Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 27, 1917, SOCIETY, Image 15

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UIRIDES! and everybody interested
in brides attention I The Bnde'i
windows with an array of bridal fin-
ery which Thompson-Belden's un-
veiled last Thursday brought forth
ejaculations of delight from passers
by. Just to gaze at these visions of
loveliness made a girl's heart flutter
with expectation. There was the
bride radiantly gowned in white satin
with rich pearl trimmings and cloth
of silver her long flowing tulle veil
... u, . ..... .. ....
bon and pearls. The little flower girl,
too, in a crisp organdy frock earned
an airy basket of tulle filled with
white sweet peas. There were Fe-
gode negligees and silk undergar-
raents, marvelous in their exquisite-
ncss; satin corsets, too; pretty silken
hosiery and white slippers, white
Maribou neckpieces, Ostrich feather
fans and wondrous gifts of linen in
Madeira and Mosaic embroidered
pieces, sucn a least ror tne eyes aa
Thompson-Belden's offered this week
Such a feast for the eyes as
and such splendid tips to the brides-
Ostrich fans are lovely gifts for
brides, bridesmaids or the Sweet Girl
T'HE oalriotic spirit abroad now
J- will make ns all want to lav of
will maKjC us an wain iu '.j
. . , . . - ,
Tl ,Tnf S,frhn 1 ve en
011 the graves of those who have en-
dowed us with earth's richest
tage, "Our own land of the free, see
inn. . - Z nZr flower. Lee"
1'0?u"k. L"d. iiu tel? h.
E. . . .
VER so many women know and
are telling other women that they
like the idea of shopping UPTOWN.
away from the noise and jostle of
crowds I say this confidently, be-
cause hey have told m : to. It is
fascinating to see how rapidly F. W.
s ncere in their manne ! towar" I cus-
S . 'fmwa t to Tee some
oirticu arlv charming hot-weather
particuiariy cnarming noi n
frocks, you 11 nna some mere inat
are prettier than most imaginations
i,mVnrfnlL- f.
fects of Diaue. gabardines and 'linen:
little short-waisted sports dresses of
striped material, artistic voile dresses
with touches of fine hand-embroidery,
Make a point to see them for your
self this week. ,
Organdie 1 cuffs and collars are
pretty with the summer dress.
INTO that pretty shop of La
mond's, 2d Floor of the Rose
Bldg., have come tripping the New
Fashions of Summertime and they
are simply "delicious" really, no
other word seems to fit so well. Yes,
veritable tid-bits are these dainty
Georgette frocks. One in a delicate
n.APR..t. I In in m rif.!tralp
"hnrna'i I nfninn hl,n HamaTTl J 01
5. .... f, f,;c,nH I h,. you could have Seen all the
neve 1 ve aiscoverea ine secret 11 ."((c t...
camisole had a high waist effect and ' ' that women will have to assume rare and very lovely), carved pink
graceful panniers it was handsomely now that men are leaving for War ivory rose pendant chain, dainty em
Braided with green soutache and black Camps, it will be quite necessary for broidered Japanese silk fans, Satsuma
and silver thread 'Twas displayed in them to have their feet in good con- and Cloisonne boudoir vases and ex
the window and if you saw it I know dition. Miss Johnston, Comfort quisite party bags. FOR HIM Cuff
you almost 'broke the tenth command- Shop, Rose Bldg., by her gentle foot links, stick-pins and cigaret cases of
ment now didn't you? , There are massage and careful chiropody, "pre- Damascene ware. You couldn't fail
others in blue rose. Dink and white pares" the feet for more strenuous to please HER or HIM if the gift
that are iust as captivating and would
be lovely daytime frocks for Brides.
- . ..
TT MUST have been a kindly inten-
tinned little bird that whisbered a
son & Thome's that girls and women
inclined to be very slender need fluf-
. fnr h (or he. as the ease
be) secured several dainty
r. ..... Mnc.. .nit .n,HIn
pleated frilly effects. White wash
satin collar and cuffs add tremend-
ously to their becomingness. They're
priced $7.95, and come in shades of
aeiicaic coral pillK, uiamcusc anu
BEADS I Did you ever see anything
like the vogue there is for them
like the vogue there is lor tnem
Just now? At The Alia Shop,' 207 S.
