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    THE E'EE: OMAHA, TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1917.
Cunlrl Buit Thii Springtime.
Springtime is such a pleasant time
to plan things. Everything is grow
ins into new life and what doesn'
grow naturally is being renovated and
made fresh and clean. At such a re
freshing time as this it is not strange
that young people like to make mat
rimonial plans. They may not ma
ture for some time to come, but thi
plans are the foundations for wed
One engagement which came very
near to an announcement Saturday
evening was not made public because
all the persons at the announcement
party knew the secret. Mrs., C. F.
Weller gave a large, family dinner
party at the Blackstone Saturday
evening in nonor 01 ncr nusuanu i
...n.,l.:r hirthrlav h baH in.
tended to announce on that occasion
the engagement ot her granddaugnter
Virginia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
C K. Weller, to Mr. O. Dean David
urliM, ihm lar!va all o-atherpH
!......-..- If t,ar,rnrf that rarh and
, everyone of them knew the story, so
that no announcement nceoca 10 dc
- If:.. tir.H.- anJ vr. TlavMinn will
be married in September if war plans
. . . t r. i. i a: tu.
ao nor. inrcricrc wcuumg
is announced now bears that proviso.)
Both young people are graduates of
Omaha High school and Mr. Davidson
is also a graduate of Ames. They will
make their home in Omaha.
Mr. Davidson is a member of Tau
Kappa Epsilon; of Tau Beta Pi, hon
orary engineering fraternity, and was
I.-......... mj.n,hr nf thai raVtnarn
all uvnwmij mv....- .
and Blade, the military fraternity at
. Ames, in nis senior year no wm
lieutenant-colonel ot cadets.
Miss Stella Thummel has set July 3
for the date of her marriage to Mr.
Fred Clarke, jr. The wedding will
be sans bridal attendants so far as
Miss Martha Dale has set the date
of her wedding to Mr. Alexander
Loomil for June 30. It will be a
small ceremony performed at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. F. Dale. Miss Dale's sister, Mrs.
CMflM T. Cmith rtf Hartford. Conn..
arrives tomorrow to ba, the guest of
ber parents until alter me weaning.
Notes of Interest '
Mrs. Ralph Murphy of Jacksonville,
Fla, is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. B.
Mrs. John E. Burke is still the
guest of her son, Mr. E. L. Burke,
and Mrs. Burke. Her daughter, Mrs.
George Lundt. returned last week to
ber home in the east
' Miss Gertrude McCarthy, daughter
of Colonel and Mrs. Daniel McCarthy,
formerly stationed here, will head a
group of twelve young girls dressed
as Red Cross nurses, who will secure
memberships in the audience at the
entertainment, "The Red Cross of To
day," to be given in Chicago Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wilson leave
tomorrow for Minneapolis to make
their home.
Miss Eva Miller of Fremont ' at
the Ford hospital, where she has un
dergone an operation for appendici
tis. Her mother. Mrs. Eva Miller, is
stopping at tne uiacicsione.
Mrs. Ada Pattee Snyder, enroute
from spending the winter in Cali
fornia to her home in Perry, la., is
the guest of Miss May Mahoney,
Wedding Announcement
At Diets Methodist parsonsge Sat
urday morning Wilbur A. Tompkins
of Lincoln, Neb., and Miss Inez H.
Her old of Omaha were married by
Rev. C N. Dawson. Mrs. Mary Lee
Seibert and Mrs. Mini I, Dawson
were witnesses.- -
Mr. Samuel Crozer, clerk In the
postoffice, and Miss Mabel Hart sur
prised their friends by their marriage
in Kansas City May 9. After spend
ing a week. at Excelsior Springs they
have returned to make their home in
Social Affairs Planned.
Rockford College club will hold its
next meeting in two weeks, probably
at one of the country clubs.
A party often will be given at the
opening dinner-dance at , the Field
club Saturday evening for Mrs.
Harry Hebner of Chicago, who is the
guest of Mrs. H. J. McCarthy.
A second pre-season dancing party
will be given Friday evening at Sey
mour Lake Country club. Regular
dances of the club will begin Friday,
June 1.
Mrs. Victor Smith will be hostess
for Alpha Omicron Pi Saturday.
Delta Delta Delta sorority will have
a picnic instead f a regular meeting
this month. The date has not been
let A banquet next month will close
the season.
Miss Isabel Milroy wilt entertain a
new bridge luncheon club Saturday of
next week.
