Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 13, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 9, Image 9

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9 A
Sunday, May 13, 1917-
Com har John McCormack tint "Star Spangled
HBannw" on th Viet role.; 10-inch record, 75c.
Th nmil books r to tit C1r
"cuUthif Library at 1 cnt dy.
-Phone Douglas 137
"And We'll A-Maying Go-Monday at Burgess-Nash
Going a.
The President of the United
States and many wise economists
of lesser note throughout the
land emphasize the importance of
the factories, in the mines, on the
farms, and every other form of
War cannot be successfully
waged without internal prosper
ity; war time brings greater use
for all commodities, not less. To
frighten trade at the place of con
sumption is to smother it at the
source of creation. To retard
distribution would be to paralyze
It is important that our buying
and selling be uninterrupted.
Money should not be hoarded, but
exchanged circulated kept
moving. That process alone will
save the country from internal
hardship and outward menace.
A great store like this, whose
reputation depends upon con
tinued public confidence, may
safely be depended upon to serve
as an economical distributing cen
ter its managers are ever alert
to secure for its customers the
best merchandise and the best
values obtainable to bring them
to your door at the lowest pos
sible cost above cost of production.
Monday Brings Sharp Reductions
on Wanted. Silks, at
$1.49 Yard
BEAUTIFUL new weaves and designs, silks of the
most favored sort, offered to you way under the
present market price. Included are:
36-inch striped taffetas
86-inch striped satins
36-inch black chiffon taffetas...
40-inch silk crepe de chene
36-inch black "and white check taffetas. . .
36-inch plaid taffeta for skirta
36-inch black peau de soie
Imported Pongee Silk, $1.25.
Natural color, with smart sport figures in the very latest colorings
and designs, for summer suits and dresses, 32 inches wide.
Black Chiffon Taffetas, $1.19 and $1.75.
Widths 36 to 40 inches, soft, rich black luster.
Black Satins, at $1.39 to $2.95.
Very desirable and stylish for suits, skirts, dresses and coats,
four special values for Monday
36-inch black satinat. .. .$1.39 I 36-inch black satin, at $2.25
36-inch black satin, at $1.59 I 36-inch black satin, at.... $2.95
Kayser Jersey Knit Silk, $2.50.
Pretty shades of old rose, shadow lawn green, copen, purple, gold,
gray, navy and black, 36 inches wide.
Colored Chiffon Taffetas, at $1.69.
Extra fine quality for dress skirts and suits, shades for street
wear as well as pretty light shades for dancing frocks.
BurgMi-Nuh Co. Mara Floor
Pretty New Sheer Voiles
At 25c to 89c the Yard
THE range of smart styles is very large and includes
both light and dark grounds in almost every pos
sible color in plaids, stripes, florals and figured designs,
36 to 40 inches wide.
Washable Materials for Sports Wear, 59c
Beach cloth, gabardine, basket cloth, Tussah silk, in stripe, plaid,
figured and dot designs; colors, white and tan ground; 36 to 40
inches wide.
Imported English Voiles, 75c a Yard.
Pretty plain shades, such as pink, blue, flesh, lavender, gray,
reseda green, tan, navy, old rose, etc.; also cream and black.
Burge.-Naah Co, Mala Floor
We've Greatly Reduced Every
"La Victore Corset in Stock
WE'VE determined to close out the
line of "La Victore" corsets and
have reduced the price of the various
styles to such a figure as we believe will
accomplish the desired result in a hurry.
The "La Victore" is well known and its
merits are well recognized, but we feel that
we have too many lines and have decided to
close out this particular one.
All this season's models, with low or me
dium bust, front or back lace and all sizes
are represented
Three groups:
"La Victore"
corsets, pink
or white,
broche, front
or back lace,
reduced to
"La Victore"
corsets, pink
orwhite, fancy
batiste and
coutil, back
lace, reduced
$3.65 I $2.65 I $4.65
BurgiM-Noh Co. Sfttond Floor
"La Victore"
corsets, pink
or ' white
broche, back
lace, reduced
in May Sale
Dainty little "fixin's" in selec
tions and at prices that will please
the mothers and little tots as well.
