Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 13, 1917, AUTOMOBILES, Image 36

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Manager of Big Auto Manu
turing Company Gives Sea
sons for Making the
Pleasant Day's Outing Through Iowa Woods and Glens
The following statement was is
sued recently in response to many in
quiries from the trade:
"The majority of Americans cannot
possibly, for a long time to come, ac
tively participate in any of the phasea
directly relating to the war in which
this country is now engaged. Even
now that the conscription measure has
been passed only a very small per
centage of our entire population will
be called to the colors as soldiers and
The supplying of ammunition
tuns, aeroplanes, sub-chasers, uni
forms and all the long list that will
be required, will be in addition to the
general normal demand for manufac
tured products in this country. All of
our people, regardless of whether they
are participating in war preparations,
are going to require food, clothing and
every other necessity of lite just as
they have always required these
things. Therefore, the workers and
business men of this country must
tontinue to supply these needs. At
today's market, both for labor and
commodities, this means plenty of
money for everv one.
"No one denies that the farmer is,
and will continue to be, the busiest
man in all the world, and at the top
rices he is getting tor his produce
will certainly have plenty of
"The banker tells us that the rais
ing of seven billion dollars for a war
fund does not withdraw too much
from the general operating capital re
quired to finance business and farm
ing in this country. We now have
much surplus cash and can spare this
money. We are also told that most
of this will be spent right in the
United States, both by the United
states and foreign countries.
"With everybody employed and
making money, and with all the money
we need to do business with available.
people are going to keep right on buy
ing, not only their staples, but also
pianos and automobiles and all else
Ihev desire. To da otherwise would
hurt business and would not help the
government one iota. Howard Cof
fin, head of the National Defense
council, tells us that too much re
trenchment would be far more dis
astrous than undue waste." '
Oversize Tire Seems
1 To Solve the Problem
Charlie Chaplin and his oversize
shoes are well known to movie fans.
Charlie shuffles them in his funny,
awkward way and draws down a
princely salary for so doing, and those
ahoea art the very essence of inef
ficiency, How different are the new oversize
"shoes" for Fords. "Henry" has been
receiving considerable scientific
thought and attention at the hands of
, tha Goodrich experimental depart
ment at Akron, O. The result is a
new oversize tire, a thirty-one by
three and three-quarters, called the
".375." This fits the regular thirty by
three and one-half rim and provides
just the right amount of oversize to
give a better air cushion; it reduces
the overloading, and adds quite a
little bit in the way of robustness to
"Henry's appearance. Experience
haa shown that longer service and
tree of oversize tires. This more than
makes op for the additional cost of
the oversize, which in this case is
about one-fourth of the usual cost of
a thirty-one by four oversize tire.
Gejt back to
nature and take
your bulging
picnic basket
you on
bl. 8
9 Far m SSr-
with tfWsoofti J '
i I in, i ev n
U (L w 4-e ag Mat
nice ) -g ' M
ffi'-j gz 9b7
? ft JB.TON
Here is a week-end trip which takes t'te auto
ists through some of the prettiest natural scen
ery and they can make the 116-mile jaunt in a
day of easy driving with plenty of time to stop at
some shady glen for noonday lunch, far from the
noise and hurly-burly of the city.
Set your odometer at zero at west end of
Douglas street bridge, then go straight over on
boulevard leading to Broadway, keeping to left at
end of brick pavement at far side of Council
Bluffs, where the street is broken by little tri
angular park at Oak street school. Keep to main
road, Lincoln highway, going north. Krettick's
store, six miles out, is passed; keep to left, fol
lowing signs. The rest of the route is easy to
Despite the hills, this route is very pretty. The
heights give beautiful views of the land for miles
around. Inviting nooks are found along this
trail where you will be apt to spread the picnic
Packard Company
Organizes Board of
Technical Service
The increasing importance of
standardized aervice, specially on
motor cars of the highest class, has
prompted the forming by the Pack
ard Motor Car company of a tech
nical service board, composed of ex
perts from the eight largest points in
the Packard organization. The board
has just held its first regular meeting.
Ihe members ot the service board
will convene monthly at the factory
under the chairmanship of C. R. Les
ter, technical service manager. The
general condition of service will be
discussed and particular problems be
brought up for analysis. Interchange
ot experiences will be encouraged.
The board will make its recommenda
tions through Mr. Lester's office to
the management
All that the board slant to at
tempt will be directed toward the im
provement and standardization of
service on Packard cars and trucks,
said Mr. Lester. "We discover in
these conferences that one point, say
New York or St. ) ouis, has a par
ticularly effective method of treating
a particular problem. We want the
technical service managers of all
Packard points to have the benefit of
that method. The board offers un
limited opportunity for the inter
change of ideas, looking toward uni
formity in Packard service the coun
try over.
Policies, classification of work
manship, efficient equipment and op
erating method, these are other sub
jects within the expert capacity of the
board. Moreover, the board can be
of value to the truck and carriage
sales boards on the one hand and to
the manufacturing division of the fac
tory on the other."
Franklin Owners Like
The Enclosed Car Idea
Just how thoroughly the use of en
closed cars for all seasons is taking
hold, is indicated by the number of
experienced motorists, among them
men of racing fame, who have re
cently declared their preference for
sedan types.
The latest convert is Ralph Hamlin
of Los Angeles, the man who won
the Los Angeles-Phoenix Desert
race in 1912 with a Franklin car. In
making his conclusions Mr. Hamlin
wrote to the Franklin cornoanv:
"I believe that the enclosed type of
car is (ruing to dc ine most sougnt
model in a few years, although the
touring car will never entirely lose its
Franklin owners have been among
the pioneers of the enclosed-car idea,
according to H. Pelton, focal Franklin
dealer. "Very few of these owners
originally bought Franklin sedans pur
posely for summer use. They just
seemed to grow into the way of using
the car day after day, until they soon
found themselves in the midst of
warm weather and enjoying them
selves better than ever before. They
discovered, through experience, how
cool and comfortable the car can be
made, and how enjoyable it is to drive,
without any thought of adjusting .top
or side curtains."