18th, there is a wonderful display of
these fascinating fripperies. Vari
colored Venetian and French beads
in all manner of stringing some with
disc and ball pendants, Mandarin
beads and quaintly carved wood
beads. Among the curious ones are
India prayer beads, and beads sym-
of fhe dual nature of man.
You'll be strangely interested in
What kiddie doesn't love "Peter
Rabbit" these days? Why, he's just
as much a friend to tnm as "Cinder-
ella" or "Red Riding Hood, was
when "once upon a time" I was a
Jittle girl myself. "Peter" and his wife
A little winged sprite
Is abroad in our town
It must be 'tis Cupid himself
For many a bride-to-be
Trips up and down
In search of sweet lingerie
House frock andhosierf
Tea dress or gown
Sweet taffeta hats and
Organdie too
Chic boots for summer
And party bags "new,,
The Bride of to-day
Is a sensible Mm
The motive before her
She'll tell you is this
"To keep on a' going
The regular way
If you are a bride-to-be and live
out of town, don't tire yourself
alt out worrying about your trous
seau. I'm in and out of the shops
every day and can so easily save
you much time, worry and expense
by careful attention to your wants.
Clip these items or send list of
your desires and let me buy them
for you. The stores send goods
C. O. D.
Omaha Bee
, TYLER 1000 (PHONE)
u a .. f .. u mnA .r.
now ra.bbit dolls, all dressed up in
t,t cutest clothes you ever saw, and
they are waiting in one of our stores
for somt little boy or girl to come
anj ciajm them.
:.kk; .11 ;
to describe
" HAT I If you did you know the orth . WOO $12.00 is self
difficulty of the task, particularly if ing for $5 and include white, ivory
they are such exquisite affairs as nd cream kids and some stylish com-
,hop Drahos.Lutrig 1764 Douglas.
shown at that pretty little nat
Summery hats of sott Ueorgette ana
iok!nB one, of taffeta.
Tj1se miterjaig ae highly favored
n0Hn millinery and much in demand
n our smart Set
rft,.,, , . ..' . . n. ,
I Hp advl being sent to Panto-
, riu'n Customers this Spring Could
b M"d Profitably by every reader of
these columns. Here it js: We wish
' this time to urge all our patrons to
l,r. wn,ter. garments Dry
- ""'' T " '
; , r- l
If left th ' box m
tee no moths Will bother them. It
coats no more to have them cleaned
now than it will next Fall, and they
will be ready the minute you want
them when the cool weather comes."
bridal gift should be se-
witli deliberation and
. r ,. i .
tnniiffhtiulness. Orchard I
Orchard & Wilhelm's
Gift Shop is of especial interest tq
. . . , ..jj:2
111U3C lll.vl ... June wiuunio
there is wonderful china in course
sets and odd salad sets, lamps, of
"Urse, for boudoir or living room,
candle - sticks and flower bowls of
Chinese, Italian and French. Really,
invic .a tyciic.j uia.iv.mR
o bridal present, for your contem-
Iation ,t this Gift Shop.
. .
TIT ACHINKS were humming mer-
jyj The L.
l6 'A -m to 8ee bt,,y 1itl Miss
WhnnA.v mornina'.A I wish
le canning
many of
l .. f.
brou1,t forth "0"V: how cl"-
trl" w,s of fine Scotch p,a -d Bingh?m
trimmed with plain tan linen, with
ingeniously cut pockets and a piquant-
. , fi sh th, bro.d or
... lrn
tjT ES? , Z!v
Miss Cole explained, for pretty
teacher, and I wish you could see how
Becoming 1 .is 10 ner. mi
l jJ00' ,f youU See
her at 511 BeeBldg.
REMEMBER Lucien Stephens'
Smart Shop for Men, 1901 Far-
nam, when you're thinking of buying
hosiery. He has some dandy good-
looking French tan hose that look
exactly like silk pairs for $1.00.
But x particularly wanr 10 meniion
the new Jap crepe bath or beach
robes with sandals to match which
are just as suitable for women as
men. They're priced $4.00 and are
simply great I
lAT ITH all the anticipated burdens
activities, facial blemishes and su-
perfluous hair are. removed by
electrolysis treatments.
