Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 16, 1917, Page 7, Image 7

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Brie) City News
Mazda Lamps Burcon-C JandD Co,
Have Boot Print It New Beacon Fret.
Platinum Wedillne Rincs Edohlm,
Goodrich Garden Hose at Jas. Mor
ton & Son Co.
Dandelion Rakes and Garden Toole.
James Morton & bon Co
Taylor Belcher to Texas Taylor
Beliher leaves Saturday for Kort Sam
Houston, Texas, where he will be sta
tioned in the Cjuarterniaster's depart
Would Restrict tanltol Avenue
Residents on Capitol avenue, from
fiftieth to Fifty-second, have net.
ttoned the city commissioners to make
tne above two blocks a restricted resi
denee district.
Kearney Normal Man Enlist Le
Hoy Johnson, star debater of Kearney
Normal, enlisted in the hospital corps
of the navy Monday. The college
auowed him credit for the time he will
be away from his studies.
Fight Catalpa Buns;ell, Nine Feot
Worth ?:.00 each. To close them out
S3. 00 each. Nicest trees ever shown
here. Also hard maple. A general
line. hmiin rursery, it) N. Mam,
Council Bluffs. Phono 214.
Throe Wedding Knots I'ntifti
Judpe Pny, sitting In divorce court,
freed two wives and a husband
Iary Huleck from Charles Holeck.
Opal Allison from Adolph Allison and
guintis Levell from Nellie Level!.
Bryan's Double In Court People
thought w. J. Bryan was in federal
court. But it was H. D. Patterson,
'umty surveyor of Sarpy county, Pa-
pillion, who Is a witness in a case on
trial. He bears a striking resemblance
to "v. J.
Musto Teacher Sues Mrs. Ebba V.
Lofgren, music teacher in Omaha for
the last twenty-five years, is suing the
Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Rail
way company for $10,000 in district
court, alleging permanent injuries sut
fered in October, 1916, when she was
struck by a street car.
Pa ing Contracts Awarded The
contract for repaying the Bancroft
street boulevard from Tenth street to
the Riverview boulevard was awarded
to the Hugh Murphy Contracting com
pany at $2.60 a pquarc yard. The
contract for the curbing was awarded
to Sam Noble at 50 cents per lineal
"Little Giant" Bankrupt Petitions
were filed in federal court by credi
tors asking that the Little Giant Man
ufacting company of Omaha be de
clared a bankrupt. The creditors are
the Farmers and Merchants bank of
Verdon, Neb., $2,350; R. A. Lower of
Valparaiso, Neb., $10,000, and Byrne
& Hammer Dry Goods company of
umana, J4H.3";.
Recommend Pool Halls Recom
mendations that pool hall licenses be
granted James Boyle, 716 South Six
teenth street; Edward Akromis, 5524
South Thirty-sixth street; C. P. Mer
kl, 3624 North Thirtieth street, and
Mike Henyszyn. 2615 N street, were
mado to the city council by Commis
sioner Jardine, acting for the depart
ment of public safety.
Need Colored Folk's Help "The
impression prevails that colored peo
ple's services are not desired In the
war and in the Red Cross work. This
is absolutely false. We are as anx
ious to have the co-operation of the
colored people, who are as much
American citizens as the rest of us,
and we are asking their assistance,"
said Frank Xudson, membership chair
man, i
Speeder Taunts Man
As Sends Car Over Chest
A taunting laugh greeted Henry
Moriarity, 1706 Clark street, an em
ploye of the Fairmont Creamery com
pany, who was struck by a speeding
automobile at Seventeenth and Cass
streets last night while crossing the
street. The car, occupied by two men
and a woman, did not stop.
Moriarity was dragged for more
than fifty feet. A front wheel ran
over his chest. Pie was not seriously
in lured.
Bernard Basye, 420 North Seven
teenth street, narrowly missed being
rim over by the same car while riding
his bicycle. .
t Seven Pansies and Six Rose
Ji) Bushes Stolen by Thieves
X Kr G. Hauptman, 3012 South
NT wentieth street, reported to the po
nce that some vandal had stripped
seven pansies from her flower bed
early Sunday morning. She said they
were valued at 85 cents. The matter
was turned over to Steve Maloney,
chief of detectives.
Along with the pansy robbery, po
lice are investigating the case of Mrs.
Robert Grant, 3176 Jackson street,
who reported someone uprooted six
rose bushes from her front yard.
Regular Army Recruiting
Undergoes Further Slump
Washington, May 15. Regular
army recruiting for Saturday shows
a, further decline in the total number
of men offering themselvete for serv
ice only during the wan The grand
total since April 1 is 67,443.
