Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 29, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 9, Image 9

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Toa Unit Boaka Worth Raadlnf Ara
In tha ClrciiUlinl Library at la a Oar
Racarda tor May Faurtk Floor
-Phone Douglas 137.
His Majesty The "Baby" Is King Here This Week
Sunday, April 29, 1917.-
Keep the
Factory Fires
Burning . :
SOON' after England Joined
force, in the great world
war a popular song writer
wrOtfr- '.
"Keepfiie Borne Fires' Burnr
The beautiful sentiment ex.
pressed with , the tetchy mel
ody Krippsd. the heart cords of
all. the allied countries, citizen
anil soldier alike..
Since .our . United States has
Joined with-the allies no bet
ter slogan could . be adopted
by every American man. wom
an ?;tid, child than-that, of,
"Keep the Factory Firee
la ether words do every
thing in our power to keep this
great --and wonderful nation
prosperous. ... ; , i . .
Kaap buaineas going
Kaep iriakinf - money that
we may have money to keep
in circulation1.' '."'Y
Keep e.iu.p lo.y m e n t for
Kaep wages good.
There "is absolutely ho 'rea
son for the agitation .of,
criminating economy. . None;
whatever--with the wonder
ful resources' this country, en-,
joys the assurance of abund
ant crop-r.with factories run
ning full time and in many
instances'' Overtime, the nation,,
as a whole,, should,.. .go along
with the even tenor of its. way.
President Wilsoii, 'In his
proclamation, sounded the key
note in this sentence: "It is
evident to. every thinking man
that our industries, on .the
farms, in shipyards, in mines,,
in the factories, must be made
more proline, and efficient"
Our institutions arid our in
dustries may dominate the
world if only we have the
vision to see, the aith to be
lieve what, we 'see .and, the
courage to do what is needed
to be done.
"Keep the. Factory ,Firts
BIBLES Reduced
Greatly In Price
This off firing affords a spleir-;.
did opportunity to secure' a
Bible for your 'wn use, M-a-small
Large Billies., for family ose,
prayer habits and Edward the
VII, beauWttUy bundrrToacrK
era' and.. reference Bibles, on
India paper ,'tsmall Tiibles, testa
ments arid prayer books. . . ,
They 'arv all a little r:shelf
worn, but at: price quoted.tbey
should find a 'ready purchase,
at 37c,'59c, 98c,'$1.50, $2,23.
' Burfaaa-Nath Co. Fourth Floor '
36-Inch White or Colored
Creaseless Dress Linen, 85c
DRESS linens ipa'big range of the most wanted colors, oyster and
white. This linen is thoroughly shrunk by a special process
which renders it practically creaseless; full 89 inches wide, and in
great demand, at 85c yard.
Sheer White Organdie, at 25c Yard
: 39-lnch fjre sheer white organdie for waists and dresses, also
much used for the new style colors!-
New-White Flaxons, at 25c Yard
Fine sheer painty white flaxons, good line of cheeks, stripe or
plain white. . . .. . ( -
'-.Egyptian Suiting, at 20c Yard .
84-Inch white cotton Suiting, round- thread, very practical for
skirts, middies, rompers, etc. . ; .'
A Long Cloth Special
86-inch chamois finish, long cloth, made of staple cotton for
undergarments,, gowns, nightshirts, etc. ;
yAJ quanty,. -lu-yara
(B) quality, 10-yard bolts, $1.50
(C) quality,. 1 0-yard bolts, $ 1 .85
. Burgeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
Again for Monday We Direct f - v " '
Your Attention to These -'"'''.'. . ... -,
. That Have Been Reduced to
nil . I I 1 I Trt 1 - ll.
There'll a wirlp rfincro nf
r -rrm- -. - "
styleniaterial and coloring that
siiMfrina'l nwna
Fwv... ,
Women's Pretty
White nile cloth, new colonial pattern
Patent kid, perforated, short tongue effect.
Patent kid, spat pattern
Dull kid colonial.......
Dull kid, spat pattern
French bronze kid plain pump
Patent kid, baby Louis XV heels.
And the Most Wonderful Showing of
. Novelty Pumps
Gray kid, brown kid, colored kid with vogue quar
ters in all over fifty new models. ".. " " " 1.
Clearaway of Women's Pumps, at $3.95
Special A clearaway of all short lines and broken sizes, styles
that we will not duplicate.
Nine different kinds at a fraction of their real values, at $3.95.
