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To Learn Proper Cooking and
Purchase of Food in
Wholesale Lots for
the Army.
The commissary department of the
National League for Woman's Service,
is now being organized for the study
of proper cooking and purchasing of
food in wholesale lots for the army.
fn the absence of Mrs. R. B. How
ell, captain of the division, Mrs. E.
M. Syfert called a meeting of the staff
Tuesday afternoon at Hotel Fonte
nclle to appoint lieutenants and com
mandants who will organize the 140
women enrolled in tilis branch of the
league work into detachments.
-Mrs. Joseph Polcar. Mrs. E. M. Sv
fert, Mrs. Robert Hollister, Mrs.
Charles Anderson and .Mrs. C. M.
Fowler were chosen lieutenants.
Commandants appointed to super
intend the cooking detachments are
.Mrs. Harriet MacMurphy. Mrs. C. V.
A;tcll and Mrs. Jay Bums, while
those in charge of the purchasing of
supplies ane Mrs. C. M. Howler, Mrs
Mary Conant and Miss Verda E. Wil
liams, head of the household arts de
partment at Central High school and
supervisor of the lunch rooms at both
Central and Commercial High schools.
As soon as the organization of the
women into detachments of twentv
is completed, Mrs. Mary Conant will
give a talk on the wholesale purchas
ing of food and Mrs. Harriet iiac
Mnrphy will talk on the preparation
of food. Other lectures will be given
during the summer by people versed
in home economics subjects.
Boyd: "RoblnNon C'rUHoe, ,Jr."
Kmpreaa: VitntlevlUe and rhotoplara,
Jlipp: Photoplaj.
IHuao: Photoplays.
Orpheum: Vtttlflevllle.
strand : Fhotoplaja.
Sun; rhotoplajs.
Coming to See Al Jolson at the Boyd.
When the curtain socs uo on "Rob
Inson Crusoe, Jr." at the Boyd theater
tins- evening, seated in the audience
will be at least 300 people from the
towns nearby, for at least that many
have bought seats for the first night's
performance. Forty-four of these
come trom rremont. J he encraee.
toent, which closes the Boyd season,
rids fair to be the most successful of
Jne year, too, for seats are practically
in sow now tor tlie tour perform
inces. It is one of the biircest attrac
lions ever sent out from the Winter
Garden, and with Al Jolson at its
lead, Lawrence D'Orsay and other
tar entertainers in the ranks, and a
Winter Garden equipment of chorus
f nd scenery, it ought to be worth the
mention it is getting.
Promises of the Press Agents.
p Empress An exceptional bill ma.ku ap
fh vaudeville to bo offered at this theater
for the last half of the week. The Aki
troupa ana kov warren ana tne two sKat-
big girls headline the bill. The first, an act
tit four people, presents a turn of magic,
rnyaterj, singing and dancing. The second
Is a novelty In the way of ekatlng by a
man and two daslng young women, who will
S resent many stunt on roller skates. Oranf
ardner will dispense a goodly amount of
tun with an original blackface aot, while
Thomdike and Barnes will entertain with
k playlet, "Join the Navy." William Cour-
tenay will again furnish the phototplay
portion or tua bin in ma iatest success,
'The Recoil.' 9
lioyd The Winter Garden's latest ""off er-
Jns. "Robinson Crusoe, Jr.,". with the Irre
pressible Al Jolson, star entertainer of that
inptltution or music, beauty and present
3y popular music, comes to the Boyd the
ater for four performances beginning to.
night. An unusually large crowd of out-of-town
people are taking advantage of this
the best and last show of the season. Many
parties are coming from Fremont, who
ciome nity strong; also Missouri Valley, Lo
gan, la.; Valley, Neb.; Neola, la.; Colum
bus, Neb., and Craig, Neb.
In the Silent Drama.
