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13 A
Principals Appear Before Com
mittee and Request Advance
in Salaries in Grades, But
No Decision Beached.
A committee of public school prin
cipals Friday afternoon presented to
the teachers' committee of the new
Board of Education a request for 25
per cent increase of pay for 850 teach
ers of the grade schools.
This matter was presented last fall
to the outgoing board and had been
carried along as unfinished business.
Chairman Wells of the teachers, and
Chairman Reed of the finance com
mittee reported an existing deficit of
S250.000 and a further deficit of $350,
IWO on account of cutting put of liquor
license money. The increase asked by
the teachers amounts to $175,000 a
"Teachers do not have sufficient
food to enable them to do their work
efficiently. The only time many of
them are warm in winter is wh,en in
the schools," said Mary A. Reid, prin
cipal of Saunders school..
Seek Work for Summer.
Clara B. Mason, principal of Park
school said: "Many teachers who
should have a chance to be resting
or studying are seeking work for the
summer vacation. The Commercial
club is advertising Omaha as the
most prosperous city in the, country.
I am sure you men will find a way to
give the teachers mare pay before the
school year closes next month."
"Ten of the seventeen teachers at
my school," said Principal Robinson
of Saratago, "are helping to support
homes and in six cases this help is
absolutely necessary."
Mr. Reed of the finance committee
suggested that this is a time when
all must share the burden.
No decision was reached. The mat
ter will be brought before a meeting
of the entire board next week, in com
mitte of the whole.
Keif Cross Appeal for
Increased Membership
The citizens of Omaha and
vicinity can express their patri
otism in no better manner than
to join the Omaha chapter of
American Red Cross.
We hope to enroll 20,000 or
more new members during the
week commencing May 14. For
t get business for a few hours or
days, postpone contemplated
pleasures, cancel social engage
ments and help the membership
committee make a showing that
will reflect the greatest possible
evidence of the patrotism that
exists in this community.
All patriotic men, women and
children are eligible to member
ship. Join now enroll all mem
bers oi your family; urge your
friends, their families and their
friends to join.
Chairman Membership Cam
paign Committee.
May Queen at Omaha University
And Her Attendants at the Fete
CLARA UNDliy fvJgA I fugJumsmi
-r K
n LEACH . 1
i - -'A rzr f.' J
Miss May Leach, senior, is May
Queen of the University of Omaha.
Announcement of the queen and her
attendants. Miss Esther Knapp, junior,
as maid of honor; Miss Helen John
ston, sophomore, and Miss Louise
Brown, freshman, as special maids,
comes today. Gala day is Friday.
Although the farms and the army
have taken a number of the men, the
annual spring festival promises to be
a great success. The committee had
Elanned to crown the queen under the
uge maples of the university campus,
but this plan has been abandoned and
the event will take place at Kountze
park, two blocks from the school, at
7:30 p. m. A vaudeville show at the
uni gymnasium follows.
Miss Clara Lindley has charge of
the costumes of the queen and her
maids, the school furnishing the cos
tumes this year.
Ice-Bound Crews in Lake
Superior Are Starving
Marquette, Mich., May 12. Mem
bers of the crew of the freighter Mun
ising, stranded for five days in an ice
floe in Lake Superior, seven miles off
shore, are starving, all efforts to get
food to them have been futile.
Fear was expressed also that c.ews
of four steamers, the Grand Island,
Ishpeming, Barlow and Peter White,
which after a vain attempt to rescue,
were caught in the ice also and are
in danger of starvation.
Sarah Bernhardt Greatly
Cheered by Viviani's Visit
New York, May 12. Rene Viviani,
head of the French mission now in
this country, today paid a visit to his
famous countrywoman, Madame
Sarah Bernhardt, who is convalescing
after an operation. When he left the
actress' room his face was wreathed
in smiles Madame Bernhardt seemed
greatly cheered.
Haiti Congress Refuses to
Declare War Against Germany
Port Au Prince, Maiti, May 12.
Congress today refused to declare war
on Germany.