AS I sit writing these items this
afternoon, the rain is simply
pouring down in bucketfuls, sp I can't
help from thinking how glad my
friends will be wnen 1 tell tnem about
19th and Farnam, who repair and re-
cover umbrellas beautifully. Better
hurry and take yours there, for the
predictions are for lots more ram,
and youd best be prepared.
XT TSTTF.n the Ideal Pleatinir Co.
V Wednesday morning and. as
usual, found something that interested
me greatly. This time 'twas em-
broidering table linen. A handsome
cloth with hand-made filet lace was
being embroidered in all four corners
in an elaborate cut work pattern by
their embroidery machine expert.
tven a connoisseur coum scarcely ac-
tect it from fine French work. Brides
should remember this shop, for they
can have their lovely bed and table
linen beautifully embroidered, mi-
tialed or monogramed and think of
tne precious eyesignt twin savei
nnHIS announcement is to tell all
A the Little Girls for miles around '
thst the cunningest dresses ever made
lor tnem nave arrived at me lot s
Shop in Benson & Thome's. Little
playtime sets consisting of dress
Andkeep ona spending
Too, every day
For economy surely
Is good in the end
But shops need
Your irade
So of course
You should spend
Buy economically
Do all you can
To further the work
Of your own fellow-man
Be brave and
Be helpful
And keep your heart light
Twill help our brave men
In their fight
For the right
with sunbonnet to match, made of
fine checked blue and white, pink and
white gingham, plain blue and green
chambray, or yellow crepe. They are
sweetly trimmed with white pique or
dimity. For the entertainment of
"Little Sister" the belt, pocket and
cap band are embroidered with tiny
chicks, birdies and butterflies $2.00
to $3.00 a set for 2 to 6-year-olds.
PEEK into Belle Hatch's Hat Shop
windows, 1820 Karnam, If you
want to see some perfectly stunning
white Milans. They're trimmed with
Georgette, pearls, jaunty wings in
fact, all the latest and smartest ef
fects and they're Phinps. Gasre and
Jss. Johnson models. What more
could you ask?
a a a
A MAY event that towers so far
above the ordinary that ,no
woman can afford to stay away is the
marvelous sale of 1917 shoes at Na
pier s Booterie. One lot that ts truly
""" ' "
t0 sell,fof $12i02n'$,25 ,nd
'7-v" i. ; .
P"" ell-over washable kid boots in
crem. ,Tory and white some combt-
nations of cream vamps with ivory kid
,ops an" 'wo tones Bray; also '-
ver gray vamps with dreadnought
tops that match perfectly. Every pair
o boots in ,lli8F lot were. made for
Napier and carry the "ear-marks" of
m and Qjstj,lction, Cash mail
orders wiu be M
, , .
MY attention was arrested a few
'J- davi tiro Iiv ft vrrv unusuallv
J' P"-" in Hospe's Art Store.
Twas called "Re-Union," and this
illuminating verse accompanied it:
"Guess now who holds thee?
Death, I said; but there
The silver answer rang,
Not Death, but Love." -Unframed,
this work of art is $6.00;
framed, $10.00. Twould be a wonder-
ful wedding gift, for it's a subject
-rtilarl .,,n.,i;c Hn.n
also has exquisite little colored land
-' " " J"-
scapes and seascapes with gold
frames for $2.25 which would make
appropriate Graduation Gifts.
ONE thing delightful about visiting
lliat nrpttv lAnanese Ktnre of The
Aippoo imporiillg ui. is mat iney arc
giad to show you all their lovely
Oriental things without a suggestion
of purchase. If yoa want to make
very beautiful gift to a bride or girl
frjend do Jee ,he el
embroidered crepe de chine party
baBs at this shoo-really, thev are
wonderful! some very dainty tea
sets have just arrived which would
.t-.nL .nr.Pnn.;.. n;r..
W IP. h'P. rry! At last a cap has
been invented which will fit any
boy., htad, whether big or little-in
fact, a man can wear it, tool 'Tis ad-
. , . , f .,. mh-h ;,
concealed when the cap is snapped
'"""7.."' t.r::. . "7. "".".3
cn"3 e wh?"
down to the visor. It
comes in scotch
tweed mixtures and shower-proof
Lean i,
& TH
etted material. Ask Mr. Mc-
in The Boys' Shop at BENSON
THORNE'S to show you these
dandv ffood-lookinc caos. Thev're
priced $1.50. Also there are suits to
match the caps with two pairs of
knickers for $7.50, $8.50 and $10.00.