4 Bursaaa-Naah Ca. Second Floor
The Extremely Popular "Rookie"
Sport Silks, Monday, at $2.25
WE do not remember when any particular weave of
silk was in such demand as the "Rookie" sport
silks,. 36 to 40 inches wide, in a splendid assortment ,of
colors; also large ring designs in faille, the very newest
weave for sport wear, at $2.25 a yard. '
36-inch Silk Poplins, 98c
" Shown iri practically all the wanted- shades, such as gold,
chartreuse, old rose, copen, blues, etc;, 98c yard. ,
' 84-Inch natural color pongee, 98c yard.
86-Inch black taffeta silks, at $1.35 yard. .
', ' 86-Jnch. black satin, special, at $1.45 yard. ' .
36-Inch Jap silks, at 88c yard. : ...
" 86-Inch tub silks, very special, 88c yard.
48-Inch suiting, pongee, special, at $1.59 yard.
v. ' ; Burgaaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
This Is "Nemo" Week
YOUR feelings - affect your style. That is why the
"Nemo"- back-resting corset by banishing backache
jives you better style.
The back-resting device also tends
to flatten the back and thus give ultra
modish lines. .
, The,new "Nemo" health and fashion
service enjoyed by. all' women,
from: the. shm young girl to her grand
mother.; !i -
r- A Properly Fii-ed "Nemo"' ' 1
' ; gives. you the glo "ingr: beauty that'
resulfgfrdm ' X'?,-''. ':.:.'.:.
i-Deep breathing, .
Good circulation, , . ...
i: ZCorrect poiieand ('
-A healthy body, properly'
,,''' ' " supported and protected ' " ' '
If you are stout and desire more slen
der lines, don't, juin your figure, ypu.r
health and your disposition by wearing
a tight' uncomfortable corset; Get a
"Nemo SelfrReducirig."
' Burgcsi-Nash Co. -Second Floor
dqhb,. 91.20
WE REALIZE we are enthusiastic about them,
but if we could show them to you in your
home today, just to give you an idea of the real
yalue importance of this announcement we know
what the result would be you'd be here when the
doors open tomorrow morning, eager to share in
the uncommonsaving possibility.
Suitsthe handiwork of several of the best
suit builders in this country, offered to you at .
A Big Reduction From
Original Price
Suits .that were made especially for Burgess
Nash just the sort that will appeal to the woman
who enjoys wearing clothes that are different.
Suits that embrace quality, distinctiveness and in
dividuality; sizes 14 to 48.
'The materials include , . :
Point Twills, French Serges, Tricotines
Gaberdines Men's Tweeds '
Black and White Check Woolens, Etc.
The colorings include
Tan, French Grays, Copen, Navy
Light or Dark Mixtures, also Black
aolopHnn onrl wa ova a.f ,;u 4.1 1..
"v. (uu
you have in mind and at a
. Bursaaa-Naah Co, S.cono Flw
New Pumps
Summer Wear
T3 LAIN, rich, dignified ; no sub--
stitutes used in making these
A Your Home
Free 30 Days
COME in Monday and choose
a number of the latest
records, then choose a Victrola
on the
You simply pay for the rec
ords you may Select, and any
Victrola, In proportion to num
ber of records purchased, will
be sent to your home without
further payment for 80 days.
Then you may pay for It in
small, convenient monthly pay
ments. ,-. !
BUrfaaa-Naah Co. Fourth Floor
rnu iun,! just uie buii, in
big reduction from' the
. ,
Baby Week Starts Here on
W& vn pianneu mis Dig event wun care ana entnusiasm Decause we want it to
the foremost and leading Children's Store of the Middle West and we want
great movement for Better Babies, that has developed throughout our nation.
Special Features Planned for Baby Week
Trained Nurses in Charge
FREE ADVICE to Mothers
about everything pertaining to
babies from foods to playthings
and apparel. Come and LEARN.
. - FREE Pattern .." '
and full directions for making the
One of these excellent patterns
will be given FREE to every
mother who visits our Infant', De-,
partment,. during Baby week.
Free to
A BOOKLET, entitled "Save
Jtx proper care of the babies, edited by LEmmett Holt,
M. D., professor of diseases .of children in the College of
Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia university, (New York),
attending physician to the Babies' hospital, and Henry L.
K. Shaw, M. D., clinical professor of diseases of children in
Albany Medical college, Albany, N, Y., and others. Pub
lished by American Medical association.
Infants' Wool and Cotton
Infants' shirts, buttoned front,
at 25c. '
Infants' merino shirts, No. 2,
SOci rise 5c on each larger size.
Infants' silk and wool shirts, No.
2, $1.00; 10c. rise on each larger
size. -
Infants' merino Rubens shirts.
No. 2, SOci rise 6c each size.
Infants' 2-3 wool Vanta shirts.
