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Law Makers Drone Along and
Public Officials Take
Day Off.
(Krom SlnfE Correspondent.)
Lincoln, April 2oi (Special Tele
Eram.) Although it is a legal holiday,
most of the offices in the state house
were open all day and both branche
of the legislature took a turn at the
legislative game in an effort to wind
up business.
The secretary of state's office was
closed during the afternoon and the
employes took time to plant trees.
Necretary of State Poo went to Oma
ha, as did also Max Katelman, who
formerly resided there. The state
treasurer s ofhee also was closed for
the afternoon. -
Oovernor Neville did not set out
any trees, but he appointed M. R.
Millivan, of U Neill, state hank exam
iner, to succeed M. C. Wildj. of Nor
folk, who resigned to become a na
tional bank examiner a short time
ago. Mr. Sullivan has been county
treasurer of Holt county and with
banking institutions at O'Neill and
Beatrice Institute Boys
Make Mattresses for State
(From a Staff Correspondent.-!
Lincoln, April 23.--(Special.)
The Board of Control has start
ed the manufacture of mattresses
for state institutions at the Beartice
institute for the feeble-minded. The
board already had the machinery
necessary, which consists of a sew.
mg machine, and the work is in
charge of a man already in the em
ploye of the institute.
The board will supply the first
batch of 300 to 400 at a cost of $1.54
mattresses for which the board has
to pay from $7 to $9.
It is planned later to make shoes
for state institutions at this same in
stitution. .
Secretary of State Pool
Appoints Two Men to Office
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, April 23. (Specials-
Secretary of State Pool has made two
new appointments on his staff, W. H.
Decker of Page, Neb., head of the
house bill room during the present
session of the legislature, and Ken
neth Jacobsen of Lexington. Both
men will begin their duties Mav 1.
The appointments are to fill the
vacancy caused by the resignation of
Chief Clerk Kenneth McRae, who left
today to enter the office of the fed
eral land bank in Omaha. William
O Keefe of Alliance, has been an
pointed chief clerk in McRae's place,
ana jacoDsen win replace (J K.ecte.
Children at State-Home
1 Sought by Nebraskans
(From a 8taff Correspondent.)
Isincoln, Neb., April 23. (Special.)
The state-wide appeal of Chairman
E. O. Mayfield of the Board of Con
trol, issued in Sunday morning papers,
asking Nebraskans to adopt the
babies and children at the State Home
for Dependent Children, met with un
expected response.
More people visited the liome Sun
day, as the result, than on any pre
vious day in the history of the insti
tution to look over the tots.
Over a hundred children are at the
New Flag for Ravenna. ,
Ravenna, Neb., April 23. (Special.)
A sixty-foot flag pole with perma
nent cement foundation is 'being
erected at the main intersection of
fown. A fine flag has been ordered
and the flag-raising ceremonies will
take place as soon as it arrives. The
money for the project was raised
by popular subscription. The em
ployes of the Burlington railroad pur
chased a large flag a week ago and
it waves from the roof of the roundhouse.
Really Removes Hair
Roots, or Coats Nothing
(Phelactlno, the New Wonder-Worker.)
Board of Control Ousts -
Lone Woman From Office
(From a start Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Neb., April 23. (Special)
With a street car strike un
der way and another strike today of
workmen of the new Security Mutual
Life building just hearing completion,
Lincoln was further agitated by an
other conflict between the state Board
of Control and the superintendent of
the slate home for dependent chil
dren, Miss Etla Caton.
Saturday Chairman Mayfield of the
board sent Miss Caton a, notice that
the office she held was vacant. Miss
Caton insists she is still on the job
and that tJie place is a long way from
being vacant, and, furthermore, she
will neither resign nor vacate.
Chairman Mayfield says the change
is made because ot insubordination
and alleged incompetency. It is the
idea of the board to combine the
home -for dependent children and the
orthopedic hospital under one head,
as they stand side by side and operate
the same dining room.