PEERING into the show cases at
1 that beautiful Oriental Shop of
the W. H. Eldridge Importing Co.,
1318 Farnam St.. I found such hosts
of distinctive Graduation Gifts that I
thought you might appreciate a few
suggestions. So, if you please, here
they are: FOR HER Damascene
bar pins, change purses, pen-holders
and pencils (Damascene jewelry
war 1,1113, cuaiiuc u
came trom "bldndge s.
June bridesmaids may carry muffs
or parasols of tulle truly-fairy-like
wedding accessories.
"What have
1 lovplv fnr
you particularly
Brides and Girl
Graduates," I asked that pleasant lit-
tie saleswoman, Mrs. Kieman, at Ar
nold H. Edmonston's, when I strolled
into that elegantly appointed shop on
the 2d floor of the Rose Bldg.
Wednesday afternoon. "These," she
exclaimed, displaying several neck
laces of La rausca Pearls encased in
lovely gray velvet boxes. Really,
can't imagine a more "perfect" bri
dal or graduation gift, unless 'twould
be one of the handsome gold and sil-
ver mesn i.ags, wmcn are always
favorites of Fashions followers,
There are some beauties at this shop
A hint In the one who in Linking
for gifts for the bride or the graduate
charming: A wonderful PICTURE,
t ,tring of RARE PEARLS (the
prjce is not even alarming), MESH
BAGS of gold or of silver. Ah. ves.
each would delight in a gift such as
this: A sweet frilly BLOUSE, CIW-
a BATH-ROBE quite trim, BEADS
ORIENTAL and TEA SETS of blue,
FLOWERS for each one, may that
one oe tuu, sincerely yours,
Women Are
Doing in the World
Monday . .
Convalescent Aid society, city hall,
10 s. m.
Women's Council, court
house, 1 1 to I p. m.
Business Women's club, Y. W. C.
A. , 7 p. m.
Belles-Lettres club, Mrs. E. A.
Nelson, hostess, I p. m.
Colonial Dames of America, Ne
braska chapter, Mrs. Walter
Page, hostess.
Voters' Conservation
league, Mrs. F. J. Bins, hostess,
2:i0 p. m.
Woman's club, Benson city
hall, 2:30 p. in.
Mothers' Circle, school
auditorium, 3:30 p. m.
Society of American Widows, Mrs.
B. C. Turpin, hostess, 8 p. m.
Daughters of American Revolution,
Major Isaac Sadler Chapter, pub
lic library, 2:30 p. m.
Association of Collegiate Alumnae,
drama section, Happy Hollow
club. 10:45 a. m.
Scottish Rite Woman's club, re
ception for new grand officers.
PONSERVATION is the principal
topic of conversation amoni
club women following the im
portant congress ot last weex.
With the appointment ot supplement
ary members of th state committee,
to be headed by Mrs. A. E. Davisson of
Lincoln, definite work along these
lines will begin. Otherwise Red
Cross work and a good' deal for the
National League for Woman Service
are given the right-of-way by the
closing season of other women or
ganization. As it is. almost every
club meeting which dots the calendar
is a final one to name omcers tor next
The Scottish Rite Woman's club
will hold rne of the largest events
of the week Saturday afternoon at
ihr ratherfral. a receotion for the
newly-elected grand officers of th
tastern aiar airs. . v.. .-jum.auu,
Miss Rose Owens, Miss Maude Smith
and Mr. J. E. Bednar. Out-of-town
guests .will be 'Prot. and Mr, u.
t ondra and rror. ana Mrs. ueorge n.
Chapburn of the state university. A
short program, in charge of the of
ficers, will be given. ....
All members of Vesta. Maple Leaf.
Fontenelle, Narcissus of Benson and
Adah of South Side, chapters of the
Eastern Star, are invited.
Tl. rWa' rluh of Saratoga
school will meet Friday at 3:30 p. m.
in the school auditorium. Mr. S. W.