A resolution was adopted protesting
against the submarine warfare. The
president was authorized to break off
diplomatic relations if Germany de
clined to make the reparation de
manded for the loss of the lives of
Haitiens and to give guarantees for
the future.
McAdoo Warns Everybody
Must Do Bit to Save Loan
Washington, May 12. Secretary
McAdoo sounded a warning today
that unless every person who possibly
could "did his bit" toward subscrib
ing to the liberty loan that it might
"I have every confidence," he said,
"that the loan will be fully subscribed,
but the impression should not be per
mitted to go abroad it is certain to
carry unless it will."
Agreement Being Drafted to
Oive Body of Perhaps One
Person Power to Buy
Everything for War.
Washington, May 12. An inter
national agreement, under which there
will be placed in the hands of a small
commission, possibly of one man, the
purchasing power of virtually every
dollar of the billion j to be lent the
allies by this government and the ad
ditional billions which they will spend
in this country out of their own in
come, is in process of formulation.
Draft of the proposed agreement
has been left to Secretary McAdoo,
who has already conferred with for
eign envoys on the subject. Great
Britain, France and Italy are under-,
stood to have signified their desire to
"titer such an agreement and other
entente governments are likely to as
sume the same attitude.
The agreement would seek maxi
mum efficiency, both for the allies and
the American government for every
dollar 6pent ill this -ountry for war
The commission would have the
widest purchasing powers ever en
trusted to any one body of men in the
history of the world. It virtually
would be a purchasing agencv for all
Christendom, with the exceptibn of the
few remaining neutrUs and the cen
tral powers.
It would eliminate entirely competi
tive bidding among the allies and this
government for American products
and would seek to assure 100 cents
worth of value for every dollar Spent.
The plan involves no fixing of
prices, nowever.
Navy Near Full Strength ;
Of Hundred Thousand Men
Washington, May 12. The navy
wilt reach its full authorized maxi
mum war strength of 100,000 enlisted
men Thursday if the recruitir.g ratio
of tb tact tn Move is mtninmA
An official statement issued today
snows mat .he service now has a to
tal nf (KIDS man lli ,
w -w , ...v.. ..... cam
paign inaugurated April 3. having
produced 31.341 men up to date.
Bills pending in congress authorize
the adoption of 50.000 more men or
9 tnta! etrAncHl inrUlAincr Untin
- .... mv.uuiiin
corps apprentices and unorganized
unus or ivo.uuu men.
Brottem Collides With Car
Of Dr. Gietzen and Is Arrested
Dr. C. H. Gietzen, 2223 Manderson
street, was driving his auto west on
Howard street last niRht near (Four
teenth street, when he collided with
a rat rlrivon fiv Rnv nrMi.m t:.,-j
hotel. No one was hurt, but both cars
were damaged.
Brottem was arrested, charged with
Violating ttl ritUe nf U rnnA u.
said to have been driving on the
wrung sine m tnc road.
Knights Templar of Omaha
Stand by President Wilson
At their meeting Friday night, the
members of Mount Calvary Com
mandrv, Knights Templar, adopted
the following resolutions:
Whereas, the United States of America
our hi) ma, our country, la at wnr with
nation whom aulocrmy hui thrown to the
winds all i rind pi on of Justice mid liberty,
ml. In disregard of all low or rhruttun
UMttgo. Is drenching Europe with the blood
of thoiiitMmlB of patriots; and,
Whereas, our country stands In arms, not
for territorial sin rand lament or pelf, but
for the upholding of th principles of free
dom and liberty and the putting down of
rule by the sword of oppression: and,
WJhtm, it lit meet and proper In a time
such us thl that nil cIHkoi.s and orgAnlsa
ttons fostered, nurtured and living- uraler the
protection of the. greatest flng that tonin.
irrespective of creed or political affiliation,
hut more especially this grout ordor of
Christian knighthood, whlrh at amis for si!