Miss May Hurst, of Lincoln, has
been appointed acting head of the
home. Miss Caton says she will ask
(or a hearing before the board if it is
Perform Four Operations,
Loses Appendix Same Day
Aberdeen, S. D.. Anril 23. fSne-
cial.) Saturday was a bijsy day for
Dr. 11. 1. King, an Aberdeen surgeon.
During the day he performed four
operations upon patients at a local
hospital. In the afternoon Dr. King
himself grew ill, and the ailment was
diagnosed as appendicitis. He was
hurried to the hospital and another,
surgeon removed the diseased appen
dix and Dr. King's condition is favor
able. Mrs. King is in the same hos
pital, convalescing from an operation
recently performed.
Man'j Finger Tom Off.
Hoskins, Neb., April 23. (Special.)
Krcd Nelson had a finger of his
right hand torn off at the middle joint
by a frolicsome horse. He was lead
ing the animal to pasture when the
rope became looped around his finger.
He was taken to a hospital at norfolk.
Woman and Baby
Are Killed in Auto
Wreck Near Fremont
Fremont, Neb., April 22. (Special
Telegram.) An automobile convey
ing Mr. and Mrs. Hannibal Nelson
and four children plunged into a ditch
north of Fremont at noon today. Mrs.
Nelson and year old daughter were
killed. The others escaped with slight
hurts. Two years ago in a similar
accident near Omaha Mr. and Mrs.
Nelson lost a year old baby. Thcv
had started for Fremont today. The
accident happened at the foot of a
Plan to Plant Quarter
Section in Navy Beans
Pierre, S. D.. April 23. (Special.)
Blakcly & Williams of Gettysburg
are preparing to plant a quarter sec
tion in navy beans this year if they
can get the seed. They are making
a search of the northwestern cities to
find what they want, and if they can
secure the seed beans they want the
whole 160 acres-will be planted to
this crop alone.
Christian Endeavorers Meet.
York, Neb., April 23. (Special.)
The counties of Merrick, Polk, But
ler, Seward, York and Hamilton
sent 175 delegates to the sixth
district Christian Endeavor conven
tion, in session here for three days.
The closing meeting was addressed
by Ralph H. Houseman, of Omaha.
Many young people responded to his
challenge to join the ranks of tenth
legioners, comrades of the quiet hour
and life-work recruits. Method in
stitutes by Miss Grace Hooper, of
Crete; Bible studies by Rev. J. H.
Salsbury, of Aurora, and a variety of
fine music under the leadership of
Mrs. Robert McConaughy, of York,
were outstanding features of the con
vention. Shelby wa,s given the next
annual meeting.
John Riggs, First Sheriff
Of Sheridan County, Dies
Rushville, Neb., April 23. (Spe
cial.) The funeral of John Riggs, an
old settler and first sheriff of Sheri
dan county, took place this after
noon from the German Lutheran
church, the 'services being conducted
by Kev. illiam able. The church
was crowded ami a large number of
citizens attended the funeral to the
cemetery. Mr. RigRS was one of the
oldest settlers and a ranchman in
the south part of Sheridan countv. He
was badlv shot up years ago while
performing' his duties as an officer of
the law. He leaves a widow and sev
eral grownup children to mourn his
Stockmen Are Urged
To Increase Production
Tierre, S. D April 23. The State
Live Stock hoard, in an effort to in
crease the live slock production of
the state, today issued a bulletin call
ing upon all farmers of South Dakota
to retain breeding cows and heifers.
The appeal warned farmers against
placing these animals upon the market
for slaughtering purposes.
The commission also requested that
the slaughter of baby beef be discon
tinued and urged farmers to aid in
supplying the live stock of the coun
try with forage by conservation and
increased cultivation of forage crops.