Studebaker Men Vie
For Patriotic Honor
Patriotism is being shown from one
end of the great South Bend Stude
baker factories to the other. Each
room is being elaborately decorated
by the workmen with American flags
and keen rivalry is existing among
tne men to see who can prepare the
Tfc.- Ripl raprw.nt. cl.vtr designing, proper balance, light
weight, luxurious appointments, ample power. .
These are Ihe factors that make it tha aailaat riding as well as the
snost economical big car ever offered.
V'V.'"" mm Proof" "from the masi who pay the hills."
Eight Cylinder, 130-inch wha.lbaa., 3J0O pound, seven sad four
passenger "Chummy Roadster" bodies.
Six Cylinder models, seven, five and four passenger "Chummy Road
star bodice.
J. H.DE JONG, Manager.
1060-62 Farnam St.
Phone Douglas 3811.
most artistic display. Already over
250 flags are to be found in the
factory, with each individual promi
nently displaying the colors on his
coat lapel. The houses of hundreds
of employes are flying the Stars and
Stripes in some conspicuous spot.
Never Add Any Acid to
Your Storage Battery
Elmer Rosengren of the Nebraska
Storage Battery company asserts that
occasionally a car owner will come
in and assert that his battery is dead,
claiming he has given it the best of at
tention, has never abused it, but it
won't work. He demands a new bat
tery or that this one be put in good
"Hydrometer tests show a high spe
cific gravity so we open the battery
for inspection, and find that it is short
circuited, that the wooden insulations
has been corroded and eaten away
and there is practically nothing left
of them.
"With a comparatively new battery,
only one thing could cause this, the
owner has added acid to the electro
lyte, a thing which should be done by
the car owner under no circum
stances." 1 f
Military Authorities Buy
126 More Harley-Davidsons
Last week the Harley-Davidson
Motorcycle company received a mes
sage from Quartermaster General
Henry G. Sharpe to the effect that the
Harley-Davidson motorcycles now in
use in the government service are
rendering most satisfactory service
and an order for eixty-four Harley
Davidson motorcycles and sixty-two
sides cars to be delivered at once
and prospects are good for consider
able more business from the United
States government in the near future.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
To Success.
Many Business Men Reserve
Places for Calvin Banquet
.Reservations are being made by
business men for the banquet at the
Commercial club in honor of E. E.
Calvin, president of the Union Pa
cific; B. L. Winchell, director of traf
fic for the railroad, and Judge R. S.
The banquet will be held Wednes
day evening. It had been planned
originally to make it an elaborate af
fair, but this plan was abandoned at
the request of Mr. Calvin, who
thought that because of present con
ditions such affairs should be dis
pensed with for common good.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
To Success.
1 !
j piiliiJ jf
.fillOEI snr OBlRk BBk
MOST people are frankly astonished when tney
learn that such a large, ultra luxurious motor
car as the Paige Stratford "Six'ji" can be
purchased for $149;.
In fact, it seems to be generally recognized that no car
on the American market offers so much actual
( dollarHfor'dollar value. If you have investigated
the "Stratford,'' you probably feel the same way
about it
But don't delay too long, please, in placing your order.
At least make a reservation while we can continue
to promise early delivery.
Stratford "Sm-51" even-paaenaer
Fairtield -Sti-46 aeven-pauenser
Ltnwsod "Sif 39" five-pauenger
BrooK anJs"Sii-51 fourpauenger
Drtm3or 'i 39' 2 or 3-paKrtfer
Limousine "S-s 51 ' aeverhpaueneer
Sedan ' S.x 1 1 avcn-pauengor
Sedan -Sic U five paaKnger
TownCar Sia-M"aevco-psneivar
$140! f. o. b. Detroit
$l375 (.o.b Detroit
$M75?.o.b. Detroit
$1695 f.o. b. Detroit
$H75f.o.b. Detroit
12710 f. 0 b. Detroit
$2300 f. o. b. Detroit
11775 f.o. b. Detroit
$27501.0.0. Detroit
Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company, Detroit, Mich.
1814-18 Farnam Street. OMAHA. NEB. Phone Tyler 123
Soma Good Territory Arailable to Dealer (
u u vi n gy g g ii it a ,T
Akron's Masterpiece
Whatever is produced that fulfills its purpose faultlessly and gives the utmost in service is truly a mas
terpiece, ana im worm accepts ic as sucn. nere is AKron s Masterpiece tne iinai expression 01 the world s
master tire builders. Bigger, better, stronger, perfect in design, material and construction. It carries the
si ak tne mark oi tne Master, ana it truly is
"The Star of Them All"
The "All-Star a wonderful tire service Insurance
guaranteed according to weight and load carried.
An "Extra Ply" tire plenty of tough tread stock
extra heavy cover, of a construction that must assure
you a sense of safety nd security and deliver you
neretoiora untmown i . e.
The All Star tread and its kindred styles, as well
as the Red Star and Silver Star inner tubes, have be
come the sensation of tiredom. If you have not had the
pleasing experience of a Star Hand-Made Tire equip
ment, let us tell you more about the advantages.
We want you to try a STAR TIRE upon our judg
ment as a tire seller. We anticipate this product bring
ing us more and more into the confidence of the mo
torists who like to possess good things and get a dol
lar's worth for a dollar.
We have a good proposition for live dealers.
Wheeler Rubber Co.
2064 Farnam Street Omaha, Neb.
Mad. By
.3 a ;nr it ;a a a a n n