Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 17, 1917, Page 5, Image 5

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Bears Continue Listless Opera-
tions in Local Market
When Price Drops Fifty
Seven Points.
wheat, under the rules they are for
bidden to bid the price of the July
option above a bushel.
The rule applied to the bulls has
taken the tee h out of the market, so
far as futures are concerned. This
situation was reflected on the cash
wheat market and for the first time
in months the day passed without a
Bears were on the market for cash
wheat, but they were not successful
in making purchases. Their offers
were around $-?.95&3.i0. 15 to 17 cents
under the prices of Tuesday. Re
cepits for the day were fifty-six car
loads and everything went into stor
age. l.'ndcr the restricted trading no
wheat can be bought for July or Sep
tember delivery unless the purchase
is to close an open trade. There are
few of these, so far as the Omaha
market is concerned. This morning
there were three or four and to take
care of them the wheat was bought in
at ?J.J4 di.J.l, or JO cents under
Tuesday's prices.
It is expected that tlie restriction
on future trading is to be extended to
corn and oats, but so far no definite
action has been taken.
There was a pretty fair demand for
corn and it sold at $1.5o((i '1.02? ' a
bushel, 2 to 4 cents under tlie prices
of Tuesday. Receipts were fifty-five
Oats sold oft' better than 2 cents
and at 68(iouc, with twenty-one car
loads on the market.
Wheat Rutures Drop Hard.
Chicago, May 16. The price curb
ing effect of restrictive regulations by
grain exchanges were enhanced by
turcs by noon had shown further de
clines of trom -M to J4 cents.
July dropped to $2.18, which is 57
cents cheaper than it was before the
regulations went into effect. 'J' he lif
eline carried September under the
mark to $1.(8. which is 7 cents under
trailing which was to have been lifted
: today, says that "members may enter
i into contracts of sale without limita
tion, except as to price, the maximum
being $2.45 a bushel."
rig retail stores and some of the
manufacturing plants are on the aft
ernoon sc'ivdule. The Omaha and
Council lSlw'fs grocers will leave Sat
urday evening on a special car for
the convention. I'd Wise, J. T. Cam
eron and K. 1 Tinklum arc the local
Rector Boys Both Join
Colors for Military Work
VirU and Yovle Rector, sons of
Mr and Mrs. K. t. Rector, 3431 Haw
thorne avenue, have entered military
service at h'ort Snclling ami Madison
Barracks, respectively. They both
went through Central High school
and were graduated from Dartmouth.
Virgil was major of the high school
cadet battalion and Voyle was lieu
tenant colonel of the same organiza
tion. Corporations Protest
New Wheel Tax Ordinance
Hearing o the application of sev
eral Omaha corporations to enjoin the
city of Omaha from enforcing pro
visions of the wheel tax ordinance,
which should have gone into effect
last March, will be held in equity
court, Judge Leslie presiding, Thurs
day afternoon.
Judge Leslie granted a temporary
restraining order several weeks ago
holding up enforcement of the ordi
nance. The wheel tax provides for a tax
on vehicles of every kind, both motor
anil horse-drawn. The larger corpo
rations using trucks and other ve
hicles say that the ordinance, if en
forced, would work a hardship upon
Western Grocers to Be
I The Guests of Omaha
Quite delegation of Omaha
grocers w H attend the national as
sociation ntcting at Toledo May 21
to 24. l'Voav morning the delega
tions from Utah and Colorado will
vrrive in Omaha and will be enter
tained by tSc local association Alter
.treakfast -it Oie Koine tioUl thev will
1 1' taken ui a sight seeing tour in
'twenty-five automobiles and then to
I 'he (. omnuM eial club i'oi luncheon,
where they will be the guests of the club. Trips Ihrough the
j the maximum price fixed by the Board
iof Trade.
The restrictions apply only to fu
Hues, as these provide the means ol
speculation. Actual wheat was still
selling over $J a bushel and haul to
i Winnipeg Drops October.