Bason of Fort school will speak on
the work of the boys, Miss Etta
Pickering, Young Women' Christian
association secretary, will talk on
..J.. mnA Mitt Trma Gross
piciiaituiivoDi .... ......
of the domestic science department of
the Central Hign scnooi on economy
in the Home."
The annual meeting and election of
officers of Major Isaac Sadler
Chapter, Daughters of the American
cl,,i nn will he held Saturday at
2:30 at the public library.
Women's club for this year will be
. .1.. Vn..t Wnm.n'a nhfiatian
liciu ai i.ic . "un. ...... - -
association Tuesday evening t 7
o'clock. Miss Anna Stevens and Miss
T? t Dnk.nnnn will (pari an flrt
program on Corot. Miss Edna Wilson
will give current evenis.
r ir. .. nC .!, Fnlcnnal Women's
auxiliaries in, Nebraska elected Tues
day at the conference at the Jacob
Memorial hall are Mrs. T. H. Tracy,
YT... kSrA Ptnnrfell vice
president, un o. ........
president-at-large, Nebraska City;
1 1 t n T ......, Ta.
lTS. J. II. JUIlca, Btutiai;,
.:. rn.... iFM.iir.f ft the united of
fering; Mrs. Oscar Williams, educa-
i VT rt William H.
nulla. Btwiwiji ...... ----
Jones, custodian of the mission boxes,
and Miss Anna Sprague, president of
. -t' ii:.. ai:.. .
tne junior auxiliary; unsa nn
mr-i. nr(.;lpnt and Miss Carolyn
Barkalow, treasurer.
Trio.u., ffirprc fnr the Benson
Woman's club was not held last week
because of the food conservation con
gress. It will take place Ihursday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at Benson
city hall. ,
Mrs. E. A. Nelson win DC nostess
for the Belles-Lettres Literary ciud
Tuesday afternoon at 2. "The Marble
Pol, i, " Kv Hnulhnrne will be dis-
cussed by the club after an hour of
......... frnni.
kUI Itllt ,V.IVO.
Mrs. P. T. Barber was re-elected
nretident nf the West Omaha Moth
ers' Culture club at a meeting Fri
day at the home of Mrs. G. A. Rob
erts. Mrs. R. E. Winkleman Is vice
president and Mrs. A. F. Tyler, secretary-treasurer.
Two delegates were
named to attend the university can
ning school to be brought to Omaha
tne second weex in junc m luriuci
ance of work started by the Conser
vation congress.
Tohn A. Rine will talk on "Citizen
ship;" Mrs. Blanche McKelvy, on
"Parliamentary Law," and Mrs. Har
riet MacMurphy will give a demon
stration of cereals , at the Woman
Voters' Conservation league meet
ing Wednesday at Z:J0 o clock, at tne
home of the president, Mrs. F. J.
Birss, 3308 Lincoln boulevard.
A special meeting of the Associa
tion of Collegiate Alumnae will be
held Wednesday, June 6, at 4 o'clock
at the Fontenelle to transact impor
tant business with regard to a plav
to be given in the fall, as recommend
ed by the executive committee at a
meeting Friday.
The Colonial Daines will meet
Tuesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Walter T. Page to consider the
matter of the Field Ambulance Serv
ice film, which the society is bringing
here June 9.
All omcers of the Wyche Story
Tellers' league were re-elected Thurs
day. Miss Edna Durland is president;
Miss Aanes McElrov. secretary-treas
urer, and Misses Mary Krebs, Eliza
Gibbs and Marie Berry, the governing
board. Next; year the Wyche league
will meet but once a month, on the
second Thursday.
Patriotism wai the keynote of the
Women's Clubs Presidents Elected in Week
TPhoto ar
A. r', M'mh
1 i i St a I V I $
tir O A Sooth
program at a meeting of Adah ehapj
ter No. 52, O. E. S., held Satur
dav night. The past matrons ex
emplified the ritualistic work. The
new omcers were in cnarge ot tne
refreshments and entertainment. At
the conclusion of the program the
secretary, Myrtle V. Miller, presented
the cnapter witn an American nag,
t gift of the past matrons. The re
sponse for the chapter was made by
the worthy matron. Brittannia Bed
nar. Other numbers were a reading
by j. E. Bednarj violin solo, Mildred
Bliss; solo dance, miss narx, inu
vocal solo, Miss C E. Cullbom.