Stork News. v-
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
John Simmons of Mountain Grove,
Mo. Mrs. Simmons was formerly
. Miss Anna Groh, daughter of Rev.
Leonard Groh.
Bridal Couple Entertained.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Strong Ames
of Duluth, Mina., were entertained at
dinner Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. C.
Monroe Reeves of the Milton apart
ments. Mr. and Mrs, Ames were
married at Duluth Saturday a week
ago and are on their honeymoon trip
to the Pacific coast. Mr. Ames is
traveling representative of one of the
largest art rug manufacturing con
cerns in America. Mrs. Ames was
Miss Grace Bahcock, a special writer
for the Duluth News-Tribuue, and
was one of the most charming girls of
ihe younger set m the Zenith City.
At Happy Hollow Club.
Reservations for the opening dinner-dance
at Happy Hollow club Sat
urday evening are beginning to pour
in. John H. Hussie and E. H. Lui
kart will entertain parlies of twelve;
Dr. J. P. Lord and George Rasmussen,
eight each; William M. Burton, six;
George A. Roberts and N. H. Wood,
five. Smaller reservations have been
made as follows:
C. L. Denel, four; G. M. Durkee,
two; Dr. Ewing Brown, two; C. F.
Weller, two; T. K. Patrick, two; I. T.
Yates, two; Chester Nieman, four;
M. M. Robertson, four; Alfred C.
Munger, two; Arthur J. Cole, two; A.
H. Bewsher, two; George W. Carter,
four; Edwin R. Perfect, four; George
F. Gilmore, three, and C G. Gamble,
In Clubdom
In Clubdom.
Members of the Young Women's
Christian association expression
classes studying under Mrs. tltie
Stecn Kittelson will present a farce,
"Scenes in a Union Depot," Thursday
evening in the associ tion auditorium.
Besides the membei . of the class
some outside talent has been secured.
A stranded opera troupe will sing.
Mrs. Kittelson is coaching the play.
Forty out-of-town delegates are at
tending the two-day session of Ne
braka women's auxiliaries to Episco
pal churches at Trinity cathedral par
ish house. Finances and organization
work are the important business.
Rev. Dr. Rodgers of Anandale, N.
Y., will address the conference Tues
day afternoon. His work is to inter
est young men in theology. Bishop
Arthur L. Williams and the president.
Mrs. Philip Potter, will also speak at
tomorrow's session. Mrs. Potter has
headed the organization for more
than twenty years.
V.nni Atnha ThMa enrnrirv will
meet every other Tuesday, beginning
next week, to do Red Cross work at
the army building, instead of having
a regular monthly meeting.
Mrs. F. T. Birss. president of the
Woman Voters Conservation league,
announces the following delegates to
the state food conservation meeting,
exclusive of the executive officers:
Herbert MnCor.
Sulla B WHion,
Lowrla Brown,
H J. Park,
Thor Joraenaon,
0. W. Covell, ,
Wary E. Howe.
W. II. Hatttroth,
.1. P. riavli,
K. A. Follanenee,
Blanche MeKelvy,
Auguat Weatman.
L'Alliance Francaise will meet
Wednesday' evening with Mr. and
Mrs. Georgt Barker. Madame A. M.
Borglum will give an illustrated talk
of Les Chateaux of the Loire.
Advice to Lovelorn
By Beatrice Fairfax
Farrainf for Women.
Dear Mill Fairfax: Ii farming for women
t practicable IdeaT That Ii, do farmer eri
ca, women aa their what will I call it,
Idea? To explain myaolf further, 1 am
suffering from a nervoua dtaorder as a re
sult of several years of strenuous office
work. I feel confident that some months
spent In such work (farm) and In the open
air will accomplish the miracle of returned
health. You see, It Is most necessary, that
1 earn a living I I cannot afford to remain
Idle. K. B. II.
Perhaps you will be able to serve your
country now as well aa yourself. You might
apply to the National Service school, where
the women's section of the Navy league Is
doing work along new and Interentlng lines.
There are a number of reputable farm jour
nals publlahed and It may be that In the
oolumna of one of them you will find the
suggestion of a position such aa you de
sire. Possibly also the State School of Ag
riculture can give you Information. Of
course, your letter tsks a question which
ilea entirely out of my department, but I
have had so many of the same type re
cently that I feel It la only fair to give
this general reply, which Is meant for all.
It Cannot Bo Don.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am a business girl
and have been going about with a young
chap for the last year or so. He has asked
mo If I will go on my vacation with htm
and while we understand each other and
everything Is above board, still I would like
to have your advice. as to whether this Is
entirely proper. MARY F.
