Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 26, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 3, Image 3

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    THE BEE: OMAHA. SATUKI) , MAY 26, 1917.
Prepare Now For Decoration
Buy Billiken Shoes For The Kiddies
See how
pliable and
-easy they are
for little feet
to grow in.
No nails used anywhere. Kiddies are delighted
with them and you will be, too, when you see them.
We are the sole Omaha agents. Bring the children
here and outfit them.
Main Floor, Rear
For Boys and Girls
"M" Suits for girls and boys,
knit or cambric, waist attach
ment; sizes up to 14 years; a
special offering, each 50c
Forosknit Union Suits for boys.
short sleeves, knee length; sizes
6 to 14 years; special, each. 39c
"M" Knit or Cambric Waists for
children; sizes 2 to 5 years: a
very special value, each. . . .29c
Children's Hose
Children's black and white Lisle
Hose, fine ribbed, good dye,
elastic, double heels and toes;
per pair 25c
Infants' and Children's fancy
top Sox, in fine lisle; pair. .25c
Infants' and Children's Sox in
thread silk, irregulars; also lisle
with fancy tops; worth 25c, per
pair 15c
A Most Important Saturday Sale
Boys Wash Suits
At $1.00 and $2.00
.. $1.25, $1.50, and $2.00 Suits, at $1.00
$2.50, $3.00 and $3.50 Suits, at $2.00
The most remarkable assortment of the best Wash
Suits, at the smallest prices this season. ,
Tommy Tucker Styles.
Eton Styles. Assortment of Madras, Repps, Percales,
v and Chambrays, in every conceivable
color, either plain or fancies.
Junior Norfolk Styles.
Middy Styles.
Long Pant Middy Styles.
New Crepe Fabric Suits aid Sport Stripe
Suits; cuff bottom Fant Suits and Fancy Stripe
Galateas in new shadings. Plenty of Plain White
Suits at either price. Short sleeve styles or long
sleeve styles; sizes 2 to 9 years.
Prices $1.00 to $2.00
Boys' Suits in a Clean-
up dale $i.i
About 40 Suits In Spring weights: sizes 6 to
years: mostly with 2 nair of Knirkarhorkam.
Suits that have been selling at $6.60 to $8.60,
and remarkable bargains at the nresent nricei.
Many in the lot are double seat and knee Suits.
Third Floor
Children's Coats-
grouped together for a final clearance.
Serges, Velours, Taffetas, Silk Poplins,
Fancy Checks, Wool Poplins, etc. Made
in Sport effects, some with large pockets,
full flared skirts, belt effects, large col
lars. For dress and school wear AND
Dresses for Graduation
Organdies, Voiles, Nets, Lawns, etc. Daintily
trimmed with, fine laces and embroideries. Fifty
different styles, each one distinctive and exceedingly
pretty. For every type and in every size. -Prices
$3.95 to $15.00
Second Floor y
Roller Skates for Children '
Just the finest kind of roller skatine weather buy the kiddies a
pair of Roller Skates. We are offering the ball bearing, $2.25 kind,
at 11.75.
Sporting Goods Store, Main Floor, Man's Building
Summer Dresses
For Decoration Day
In This Specialty Shop for
Misses and Small Women
THE BEST TYPES we have seen in
many months simply charming little
Frocks that are built on "youthful" lines
and possess that indescribable charm that
characterizesall the garments shown in
this specialty shop.
There are:
Ginghanjs, Taffetas, Charmeuse, Vmle,
Organdies and Satins
New Collars, Apron Effects, pleated
Skirts a hundred and one new and charm
ing styles.
$10, $15, and $25
Second Floor
"Kayser" Silk Gloves
We are Omaha headquar
ters for the famous Kayser
Silk Gloves, and are splen
didly equipped to satisfy all
your needs. We specialize on
these Gloves because millions of women have found through
experience, that they ar. the best. Every pair is pure silk,
double tipped and guaranteed by the maker and by usf v
They come plain as well as fancy, to suit every taste and
every pocketbook, and we carry them, at
60c, 75c, 85c, 95c, $1.00
$1.25, $1.50, $1.65 $1.75
As a special attraction, we are offering for Saturday,
Kayser's White Silk Gloves, double tipped, with CC
backs prettily stitched in black, at,' per pair. . . , 00 c
BIouses--The Best Styles
At Very Popular Prices
For Decoration Day
the prettiest Blouses to be seen anywhere.
Buy your Rummer supply right now.
