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    The Omaha Sunday
News of the Week in Social Gircles : Activities 'in Women's Realm
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Red Cross Work and Golf Links
Make. Social
AM OME call this ttie between-sea-
Ssons time, others attribute the
social dullness to Red Cross
war relief work, but some just
to golr. Uur desk calendar bears the
picture of a little blond-haired, bare
footed cherub blowing his pipes while
two fleecy, lambkins frisk down the
green hill. Above in the blue sky
float big white clouds. Such a rest
ful and refreshing scene the Country
club presented Monday when the
Omaha Woman's Golf association met
for their -opening play of the season.
The club house was practically de
serted, but the velvety green links
were dotted with spots of color.
Even golfing has a bearing on the
Red Cross now for all over the coun
try there is talk of appropriating golf
Out Doors Lures
the Society Folks
The call of the outdoors will not
reach its full strength until all the
country clubs have opened their doors
for the summer. At a meeting this
week it was decided that the Field
club opening will be held the even
ing of May 26, the same evening as
the initial dinner-dance at Happy
Hollow club, for which announce
ments were issued last week. Sey
mour Lake Country club has grown
impatient, so that although the cafe
will not be put in shape until later the
members have gathered for one pre
season dance this week and will en
joy another on May 25. Carter Lake
club is waiting for the water to pass
above the freezing point before it
gathers its happy family together
again and will celebrate Decoration
day with its first reunion. Two days
later Seymour Lake club will inau
gurate its season.
June is to be marked by numerous
outdoor fetes and benefits. Unitarian
church members are hoping to bring
Portia Swett back to Omaha to give
the open-air fete in Joslyn gardens.
If they are not able to do if they are
planning with much foresight to cap
ture the nimble dancer as she flits
back to the east after closing her sum
mer camp in the Rockies. Then they
will give a glorious autumn festival
among the reds and browns of au
tumn's falling leaves.
At least one June fete surely will
be htld. This will be the All Saints'
Sunday Seliool June fete at the home
of Mrs. Will Hoagland, which is
dated for June 2. Mrs. Franklin Shot
well and her mother, Mrs. Lois Coch
rane, are taking charge of the work
and have arranged a delightful pro
gram nf dances, drills and songs with
the added novel feature of a mati
nee dance in the house for the young
people at the close of the outdoor
Everyone who is so fortunate as
to be numbered among the friends of
Mrs. Myron Learned is eagerly an
ticipating the outdoor performance
of her masque of country life the
middle of June. The thought of this
delightful form of drama presented in
the open is sufficiently attractive of
itself to draw interest, but this par
ticular little play is sure to have em
bodied in it some of the charm of the
author's own personality. If Han
sconi park is chosen (nr this Red
Cross benefit it will lie full to over
flowing with all of us
Calendar a plank
funds for Red Cross. At the Chicago
Country clubs they are talking of
turning prize money into Red Cross
funds. In New York the women
golfers are planning to give their
tournament entrance fees to Red
Cross treasurers and to cut down their
prizes. Just what Omaha women will
do along this line has not yet been
decided. Mrs. Walter G. Silver is
considering the matter and has pre
sented several schemes to the mem
brs of the association. '
Next to golfing the favorite pastime
in society is afternoon tea. This is
the only unadulterated form of en
tertainment left to the hostess. Bridge
parties have been coining dollars for
good causes and will continue to do
so for some time to come. " Dancing
parties are excellent money-getters as
Mrs. i nomas Latham Davis . will
prove after her circle of All Saints'
Parish Aid has given its dancing par
ty Tuesday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Dana C. Bradford
Luncheon and dinners are altogether
too expensive for benefit affairs, so
the tea is the reallv satisfactory wav
ot getting together socially. Mrs.
John L. Kennedy s tea last Tuesday
was a delightful affair. The euest of
honor, little Mrs. E. Tohn Brandeis.
"set the informal note by appearing in
a simple dark costume with large hat
and soft turs thrown carelessly around
her shoulders. Many of the guests
came in street attire from their vari
ous centers of activity, so that no one'
was confined to strictly afternoon
dress. The hostess and Mrs. George
Brandeis were two most charming
figures in their light afternoon frocks.