Sun George Walsh will dispense fun to
tno suaionces or tnis theater today, Friday
an'! Saturday In his "attest "William Fox of
fering, "The Book Agent.' He is supported
by our own Nebraska product, Doris Pawn,
who at one time really resided in Norfolk.
naisn juhi romps ana troiics his way
rnrougn tnis deligntful romeuy-drarua with
1 hat contatrlous sniilft nf bin vurv nmr-h (n
' evidence all the time. The fun stsrts with
an escapade he has In a seminary and keeps
uji an me way inrougn. it is certain to
prove one of the best attractions thla show
shop has presented for some time. Edward
Horton w(IK of course, "catch" all the ef
fects on the big Sun organ.
Strand Clara Kimball Young, In "The
KHHiest way," ig tn strand offering today
and the remainder of the week. This vehicle
affords Miss Young wonderful opportunity
to display her ability as a wonderful semen
star. Matinee prices are the same aa night
during the engagement of this feature.
Miwe For the last times today Edith
Storey and Antonio Moreno will be seen at
th Muse in "The Captain of the Gray Horao
Troop." The author has written a story,
swift In Its dramatic anion, tenso with the
conflict of the uncurbed passions of the
frontier, that has thrilled thousands by
the sheer boldness of its conception and
Hipp Nanca O'Neill will be at this the
ater for today only in a Vita graph Blue
Ribbon offering. "The Flames of .lohannls."
H Is a play whteh is reph-le with msnv
thrilling and dramatic moments that wilt
hold the attention throughout the entire
presentation. Friday and Saturday come
Mtgnon Anderson, Molly Malone and Jlay
ward Mack in a Butterfly production, "The
Phanton Socret."
Dundee Dorothy Glsh will hold forth at
this pretty theater today only In the Trt
EiiiKle photoplay, "Stag Struck." A Pal he
colored scenic real is also on the bill. Fri
day a Metro Wondrrplay, ' The Pretenders."
features Emiy WVliien. The story Is one
(hot presents ample opportunity for her to
display her toting ability. .Saturday Alice
Joyce and Harry Morey in a Greater Vita
Graph featuro, "The Courage of Silence."
Magic (So'itta Side) Popular Harry Carey
will be thu headline attraction at this the
ater tndiiy !n a sensational picture, "Hair
Trigger Burke." Ben Wilson and Neva
Oerber are a:-o on the same bill In the fifth
chapter of "The Voive on the Wire." ami a
good comedy completes the Mil. Friday
Violet Mer.4;reau in a clever Bluebird
comedy -dram?, "Little Miss Nobody" Sat-
Entirely New Way to
Banish Superfluous Hair
(Really Removes Roots and All)
Why should any woman continue to
wear an ugly, humiliating growth of hair
on her face, now thai It is known this
can be completely and 'quickly' removed,
rods and all. by the new phetacllne pro
cess? The process Is not to be compared
at all with the depilatory, electrical or
shaving methods. Phelactlne is non-odorous,
non-irritating, non-potnnnous so
harmless it could be eaten without any
bad effect Bent of all. the hairs come
out L'ntire, even tin.! roots, before one's
very eyes! Thb skin la left as uinooth
and halr-frec as a child's.
Anyone wh purchnsfH a Mirk of ph.
laitlnc from the druggist and follows the
simple direct Inn f. f.n bound to b" plesed
and delighted otherwise flio run have
Iit niniiuy bunk by merely asking for it.-
Woman's Press Club Players Score
Big Hit With Their Own Playlets
Mrs. Martin Harris and Miss Hen
rietta Rees, two Omaha young
women, tried out their playlets on
the home folks Tuesday evening at
the Blsckstone hotel, when "The Up
per Crust" and "A Record Romance"
had their premieres, sponsored by the
Omaha Woman's Press club, for
whose prize contest last year the
plays were written.
The playwright herself took the
leading role in "The Upper Crust,"
the other parts being taken by Mrs.
Grant Williams, John W. Kennedy
and Homer Conant. Mr. Kennedy':
eleventh hour appearance in the play
let was a distinct feat. As an old
time actor, he had watched the re
hearsals with interest and when Mar
tin W. Dimery, who was original. y
cast for the role, was unable to fill
it on account of pressure of busi
ness, Mr. Kennedy stepped right into
the . -irt and carried it off with great
The musical theme in the play of
Miss Rees, who is musical editoV of
urday Jean Pothern In an art-drama pro
duction, "Her Good Name."