Dress Blouses,
Sport Blouses,
Tailored Blouses
Dainty Lingerie Blouses, at $1, $1.45 and $1.95
Georgette Crepe Blouses $5.00 to $10.00
Semi-Tailored Crepe de Chine Blouses, at
$1.95 to ' $5.00
Middy Blouses and Smocks. . .$1.00 to $5.00
Second Floor
Women's Hosiery
For Decoration Day
Sport Hosiery in plaids, stripes, Richelieu, ribbed or lace
effects, all high class silk hosiery in pure thread silk and
bright colors, heavy and durable for summer M CQ
sports; all go Saturday, for. x w
All our Fancy ilovelties in Women's Silk Hosiery that have
told for $1.60 a pair, go on sale Saturday. These are all pure
thread silk with garter tops, high spliced soles, heels d 1 (f
and toes, in all colors and designs; per pair V 1 iwU
Brandeis Special, in plain colors,
link, sky, black and white.
all fashioned, lisle tops, double heels, soles and toes; l7Q
worth up to $1.00, per pair flC
Women's Silk Boot and Fiber Hose, in all the wanted shades
and black and white, fashioned and seamless, worth PQ,
65c, per pair OaC
Women's Fiber Silk Hose, in all colors, seamless, double soles,
heels and toes, elastic tops, also black and white, per OQ
Knit Underwear
Women's fine lisle Union Suits, full umbrella knee, crocheted OC.
yoke, regular sizes, special, each, , OOC
Women's silk top, lisle body Union Suits, regular and out d 1 ff
sizes, pink only, very special offering, each V vV
Women's fine cotton lisle Union Suits, fancy yokes, tight or Cft
lace trimmed umbrella knee, all sizesT-special, each. I OvC
Tier nair .
Women's Silk Hose in shoe shades,
Women's Spring Coats
For Decoration Day
COATS FOR EVERY OCCASION. . For street wear, traveling, cool
evenings and for sports wear.
Smart, up-to-date models in Popular Cloths, shades and styles that are sure to
please everyone, the variety is so great.
Gunny-Burl, Bolivia, Feather-Fluff, Poplins and Serges, in Gold, Reseda, Prim
rose, Copenhagen, Chartreuse, Taupe and Navy.
A special group at reduced prices for Saturday $1 5.00 and $19.50
Buy a New Frock for Decoration Day
Smart new Sports styles, in lovely wash fabrics, such as Voiles, Ginghams, Linens,
Cotton Pongee and Ratine.
Clever models featuring the "Theda" Dress, a Sports style in coat effect; others
with smart full skirts and blouses in waist line, finished with wide belts, deep collars
and-cuffs; pleats, tucks, smockingB and stitchings; all lending a charm that is not
to be denied.
Prices, $7.50, $12.50 to $22.50
New Shirt-Waist Dresses
We call narticular attention to our showing of these new Shirt Waist Dresses in Creoe de Chene
I and Summer Silks, in plain and striped materials, at, from $19.00 to $35.00.
Second Floor
Women's White Footwear !
For Decoration Day
ing complete stocks of all the best Footwear, and now, when
Decoration Day approaches, we are able to make a wonder
ful showing of Wvhite Footwear.
Plain White Nile Cloth Pump, with Baby French Louis
heel ; also same in full Louis heel, cloth covered, ' dJO AQ
turned soles; at.' '. vO.rO
White Nile Cloth Colonial Pump, with oval buckles, cloth covered; ,
and French Louis heels, cloth covered and light . n ,Qg (
hand turned soles; at PJ.7D
White Reinskin Cloth Colonial Pump, with square covered
buckle; welted and stitched sole with white welting, d0 QC
Louis covered heel; at PO3
White Kidskin Colonial Pump, square covered buckle, welted and
stitched sole, white welting, white kid covered tlA QC
Louis heel; at p'r.tO
White Nile Cloth Sport Shoe, 8 V, Inches high, lace
style, medium welted" sole, with white rubber heel; at,
Other White Footwear, ranging in C CA to J1 f(
price from PU.OU 1.UU
Main Floor, R.
ill fLji
Our Annual Ribbon Sale
Right in Time for Decoration Day
We prepared weeks and
weeks ago for this Annual
Event gathering togeth
er hundreds and hundreds
of ards of the most de
sirable Ribbons, buying
the different lots at such
price concessions that we
are able to quote figures
for these fascinating rib
bons today . that are ex
tremely unusual to say the
Ribbons this season have been converted into
uses never before thought of. Ribbon Hats and'
Ribbon Shirts are shown. Ribb.on Sags to match'
gowns and girdles and sashes of Dresden Rib
bons are worn with Dainty White Frocks. .
- 45c to $1.25 Ribbons, 39c a Yard
7V2-inch Imported Plaid, Ribbons, beauti
fully assorted; also 6' and 7-inch Fancy Warp
Print Ribbons, in floral designs. Persian ef
fects, etc., for bags, camisoles and sashes.