that Is good, and whoso forebears, the great
knights In the crusade of old. fought, bled
and died for the upholding of eacrnd prin
ciples, nliould stand by, uphold nnd sup
port, with firmness and loyalty unrestrained,
the president of the I'nlled States, Its sen
ators and representatives tn congress as
sembled, and all duty constitute! public au
thority ; now, therefore, be It
ltcfolved Hy Mount Calvary Commanrtry
No. 1. Ktiltthts Templar of Nebraska, in Its
asylum hi Omnha assembled, that we do
stand by, uphold and support the president
of the I'tilted Slates, Its senators and rcp
reseniMf Iv.'H In ctmKreaa assembled, and all
duly constitutes, puhllo authority, and that
tn this, our country's hour of need, we do
hereby offor our services to the president
for uk In surh line of duty as the capabili
ties, training and experience of Its mem
bers may best fit them, knowing and be
lieving that the muse Is Jutit,
Reach Tentative Agreement
To Avert Great Coal Strike
Washington, May 12. A tentative
basis of aureement for averting a
threatened strike of coal miner! in
the central Pennsylvania district was
reached at a conference of represen
tatives of both aides tonight with Sec
retary of Labor Wilson.
None at the conference would di
vulge details except that there would
be no suspension of work. About 75,
OflO men had voted to walk out on
May IS and it is understood strong
pressure was brought to bear by the
federal government to bring the two
sides together and prevent ctippling
of coal production in the national
I emergency.
The American Federation ot Labor
and the National Defense council
were represented at the meeting.
Tersistent Advertising Is the Road
To Success.
Preponderance in Your Favor
Big Fort
35 Horsepower
Touring . . . . tits
gocdsut . . , . (Ma
CmafryCM. , tfM
Tnrit ; ; ; tit)
KMdsUt . , .tSSa
Omf , , , . l;o
Ma . , . J'
Light Sixes
Tmrfiif ... fiats
Soadsltr t . flolo
Coups .... tljS
j Ml .... tills
Willys Six
Tortus , r. iS
Four Touring . tt3M '
Four Cout . . t i6so
Four Sidan . . ttoso
Four limourim $toso
Eight 'Touriut . S'PJA
Suhul lo tkanii wiHoul toilet
The more serious'the purchase of
a car is to your family, the more
seriously you should consider
Consider what a guarantee it is to
own a car backed by a company
with $68,000,000 assets; with an
army pf workmen that would
populate a good sized city; with
acres and acres of modern fac
tories, and more than 4,000
dealers and branches.
The magnitude of The Willys-Overland
Comoanv is due to its man
agement: due to the practical
policy of utilizing prodigious
production as a means to
quality and lower prices.
The Willys-Overland Company
guards its obligation to the own
ers of its cars as seriously as a
conservative bank protects the
interest of its depositors, large
and small.
The Willys-Overland is predicated
upon the need for cars of
beauty, comfort and conveni
ence in addition to long-lived
The average family can participate
in the luxuries of motoring be
cause hundreds of thousands of
other owners enable The Willys
Overland Company to distribute
and bring down costs.
Such a car as the Overland Big
Four would never have been
possible at such a price as $895
had it not been for over 300,000
similar Overlands which have
already gone into service.
Come in and see the Overland
Big Four and the most compre
hensive line of motor cars ever
built by any one producer.
2047-49 Farnim Street
Phone Douglas 3292
20th end Harney Streets
Phone Douglas 3290
rj e Willys-Overiandnroledo, Ohio 'f!::''y
i I, -s"3' '"' 'l"illi'"r Manufacturers of Wltlyi-Kntaht andCrlaod Automobile, Vlln-- ' '
1 Sfumberon ' I.
THE hair mattress without doubt is superior to mattresses made of any
other material. It is more economical, more comfortable, more sani
tary. But until the introduction of SLUMBERON the better grades of hair
mattresses have been a luxury. The cheaper kinds were not satisfactory because
they were either not all hair or because they were made of very poor materials.
Sanitary HalrMattfeSS
SLUMPERON Is made entirely of new, high grade
curled hair, cleansed and purified to the greatest
degree. SLUMDEKON is made in a light, sanitary
factory under the best conditions possible. The
covering is heavy dust-proof ticking of extra quality.