Grand Genf vieve Hamper and Robert
Manteil will oc the William Fox offering at
this thpater today In "Tangled IJves." Fri
day Pearl White In the fourteenth chapter
of "Pearl of the Army" and a "Shorty"
Hamilton fo.itur;'tte. A good comedy,
" Musical Marvels." will aho be shown. Knl
urday Is a lumedy day. Charlie Chaplin
will bo aeon In his latest scream, "The
Cure," and a, Fox film comedy. 'The Tlath
House Tangle.' will also be shown and the
Selig-Trlbune completes the bill.
Alhambra Maurice costello and Kthel
Grandin will be the headline attraction at
this theater today in the latest exposures
of the "Crimson Stain Mystery." A Vogue
eomudy and a Triangle comedy will be pre
sented on the same bill. Friday Jims, Pet
tova, in a Metro Wonderplay, "My Ma
donna." said to bo the best she hns appeared
The latent Mir and Mrs. Sidney Drew
medy will aIso be offered. Saturdav
Douglas Fairbanks In a typical Fairbanks
piny, "The Lamb." The Henrst-Pathe
News and a comedy complete the bill.
Diamond Gall Kane will be the stellar
attraction at this theater today In the World
feature, "The Scarlet Oath," Friday will
be Ben Wilson and Neva Oerber in the fifth
chapter of "The Voice on the Wire" and a
funny L-KO comedy called "Ring Rivals."
Saturday Jackie Saunders In a cheerful
play, "Sunny Jane."
Boulevard Today will mark the last
showing of Theda Bara at this theater In
her latest William Fox super de luxe fea
ture, "The Tiger Woman." Friday and Sat
urday, Dorothy Glsh in her latest Triangle
uccess, "stage struck." She depicts the
role of a country girl who has theatrical
aspirations and longs to see her name in
flaming lights along dear old Broadway,
Park Helen Holmes will hold forth at
this theater today In the seventh chapter of
"The Lass of the Lumber-lands." Klngsley
Benedict in "The Crimson Blade," the latest
happenings of the series, "Perils of the
Secret Service," and Carter De Haven in
"The Topsy Turvey Twins" complete this
day's program. . Friday an exciting lied
Feather photoplay, "The Flames of Treach
ery," features Lois Wilson. Saturday Harry
Carey in another of his western plays, "Hair
Trigger Burk." A good comedy will also
be shown.
Lothron Lionel Barrymore will be the at
traction at this popular theater today in a
Metro Wonderplay, "The Quitter." Friday
Baby Marie Osborne In her latest, "Told at
Twilight," even better than "Sunshine and
Shadows" and her other successes. A Paula
Blackton's country life atory is also on the
bill. Saturday, Mme. Petrova in "The
Black Butterfly" from the story by herself,
Apollo Delightful Vivian Martin holds
forth at this theater today in a Paramount
offering, "The Wax Model." Friday, Peg
gy Hyland and Marc McDermott in a Vita
graph Blue Ribbon play. "Babette." , Satur
You save a visible keep-lt-in-yonr-pocket snrn
when you buy one Diamond Tire.
Vour tire dealer will assure you that you can
save four times as much by using Diamonds on all
four wheels.
He knows ihe saving and the service. That's
why he .ecommends Diamonds.
That's why he is a good
i Foot
. thnu
m .Zmt Sqneegee
haaL Tread
Tot Automobiles, Bicycles and Motoreyeli
1 imm
FtctoriMi Akrwi, Obis
XNstriWtan svatrwhw
Lininger Implement Co.
6th and Pacific Streets.