How many times will X have to tell my
girls that a trip such as you suggest will
not dor It Is entirely contrary to the laws
and conventions of good society and, bow
ever decent the motives of the people
who do such things, they are sure to be
questioned and criticised. The suggestion of
evil harms a girl's reputation sadly and no
girl who wants to be held In good standing
In good society can afford to go away with
a man on a trip such as you suggest. Men
are more wordly than women and they gen
erally realise that a girl who goes away
with them unohaperoned will be orltlclaed.
So when a man suggests such a trip he Is
either selfishly careless of the girl's repu
tation, very thoughtless or Inclined to amuse
himself at her expense.
Looking Forward
to Motherhood
Well Known Preparation Re
lievet Much Suffering.
The greatest crisis in the life of a
woman is when she becomes a moth
er. All her physical strength is taxed
to the limit at such a time. It is neces
sary that she prepare her system for
the great event in order to preserve
her future health.
Thousands of mothers have placed
safe reliance upon "Mother's Friend."
This preparation is applied externally
and is composed of special penetrat
ing, softening oils which prepare the
muscies ana tenaons tor the unusual
strain. Naturally the tendency is to
relieve the pai and danger at the
crisis, leavinir the mother in a h : lt'iy
The expectant mother should pro
cure a bottle of "Mother's Friend"
from her druggist, apply it night and
morning, and after beginning its use,
wyte for free book for users. Much
practical information is contained in
it. Just address Bradlicld Regulator
ConiDanv.- Dent ' H 42. Atlanta C.a
and the book will be mailed to you al l
For a
HERE is the belted Norfolk sport dress of
liniion in the most summery colors of Cop
enhaKen blue, tail or green. It is ex
cellently made and has crisp white pique collars
and cuffs. For a shirtwaist hat. this floppy model
is all that can be desired, with a top of peanut
straw in any color and a facing to contrast as
navy blue and crimson.
Women's Activities
The woman bootblack has made here ap
pearance at Hotel McAlpin and declares that
she would rather do that kind of work than
manieuring. A special stand is arranged and
ladles can have their shoes shined in privacy.
Girls are, taking the places of messenger
boys in many placet.
Mrs, E. T. Stoteshury, one of the wealthi
est women of Philadelphia, has been ap
pointed to the chairmanship of the war com
mittee of the woman's section of the Navy
league, at the request of the Navy League
of Pennsylvania. They will take ' up the
needs of the coast patrol and see that they
are satisfied In as short time aa possible.
Members of congress are permitted to
write their own biographies, and many of
them take advantage of the fact to let every
one know all about themselves. Miss Joan-
net te Rankin went to the opposite extreme
and wrote "Miss Jeannette Rankin, Re
aiiiis iBMiaaa imuasn muagmif
Summer Afternoon
1 r
t'U 1
THE woman who usually has her things made
to order will find this frock tastefully de
signed, beautifully made and in every re
spect quite fulfilling her requirements; blue, white
or flesh-colored gcorgttte crepe beaded. Straw
and suede hat.
publican. Missoula," When questioned or
the subject she said: "My career is all be
fore me."
The American Defense Rifle ctub Is the
name of an organisation of women, founded
in New York, for the purpose ot teaching
women how to shoot A rifle range will be
placed on , the roof of one of the principal
hotels. It is expected that branch clubs
will be formed all over the country.
Cecilie, wife of Algernon Sartorls, whose
mother was Nelly Grant, is in this country.
She is here to try to make international' a
movement started in France to restore art
monuments destroyed by Germany. She
hopes that the entrance of America into the
war will end it this summer.
Miss Antoinette Taylor of St Louis has
just come Into possession of a table that was
once the property of John Hancock, through
inheritance, she being a direct descendant of
one branch of the family. It is a small card
table of the Georgian period of furniture,
and naturally its owner prizes it very high
Vacation in the Mountains
When il'i hot and you long for a coo!, comfortable place
to enjoy "Vacation Day" come to cool, sunny Colorado,
where summer winds kiss snow-capped mountain peaks.
Visit Denver's New Mountain Parks
and Rocky Mountain National Park (Est)
the most wonderful mountain scenery and automobile
trips in the world.. 38 other Short Scenic and
Sightseeing Tripa by Rail, Auto and Trolley. 1 4 one
day trips. Camping, Fishing, Mountain Climbing and
all outdoor sports. Denver has 216 Hotels and-over
400 Mountain Resorts that can accommodate 50,000
tourists daily at prices to fit any pocketbook. . Low
summer rates on all railroads.