35c to 65c Ribbons, 25c a Yard
514-inch to 7-inch Warp Print Ribbons,
light and dark colore; a wonderful assortment
of elegant qualities, consisting of Persian and
Satin Jacquard effects. .
25c Ribbons, at 19c a Yard
5V-inch Fancy Warp Print Ribbons, with
satin edges; light and dark colors.
Specially priced Satin Ribbon for lingerie.
No. 1, 25c bolt; No. 1 V2,35c bolt; No. 2,45c bolt
Main Floor
Baby Carriages
and Go-Carts
Very Special Prices
for Saturday
The G e n d r 0 n Go
Carts and Carriages
have a reputation for
being the most sightly
and substantially made.
We are showing many
different designs, in
cluding the round reed,
shell side, reversible
gear, in gray or white ;
$35.00 carriages, Satur
day, at $27.50.
Flat Reed, handsome
carriages, in gray, $20
values, Saturday, at
$7.50 Go-Carts, $5.00
- Good leatherette top,
easy riding, collapsible
Go-Cart in black.
"Special, at 98c
Two-wheel, r u b b er
tired sulkies. 1
Toy Store, Mala Floor
White Hats
For Decoration Day
WHITE HATS as well as other
white wear and nowhere will
you find a showing so) full and
White Milan, White Milan
Hemp and Japanese and Trian
an Panamas, smartly trimmed.
At $3.75 and $5.00
. Banded Sailors, the pop
ular Hats at all times of
Hemp, Milan Hemp, Nov
elty Braid, etc., trimmed
with pump bows, leather
sweats or silk linings,
At 79c Each
Second Floor, 'Millinery Dep't.
Home Grown
Will bloom this season.
Just 5,000 of them
Prices That Entice.
Graves' Tooth Powder, jer
can 14c
William's Talcum Powder,
per can 10c
Bocabello Castile Soap, large
bar, per bar .89c
Tetlow's Swan's Down Pow
der, per box 12c
Bathasweet Bath Powder,
per can 16c
Cutex Nail Enamel, 25c
size, per box 16c
Lustrite Nail Polish, 25c
size, per box ; 16c
William's Shaving Cream,
25c size, per tube 16c
Mary Garden Talcum Pow
der, per box 38c
Sozodont Tooth Wash, per
bottle 16c
Pond's Vanishing Cream,
25c size, per jar 14c
Sanitol Tooth Paste, 25c
size, per tube 15c
Tweetie Dear Toilet Water,
75c size, per bottle 59c
Melorose Beauty Cream, 50c
size, per box 33c
Dorin's Brunette Rouge, per
"box, 2Se
Hospital Absorbent Cotton,
1 -lb. package 29c
Rubber Sheeting, yard wide,
per yard 29c
Gillette Razor Blades, $1.00
size, per packag 75c
Gillette Razor, complete
with blades, at r. $3.89
Gem Razor Blades, 35c size
package, each 25c
Hood's Sarsaparilla, $1.00
size, per bottle 67c
Bromo Seltzer, 60c size, per
bottle 29c
Lysol Antiseptic, 60c size,
per bottle 29c
Saturday Night
Supper, 75c;
5:00 to 8:30 P. M
brante Storesl
Fresh Vanilla
a Box, 10c
You Wear Corsets
For Support, Comfort and Style
"NEMO" Corsets are designed to sup
port and mould the figure into symmetri
cal lines and to give you the greatest
amount of CorsetComfort. WEAR YOUR
OWN "NEMO" CORSET, do not try to
wear a corset designed for some other
' Take full advantage of our fitting service,
and permit our trained Corsetieres to choose
the model best suited to you and fit it per
fectly. Each 'NEMO" Corset is made for
some particular figure, from the growing girl
to the mature woman who must wear a size 44.
"NEMO" Wonderlift Corsets for slender, me
dium and stout figures who need extra sup
port, By means of an adjustable Wonderlift
Bandlet, the fallen tissues are lifted and held
in place; this preserves health and produces
perfect fashion lines. The Corsets are strong
and flexible. We have here five fc E ff
Wonderlift Models, at ipO.UU
"NEMO" SEtF-REDUCING Corsets have always beeii popular
because these Corsets represent big values in material and work--manship.
We have here the girdle top, medium and high bust All
these Corsets have the semi-elastic Lasticurve back, so there is
no ugly corset line to show either in sitting or
standing position; at
"NEMO" BACK RESTING Corsets are a boon to women who suf
fer with backache. They rest the back, give good body support, '
and are not so heavily boned. A model for average figures in this
Back Resting line is low top, long over hips, wish elas- dQ ( -tic
band on inside of corset below front bones; at. . , , vO.Uv
Second Floor . . ; t