Experiments With Death
Chair He Invents, Killed
Rochester, N. Y., May 15. While
experimenting with .. device built to
resemble an electric chair at his home
here late today, Carl P. Vanvechten.
aged 20, son of the president of a
flour nulling company, was electrocuted.
All, Youth!
Judge Sears Presides at Unique
Ceremony Three Hundred
Business Men of Omaha
"I wish I lived
in a hotel."
M in a hotel." g
Men's Suits Pressed 55c
Men's Troubern PresRed. ........... ,28c
Men's Vesta Pressed FREE
(On vest with each coat and pants.)
In the presence of 300 Commercial
club men, foreigners, newly-naturalized
citizens, and other spectators,
forty-five men received their final na
turalization certificates at the Com
mercial club rooms Monday.
It was Americanization night, the
second such celebation put on recently
by the club in honor of the acquisition
of citizenship by a group of men in
ludge Willis Sears, presiding iudee
of the district court, officiated at the
ceremony. Ase! Stcere. ir.. denutv
clerk of the district court, passed out
the naturalization papers to the new
citizens. Judges A. C. Troup and
George A. Day were present.
Meaing of Americanism.
Robert Cowcll and Richard L. Met
calfe spoke on the dignity, the ad
vantages, and the privileges of Ameri
can citizenship.
lorn Lynch spoke of the Red Cross
membership campaign, citing the his
tory of the Red Cross movement, and
urging all men who have not joined,
to do so.
Speaking of the privilege of Ameri
can citizenship, Robert Cowell said:
"It is a great thing to be a citizen
of a nation that gave freedom to
Cuba; and it is a great thing to be
a citizen of the nation that gave back
$20,000,000 of the indemnity collected
by the nations of the world from
China after the Boxer uprising. And
when the president of the United
States says we are not going into this
war for territory, nor for indemnity,
I believe he means what he says, and
that the American people w:ill stand
back of him."
Character Counts.
Mr. Cowell praised the dignity and
value of labor, and said that in this
country the time is coming soon when
there will not be an aristocracy of
wealth or of birth, but an aristocracy
of intelligence and character.
Richard L. Metcalfe used the figure
of the melting pot in speaking of
America, and admonished Americans
to see that there arc no clinkers in the
"If the product is not pure," he
said, "it will not be the fault of the
melting pot, but of the material that
goes into it."
Ak-Sar-Ben Crew Holds
Rehearsal on Wednesday
Rehearsal for the singers of Ak-Sar-Ben's
show crew is to be held
Wednesday evening of this week. By
some mistake the impression had be
come general that the rehearsal was
to have been last night. Next Monday
night, however, May 21, a general re
hearsal for the entire crew is to be
Ak-Sar-Bcn's hustling committee
will meet Thursday noon at the Hen
shaw hotel for luncheon and a report
on the progress of the membership
campaign. Some of the hustlers are
coming in with a fine flock of mem
berships under their arm. President
Buckingham, Randall K. Brown and
Frank Judson have promised to at
tend the meeting and address the
Omaha Police Out of Aicohol
And Are Unable to Get Any
Omaha police surgeons yesterday
found themselves without alcohol to
use for medicinal purposes and no
way to secure it.
"We use several gallons a week,"
Police Surgeon Nigro said, "but we
are all out of it and can't get any
more. We used a great deal of it as
an antidote for carbolic acid."
In the last two weeks officers have
seized more than twenty-five gallons
of alcohol, which has been emptied in
the sewer.
Sour Stomach.
This is a mild form of indigestion.
It is usually brought on by eating too
rapidly or too much, or of food not
suited to your digestive organs. , If
you will cat slowly, masticate your
food thoroughly, eat but little meat
and none at all for supper, you will
more than likely avoid the sour stom
ach without taking any medicine
whatever. When you have sour
stomach take one of Chamberlain's
Tablets to aid digestion. Adv.
Beginning Juntl
Round Trip Tickets
During th Summtr
Atlantic City
Cape May and other Seashore
Resorts and to
Atso Dally Beginning May 15
Variable Route Tickets
Direct through Philadelphia or via Washington
All -Rail or Rail and Steamer
Go one route Return another
liberal Stopovers long Return limit
V H. ROWLAND. Trmtltnt Pauenger Agent, 234 235 Olir NaHonoI Bank
Building, PJion Dougtux 2003, OMAHA. NEB.
Noted for His Prosecution of
Tweed and as Figure in
Other Cases and as Am
bassador to England,
New York, May 15. Joseph II.