I Winnipeg. Man., May lh. The
I Winnipeg grain exchange todav an
nounced the adoption of a resolution
prohibiting "all buying in October
wheat, except in liquidation ol exist
ing contracts." The resolution, which
'continues in force the ban on October
In the pits of the Omaha Grain
exchange the bulls have been elimi
nated, but there is an opportunity for
t tie bears to continue operations.
Restricted trading in wheat has put
the bulls out of business. Xo matter
how badly they may be in need of
200 Cups 0PEK0 TEA for
Flavors Orange Peco, Mixed Black
and Green, Japan.
2-lb. Packet, 35c Two for 36c
Liggett's Pure Extract Vanilla
Made from the highest grade
vanilla bean obtainable. Blended
by special process and thoroughly
aged, bringing out its full
strength, delicate aroma and
Standard Price, One Bottle 30c
This Sale, Two Bottles 31c
25c bottle Liggett's Extract Lemon, 0?-,
two bottles for ADC
This is simply another way of advertising. We are willing to lose money to get you acquaint
ed .with these high standard goods.
One Pound of Coffee
Coffee . .
A surprising blend of
Mild Coffee. The acme of
One Pound, 38c
38c Opcko Coffee, two 1-lb. packages,
Breakfast Cocoa J
This is an absolutely pure cocoa so care
fully manufactured that all the strength
and delicious flavor of the
cocoa beans have o e e n
brought out to the best, advantage.
Standard Pr.,
Vi-lb. can,
Sale Price
2 cans,
This week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we shall hold another One Cent Sale. The One Cent
Sale was introduced by ourselves in this city something over two years ago. Such sales have been held
in all the principal cities of the United States during the last few months, generally in the Rexall Drug
Stores, and have been the sensation of the hour.
You buy ONE article at the REGULAR price, and then another of the same kind for lc. The One
Cent Sale is an outgrowth of modern merchandising methods. By its means the manufacturer, anxious
for a wider distribution of his products, makes a special concession in price, thus encouraging the re
tailer to co-operate by holding these sales, whereby a large volume of merchandise is quickly distrib
uted to the public, of course, without a cent of profit, but with the effect of quickly introducing some
meritorious article, perhaps hitherto unknown, or increasing largely the distribution of well-known and
standard articles. "
Below we give a few samples and items to show the plan of the sale. This is a chance you cannot
afford to overlook, as there will be all classes of drug store merchandise offered at these remarkable
saving prices.
Remember, vou BUY ONE article, whether it b e 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c or $1.00 or $2.00, and GET
No C. 0. D. or phone orders. No
goods sold to dealers, knowingly.
We reserve the right to limit quantities.
tasai in
Absolutely High Grade
Produces a profuse lather
and leaves the hair with a
cleanly odor.
Cake 20c Cakes 21c
Tangara Fabric Stationery
A white fabric-finish writing
paper with a narrow tinted border
on both paper and envelopes. The lfyHfce
envelope is a new cut and the pa- far 'Jsr7i
per is regular correspondence size.
Border comes in assorted colors.
Standard Price
On. Box UC I A
This Sale- A1
Two Boxes Tll
25c Lord Baltimore Writing Paper, ORn
two boxes for -. "Uv
Violet Dulce Complexion Powder
Standard Price
One Box
The name stands for the highest
quality, being one of the famous
Vioh:t Dulce Complexion requi
sites. One of the best qualities of this
complexion powder is that it does
not "show" when used properly.
Delightfully scented with the Vio
let Dulce odor. Brunette, White
and Flesh tints.
50c I Two Boxes. . 51c
Harmony Cocoa But
ter Cold Cream
A true skin food. The well
known properties of Cocoa But
ter makes this a distinct im
provement over any other.
Standard Price
One Jar
This Sale
Two Boxes
This is the List of One Cent Items:
5c AND 10c ITEMS, lc EACH
Buy one at regular price, get another article iame kind
for an additional penny lc.