Rev. Charles Fleming will conduct
vesner services it House of Hope to
day at 3 p. m. A male quartet from
Patriotic Points for Graduation;
Suggested Topics for the Essays
Franklin K. Lane, secretary of the
interior, has prepared ome sugges
tions for commencement essays and
orations, which he 'submits for the
consideration of the young folks who
are to take part in the coming school
exercises. These are all good topics
and are commended by The Bee to
any who has not yet gone loo tar
in preparation to change-
Belgium wrongs.
"Mobilization of the Nation's In
dustries and Resources."
"Washington's Attitude loward
"The Debt of the United States to
France." ' i
Tolstoi and the Russian Revolu
League to Enforce Peace.
Specialization of Industry in War
What Russia Did for the United
States in the Civil War."
"Uses of Photographs in War.'
"Wealth of the United States."
"Use of Alcohol in War Times."
"Russian Methods of Co-operation."
"America's Contribution to War
"Is the Submarine a Justifiable In
strument of War for Any Other Than
Naval Defense?
"Lincoln in 1917. What Would He
Have Done?"
"War Bread; How Made.
"Value of Sacrifice to a Nation."
"How Can I Help in the War?"
(A self-analysis by the individual pu
pil of his or her opportunities ior
service gardening, scouting, etc.)
"TlnivAi-aal Militarv Service."
"Education and War." (The direct
relation between education and indus
trial efficiency, and therefore between
education and war.) Consult Dean,
"Worker and the Mate.
"Aiitocracv vs. Democracy." (A
comparison of the governments of the
belligerents.) consult worm s worn,
April, 1917; Review of Reviews, April,
1917: president s address betore con'
gress, April 2, 1917; declaration of in
dependence; Literary Digest, Feb
ruary, 1917. .
"The American Negro as a Sol
dier." (Story of his contribution to
the armv and navv in earlier wars.
His character as soldier when well
led.) Consult Crispus Attucks and
the Boston massacre; John Chavis
and the revolution in North Caro
lina, servioes in the war of 1812, in
the civil war, in the war with Spain
where negro troops saved Colonel
Roosevelt. Hit work at Battery
1sSI 'v
Ms Edna Jkrhni
the First Methodist E pine opal church
wilt give the music.
T, W. O. A. Note
Mfat N11 Rru'g Cimpflr imv to to
furnish th vwpir program today at 4:S
p. m, Klorenn Rhoadea will tint an 4 Mlai
Edna Ma Orovt wtll anttftalD durtnf tha
aoclal hour.
On Thursday rnlnrf at TtH th tirli
from th xtnilon department who hava
bam to tha Industrial eonfartnoa at Storm
Lake will viva a "Storm 'Laka movla" la tha
auilltorlum. This will ba fraa.
Tha new first aid class which tttrtad
last Wadnaadajr nls;ht wilt meat on Mon
day ntprhta at 7:10. Enrollmsnt In this
class will close Wednesday night.
Wagner, at the Crater, at San Juan
Hill; William' "History of the Ne
gro Race in America," and other
"The Rise of Democracy Through
the War."
"The Red Cross) It History and
Work." See bulletin Pan-American
union, December, 1916; Survey, Jan
uary, 191, february, mi; Literary
Digest, March, 1917.
"Our Ties With South America;
What They Are and What They
Ought to Be." See bulletins of the
Pan-American union.
"The Enelish Ideal of Liberty."
Trace the development of the growth
of the English constitution trom the
earliest times and show Its relation
to the American form of government.
Military Training in Public
Schools." See Debater's Handbook;
Outlook, December, 1916; School Re
view, March and February, 1917;
Forum, December, 191; World'
Work, February, 1917.
