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    THE BEE: OMAHA. TUESDAY. MAY 22, 1917.
Parliament Olub Passes Reao.
lution of Lack of Confidence
in the Present Austrian
Copenhagen (Via London), May 11.
The discussions in Vienna between
Dr. von Bethmann-Hollweg, the im
perial German chancellor and Count
Czerniu, the ustro-Hungarian for
eign minister, which were resumed
last week at German headquarters and
in which Count Czernin, the king of
Bavaria, Emperor William, Dr. von
Bethmann-Hollweg, Dr. Alfred Zim
mermann, the German foreign min
ister and Dr. Karl HelfTerich, the Ger.
man vice chancellor, are taking part,
have to do. among other things, with
the future of the kingdom of Poland,
according to information received
trota the German representatives in
Warsaw to tne rolisn council of state.
Boundaries Are Unsettled.
It will be remembered that the Aus.
tro-German rescript of November S,
calling the kingdom of Poland into life,
left the boundaries of the kingdom
unsettled and did not name the future
regent or king. The Polish council of
state some time ago made representa
tions to the Austro-German represent
atives as to the necessity of immediate
action on these two questions.
General von Beseler, governor gen
oral of the occupied territory in Rus
sia, has informed the council that
the Austro-German authorities in con.
sulfation at Brand headouarters in
Germany arc concerning themselves
wan the turther carrying out of the
rescript of November 5."
The Austrian Poles have put forth
a wide reaching program for the fu
ture which will not fail to arouse the
strongest protests in Prussia.
The Polish club of the Austrian
Parliament, which embraces the Pol
ish members of the Eeichsrat, not
only has passed a resolution of lack
of confidence in the present Austrian
government which disregarded Pol
ish wishes regarding the future of
Galicia and Polish representations in
Parliament, but also a demand put
forward as the united desire of the
Polish nation for the re-establishment
of an independent united Poland with
access to the sea. r
Oath as Cuban President
Administered to Menocal
Havana, May 21. The chief justice
Df the supreme court at noon today
administered to General Mario G.
Menocal, the oath of office of the
president of the republic of Cuba in
the presencte of cabinet ministers, the
supreme court justices, members of
the diplomatic corps, senators, con
gressmen and representatives of the
"various organiations.
Rintelen and Lamar '
Found Guilty by Jury
Xcw York, May 21. Captain Franz
Kinlclen of the Germany navy, David
l.amar and Henry B. Martin were
found guilty here tonight by a jury in
the federal court on charges of having
inspired in 1915 to disrupt the mum
lions traffic between this country and
the entente allies. The jury disagreed
as to four other defendants. . -
Monster procession precedes meeting when Polish citizens give assurance of the love for and
allegiance to this country.
ymilfr H!igMi,wtfcN tv -r
Girls Show They Are Not Less
Patriotic Than the Men.
Huge Task of Ascertaining Menl
. oi uonscripiion Age in single
Day Will Be Done
Washington, May 21. Prepara
tions to register 10,000,000 young men
for military service on June 5 are
proceeding swiftly throughout the
country. Advices reaching the War
department show that forty-two states
have their machinery already organ
ized, ready to proceed with the work.
The reports mean that the central
boards have been established in
county and city for eacli 30,000 popu
lation, tint blanks and forms1 have
been distributed and that nation-wide
machinery stands ready to take the
milita'ry census in the shortest time
ever allowed for such a huge under
taking one fourteen-hour day.v
General Ciowder's Plan.
The plan was evolved by Brigadier
General Crowdcr, provost marshal
general as well as judge advocate gen
eral of the army, and its efficiency
rests upon its simplicity. The scheme
is to co-ordinate the vast electoral
machinery of every state under one
central authority. At one step all lo
cal conditions arc met in this way. No
matter what peculiarity of election
system any state may have, it will
function perfectly in the national
registration scheme, and function
without readjustment. Supervised de
centralization is what was aimed at
and that has been accomplished ac
cording to the reports that came pour
ing in today. All doubts as to the
wisdom of turning this task over to
the states was dispelled by the nature
of the governors' messages.
Bread and Potato Riots
- Break Out at Lisbon
Lisbon (Via Paris), May 21. The
scarcity of bread and potatoes has
caused an outbreak of rioting here.
Mobs attacked stores, but order was
restored by the police.
"Great White Plague" in Omaha;
Victim Talks of Cause and Cure
Kearney, Neb., May 20. To the
Editor of The Bee: Your editorial
article of May 14, discussing death
rate from tuberculosis ;n the United
States, ends as follows:
"The figures for Omaha are not so
encouraging as for the country at
large, for while far below the average
the local rate shows an increase in
deaths from tuberculosis, having risen
from an average of 94.4 for the 1911-15
period to 102.1 for 1916. This may
be due to tire fact that the proper
allowance for 'lie increase in Oma
ha's population has not been made."
Let us at least hope the reason
given by you is right. But I am sure
there are other visible .and proven
causer, of the unfavorable conditions
preva-ing in Omaha, and if you will
permit a very much interested lay
man to say a few words about them, I
am confident you will do another good
service .to the people of our metrop
olis. Common people have been really
overeducatcd on "T. B.," stuffed with
literature not digestible for a layman;
and this caused what Dr. E. O. Ottis,
an eminent authority, calls 'consump
tion terror." People fear consumption
as badly as carcinoma or leprosy, and
many of them won't be halt as scared
if the doctor should say "syphilis" as
they are when his diagnosis is "con
sumption." And still 80 per cent of
cases of incipient tuberculosis can be
cured, or, rather, further progress of
the disease arrested and victims
turned out as useful members of so
ciety, filially crossing the bar in some
other boat than "T. B " Pneumonia
and nowadays so stylish appendicitis
are tenfold more dangerous than
tuberculosis of the lungs. People are
scared and doctors are following suit.