5c Sorority Lead Pencils 2 for 6c
5c Aromints (for the breath) 2 for 6c
5c Chewing Gum (2 kinds) 2 for 6c
10c Cloth Cleaning Pads 2 for 11c
10c Red Cross Mechanics' Soap 2 for 11c
10c Rexall Toilet Soap 2 cakei for 11c
10c Charcoal Tablets 2 boxei for 11c
10c 7-oz. Crepe Roll Toilet Paper 2 for 11c
(One of the greatest bargains offered in this sale.).
10c pkg. Boracic Acid 2 for 11c
10c Soda Mint Tablets 2 bottles for, 11c
15c Munyon's Witch Hazel Soap 2 cakes for 16c
15c King Cactus Oil (Liniment) 2 for 16c
15c Spanish Castile Soap 2 cakes for 16c
15c Bella Donna Plasters..... 2 for 16c
20c ITEMS, 2 FOR 21c
20c Tar Shampoo Soap r-. 2 for 21c
20c "Wool" (Velour) Puff 2 for 21c
25c Hay's Hair Health 2 bottles for 26e
Kexall (.old Cream Z jars for Zbc
Witch Hazel 2 bottles for 26c
Westmal's Senna Pills 2 bottles for 26c
be loom ttrusnes tor zbc
25c Japanese Powder, small white pearl form. ,2 for 26c
25c Arnica and Witch Hazel Salve 2 for 26c
25c Hinkle's Cascara Pills (100s) 2 for 26c
25c cans Cedar Oil Polish 2 for 26c
25c Dorothy Vernpn Toilet Powder 2 for 26c
25c Rexall Tooth Paste, tubes 2 for 26c
25c Kennedy Laxative Cough Syrup 2 for 26c
25c Madam Yale's Hair Tonic, bottles 2 for 26c
25c Long Green Bottle Violet Water 2 for 26c
25c Easy Timer Laxative ...2 for 26c
25c Bromo-Celery 2 for 26c
25c Ethereal Cream Cleaning Fluid 2 for 26c
25c box Foot Comfort, (2 kinds) 2 for 26c
25c Sure Thing Corn Remedy 2 for 26c
25c Pure Extract Lemon 2 bottles for 26c
25c Rat and Roach Paste 2 tubes 26c
30c Pure Extract Vanilla. 2 bottles for 31c
40c box Tangara Fabric, fancy bordered box
paper 2 boxes for 41c
25c- Lord Baltimore Linen, 24 sheets paper,
envelopes to match 2 boxes for 26c
35c Opeko Coffee two Mb. pkgs., for 36c
38c Opeko Coffee two Mb. pkg. for 39c
30c pkg. delicious Symond's Inn Cocoa.
2 cans for 31c
35c ITEMS, 2 FOR 36c
"5c Tooth Brushes 2 for 36c
85c Crane's Furnituro Polish. 2 for 36c
35c Opeko Tea ..two Je-lb. pkgs,, for 36c
35c Opeko Coffee two 1-lb. pkgs., for 36c
35c bottle Sewing Machine and Lawn Mower
Oil 2 bottles fpr 36c
Buy one at 50c, get another for lc.