Tuesday seems a good day for tea,
because this week Mrs. Charles D.
Beaton, too, has taken Tuesday for
her tea, in honor of Mrs. Wilson
Austin of Pelham Manor, N. Y., who
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. F. McGrew, and for her mother,
Mrs. E. A. Wurster of Milwaukee.
Mrs. E. A. Wurster, jr., of Milwaukee
is also expected to be in Omaha for
the tea.
One of the interesting events of the
week will be the presentation on
Tuesday evening of the prize plays
of the Omaha Woman's Press club
at the Blackstone. About 200 inter
ested people will gather for the eve
ning. Several dinner parties of Press
club members and friends will be
given at the hotel preceding the per
formance. ,
Sojourners Return Home.
Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Allison and
their daughter and son, Miss Grace
and Charles, arrived home Friday
from Asheville, N. C, where they
spent several months. They will not
remain long here, however, as they
plan to go to Colorado or Wyoming
for the summer.
Mrs. W. II. Murray returned last
Saturday from California, where she
has been s,ince February.
Mrs. Albert Swartzlander has re
turned from Washington, where she
spent part of the winter, having gone
east in February.
Mrs. John A. McShane, accom
panied by her niece, Miss Blanche
Burke, of Portland, Ore., will be
home Wednesday from California,
where she has been for two or three
months. Mr. and Mrs. McShane went
I to Texas the midfffe of lanuary. Mr.
McShane is still there oil business.
Social Calendar
Bridge for Mrs. P. K. Walsh, Miss
Mercedes Caughlan, hostess.
Luncheon at Blackstone for Mrs.
F. V. Krug, Mesdames Fred
Pearce and L, A, Gibson, host
esses. Y. W. H. A., special meeting, Pax
ton block club rooms, 8 p. m.
Junior Bridge club, Miss Eugenie
Patterson, hostess.
Dancing party by Mrs. T. L. Davis'
division of All Saints' Parish Aid,
at home of Mr. and Mrs. D. C.
Tea for Mrs. Wilson Austin and
Mrs. Erwin Wurster, Mrs.
. Charles D. Beaton, hostess.
Jones-Kindt wedding."
Le Mars club dance at Keep's
Dinner dance 'at Country club.
Custer Trio club card party at
Crounse hall.
Peterson-Worley wedding.
Informal chafing dish supper for
Miss Nancy Haze, Miss Eliza
beth Finley, hostess
Original Cooking club, Mrs. Sam
uel Burns, hostess.
Prettiest Mile Woman's Golf club,
opening field meet.
Elks' club musicale.
Dinner and reception at Black
stone given for senior nurses at
Methodist hospital.
Dinner dance at Country club.
Tea given by Mrs. ArthurCullen.
Dinner at Country club, given by
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Drake.
Luncheon and shower for Miss
Nancy Haze, Miss Alice Gideon,
-' " """
UfS Zeia WerxAev
Vivid Sport Clothes
Seen on the Links
WHAT" will be worn on the
golf links in Omaha this
summer was just as definitely indi
cated at the opening day on the
Country club links Monday as the
summer fashions set on the board
walk at Atlantic . City on Easter
The Bee photographer trained
his camera on the riot of color and
patterji at the first play of the sea
son. Black and - white stripes,
checks, plaids, jersey cloth and
truly futi'rist floral designs were
carried out in the snorts suits
worn. The nattiest and newest of
vividly colored sweaters vied with
the trimmest of tailored cloth golf
togs, all on the colorful green.
Here are a few. Fore!
Army Folks Known Here Mobilized
For Duty at Various Army Stations
MAN has been ordered from
duly in Washington to Chi
cago, relieving Colonel Sam.
ucl Reber.
Captain Alexander Maish has been
ordered from Frankford arsenal, Phil
adelphia, to Washington for duty with
the chief of ordnance. 'Mrs. Maish
was formerly Miss Pauline Bourke of
this city.
Harry McCormick went to New
York Sunday to see his son, Scott,
who . goes to the training camp at
Plattsburgh in the officers' reserve
corps this week.
Major Robert L. Hamilton and Mrs.