Infants' wool sweaters with blue
or pink stripe, $1.98.
Infants' shoes, white, pink, blue,
tan and combination of black and
colors, 75c to $1.25.
Infants' white bonnets of lawn,
batiste, allover embroidery, fine
trimmings of lace and embroidery,
at 25c to $3.50.
Infants' cashmere sacques for
the outing, 59c to $4.50.
Infants' long slips, prettily trim
med, 65c to $1.98.
Infants' bibs, for table wear,
15c to 25c.
Infants' bibs, allover embroid
ery, lace or embroidery trimmed,
at 25c.
Infants' all woo sweaters, plain
white, $1.75. Co. 3 teens' Floor-
Dainty White Dresses for Graduation,
Confirmation and Summer Parties for the Miss
THE season with graduations, confirmations and summer parties just ahead, offers many
opportunities to wear such dainty, inexpensive pretty dresses.
White Net Dresses
Net and Organdie Combination Organdie and Lace
Graduation dresses for the high school miss in net organ
die, voile and batiste, trimmed with laces, nets and embroid
eries, ages 14, 16 and 18, at $12.50 to $25.00.
Graduation dresses of fine batistes, voiles and nrenn-
dies, trimmed with laces and embroideries, fancy collars
and pockets, for ages 6 to 14 years; prices, $2.50 to $25.
White Skirts (or Women, Misses and Juniors
In a wide variety of models made of such
favored materials as Wash Satins, Piques, Lin
ens, Silks and Gabardine; novelty buttons and
Wash Tub Skirts, 35c to $10.00
Silk Skirts, at $15.00 to $25.00
Burgaaa-Naah Co. Second Floor
Clearaway of ODD Pieces of FURNITURE
MondayReduced 25 Under Regular
HERE'S an offering that should and will appeal to a great many housewives who need
an odd piece or two of furniture to carry out their scheme of rearrangement of the
home for the coming season.
It's a collection of odd pieces which have accumulated by the dresser and chiffonier
being sold leaving the bed, or it may be four dining chairs out of a set of six were sold,
and so on, all high grade, dependably constructed and finished furniture, including:
" '
China Cabineis, in mahogany, walnut and
Sewing Tables, in mahogany, walnut and
Wood Beds, in mahogany, walnut and oak.
Metal Beds, in Vernis Martin and white enamel.
Chiffoniers, in mahogany and walnut
Rockers, in mahogany.
Dining Chairs, in mahogany, oak and wal
nut. Settees, in 'Solid mahogany and tapestry upholstered.
and bo on throughout a big selection which has been arranged in the Oriental Section near the elevator
on the Third Floor. Co. Third Floor
TN an effort to assist in the campaigii of securing members and funds tor the American Red Cross, we
have installed a booth on tlie main floor at the left as you enter the Mainentrance. This booth will
be presided over by members oj the Red Cross Membership Committee wlio will be pleased to accept your
application for membership and any amount you feel disposed to contribute.
Announcing for Monday-Our Annual
May Sale of Undermuslins
Presenting Better Range of Selection and Greater Values
Than It's Been Our Privilege to Do for a Long Time
PILES upon piles of crisp, white undermuslins made in the daintiest styles, in sanitary light and airy factories, by
well paid operators. The materials are of the finest texture, the trimmings have never been more dainty or ef
fectively employed. The workmanship and proportions are most high class in every respect, even in the most inex
pensive garments.
Corset Covers, 19c
Nainsook or crepe trimmed with
fine embroidery edges, cut full
size and very special, at 19c
Corset Covers, 45c
Pine nainsook, with wide ribbon
drawn beading, fine embroidery
edges, 45c
Corset Covers, 75c
Nainsook, of fine quality, with
lace insertions, lace medallions
and edges, ribbon beading, 75c.
Camisoles, at 65c
Crepe de chine with lace inser.
tions, lace edge and lace shoul
der straps.
Pretty Combina
tions at 45c
Good quality nainsook with em
broidery insertions and edges, all
sizes, at 45c.