50c Pixapoo Liquid Tar Shampoo.... 2 bottles for 51c
60c White Cross Toilet Powder 2 for 51c
60c Bay Rum (Fragrant) 2 for 51c
50c Bardell's Rubbing Oil 2 for 5lc
50c Payne's Kidney Pills 2 for 51c
60c Le Bron's Health Elixir 2 for 51c
50c White Cross Hair Tonic 2 for 51c
50c White Cross Rouge 2 for 51c
50c Perfumes, Hanson & Jenks, 5 or 6 odors, 2 on., 51c
50c Healthtonc Tonic 2 bottles for 51
50c Gossom's Kidney Remedy 2 for 51c
50c1 Galatea Comp. Powder 2 for 51c
50c Violet Dulce Complexion Towder 2 for 51c
50c Cocoa Butter Cold Cream 2 jars for 51c
50c Violet Dulce Cold Cream 2 for 51c
50c Violet Dulce Vanishing Cream 2 for 51c
50c Madam Yale's Almond Blossom Cream. . . .2 for 51c
50c Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup 2 for 51c
50c Easy Timer Laxative '. 2 for 51c
50c Morse's Glycerols Colery Comp 2 for 51c
50c Bouquet Jeanicc Talcum 2 cans 51c
50c Steam's Freckle Paste 2 jars for 51c
75c ITEMS, 2 FOR 76c
Buy one for 75c, get another for lc
75c Beef, Iron and Wine 2 for 76c
75c Hair Brashes (10 row). 2 for 76c
75c U. S. Maid Floor and Polish Mop 2 for 76c
$1.00 ITEMS, 2 FOR $1.01
Le Bron's Health Elixir 2 for $1.01
Healthtone Tonic 2 for $1.01
Hair Brushes 2 for $1.01
Harmony Hair Beautifier 2 for $1.01
Undeland's Quinine Hair Tonic 2 for $1.01
Madam Yale's Hair Tonic... 2 bottles for $1.01
Golden Rule Hair Tonic and Restorative,
2 bottles for $1.01
Morse's Glyeerole Celery Comp 2 for $1.01
$2.00 ITEMS, 2 FOR $2.01
Maximum Hot Water Bottles 2 for $2.01
lc CANDY lc
One l14-lb. pkg. Idle Hour Sweets. . . .2 pkgs. for 51c
1-lb. 50c Martan Chocolates, a delicious
assortment 2 for 51c
Mb. Triola Sweets 2 for 51c
10c Flor de Murat, Londres size 2 for 11c
Box of 50 for $2.75
Postage and Delivery Charges
Extra on Sale Articles.
Flor de Murat Cigar
A blended Havana Cigar
that is already a great favorite
with experienced smokers. It is
5 inches long, Londres shape,
free burning. Packed 50 to
the box.
Price. ..
Second Cigar Purchased 1
at the same time
Rexall Toilet Soap
An exceptionally good
quality soap that is very
healthful to the skin. Deli
cately fragrant with a
subtle bouquet odor.
?rd ioc
Second Cake Purchased 1
at the same time C
Harmony Toilet Water
It has a delicate and flowery
fragrance that will always
hold its popularity. The per
fumer has skilfully caught and
held the odor, of the Rose, Vio
let or Lilac.
Standard Pr., '7C-.
One Bottle.. I OC
This Sale,
Two Bottles.
There will also be in this sale one or two other
kinds of toilet waters equally fine.
Rexall Shampoo
A highly concentrated, cleansing
shampoo. A few drops make a de
lightfully thick foam which cleans
the hair and scalp thoroughly.
Leaves the hair soft and glossy and
free from stickiness. Daintily per
fumed. 1 Bottle Rexall Shampoo 50c
Violet Dulce
Made from the finest grade
of Imported Italian Talc.
Box . . .
25c I Boxes . . . 26c
Cold Cream
Especially recommended for
chapping and roughness of the
skrn. '
Jar 25C
I.wr. 26c
Rexall Tooth Paste
A dentifrice of the highest
quality, antiseptic and fra
grant. It whitens the teeth, pre
vents decay and sweetens the
J; I
Standard Q C
Price... 0
Second Tuba Purchased
v I at the same time ,'
Corner 16th and Dodge Streets Corner 19th and Farnam Streets
Corner 49th and Dodge Streets Corner 24th and Farnam Streets
New Location, 16th and Farnam, U. S. National Bank Building, Entrance Next to Brown, Jeweler.
Maximum Hot Water
Bottle lc
The largest selling bottle in the
world. The price everywhere is $2.00
each. Full two quart capacity. Guar
anteed for two years.