Hamilton, formerly Miss Bess Her of
this city, are stationed at Fort Crook,
having been ordered there to relieve
Major Frederick Krug, who goes to
Washington, D. C, for duty the lat
ter part of this month. Mrs. Krug
and Miss Katherine Krug will go to
Wyoming for the summer and join the
major later in Washington.
Lieutenant Stewart Bryant, U. S.
N., cousin of Mrs. Harry Nott, for
merly of this city, and brother of Miss
Katherine Bryant, now Mrs. Warren
Strong of St. Paul, has been on duty
in Washington since his return from
Constantinople with Ambassador
Morgenthau last winter, and was one
of the escort on board the Mayflower
accompanying General Joffre from
Hampton Roads to Washington.
Captain Thomas L. Holland has
been assigned to duty here as assist
ant to Colonel Bingham, of the army
quartermaster's depot.
Daniel H. McCarthy, 21, son of Col
onel Daniel E. McCarthy, chief of the
quartermaster's, department in Chi
cago, has begun training at Fort
Sheridan for the cavalry division of
the officers' reserve corps. Young
Mr. McCarthy, well known in Omaha,
has given up the business connection
with his uncle, that he entered after
graduating from Georgetown uni
versity. Donald Kiplinger. son of 0. D. Kip
Iinger, arrived Wednesday from Cul
ver Military academy, where he has
passed examinations fot-iirst lieuten
ant. Jarvis OlTutt arrived home Thurs
2ay.fro,n Yalc a"d goes to Fort
Snellmg with about twenty other Yale
men from Iowa and Nebraska. They
were all given leave from college with
credit for the year's work.
Manderson Lehr of Albion, Neb.,
sailed lasr Sunday from New York
with a Beloit college unit of aiflbu
lance drivers for France. Mr. Lehr is
a namesake of the late C. V. Mander
son of tins city, and a son of Mrs.
Henry Lehr, who was a cousin of Mrs.
Manderson and who has been here
with Miss Elizabeth Black much of
the time since Mrs. Manderson's
death. Young Lehr was a football
star at Beirut and prominent in all
school ai-livitirs.
Hugh Millard, son of Mr. and 'Mrs.1
Alfred Millard, was aboard the steam
er Rochambeau which recently had
such a narrow escape from a subma
rine. Mr. Millard goes to join the
American ambulance corps.
Looming on Social Horizon.
Miss Elizabeth Finley ill enter
tain Miss Nancy Haze and'.the girls
of her bridal party at an informal
chafing dish supper Wednesday e,ven.
ing. Miss Alice Gideon will give a
luncheon and shower next Saturday
in honor of "Miss Haze, whose mar
riage to Victor Becklund takes place
this month.
The Le Mars club will give t dance
at Keep's Dancing academy Tuesday
The Junior Bridge club will be
entertained by Miss Eugenie Patter
son on Monday.
Mrs. H. S. Clarke, jr., entertains
one of the Monday bridge-luncheon
club May 21. Club members will be
guests of Mrs. J. M. Metcalf at the
Equal Franchise bridge party June 4.
Mrs. Myion Learned's masque of
country life will be presented for the
benefit of the Red Cross Friday and
Saturday, June 15 and 16. at 4 o'clock.
The place has not been chosen. All
members of the cast will be chosen
this week.
Prettiest Mile Woman's Golf club
will hold its opening field meet Thurs
day at 2 p. m. at Miller park. The
affair is in charge of the field com
mittee. Come to Live In Omaha.
Mcrton L. Corey, registrar and at
torney for the federal land bank, who
recently came here from Hastings,
has bought a home at 1343 South
Thirty-sixth street."
W. W. Livermore of Nutley, N. J.,
arrived Wednesday to make Omaha
his home. Mr. Livermore will live
with Philip Chase at the Bransrbrd,
the two young men having been
roommates last winter in New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hundley of
St. Joseph. Mo., have come to Omaha
to make their home and are at the
Blackstone. They have a son, Mar
vin, who has joined the reserve corps
at Fort Snelling
Social Gossip.