SLUMBERON sells for $25.00. We can only sell
this exceptionally fine mattress it this low price
because of our purchasing and manufacturing fa
cilities. This price ia only slightly more than that
charged for inferior cotton or fibre mattresses.
The SLUMBERON is four feet six Inches wide
and weighs forty pounds.
Look for the Slumberon Label on. every Mattress
Ask your dealer to show you a SLUMBERON. Youll recognise It by the blue and gold label on the
end. If he doesn't handle them write ua and we will aend yon the name of a SLUMBERON
dealer near your home, together with our valuable booklet "Correct Sleeping." '
Cudahy Curled Hair Works
General OfficeV 111 W. Monroe Street, Chicago Factories! East Chicago, Indiana.
!',VH.V,-I. .1iVM'. in jiaiipuamuu mi mmt lieu nuiu. uu mir
Nuxated Iron Should Be
Used in Every Hospital and
Prescribed by Every Physician
Says Dr. Howard James, late of the Manhattan State Hospital of New York and formerly Assistant Physician
- Brooklyn state noipitai.
It quickly enrichei the blood, strengthens the nerves and puts most astonishing youthful power
and vigor into the veins of both men and women. It oxtcu increases the strengtn and endur
ance of delicate, nervous, run-down folks 100 per cent in two weeks' time.
Opinion of Dr. Schuyler C. Jaques, Visiting Surgeon of St. Elizabeth' Hospital, New
York, Dr. A. J. Newman, and other physicians who have tested
Nuxated Iron in their own private practice.
In a very intersitine and Initructlve dis
course on tht great values of plenty of iron
in the blood, Dr. Howard Jameo, late of the
Manhattan State Hoipltal ot New York and
formerly Assistant Physician Brooklyn
State Hospital, laid:
"A pstlent-of mine remarked to me (after
having been on a six weeks' course of
Naxated Iron) :
Doctor, that thr
"Pravioui to mint Nuxated Iron,
had been preicrlblnt the varloua mineral
salts of iron for yean, only to meet
the complaint! of discolored teeth, dis
turbed digestion, tied up. hardened se
cretions, etc., when I came across
Nuxated Iron, an elegant, ingenious
preparation containing organic Iron,
which baa no destructive action on
the teeth no corrosive effect on
the stomach, and which is readily
assimilated Into tbe blood and
quickly makes Its pretence frit
by increased vigor, snap and
staying power.
"Iron fa absolutely necessary
to enable your blood to rhAiijre
rood into 1 vlnir tissue. With
out It, no matter how much
or what you eat, your food
merely passes throutrh you
without doing you anv stood.
You don't get the strength out
of it, and as a consequence you
become weak, sale and sirkly
looking. Just like a plant trying to grow in
a soil deficient in iron.
'As I have said a hundred times over.
organic iron is the greatest of all strength
builders. If people would only take Nuxated
Iron when they feel weak or run down, in-
tead of dotting themselves with habit form
ing drugs, stimulants and alcoholic bever
ages, I am convinced that in Thin way they
could ward off disease, preventing it becom
ing organic in thousands of can en and there
by the Uvea of thousands might be saved
who now die every year from oneumonia.
grippe, kidney, liver, heart trouble and other
dangerous maladies. The real and true cause
which started their diseases was nothing
more or less than a weakened condition
brought on by a lack of iron in the blood."
"Thousands of neonle suffer from Iron de
ficiency and do not know it.
If you are not strong or well, you owe
It to yourself to make the following test:
See how long you can work or how far vou
can walk without becoming tired. Next take
two five-grain tablets of Nuxated Iron three
times per day after meals for two week.
Then test your strength again and see how
much you have gained. I'rom my own ex
perience with Nuxated Iron I feel it is such
valuable remedy that it should be keut
In every hospital and prescribed by every
physician in this country."
la like 4 -
Dr. Howard James, late of the Man
hnhnn. Stab. Honmlal of New York and
formerly Assistant Physician Brooklyn
Slate tiogptial teli pnytwiani ne oe
lirvet that marc N fixated Iron should
be prescribed to met 1h great problem
of iron deficiency with its attendant
symptoms of weakness, nervousness,
lack of vitality, paleness, and generally
rundown conditions.