2201 Farnam St.
Nuxated Iron Makes Strong,
Vigorous, Iron Men and Beautiful
Healthy Rosy Cheeked Women
Dr. Howard James, late of the
Manhattan State Hospital of New
York, and formerly Assistant Physi
cian, Brooklyn State Hospital, says:
"Iron is absolutely necessary to enable
your blood to change food into living: tisaue.
Without it, no matter how much or what
you eat, your food merely pasiea thrugh
you without doing you any good. You don't
get the strength out of it, and as a conse
quence you become weak, pale and sickly
looking, just like a plant trying to grow in
a soil deficient in iron. A patient of mine
remarked to me (after having been on a six
weeks course of Nuxated Iron): 'Say, Doc
tor, that there stuff is like magic'
"If you are not strong or well you owe
it to yourself to make the following test:
See how long you can work or how far you
can walk without becoming tired. Next take
two five-grain tablets' of nuxated iron three
timer per day after meals for two weeks.
Then test your strength again and see how
much you have gained. From my own ex
perience with Nuxsted Iron', I feel It is such
a valuable remedy that it should be kept in
The Bee, proved highly interesting.
Features noted in this playlet were
the original recorJ of the voice of
Mrs. Hazel Smith Eldridge, made by
Dr. t. li. .Miilener and B. C. Heaver,
and the song, "To the Sunbeam."
adapted to music by Ben Stanley and
arranged tor the stringed quartet bv
Miss Eloise West. Miss Rees wrote
the words. Mrs. Harriet MacMurphy,
honorary president ot the rress club
and the oldest newspaper woman in
the state; Mrs. Eldridge. Miss Madge
West, h. M. bunderland and Hugh
Wallace, who took part in the bird
masque, "Sanctuary," made up the
Irish monologues given in costume
by Miss Joy Higgins and piano se
lections by Mrs. Edith L. Wagoner,
both members of the Press club, in
terspersed the plays, f
Orchestral music was iurnished by
the West quartet and Mrs. E. R.
Zabriikie. Mrs. Effle Steen Kittel
son coached "The Upper Crust" and
Miss Mary Irene Wallace "A Record
day, Kitty Gordon In a World picture,
"Forget-Me-Not." It Is sumptuously pro
duced and many scenes are shown around
a fashionable gambling house.
Princess Dorothy Darvenport will be
shown at this theater today In a play that
Is especially timely, called "Treason." It
is a play that will kocp the Interest to an
intense heat. Friday will Be Herbert Rawl
inson and Neva Oerber In another Butter
fly production, "Like Wildfire." which
shows ttie excitement that somettmos relgna
in a small town. Saturday, Ktngsley Bene
dict in an episode from "The Perils of the
Secret Service," called "The Signet Ring:"
"Chubby Takes a Hand." "The Last Scent"
nnd "When Does Hen Lay an Egg."
Alamo A program that cannot help but
find favor with the patrons of this popular
theater will be presented today. "Under
the Big Tops," a story of the sawdust ring,
will be the main attraction and a side
splitting L-KO comedy, "The Townsend's
Divorce Case," and "Somebody Lied" will
also be shown. Friday, a Bluebird produc
tion, "The Evil Women Do," features Klsie
Jane Wilson. Saturday, an episode from
the life of "Grant-Police Reporter," "The
Burning Band." being an episode of the
"Is Marriage Sacred" series, "No Place Like
Home." and "The Luck That Jealousy
Orpheum (South Side) A special produc
tion, "Satan, the Destroyer of Humanity,"
will hold the boards at this theater today.
Friday, Molly King in the seventh chapter
of the Patho serial, "The Mystery of the
Double Cross." A two-reel drama and a
Fox film comedy will also be offered. Sat
urday, William Desmond and sweet Mar
gery Wilson In a Triangle play, "The Last
of the Ingrahams." Lonesome Luke, the
Omaha hoy, will also be shown in one of
his laughable comedies.
Detective Wins Reward
By Nabbing Auto Bandit
Directors of the Omaha Automobile
club voted a reward of $25 to Detec
tive Benjamin E. Danbaum of the
police depittment for encompassing
the arrest and conviction of Charles
Krohl, who stole the auto of E. W.