Combinations, 75c
Nainsook with fine organdie in
sertion, lace and embroidery edges,
very special.
Out-Size Garments
Including gowns, corset covers,
drawers, petticoats, envelope chem
ise and combinations, made In a
variety of styles of fine materials
and prettily trimmed, cut full and
large, at prices very low.
Drawers, at 59c
Nainsook drawers, trimmed
with dainty laces and embroidery,
open or closed, 59c.
Drawers, at $1.25
Fine nainsook, cut full, with
slashed sides, ribbon drawn lace
beading and lace edge, special,
t $1.25.
Modesty Drawers
A circular closed drawer, elas
tic back of waist band, with but
ton effect of the envelope chem
ise; regular or extra sizes, 59e
to $1.25.
Petticoats, at 45c
Good quality muslin, several
styles, prettily trimmed with em
broidery, at 45c.
Petticoats, at 75c
Made of muslin with double
row of embroidery to form
flounce, st 75c.
Petticoats, at 98c
Muslin with deep flounce clus
ter of tucks and four-inch em
broidery finished with underlay.
Petticoats, at $1.25
Fine muslin made with deep
flounce of lace and India linon,
finished with lace edge, $1.25.
Dainty Hand-Embroidered Filipino
Undermuslins, in May Sale
Filipino hand-made undermuslins have practically taken the
place of the French convent-made undergarments. The ma
terials are just as fine, the workmanship is pronounced by many
as equally good and the prices are far less.
Filipino hand embroidered gowns, square, v or round neck,
rose scallop embroidery, $1.95.
Filipino hand embroidered gowns of fin nainsook, with dain
ty embroidery designs, $2.95.
Filipino made gowns, in many styles and beautiful patterns of
hand embroidery, $3.50 to $7.98.
Filipino made drawers, with beautiful hand embroidery, $1.98
to $7.98.
Filipino made envelope chemise, hand embroidered scalloped
garment, $1.98.
Filipino made petticoats of fine materials, deep flounces, hand
embroidered, $3.98 to $4.98.
Burf.M-Nuh Co. Sacond Floor
Gowns, at 45c
Good quality muslin, also soma
crepe, neatly trimmed with em
broidery, at 45c.
Gowns, at 75c
Nainsook, slip-over style, trim
med with lace insertions, em
broidery medallions and lace edge.
Gowns, at 98c
Fine nainsook, made with dain
ty embroidery and lace insertions
and embroidery and lace edges.
Gowns, $1.25 to $1.98
Nainsook of fine quality, elab
orately trimmed with ribbon
drawn beading, $1.25 to $1.98.
Crepe de Chene
Camisoles, $1
Fine wash satin or crepe de
chene, trimmed with fine laces and
ribbon straps, $1.00.
Envelope Chemise, $4.98
Made of very fine wash satin
with lac insertions and edges, rib
bon drawn beading, $4.98.
Petticoats, $4.98 to $8.98
Wash silk, crepe de chene or
wash satin, tailored with fine pleat
ing and shirring, $4.98 to $8.98.
Petticoats, $3.50 to $12.00
Elaborately trimmed, nainsook
or batiste petticoats with deep
flounce of lace insertions, medal
lions and edges.
Lamp Shade Jflc
Frames, at - -
Manufacturers' sample line of
wire lamp shade frames, sizes IS
to 26-inch. Large variety of
shapes, including French empire,
Princess, Japanese, Colonial, Tudor
and Ovals, for electric light, with
? -inch fitter. Monday, special,
at 49c.
Florentine Silks, $1.00
36-inch florentine silk for mak
ing lamp shades, in the best color
ings, at $1.00 yard.
Chenille fringe to match.
Floor Lamps, at $6.50
Six-foot electric floor lamp, ma
hogany finish, double socket; spe
cial for Monday, $6.50.
' Note We will teach you how
to make lamp shades free of
Burgee.-Naah Co-Third Floor
"Standard" Rotary
Sewing Machines
A combina
Hon ot com-l
fort, quality
and satisfac
$35 and up
The machine for the wo
man who does her own
home sewing.