"Women and the war. consult
Literary Dincst, January. 1917; Sur
vey, January, 1917; Century, January,
We are closing out all oar tew odel White
Enamel Refrigerators and Ice Bows at Wg
sacrifice In prices, and starting J QC
la with oar $8.60 Ice Box fox $ (Q J
With proportional close-out prices en tie
rest Too cannot afford to sals the bar-
Sains we offer If yon want aa lee Bex, was
tore, Baby Buggy, Rugs, Bed or aythlai
In the Furniture line. '
Mnch post Beds, tell everywhere else from
18.50 to 112.00, on tale here at.... 85.89
Sacrifice Furniture Sale h
We are forced to leU the balance of the ISMOO stock of high-grade
01 the Big Foar-Story lith St, Warehouse
Which Is on Hale In Our Salesroom, Corner 14th and Dodge.
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Phone Douglas WT, Corner 11th and Dodge, Omaha, Heb.
tVWaiw iisv?&
1917; Living Age, February, 1917, and
February, 1916.
"Aviation During the War." Con
sult Scientific American, January and
March, 1917; Forum, December, 1916;
Living Age, December, 1916; Literary
Digest, February, 1917.
"What Constitutes 'Sacrifice' for
the Nation."
"The Democracy of Universal Serv
"The Russian Revolution, a For
ward Step in Democracy,"
"Government Control of the Na
tion's Food Supply." Consult report
of the United States Department of
"Preparation for Peace at Close of
the War."
"International League for Peace."
"American Aid to Stricken Europe.1'
(Relief work in Belgium, Red Cross,
ambulance service by American uni
versities.) See Hunt, "War Bread,''
and similar books, Red Cross Maga
zine. "War and Thrift" (The govern
mental regulations of food, fuel,
clothing; whst habit are likely to be
carried over Into ordinary life after
the urgency condition are removed;
how each person csn help.)
"Development of the Various Sci
ence During the War." (Medicine,
surgery, sanitation, physics, chemis
try, navigation, aviation.)
"Th President' Reasons for En
tering Into War With Germany."'
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Zimmerman note, read in congresa
April 5; see Congressionsl Record,
April S, pp. 198-199.
"The Freedom of the Seas." (Th
point Involved in the aubmarine is
sue.) Besides magazine articles and
newspaper article by naval and in
ternational law expert, much valu
able material may be obtained front
Captain Mahan'a book.
''America' Duty to th World'
Democracies." See "Ideal of Organ
ization," H. a Well in the New Re
public, July 24; Literary Digest, Au
gust, 14, 1915; World' Work. April
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look, November 15, 1913; "Demo
cratic Ideal."
"The Council for National Di
fense; What It Means to th Mm
"The National Food Problem.''
Current publication of th Depart
ment of Agriculture; Weekly New
Letter; report from the Bureau of
Markets; farm magazines, current
number daily papers, market reports.
vuuill.T hub estiva, n If M v.. -
den;" the Fortnightly Review, March,
1917, and February, 1917; Cambridge)
University Press; food economy 1st
war time.
"Treatment of Our Allen Borav
"Th Promised Land," by Mary An
"Honor In Publie Service." (Haw
a national emergency drive out sec
tional intereat, "pork barrel" legisla
tion and personal and petty profit)
Newspaper and periodical account of
losses in nussm Que 10 graii, cng
land's early losses from th same
causes combined with inefficiency, es
pecially Gatlipoli, Amort, Greece and
Roumasuat compart with offer of
aid tuch a Ford Motor work. Beth
lehem Steel company, lower price on
topptr to tna government; action ana
speeche ia congress, abolishment of
party line. r
"Feeding Annie.
.World Democracy."
Persistent Advertising it the Road
to Success.
Thl Institution I the only one
In the central west with teparate
building situated In their own
ample grounds, yet entirely dis
tinct, and rendering it possible to
classify case. The one building
being fitted for and devoted to the
treatment of non-contagious and
non-mental disease, no other be
ing admitted: the other Rest Cot
tage being designed for and de
voted to the exclusive treatment
of select mental case requiring
for time watchful care and spe
cial nursing.
For Quality and Service ,
Phone Tyler 1022
Imperial Dye & Cleaning Works
161S Vinton St.
Autos Everywhere
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Abtolutely New Method
For Superfluout Hair
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If you'd Ilka to try this wonderful vroo.
aae, Juet set a atlok of phelaotlne from
your draeslet, follow tha simple Inetruo
Hone and with your own eyea see the
hair roota oomo out! See how perfeotly
amooth and hair-free your skin wlU be.
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