Choate. former United Slates ambas
sador to Great Britain, died at 11:30
o'clock last night at his home in this
Mr. Choate had been ill only since
this morning. He had taken a very
active part in the entertainment in this
city o! the British and French war
Suffragists Urge
'White Zones' About
The Military Camps
Columbus, O., May 15. The
Mississippi Valley Victory confer
ence of suffragists here at today's
closing session adopted resolu
tions urging war measures for the
establishment of "white xones"
about military camps, from which
liquor shall be barred, and forbid
ding soldiers visiting gambling
and other resorts; favoring the
prohibition of manufacture and
sale of liquors during the war in
order that grain entering into its
manufacture be saved for food:
urging the early passage of a fed
eral suffrage amendment and rec
ommending immediate steps for
the regulation guaranteeing
women, who replace men in in
dustrial and other work, the same
salaries as were paid to the men.
Sioux Falls, S. D., was selected
for the 1918 session.
missions and all ;ided services at the
cathedral of St. Joi.n the Divine with
Foreign Minister BsKour yesterday
Mr. Choate was referred to by
Mayor Mitchel, at one of the enter
tainments in honor of the war mis
sions as the "foremost citizen of New
Prosecuted Boss Tweed,
Mr. Choat was 85 years old.
He came from an old New England
family. His father was a cousin of
the famous Rufus Choate. He was
graduated from Harvard in 1852, a
college mate of Phillips Brooks. He
established himself in New York in
1856 soon after finishing his law
studies, and as a member of the firm
of Evarts, Southmayd and Choate he
rose to leadership of the New York
He appeared in all the celebrated
cases it was said a case was not a
case unless Choate appeared in it
where fluency and wit and searching
cross-examination brought him con
siderable success.
He figured in the prosecution of
"Boss" Tweed and his followers who
looted the New York City treasury;
he so successfully defended General
Fitz-John Porter, that by reversal of
a court-martial that officer was rein
stated. He appeared in the Tilden will case,
the contest over Commodore Vander
bilt's millions, and the Chinese ex
clusion case, arguing against the
validity of the act. These are but a
few of the famous litigations in which
he figured.
Dares to Rebuke Court.
His professional income during the
height of his career was believed to
he the largest of any practioner in
the American courts.
It is on record that, during his
younger days, he had the daring to
rebuke a judge, who had turned to
converse with someone behind him,
while Choate was addressing the
court. Lhoate stopped short in his
address. The judge remarked the si
lence, and as His Honor turned to
face the room the lawyer began
"Your Honor, I shall need all the
time allotted me for summing up; and
I shall need your Honor's undivided
"And you shall have it," the court
Mr. Choate was a republican, but
100 Good
had never held public office, beyond
a brief term as a member of a state
constitutional convention, when he
was invited by President McKinley
in 189 to go to London as the Ameri
can ambassador.
What He Would M.
The stories told about him, too,
were countless as those he told, for
he was one of those picturesque fig
ures about which stories cluster
some of which undoubtedly belonged
to others. One typical flash of his
wit is that with which he answered
a dinner partner, who asked who he
would chose to be if he were not
Joseph 11. Choate.
"Mrs, Choatc's second husband,"
was the instantaneous reply.
Mrs. Choate was Caroline D. Ster
ling of Cleveland, O., whom he mar
ried in 18ol, and by whom he had
five children.
More Stolen Automobiles
Found by County Sheriffs
Fremont, Neb., May 15. (Special
Telegram.) Sheriff Condit returned
from Long Pine and Bassett, where he
took part in another roundup of stolen
automobiles. Six machines were lo
cated, making a total of ninety-six
the sheriffs of the counties in this sec
tion of the state have found since
the first raid at Silver Creek six weeks
afro. The officers have evidence they
will use against the "gang," which in
cludes some well-to-do dealers of the
Cars belonging to Ivan Timmons of
Valley, Dr. W. H. Taylor, Christensen
Brothers and J. F. Trainor of Omaha
have been returned to the owners.
Five sheriffs took part in the roundup
at Long Pine and Bassett.
Our Large
Padded Vans
with expert movers make
moving a pleasure instead of
a dread. Moving, packing,
storing is our specialty.
Omaha Van
& Storage Co.
Phone Douglas 4163
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New Home Treatment
for Banishing Hairs
(Beauty Topics)
With the aid of a delatone paste, it
is an easy matter for any woman to
remove every trace of hair or fuis.
from face, neck and arms. Enough of
the powdered delatone and water is
mixed into a thick paste and spread
on the hairy surface for about 2 min
utes, then rubbed off and the akin
washed. This completely removes the
hair, but to avoid disappointment, get
the delatone In an original package
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