Easy Weekly Payments
Burfe-N..h Co. Fourth Floor
w u
f fctaEcraaiiam.i 1
Home, Garden and Lawn Needs
Lawn mowers, Philadelphia
make, new brand, 8-Inch wheel, 3
blades, fully guaranteed; 14-inch
size, special, $2.75.
Roller bearing lawn mowers,
Philadelphia make, 4 blades; 14
inch size, $4.95.
Guaranteed garden hose, Good
year make, -inch elm brand 5-ply
garden hose, 50-foot length, $3.95.
-inch elm brand B-ply garden
hose, 50-foot length $4.45
Glide molded garden hose, Vt
inch size 10c
Hardwood hose reels, 75c
Poultry netting, 2-inch mesh, 1
to 6 feet high; rolls of 150 running
feet; per 100 feet, at 90c.
Hand weeders, heavily retinned,
at I0c.
24-tooth wire lawn rake, spe
cial, 49c.
12-prong steel
rakes, good qual
ity handle, 25c.
Wonder weeder for dandelions,
etc., special, 39c.
The pull-easy cultivator, spe
cial, 98c.
Garden hoes,
riveted, s p e -cial.
Weeding hoes, 29c.
Wood window boxes,
painted green, 30 - inch
size, 45c.
Galvanized iron window
boxes, painted green; has
patented water receptacle;
24-inch size, 75c.
Burpee's fresh seeds, radish,
beets, lettuce, sweet peas and
nasturtium, per package, 2c.
D. M. Ferry's vegetable seeds,
fresh stock, package, 5c
Blue grass seed, pound, 23c.
Burf..l-N..h Co. Down Stair. Stor.
Join the Fly Swatting Brigade
and Make Omaha a Flyless City
i JUST consider yourself conscripted into my fly swatting
U brigade and your reward will be a flyless city," said
the Health Commissioner and we say get your screens
ana iiy swaciers irom flurgess-Nasn.
Window Screens
Adjustable window
screens, hardwood frame,
covered with best quality
wire cloth, 18 inches high,
special, 25c.
24-in. high, special, 39c.
30-in. high, special, 50c.
Screen Doors
Painted black, heavy
frame, covered with best
quality wire cloth, any
stock size, $1.39.
Varnished screen door,
heavy frame, covered
with best quality wire
cloth, any stock size,
at $1.75.
Screen wire cloth,
painted black, square
foot, 2 He
Philips' knock-down screen frames,
n.i vnn .... i
. i j iicuvj m, a null-
die, swatter edged with cloth
extra special, 5c.
Health Coiumiiuoucr Conncll
wind lo aiobiliit an army pi 200,000
Omahsni, whom tit will lead la a
great sprint drlv. igainat Hit home-
ly, which he dcnotinctt ti lh. molt
dangerom menace to humin lift and
Thi doctor mutt tht following In
dictment againil the fly; "Tht com
ins of warm weather already hai
brought out tbt big 6it that hare
hidden In warm corntra during the
winter. The fly la without doubt the
greateit menace to human health and
lift at thil time. No other agency can
compete with it aa a carrier ol
rtiieeiee. If the fly were exterminated
from any community, tha death rata
especially among infantl. would im-
mcnmeiy ran at lean so per cent.
assorted sizes.
Burgaaa-Naah Co. Down Stair. Stor.
Refrigerator Sale
A UTOMATIC refrigerators, three-door. ilria-
XI icing style, retinned adjustable shelves, solid
bronze hardware, eight walls of ice-saving insula
tion, white enameled food chamber, 100-pound
capacity, $34.00.
100-lb. ice capacity, with water cooler, $37.50.
Apartment house type refrigerator, front
door top-icing type, white enamel food chamber,
ice capacity 90 pounds, special, $16.50.
Illinois top-icing type refrigerator, made of
ash, white enamel food chamber, 75-pound ice
capacity, $13.95.
Illinois three-door, side-icing type refrigerators, solid
bronze hardware, white enamel food chambers with three
retinned wire shelves, 75-pound ice capacity, special, $19.50.
Burg..-Naah Co. Down Stair. Store
Nash Qmw.