Mrs. Frank Colpctzer plans to go
to Chicago this week to visit her
daughter, Mrs. Harry Wilkins. Mrs.
Coutant, who is her guest, will remain
in Omaha during the absence of her
sister, Mrs. Brinker, with whom she
lives in Chicago and who expects to
go to California on a trip with Mr.
Mrs. Reba Morgan is in Lincoln to
stay with her grandchildren while
their parents, Mr. Proudfit, are at Ex
celsior Springs.
Frank M irsman went to California
last week t j his fath'-r. E. M. Mors-
man. who is still ill. Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar ' Mot small, jr., just' returned
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Atkisson an
nounce the engagement of their
daughter, Olive Myrtle, to Mr.
Clarence Nelson, son of Mr. and
Mrs, A. P. Nelson. The marriage
will take place June 4. Miss Dcl
plia Nelson, sister of the bride
groom, will be bridesmaid and Mr.
Elgin Lindman, hit .cousin, best
man. .
Mr. and'Mrs. Henry Haze have
issued invitations for the marriage
of their daughter, Nancy, to Mr.
Victor Backlund, Tuesday evening,
May 22', at 8 o'clock at the Jrirst
United Presbvtenan churn, tr
narry Macumber, the bride s sis
ter, will be matron of honor and
Miss Gertrude Thompson, maid
of honor. Ribbons will be
stretched by the following Tri-Delt
sorority sisters of Miss Haze, the
Misses Bernice Thomas, Katherine
Cone, Alice Gideon and Ramona
Troup of Lincoln,- and Miss
Estelle Jensen and Miss Elvera
Backlund -of Stromsburg. Little
Ruth Macumber will be flower girl
and Justina Frazier ring bearer.
Mr. Harry De Lametre is the best
Mr. John Chadwick. son of Mr.
and Mrs James C. Chadwick of
this city, is to be married on June
9 to Miss Elizabeth Craig, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. George Craig
of Rosemont, Pa. Mr. and Mrs.
Chadwick will leave Thursday for
New York to attend the wedding.
Miss Craig is a Bryn Mawr girl
and Mr. Chadwick a Cornell grad
uate. The wedding is to be a quiet
home affair, with only, relatives
present. Among the latter will be
Rear Admiral Chadwick, uncle of
the groom. Mr. and Mrs. lames
Chadwick will be east until Au
gust, part of the time at their for
mer home. Englewood, N.'J.
. Another sou of Omaha to be
married next month will be Mr.
Everard Child, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Lowrie Childs, who is living
in Philadelphia. He is to be mar
ried on June 23 at Harrisburg, Pa.,
to Miss Helen Hammond, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. William K. Ham
mond of that city, granddaughter
of forme.- Governor poter of Penn
sylvania, and coutin of Vance Mc
Cormick. The wedding will be a
church affair, followed by a small
reception. Mr. and Mrs. Childs ex
pect to leave here about June 20
to attend the wedding.
, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. O'Brien an
nounce the engagement of-their
daughter, Mary, to Mr. Charles
Harrower. The wedding wil! take
place June 14 at St. Cecilia's
chnrch. Miss Clara O'Brien and
Miss Mary Harrower will be the
bride's attendants and Mr. Albert
K. Bruiting and Mr. Robert Har
rower. will attend the bridegroom.
Mrs. William Monsky an
nounces the engagement of her
daughter, Bessie, to Mr. Arthur
Katskee the wedding to take place
in the near future.
from there two weeks ago, and Rob
ert Morsman has made three trips out
to see his fatther.
Mrs. George Brandeis and her sis
ter, Mrs. Harry Bosworth of Chicago,
left Saturday for French Lick Springs,
Ind., for two weeks.
Miss Caroline Dodge has gone east
to spend the summer, part of the
time in Boston. Mr. and Mrs. C. R.
Tyler have taken her home in Council
1 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Coles, accom
panied by Walter T. Page, left Thurs
day evening for Charlottesville, Va.,
where Mr. and Mrs. Coles will visit
Mr. Coles' brothers until his health
is improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Welch
are in Cleveland, the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Adrian D. Joyce. Mrs. Joyce
has issued invitations for a luncheon
at the Cleveland Country club in
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