Scottsbluff Farmer Shoots
Himself Through Heart
Scottsbluff, Neb., April 23. Special
Telegram.) Henry Safford, promi
nent farmer, who lived east of this
city, killed himself late yesterday aft
ernoon after writing a note to his wife,
who was away from home. He told
her that life to him was useless. His
body was found on the bank of the
Platte this morning one-half miles
from home, after an all-night search
by neighbors, aided by the Scottsbluff
fire department. He fastened a string
to the trigger ot a shotgun and around
'nis foot, placing the gun against his
heart, tie leaves a wile.
all mCJ-r.t-'-.n v. f;
Without doubt the (trcatent thing yet dis
covered for hair-disfigured womankind b
the wonderful phelactine method. It has
none of the disadvantages of electrolysi or
depilatories and, bent of all. It removes
rhe hatra ntire, roots ' and all! It does
this Instantly, leaving the sktn so amooth
and soft (hat no one can tell the unr
was ever the possessor of a moustache
vr oiner na.ry growth.
Fhelactlne Is non-odorous. non-Irritating"
mm u nurnuess a rtllin could rat It with
out any ill-effect. A etiok of this remark
able substance, accompanied by simple in
structions, can be obtained at any drug
mure, ana us price will be refuirled vron
request In cane of dissatisfaction. But what
woman would not be satisfied and Uelighied
after seeing those unly hairs coinc ot lu
eludlng tlin roots with her own eyes?
The little King of England ?
and the pauper boy changed
places and could not change back!
The proud little King, first
monarch of his time, King of
England, in Tafes, beaten, threat
ened, had but one friend, Miles
Hendon and he thought the child mad and
.was good to him in pity. And the ragged
street child, dressed in the King's fine robes, bewildered and terrified, '
sat in the Palace. What a reckoning when the truth came out! What
an amazed Miles Hendon! Was ever beloved and gallant Knight more
gloriously rewarded?
Who of us so lucky as to have a friend like Miles Hendon so wronged, so l6yal,'
so kind and so gallant! And the little street child in the King's Palace
t "iSTSS"!!a what man does not wish to help him what mother would not like
W 4fi
mh VI A K IV 1 W.irN
! I! Out of the generous west came Mark
him for a son ?
It Quickly Loosens Up Coughs and
Colds in Throat or Chest
Just a little Musterole rubbed on your
(ore, tight chest before you go to bed
will loosen up congestion and break tip
most severe colds and coughs.
' Musterole is a clean white ointment
made with oil of mustard. Simply rub
it on. No plaster necessary. Better than
mustard plaster and does not blister.
Thousands who use Musterole willtell
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asthma, neuralgia, headache, congestion,
pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, pains and
aches of the back or joints, sprains, sore
muscles, bruises, chilblains frosted feet
and colds (it often prevents pneumonia).
Twain, giving widely and freely to the
B world such lauehter as men had never
seen. It was laughter whole-souled and
clean, and yet the laughter of thoughtful
There seems to be no end to the things
that Mark Twain could do well. When
he wrote history, it was a new kind of
history, unlike any other except in its ac
curacy. When he wrote books of travel,
it was an event, and the world sat up and
. noticed. He did many things stories,
novels, travel, history, essays, humor
but behind eacj was the force of a great,
earnest, powerful personality, that domi
nated his time, so that even then he was
known all over the face of the globe.
Simple, unassuming, democratic, he was
welcomed by Kings, he was loved by
plain people.
He was a gallant fighter for freedom,
for humanity. The simplicity, the kind
ly humor, the generosity, the spirituality
half revealed, that we like to think is
America all these were in Mark Twain.
If foreign nations love him, we in this
country give him first place in our hearts.
The home without Mark Twain is not an
American home.
The Centennial Half -Price
Sale Must Close
the people. He wanted ui to male good-looking,
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mendous sale on it.
But Mark Twain could not foresee that the price of paper, the price
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Franklin Square, New York
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Srnr1 me. ill rhtma
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Twain worm in twemy-
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hound in hancitorae umi
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tnni and un trim row! tdm. If
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