Write for FREE Picture Books
that tell where to go, what to see, what it costs, and how
to enjoy a vacation in cool, sunny Colorado. Address
I . a. -
ly, not only because of its linking her with
the past, but because of its intrinsic value.
Mrs. James Speyer, Mrs. Frederick W.
Vanderbilt and Mrs. M. Orme Wilson of New
York City have organized a branch of the
American Red Star Animal Relief at the
invitation of the War department The or-
sanitation does the same work for animals
that the Red Cross does for human beings.
Wounded dogs and horses in the service of
the United Stages need medical attendance
and ambulances and surgeons will be sent
to the battlefields in time of war and will
take care of the animals during floods, fires
and other catastrophes when there is no war.
The Original - '
Malted Milk
SubatUutei Coat YOU Sam Price,
1.7th Street
Draw, Colo.
So Declares Mrs. Smith in Re
gard to Registering the
Women in League
Whether or not to register a corps
of Omaha women who are crack pis
tol shots in the National League for
Woman Service is a auestion Mrs.
William Archibald Smith, local chair
man, is debating. Mrs. Smith has
written Mrs. Grace Parker of New
York, national commandant, whether
she was authorized to enroll such a
Mrs. Charles Reese. Mrs. Boyd Rus
sell and Mrs. Ralph Hayward are
temporary officers for a new Run club,
members of which have expressed
their intention to affiliate.
"The women haven't applied to join
the league yet. but I want to know
what to do when they do apply. 1
read in the newspapers they planned
to join." said Mrs. Smith.
"Women should reflect soberly
about the war service they wish to do
instead of rushing into a thing, serv
ice for which may never materialize.
There is so much work woman's work
that should be done.
"I believe as Miss Maude Wetmnre,
our national chairman does, that
planting gardens and preventing waste
in buying, though not spectacular or
obviously heroic, are more valuable to
the nation than learning to become
crack pistol shots. For large num
bers of women to engage in this
would be ridiculous. We have plenty
of able-bodied men to take posts of
that kind."
Mrs. Charles Reese, temporary pres
ident of the Roman's Gun club, said
the matter of joining the corps would
be discussed at the Gun club's meet
ing Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Hay
ward. "Most of -us have already
joined the league as individual mem
bers," she said.
Lad Finds His Father's
Trousers on Back Porch.
Meredith, 10-year-old son of Wil
liam Luce, 2627 Spencer street, found
his father's trousers on the back
porch early this morning when he
went to close the kitchen door. The
trousers had been rifled of $2.75. The
burglar entered by cutting the. screen
on the door.
Did it ever occur to you that every
movie actress you have seen has love
ly hair, while the most popular count
their curls as their chief beauty? In
fact, many are leading ladies just be
cause ot their attractive locks. In
quiry among them discloses the fact
that they bring out all the natural
beauty of their hair by careful sham
pooing, not with any soap or make
shift, but with a simple mixture, by
putting a teaspoonful of canthrox
(which they get from the druggist)
in a cup of hot water and applying
this instead of soap. j?his full cup of
shampoo liquid is enough so it is easy
to apply it to all the hair instead of
just the top of the head. After its
use the hair dries rapidly with uni
form color. Dandruff, excess oil and
dirt are dissolved and entirely disap
pear. The hair is so fluffy that it
looks much heavier than it is, while
its luster and softne-ss is det:ghtful.
Two Florence Teachers,
Sisters, Are to Wed
Licenses for James Earlc Haney to
wed Miss Madge Maloy and for Irv
ing Allison.' jr., to marry her sister,
Majory Maloy, were issued today, ilie
Malov sislers arc daughters of A. U.
Maloy of Florence. Both teach in the
Florence schools.
The Hancys will live at 617 South
Thirtv-Iirst street and the Allisons at
2308 Ogden street.
Four Omaha People Go to
Capital for Red Cross
Tuesday night, over the Milwaukee,
Gould Dietz. G. W. Wattles, Mr. and
Mrs. Ward Burgess and Mrs. Charles
T. Kotintze. all of the Omaha chap
ter of the Red Cross, leave for Wash
ington, where they will confer with
the national organization relative to -the
work that is to be taken up and
carried on in this vicinity.
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ranse thev're made with CaluAl
met and that : wny tneyreji
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pure, tempting, tasty, who!e-J
some tnat s wny mey wuu i .
hurt any kid.
Received Hifhaet Awards
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