Not all of them, but most of them, and
there is one of the main roots of the
whole evil. A physician will inform
you calmly that you must have a knife
stuck into your anatomy within twenty-four
hours, but when it comes to
pthisis, there he draws the line hesi
tates. Some of them do not even care
at all about "T. B.," as there is little
money and slill less glory in it.
I know perfectly well what I am
writing about and am not afraid to
tell the truth. I am myself a patient
of the hospital for tuberculosis, hav
ing the good luck of falling into the
hands of a common village-country
doctor who was conscientious enough
to tell me the plain truth right off the
reel. But whils here at the hospital
I have full opportunity to see patients
senttiown here from Omaha with the
most advanced cases, many of them
r -iuswi isMinr" ' imfrni" ni ir" msMir" ici Mean aaajM riMff nn'i1
i i .-iSRfe.. cSew. jji wSRtte.. Jts9&zi!r3,.rz&b. m.w.&
I Lumber Salesman 1
I We have a proposition open to' an aggressive, high I
fi class man familiar with Nebraska or Iowa territory, sii
1 This is not in the lumber business, but as the business
may be a little dull for a short time in- your line, this
y connection may prove permanent and of greater stability
I to you. Your first, letter of application must contafn
references complete, age, territory, etc., which will be
l held strictly confidential.' Give name and address in
i full. Address Box 4108,' Bee. ...
p f-j
I'aM ' " 'UMill Hill i Ml I ' ' iaaM i 'liMI 'I I II II Mil 1 1 MMi, i IIMH '. v
past redemption, and notice what they
nave to say. It generally runs like
"I've been" doctoring for over a
year, but those doctors never
told me what was the matter with me
until everybody could see "T. B."
sticking ail over me at half a mile
distance. I finally had to force my
doctor into the admission that 1 had
Here is the main of all the causes.
People are afraid to hear it and doc
tors are reluctant to say it. Of course
we have to admit that there are many
other factors, like hardly noticeable
and misleading first symptoms, etc.,
but they are not for me to discuss.
Eradicate consumption terror from
public mind, wake up the conscience
of physicians so they will become
only too anxious to tell patients th;
truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth, induce them to go to
the "T. B." hospital as soon as pos
sible and get well. No man needs to
go "west for a cure. Change of
climate may help in some cases, but
does not cure. We have here in Ne
braska our own state hospital, where
the poorest can get the same treat
ment as the richest, and treatment as
good as you can find anywhere in the
United Staffs.
"T. B." hospital is not a purgatory
(nor the place still below it), as most
of the people ire inclined to imagine,
but the most cheerful hospital I
know of.
What the municipality of Omaha is
doing in this line I am not in posi
tion to answer fully, but I know of
one thing. The Visiting Nurses' as
sociation sent a few months ago to
our hospital one of its members, Mrs.
Winifred McCoy, to study the care
of consumption, and now that "big
little woman" (as she was nicknamed
here by us patients) is searching
Omaha for cases of incipient (begin
ning) tuberculosis, the only slate
when the disease is curable. I heard
one of the patients sent down here
by Mrs. McCoy say:
"Just think of it I I have been sick
for a year and :he doctor did not tell
me what's the matter with me. All
that time I was endangering the lives
of tny family and was a menace to
the community. I wish that lady had
found me a year ago."
It is not only saving of the life of
the unfortunate victim of Koch's
bacilli, but what counts more, protec
tion of others and prevention of
spreading of the communicative mal
ady. Why not have a city clinic fir
brreulosis in Omaha, like other big
cities have, with X-rays, microscopic
examinations of sputum by an inde
pendent physician, where everybody
could find the "truth," free of charge.
Truth, like in everything else, must be
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Omaha, Neb.
2054 Farnam St. Phone D. 4904
the very foundation of an anti-tuberculosis
crusade. It looks like you
needed it in Omaha more than any
where else. Is our proud metropolis
big enough to face it;
Siimed and sealed bids will be re
ceived by W. W. Wyckoff, Secretary
of the Board of Education of ths
School District of York. Nebraska,
up till Thursday noon, June 7th, 1917,
for the erection and construction of
8 new school buildines at York, Ne
braska, according to the plans and
specifications nrenared by Berline-
hof & Davis,, architects, and on file
with the Secretary of the Board.
Separate bids will be received for
heating, plumbing and electric work.
Plana and SDecifications may bs
seen at the office of Berlinghof &
Davis, architect, 414 Security Mutual
Life Building. Lincoln, Nebraska, and .
at office of Secretary. Contractors de-
airinv nlana and snecifications for
their individual use may obtain one
set from'the architects on making a
deposit of twenty-five dollars. ($25),
n.i,;.h will Kn rittumpd In ease a
regular bid is filed, and plana and
apeclficationa returned in good condi
tion on or before the date of receiv
ing bid.
Each bid to be considered mutt be
accompanied, as evidence of good
faith, by a certified check of live per
cent of the amount of the bid, made
payable to W. W. Wyckoff, Secre
tary. The Board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
By order of the Board of Educa-,
H. S. King, Pres. -"".'
W. W. Wyckoff, Secretary.
Berlinghof & Davis, Arch. '
I 4th Nebraska Infantry I
Chat. W. Hamilton, Capt.
, Apply at .
4 a.l . 1 r ' 'a.
A loin ana rarnam ou.
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