURTESY AND SERVICE are assured guests
at the park this season. Try it today and see
what a splendid time fox'l have.
NATURAL BEAUTY Great effort and much
money put in flowers ami landscape garden
ing, and the new color scheme of green and
white make Manawa Fark more beautiful
than ever this season.
CHILDREN will be the special guests of the part this ; year. Free swing! .slides JJMj
ladders ana otner piay devices, wim raruiui um ...
OLESON'S ORCHESTRA plays in the big open
air dance pavilion.
FREE MOTION PICTURES are shown every
NEW ATTRACTIONS vie with the old ones, en
larged and improved for the biggest season
of Manawa Park's history.
PLAN A PICNIC in the beautiful grove. New
cooking and other facilities have been added.
, Telephone 947 to Inquire about picnic ac
comodations or other information.
GO BOATING OR FISHING. How boats, fishing
poles for rent. The Manawa fleet of launches
makes regular trips. The lake has a high
stage of water this year and is beautiful for
boating. The fish are biting fine. Many gooi"
catcnes oi pass ana crappie are reporieu.
for the children to use.
FARE From Omaha, 10 cents. (Get children's 15c round-trip tickets from conductors on Manawa
Cars). From Council Bluffs, 5 Cents. '
Street Car Service to Cemeteries
Memorial Day-May 30
After 9 A. M.' all Florence cars, in addition
to Forest Lawn cars, will run direct to the ceme
tery. The service will be every eight minutes.
(Passengers to Florence will please transfer at'
30th and Briggs Streets.)
To reach this cemetery, take a Harney and
North 33d Streetcar. This service will be every
five minutes.
Take West Leavenworth car and transfer at
48th Street to Center Street line. Ten-minute ser
vice on Center line from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M.
Take crosstown car to southern terminus,
44th and "L". Entrance to cemetery is one block
south. Service every ten minutes.
, To reach this cemetery, take West Leaven
worth car. Service every five minutes.
Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway Company