SOc. No buttons or pins; ,
Infants' silk and wool Vanta
shirts, SI, 00.
Infants' wool Vanta binders;
All wool silk edge binders, at
35c each.
Abdominal bands, cotton and
wool, all sizes;, special, each 25c
and boc.
Silk and wool hand, nil1 sizes.
rft 50c.
t Burgaas-Naafa Co. Sacend Flaar
ED, White and
Blue Flowers
' The latest fad in New York Is
the wearing of red, white and blue
artificial flowers as button hole
or corsage bouquets. ,
Beautifully " arranged, in a va
riety of red; white and blue' ritr
bons; price, range, -Sc to 98c.. ,""
Bursaaa-Naah Co. Third Floor
VOUR Old Machine
For a New One
Monday and throughout
the week we will accept,
your old sewing machine as
a liberal payment on a new
You can
choose from
a big line at
a price range
of $39.00 to
$65.00. The
Rotary is the world's finest
sewing machine with lock
and chain stitch device and
guaranteed for a lifetime.
The balance may be paid,
if so desired, in weekly in
stallments as low as $1.00.
Burffaaa-Naah Co. Fourth Floor
TWO Live Babies
1 ,'n til Wind nw
Our bir comer window has been
transformed into a veritable baby
nursery for this week and two
beautiful babies will take the
juaeeof the dolls in the. nursery
Monday, ,10 A. M. to 12 M
and 2 to 4 P. M.
The mother of one of the babies
will act as governess or nurse.
You'll want to see them for they
are certainly cute.
the Babies," treating on the
InfanU' Silk and Wool
Infants' cashmere stockings,
sizes 4 to 8 54 at 35c pair.
Infants' silk and wool stockings,
sizes from 4 to 6, 40c.
Infants' silk stockings, in sizes
4 to 63, at 50c pair.
Infants' Long and Short .
Infants' long ini short dresses,
of fine nainsook, lace edge, 59c.
. . Infants' long and short dresses,
daintily trimmed, 98c to $1.98.
Infants' long Christening dresses,
elaborately trimmed,' $1.50 up
to $5.90. . ..... j'..,
Hand-made long and short
dresses (imported), exquisitely
made, $1.98 to $13.98.
, 1 Bursaaa-Naah Co. Second Floor , .
Baby Carriages
and Carts
Reed baby carriages, Pull
mans, gondolas and park
carts, finished in white
f, enamel, gray enamel,. Ivory
and shellac, . Most of them
have turntable gear, cordu
roy upholstering, corduroy
windshields. Prices range
from $10 to $35.
Maternity Corsets
SPECIAL attention of ex
pectant mothers is di
ected to our splendidly se-.
cted line of maternity cor
ets, including . such., well
known lines as "La Pro,"
'"Bertha May" and "H.W."
Price range, $1.50 to- $5.50.
Bntsaaa.Naali Ci
Monday in the
' Special values in wanted, trustworthy merchandise,!1 selected at Random
throughout the sections of this big economy store, that point the way t cut
down the high, cost of living. , ...
Organdie Waists, 49c
In white with collars and cuffs;
pretty new styles for selection
very special, at 49c.
Silk Gloves, 25c ,
, Women's ,2-clasp, . double tip
black silk gloves, mill seconds; very
special, 25c. . V
Wool Suits, $12.95
Choice of any. wool tailored
suit, including poplins, velours,
and shepherd checks; very spe
cial, $12.95. "
Silk Dresses, $5.95
Including poplins and satins.
One-piece with belt, white collars;
special, $5.98.
- Separate Skirts, $2.95
'Plaid sport skirts of velours
and serges; very special, Monday,
at $2.95. i
Voile Waists, 89c
Voile and organdie waists, some
sport models, others lace and em
broidery trimmed, 89c.
Free Helps to
Come and see how the little new,
up-to-date baby is dressed with
out a pin or button and without(
aran once turning mm over, unly
those 'who daily have one or more
free ones to dress can realize what
a saving of time and strength this
new method means to mother
only those who see the Vanta Way
can understand what this means
In comfort, happiness and health
to baby.
Vanta Twtstless Tape used for
all Vanta Baby Garments, has
made possible the pinless, button
less dressing of baby. Every
woman will be interested in Twist
less Tape and its uses.
Rattles, brush
and comb sets, hot
water bottles, arm
lets, record books,
teething rings,
coat hangers, . car
riage straps, etc
25c to $2.95.
Infants' and Children's
Infants' white pique coats, for
ages 6 months to 3 years, 98c
to $5.00.
Children's coats, of fine serge,
full belt, large collar, ,2 to 8
years, $3.50. ' ,
Children's box coat of blue
serge or checked material, pock
ets and velvet collar, 10 0
years, $3.98.