ALLIC IRON so commonly taki by m cut pi o pit,
pr A- J- Newmsn. formerly House Surgeon, Jeffer
son Park Hospital. Chicago, In commenting on the
vine of Kiisn'ed Iron, said: "This remedy baa
proven through my own test of it to excel any
pi-'-puraiion I have ever uned for creating red
blood- building up the nerves, strengthening the
muscles and correcting digestive disorders.
The manufacturers are to be congratulated
in having given to the public a long-felt
want, a true tonic supplying iron in an
osBily digested and assimilated form. A
true health builder in every sense of the
Dr. Schuvler C. Jaqnea, visiting Sur
geon of St. Elisabeth's Hospital, New
Yrk- was also asked what he thought
ot Nuxated Iron, In reply Dr.
Janues said:
"I have never before given
out any medical Information or
advice for publication, at I
ordinarily do not believe in it.
But in the case of Nuxated
Iron 1 feel I would be remiss
In my duty not to mention it,
I have taken it myself and
given It to my patients with
most surprising and satisfac
tory results. And those who
wish quickly to increase their
strrngth, power and endurance
will find it a most remarkable
and wonderfully effective rem
edy." The next to be consulted
was Dr. Ferdinand King, a
New York physician and Medi
cal author, who said:
"I heartily concur in all that
Dr. James has said, only in
some reapects I would go
further. Dr. James forgot to
mention how foods lone their
Iran value by improper methods
of cookery. In the most com
mon foods of America, the
starches, sugars, table syrups,
candies, polished rice, white bread, soda
crackers, biscuits, macaroni, spaghetti, tap
ioca, sago, farina, riegermirlated corn meal,
no longer is iron to be found. Refining pro
censes have removed the iron of Mother
Earth from these impoverished foods and
silly methods of home cookery, by throwing
down the waste pipe the. water in which our
vegetables are cooked are responsible for
another grsve iron loss. Therefore, H you
wish to preserve your youthful vim and
vigor to a ripe age, you must supply tht
Iron deficiency in your food by using some
form of organic iron Nuxated Iron just
as you would use sale when your food has
not enough salt
NOTE Nuxated Iron which Is prescribed
and recommended above by physicians in
such a great variety of cases is not a patent
medicine nor secret remedy, but one which
la well known to druggists and whose iron
constituents are widely prescribed by emi
nent physicians everywhere. Unlike the older
Inorganic iron products, it ia easily assimi-
vim and vitality as a young man; in fact,
a young man he really was, notwithstanding
his age. The secret, he said, was taking iron
Nuxated Iron had filled him with renewed
life. At SO he was in bad health: at 46 he
IDr. E. Sauer, a Boston physician, who haa vag careworn nnd nearly all fn now at 50,
studied both in this country and Krt sfter taking Nuxated Iron, a miracle of vi
Kuropean medical institutions, wan askid ,, , , , . , ....
what he thought of Dr. Jaques' remarks. In 'Iitv " hi ' beaming with the buoy
reply, he said; ancy of youth."
"I fully agree with Dr. James. People need
more Iron. There can be no strong, vigor
ous men without iron. Not long ago a man
came to me who was nenrly half a century
old and asked me to give him a preliminary lated, does not injure the teeth, make them
isminRilnn fn Hfo in..inrt. i ... black nor upset the stomach : on the contrary
a i a. j a si j li ... ., . it is a most po tent remedy in nearly all
tonished to find him with 4he blood pres- foPmB ot Indlton. . well for nervous.
sure of a boy of twenty, and as full of vigor, run-down conditions. The manufacturers have
uch great confidence in Nuxated Iron that
they offer to forfeit $100.00 to any charit
able institution if they cannot take any man
or woman under 60 who lacku Iron and in
crease their strength 100 per cent or over in
four weeks' time, provided they have no
serious organic trouble. They also offer to
refund your money if It does not at least
double your strength and endurance in ten
days time. It is dispensed in this city by
Sherman A McConnell Drug Co. and ail good
druggists. Advertisement.