Arthur, acS.ib member.
The club also sent a letter of praise
to tlje head of the police department,
commending Danbaum's efforts.
City of Hoboken Buys
Liberty Loan Bonds
Hoboken, N. J.,- Ifay 16. Liberty
loan bonds to the amount of $100,000
will be bought by the city of Hobo
ken, the firs, municipality as far as is
known here, to take such a step.
it by four
accessory dealer for you.
Phone Dougla 109.
bj the
1 '
Trm,J I llf
jwm i-llr
OMAHA Phone Tvler 1552
Gee I That there stuff (Nuxated Iron)
acta Ilk magic. It certainly puts the
giriger of youth Into a man.
every hospital and prescribed by every phy
sician in this country."
Nuxated Iron, recommended above by Dr.
James, is for sale by Sherman A McConnell
Drug Stores and all good druggists on an ab
solute guarantee of success and satisfaction
or your money refunded.
Women Should Be Saying
"Don't All Try to Buy at
Once," to Help Out De
serving Cause,
V By A. R. GROH.
Those Red Cross buttons ought to
sell like the proverbial "hot cakes."
In fact they are selling faster than any
hot cakes I ever heard of.
But what we want to say is that it
shouldn't be necessary for the women
to ask you to buv a button. There
ought to be a long line of applicants
at every Red Cross "recruiting sta
tion." The women ought to be say
ing, "Please don't push. Take your
time. Have your money ready. We
will sign you up as fast as possible."
For it is an honor to belong to the
American National Red Cross society,
an honor out of all proportion to the
dollar or two you pay for member
ship. it is the society of humanity and
mercy. Its active workers tight hun
ger and distress, sickness and wound
wherever they occur. Its nurses are
ministering angels, its field workers
face dangers on the battlefields to
bring in the wounded and care for
the dying.
Women as Leaders.
The two great figues which loom up
in the splendid history of the Red
Cross are women, Florence Night
ingale, who was the ministering angel
of the bloody battlefields of the
Crimea, and our own Clara Barton,
who did a similar work during the
Cival war.
The Red Cross is organized and
actively at work today in all the na
tions engaged in the great war. And
in all the wars of the last fifty years
the organization lias rendered in
valuable service.
The first war in which it came into
prominence was that of 1866 between
Ijcrmany, Austria and Italy. Jn the
Franco-Prussian war of 1870 the Red
Cross in France cared for 100,000
wounded and in Germanv there were
2,000 Red Cross committees.
In the Russian-Japanese war the
"white trains" supplied by wealthy
nobles to the Red Cross carried 3,000
cars of material and food to the
The Russian Red Cross stands
higher than that of any other country.
That of Italy is best organized for
Storz Beverage can be sold anywhere without a U. S.
Government License or without conflicting
with the Prohibition Laws of any state
Storz Beverage and Ice Co,
1819 Sherman Ave.
war work. . The Fre.ich Red Cross,
like that or the United States, con
tains the best trained nurses of the
land. In Japan one person out of
every forty is a member of the Red
The American National Red Cross
society is active in relief in national
disasters of all kinds. It did great
work, for instance, in .the Michigan
tires of 1881; the Florida vellow fever
of 1S88; the Johnstown flood of 1889;
the Russian famine of 1891; the South
Carolina tidal wave of the
Armenian massacres of 18; the
Spanish-American war particularly in
relief of Cubans; the Galveston tidal
wave of llXH); the Mont 1'elee eruption
of IWJ; the San Francisco earthquake
of 190o. And its work in the present
war is well known. The work it has
been preparing to do since we entered
the war is on a colossal scale.
The Red Cross has proved its value.
All nations support it liberally. The
noble souls ot Florence Nightingale
and Clara Barton go marching on.