Infants' white bonnets, close
fitting for the small baby, also
pretty styles for older, babes, at
25c to $4.50.
Infants' crochet aacques, white
with pink and blue edge,' 69a to
$1.95. '
Long cashmere kimonos, 'em
broidered or ribbon finish, at
$1.50 to $5.98.
Infants hand embroidered Japa
nese silk quilts, $2.95 to $3.95.
Infants' blankets, white, pink
and blue, at 78c to $1.95.
: Baby Yards, Jumpers,
and Toys , "
Baby walkers, mahogany finish,
at $2.25. " .
- Baby yards with canvas bot
toms: prices, $3.50 to $5.00.
Baby tenders' and jumpers;
prices, $2.00, $3.50.
Folding go-carts; special, at
Celluloid ' floating toys for
babes, to 25c.
Red and white rubber dolls and
animals, at 25c.
Rattles, celluloid and rubber,
10c to 75c. ',''
Large assortment of unbreaka
ble dolls, BOe up,
Choo-choo cara for L little tots.
$1.28 to $2.50.
cond riooi . '
Women's Shoes, $2.45
In sample sites, of patent, kid
skin, tan, nulla; at a fraction of
real value, $2.45.
t ... 1 . ,
( Women's Pumps, $1.19
Taken from discontinued lines
and odd pairs left from season's
selling; very spe., Monday, $1.19.
: Soap, 30 Bars, $1.00
Cudahy's Pearl White borax soap,
30 bars, $1.00.
Tumblers, 3 for 10c
Colonial glass table tumblers,
ground bottoms; 8 for 10c,
Lawn Mowers, $2.75
Philadelphia make, "New" brand
lawn mower, 8-inch wheel, 8 best'
quality steel cutting blades, 14
inch size; special, $2.78.
Wonder Polish, 5c '
Big wonder cedar oil polish for
furniture mops, Sc.
Wash Goods, 9c
Lawns, dimities and voiles, in,
assorted colors, plain figured or'
striped; very special, 9c yard. .
advertise Burgess-Nash as
it to give an impetus to the
t 1
,." Free
To every little
boy or girl under
the age of 6
years, accom
panied by the
mother, will 'be
given a large toy
balloon with the
compliments of
Nash, In-.
fants' Wear
uepart- 1
ment . 1
,' Infants' Novelty
Lorig flannelette kimonos, but
ton hole finish; specialise.
Infants' knit toques at 35e to
75c. .'
Infants'. wool sweaters, $1.25 to
$1.98.' 1
Flannelette barrlcoats, extra
quality, 25c. , . ,'
Infants' pique carriage covers,
at 784. -
Pillow slips to match, at 50c. '
. Infants' hand embroidered
pique Afghans, at $2.98 to $7.98.
. Infants' toilet sets, pretty decor
ations, SOc to 13.98. iV''..
A special display of rotcttea and
bows for bonnets, dresses, carriage
rebes, hair bands, etc. In. satins
ahd jacquards. :. .. J ,
' - Also ribbon ami bands, go-cart
traps, 'coat hangers,' etc. -Bursaaa-Naah
C. Sacand Flaar
Infants' Long and Short
Infants' flannel petticoats, Ger
trude style1 or with waist, at 59c
upward to . $3.98. :
Infants' white lawn or nainsook
petticoats, fine tucks with lace or
embroidery trimming, at B9e up
ward to $2.95. , . , .. .
InfanU long nd short hand
made imported petticoats, dainty
simple edge to elaborate designs,
at $1.98 each upward to $5.95.
' Skirtings, at 11 Vie , ,
Sport stripe' sheeting in pink,
blue, yellow and many others, 27
inch; special, Monday, Uc.
' Poplin, at 19c .
Fine quality, mercerized,' for
skirts, suits or nurses' -uniforms;
white only, yard wide; special, 19c.
, Druggist Sundries '
, Household sponges, extra . large
size, 59c ii,. '
' Talcum powder, In . assisted
scents; special, can, 7c." ' ?
Pond's vanishing cream; special,
Monday, 13c. , . v.; .
Women's Hose, 15c" f
Women's btsck cotton hose,
plain or ribbed top and seamless;
one of biggest 'values of the sea
soil, at", pair 15c. '' 1 : ! ' '
; Union Suits; 39c ' "'
In boys, white or., cream 'color,
sleeves; - knee
at 39c.
very special,
. Union Suits, 25c
Women's 1 white cotton union
suits, low neck and sleeveless, lace
trifnmed; Monday, at 25c. '
1 '
1 I ' ' " . . -