Hurry up and bestow tllis honor on
yourself by joining the Red Cross.
vTise, Not Retarded, Outlay
Is Good War Time Economy
Wise spending, not retarded spend
ing as a war-time measure, was advo
cated by fthsji Alice M. Loomis in
her talk to representatives oP all local
women's organizations at the Com
mercial clnl Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Loomis who is head of the
home economics department of the
state university, will have charge of
the woman s program on conservation
in the homo at the slate tnceinn ilay
The women's conference does not
open until t.tay 2.i at 9 o'clock, when
demonstrations in canning vegetables
and meats will he given and several
exhibits wi'l be shown.
You havo swollen roet and hands! Stiff,
achy Joints! Shan-shooting rheumatic patna
torture you, You have arhtng hack, patn In
tha lower abdomen, difficulty when urinat
ing! Look out! Thene urc dnnger signals.
Trouble ta with your kidneys. Uric teld
poisoning, !n one form or another, has set
In. It may lead to drnpay or fatal Bright'
disease If not checked.
Get some GOLD MKPAL Hnnrlem Oil
Capsules Immedately. They are an old prep-
Hrntlou, used all over the world for cen
turies combining natural healing oil and
heron, well-known to physicians and used by
thouhands In their daly practice. The Cap
sules are not an cxporlnientat. mnUe-chift
"patent medicine," or "salt," whose effect In
only temporary. They are a standard rem
edy, and act naturally, gently and quickly.
But whim you go to tlm dniRght, tnstt on
getting the pure, original Haarloin Oil In
Capsules. Be sure the name UOLI MEDAt.
la on the imx. and thus protect yourself
against counterfeit. Advertisement.
The New and Popular Drink
It's Snappy, Zestful Flavor Will Make
a Hit With You
A discussion on economic buying
i!I be licM as follows:
2:33 p. m Housekeepers' Htandpoltil,
3 p, in. (Irorer's standpoint.
3 :30 p. in. Food economy In public
4 p. in. Cs-e of foods In the home.
8 p. m. General session.
The last two days' program fol
lows: 1:30 p. m, Pomonstraiton; canning vege
tables and lit' at.
8:30 p. nv General nesston. addressed by
Hon. W. G. McAiloo, Washington.
a. nv - Clothing problems,
a. m -ood habile.
10:40 a. m. Meal planning: Economic,
11:30 a. in t'se of abundant foods: Corn,
hominy, rhuburb, Wans.
- P, m. General nchkIoii.
Adoption ''f reports.
Patriotic Speakers
Sought by Committee
At the request of Judse Mcllugh.
M. A. Hall has agreed to serve as
chairman of the speakers' commit
tee for the Patriotic League of Ne
braska, whwh is preparing to hold'
meetings throughout the state. Mr.
Hall requests patriotic citizens will
ing to volunteer their services as pub
lic speakers for these occasions to
communicate with him at his office in
theOniaha Xajjonal hank building.
'oritwait for time
to heal your skirv
"Oh It will gtl well anvhowl" yon
iay f Perhaps it will, and perhaps it
won't. Maybe it will get uwse instead.
And think of the discomfort and embar
rassment It causes you even now.
Isn't it better to get rid of the trouble
by using Resinol Ointment and Resinol
Soap? Doctors have prescribed the
Resinol treatment for over 20 years, so
you need not hesitate to use it. RaiMl
usually slop itching instantly.
All drnrrUt eh Realnol Olntmf nl imt RMlnol
Soap. For a fr, aatnpla ot each, write to l)ept.43.R,
Keainol, Baltimore, Md. 1 Wa itatr try
for that skin trouMeligggfl
The Reason
for Toll Charges
Less than one-fourth of our
subscribers make three
fourths of all the long dli
tnuce telephone calls.
The loug distance lines
are used only occasionally by
the large mujorlty of tele
phone subscribers.
for this reason a charge to
made for each long distance
call rather than cover the ex
pense of providing this serv
ice by Increasing the local
telephone rates.
It would be very conven
ient not to have to pay extra
to talk to neighboring Aowns.
If we gave free long dis
tance service, however, H .
would mean that all' tele
phone rahscrlbers would pay
the cost of maintaining the
long dlstanee Unci which are
used geuerally by only a few. '
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
To Success.